Age My Way Q&A - Technology Should Be Fun: Making Tech Work For You

Age My Way Q&A - Technology Should Be Fun: Making Tech Work For You

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Good afternoon. Welcome to Austin Ups webinar for today. We're so excited that you all are here it's 2 o'clock, and we'll just wait for a minute or 2 for people to enter into the event for today and my name is cindy cummings i'm a volunteer with Boston app, and we are happy to have you here on our age. My way. Question: answer webinar. And our topic today is on technology. Such an easy, easy topic isn't It technology but we're excited to have you all here today. We are going to be recording this event, and we also have like transcripts going. In addition, we're going to post this on our Youtube.

Channel. So if you have somebody who missed it that you'd like for them to see it, you can guide them to our Youtube channel. and it will be posted up there today. But we're really excited for our topic today is going to be talking all about technology. But first let me tell you a little bit about Austin App. Austinap is a nonprofit and our vision is create a region that responds to aging as dynamic rather than a stagnant force. We're all aging all the time and we want to make Central Texas a place that supports us at every age and kind of the short answer to all of that is just to say that we're trying to make austin an eight-friendly city, and we do that by doing it a lot of different ways. We host educational events, such as in-person, seminars and online webinars, such as this today, we also provide resources for those who are job seeking. We do that on a couple of different mediums. we do it via live.

We have Job fairs that are coming up and i'll tell you a little bit more about some of those, and then we also had webinars throughout the year. We also like shirt information to help older adults stay in their home and reducing your living costs and help provide guidance on property, taxes, tax exemption. We found that there are many older adults who aren't getting the proper exemptions, and if they were they'd be able to stand their home longer. So we'd like to provide information on that also and Then we also combat ages them and changing the misconceptions that older adults. So that's a little bit about Austin up and our tagline is aging

everybody's doing everyone's doing it so we are having a library series. This has been going really great. We are partnering with Austin Public Library, and this particular event is held with the old quarry branch. Our next one is October. the eighteenth and it's tips on communicating with adult children, and this is a very fiery, interesting conversation where we teach older adults some tips and tricks on how they can better communicate with their adult children, which we find a lot of. Those are helicopter parents, and now turn to helicopter adult children. And so that's a great this is an In-person seminar, so that we hope that people will attend It's on Tuesdays from 1030 to no November fifteenth we're gonna be talking about living, dying, and leaving the legacy, and these are all panel discussions.

You can find out more information at our website and you can register attendance is free, and we do like to have registrations. But it's not necessary. you can also just show up in addition, we have our last in person, Job Affair. it's going to be held at affinity at South Park Bennett. So they are in over 55 apartment community it's beautiful. There. they have a great app setup for us to be able to have vendor tables.

The vendor tables are employers who are looking for employees, and our premier sponsors aarp, and we want to just thank Arp for helping us with all of our job projects that we've had for 2 1,023 attendance is free and it's from 10 to 12, and you can register in advance. We also are looking for more employers. So if you if your company resides in that south area of town, and you're looking for employees, please register at $50 to have an exhibitor table and be able to talk face to face with potential employees. So we hope that you'll join us for that our last webinar for the year is going to be i'm living passionately.

We've never done a topic like this it's the first time we've done one on this we're really excited. It's a special webinar and it's going to be exploring how how you can live a passionate life. So at that Dr. Mara Carpel will be our speaker. Attendance is free. We are asking that you pre-register for that it's on a Thursday it's from 2 to 3. So that will be our last webinar for the year so today's Austin App Webinar is generously sponsored by a oasis senior advisors.

And we have one of their representatives here today it's Debbie Debbie, can you come in and tell us a little bit about oasis I me have to do something. Thank you. You have to let me in to let you in. Okay, there you go Let's see if that works cancer. There you are, Hey, Debbie Hi! Can you all hear me. I can hear you great great okay so I'm Debbie.

I am with oasis, senior advisor. We help our older adults, our seniors find the right place to live at the right price with the right care in the right location. So if you can't stay at home staying at home, no longer a good for you for a myriad of reasons.

Maybe it's health. Maybe it's socialization maybe you just need a little support. We help you find what gives you the best quality of life. In your budget and in the area that you want to be.

