Airbus വിമാനങ്ങളുടെ തറവാട് | Aeroscopia Aviation Museum in Toulouse

Airbus വിമാനങ്ങളുടെ തറവാട് | Aeroscopia Aviation Museum in Toulouse

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Good bye to Holiday Inn hotel where I stayed in Nice. I walked and ran in the morning because it was cold Went to the tram station and took a tram Sat and traveled 20mts in it. And then we reached Nice airport. I am going to fly to Toulouse in France. Toulouse is where Airbuses are manufactured. I traveled in Airbus 319 for an hour Landed at Tolouse International airport.

As soon as I landed, I could see Air India and Indigo flights there I could just see a glance of it. I didnt get a side seat this time. When I got out and looked up, I saw an Airbus flying. There are lot of Airbuses here. An amazing airport.

It is best for flight lovers. You have lots to explore. I think almost all the aircrafts in the world come here We have come to Toulouse to see a place. I think that is Airbus's factory.

They have an Airbus factory tour. You can see Air India and indigo flights lying there. I think it is kept for delivery.

This is a normal passenger flight. Let me take my bag, keep them at the hotel and go to Aeroscopia Museum. I have landed at Toulouse airport which I have only heard about The new Air India 350 aircrafts came from here It is delivered from here.

Most of the Airbus 350 and 320 flights fly for the first time from here They fly to different parts of the world. I have come to that Toulouse airport. They dont have much flights from here. They have 2 airports here. One is for Airbus and the other Toulouse airport. You cannot board from the Airbus airport.

There is a factory tour. We shall go and see. I have booked it for tomorrow. I am not sure if we are allowed to shoot there. I am going for an experience.

Let me go and keep my bag in the hotel first. The hotel is 1km away from here. Let me see how to go I took a one day pass from the airport. I got into a bus using this.

I guess this bus goes near my hotel If yes, we shall go and can use this 1 day pass to go around a whole day. I got down near my hotel. We have to walk a bit now. They have Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express here. ] I am staying at Holiday Inn Express today.

It is just 10am now. They wont let us check in now. We shall keep our bags here and go to the next place. Kept our bags there. Now let us go to Aeroscopia Museum If we take a tram, we can reach the museum in 10-15mts. Just 4km from here. We shall take the tram. We have lot of time.

We are near Toulouse airport now. We havent gone to the main city area. The main reason we are here is the Airbus.

I want to see Beluga That is amazing. I have only seen pictures of it. I wish to see it directly. Not sure if we can. Shall see. Got in the tram and insert your ticket to validate Once validated, we shall travel Or if they get in to check, they will catch hold of us. Came to know that there are lot of Keralites working in Airbus I got in touch with one person. She is in US and will reach in the evening.

We shall meet her tomorrow. Toulouse is a place where lot of Indians related to Airbus lives I got down at a station just walking distance to Aerospace museum Look at Airbus 340, 320 and 380 also there. That is where we are off to. What am I seeing? Not sure if we can go in Might be some body or kept for a use. Awesome.

A Ryan Air flight is landing You have to bend to avoid your head striking the board. Can see an Emirates tail inside the hanger. Saw that? It might have come for some maintenance.

The tail looks like a 380 one I went that side and lost my way. I am going back another way. I havent reached anywhere walking I am looking for the entrance. Have to go more to reach the entrance.

Look at the 340, 320, 380 and ATR 42 Can see some here too. I think all these are a part of the factory. Aibus is a company registered in Netherlands. The main things take place here in Toulouse. They have a factory at Hamburg.

Hamburg is in Germany. They have one near to Spain and in UK too. But all the main work happens here at Toulouse. You can see another one next to it. Airbus Military 400 M It is huge as 380, It will be amazing but has a propeller type engine.

See how big this Airbus A400 M is It is a military aircraft. Airbus has military aircrafts and helicopters too. Finally we are here. Their timings are Monday to Saturday 8am-7pm You can pre book a tour through this website in advance and come Or you can take a ticket from here. But to visit Airbus factory, you should prebook I didnt get it for today.

I got it for tomorrow. Like you see cars in front of Tata showroom, here you see old flights There is our Emirates 380 It is not a new one. They would have come to refurbish or so This is an Airbus factory yard This is their workshop. You can pay 7 Euro and go inside and experience all these.

Not sure if this is a tomb of a flight or human. Anyways can see a tomb there Lot of flights are lying here too. If you are a flight lover, you surely have to come here Air Toulouse This is amazing Finally I am near the Aeroscopia Museum.

