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show a disclaimer. Yes. So let me read for you. We are not financial advisers. This is not financial advice. Nor are we your financial advisors. The

topics discuss on this show are purely for educational considerations And are not meant to be misconstrued as financial No investment advice. We are just sharing. We are talking. And we hope you take time to join the conversation. Send a thought. Send a word

from wherever you are. We'll be happy to hear from you. Become a part of our program. Join us. And share with us. But I leave this now and I turn to my husband as I say welcome Cliff.

I know something wrong, this is a cute oatmeal to give us. Well, before we get into the Q two, let's just say that I want to say a shout out to us tonight. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Listen. I know you're a fighter. So, I do this under the law. Alright? Yeah. School,

brother. I I join us again. We miss senior already. Alright. PD recovery, brother. PD recovery. Alright. so brother

Noel spoke about ah about being you know the technology and this what we are about every week. Well this tonight's program guys going to be a bit different. We get in real and in a face tonight. More so on a personal basis. So I guess I'm

going to kind of open up some of myself to you guys here. And I hope you all understand. And maybe by the fourth segment we'll be open by the fourth segment. Come down to the end.

We'll be able to lock it in. As to how our personal experiences tied in to this this ecosystem of ours that we serve. Right? Um I just want to remind persons first of all that in life you are going to meet two kinds of persons. Those you have those who are going to help you. You might find a very few in between but they're there. They're going to help you. And you're going to have

those many of these who eager Talia can't do it. They're going to try to tear you down. Bring your dog. And all those kinds of people. So many of

them are wrong. You know what? In the end, you will thank them both. right? You will tell them both. And I'm hoping that after you see our tonight's program, the conversation, your conversation is going to change after tonight. From boy, you

see all the price of flower rising? And what will happen with us? Them doing the thing outside there. We know we had to live. Right? However, we are not going to be just lying down and and throwing our hands up in the air. And saying listen, well, where have I carried my carried man? No, no, no, no. We are active people. We are designers and shapers of our faith. You understand? And we

are going to steer our ship where we wanted to go. Right? This is the kind of people that we hoping that you will turn around if you're not already there. Alright? We're looking for people aboard this vessel. Our our vessel where the carrier to your dreams. You know? I want to add some little what you said because it's very important. You said we need to

put it. Two kinds of fruits in life. Yes. those who were you know sometime oh gosh. You know sometimes practice against yourself somehow you say. Yeah.

And how you see life? Well there's a lot of Chinese and the Chinese and our age old philosophy called yin and yang. Right? And people on our western side tend to feel that well at most persons I think centre misconstrued because what happened yin and yang is really masculine and feminine. There's two genders. It's it's each of them form the whole and persons must sanitize. Not that

one is opposite and one is good and one is bad. One is strong, one is weak. No. You see, unless you know what is weakness, you can't know what is strength. Hm. Unless you know what is those of you who find you're good looking and you're nice and organic. You could only say that because you have seen somebody which you or something which you feel when you compare yourself is ugly.

Hm. Right? So, but however, in that which we condemn as ugliness. You know something? There's beauty to be found. So yin and yang reveals all of these things but again as as Donna was saying we have two warring entities within us.

Always trying to give a good and evil pulling and that kind of thing. So again it's not that while we say good and evil. Is that we have two components in us in us. Forcing us. And we have to decide where we into. Alright? And that brings us to the name of our program. And the name of our

program this evening is Failing Failin g. Have you ever thought about that? Failing. First one. Failure. No way. Failure and failure is not the same thing. Oh yeah same feeling versus. so

so failing is different to failure then. That is what that is what this title's saying. That is exactly what it's saying and as we open with the first video you want to start think about. Failing with those failures. So let's have that

first video and then we will after being cut from his high school basketball team. He went home, locked himself in his room and cried. He wasn't able to speak until he was almost four years old. And his teachers said he would never amount to much. was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she wasn't fit for television.

Fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination and having no original ideas. At age eleven, he was cut from his team after being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Which made him smaller in stature than most kids his age.