So we are personal. we're local we're privacy protected your kind contact information, doesn't get spread all over the place. So you don't get 90 calls in a day and We help you personally will go to the tours with you. We'll talk to you, and between and and we follow up with you. So if you need resources later on, you still have you still have a support from us. So we love what we do, and i'm so glad you're on here for technology, because we I know I need it, too. So well that's. what We came to find out is that a lot of people are looking for some solutions, so we're hoping to provide those today. Thank you, Debbie, and i'm gonna stop your video I have such control today.

This is so fun stopping and going. so we help in a fit. So during h my way. h! my way was the How do you say the theme for older Americans month? And during that month we held an event at the Officer Board of Realtors. And basically what we were asking older adults. we asked about 3 different topics. We asked about technology. We asked about businesses, and we asked about housing in ways that people live.

And while we were there we learned that there's a lot of issues that older adults have for people, too. But we said, you know you're talking about all of these concerns, and these issues, we feel like we have solutions for them already. with the nonprofits and for profits, and this city of Austin and So what we're doing today is providing the solutions. But these were some of the problems that people said that they had. First off in this has always happened there's just a wide range of comfort levels for people into technology. Some people feel comfortable with technology and they're 85 years old, and people who are 13 don't feel comfortable with technology. So it's really not an age thing, but just different people have different thresholds for what they feel comfortable with with technology.

And because of that, not everybody has the same kind of experience. when they're trying to get either help from phone calls or Facebook or online banking or helping with spreadsheets and things like that So how can different people get help based on their different ranges of comfort level. That was one of the issues that came up. And then one of the things they talked a lot about was just simple, or applications that can make everybody's lives easier.

What are some of those applications? What could make my life easier? Is there something that's out there that's free is there something that you know. Maybe doesn't cost too much money that might work for me So this was another issue that came from that there's also a lot of safety concerns around identity. The password protection. the dose and dance of linking, you know. you get an email. Should you link to those emails scratching access to other people? You know, you get an email that says, Hey, I could see your problems with your computer.

Let me link in and I'll fix it? for you and just you know what do we do in regards to some of these issues, and how do we protect ourselves? The other is just resources. How do I get basic technical skills? How can I get them with that, having to pay for them? Are there any programs out there that could be inexpensive? Are there some online? Is there dependable tech support or repair? This was a big one, and I I think we'll get some help here, but I do think that the repair piece is probably always going to be problem training. Are there any training courses that we can go to? and where can people turn for help? So these were just some of the things that came up. We were had, I think, our breakout sessions were about an hour, and we had a white board, and we wrote down lots of different concerns, and kind of this is just a real

summary of those things. But, we knew that we had people out there that could provide solutions, and at least point us in the right direction. So again that's what today is all about is to provide those resources for you. So we have an amazing group of people who are presenting here today. Our first is so von Now, savon can you come in or do I need to let you in? And i'm gonna ask, actually, Paul, if you don't Mind, just ask everybody to start the video. You should be able to do it on your side, too. But see, here we are. we're doing technology stuff already we're getting tech help. I'm Savant as an age. of Central Texas Amy temporarily is with aging as Cool Adam Stern is from the Austin Public library, and Rachel Wimberly is from Shalom

Austin, and we're just waiting for adam to come in see if you can come in there. He is alright, Hey, everybody, i'm gonna go ahead and read a brief bio for you all. Let me see if I can get rid of this screen, and there we are in our little Brady bunch, squares. Don't you just love it let me just read a little bio for everybody.

So for Savon, and he works with age and he is with the Central Texas computer lab contractor and senior connect administrator in Central Texas. He has worked as a volunteer and staff for senior access, which primarily provides volunteer transportation services in around Austin. He joined J. H. as Central Texas, as a contractor. In February, the twentieth 21 to develop a flexible technology learning strategy for older adults.

