building a sims house for vampires + witches

building a sims house for vampires + witches

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I've changed. I think I might actually like occult Sims. I know, this is very unlike me, but I spent like,   two hours the other day on stream making  a spellcaster and a vampire, which again,   very unlike me. I don't usually really spend a lot  of time in CAS because I just don't think I'm very   good at it, so it's not like, my favorite  thing to do, mostly I just like to build.

And I also don't really play with  vampires or spellcasters that much,   mostly because they just don't really  fit into my gameplay -- oh my god,   this is why I don't do CAS by the way,  the way they don't stop doing that. When I was trying to make these  Sims, literally every two seconds,   they're like, swinging their  arms around. Stop! See, stop! Anyway, I made these couple Sims on stream the   other day and I was feeling so inspired  by them that I wanted to build a house,   so I to walk you through the storyline real  quick and then I'll show you the build. This here is Sterling Sylver, they use  they/them pronouns. They're an outgoing,   snobby, perfectionist, obviously a spellcaster. And I am just -- oh my god, stop, stop.  Stand still. And I'm just like, obsessed  

with how this sim looks, I  think they turned out so cool. I'll show you all of their outfits  really quickly, I tried to use a   lot of the clothing that I don't use all that  often, and I just thought it was really fun. I don't know, I really, really like this sim. And so the whole story is that Sterling  Sylver has a couple of best friends,   they all met in a bowling league,  like, a bowling league for occults. It was Sterling and then their two  friends that were twins, Cosmo and Wanda.

Now Cosmo and Wanda were both vampires, Wanda  here is unflirty, hot-headed, and hates children. These are all of her outfits, I think she's  super, super cool as well, I really liked her. This is her dark form, also very cool.

But you see, Wanda used to have a twin brother,   his name was Cosmo. And then one  day Cosmo and Sterling were like,   oh, what if we did a spell to make it so  that you don't burn up in the sun anymore? So they did that, they tried to at least,  and um, it turned Cosmo into a cat. So Cosmo does not burn in the sun  anymore, but Cosmo is a cat. In my mind,   Cosmo is a talking cat, he is the sim that  he used to be, he's just a cat instead. This obviously did not actually happen,   this is just the storyline that me  and my chat came up with on stream.

The three bowling buddies and  um, the tragic cat incident. But that is the backstory for the  house that we're going to build today,   so with that, let's just  get started with the build. You can see that I'm building this in Glimmerbrook  which is the world that came with Realm of Magic. I think I bulldozed the starter home to  build this, like, I'm pretty sure that's   what lot this is on, but I don't remember, so  you might have to correct me, but either way,   it's one of the lots in Glimmerbrook. There's  only like, five, so it's not too hard to find. And I was kind of trying to go for like,   an older brick house. I wanted to have  like, dark brick and beautiful windows.

I was trying to make use of a lot of Realm  of Magic stuff because I'll be honest,   I don't really use Realm of  Magic build items all that often. I do have a good reason,   I just find it really hard to build with  the windows and doors from that pack. This is the issue that I have a lot of game  pack build items, they're not necessarily bad,   it's just that when we get like, a full  brand new build style like in Realm of Magic,   those windows do not match any  of the other windows in the game. And that's kind of a good and bad thing  because it's nice to have a brand new style,   right, but also the windows don't  match anything else in the game. So it's really hard to mix and match like,  use those windows with base game ones or   whatever because they don't really have  the same style or even the same swatches. So you're kind of stuck with just  those windows, but there's only like,   a couple of them, there's like,  one for short wall height.

And it's really hard to use those  windows to cover an entire house,   especially when you're trying to use like,  taller walls and there's only tiny windows,   or if you want shorter walls and there's only big  windows. It's just tough to try and use a lot of   the game pack windows to make an entire house I've  found because I just need some more variation. That's why I use the base game  ones a lot because there's so   many different sizes and  variants and they all match,   so you can sort of mix and match a lot easier  to make the house look how you want it to. I have that issue with the wedding pack windows  too. There's two windows and they're both  

really awesome, like, genuinely great  windows, but there's only two of them   and just two sizes, and even those two  windows don't have matching swatches. So when you want to use them on a house, like,   how are you supposed to fit in anything?  They don't match any other windows. And you don't want to use just like, one kind  of window on the entire building. I don't know,   it's just really tough so I kind of avoid using  Realm of Magic just for the fact that like,   the windows don't really match a lot of things,  so it's hard for me to fit them in places. I don't dislike them, it's just hard to fit them  in places because the swatches are so different.

