attention simmers: we're getting a new life sim game!!!

attention simmers: we're getting a new life sim game!!!

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There's this new life simulation game  being worked on called Life By You and   anytime there is any news about any sort  of life sim, you know I get really excited. I just really love games like this and I am  so desperate to have more of them to play. So when I first heard about Life By You a couple   weeks ago there was just like  this tiny little teaser clip. I made an entire video on the teaser so I  can link that down below, but now there's   an official trailer and like, more of an  official announcement out about this game. So I thought we could watch the trailer  together because I haven't seen it yet,   I've been saving it for this video, and  then we can kind of talk about what the   game's gonna be like, what my expectations  are, what excites me, what doesn't excite me   because I have seen some pictures online and  I have thoughts, okay? So we'll get into it.

So I've got the announcement trailer pulled up,  in full transparency, I have not seen anything   about this so this is gonna be like, a  real first reaction with you together. Oh, okay. Oh, that is beautiful. Open  world, that's a buzzword! Life simulator. We're doing laundry,  we're gardening, interesting. Cooking, relaxing, interesting.  There's so much to like,   watch from this so we're gonna have to come  back and like, see the whole thing together.

Oh. Some of these things look a  little bit awkward, it's cool though. Obviously you can romance  people. Investigating trove. Oh, is that skateboarding? By the way, sorry if I overshare a little. Okay, so conversations, shopping. Okay,   we're advancing through jobs and careers,  I need to watch this whole thing back.

I feel like there's too many things on the screen. I don't know, I don't even  know where to begin with this. Okay, color wheel, as we all  have uh, been desperate for. We've hit a couple buzzwords with  this, color wheel and everything.

Oh. Ah, I shouldn't pause, okay, we'll come back. Whenever I see a thing like this, I'm like,  I can't just watch this right now and react,   I need to like, come back and revisit it. I need to revisit the CAS stuff so I can see. I   don't know if it's called  CAS, CAS is a Sims thing. Character creation. There's some  pretty interesting build tools  

they showed off in that first teaser too, so. Oh. Oh! Okay, there's a lot of -- oh!  They're placing lots custom completely! Oh, that's so nice. Shop creator, object  creator, mod creator, career creator,   quest creator, script creator, gameplay  creator, recipe creator, skill creator,   trait creator, crafting creator,  how many creators are in this? Okay, I'm getting a feel that this  game is about um, creating, perhaps? Oh my god, early access September  12th. That's actually soon. Okay, I wasn't expecting that, that's in like,  six months. I thought this game was like,   way far away, so I'm really,  really surprised by that I think.

It looks like there's a pre-order exclusive  as well with these paintings and a scooter. They used to have one of these in The Sims 3  and I was obsessed with it so that's intriguing. Wow, okay, where do we even begin? I feel like  I kind of want to watch the trailer back a   little bit and like, pause on stuff so that  we can chat about what's standing out to me. This, by the way, is beautiful.  The world looks stunning. Sometimes when I look at a lot of  these like, next gen sort of games,   not even just life sims, sometimes I think  the graphics are like, a little bit, um...

I don't want to call them ugly because it's mean  and like, that's an extreme way of describing it. I just don't really like the look of them  sometimes. I think that part of what it is is that   they're trying to be like, super realistic and  that makes it feel a little bit uncanny almost. And then I also always get nervous that like,   what is a super realistic graphic in  2023 is gonna be horrible in like, 2030.

I feel that way about The Sims 3 as well  and I love The Sims 3, that is like,   one of my favorite games of all time,  but the graphics did not age very well. So when I look at things like this I'm like,  oh no, you know? I get a little bit nervous. It is pretty though, it is pretty though.

So this is probably the first most  important thing is open world. Any of you who play The Sims 4 are  probably familiar with this term. Uh, and that's because we don't have one. That's like, one of the major criticisms  of The Sims 4 is that it isn't open world,   like there's loading screens in between lots. So when they're saying open world, I'm assuming  it's gonna be like, one big vast open space that   you can travel between and stuff, sort of more  similar to The Sims 3 if you've played that game. So that's really exciting and I'm not  surprised they started with that because   that is like again, a buzzword that that  sort of catches a lot of our attentions.

