Audi Think Faster: Episode 6 featuring Liza Koshy

Audi Think Faster: Episode 6 featuring Liza Koshy

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Welcome. Everybody to the sixth episode of, think. Faster, the world's fastest, AMA brought to you by Audi and reddit, I am Sal Masekela, and this is the, 2019. Rs5. 444. Plus horsepower of, joy. If this is your first time watching our show, congratulations. If you watched earlier episode, number five David. Chang blew, our minds we found out that he would literally eat Guy Fieri if he got the chance this. Is an incredible show for a few reasons well, we take really. Really really famous people, and we put them in a situation where, they're being hurled around the legendary, track of Willow Springs at speeds, in excess of 120. Miles, an hour and we try and get the truth from them, our guest, in episode 6 she's amazing her. Name is Liza and she's, as funny as can, humanly be she is self-made. She, is brilliant and she, likes to bring the, ha ha but, will. Liza be able to stand the ha ha today or will it be ha, ha we'll. Find out with Liza Koshi next, on think bastard. There. She is, world. The princess, of puns, Virginia. Gabriela. Liza. Cousine. The. Pride of Houston. The. Little brown girl little, brown girl off-brand. Beyonce, yes there, we go it is an absolute, pleasure and honor to have you oh baby, it is an honor to be here with this 2019. Yeah sure yeah the future the future is bright um you, you're really really funny you're, brilliant, I've, seen a lot of your work this. Is not the 99-cent store this. Is not Target, else, is not IKEA, there's more money here this is the legendary, Willow, Springs there's, nine turns, of passion. And joy, and we're gonna see what happens when we put a little little, fear and excitement in you if you can still be as funny haha and bring the truth Oh we'll see you baby I'm sweaty. I'm ready, sweaty and ready yeah this feels absorbent, so I think we should be good I think you're gonna live we got it all right you want to step inside it's, time please let's, go all right. She. Is gorgeous it's really nice and foamy yeah well, play. Your. Driver. You. Want put on your seat belt No Oh first. Things first, safety, first baby. Got. The new car do. You how's that new car smell I'm, about to ruin it man. Praying. For you in there I'm, afraid for you right here you want to take you want to take your sign up and hold it up there that just proves to us that you are the real deal and not, some discount, tire, Liza Koshi all right as. We, get you up to the start line a, couple. Of things to think about if at any point Liza, you are just like I don't, know what this is but I don't want it to be anymore you. Can say hey I want to come to the pit slow down or if, you just want a little bit slower just, go thumbs down and Angie. Will slow it down for you but I trust that you, you're, gonna let him give it all he's got I got this are you ready we're. Gonna have so much fun right now. Throw. My green flag here we go in three, two one. All right Liza first. Question. If. Your if your life was. A movie, what, movie would it be oh snap. Life of Pi but the girl Indian, version what's up. Does. This guy even exist, or is it just a blue blanket that changes, colors and keeps us warm. I. Think. This. Guy has a blanket, I had a blanket at Coachella. Your. Face right now is all, time, as you get acquainted with that window, you're. Gonna climb up really, high and then you're gonna you're about to do this beautiful slide, down through two turns it's gonna feel it's gonna feel new. Randy. Man Club says I heard you're hosting double dare with Marc summers what's, the good what's, the good word. I'm. Doing, it baby so I'm ready for the actual show it's gonna be real fun did, you actually watch when you were growing up I watch. The rerun. I'm. A little young so I'm a little brownies, girl, right so I watch the reruns with my sisters but I'm excited to bring it back it's gonna be real fun to reboot I thought it was so cool that. They have Marc summers with you eating, the promos if, people if people, came with warning signs what, would yours say, if. People came with warnings on yeah. Caution. Content, may explode but. Hey my contents on the internet so what. Something's. Exploding over there. Twenty-eight. Miles an hour hundred twenty-nine miles an hour for the world's fastest. Person to get to ten million followers. Subscribers. On YouTube. Have. You come out of turn one looking. Like you're in the spaceship. Would you rather become, invisible for ten seconds, every time you burp or, burp, every time you meet someone new. Muskrat. Our main wants to know if you met my parents who. Still don't understand, the internet how would you describe what you do and who you are oh. Man. I would, say I took the voices inside my head put. A mustache on them and made. Them characters, on my youtube channel it's. Kind of just like insanity put, online that's. What I would say. That. Is really really cool Oh. Next.