So there you go! He coordinates the day today. Administration of the Age computer lab and the senior connect program, including communicating with community partners for referrals, recruiting energy and assigning trainers and managing the data and reporting requirements. So that is so bad. Amy is with aging is cool and she's committed her work to improve the lives of older adults in some former fashion, for over 30 years from her time as a social worker in nursing homes and home health care to executive roles and older adults focus nonprofit agencies. And as a consultant and business, owner amy has served caregivers, individuals with to mention and disabilities and nonprofit leaders, she's passionate about issues related to living a full life active aging and agism. Amy and her husband Damian, founded aging the school in 2,016. It just seems like it was yesterday. it's so weird just with a dream to create smart engaging fun activities for older adults, and to address agism in the world around them in 2,020 aging is cool

partnered with heart and soul care to create and launch a mighty good time. A website and one stop shop for engaging activities for older adults, nationwide. So welcome. Amy Adam was with the Austin Public Library, and he just made it into the baby boomer generation. His family had an old ditto machine in the basement and they'd make family newspapers and boy scout newsletters with it. Oh, that smell! I can remember that smell like it was tomorrow or yesterday. He learned to type on a manual he's been helping Austin public libraries, customers with technologies for 7 years.

So welcome, Adam. and then we have Rachel and Rachel actually was at the event. So she probably has some insights, because I know you went to some of those breakouts. I know I really did like a quick summary of what happened, but we talked at length. You know about some things, and people were just scratching their head.

And how can we solve this? and i'm like I think We've had solutions? Let's just get them to you So rachel has more than 15 years experience as a professional and nonprofit organizations, and she brings previous experience working at the United States holocaust memorial Museum and the University of Texas. She has honed her skills, a constituency, management and leadership skills within a highly sensitive subject matter. Rachel loves to deliver effective community enhancing programming within the confines of challenging parameters. She enjoys working with older adults, and she strives to provide programming that addresses the issues of aging. Rachel joins Shalom Austin as the director of adult programming in 2,017, and took the position of Jewish family services.

Older adults, social services director in 2,022 he just took that, didn't you? Yeah. So originally from Austin Rachel earned her Bachelors of Arts degree at the University of Central Arkansas, and her Masters of Arts, from John Hopkins, and She's, currently pursuing her masters of Arts and jewish professional studies at the i'm gonna say it wrong. How do you say it, Spurtis? I did it you got it right? Institute. So wow! Look at all this brain power on this call today this is absolutely exciting cause. I know we're gonna be able to offer amazing solutions really the format for today is I've got a list of questions we're gonna ask our participants. to answer If it's appropriate for them and then they submitted

some questions that we can ask them at the end if we have time, while at the same time we have a chat and question answer area in which you can ask your questions for those who are participating so feel free. To do that if you have any questions, and Paul is behind this. The scenes here, and she'll let us know if we've got some questions. But okay, how do older adults use technology every day, And anybody want to take that one Go, Amy, the same way you do. Well, I am an older adult.

We we see lots of things. In fact, about an hour ago I taught a social media class at a a community residential community. Their older adults are using technology really in the same ways that user using technologies. They're actually playing games. we're doing virtual reality now with older adults, you know. So it's it's the same things it's just the learning curve. Maybe steeper, or the access to Internet, and the tools may be different. So that's my that's my response. I love that yeah I was gonna tie me into that. That's exactly what You know senior connects all about you're dealing with folks that want to learn some technology, but have no background in it. They're they're using smartphones does the kids bottom the smartphone or They got you know that's really

what they don't really know how to use any of the you know the features. Maybe you know, just as a phone, and maybe texting at at the most. And again, their kids are, you know or relatives. they'll buy them a laptop or tablet, but with no instruction, so they don't know how to use any of right? So they have the technology, but they need the next step. Which is learning definitely. so they can learn how. why, why do people experience frustration with technology

Good question. Technology is i'm constantly talking people down off the ledge. Technology is people come in and say Oh, I don't know it. I'm stupid and I frequently say did he drive here and let's say, yeah, I say do you know how your automatic transmission works, and let's say no and i'll say I don't either and you don't need to understand it. it's the only field where people feel like there's something wrong with them. If they can't do it you don't have you have a problem calling a plumber or an electrician. But I think everybody else knows more than they do and the best solution to that is that I don't know any better than they do.

I tell people frequently this is the first job I had where I set behind a computer. All day, and that I don't know the answers and the best thing I can do is say I don't know. How can we figure it out together? or let me ask somebody else to show you the answer. And you know they think the everybody thinks they're the only one who doesn't know, and that they're behind the curve. I wonder if that has to do with advertising or marketing? You know where they make it be that older people look like they are not as together or smart, you know, so it's almost like, and I hear this on radio shows and things like that where they say, Well, there's this old man playing golf and i'm like. Oh, my gosh we are talking so maybe that's it, too, is is the advertising rich to what were you gonna say?