But I did make a serious effort in this build to   use those Realm of Magic windows and  I think they turned out really well. I was having a really hard time with color scheme  because of the swatches being different. There's   not like, a good solid white and black on those.  Like, the other swatches either have like, full   stained glass or no other like, interest on them,  and I wanted to have a little bit more pizzazz. So it was a serious problem trying to get like,  what color I wanted to use, but I set it on the   white and brown windows and black trim, which I  think when it's on just like a blank wall looks   a little bit weird, but once I put in the  wallpaper, it all kind of comes together. You can just tell that from the outside I  was really struggling. The front was like,  

the biggest issue and once we got through  it, it was like, smooth sailing from there. And I love the inside of this building. So when we  actually do the floor plan you'll see it ends up   being a two-bedroom house which sucks for Cosmo  because um, I did want to give him a bedroom,   I thought it'd be funny to have like, Cosmo  have his own room that he obviously doesn't   use anymore because he's a cat now,  but I didn't end up giving him one. Instead I gave him like, a cat tree  in the corner of his sister's room,   but what I did do was I have the two  bedrooms upstairs, one for the vampire,   one for the spellcaster, both kind of  decorated with stuff to fit their vibes. There's also a big basement for the vampire,  I wanted her bedroom upstairs to be very like,   normal. Like, if you went in there, you wouldn't  know that she was a vampire and then she kind   of like, keeps her vampire stuff secret in  the basement, but her roommate Sterling is a   little bit more like, open with their magic  so they just have their stuff in the room.

You'll also notice that the vampire  has like, a lot more space indoors   because she's got her bedroom and the basement  downstairs, but in my head, I was like, well,   the spellcaster Sterling, they  can go outside and like, do magic   outside and they can have an extra cauldron  in the backyard, whereas the vampire can't. Like, she can't go outside at all  because she's gonna burn in the sun   so I figured it made more sense  to give her a little bit more of   the indoor space since Sterling can  take over more of the outdoor space. And the cat just vibes. They  don't have much going for them,   so they can just go around the  whole house I guess. Sorry, Cosmo.

It was so funny explaining this story  on stream. This is always how it goes,   right, you get these stream memes  that just kind of like, devolve. But we had like, spent two hours making  these Sims and making up this storyline.

It's an absolute ridiculous storyline  and obviously like, it's not real,   you can't actually turn a human into  a cat in The Sims, it's just pretend,   but people would come into the stream  having missed that like, you know,   vital context, and they'd be like, I'm  sorry, hang on, her brother is a cat? Her brother was turned into a cat? And we'd be  like, yes, let me explain. It was a lot of fun. If you like this kind of thing, if you  like making Sims and building and stuff,   I do a lot of this on my Twitch channel obviously.  I built this live and now I'm posting the speed   build separately on YouTube, but if you like that  kind of thing, I can link my Twitch channel down   below, it's just,  same as my YouTube channel and stuff,   I'm the same, lilsimsie just everywhere, TikTok,  Instagram, Twitter, all of it's just lilsimsie. But now's a good time to pop in and follow because   we're gonna be doing a lot of early  access with werewolves next week.

I get early access to werewolves on Tuesday and I  can stream it on Wednesday, but the pack comes out   on Thursday, so if you want to play with us, we  can like, see werewolves early next Wednesday, so   I'm just warning you, if you're interested, we're  gonna have early access to it next week to play. If you follow now, you can turn on  notifications so you won't miss it next week. Ah, and the other thing -- sorry, I'm like,  all over the place, but the other good   thing about this house is that I feel like the  floorplan just really came together on this one. I think sometimes when I build  houses, the floorplan is tough,   but then other times it just feels like it  makes itself, you know? It just kind of all   comes together and works so easily, and this is  one of those ones that just worked, I felt like. It just all sort of made  sense as soon as I drew it. Didn't really take a lot of fiddling  with, it just kind of worked.

So you'll see downstairs, there's like, a  little entryway and then to the left of it,   there's gonna be a dining room and then through  those big arches, there's a living room and   then a kitchen off to the side, it's kind of  clear from the flooring what's going on here. I also put like, a little sneaky bookcase door   space that has a ladder that  takes you into the basement. I love the idea of these two best friends,   I guess I should say three best friends  because Cosmo can be involved too,   but I love the idea of these three best  friends having such different outlooks on this. Like, obviously Sterling the spellcaster is like,   super proud of being magic, like, they show  it off, they're not trying to hide anything,   but the vampire is so secretive,  you would not know from her bedroom,   you've gotta go through a secret door into a  secret basement to see all of her vampire stuff.

