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Best LMN  | Based On A True Story |  New Lifetime Movies 2021 | English Movie | Latest Movie | HD

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[Music] please no don't um [Music] hey what's going on yeah i'm not so sure you want to be doing this job on a full stomach i figured i need my energy gotta impress my boss you know this would be my first day okay i'll be impressed if it isn't also your last day best pep talk ever i'm sorry you're just the third assistant i've had in the past couple months this isn't exactly an easy job for most people to swallow no differences those guys weren't me trust me there ain't nothing i can't handle whoops good so stuff what's your name again john it's joel what happened here anyway i don't know you never really tell as much yeah you're just a cleaning crew it's all yours thanks pika what we're dealing with after you huh holy crap [Music] [Music] all right let's get to it can i help you with something um we're the cleaning crew hey molly maid you're in an active crime scene sorry i was told that it was ready for us yeah well as you can see we're still working so is that um the word you're looking for is brain and i wonder where yours are by the fact that you're still standing why don't you pack up your white wipes and your little [ __ ] go wait outside we're done okay come on let's get out of here oh god you're okay well don't worry about it man pretty much happens to everyone on their first day you'll get used to it hey where are you going anywhere else i quit come on jerry it's joel okay it rhymes with bull yeah sorry about that about which part all of it it wasn't even that bad in there i tried telling that to the victim no i know i mean i just i've seen cleaner executions but it was what makes you think that's what it was well there's a struggle there by the couch probably caught the guy by surprise then he basically gives up in the corner there and by the way the blood and the brain are splattered all over the window it's pretty obvious he was shot point blank probably on his knees maybe even with the gun inside his mouth no no it's just a guess you got all that from being in there less than 30 seconds yeah who are you crescent who's cursed seriously famous tv psychic no no anyway you know all this stuff i don't really but you know you clean up after enough of these things you start to pick up on stuff like patterns maybe we'll have to take your word for it this is actually my uh first murder case really and you're braxton's new partner brandt's banking oh well that explains why you even jumped out the our window yet that bad huh let's just say if it ever gets to be too much give me a call why are you good at talking people down from legends dude no but i need a new assistant okay well i will keep that in mind and if you see any more patterns i will be sure to do the same i'm nick by the way i'm morgan hey how sweet good luck thank you you [Applause] so let's get back to the case what do you know no sign of forced entry there was a struggle things got messy detective hope well your partner here was just getting me up to speed i can see i'm sorry i was tracking on the neighbors so like i was saying the vic was trying to execution probably on his knees maybe even with the gun inside his mouth well if it's a pro i guess it was an off day huh there's also a small punctuator on his right foot a puncture wound from what what we don't know yet may or may not be related do you have a time of death sometime around 10 or 11 last night you know the upstairs neighbor said the victim was playing classical music really loud around that time classical yeah she said that she even knocked on the door to complain but nobody answered the door then a few minutes later the music was shut off okay i want you both to clear your desks make this your number one this waxman guy is ties to the mayor so he's gonna want a quick fix come on on guys no press yet not until we get ahead of this thing [Music] you sent me to knock on doors when you came here to brief the captain relax nikki see captain called me in now if i want to screw with you you'll know wow look who's here are you stalking me now i uh can't say for sure but i think i might have found a clue at the most recent crime scene she's gonna solve another one of your faces it was only after i tore up the carpet but it sounds like you missed a spot you trying to show me up i'm just trying to be helpful yeah and when i need my open clean you'll be my first column okay well you don't need to be mean you walking in here and waving something around that you think that i missed makes me look like i don't know what i'm doing it isn't the most important thing solving the case not cost me a job all right so you don't want to see what i found you know what morgan i don't care i don't care if you get the killer's bloody fingerprints all over a handwritten confession just keep it to yourself okay [Music] hi tops hi sweet girl you hungry lovely milk are you hungry me too how about some water instead part-time cleaner wanted premium rates must be discrete bible [Music] lack of gag reflex [Music] [Applause] [Music] assets [Music] easy [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so what's the most interesting job that you worked on oh do you remember uh do you remember the heat wave last summer i don't have ac so yes yes i do okay so i got called in to clean up a small trailer and the guy who lived there was a hoarder and a recluse and a pile of his stuff fell on top of him buried him and he died oh man yeah and so no one found him for like two weeks and it wasn't until after the smell got so bad