Hilarious how they said open  world and then life simulator,   but they kind of showed off what  looked like a lot of things. They showed off a few life type of things in the  trailer too, I'm kind of intrigued by this UI. This is the thing, this is like, super early.

And the game's gonna come out  in early access in six months,   but what that means is they're gonna  like, let people play it while it's   not finished so that there can be a  lot of player input on the final game. So things like the UI, some of this stuff   that might seem a little bit  clunky, will probably change. I'm not obsessed with this though, like  I'm not staring at this and thinking like   this is the most beautiful thing ever,  like it probably could use cleaning up. I do like this like, progress bar on the task,   I'm also kind of interested in all  these new items, I'm like, looking   at the washing machine and I'm looking at all  these things, kind of staring at the new stuff. Wondering a little bit about scale because  somehow this sink feels a bit small,   but we'll see, maybe it's just the angle.

I was obsessed with this too, like the  gardening. They kind of showed off a   few skills it looks like, how this Sim is cooking. I don't know if you call it a Sim,   it's a different game. They're  a Life By You, I don't know. It's like how in Paralives they're called Paras,  I just use like, Sims talk, like create a Sim,   CAS, Sim, but I don't know what the  people will be called, but you know. There's an XP thing and a money thing up  here, I was curious in the teaser because   I saw they had like, five hundred thousand  dollars and that seemed really high to me,   but it's interesting because  in these life sims like,   I wonder what the pricing will be, like  what the in-game currency will be like.

I am always so fascinated by that,  it's why I talk so much about like,   the toilet paper in The Sims 4 being 50  simoleons because like, some things in   The Sims 4 are super realistically priced, and  then other things are just like, so out there,   so I'm really intrigued by like, how much stuff  is gonna cost and how they're gonna set that up. They might have just done a bunch of  money cheats though, so who knows? Who knows? Behind my face cam, this Sim  got plus 11 joy which is interesting. We can also see the date down here, Monday,  June 2nd so it's like, very realistic as   opposed to The Sims 4 where it's just like, you  know, day one of spring if you have Seasons. Otherwise there is no date system really.  With them doing like, specific days,   I wonder how long the days are gonna last  and like, how the aging will work as well.

I think that like, having sort of non-specific  days works better in The Sims because like,   the time schedule isn't very realistic because  you're a baby for what, like three days, you know? So with them doing this, I'm wondering  like, how long is a day gonna last? How long is a year gonna last? Does  that actually matter? I'm just curious. This is kind of interesting too,  it says Rissa Smith, roommate,   has crush on you, so there's  like, two labels for the Sim. It also says that she's drinking tap water and  then it says foodie, which maybe is like a trait? There's also been a couple pop-ups that seem like   maybe some sort of social  media system, I'm guessing? Here we can see some Sims romancing each other,  there's like some kissing and holding hands.

I'm definitely feeling a little bit like  these animations are kind of awkward,   like this to me -- hold on. That proposal didn't seem that  romantic. I want some like,   more life put into it, but  hopefully that'll be changed. This is interesting too, like the exploring by  the beach, they're like, on that open water. We've got this Sim over here riding  a skateboard and there's also like,   cars and buses and stuff on  the road, so that's promising.

These conversations definitely  seem deeper too, like the way that   the people are talking to me is more than  just like, you know, tell joke, high five. So that's intriguing as well. This shopping  feature, I'm wondering if you have to like,   actually buy clothes as opposed to just  having like, a full catalog available to you. And then also this part intrigues  me because it says advance through   jobs and careers and it looks like  Rissa is like, at work in an office,   so I'm wondering if you like, physically  go with them even to like, an office job.

So that's kind of cool. She doesn't  seem very happy, she looks stressed. Also we can see the needs bar down  here, this is really interesting. Rest, food, toilet, fun,  drink, social, and hygiene. So they actually have like  a thirst need in this game. This part is where I'm  getting a little bit scared. On this part it says control anyone anytime  and it starts off clicked on Chadwick and   then I just like, maybe see Cecily over here  and click on her and start controlling her,   which is interesting, but a little bit  different from any life sim that I've played.

