Australian farm technology in Siberia, Russia

Australian farm technology in Siberia, Russia

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An Australian Farmgate, here in Russia! Okay! Well today we have something a little bit different from what we're normally doing! It's still part of our building a homestead, but today we have a waiting day. we're waiting for machinery to come on Monday, it's Friday today. So what it is - we actually stopped past the steel merchant yesterday and bought some tube steel and this is to make a gate for our farm! Now it's going to be very much an Australian style farm gate! It will be very much like the one that we had in Australia. We really like them. They have good memories for us.

And so we haven't seen anything like them anywhere here in Russia, or for sale here in Russia. I think it just must be unique to places like Australia. If you remember in our videos when we did the fencing, we built just a  small gate - what we call a stock gate. And that's just five wires that run across. And it's just there to stop animals but it's not all that secure. So this gate will be made out  of metal and we're going to put some mesh on it like this.

You'll see how it all comes together. We'll keep you informed as we go along.   And Joash and I going to see if we  can get it all finished today, in one day. All right. So we have sketched out  a little plan. Hopefully something comes up there.  

It is just very basic. We're just working from our memory of designs that we've seen before. We should be able to put up a little picture of something that would be similar to ours. Our gate will be a little bit different. We're going to do a slightly different  design because we've got different materials. But it'll be very close to the same. And let's get started. We have to get the metal off the truck. We have a little table to work on. And then we're going to start cutting it all up, ready to go. Okay! Now I have a question for my Russian viewers.

This is what we call black steel. So it's just non-treated straight Ferris material. But we haven't been able to find what we call galvanized material - galvanized pipe - galvanized square tube. Most of the the steel supply places, and these are the bigger steel suppliers, that we've seen in the area only stock the black steel.

So if you're a Russian and you know where you can buy galvanized steel, or what sort of stores sell it, just let us know in the comments or send us an email. And we're just curious to find out about it, because obviously  galvanized means you don't have to paint it all.   You can just leave it raw. So if you know, let us know. That' be great! Here we are, measuring and cutting  for our 45 degree angle on the corners of the gate!   To make sure that they're even on each other. Yes. Now we going to try and flatten the bar at the end, so it sort of pinches flat and  we will be able to use it to weld to the bar easier, without having to cut a loop in it, because we don't have those tools. Yes. So, I don't have a really big Builder Square just yet, so we are using the 3, 4, 5, technique. Pythagurus' theory!

And that would give us a nice square  edge. And then both of these beams are parallel. So that will make the other end  square at the same time. Yes! It needs to come in a lot! In a lot. Double check! 16 Yes! That's good! It's going to be so nice, one day when we've got a big Workshop to work in - not such tiny little spots, trying to fit all in, and have a level  floor to work off. But we work with what we have!

All right. You can see, it's starting to  come together! We're just putting these   final couple of braces in along the top, to help it act like a little truss. It adds some support to the whole  gate, to the full width of the opening. And next, we're going to put this mesh on it. That is so animals can't get through it. To stop dogs, small animals and big animals too. Okay! So we're going to make up a lock for the gate, which will be like a slide bolt that slides across.    And this is going to slide through here! It holds nicely.

And I'll cut this and then put a  'T" join on it. And then it'll just slide up backwards and forwards through there. But you'll see what happens, when I do it in a second. All right! So you can see the slide goes through like that. That'll be there, and then I will just put a 'T' join, or a handle off here! And it'll come up through there and then out again. When you want to unlock it, you flip it up and go back.