At 30 years old, he was left devastated and depressed. After being unceremoniously removed from the company he started. a high school dropout whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

The teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything. And that he should go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality. Rejected by Deca Recording Studios who said we don't like their sound. They have no

future in show business. His first book was rejected by twenty-seven publishers. His fiance died, failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, and was defeated in eight elections. If you've never failed, you've never tried anything new. definitely will not Just imagine Michael Jordan had stayed in his room and said, look, you see me, I'm not going back. I know problem. She said,

oh boy, you hear what I say? I shouldn't try television. Let me just go in our office on you. Just think for one moment. If these people are just turned away from what was their purpose, what was their dream? I mean, you know, sometimes I sit down and I said, Lord, you know, so many things remember I was supposed to go abroad to study. I was in the field and I always wanted to teach and I was going abroad to study. And my sister was abroad studying and things got a little tough home. And I still looked at top

of that pressure. On mummy and then we'll take care of my sister. She's and by the time she came back I was working. I

didn't want to leave the job. But you know something? God said You had to continue. You can't give up on it. And I years later went back and applied again. And this time

every door just opened and I became a teacher. An educator which I love. which was my passion, which was my ministry. You see, failing versus failure. I always tell my students, you only fail when you give up. That is when you fail. If, and you see what they

said at the end of the video. If you never try anything new, you have nothing to fail because they keep doing the same thing. As you often say, keep doing the same thing and expect different results. That's a recipe for madness. Well, I promise you guys out here that that we'll be getting our personal. Yeah. This

evening, you understand? So, you know, I listened to that video. Again, this is a Muslim buddy. 10 time I listen to that video. And each time it sums up as fresh as the first time to me. You know why? Because these two these persons all of them have at least two things in common. One

each person has or had been hugely successful in their field. Almost everybody knows each person's name there. But you know the next characteristic that is common with each of these persons. Each of them feel their way to success. They fail each person receive a a dramatic challenge that could have made them since hey. The messed up here. Because the exports are them probably know better than I do.

Understand what I'm saying guys. You want something. Somebody or some people because normally they don't come in ones. They come in groups. True. And they tell you and they tell you listen. Hey. You can't do that. Yeah. You can't

do it. And they do it with best intentions. Hm. Best in and as a result of it, you cave in, you listen to it, most of us do, and that's it. You understand? So, those are the two common qualities. Now, I

want to ask you, the listeners out there. If you were in these people who we just highlighted in the video, if you were in their situation, you think you'll have gone through to the end? A lot of you know Lionel Messi. That was the footballer they talk about, right? How many of you, how we have the challenges he had gone through. Oh, most of you, if you do like Lionel Messi, you prefer Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in abject poverty? His mother had to work as a male, walk into the night just to put food on the table. Hm. You could

imagine Bayfield is just talent alone and carry him through there. None of these persons in that video. Just talent alone. Carry them to the end. They had

to dig deep suck it up. Forget what people say. Like water and ducks back. People come in Saturday. Right? You know they are just saying in long time when we was growing up. You say hey you know like when a child your age tell you something and you sit around and tell them sticks and stones when they break my bones but your words have no meaning. Very often we

should just say that to to feel good eh? But it wasn't really so. But we used to go home and think about it. Well guess what? Guess what hear what they are going to say, it hurts, but guess what? It's supposed to hurt you to move you forward. Most of us, it hurts us and kept us down. I know that I was a byproduct of that. And what about Steve Harvey? People know Steve Harvey is popular. Steve

Harvey, teacher in want to be on TV. And she made them feel like I said, if you don't have anything like that, you feel me like that. And lifestyle that alright, Donald just give her a little situation. about what she had to overcome. Remember

she just spoke about a sister and what she had to do and then I had to give up on her dream of moving forward. And she decided to get into a field and she used that determination in that field to move forward. maybe I could share the experience of mine, you know, or brother Noel want to do. What I want us ask is brother Noel, I think we were discussing it before we came on, you know, has there been a situation where you were shut down from where you wanted to go? You understand? We wanted to to strive out and we shut down. And has there been a

situation even despite people telling you, no, it can't happen. You move ahead and you succeeded. Alright? You could aspect of your life. Right? So yeah. Because some people like the business. I will talk my personal business. sir. Is it

okay with me? Um I was shut down. You know, by anyone really. You know, of course, you have the general negativity around you. You have people saying you may not tax feeding something or you may not have the the motivation to do certain things. Yeah, we aspirations and your dreams. But you may lack motivation.