I was gonna say I think there's 2 pieces too if you're talking about. Why signal. we use the technology like frustrating but that's everybody. But if we're talking about like a th the an older age group, I think one.

It is a group that is, they, I think, they often see their maybe grandchildren or children who might be what we, you know, attack the a tech native like they grew up with technology. So I think a lot of times for them it's a feeling of what it's inherent like they it's intuitive to them, but it's not intuitive to me because they're not digital natives, and then the other thing is that a lot of the companies, and a lot of the technology don't take older people into account at all. So they're not considered when the product is being made and then they're expected to use it, or there's implementation. Which I think is greatly short short-sighted on the part of Tech company, is because this is a huge demographic. But they Aren't often considered. Think about who technology is trying to engage and keep online. It's just often they're not thought about I feel like a sadly.

They're an afterthought so it's not always their fault that I don't think they're they're engaged beforehand because based on my experience what happens even with the technology that we're trying to teach them is they don't necessarily understand how it works and they want to. I think the older generation is, you know, Hands-on. You know mechanical things is virtual stuff. Does it sometimes? Does it make sense to them? And of course, the muscle memory on the swiping, and all that kind of stuff is not there. So I try to tell them. Look, you know, if you tried to learn an instrument, you know, or you learn or drive, I mean, you have to, you know. Start somewhere. and that kind of frustrism frustrates them because they can't get in do anything because they can't, you know.

Do this swiping because their muscle memory system they just didn't grow up with it. And then the other thing kinda sketching on what Rachel said is the visual standards like icons and menus and things like that that are supposed to be intuitive. Yeah, maybe to the younger generation. But you know not necessarily to the elder crowd, you know they're just like what is this mean?

Most of that stuff, you know. Yeah, develop specifically, for you know I love that term native, I mean, I never have heard that term before. But it makes sense. I mean basically they were born and it's just like a a third language, or you know whatever to them, or an appendage, because it's just part of their life, you know from the very beginning. So and it's really interesting to consider Horses, you know. i'm sure it's the same kind of But if you didn't have, if you were grown up with a horse, you know it's like it's just a different technology, yeah, I think saying that 2 older adults in an analogy can help them to. You know some of the things that we've mentioned there because already. i'm feeling like, Okay, then, I don't feel dumb, you know. I don't feel like I can't handle it. Because yes, that's true what you're saying all those things are true.

So. what kind of does vices are the most used amongst seniors? Have you found for me. it's smartphones everybody has a smartphone. It's either apple or android base the those that are a little higher income seem to have apples and lower income is androids so.

But everybody has a a smartphone now based I agree. Smart smartphone, and even the people who don't wanna go to smartphone are being forced to smartphone because a lot of the networks will no longer support I forget. Now 3 G. like the like. you you can't really get a simplistic phone. Unless then you go for something only oriented towards that age group.

So almost everybody has been force kicking and screaming, and just the smartphone world whether they chose to or not. If you want to. If you want to order at a restaurant during Covid, you had to use a smartphone. I had a customer last week who was feeling less comfortable driving at night, so she won't take an uber, but she had to get a smartphone so she could use the app and Then she was worried that she wasn't gonna be able to. Yeah, I was like, well, interesting. Yeah. Hmm. I know an h away that I belong to. They require a smartphone. so that you can gain access into the buildings. Yeah. I I I went for a walk on the boardwalk outside, and I was locked out of the building because I didn't have my combination. I I use it to open the gate and now I have to use it to

operate the laundry room they took away the you know the card readers. So I think we'll probably see more and more of that. But let me tell you, they had a whole bunch of classes on how to use it, and they help people install the application. and then they gave them grace period of you know, trying to figure it all out. But if you didn't have a phone I mean that's just seems well, there's no way you get in. Hi just don't there's not Been holding out for a long long time. so they're the real hard case.

Yeah, and it's harder and then they're just so powerful. They're just so many things going on them that it can be overwhelming. You have to kind of that i've dealt with in the senior connect program that don't have any phone, and they still use the landline, and they're not going to they're not even gonna go there. They tell you but they have to have something because again their doctors want them to tell a medicine and all that, and I don't have any access.