And just drill a hole! Yes! All right. So we're just welding the latch on the gate! It is definitely not going to come off! No! All right! We have the gate all loaded on top of the truck! It's up high. It's all ready to go! And tomorrow, when we head out  to our land, we will install it! All right! We're out on the farm now! The gate is on the top of the truck! We are at the front gate here. So, as you can see, we have our farm gate, our temporary farmgate strung up here. Remember, it's just wires. We tie them to this post, run a few spacers in between to keep the lines apart,

and then we just have a lever to keep it tight. Oh, it wants to open! This is the last day for the gate, or this gate at least! This gate worked well for a farm  gate but for your main front gate, it is better to have something more sturdy! Okay! It's been a good gate! Undoing all of my hard work! Oh, we put this one in with a screw, Okay! We might have to unscrew it a bit! Yes! It's in very tight! There we go, we have leverage! Good old leverage! There we go! One gate is disattached! Now we have to dig out some snow, and work how high we're going to mount it. All right! Now that's a drill bit! It'll be tough on the drill, but we'll see how it goes! It should be good! What? You can see ......... Yes! We have come in and marked the gate! You'll see from the footage, that we checked the gate. We put the gate across the actual opening this way first, and checked it.

We want it to swing both in and out. So our highest point is at the back here, towards where the house is. So we have to make sure it clears this point here, so that we can swing in. And we set that height up there, and we put a level across the top and that gave us our mark down the bottom here, which you'll see!   That gave us our level mark here, and then we transfered up to the top mark, which is here.   And then, of course, we put the level on it to get our two level marks. And now we're ready to actually drill through the post! It'll be interesting to drill through the post, because I presume that the post is frozen! We will see how hard it'll be to get through the post! The battery is low on power.

It is not powerful enough! It's not working! Uh, oh! It's not going to do it! Either the battery is not going  to do it or .... Let's try another drill! Yes! The wood chips smell beautiful! It actually smells a little bit like a banya or a sauna,   because the heat from the drill bit is making the wood chips warm. So it smells like when you go into a banya or a sauna. It's really nice! Okay, hopefully the top one's a little bit easier! It's a bit taller and we can stand up. We will let the drill rest a little bit! Yes! All right! So, we have both holes drilled through! You can see we have got one at the top and one down the bottom! Now these are 18 mm threads, and that's a 18 mm drill bit, that we drilled it with.  So it's nice and tight, which is great but it will be tight! So we're going to use a bit of an oldfashioned method, but in the old days we would have used soap.   But we're going to use a bit of WD40, to see if we can help make it a little bit more slippery! Okay guys! We've got it mostly wound in and we've got it to a nice distance.

I'll show you, over on this side. So, here we have the latch. You can see that it's just a nice gap there! And then ... drill a hole ... put it inside to lock it ... Now, we just have to double check to make sure that it is level. Yes! So that it looks good and swings properly. It looks pretty good to me! It's looks like it is even there, on that one. It can maybe go up a fraction. Up a little bit? Yes, we'll go up a little bit and then that'll be perfect! Yes! Up just a fraction! All right! And the final adjustment on the inside, so we can pull it in a little bit.

Yes! Are we there yet! A little bit more. I don't want to go too close in. Well that is nearly spot on! I think we'll call that done! Yes. Now tighten them up! Do that one hand tight and then snug on that side. We will finish it when we have some full batteries again, later on. All of our batteries are empty, after today's work.

 We'll come back and trim these down. There we go! Looking good! Do we want to actually open it? Let's open it to see how it goes! All right! Yes, that's sits level on the ground, which is perfect! Then your gate doesn't hang. It takes the pressure off your post. Because it's not too bad this way, but once you start putting pressure this way on your post, it gets a bit harder.

And make sure you clear your snow! Yes! Once Springs is here, and we get the tractor going, we will just relevel the driveway and it will be perfect. And the nice part about it is that you've always got lots of adjustment. You just move it in and out with both of these things. So it's easy to move it up and down where ever you need it to be.

All right! We made the mark! We will have to work this out a bit. Yes! A special maneuver called 'Rigging'.... when we don't have a drill bit big enough! Lets see if it works! Yes! Well .. it's in the right spot! It just  needs to be a bit bigger! A bit bigger or a bit deeper? Both! Both. All right! Here we go! It is all drilled out! There we go! So now it's locked and it stands still! There we go! An Australian farm gate here in Russia! All right! Well, we hope you guys enjoyed this little sidetrack from the cabin build.

We had some waiting time, so we decided to do this and get it done! If you liked this video, you may like this one up here as well! Don't forget Legends like the video as well! We hope you guys are having a great day, and we'll catch you on the next one!

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