You may lack the the tutorship, the encouragement. Um my parents, my father particularly didn't really steer me in a certain direction. My first love Donna Cliff was electronics, right? When I got toys, you know, when we were little boys and so on. I would

take these toys apart. To understand the mechanics of it, how it would. Try to put it back together like fans or like a motor to put on a a boat you know or make like a radio you know things like that. So I'd love

electronics and I met a teacher. We still alive. Um who who taught me electronics in school. That that was my first love. And then I I stared into

theology. That was my second love. And then I end up in in health. You know but with me personally I have this, this passion about life, this insatiable appetite to know I started studying all kinds of stuff, you know, on my own self taught. Leaning and switching.

Not not necessary from academia, right? And the whole idea of success has been contrasted feeling or failure have to do with not so much academic academic knowledge and these in a university or a college or some institution But more the realization of your your dreams, you know, your visions, your goals. And having a determination to achieve it, to be disciplined. Despite the obstacles, because I mean, we have success stories from all walks of life. Okay? People have been bogged down, they have been insulted, put down, and so on. But they rise up. So

the issue the message that we are set trying to send today, this tonight, is never stay down. Get up. You may fall but get up. You know the scripture says a righteous man falleth seven times. So not because you fall Minneapolis Stadia. Get up and move again. You know? Zero in focus on your dreams. Focus

on your ambition. And press forward. Keep being determined. You know failures as it were a stepping stone to success. And

The only time you'll fail is really if you you prepare not to succeed and if it is, you know, you lack the discipline, You lack the fortitude, the courage to go on. So this is what we have to harness within ourselves. God is given to each one of us talents and skills.

And we can harness these talents and skills assets, mental assets. That could achieve things, either products or civil is we can become innovative. And this is so all the successful people who open Starbucks or KFC or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or whoever. You know. They're on both sides

right? People who are evil. People who are good at. But we have to choose the right path and we have to allow God to whoop within us. Because to me one of the components in succeeding is not just our own effort, our own ingenuity. But

it has a lot to do also with the guidance of God. What I call divine providence. You know? Um you may lose a loved one. You may have been in an accident. And those events that you actually experience literally it's what called to you. Or shape you or motivate

you to go into a particular direction. It becomes successful. So we have to acknowledge the presence of God in our lives. We have to pray. We have to have nation fortitude, courage. One of the things we must we must never do is never quit. You fail when

you quit. You fail when you You fail when you're dead. That's right. You know if you're debtor you can't do nothing.

But while there's life you have the opportunity to try and try and try again at something. Something you love. You also have the encouragement of people. Not everybody will encourage you. But there are some people who there are some people who will give you ideas when you meet with them and you talk, they give you ideas. Yeah, some people will learn, lend to you, you know, they, they, they invest in you so to speak, and they may even help you financially. So, it's, it's

many factors, right? And the whole idea is just not to quit, not to give up. Yeah. So and open your, open your mind to education, open your mind to experiencing new things, you know, new ideas, you know, new thoughts. I, that's how I see it, you know? Alright. Thanks, brother. In fact, all this time I know you, I never knew you had a love for electronics. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Alright.

Well, that's my keeps moving. It keeps moving. So, I will share something on the personal guys. And after we share it, we

can go into our break, alright? Yeah. But I know we overdue to our break. Yeah. Um I something that I was aspiring toward and I didn't continue with it. when I was at growing up and as a teen by the way, there's somebody named Raymond I don't even pronounce the name correctly. I want to thank you

for your greeting. I don't know which country. You're right. I don't know which country you're from. I want to thank you for

that. Yeah. Right? Thank you for tuning in to us. Something just before you go on. Talk about electronics and how we use this disassemble things. Break it up and break

it up. Your grand your granddaughter. Yeah, my granddaughter. She she just take off arms and dolls and heads. Yeah. Yeah. So, maybe she learning how build those. I

love it. She she learning how to build soils. She might have a toy store, toy factory. Alright. So, I remember when I was growing up into my teenagers, I was kiddie. I

don't know why. Real I could handle it boy. I could not live at all at all. I was. You know, I said you're harassed by the girls. School. So, I used to

make the whole wrong stuff by them. I saw the past trader to go home, you know. Straight to go to my school, straight to avoid them comments, I go in making the whole wrongs because this is you know, I couldn't take the talk. So, when I reach

about fourteen, 14 going on 15, so I decided to go and start to lift weights. And I met this guy, but he wasn't bodybuilding, was Olympic weightlifting. That's when they do something called snatch and clean and gym. So go in and out and I started to do it. That is the same time when there was opening the Jean Pear Complex. That's the same time when I was opening up. Oh Lord, I give

away my age by with that. Anyhow, so the to be one of the persons to represent the association, the weightlifting association. By, because there was opening there and that way I get free access, you get access to areas where the public couldn't get because they represented a particular sporting discipline. So we had in a particular jersey but the coach saw some progress in there. And he said listen Don't worry about your size and then you see another thing. So a man come to me and he asked me he said what's what you in? I say weightlifting. So you watch me.