Question What inspired you to make the character, jet. Snorkel. What. Inspired you to make the character, jet Oh. Coming. Good in a bowl cut and, a. Mustache, and honestly. He's kind of like the little part of me that's. How, about how, about a little, bit can we get a little bit of jet right now during the straightaway. That. Was a little like Jeff, from the streets Jeff but we'll take him - well. Played. Come. On, Gucci. Cauliflower, wants to know who. Did you sit with at the Met Gala dinner and who did you enjoy interviewing. The most no, I see I don't want to like name, dinner. Cole. Sprouse they, were I mean there's such sweet. Kind of people so it was really fun to like sit down need dinner with them I go, faster tea oh. She. Wants to go faster gee you. Know what to do let's. Go if, you were arrested, for something what. Would your family immediately, assume, you did speeding. No. I'm just kidding let, me think if. I was arrested for something. Losing. My mind in like a grocery. Store or something like that but I haven't been arrested yet so I'm gonna keep doing it, well, you have been kicked out of plenty. Of places I saw you get kicked out I saw you get kicked out of Ikea that was impressive. It'll. Let me and I look too young but. IKEA. Yeah I've been kicked out of many ideas for like rolling on the floor. And. Doing, weird, stuff in there man, it's, fine I'm I'm always coming back coming back for nice, as. You make your way through the, pit in. Just, a moment here. Doing. The the best body contortions, we've ever seen on the show if. You were to choose one item of clothing to wear all the time even, when swimming and you could not take it off what, would it be one. Item of clothing when swimming like one item of clothing that you have to wear all the time and you can never take it off even, when swimming, right. Now that's. It you would just be in this suit for life I'm, swimming inside it right now. We. Could bottle up that fragrance. Come on over and say hi to me. I'll. See you soon G good. Next. Time one of my favorite things that I watched with you it was you and your mom a few weeks ago when. She was telling you about what different names you would be when she was like. Gabrielle. And Valerie and Virginia. Virginia Virginia. That. Was amazing you guys have a beautiful. Thing thank, you. She. Killed it and your anonymous pops, we. Have some. Video questions, right now from, some fans. Let's. Take a look what they have to say hey, Liza I'm a huge fan my name is Andrea and I was wondering if you come up with your jokes on the spot or do you write them advance it's, a great place oh girl, okay well I'm learning, to think faster, what's that plug but, I do write a lot I do script, a lot of my my. Content just to ensure that you know you've got some good quality stuff in there so, but, a lot of its it's, like corny dad jokes I love writing those like they're just silly and you, got to think you got to think wordplay and stuff like that but a lot of it is improv especially, in stores yeah, that stuff you do with the signs in IKEA is led, with the labels is that's, that's next-level, genius, I speak a different language I, speak Swedish, apparently it's. Really really dope how old when you first started writing jokes, ah, man. I mean I started YouTube when I was 19 right yeah, I. Don't. Think I'm too, good at writing them but man I try to keep writing them as much as I can keep telling yourself that 14. Million people think otherwise. Next, question, hey. Liza I want to know who your favorite rapper, is to impersonate.

I. Know. Cardi, I see, you and I'm like this mini card is right here. So. Bad, so, bad she's gonna sue me for that watch though she got I know she'll be happy she's pregnant right now she's, in too, much bliss what, up what up what about the Busta Rhymes though oh, you. Know how I feel, you're ready for this yes I'm ready. Cuz. I'm feeling like I'm like, I gotta get away get away get away but I know that I don't want to stop cuz you know we gotta win every day they go, and. Then that's when I stopped memorizing, on the lyrics calm yeah, well, played thank you I think you'd be impressed have you ever met him but. You guys next to each other would be like well they're the same species he's giant. What. Oh me, next to anybody it's a little baby I don't know how they make I can't wait til you and Carly do a thing, together it's gonna happen I hope so, next, question. Hey. Liza with big fans you have a question for you would you rather give a baby or give up the Internet we love you. Give. A baby would you rather give, up bathing, or give up the Internet. No I gave up bathing, a long time ago sorry that's no big deal I'm gonna stick with the Internet yeah, man it's working out but bathe, in the funk it breeds success. I need you to wrap my jokes for me you got some time after this I got you okay we'll connect up you think a lot faster no that's not true. You you killed that by the way I'm sure your fans are very happy they're watching right now thank, you guys thank you for asking questions it's so sweet how about if we put, you in the driver seat and you get to drive that's, the rs5, I was waiting for you here for that I'm here for you ready you're here for all of that yeah jump on in geez already put himself in, the passenger, seat let's, go stroll like you mean it I'm about to stay in the seat man so I don't return the car let's, go that's really, what we call thinking fast. Seat. Belt of course and then, make. Sure that you see feels. Nice. And snug. Get, yourself positioned, in, a, way that feels comfortable and I. Will, recommend, holding, the steering wheel at 3 and 9. You. Just aged me there, you go okay. Are, you ready whenever you want foot, on the back ow oh. Snap. You don't trust me with a lot right now oh. Oh. All, you the tracks hot and it's all yours. I'm. Getting a new car after this let's, go alright as, as, you take yourself through through, legendary, Willow Springs what, do you think your parallel twin is doing right now in, the other universe also, what.