that the neighbors called the police and i'm guessing these people had a really high tolerance because this place would have stunk bad on a good day it must have been horrible no i haven't gotten to the horrible part yet so i go in and there are just flies and maggots everywhere it's like a curtain that i could part with my hands wow yeah and then the first thing i pick up there's a rat's nest living underneath so these little rats are just running around all over my feet so i'm dealing with these guys and then i notice dripping on the walls what human blush oh [Music] no offense but i mean you couldn't pay me enough to do your job yeah i kind of begged on the fact that most people feel that way so what is it you do again uh data entry spare me the glory details right no but really um what what what does that mean um well uh you've got your computer uh and then you've got your data and uh what i do is i enter the data into the computer so [Music] got to be perfectly honest that uh i was kind of surprised that you answered my message really what's that well i probably shouldn't be telling you this but um i'm starting to think that maybe the website was broken or something yeah you probably shouldn't be telling me that hmm no it's getting late yeah you're right it's uh it is tuesday after all yeah so should we just get the bill and go to your place yeah what go to your place yeah sure sure [Music] so hey good morning morning oh hey you don't you don't have to take off so soon no no no no i have to get to work okay okay bye so hey i had a really uh great time with you last night i'd love to see you again yeah yeah yeah definitely so i can call you sure oh have a good day morgan nick hi hey i'm sorry to bug you at home it's fine fine i'm just um coming back from the gym yeah yep i heard you may have found some of the crime scene yeah um your partner wasn't that interested in it though so i don't get that i do a few months back i found something else at a crime scene that he missed and uh led to him solving the case so it's pissed at you for that yeah guess he doesn't like being shown up by the help well i have no such foolish pride which is why i'm here you want to see what i found you don't mind no no sure should i come in you want to come in yeah mm-hmm yeah it's in there come on laundry day i get it you're the shoemaker with no shoes what you clean for a living it's the last thing you feel like doing when you get home yeah i guess so um okay so it's probably nothing but um you know i found it in a hole in the floorboards after i tore the carpet and it's a piece of metal but it doesn't look like a bullet fragment no it doesn't and i think that might be some blood this is interesting really pink yeah i probably shouldn't be telling you this but the victim had a puncture hole in his right foot the size of um say like the tip of a ski pole oh i'm surprised the csit missed this yeah it was um it was kind of a fluke that i even saw it um i know it was only after i tore up the carpet you ever think about getting to police work um officially uh nope why not i don't think the pace is good oh you're probably right uh-huh it's your natural hmm thanks but um yeah i don't think i could see it as well as i do if i had that kind of pressure see it yeah um i don't know after doing this for what like six years or something i get flashes or like images of what might have happened so you really are psychic psychotic it's probably more like it um yeah this really makes me sound crazy doesn't it yeah okay also makes you sound like a detective anyway i should uh i should probably get this checked out so uh cool yeah yeah um let me know if it leads to anything i will okay thank you yep [Music] hey hey i need you to pull a blood sample from this and test it against oliver waxman what is it i don't know can you also see if it's consistent with the puncture in the victim's foot on it thanks hey before you take off i have something for you the classical music cd taken from the victim's apartment and there's something weird about it and the fact that people still listen cds no prints not even the victims nope so either a dead guy was wearing gloves when he put in the cd player or the killer brought his own soundtrack thanks you dan oh yeah where were you five hours ago i was figuring out if that metal tip that you found worked in the case does it i'm gonna tell you over a drink well there's some other things that i wouldn't mind picking your brain about too what do this job for a week you'll never use the expression pick your brain ever again right right so drinks can i change oh you're great in blue give me an hour so the killer brought his own music hearing that makes for a dramatic execution i think there's more to it than that the music was from a french composer from the 1600s jean baptiste luly never heard of him i'd look him up too we did a cushy gig working for the king of france writing songs until he got kicked out of court for his lone moral character which at that time was really saying something it's interesting what does that have to do with the murder it's how he died self-inflicted puncture wounds of foot now back then instead of using baton composers kept time by banging a pointed staff on the ground which he did until one day he accidentally stabbed himself in the foot died of gangrene so the killer stabs the victim in the foot and accidentally breaks off the tip of the staff and the floorboard okay what's the connection here i have absolutely no idea but if this musical footstepping thing is a calling card then we may see an encore performance nice one thank you really good oh my god oh gosh okay we need to take care of this