If you can like, switch between Sims that easily,   I'm kind of wondering like, how that's  gonna work, and and what we're gonna do,   but it feels like this game has a lot  more like, overarching control as a focus. Like, it seems like, more detailed control is a  priority for them, even down to stuff like this,   like the customization obviously, we  have like, color wheels and things. This I wanted to pause and  look at a little bit more,   so I guess this is like, the character creator. Up here kind of behind the title it says  age: 33, life stage: adult, gender: woman,   man, non-binary, then you can pick who they're  attracted to, you can pick their body shape. Personality doesn't have anything written, it  just has like, the randomize button, but somehow   we're like, picking where they work and what  their home is like, from the character creator.

Maybe we're also picking like, their vehicle? I'm  kind of confused by all of these options here. We also have like, their name, we  have pronouns, there's notes here,   it says family secret, city upbringing,  wordsmith, cheerful, ambitious, cultured,   tidy, goofy, flirtatious, and genius, so I  guess those are maybe traits or something. I don't know, it's really  different from anything -- oh. Oh, I just paused on a bad spot, it  looks like the personality it does show   um, those things, I was just  paused before it got there. Anyway so uh, you can randomize it and or  maybe pick these things, I don't really know.

But you can pick personality  options there. Turbulent childhood,   technological background, wordsmith, genius,   gloomy, cultured, lazy, awkward, I'm so  interested in like, the trait situation. I'm like, fascinated by all of that.  Dramatic, fickle, lavish, green thumb,   handy, like I would love to see a whole list  of all the traits, I'm just so intrigued. Here's some more of the clothing customization,   so there's like a big bar on the side with all the  different categories and then you can set them.

I don't know, I'm not  obsessed with how this looks. It is cool how you can change the colors of  them, but I'm still struggling with the UI   a little bit and like, the textures are  not really my favorite thing I've seen. Again, it's like the realism thing, it's a little  bit uncanny, how like this jacket looks like   a -- I don't want to say it looks like a picture  of a jacket, but it looks like a picture of a   jacket on top of like, an obviously fake person,  so something just feels kind of weird about it,   but I hope that that could probably  be improved before the game comes out.

I'm also, if I'm being honest, I'm not seeing  any clothing that I'm obsessed with either,   it's not really my personal style. Um, then in the build mode, they were sort  of dragging walls which was interesting,   we can see some more of the window options  too, they kind of skipped past that quickly,   but we have like this window category,  maybe there's like, columns, stairs,   fences, furniture, I don't know, I'm really  intrigued to see more of the build mode in   this game because I'm like, such a builder,  I'm probably gonna do a lot of building. This part is probably one of the most interesting   parts of this entire trailer to me because  it looks like you can place lots yourself. So you can like beyond you know going  on the gallery and getting a house,   you can like, pick you know a 30 by 20  lot and then get that lot and then place   the lot lines down like you could  in the world editor in The Sims 3. So that's awesome because you can like, really add  to the town and like, really make it more lively. And you can see them like, rotating it  and stuff, that is so interesting to me.

I am obsessed with this, I cannot wait to play  around with that and like, really edit the world. And then they had this like, big long line of all   these different kinds of things you  can create which was interesting,   they're using a lot of words there to give us  a lot of like, hopes for stuff that we can do. It seems like everything about this  is very customizable which is cool. Customize your humans, their homes, their rides. Create custom styles, write  your own dialogue -- [GASPS] Write my own dialogue? And explore a world you've made. Live life  creatively in Life By You, an upcoming   moddable life sim from Paradox Tectonic, entering  early access on September 12th on Epic and Steam.

Be sure to pre-order Life By You now for  the exclusive Life Begins pack. Okay. If you pre-order it you get these jumpsuits  and rugs and a private Discord server. Oh, that house looks beautiful! Oh, I want to see  more of the build mode so bad, that looks so nice. These are some more screenshots  from the trailer it looks like. Oh. Oh no no, this is more  screenshots just in general. Hey, have you finished your weekly tasks yet? I swear my social life is tanked since  starting to work for the company.