Would Her life be like um. She. Would, be her mom is, Indian, her dad is right and, she. Is an accountant. She's in the county yeah she's doing well for herself though she's doing it she's still real cute. Yeah. She. Actually might be cuter a little smarter to. Tranquility. Wants to know if you, if you, could know the complete, and total truth to one question, what. Question would you ask this, is deep. What. Is the. Bigger. She. Kirby ho-oh. The meaning of life I've, heard at 7:00 or, like the answer to life is 7:00 I just want to know what that means I just want to get through those pearly gates and ask, why 7:00 why. Not, all. Right but. Not yet though, yeah. Still. More to do I mean we'll see she might go I don't know. You. Don't tap out on me now okay. Pookie, number one wants to know what, was your favorite part of interviewing. President. Obama uh. Shut. Park for this one man, he, is just a brilliant, being he's you. Know how you imagine, like a celebrity walking in and, just having a complete halo around him he. Did he, bid Michelle. Lucky. Girl, well he's just uh he's, just a, great. Person a great person, was he familiar with your work he. Had seen my videos no yes, yeah no, yeah that's what I said - I was like sorry president. Some. Of my videos I was very grateful - I can't. Believe it that's so cool good. Hello Liza I'm, very familiar with your videos wanna. Keep doing what you're doing it's great Barry is that you baby, I'm here sales, job. Every. Woman wants to know is any creative, ways to talk to new people but. Maybe if you're a shy person. Any. Creative ways to talk to new people I would, say all. Right you need to you. Need to hit the gas right now this is a straightaway this is your time to shine. 90. Miles an hour. On. Top of my hairy mustache. If. You had if you had to live in another time period what, would it be and why. Oh the. 90s but I feel like I'm living in and again man bringing, it back when, we plug that double dare one more time well. Played nice. What. Piece of entertainment do, you wish you could erase from your mind so that you two could, experience, it for the first time again. That's. An amazing, question that, is such a good question hold, on one second I got a kook. I. Think, it has to be you you. Could. Be. Black. Panther, man that, was such a good movie and I wanted to go see it again. They. Had a lot, of time to make that that was what three hours. Kind. Of forever. What's your right now but 10 and 3 to 10 to 3 what, what's your what's your biggest, fear. Biggest. Fear yeah, spiders. Really, and, I've been around before, but. Yeah spiders are probably. The smallest. Little creatures feeders. But, um definitely. Scary. Why they have so many legs, arachnophobia. What, has been your favorite video. To film on your YouTube channel what, is your favorite video on your blog or main channel. If. You're not a fan of your work how do you want other people to be I know no I'm one of those people that likes my own pictures on Instagram oh, that's that's extra. Probably. I think driving with Liza and I think it's at a whole new level right now so, nice. Yeah. Then that and now look at you, we're driving with Liza. Hi. I live in h-town now, how, did you ever deal with the flying cockroaches. They're so needy and gross. You. Just got a you, got a run girl because though those take flight they're nasty it's. Okay you from h-town you're gonna hold it down you got this. It. Was amazing. Can. You believe that you that you went you pushed, it over a hundred miles an hour, yo, I can't have you ever have you ever been that fast before I've, never moved, that fast before I think my brain was. I. Might, have thought a little bit slower we. Good though. We. Did that oh sorry I closed the door, oh. We're. Back you. Close the door on gee that was amazing. Forget. All the work you've done. All. Right strap back in there we're gonna do two more laps of the energy how much fun are you having by the way. Again. How much fun are you having so. Much fun this is so cool I'm forgetting, all the other brand names of the cars. All. Right we're. Gonna do two more laps this this next lap you'll be going real fast again, with G obviously, and I'm I'll ask you some more in-depth questions from your fans here, and read it and then, the final lap is, going to be a rapid fire we're. Going to take you as fast as we can and you're just going to be giving me like one-word answers to get as many questions as possible.