He said what kind of weight you just lift up mosquito weights hurt? Get up. That break me down so much a boy. Oh my gosh. Mhm. I end up training still. I still traded. I'm going into

the the first competition. I was in the paper as you know to go in the competition. They never tell my father many many papers and he said that but I can't believe this. I never know this boy in any sport. And he named papers. So

he all of a sudden the nights when I go out to lift weights. The I see him any any audience. Do you know a a bush chopping us? Boy a couple of hours in the competition. Oh my. So did I know without reach back home? He said listen I want to talk to you. So I thought he commented but I just want to say this is what he believed. I understand that now. You understand? He

come and he he watched me. He said, let me tell you something, yeah? I am Indian. It never had a Indian stroke, a weightlifter in Trinada, Tobago. We were fooling. Understand? Who we are fooling? Why you look at the fool yourself? Right? Don't don't go baba guy yourself under that. Well done. That messed me up. You understand? Any of what continually weightlifting but I ended up going into competitions and what's going ahead? What's going? Wasn't doing badly and thing but that was in the back of my mind. So

that is kept me down. One thing that I went against people's comments though is that when time to pick a wife. You don't have any person say that. I

mean we know that No no no. No. If you all know me from who I was. Why? Dada had to endure. She had to endure. But the thing is

that I saw something a number posted clip that thing will work out earlier too. Well they like oil and water. It ain't go happen. You understand? if I listen to them, I just saw what I wanted to do and I saw when I listened to people how I caved in and I didn't meet my goal.

So, I want to tell people that listen, you get both sides of the argument, you have to pick. You understand? Pick which one you're going on and run with it. Yeah, you understand? Very often. That is the choice you're going to make. So guys, break time. Um we talk along

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When I'm training for professional competitions, men and women always ask me for advice. to women. I say push yourself harder than you ever have before and go beyond your comfort zone. Focus on your goals. Men, if I am willing to push myself to become Mr. Olympia in twenty twenty-two, then I only have one thing to say to you. Bring your 400.

Here we go again. Alright guys, so we back here. Now I am not a psychiatrist, I am not a psychologist. I have

spent some time by myself. Right? And you know in your quiet quiet moments, you do some pondering. And I often reflect on times in my life. As

I told you all just now, when the the me went down on that is a you know the me that she she she has now. Right? The thing is that I often wonder why so many of us unlike the persons who we just showed in the video. Why we cave in to people's criticisms, people's condemnation, people pull down of us. Why does God have what could why we not resilient and most times to be able to rise above those things. Why I say

so? As a baby as a toddler. Notice what happens. When a child And then they start to walk. What has happened when they now started to walk? They fall down. Not so? Yeah. This fall

down. What do we as parents and adults around the child do when the child falls? Why is it the first thing we do? Look at them to pick them up. To put them to the standard. Right and what do we do after? Just walk again or whatever they want. Correct. Yeah. We don't tell them, hey, you, you can't do that, you don't. Now is not your time.

Mhm. Wait a next couple of months and see if your muscle's stronger now. We don't do that. We encourage the child to try again. Not so? Of course. Of course. And that lays a foundation eh? Because that child started if you have certain characteristics. So

what that right. So we are we appreciate brother Noel. Look at John. So we are punching. That regiment around us Expose us to have confidence in ourselves. And

belief. Just because others believe in you. You tend to start to believe in yourself.