What's this printer incident  people keep whispering about? Okay, oh my god, so when they said that you could  make custom conversation, they weren't kidding. It looks like you can create dialogue  options as responses to stuff. This is fascinating, like the  ability to replace all of this.  

It adds a really different level of  depth in like, the conversations. I don't know if this is something that I want to  do. Like, if this is something that I would use   in my everyday gameplay, but it's definitely  really interesting for storytelling because   you could like, really tell a story in game if  you can customize what they're actually saying. I have so many questions about  how this is gonna work. Like,   so many questions about how the  gameplay is going to be and like -- Oh my god, I want to know more so  bad. That's really interesting. Um, I can't tell what's happening here.  There's like -- are those the windows?

Are we changing the size of the windows maybe? I don't know why I just turned my  head, as if I was gonna see it better. I'm looking at a screen. I do this when  I play Animal Crossing, I'll be like,   villager hunting and I'm trying to like, see  a villager who's behind a tree so I like,   duck down as if I can see --  like, that's not how that works. You're playing a game. Okay, that's  embarrassing. Um, anyway, build mode. Here's another photo of some build stuff,   look at that lighting from the  chandelier, that's pretty cool. I love this door too, these French doors. I  could sit here and stare at these pictures  

of build mode all day and like, break down  what I'm liking and what I'm seeing about it. I think what worries me about this is  that it might be a little bit too custom. So there's this game called House  Flipper that I play a lot as well,   and that has like a super detailed  interior design type of build mode,   but I'm thinking specifically about  dining table and chair placement. In House Flipper, you don't actually play  it so you don't like, sit in the chairs,   it's more just about building because you're  like, flipping houses, but the chairs don't   slot to the table so when you like, place  a table, you have to like, essentially alt   place the chairs so it's really hard to get them  to like, line up perfectly and like, look even.

Which really bothers me. There are ways  to do it, like you know, you can do it,   but by default stuff's just kind of like,  not slotting to things which is a good thing,   but also is kind of annoying  so it's like, I don't know,   there's pros and cons, and so I'm looking  at this and wondering if it's going to be   annoying to me in that same way, but we'll  have to see because I haven't played it yet. Oh, over here it looks like we're customizing a   wallpaper with a very similar tool  to create a style in The Sims 3. So there's like, pattern picker and color picker  and stuff, you can even change the pattern scale. I'm really excited about this, but  I'm also not surprised by this.

It seems like any new game coming out right now  is gonna have to have build tools like this. They even showed stuff from  that you know, Project Rene. They showed some like, little teasers of of like,  pattern customization and all that sort of thing,   so I'm obviously excited to play around with this,   but I feel like if it didn't have  this, I would be shocked, so. I'm so curious to see more of the options though,   like to see what all the patterns look like,  I wonder if you can import custom ones too.

This seems like the kind of game that you could,  they're talking a lot about modding and stuff so. Okay, here's some laundry screenshots, we  have some bed customization screenshots,   this Sim is a budding gardener so  she wants to plant seeds four times. And here's some more of the character  customization. See, doesn't the zipper look weird?

I don't know, I'm not really sold on  the way the characters actually look. I think that their face looks cool,   but I'm not 100% sold on the way that  like, these assets look and stuff. Ooh, look at these backgrounds.  Artistic family, city upbringing,  

criminal background, family  secret, frugal childhood. Interesting, so you can pick a background  and then you can pick some like,   different character attributes, like  they're athletic, they're active. I wish that I could see all of the options. I  wish that I could see like, the list of things. I want to know more about this part so bad.

I'm so interested. I think specifically what   intrigues me about this game is  almost like, a) how it works. Like, I'm not even sat here  like, thinking about specifics,   I just want to know the basics, like how  does this life sim game work? What do you do? What does the economy in it look like? And by  that I mean like, how much does stuff cost? How much money do I earn in a day at work?  Like, what's the currency like basically? And then also like, how do relationships  work? How does my Sim's personality work? Again, I'm sorry for calling them a  Sim, I just don't know what to say.