I walked a lot. This is an amazing place. I hope we will be able to see inside and outside. Let us go to the reception. Cannot see much people here Let us see if we have to take a ticket or not This is the military aircraft we saw from the road.

Finally I am in the museum. You see aircrafts all around. You get to buy many from here too. Let me go and take a ticket first. This is for small kids. It is done in Lego. A 380 made using Lego I paid 10 Euro to enter the museum. It is actually 16 Euro to get inside.

Since I have booked Airbus factory tour, I got 6 Euro discount. If you club both like this, you get it at a discounted rate. We first enter the museum. We will be seeing the flights after that. You can see pictures of how people flew This is how people flew before these aircrafts were made How it took place, hot air balloons, evolution etc.

That is what you see here. Now we are inside the big hanger we saw from outside. Lot of these are kept for sale at the shop outside. Rates are minimum 5000/- for one.

Lot of them are kept for sale This is not just a museum for Airbus. Since Airbus is here, they have other related to it too It is Aeroscopia Museum for aircrafts This is a flying design presented by Henry in 1934 We can guess whick cockpit this is This is of Airbus Beluga It is a huge carton carrier You can see lots of them in Toulouse. Cant find any here. Had seen many at the airport. This is the cockpit of Airbus Beluga They board all the cargo from the front of the aircraft I shall explain on it from downstairs We cannot forget most of the people we see here. It is due to their research and hardwork, we have all these now. They are the ones who started it.

This is the front of Airbus Beluga. Look at its height. The area you see here is the cockpit You have more space below there Cargo is completely loaded from here.

You can take many container lorries in this. Airbus Beluga is that huge. This is a huge contribution to the Airbus Cargo industry Shall show you how it opens. These are the wires.

It is presented here in such a way that it looks open You can open and close it this way You can open it upwards too The aircraft is designed in that way. We can go inside. Video is projected on a wall here We are at the intersection of a flight So spacious. It has the height of a 2 storey building Wide enough too.

A person not too much into this can see the place in 1-1.5hrs But those who are interested will need at least half a day This is a full flight here A full flight is here and this is the engine. Before Beluga, it was Skylink that had come out. Airbus Beluga and Airbus Beluga Express came after that. When I saw it from there first, I thought it was Airbus Beluga It is the same design. Just some changes in specifications and made Beluga Since it was made long back, you see the propeller type here All the models of what Aibus has brought out so far are here.

Airbus 350 is one of my favourite aircrafts Boeing dream liner and Airbus 350 are my favourites 380 of course is everybody's favourite. But I love 350 more Can see a concord here What you see here was done by British Aircraft Corporation in 1973 Only 100 could be accommodated in it at a time. It could fly at a height of 60000ft high It could go 6250km. But the only drawback was that it could take very little passengers, It was expensive and not economical That is why they had to stop running it That shows we had flight that flew double the speed of today in 1973 After that, one like this could not be done too.

It was an aircraft that operated from Paris to New York and other places In 1985, that's before I was born, on 19th April, Flight 599 flew for the last time to Toulouse It is then kept here in the museum. That is what we are seeing now. Let us get inside. This is my 2nd concord I am getting into We went inside one when we had gone to Scotland We had seen that also like this only, through a glass door Or people would spoil it. That is the cockpit of concord. It has 2-4 seats

So many equipments They have not kept any seats in here now They have kept the rest of the things of concord and kept it in the museum Oxygen mask and safety measures are kept here Intersection tools are seen here I think this is in the cockpit of concord I think that is what you see here Look at what all they had in a 1973 flight I think these are all equipments in here What all are needed for an aircraft to fly This is how concord seats are They have covered and preserved it for people not to sit in it Lovely seats Concord washroom is locked It was a 2/2 configuration aircraft These are the original seats of concord These were the ones that flew like Kings one time Got out of concord and now we are going to see Airbus A300 This is the worlds first twin engine double aisle aircraft That means it was the first twin engine with a wide body That is Airbus 300 B Twin engine means there would be one on both sides I am still admiring concord from here. They used Rolls Royce engine in it Looks amazing One person is looking at all these from above Many small aircrafts down there We shall get into Airbus 300B To understand the intersections well, it has been shown this way They have covered it with a glass. Can see all from here We can see and understand them That is the cockpit of Airbus 300B Can see 4 seats in here Lot of equipments and things to be seen in here This is the space where seats would be It may be 2/2/2 or 3/3/3 This is how the bottom would look like. Luggage space and cargo boxes

This is how our luggage is stored That is what we see here Seating layout was 2/4/2 Look at the economy seats of those days Excellent seats. The seats we see today are nothing compared to this. To make it economical, they reduced the weight of the seats and had more seats Here the business class came at the back. This is the olden times business class seats I think in those days, business class seats were behind.