Correct? That's right. That's not the thing. Alright. Yeah. Where did that go wrong then? How come we start to lose that self belief in ourselves that we would have had in coming through our toddler years. Let me take you back to what you said at the beginning. You said there are persons. One will give you and one will take away. As you grow, you are

going to interact with a whole set of people in school, around your neighborhood, everybody. And some will call you names and add value to your life. Some will call you names and take away value from your life. Because and now this is where you, the person, determine or decide what I'm going to use. What, okay, for example in growing up. I was perfect right a prefect right through in my secondary school, right? And of course I was also prepared. I

was prepared to be a teacher so I had to be true, right? Right? But of course, the children in the class didn't like that. Some of them didn't like that and they started to call me names. Well, let me say this. If I did not, do you think it didn't hurt anyone? It somebody thinks I remember and then I say, you know what? I did what was right. But I have a kind of resilient that has made me bounce back. My husband is laugh at me when I watch in a show. He shows up stupid. But I

want the seat until the end. And he said but why you want the seat until the end? Because I say I believe if I start something finished. That's me. But the thing about it. Don't think I didn't have pains in my life and people hurting me. But I found a way by the grace of God to bounce back and keep walking forward. But it wasn't

always the education, the in school. Mhm. Because I believe and this is where I said persons may disagree with me and even you and all background as a teacher. Hmm. I believe that in the education system that we have now, when you enter the education system, it is very self-defeating in a number of areas. Hm. Well, they hear what I'm saying. Yeah, yeah, really. It is very self defeated in a number of areas.

Why do I say that? Because you have to answer questions correctly according to the answers that are being given before your time. So, you have to find a way two times two is four. So we know that is the answer from before. So you have to know that. The children who don't know it they are stigmatized. Or when they go

into SCA to do SCA, you have prestige schools or the lower schools to separate them. And you already society already have in the mind that yeah Pastor Prestige School. It means that you're in Bright enough. Look down and I quarreling yesterday. Because our grand Luna Wooden she has to learn to spell act. Which is

a and she of course gets in trouble to to spell and try to memorize it. And I am telling Donna. You see the same foolishness. You see the same foolishness I'm talking about? When I had to learn to fight up to spell that word. You know when I left primary school? I never had to use that word again. Never. Never. So why is there an emphasis to learn to spell it and understand the meaning of that? Why? You ain't going to meet it again in life.

I didn't. But I told him sometimes your mind. Yeah. I don't all I'm saying is that the system is too backdated and stressing on too many things. It's like when you're going to do your driver's driving test up to this day. You had to

learn hand signals. So when you put to make a right turn, you gotta put out your hand and turn it like that. Like that. Guys. All cast comedy condition or how many persons you know sticking out. When last you see our man, when last you see Abma, after they get a driver's permit, sticking out their hand and doing something like it. No, no, because if he, if he only do that, they will call him clock after. Long hand

shorthand. It's chopping. You're emphasizing on stupidness and I am saying that the education system has been stressing on things that is no longer appropriate. it is. Is it a number of children who are not gifted in that area or talented in that area. To feel less than. Also additionally.

Yeah. Girls mature before boys. So, academically, most of them will be ahead of the boys. You know, when they're going on, you get these serious results and you see a year. Well, you know, more girls pass than have a higher percentage than boys and people saying, oh gosh, how that? Of course, it must be so. The girls mature earlier. Hm. It's in nothing. It's a norm.

Maths in that. So, I'm saying that the education system that we into leaves us wanted. And leaves us as us feeling that we are less than inferior. We not

good enough. But we should be better than we are. All those kinds of things. And you know I I I've made this. I have to add a little part to this because I believe it's not meeting the needs of all of all. You know abroad. They teach you

according to your your your ability. For example if you're creative. They teach you from a creative poem. If you're mathematical, logical, they teach you from that point. If

you know there are certain things that children come to you with and they are missed out. Because if a child is creative you can give them both from that aspect. If a child is mathematical and those things you give them work from the our gardener had said that. You learn different ways. You learn different ways and rich don't do that here. Everybody is

channeled groups the same way going down the road. And that creates a lot of luck for some children. Right. And that make you feel less than. Brother Noel, you have Because I still have an ex point to make. I I'm moving on from education system just now. Yes yes. What I what

I would say right? entrances to to achieving success. To realizing your dreams, your ambition is multifaceted faceted. It's not just one thing. And there are some components that that are left out in the educational system. Right? One of them to me is is very serious. Is that part of morality, that part of religion. Yes. Um families are

bringing. It's so important as far as education is concerned, it is so important as far as whether person is successful in life, realizing their dreams and ambition. you know the scripture says train up a child in the way he should go. And when he's old he would not depart. I don't see Philip there. But if we have got

caring parents instructing their children from from young. You know the the window for for growth. For innovation. For development and success is really from the womb to about 7 years. This is this is documented. Mhm. Toronto learn

faster music and you know ah artistic things and so on. So we have to families have to create that environment even while the the child is in the womb. The parents should be culturing themselves you know.