Okay. Wait let's go you ready G good, to go let's go baby all right G go ahead and hit it. I've. Never gotten the roller coaster. Forget. Me nap we're. Helping you've been live your best childhood. Because you were vertically, challenged, at amusement, parks that's. Amazing. Wow. Nickey, hunted 329 wants to know what's something everyone, looks dumb doing, Oh dad, I think I'm losing you I think I'm about to turn this into a one-woman show, what's. Something, dumb, what's. Something that everyone looks dumb doing. Doing. Yeah holding in a fart. Doing. It right now. We're, good. Everyone, does that one I too right, yeah, it just falls down no. How. In the world how in the world does Mount Everest have snow on top of it if the clouds are below, it I'm so confused. How. Is it that Mount Everest, has snow, on top of it if the clouds are below, it. Liza. Can. You hear me. Okay. How, long does it take you to change characters. In each video, change. Characters, you know I'm, a little a DD it would take the normal you in like 15, minutes. You're, 80 days again. I. Love it. What is your favorite, dance move. Show. It show. It in the car right now if you can like chair dance us. Get. It. Alright, um are you ready for the speed round. No. This is the speed round that. Was the intro that was the appetizer into, the speed round this is the speed round. Alright. We're. Gonna put you through a little. Launch control right now which is gonna kind of feel like you, mean shot out of a cannon if you will and you, see and you just, gotta answer the. Questions as fast as you can because your goal is to get as many answers as you, can in. One lap let's. Go ready got this G, are you ready here we go 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. If. Two vegans, are fighting, is it still considered beat. Would. You rather be a llama or a giraffe. Would. You rather be in saw or, Nightmare, on Elm Street. Wow. Go. G are, you are you a woman. What. Movie, would be greatly improved if, it was made into a musical.

Johnny. Or Laurel. What's. The best what's. The best type of cheese. How. Much money have, you spent the dollar store up until today. White. Milk, or dark chocolate. White. Milk, or dark chocolate. Liza. Why are you doing this why. Am i doing this yes. Why. Yes. I don't know what. Type of sandwich Jesus, is the best thing I've ever had. Fast. Men you're very well played what type of sandwich do you most identify with. What. Type of sandwich, do you most identify with. Oh. Wait. Whole. Wheat sandwich. Sandwich. Right yes oh, just. Just the buns just the whole we want. One more. Can. I be the last question. No. More. Here, one more question here if you were a chicken wing and we're. About to be eaten would, you rather be baked chicken or fried chicken. Give. Me that crunch crime hey give. Me that crunch crunch oh. My, you had I'm in love you're. In love with. G of the car. Out. Of it yeah. You. Don't want to get out that's the best I don't want to get out there and the best thing I got a permanent wedgie. Yo. That's, a lot of fabric in there oh, sorry. We. Did that we did you did that I just, I, was just there to be the voice of your peoples, boys. The God but that was so fun, you, answered, 39 questions. 14. In the speed round and your top speed was. 129. What. G. G, that's a G we did that you, said but, I did it 129. Miles an hour that's that's, crazy, yeah no you absolutely, crushed it and I have to say on. Behalf of the rest of the planet, I feel, so lucky that we got to do this with you now, because. For where you are going with. Your talent, it is going to be really, amazing to watch him here and everyone's gonna be like I remember, her SR. Unthank bastard, now. Now, look at her winning all those things and I'm, gonna be going places in, my, outie right. But. Thank you that means that means the most and thank you everybody for asking those questions -, that was that. Was so fun I've never I'm not gonna do another interview that's, gonna be all this fun right you should just do no more interviews it's like if it's not like this I'm I can't get down to it nah you gotta get the Beyonce, you gotta get the Queen. Come. On beam come. On, little. Age can do it big age can do it you, you you heard her. Thank. You so much you're, amazing that was amazing like a force of nature that was a force and, maybe you might have to come back kara yeah, all right next I was yeah recurring, yes maybe in the car yeah I'll Drive you necks are all right that's, what's up let's. Go head. This way take the walk of victory. Liza. Koshi she's, definitely like what we would call a one-of-one. Follow. Her on one of her two, incredible. YouTube. Channels Liza Koshi and Liza Koshi - as in t oh oh, she's, she's a force of nature like truly truly incredible and that is a wrap friends, on this episode, episode 6, of think, faster, I am saw massive Kayla from Willow Springs we. Did this see. You next time.