Character or whatever, but I want  to know more about this part. Like, the traits and like, how  these things affect them in game. Like, I just -- I would love  to see more detail on this. What is this? This is like an object editor. So you can like, change details -- this is going  to be great for modders, this sort of stuff. Oh, here's the cosmetics so we  can see the faces more up close.

A ton of eyeliner options and they  actually look pretty good and you   can obviously customize all the  colors just like everything else. Their faces are really realistic though,  like even the like, skin texture almost. I cannot wait to play with this, I'm  gonna make a video on this for sure   when it comes out by the way because  I want to see more about this so bad,   so I hope that you're also  excited to see more about it? Okay, we're back through  all the screenshots again.

Here's some more details of the main features. Be in total control, play in an open world,  live life with no loading screens, strike   up real language conversations, drive or bike to  the countryside, discover and complete quests to   unlock new experiences, expand your creativity,  make your own in-game content through mods,   utilize a variety of deep creator tools, change  the gameplay anytime, life is yours to make. Take direct Control. Drag and drop your humans   into their place or drive them  directly in third person mode.

Drive them directly in third  person mode? What does that mean! I can drive them physically to their location?  Live the life of one or tell the stories of many. Climb a career ladder, fall  in love, raise a family. Every real language conversation is generated  based on your human's unique situation,   I guess they're just called  humans then, the characters.

Not Sims, but humans. You can even  craft your own conversations in game,   design your own world, build your human's  dream homes or businesses from scratch,   furnish them from top to  bottom, inside to outside. Drag, demolish, and rearrange entire towns. And create fully customized humans.  Humans feel so like, scientific. Design your families in the human creator, see? It feels so scientific. Including  deep personality and character traits. Style and restyle your humans at any time.

Oh my god, okay, that's really funny, I love that. Life By You announcement press release.  Yeah, we just read this. It's the same thing. All right, now that we've seen all  the new stuff, let's chat, right? Like, how are we feeling about this? So I kind of mentioned this earlier,   but anytime there's a new life sim game  being announced, I get really excited.

There isn't really a lot of  games like this out there. Like The Sims is kind of the life sim. So whenever there's news, I'm like,  really pumped about it and I really   hope that it's gonna go well because I  would love to play more games like this.

And there's been a lot of talk about things,   like there's a game called  Paralives being made right now. Paralives is so far from being released though,   like it is in super early development and  I thought the same was gonna be for this,   so I'm really shocked that it's coming  out in early access in September. Like, if you were to tell me this was gonna come  out in like, 2025, I would have believed you. So I'm really, really impressed that we're  gonna be able to play this in like, six months. Obviously it'll be in early  access then so it won't be done,   but we'll be able to get our hands on it and like,   play it and give direct player feedback as  they're still finishing it which is kind of cool.

So when I first heard about this game,   I thought that it sounded really  promising for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's made by Paradox so it's got  like, a big-big studio behind it which helps   because with that comes some notoriety and some  money and some experience and stuff like that. But also Rod Humble who used to work on  The Sims is working on this, so again,   there's a lot of experience in  life sims going into this game.

I'm really looking forward to more  games like this being on the market   because I feel like having  competition is a good thing. The Sims is the only one so having a different  popular life sim out there is hopefully gonna   push both of these games to do better and  like, keep pushing boundaries and stuff. And when I say competition,  I feel like I should clarify. I think a lot of people hear about these new life  sims and they get on this like, hate Sims train.

And a lot of these games are kind of  marketing themselves in a way of like,   hey, look, I have all these things The  Sims doesn't so it's kind of hard to not   see them in that way, but I prefer to  not look at these two things as like,   one thrives and the other dies  because I don't want that to happen. Like, I don't want Paralives or Life  By You to come out and kill The Sims,   I would like, to just play The Sims and  Life By You at the same time, you know? I just really enjoy games like this, so I'm  really excited to have more options of them. To give another example, I love Stardew Valley,   that is like, one of my most  favorite games of all time. And by extension, I kind of just love  farming games. I love Cottage Living,   but I also love other games  that are based around farming.