Eating properly. That's another another component. Because it is scientifically shown today that if the the body the the brain is deficient of certain important minerals like zinc and so on. Right? You end up you know having leaning disability. you know it is it is sad to see someone who ah for circumstances beyond their control as an individual. And they are having problems to live. You know take for

instance even the whole issue of vaccination. What it is doing to the ability to learn. This is documented. Children getting autism. attention deficit disorder. You know and

the likes right? So health is one thing that we have to look at. You know we as a nation we should be getting the fresh some vegetables, you know, the pure water, the ground provisions, all the dark green leafy vegetables. When that that woman conceived, that child is healthy. The environment where you grow have a lot to do with with realization of your goals, your dreams. Because if you're not in a society or in a village, where that village is, let's say classified like how Lavantel or John John or is considered is a a spirit type in on a particular way, they view you. in in crisis day they will say could any good thing come out of Nazareth? Because how they how they look at Nazareth as a kind of corrupt downtrodden kind of place.

While all of that exists, you have to have as gardens, as parents instruct our children in such a way that we inspire hope, we inspire courage, we inspire motivation, and discipline That is very important. To have a success of life. True, true, true. And and yeah, as I say, you know, I do support moving on from the education system because I want to say much more now because the program director is a lecturer. So, I wanted I I

don't know. I'm getting licked from her already when we finish. So, alright. And all you know, but my wife gave me some elbow music. Yeah, he

said, you know? True. I'm not. Radio. Um. I telling you a number of our problems come from the city's Hollywood scene where we're watching television and we're watching the actors and them. How we feel that what they set us a standard for for for beauty and for we're based here on the for instance I'm watching this you only remember the watch right and you see be watching and watch them all the women and even the fellas what the girls are watching fellas and everybody looking almost perfect body is you're on a high listening to a documentary the kind of things those people had to go through people who watch models right and feel that who go boy want to be slim like them the kind of thing The amount of injections are taken. You understand? Cosmetic surgery. Some of them goes

beyond just cosmetic. And people in realise there's a price and a sacrifice to pay for that illusion. It is an illusion. And we now feel that if we don't attain those things that we fall short. We fall we

are failure. When you don't you you the fashions that especially we have it down here. But boy abroad. Cos I've been out there for a short while. Oh God he peer pressure.

When you're the old fashions move through. If you can't keep up with the Joneses. They'll let you know about it. And we feel automatically what we can't keep up with the Joneses.

We are a failure. All I'm saying is guys when I look around in society we have decided to hitch our warrant to to to group of persons who who we feel have the answers and who set the bar at a height which we try to get and it's only an illusion. Are we at to understand that right? When we look at the movies and so on. It's just an illusion because when you hear about the people's real lives of the camera. boy you feel there's be

trying to they're coming out in in public where in occurs change. Now they look why? They like the the craving for that privacy. Only time they want the publicity. Now that they

get it they craving for privacy again. They can't even go to the mall without people itching on their mother Kenya. When you get to understand how they are you realizing that hey they just like you and me otherwise you know. But they decided to

strive for this illusion. Now that they realize what it is. They said yes they like what they're offering but they can't stay there. And we have to understand that hey we just do our part despite if we don't look good doing that at the time. That is not the point. We

moving ahead. Alright? I I want to mention that there. Because at the end of it why we sit while talking all these things. We are must for a matter what has brought us here in this program. This one ecosystem

that we stand for. This is not an easy path that we have taken. I've said over and everybody who has who is involved in this understands that or what kind of cryptocurrency is different to almost every other of the almost 10, 000 cryptocurrencies that have out there now. Why? Recently, the grandfather of Crypto currency, grandfather, Bitcoin. So, got beaten. It fell to to a value of just over seventeen thousand dollars recently. It was last year it was a higher 60thousand. Have

you understand what I'm saying? It fell from 60 to just over 17 recently. So did so many other cryptocurrencies. Not ours. We carry a stable value. Because our community has accepted when we are trading with this cryptocurrency. You know this

was saying trading. Not exchanging for money. When we are didn't know what Crypto currency for goods and services because we understand that we are the Crypto currency. We We

are the holders. We are the gearers. We are the users. We are the educating minors. We are the ones who carry the value of the cryptocurrency and our community has it at a stable price. Right? And we asking persons to just come and understand what we are about. And why we still stable.