before it dries okay no it's okay it's okay uh you know red wine i'm pretty sure it's done for come on trust me i'm a professional so how does someone get into your line of work anyway that's a great question well after high school i got a job at a motel as a cleaning lady and after about a year or so i went to clean a room and i found a guy who shot himself in the face i did not see that coming yeah told me about it so after the police did their thing the owners offered me 500 bucks to clean up the mess which was more than i'd make in a week hi that's when i realized i had the stomach for it found out it was an actual thing started taking some by recovery courses got the odd gig here and there and before long i became the crime scene clean queen you see standing before you you do have a wrinkle quality about you thank you very much now it's not so much about the money and the glamour anymore this might sound silly but in some small way i feel like i'm helping make a difference you know when something really bad happens to clean it up for the people affected i like to think i'm helping wipe the pain away so they can start to move on doesn't sound silly at all there you are done mister on this way and that way okay um thanks for the drink yeah thanks for your help and um free company very welcome it was this one yeah yeah okay it was a pleasure doing business with you see you pleasure doing business with you idiots [Music] ah [Music] [Music] [Music] hello hey it's nick this is a good time oh yeah no yeah hi it's great you're not at the gym nope i haven't been to the gym since that morning you came over i want to say good but that sounds weird unless we're still talking code no yeah we're we're still talking in code the reason i'm calling is that i may have a job for you thank you thanks for coming yeah um you know it's gonna be a while before i can do anything here right yeah i didn't uh didn't call you to clean the place you know what i was hoping to take a stab at seeing what you thought happened there stab really yeah i regretted saying that as soon as it came out of my mouth um look i don't know i would feel weird i don't i just just take a look around give me a read on the scene you're not on the hook for anything it's just [Music] i'm kind of up against it here and i could use all the help that i could get okay thank you who was it guy's name was anton duncan 44 years old single and a musician used to be now he's a well he was a high school music teacher you guys can we get the room please thanks it's all yours there was music this time too yeah how'd you know wound on his foot figured right [Music] you okay yeah yeah i i'm i'm just lying to the body still being here well did you get the sense of anything yeah i mean it doesn't look like there was a struggle this time but you know that's something your splatter analyst can't tell you partnering with the psychic chambermaid unlike my partner she actually works with me you know from what i hear she's the only reason you've been closing cases lately well hey you think she's so good you should partner with her then okay i will yeah right easiest decision i've had to make since i got the homicide are you serious yeah are you okay what just happened you got promoted just kidding that wasn't like i can't be your partner not officially but there's nothing stopping you from offering up your opinion except for the fact that i have absolutely no training you've helped crack a murder case before once it's one more than i've solved come on it'll be fun fun okay well not fun fun but come on well if there's anyone who looks like they need help it's you okay so here's what we got so far now both victims were shot at close range with a nine millimeter probably a silencer since nobody heard a gunshot there's no signs of forced entry nothing reported stolen there's no pertinent dna or fingerprints left at the scene now both victims had a puncture wound on the foot and we found the same cd which i think we can now assume was left behind on purpose okay so we can assume also that these murders are connected right now we just need to figure out how the two victims are connected hmm any ideas a rich businessman and a broke musician whatever it is it's it isn't obvious well can you go to the media for help well even if i wanted to i want a gag order from a captain why wouldn't you want to because the second that we go public these murders are connected besides causing general panic we are going to be bogged down by every nut job in town coming forward and confessing which reminds me and i'm sure that i'll tell you this but you can't be talking about this case to anyone you shouldn't be talking about this case to me true all the more reason to keep it between got enough people in my department hopefully you stumble out of the gates yeah i got the feeling of the crime scene today that you aren't exactly the homecoming king all right what's up back when i worked vice i found out that a couple guys in my apartment were taking bribes internal affairs was looking in on them and i cooperated oh they were fired and well let's just say that the blue wall of silence is real got so bad that i had to transfer precincts and the promotion to homicide yeah it was already in the works but uh people wanted to assume it was payback for helping id do you regret it not for a second really you know most cops who would have looked the other way but for better or worse i'm not wired that way people have said that uh that i'd arrest my own mother would you not without probable cause oh it's just so black and white that's one of the things i like about the justice system uh okay come on the justice system is hardly