I dont know how did it move to the front later on This is a business class seat of those days This looks like a private jet area Not sure if it was just for demonstration or the first class dining area Anyways this is seen inside the aircraft now They have made a bedroom also inside the aircraft Shower area too Pantry area and much more They have all these inside the aircraft Thats awesome. We had seen the inside of this aircraft now. So we saw concord and Airbus 300B I got out of 300B This flew for the first time in 1983 It was under Pan American company Later got retired in March 2005 It flew 30621 hours. It landed 14483 times.

I am walking inside aeroscopia museum seeing all these aircrafts Not only inside,but you have lots to see outside too You can see the concord down here Lot of helicopters too You can read and understand all the details from the writings here You can read the whole thing. They have kept a helicopter on a stand here Not just one. Can see many here Their specifications are given here Details of Airbus Corbett is not given here The engine looks like a missile When I was shooting a video, she said hi to me. I didnt turn the camera. Her friends began teasing and laughing

That is why I turned the camera Whichever Beluga or 380 has come, nothing was like concord This is an original wooden blade An original blade like this is kept for sale at the museum. It is just 25000-30000 INR This is Falcon Aircraft This is their private jet It has a twin engine We are now below a Rolls Royce engine of a Concord This is huge. It is not like we see from inside Usually flights have just a bottom. But this is flat like a birds wings The back side below portion is that wide I think they used 4 engines of Rolls Royce 2 this side and 2 that side. Totally 4 engines Usually we see a landing gear and one near the nose But here you can see one. I dont know why is one here Those who know, do comment You can see the intersections here This is the body and the insulation given inside An ac vent and intersection and how it is kept is shown here Look at the blades.

They are so heavy. It is not even moving Look at its intersection Can see some fighter jets here Can see big and small ones made for the military use This was made in America Airbus 300B and another aircraft here Beluga is bigger than this. Dont know if we will get to see it. Would be nice if we could get in The back is sleek and the middle is bulgy Looks like a pregnant woman. Only stomach bulging Head and tail normal and stomach bulging. Like a guppy fish.

How would it look if an aircraft was pregnant. That is Skylink. Isnt it right? Lot of small and big aircrafts in this hanger. A big hanger. You can see lots in here. If you are tired walking, you have business class seats to rest. Let me sit for a while and then we shall go.

Can see Air France Concord here. They flew more in Paris New York route Standing here in a grand way. I dont think we can get in now. Can see Air Intel here Another one here Details about this one is not given here Let us see what it is. Cannot understand anything Made for some country military purpose. Looks like Airbus only

This was delivered to Air France in 1976 It flew last in June 2003 Flew from Paris to Toulouse airport Lot of VIPs were there in it. Flying time was below 1hr from Paris. Since it flew for the last time, It flew 2-2.5hrs, above the Atlantic Ocean and landed The pilot would have enjoyed the last flying in that Since he wouldnt get to fly it again, he would have enjoyed the last fly All these are history This is the hanger we just got out from Lot of aircrafts in it. Not like you see, but it is very big inside Can see the simulator of concord here Will it work? Is it functioning or original? I wonder if it works This is a simulator they used to teach in concord It is kept here I wonder why have they kept it here This is a simulator. Pilots are taught in this before flying an aircraft You will feel like it is flying.

We have reached the aircrafts we saw from the road 380 is here You have an ATR here We cannot get inside the ATR. It is same like of Indigo This is ATR 600 380 looks amazing. I think we can see this from inside. Let us look from outside first I walked and got into 380 when I flew from Maldives to Dubai.

They didnt have an aerobridge that time. You can see that 380 behind me. I am standing in front of the largest passenger aircraft in the world Airbus A380 This is Aeroscopia Airbus A380. It is MSN072 Before introducing this fleet, they have some experiments. They had 5 for that and this is one of it. There is a European Aviation Safety Agency There is Federal Aviation Administration .. lot of agencies like that

Only if you get approval from them, you can get them ready to fly So this is one of many that was set after approval This flew 152 hrs in 18 days It is written that it flew 128000 km to many airports all round the world. After that it flew 94 times It flew last in 2012 It flew to this place. Total flying for it was 510 hrs It has flown so little This is one of the reason for flights to be expensive. They have to make 4-5 of them, get them ready and then bring big aircrafts It is so expensive. They have to make 4-5 of them simply It is like making vehicles and doing crash test.

Since this doesnt have a crash test, I dont know how long it goes. I dont think aircrafts have crash tests No idea how it is. Anyways it is amazing This one doesnt have an engine.