I think once we get the werewolf pack  actually out, it's coming out next week,   I'm I'm definitely gonna make like,  another sim for the bowling league. I'll make a third friend. Or sorry,  a fourth friend. Cosmo counts too. I'll make a fourth friend to come  live in this household. I don't   know where I'll put their room, I  might need to build a new house,   but I'll make a fourth friend and then they can  live in here too, I wonder what they'll be like. I'm so curious, I don't know, I feel like  I've been so anti-occult sim for so long.   It's definitely just like, my playstyles kind  of changed a little bit recently, but back in   the day, especially when like, vampires first  came out, I just did not care about them at all.

Like, I really did not play with vampires ever  when they first came out. I was also like, 16,   so that kind of contributes  to it. Just wasn't my thing. And then Vlad would come knocking on my door like,   every day, so it just kind of  became a meme that I hated vampires.

I don't actually hate vampires, I think the  pack's actually kind of cool. The world sucks,   the world does suck, but the  pack's actually kind of good. I just don't really, you know, care to use it  all that often, the same goes for spellcasters. I want to like Realm of Magic, but I was so, so   disappointed in the world that they made  that it like, kind of ruined the pack for me. I know that's kind of silly, but  like, the builds that they did   for Realm of Magic were genuinely so  bad. That was like, the last straw. And luckily after that they sort of  started getting simmers to make the   builds for the packs, but the Realm  of Magic ones were so bad, it like,   made it hard for me to enjoy the pack because you  go to the magic realm, and that magic realm thing,   that big lot there, is just -- it's honestly  the ugliest building in the entire game.

It makes it genuinely hard for me to enjoy the  pack, so I just haven't given them much time   or thought in the past, but now I feel like my  playstyle in The Sims has kind of evolved recently   to be a little bit more chaotic, and so maybe I'm  like, a little bit more interested in them now. I don't know, but I feel like I'm more excited  for werewolves than I thought I would be,   so I'm genuinely curious to see the pack  next week, um, it should be interesting. It's also fun to see like, how  your playstyle kind of changes as   you -- I mean, we play the same game, like,  it's been the same game this whole time,   but my interests in that game  have definitely adjusted a lot.

Even down to like, I used to use custom  content, now I don't really, like,   it's interesting to see how we all sort  of change our minds and grow as people. Grow as people into um, Vlad stans,   apparently because that's a little  bit what I am now, I won't lie. I hate to admit it, but I kind of am. Anyway, so I'm actually starting to furnish  the house now, you can see, I just did that   dining room and there is one thing you might be  looking at and thinking hm, why is that there? There's a cat like, pet bowl on the dining table,   a little green one. Um, that pet bowl on  the dining table, yeah, that's for Cosmo. See, the beauty of cats in The  Sims 4 is that you can actually   put their food bowls on tables and on  counters and they'll still use them. The dogs can't eat on counters and tables  obviously, but the cats can jump around,   so you can put their food bowl up  there, it slots there just fine.

And they will still use it, so I put  Cosmo's food bowl on the dining room   table because I liked the idea of Cosmo like,  sitting there and eating with the family. I guess in hindsight, the vampire's not  gonna be sitting there and eating either,   like, Wanda's not gonna be eating there. She doesn't eat, she's a vampire, she just attacks  people, but I don't know, I thought it was funny,   the thought of like, Cosmo sitting with everybody  and them all eating together at the table,   so I gave Cosmo a spot at the table to  um, further embrace the storyline, so. This here obviously is Wanda's  spooky little basement. I think it turned out really cute  actually, I'm kind of into it. It was hard to figure out what kind of furniture  I wanted to put down there because I wanted it   to be kind of creepy, but I also wanted it to  be kind of fancy, but leaning more on like,   storage basement that she sleeps in with her  coffin, and I think I managed to make it work.

There is also space for like, a second creepy  area in this house if I so desired to add it in. I'm gonna play with these Sims on stream I think  so I'll update you if I decide to use the space,   but the roof has that like, third story attic area  that I just put in so I could do the roof better,   but I do have that space upstairs  if I wanted to use it for something. Originally I was thinking about using it to  give Sterling like, a secret area as well,   and have like, a ladder up there for them  to access, but then I decided I didn't want   to hide away Sterling's stuff, like, I wanted  it to be out and like, have them have like a   cluttered little cauldron corner in their bedroom  or something, so I decided not to use the attic   space, but maybe the werewolf could live up there  in the attic, I don't know, I guess we'll find out   once we actually get the pack and see what they  all have and what they come with, but there is   an attic in this house if you want to download it  and you wish to use it for something, it is there   for you if you want to like, hide some stuff  up there or something like that, I don't know. I will say, this house does use a lot of packs  so I apologize. I kind of try and balance this,   I always like, give a disclaimer about it,  but I do a lot of builds that are like,   oh, this one's gonna be just  base game and Cats and Dogs,   and then I'll do ones like this that  I kind of just like, use whatever. I really try and do a kind of like, half  and half thing because trust me, I know   how annoying it is to like, want  to download something or be like,   watching a YouTuber and be so jealous  because they've got packs you don't have.