black and white no but it aspires to be and so do you i like clarity i like knowing where the line is and which side of it that i'm on okay so say hypothetically your mother did murder someone did you have to go to jail what if she killed someone defending you then she didn't break the law okay but what about justice then what about it the system doesn't always do a good job of delivering it maybe not but it's the best thing that we've got no is it though really i feel like taking that stance removes you from any kind of personal responsibility i took responsibility and i paid for it by him to turn on two guys that i consider to be my friends yeah but in your case the law happened to line up with justice what about the times when it doesn't my job is to arrest criminals it's not to judge them okay yeah i guess i've just been jaded by too many crime scenes where the people didn't deserve what happened to them i heard it but then again i've also been to my fair share where the victims deserved exactly what they got and do you put any less effort into cleaning no exactly and even if i find out that these two guys had it coming i still have to put just as much effort into arresting the killer remind me not to break the law around you there and and you're alive look at that hey danny how's it going dennis my name is dennis that's what i said um how are you where am i don't act so happy to see me i'm sorry sorry i haven't called or written or emailed or whatever i've just been busy oh busy busy too too busy for a common courtesy i say they haven't been too busy to go on another date hey spoiler alert pal she's gonna screw you sneak out in the morning and then pretend like you don't exist so goodbye danny dennis is that a friend of yours yeah it's a it's that guy that i went to the gym with really really that guy yeah he wanted to go out again and i said yes but i didn't want to and you figured if you just ignored him that he would get the picture yeah of course but yeah he kept calling and emailing me you've all been there yeah crazy one night stands talking to you um story my life it's the story of your life what what women can't resist a man in uniform except you wear street clothes what women can't resist a man in tastefully anonymous street clothes cheers [Music] thanks for coming out tonight yeah not a good time even though we have different moral philosophies especially because of that really the fact that you know what you believe in and you aren't afraid to stand up for it it's an attractive quality uh wow i i must have misread the signs i'm sorry you didn't i just um i have a rule about dating cops and people i work ah with see well then uh good night partner maybe he was a donor or a patron or something pardon me uh the the rich guy who's killed what was his name oliver waxman yeah right um you know rich guys have always been connected to artists they're the only ones who can afford to buy with the artist to sally that's a really good instinct thanks yeah you're two weeks in and already feeling comfortable making personnel decisions what did he say to you he has to be taken off the case he says you don't want to work with him well i guess that part's true he also said you're working with a crime scene cleaner i just asked her opinion on a few things she found some evidence she's been very helpful okay okay look for help from wherever you want will you fail hi this is detective hopewell again you just sent me over your donor list i was hoping i could also get the history of your board of directors you were right about the patronage connection why what waxman or whatever his name is as a donor or something nope but about 15 years ago he sat on the board of directors at the same time that anton duncan played the cello great what now well if classical music connects them be a pretty credible direction look for the killer or maybe his next victim yeah problem is there's a lot of people connected to this symphony during that time period hopefully someone will jump out for sure i figure when we know we'll see it we you're not gonna leave me hanging now aren't you don't get me wrong playing cops and robbers is fun but i'm starting to fall behind on my day job how about this you help me solve this and i will help you clean your next crime scene three pardon me you'll help me clean my next three crime scenes wow you have a hard bargain take it or leave it i'm sorry what take it yes we're gonna start now fancy pants yeah [Music] so here is a list of everyone i've been able to find associated with the symphony that's a lot of names for the past 20 years now i figure the best bet is to enter them in the criminal record database you just hope that homicidal maniac comes up exactly dead entry what really sounds like a fun friday night is it friday already has been all day why didn't you tell me i'm sure braxton won't mind now we can do some proper detective work nice i knew you guys were all drunks don't tell anyone well i found us another shoplifter oh good i'll add him to the list along with jaywalkers and uh debbie dad's behind on their alimony checks nice you know i was hoping someone would have separated himself from the pack right now let's police work for you slow and steady definitely got the slow part down you know what let's take five minutes you can run the name of your exes really oh yeah i've done it for all my ex-girlfriends yeah did you find anything good well only after it was too late and i already figured out that they were crazy oh favorite type i guess so have you run my record yet if i did what would i find no no actually hold on hold on a second let me guess um drunk and sort of conduct public nudity yeah