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8:56 Liza cursed and said "Aw sh@t"

When Audi uses Liza for clickbait

She does look like a mini Cardi :))

Liza looked so cute in that outfit!

Love Liza!

she wants to go faster g, u know what to do. mph going downey. 8:02


She’s so cuteeeeeeee oml ❤️❤️

right! Im surprised she didn't fall over

I only came here bc of Liza. Who else

It would be better in a Audi R8 GT

She’s so precious.

She just broke up with David dobrik

I'm crying

To think David and Liza were already broken up when this was streamed

guessing she also broke up with tesla too......

If only she had tits

Put her in there once more she looked like a baby plastered on to the wall of the knight bus All giddy and smiling

25 and not 7? 2 + 5 = 7


Who’s watching this after the break up?

She’s a lady ...whoa ..whoa

I love Audi it is a safe car. ♥️

Is that David in the Red Suit ? Hmmm

Me too ! Cardi B & Liza Koshy. . David would love to be in the back seat filming . ♥️


liza isn’t funny


Liza doing it big!

Liza. You messed up. Please. Get. Back. To. Your. Self.

Who else saw the meme before this

watching after the knowledge of the break up.

She looks high

She looks so cute but she low-key looks high lmao

Sadly David and Liza broke up☹️

Can’t believe that David and Liza Broke up

2019 car? Tf? It's only 2018

David's tesla is literally faster

CoinCoi AJ so they break up and he no longer has a tesla? I'm just saying shes used to faster cars.

Doesn’t matter because he and Liza broke up

I’ve been 100 mph on the interstate.

my little sister does that one eye It scares meh lmao

Aw she looks like a 12 year old

My dad used to have an audi RS4 snd he constantly drove over 100mph

G is so done with liza's shit rofl

Best video ever. Cars & Liza!


That was the first time I heard Liza say he**

she sound so high she be smoking but funny af

1:37 oh my goodness that looks like my dog

This is the only reason I watched racing!!

Next time it'll be Jet HAHAHA and he'll just answer "I'm jet"

omfg.... was she high

She's looks like a baby flopping around

I think shes pretty funny, but I had to unsubscribe from her channel. It's like she tries too hard, but I like her, she's very talented. She deserves all that comes her way.

Haha when he says were making our way to the pit she sniffs her pit

She looks super high

Now we know why she and David broke up...


Briana Romero they seem to be. She seemed so broken up by it. I hope they get back together soon.

They're clearly still in love. They've just gotta manage their time.

Me either

Jane Meneses right!

I actually cried a bit when I watched it.

Me too Crying 2 times

Jane Meneses Whaaat...

6:55 she's so cute

Crishelle Calixtro David can do it anytime he wants. He has a Tesla for Pete's sake

Omg I’m fucking crying she’s high afffff bruh

Before not now

Squawks S. No she is single

Mariah P david

Is it bad that I wanna know what G looks like

Her and g should be friends

rad hahaha

Is Liza trying too hard lately?

What a cute human being!

Pretty jealous of that $2,000 race suit she was wearing.

She looks like a knock off Cardi B.

Coming here from the recommendation of The break up...

Am I the only one who noticed her eyes are blue? They're normally brown.

loved every second of this! With Liza, she never fails! Love her humor

im looking for markiplier and jack and pewdie

This is my 1st time here

Anyone know who "G" is??

Liza is so much smaller than I thought, it’s adorable

I thought they said “Think Bastard” and also Hugh Masekela. Sal MASEKELA. Is it a coincidence or are you his sOn

am I the only one thinking 100mph isn't that fast? Like I lie in germany and we all do that on a daily basis lmao

its on my birthday

Um the dudes ackward dont ya think?

She looks stoned

120 miles per hour? germans are laughing :D

u should get iisuperwomanii

I always say "That's what's up"

Trying to see her not be funny since looking back at the date she and David were over. Love them together. Love them individually!!