For me, I used to play The Sims 3, I used to  watch like, all of the YouTubers back in the   day. I mean, I still kind of do, but I used to  watch like, all the simmers play The Sims 3 and   they all had like, all that store content, and all  of The Sims 3 packs and I used to be so jealous,   I wanted those things so bad, but it's expensive,  you know, so I really try and um, do some balance. Some balancing of the pack usage in  my builds so that hopefully people can   still use them and um, not be  upset because I know the feeling   very well, unfortunately, we're  all on the same page with this one. And in this house I simply um, prioritize the  storyline as opposed to the usability, you know? I'm sitting here putting pet bowls on dining  tables, so you know, it's all a balance. Well, now you can see that I'm working on  what is going to be Sterling's bedroom,   so their room's a little bit smaller,  they've got like, the smallest bedroom. Which again kind of sucks because Wanda's got  a bedroom and a basement, but like I said,   Sterling can use the outside, you know,  like they can actually go out there.

I put another cauldron on the patio and stuff  for them, so they can actually go out there   and use it whereas Wanda cannot because  she will die, so I figured it made sense. Sterling also has a little balcony space too, I  put some garden things as well, um so that they   could like, use them to grow craft -- craftables?  Collectibles. Grow collectibles to craft with. So we should have all the things we need  in there covered. I had kind of a hard time   figuring out like, the amount of clutter that I  wanted to include in this room because I really   wanted to have like, piles of books, like, in  my head, I was picturing like, piles of books   and potions scattered around and like, all of  this decorative stuff, I wanted to have like,   a floating diary because I figured they were using  magic to like, make it float, like, I had this   vision in my head of all of this story to it,  and then I was like, but I want it to function. Like, I want to still be able to use the cauldron,   so I was kind of trying to balance  finding like, the cool potion corner   and putting in some clutter, but also  not too much clutter so it still works. And I think it ended up okay,  but I did struggle with trying   to balance that when I was first starting out.

It's so different than my  usual build style as well,   like I do so much building of like,  little suburban houses for like,   your average suburban family, and then to  come in and try and build a house for like,   multiple different occults and a cat is um,  real different than how I usually play The Sims. It's fun though, it's fun to branch out  and try and do different things, right? So in this living room, I did struggle  a lot with the layout because I wanted   to make sure I had a piano because I did give  the Sims likes and dislikes and one of the ones   that Wanda has is that she likes  piano, but I was trying to fit it   in her bedroom and it just -- there wasn't  the right space, like, it was too small,   so I wanted to put it in the living room, but  then there's not a lot of space for anything else. There isn't a TV in this house, I did like,   remove that, I didn't include one,  but there is a computer upstairs. I used like, the little typewriter that  came with Cottage Living. In my head,  

I think that Wanda is very anti-technology and I  think that Sterling just doesn't care that much   because they're like, you know, they're  magic, they can just do whatever anyway,   but I think that Wanda being, you know, an  ancient vampire, in my head I picture her   being kind of anti-technology so I um, I didn't  include like, a modern computer or a modern TV. They've got like, modern kitchen appliances,   I guess, well, they're Realm of Magic kitchen  appliances so they're not like, super modern. And I don't think Wanda cares about that  because she doesn't go in the kitchen anyway,   she's a vampire, like, she just eats blood, so.

Sorry, plasma. Plasma, not blood.  No blood in The Sims, T for teen. But she just drinks plasma, so she  doesn't care about the kitchen too much. But I did want to try and fit  in that storyline a little bit,   you know, of her being kind of anti-tech. I did set one of Sterling's likes to baking,  I figured they were a big fan of like,   making cupcakes or something. They're a cake  decorator on the side, so they get good use  

out of the kitchen at least. Oh, and there is  a thermostat, um, that is one set of modern   technology that we do use is we've got modern  heating and cooling in this house because it's   real annoying gameplay-wise to not have it, so  I did put a thermostat in here, we did do that. And with that, the house is  pretty much complete. That is   the whole build. I think it turned out  really cute, I'm excited to play in it.

And now I want to pop into the game and give  you a tour so you can see it better up close.   It's always kind of hard to get like,  the right vibes from the build when   you just see it in a speed build because  it all spins around and leaves so fast,   but this is where the lot is built, you can see  I've got it on that smaller lot in Realm of Magic. I don't want to look at or think about these   so I'm just gonna -- I'm loading into the house  and I am ignoring the rest of the lots here.