So when a new farming game comes out,  I don't sit here thinking like, wow,   I hope this kills Stardew or like, vice  versa, I hope Stardew crushes this somehow,   like I don't think of it as  a competition in that way. I just think like, oh great,  more farming, you know? So that's how I'm feeling about  this. I'm not thinking like,   oh, Life By You is gonna come  out and The Sims is gonna die. I don't think either of these two things  is gonna like, knock the other one out.

They also seem to serve a sort of  different purpose. What I've seen   today from the trailer and from these  descriptions, it sounds like Life By   You is going to be really heavily like,  creating and and management focused almost. They're giving you a lot of tools to like,  really customize every aspect of life. And depending on how you look at it,  that could be a good or a bad thing,   like to be honest, I don't really care  about like, creating custom conversations. I think I'm more interested in like,  bigger picture stories rather than   focusing on like, an individual Sim-specific  conversations, and maybe you're the opposite,   I mean this kind of thing appeals to  different people in different ways. I'm definitely intrigued by the build mode  of this game and I'm really interested in   like the world builder aspect, how  I can place custom lots and stuff.

I do still feel a little bit unsure about like,  the style of the game and like, how it looks. I'm not really loving any of the clothing that  I saw specifically, and it's not even just like,   the style, like I don't like the fashion,  it's more like I don't like the art style. Like, I don't like the textures and stuff of the  clothing, but I might feel differently in time   like as I get kind of used to it, it might just  be like a this thing is new so it's weird to me. And also it might be different and like,  hopefully better when it actually comes out. I'm really, really intrigued by this game  though and honestly I can't wait to play it.

I feel like most of us who like The  Sims will probably also like this game. One thing to note though is that Life By You  is gonna require some pretty heavy specs,   at least heavier than The Sims does to be played. And what that means is a lot of people's  computers might struggle to run this game. I know a ton of you all play on Macs  for example, it won't be on Mac.

And if you maybe have like, an older laptop,   which I know a lot of, if not most of you do,  it probably won't run this game very well. One thing The Sims has going for it is that  it tries to work on lower end computers and I   realize that it doesn't always work, but The Sims  does have a lower like, spec requirement though. I could sit here and watch  this back like, 50 times,   I'm just so, so interested  to see more of this game. I'm really curious to hear from  you all in the comments though,   do you think you're gonna pre-order  it so you can play in early access? Depending on how you're all feeling  in the comments after this video,   I'll definitely make some more videos whenever  there's like, new big news on this game. I don't do a lot of like, non-Sims  stuff here on my YouTube channel,   but like this -- I mean, this one was made for us. I mean they're calling out to Simmers  on purpose with this, this is like,   exactly the kind of game that we would like.

I'm gonna link that video that I  made talking about the teaser down   below if you want to go back and see my  like, pre-trailer reaction to the game. I think I'm leaving this video feeling  really excited, but also left with like,   a million questions because there's so many  things that I want to know about this still. I'm looking forward to hearing  some more news about it and stuff. The Life By You team actually  reached out to me and sent me like,   some info on the trailer and  like, some screenshots and stuff.

So hopefully that means we're on their  mailing list and we'll get some more info,   maybe like early access, I don't  know, we'll see, I'll let you know. But as of right now, I'm like, definitely  wanting to play this game I think on YouTube. And on that note, I'm probably  gonna end this video right here. Thank you for watching, again tell me  how you're feeling in the comments,   I would love to chat about this. And if you're new to my channel,   feel free to subscribe because we talk a lot  about I mean, well, The Sims. The Sims 4.

But also like, Sims news, generally Sims 4 news,   but I think that this kind of falls under  that Sims news umbrella, so you know,   hit that subscribe button, I guess, and I'll  catch you all tomorrow, okay? Bye everybody. You know what, for a YouTuber I always  feel so awkward asking people to subscribe. I know that like, this is my job, but I  feel weird being like, hit that like button! You know? It's just -- I just don't say  it, so it feels unnatural when I do. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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