Great job to the interviewer for his genuine enthusiasm for the guest (Liza) and Audi for doing this video. This just made me love Audi more and want one as my first car ^_^

how many are here cause of Liza??

Not really though. Breakup was a while ago fam.

Steven Zimmerman and David cried too it was so sad

Rose precious I did too

Jane Meneses same.

There is no way that guy is a professional driver. What the hell did i just watch a old man driving a Prius? That so called professional driver is a disgrace to race car drivers around the world....

Fake the RS5 didn’t even tailgate anyone.. 100% fake

She's extra. Extra annoying.

how many of u wanted to see G's face?

I bet she's a lil bit high

I would totally watch another audi video with Liza, G, and Beyonce r u kidding me yes

She looks high asf....

Liza you everwhere gurl, i cant get enough

That fist bump at the end killed me!! LMAO

"I'm in love" W I T H. D A V I D. P L E A S E


lol that track is a interesting shape

"Yanny or Lauren" SCISSORS!!

But who’s that driver?

Liza looks like a 12year old in that suit she’s so short but so adorable love u Liza



Is it just me or does the host sound like Gene or Ein from Aphmau????? Only at certain times though

I don't follow her channel but I did some videos and I didn't realize she was this tiny. Or is this guy a giant or something?

“That’s my favourite radio station”

this is why they broke up lmfao she is actually cringe

how tall is she...

Needs a Audi R8 next time with her

Liza needs a faster car!

Lisa looks like card b in helmet

My question did not make it to this cutie :(


Just take your celebrities through India in a cab .. Indian drivers thinks nothing ,but drive faster than this audi ,that too in regular traffic .You can see more reactions in your celebrities face XD

yesssss hahahaha

*i would SO love to test drive one of these cars on that or any track. that would be totally awesome and i certainly wouldn't be going no 50 -60 mph i promise. give me an S6 RS7 or a V10 R8 and i'll put you on a show* !

Is it just me that’s getting a weird vibe of the guy interviewing her ?

pause at anytime and you can make a meme out of her expressions

sal will always be the greatest interviewer of all time! keeps it loose and knows his guests

G had glasses on under his helmet it lol

Where are those at im used to digital clocks xD

Give the girl some harnesses for gods sake!

Her smile when he said youre going to be going real fast with "G"

she seems so high... Its so cute! ;D

Omg Liza's gone high, lol, she's so tiny

I bet she was high.

“From pookienumber1” Liza- Aww pookie Am I the only one who heard that?

Virginia gabriela elizabeth koshy Not sure

She’s high asf lmao

Let’s get Liza on SNL

Awwww I love how Liza is so up for whatever challenges is given to her. Her optimism gives me life❤️

Oh my god she is amazing

She looks like The Great Gazoo from The Flinstones

Ive been living under a rock.... or do i know the cars better than this so called famous ppl

Do all Americans prononce 'Gouda' like that? Because that's not how it's pronounced in Dutch lol

She kept calling him 'baby'... uh okay

Driving with Liza just got a glo up


6 months ago, they're still friends

meaning of life is 42 if anyone gets that you are awesome lol

OK let's be honest. They're not actually "really really really famous people"

1:12 when my mom hit me like crazy......... love you mom XD

6:56 liza is mood (:


6:05 that's what depression looks like

She says I am going places in my Audi she technically does drive an Audi a baby Audi (VW). And she is the shit my love sent with love

Holy shit when she was driving there was quite some reving niceeeeeeeeeeeee

I was wondering why she didn’t say “I have a boyfriend.” like how she always does around 3:10 but now I understand. ):

What did he just sound @22:16??

first time(i think) watching a long-ass video without getting bored

Liza is awesome. The speed of her brain is mind blowing!

Liza’s... Cheeks

7 because they are only 7 billion people in the world (that’s what google said)

Am I the only one who thought it was Cardi B at first with no makeup

Liza looks high the whole time

That snort yessssssas

I think that the guy in the car with her likes her...............I THINK

I’m crying laughing

The track looks like a..... So cool!

I'm only here for liza

Liza? yes suddenly i want an Audi

I wanna drive that car soooo bad!!!!

was she high

Legit just watched because of Liza

Fastest person to get to 10 million subs...Jordan Maron.

Liza ❤️

Liza Koshy is bae

why she tryna be Cardi B?

Liza is definitely high lol

She for real fighting the g forces


i can tell that the host is a real liza fan aww


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