definitely i wish my life was that exciting well the night is still young oh boy don't threaten me about five years ago one of the guys on the donor list gary butler who's accused of abducting a prostitute and keeping her locked up for months oh god the victim's name is elizabeth myers 18 years old according to her statement she was working as a prostitute when john picked her up locked her up somewhere she was beaten and raped by multiple assailants how many i don't know she says that they were they were wearing disguises cloaks as many as four at a time this sounds like some sick culty stuff how'd she get out [Music] she escaped but the building that she was kept in was rented under gary butler's name and she ideated him to the cops did he go to jail not enough evidence to make the charges stick how so well the talks report showed that she was pretty drugged out i mean she could have id'd anyone oh oh man elizabeth she um hung herself a few years ago you okay yeah yeah uh it's just a sad story um gary sounds like a real psycho i'm gonna question this guy tomorrow morning you want to tag along isn't that illegal only if you tell someone you're a cop i don't know nick i feel like we're already pushing this partner thing a little too much come on you're already in this i'll take you out for coffee and don't give you the full experience coffee and donuts uh-huh you've been holding out on me mm-hmm yeah okay why don't you go home get some sleep okay i'm gonna get a cab okay bye good night you seen this oh yeah oh they even have details about that out there french composer angle you came up with well i didn't leak anything why would i want to up the pressure myself to solve this i don't know maybe you want to increase exposure so you look like a big shot when you do well thanks for the vote of confidence but that's not what happened who else did child about your theory besides me nobody what about that woman you dumped braxton before no morgan wouldn't leak it you know however it got out you're right about this upping the pressure to solve it well i'm following up and i'll leave this morning okay good because you have 48 hours to come up with a suspect or you're off the case yep that's not fair she offered me the rope and i took it in fact i'm about to hang myself with it it's my own fault you didn't mention the composer angled anyone did you no of course not i don't i don't mean to accuse you just i have no idea how it got out if the captain's the only other person i told about it well she wants to get rid of you right you think that my captain leaked it i don't know i mean i can't think of any other explanation well if that's true then i'm pretty much done for an homicide unless we find the killer oh it's it's we now is it what's the plan partner well we question gary butler and see if there's some sort of connection question what do i say to him you don't have to say anything just listen and look intimidating we can work on that on the way over okay [Music] jerry butler yeah i'm detective hopewell i'm at the homicide unit this is my associate mortgage sure we like to ask you a few questions what about here we come in [Music] can you show me your badge [Music] wow nice place thanks you just move in no my wife and daughter are moving out aren't you a little off on your timing excuse me well it looks like you're upgrading your security system seems like something you would do while your family was still living with you there's been a a few break-ins in the neighborhood lately and i am you okay mr butler you seem a little on edge yeah well the uh police are in my house questioning me what about i'm not quite sure you mind if i say no have you heard of the recent murders of oliver waxman and anton duncan well those are the ones that were just in the paper yeah then yeah i i heard about them did you know why they're the victims no why would i well they were also connected to the symphony also i saw your name on a list of regular donors yeah well i made the mistake of giving the money how's that a mistake you know how it is you donate once they keep pounding you but i don't i don't i don't really know anybody there i just did it for a tax write-off and my wife was into the nutcracker what can you tell me about elizabeth myers [Music] she was a con artist and and she made up a bunch of lies about me and tried to shake me down for money but the police realized the charges were bogus and dropped them still my reputation took a big hit thanks to that psycho [ __ ] so you don't have any other connections to the symphony didn't i already answer that question no no you did you did i'm just i'm trying to be clear here so if i were to look into your phone and email records for the last month i wouldn't find anything that contrary you can't do that no not without a warrant but i won't have a hard time convincing a judge to give me one if i can prove that it's for your safety why why would it be because if you're lying to me your life could be in serious danger but maybe you already know that what is this bad cop mucop mr butler if you have any more questions please talk to my lawyer thanks for your time [Music] something about that guy gives me the creeps he seemed like he was lying to you no question do you think he knows who the killer is at the very least he's worried he could be the next victim doesn't seem like he's gonna be much help though not knowingly anyways huh if gary really is involved somehow and his other still alive he might lead us right to him uh oh so you're scaring him out of using his phone pretty smart huh okay stakeouts are officially the most boring thing in the entire world well the trick is trying to come up with