It would have the height of 1 floor building It is that big. I am first time walking beneath a 380 and seeing all these. Amazing. I have never been on the top floor of 380 Though I have traveled in Emirates, I have gone only in Economy Only if you travel by business class or first class, can you go to the top floor. I will be flying in one soon. Can see flights taking off and landing at Toulouse airport We are studying the history of aircrafts made to fly earlier.

The most successful Aribus A 320 was released in 1987 This model doesnt have a tip on the wings like the other ones have Later it was designed and the most successful 320 was launched You can see the aircraft that was made during the early times It flew last in 2016 We can see Airbus A340-600 This is a model that was launched before A350 I dont think it was very successful. 350 came after this. 330 was seen more. I didnt see 340 much. You have Airbus 340, 320, ATR, 380.. What all flights do they have! They should have had a 350 too They will keep that here after a while.

They have connected an aerobridge here We are going to the top of 380 I am going to go on top. Awesome Nothing in here. Seats are there Many selfies and photos taken by others are kept here. We can get down of 380 here We can see the intersection of 380 This is what Kiranbro flies.

I think we can see the luggage storing space below. This is the crew bunk Crews take rest here This is the bunker for Pilots This is the cockpit. This is the cockpit of 380 See how simple this is. Concord had lot or things hr New flights have become modernized . This is code for pilots to get in This is where they rest from The crew sleeps here One can se One each can sleep here. We can see 3 seats now.

Another seat here too. Thsi is the pilot and co pilots's seat. See how many wires are going in it.

All the details about 380 is given here. Can say they have made a 380 museum here Can see they have wooden wold map here We are going to 380's main place now. Awesome I have seen bar counters like these in Emirates I shall travel in that and show you one day I am inside a 380 aircraft. This is the bar counter in here This seat cannot be kept in a real aircraft Can make it a lie-flat bed. Such seats wouldnt be good in the flight

This is just for display now You can see some here behind too. Some like you see at the airport Just to show the concept of an economy class. This is so lengthy Something and all displayed to show us There is a lounge area here A bar area here too. Let us go down from the back side Shall go down through these steps. This is the exit behind. This is to show the intersection of a window.

When you look from the backside, it looks like the old picture tube of old tv;s Seeing the aircraft without seats shows us how wide it is It is very wide. When doing trials with prototype aircrafts, they cannot take passengers with them So to create conditions of how it would be with passengers, they do many things here They have kept these containers here to try with passenger weight They have to do load test too There are 123 containers in this flight Each container would have 330L water Water mixed with glycol. They keep it many places in the cabin They move as needed and do flight tests as needed. These are machines kept for staffs to conduct tests They wont keep lot of seats in here They have done what all is needed for a commercial aircraft here to do their tests They have kept the aircraft made for tests as it is here Got out of 380. Goodbye 380 That was an awesome experience There is a war flight there. Let me go and see it. A Beluga below the guppy This is how it looks. It is a different design

Not like a guppy. They open only this part or so After the museum, we are going to the most tempting and expensive area You can see lot of aircraft designs here. Dy-cast models for sale too 50-80 Euro for these I will buy 2 of them. Now we got out of Aeroscopia Museum An awesome experience I bought many things from here. Nearly 15000 INR for these Toys for Rishi and some for my collection. Airbus 400M is a prototype aircraft done for military purpose to hold cargo We cannot get inside Can see from here Can see many students who have come for Airbus factory tour Same like the aircrafts we saw earlier 4 propeller engines An awesome aircraft done for military purpose Amazing I shall show you what all I have bought This is Airbus A350F It is going to be launched next year or in 2026.

Singapore Airlines would be getting it first. It will be like a fighter. This is its design I shall open it when I reach home and show you Bought a Beluga too. I bought a toy for Rishi to play There are chances for him to keep this inside and take what I bought A toy aeroplane for Rishi to play Bought a magnet too. How was the aeroscopia museum? Excuse me if I have said anything wrong here. Do comment if anything is to be corrected.

If I missed to say anything, do comment on that too. Share this video with you flight lover friends Tomorrow I will be going to see Airbus factory It is next to this only. I will have to come here again tomorrow. When we come here, they will take us on a bus Shall do the airbus factory visit and all around hopefully Not sure if I can take a video too If possible, shall see that or something else Suneerbhai is at Barcelona He will come here tonight or tomorrow In that case, Suneerbhai will be with me the next 2-3 days Shamjithbhai will also join us.

They do business Both of them are at Barcelona. They said they will try to come. We will be going to Andorra and Spain together See you tomorrow with another video Until then bye bye.

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