Oh my god, it deleted my terrain paint! That is the most annoying glitch in this  entire game! Why. Does that happen to you?   Do you also have the game delete your terrain  paint like that because it is SO infuriating. There we go, okay, I placed it  off the gallery so it's back,   but this is the finished product  of the exterior of the house. I really had a lot of fun with  this, I used a lot of like,   fun ivy and stuff too at the end to kind of,  I don't know, make it look nicer I guess,   but I just love the color of this brick, I  think that is such a beautiful brick color. I like how it's kind of purple-y almost,  I don't know, I just -- I think it kind   of ties together the brown windows and the  black, I just -- I thought it looked nice. But again, it's very much out of  my comfort zone, this building.

So you can see, there's kind  of like, two front entrances.   My chat was kind of annoyed at  me for that, but in my head,   this is the front door, that's just a side  door, okay, side door off the kitchen. No big deal. To the left side we've got the yard,  there is no gate to like, get to the yard from   the outside, but I just -- I didn't like it, the  only gate that matches this is like, way too much. Look, it's very dramatic. I couldn't, I couldn't.

That's really dramatic, so I didn't use  that, but we do have a little garden space   and also like, a little cauldron  space for the spellcaster to use,   and then they also have their little balcony  up here, but from the inside of the house,   when you first come in, we've got  this little tiny skinny entryway. To the left we have that dining room.  In my head, I imagine that these two   portraits were of Cosmo and Wanda when they  were young and not dead, and not a cat. So like, in my vision, this is them when  they were young before they became vampires. So like, that's Wanda, there's her  brother Cosmo, um, here's Cosmo now. Looks very similar obviously, but  that's why I hung up those pictures.

And then further into the house over here,   we've got that living room. I quite liked  this, I thought it was kind of cozy. We've got one little door  that goes out to this hallway,   this hallway takes you to the backyard,  but also into a little half bathroom. We've got this kitchen right  here off the living room,   I love the use of these giant  archways, I think they look so nice. And then right here, this is that like,  secret bookcase door which behind it   is the secret ladder into the secret  basement where Wanda's bedroom is,   or Wanda's like, second bedroom I should say,  so she can sleep in here and use this coffin. My chat really wanted me to give a  second coffin for Cosmo, but in my head,   I was like, Cosmo can't even  get down there, he's a cat. So even if he wanted to he  couldn't. He can't use the ladder.

Um, but then upstairs, we've got a  little hallway that kind of has like   a little office space almost  that has that typewriter there. There is a full bathroom up here,   all very like, old school fancy golden  vampire stuff, and then laser litter box. I think that is where they draw the  line. They're like, I'm sorry Cosmo,  

I am not picking up your poop. Uh, I will burn it. There is no way I'm cleaning it  Cosmo, so I got the fancy one. And then through here, this  room is Sterling's bedroom. I left a couple empty spaces because in my head  I wanted to like, put a bunch of potions here,   but I didn't want to do debug ones because  I'm actually going to play in the house so   this shelf will be full of potions eventually. And then through here, this  pink bedroom belongs to Wanda.

I love this cat tree here for Cosmo  and like the little hint of green   as well for him, it just -- it really amuses me. She also has a really fancy vanity  space, but I put a lot of nail polish   on the table because when I was making her  in CAS -- oh, she's gonna burn out here. She always has these fancy like, long pink  nails on and obviously good makeup too,   but she can't see herself in the  mirror because she's a vampire, so   there's no makeup out, it's just nail  polish, it's all she uses this vanity for. And that's pretty much the whole house,   there is that like, secret third  story that I talked to you about.

There's a cool tower in Wanda's  room, but I just left that. And then this is that third story that I did  think about giving access to for Sterling,   but I might also end up using  it for a werewolf or something. It's just -- it's not like, super usable space  because there's no windows in it or anything,   it's only there because I wanted  the roof to look like this,   but it is a little secret spot  if we so desire to use it. And like I said, that is the build complete. I've   got it on my gallery if you want to  download it, my name's just lilsimsie.

And if you want to take part in these shenanigans  on Twitch, I'll have that linked down below too. It's fun to catch this kind  of stuff live, I don't know. Also feel free to subscribe to my YouTube  channel because I am fun here as well.

And with that being said, I will catch  you all tomorrow. Okay, bye everybody. Could you imagine if I had killed  Wanda by accident while recording this? I'm just like, trying to do my little tour  and then Wanda's outside burning in the sun. I wouldn't put it past me. I feel like I always  end up doing stuff like that by accident.


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