Despite all Crypto currency arena, we still stand. You understand? So, that is why you see tonight we spoke about failing versus failure. Because concerns may on who are in this part with a further number of criticism do get involved in that boy. But guess what? We're going on for 8 years now. We eight years old. Eight years old. Despite all the

criticisms. So there must be hot and full of persons at least who are holding this vision. It's more than harmful by just using that tomb. You know why? Because we are a global entity. And a handful of

a global entity And is more than 3 million accounts. We have more than 3 million accounts. So I'm telling you guys one time. Alright? Why don't you do come on board? Don't listen to the naysayers and them who telling you. Listen. Um they want to exchange. How come this, that,

it was the stupid talking thing. Forget that understand we have gone against the grain. We have been swimming upstream when we had to. Because we understand what the vision is about. We have not listened to the naysayers and the critics. Okay? So I needed to say to point out why we took this approach tonight. So persons

could understand that one equals our one ecosystem. Stands up. Right? And we are going to continue along this part. So we asking persons to come on board and understand what we are about. Mhm. Right?

I like this Beyond 2021 is a TV show. That takes us into the future of emerging technologies. Block chain technology, Cryptocurrency and Financial Technology. The face of money is changing. Don't be

left behind. Innovating despite any that socialists have to do. We are here. So hopefully calls you to open your mind. at differentization. change, women make us happen in another direction that because we are not finished with this topic. We still have

other things to share. Feel it. Feel it. Because they may be failing. But we are not feeling something. And if if we have time after we just add a little piece and you'll close up your program with that. Because we

have to complete this next week. Yes. Yes. Talking about the one ecosystem. We are not as a project that without challenges. Obviously, all companies will face challenges. So, we have had in these years, we have had those who attack us on the outside, on the inside Social media, electronic media, and even even within the community, you have, you have some members who may not have been honorable. Who may have not have followed, you know, ethical standards and so on.

But not withstanding these things. The one ecosystem or company is still moving forward. We're getting better. getting stronger and we are we are facing all the odds and we believe that our ecosystem is one of the second to none we would face in education will be first in KYC ah standards you know in in Crypto and the Block chain beautifuls to have anti money laundering, anti-definancing of terrorism. And so despite our challenges we are still focused and we are still forward and we offer a type of education that will encourage your your your mind, your thinking to be broadened.

You will learn So this is an option for you. Is that not everybody will get involved in it. But it's an option for you and we are encouraging you to take a look at what we have been seeing for these programs.

These episodes that we've been having. On beyond 2021. So we invite you to call us. Get involved with our educational packages. And position yourself so that you can acquire the one cryptocurrency and and trade on it, trade it, you know, use it on the experience what it is like because the face of money is changing. It's happening all

around the world. It's not going to turn back. You might as well position yourself with a company that has high standards and that is actually being successful. Yes? so I, I, I want, I want to ask our listeners out there tonight. So, I hope they appreciated that we try to show some sides of our personal lives. You know, it may not have been easy. It was, it wasn't easy

for me, right? To say something's always hurtful. For me in the past. But why I did it? Is because I want listeners to understand that I personally do have anything to hide when I come out here. Alright? Um some persons would know me because they meet man, say, you know, I remember when he was like, so, so, so, so, so, I let them know, of course, you understand? However, would you continue to measure a man against how you knew him to be? Or would you measure a man against where he aspires and what do you see him going towards? You understand? Would you measure, would you measure a company on what people say about it? Or would you measure a company based on the trail that it is looking to set? The the way the path that it is looking to lead. And I mean this is what I'm asking you guys. You have been listening

to us tonight to understand that listen. Despite whatever person say about you, they said it about us. And we not listening to them. Alright? We don't care. We are moving

forward So tonight guys we are going to say thank you. It has been awesome having you on tonight. Right? We look forward to having you next week. Right? And we are going on. No more failures in this this listenership. Only successes.

Have a great night guys. Well done well. Have a blessed week. Good night. Have a good one.

Yeah. Yeah. Take care. Good night everyone. Good morning. See you next week. We know right, moving, nobody. But we

respect everybody. And we're better than everybody. so we will run with anybody, no fear no better than we, no kind, nobody that way, step on me one and say, one ecosystem to the world you say, money causes do will do, something, do something, do something, do something, uno, do something, do something, I'm not do something, do something, do something, do something, uno, do something, do something, I know my girl ain't chasing.

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