ways to kill time like what playing ice pie it's an option or we could i don't know get to know each other better that is inappropriate i'm kidding but not really i spy someone who isn't listening when i say i don't date people i work with what happens if i get fired you can revisit things that great not that i'd ever date anyone who can't hold down a job hey look what we have here i spy a dumb criminal who took our bait [Music] [Music] they were just at my house they asked a lot of questions i think this is something that mr butler long time no see i'm nick hopewell this is my associate morgan shure and you are adam fowler what does he do here mr fowler not really a classical music fan are you nah i'm more of a classical rock kind of guy but if i were a fan i would know who you are he's the conductor how may i help you your friend here claimed that he didn't know anyone from this place and then lo and behold he leads us straight to you the conductor of all people is that a crime that i'm unaware of no it's not but i have a theory that you may be targeted by a serial killer what makes you think that i was kind of hoping that you could fill in some of the blanks for me i have no idea how to help you well maybe i can try to help you to help me oliver waxman and anton duncan are dead and they both had ties to this theater as to hundreds of people yes but gary here is the only one who's been accused of committing a heinous crime i already told you those charges were dropped i'm not saying that you did it gary but i'm saying that's the kind of crime that may give somebody motive for revenge you're not saying he did it then what's the basis for your concern maybe someone thinks that he did it and if you thought that it was important enough to lie to me about his relationship with you well maybe someone might think that you had something to do with it too but hey that doesn't resonate with you i'm sorry i wasted your time adam maybe we should ask these people to leave excellent idea gary father you have a change of heart give me a call oh and i wouldn't wait too long so what do you think i think we found a connection i'm inclined to agree but well adam doesn't really seem like he likes women well i don't think anyone who rapes women likes them good point either way thinking we know who the next targets are isn't going to take your job does if it gets us closer to the killer and if there's a connection between the abducted girls like father boyfriend maybe yeah well i imagine that's a lot of possibilities that means narrow search elizabeth was working as a prostitute when they took her maybe that's their ammo so we should look for young prostitutes who went missing within a few years of liberty yeah imagine that's also a pretty long list oh probably yeah i'm not sure if i have another all-nighter in me you hungry yeah i could eat i know a place with chef is amazing dinner was incredible it's my way of saying thanks for all your help well you're welcome but don't think this gets you out of helping me clean what did we agree on again um i think it was five times a nice try you know i think you'd be a natural crime scene cleaner oh yeah look at this place i bet you're the kind of guy that irons his underwear too yeah i don't know if you're really the best reference point for a normal level of cleanliness what are you talking about my place isn't that bad i had to get a tetanus shot after i left your place that's embarrassing are you trying to get me drunk if i do would increase my odds of you letting me kiss you we agreed to keep things professional you're right i take it back so you don't want to kiss me anymore no i definitely want to kiss you in fact i want to do a lot more than that what i take back is agreeing to keep things professional nick i like you but i do exactly and i like you and i want to take you out on a normal date and talk about something that's blood and murder we just i think it'll complicate things you know maybe it could but i don't think that's really what you're worried about what do you mean you know how you get a read on crime scenes i gotta read on people and this rule it's just an excuse because you're scared of being with someone you have a real connection with and i don't know if if you just got out of a long-term relationship or if you were hurt in your past but i know that we like each other and we make great partners so i think that it would be a crime if we didn't at least try so hey hey sorry i tried not to wake you really hey yeah yeah i have to get to a job site it's barely light out i know it's a hoarder cleanup it's gonna be a nightmare okay well at least let me make you breakfast well you thought last night's dinner was great i make a killer frittata no i'm sure you do wasn't that okay yeah no why wouldn't it be i don't know morning after regrets all good on over lunch sure [Applause] um yeah sorry for bothering you so early but we have reason to believe the killer's coming for you this morning you look familiar you met yesterday no i mean um don't i know you from somewhere else yes [Music] does this music sound familiar i i don't think so listen no i've never heard it before [Music] really am i under arrest no and why do you need that to kill you with wait wait wait a second i don't understand who are you [Music] down on one knee [Music] hello [Music] close the door and lock it sorry i really needed to wash my hands all right check this out now so far i've come up with five possible links they're all young prostitutes who reported missing within a few years of elizabeth now two of them eventually resurfaced and are alive but the other three are still missing and well one of them is presumed dead [Music] morgan hmm you okay yeah yeah i'm just tired didn't get a lot of sleep last night for some reason you sure because you uh took off pretty fast this morning yeah i always get anxious before i start a big job okay yeah as long as that's it hey maybe there's more to it than that but it's not you it's me no no no and i don't mean that no it's really you kind of a way um my natural instinct when i wake up next to someone not that it happens a lot but when it does my natural instinct is to run but with you i didn't you only jogged yeah something like that it's not a problem [Music] yeah yeah it is a problem you're right i was hurt when i was younger and ever since then i've been bad at relationships but i'm working to put my past behind me so i can take as much time as you need thank you i have a feeling it won't be that much longer sorry it's okay what is it i gave you bubba's dead oh my god um should i should i come with you no no it's just uh hang back and we'll uh catch up later okay oh god um you might need this sorry i guess i somehow scooped it up on my clothes when i left this morning thanks been looking for this uh i'll call you later sure okay [Music] [Music] come on in you know you made house calls i do when we have a serial killer on our hands who called it in the anonymous tip is there a punctuator in his foot yes but the scene itself is so different i don't know if we can say with certainty it's related to the other murders it is oh it makes you so sure i was here yesterday questioning him as a possible killer victim we could be liable i offered him protection if he would cooperate but he denied knowing anything what was i supposed to do i don't care you're done oh look you can't pull me off the case now it's obvious that i'm on the right track good then give everything you have to braxton excuse me sucks to be you adam now what the hell does that mean no idea mr fowler as i told you yesterday i have nothing to offer you unless you'd like house seats expand your horizons where were you between six and seven this morning i was at home asleep like all civilized people where were you were you up plotting the day's harassments was anyone else with you i was alone why your friend gary is dead you're saying that to trick me it's the truth and you think i did it so not only am i a rapist now i'm a murderer is that a confession is it true about gary before he died he wrote down your name in blood so the way i said he was either warning you or letting us know you were the one who killed him i didn't do it so then you won't mind coming down to the station so i can test you for gunshot residue i don't suppose i have a choice no you don't very well just let me get my keys i know you can ride with me i have to lock up we're dark this week i'm the only one here it's okay detective i'm not a flight risk they're just here at the edge of the stage [Music] hey what are you doing here you live so quickly you didn't get to finish your lunch you might be hungry thanks what's wrong i'm off the case what my captain pulled me after the butler murder but you tried to warn him yeah well according to my captain i didn't try hard enough do you think that conductor's in danger no not at the moment i'm using the interrogation has he admitted to anything nope still stick a new story before gary died he wrote adam in blood do you think adam's the killer it's a possibility but i think it's more likely that gary was trying to horn him okay so what now conductor won't talk i gotta release him i gotta hand the case over to braxton that's so that's it you're just gonna give up no you know i don't care if i'm not on this case we're on the right path i got to finish where i started okay leave in mind well for starters i'm going to set up around the symphony i'm going to keep an eye on him i'll join you you don't have to do that i know i want to text me when you're heading over there and i'll meet you sounds good [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh i wouldn't squirm if i were you whatever it is you think i've done you've got the wrong person oh i realize i'm not 17 anymore but am i really that forgettable or have you just destroyed enough girls where you've lost track tara my name's morgan now you don't have to do this yes i do [Music] you remember this no one will believe that i killed myself i think they will this is the gun you used to kill them your friend gary had a crisis of conscience after he had his daughter i couldn't live with the guilty felt of everything you guys did and he told you he was going to confess see i have it all in this letter i made gary right before i killed him he says he's going to go to the police and admits to everything you did so you panicked where the others would confirm his story and decided to kill all of them and since elizabeth myers hung herself doing the same thing just serves as poetic justice so you're not gonna beg for your life i wouldn't give you the satisfaction you know what i remember most about our visits is how much you enjoyed them i mean all of you enjoyed beating me and raping me but you you reveled in it well you're right i did revel in it i did i reveled in using him you know what you weren't even my favorite see i preferred the [ __ ] that actually fought back you you just laid there and took it because i think deep down you enjoyed it [Music] ugh [Music] [Music] [Music] radio hey [Music] wait hey so adam killed himself to avoid being killed no one actually looks like adam was the killer really gary wanted to confess to abducting the prostitutes and he wrote adam a letter telling us much and i guess adam

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