I'll also just add that I think I have quite a few of the very last holdouts and the winter storm of almost 2 years ago. The big one. Yes, that converted them because your landline like they didn't have power. Hmm! So a lot of them have like cordless phones and things that needed like, anyway.

So they essentially were cut off and couldn't communicate during the storm, and they lived alone. So. I even had a few in that way like who were like landline purists, and then finally saw a weakness in the landline. So that was an interesting piece. I I just wanna say, too, that that you know we we all have the stories of the holdouts and the people. But if you look at the data right now and really look at it, 75 to 80% of older adults have some sort of technology. It is mostly smartphones, seconded, probably by tablets and then moving to computers and laptops. So, you know it's it's it's a misnomer, That builder adults aren't using it because they are moving into that space, whatever that may be, even just to you know free to book your medical or you know medical appointments or talk to your doctor virtually or you know whatever those things, are you know it is a must-do that we're all headed towards What would you say, or the email devices to learn do you think it's the phone, the tablet the computer.

What's the most difficult and why why do we consider them easier or harder I don't know that any one is easier or harder I think you need to figure out the device that works best for you for your lifestyle for what you're gonna need and for most people that's gonna be a cell phone because It's portable, and you can use it for lots of different reasons, you know, for for the problem with being able to see things. Well, I do better personally with my ipad, because I can see the Icons better, and I can. You know it's a bigger screen so if i'm working on something else, you know where i'm reading a book, or if I'm wanting to you know watch a video in bed or something like that i'm more likely to use that tool. So I think it's more about which tool is the best use for you, and that you're going to use more often. Yeah. in order, I would say smartphones tablets and Then Pcs: I think that's kind of the order in terms of difficulty. I also find like, I feel like if someone did. if they are on the younger end of the older spectrum, let's say they were using computers.

They may be more comfortable with computers if they're just coming into the technology space. I feel like this smartphone, and that the tablets are more intuitive, and they don't, and they don't need to build a familiarity because they're past the point of like where they're not going to be sitting on a computer working, or you know, writing a paper and Then I'll also say, you know again, because technology doesn't take their needs into account a lot of times. The phone they may use, but like the touch screen can be very difficult for some people.

And so they'll use a tablet in much of the same way that we might use a smartphone. But it's, you know again for reading and a lot of touch screen stuff that can be a little bit easier to navigate. So I think it's very case by case connection to technology was before, and where they are. So. But I I also find the same order. smartphone tablet, computer got it to the computer.

So they understand that so touch screen stuff that's the next level, which they may not have quite gotten to right. I know I had trouble using my ipad for a long time, because I used a desktop Pc. And then I had a phone, and then on Ipad.

It was just so different. I was like a different muscle memory. Yeah, all right. What are some simple apps that can make everyone's life easier? I like the calendar that's been my life so easy! Oh, my goodness for me! For older adults that we deal with there's some apps for practicing touch screen, and all that kind of stuff.

So that that has been very useful for our program, because like a game just like a game. Yeah, i'm a flicking game and it's basically practice. And so in our approach we have several lessons Well, when you start out at square one where that's really the issue. You're really having a hard time with that, I make them go. Just go play that for a week or 2 and then by the time and those that are really interested in really wanting to learn It's amazing. It's just like anything else. you know it's like learning an instrument once they get comfortable with the touch screen stuff, then it opens up the whole world. Form. Wow! that's coolo apps and of course texting.

And email once they get up to speed, then those are the things that that really interests them. What do you see, Rachel? Well, I was gonna say like to me? that's also like an app making it the like the using of the phone easier, and that when I think of like apps that make life easier i'm thinking of a lot of the training we did during the covid lockdowns, where i'm the you know the grocery delivery, the food delivery transportation, dog food, delivery pharmacy. like getting them on those apps i'm not saying all those apps are easy, but to be able to get those things that literally affect the quality of your life when you couldn't go anywhere.

Those were really I was very grateful that those existed and it's more acceptable for them to be using it, and they can use it. They don't always have to have their adult kids do it but yes, I've seen more older adults be able to stay in their home longer because of those services being provided to them. And yes, there's a cost to that but that alternative cost is moving into, you know, some kind of senior living, you know, and if you could just stay in your home a little bit longer by having those services come in It's been a godson, Amy, what were you gonna say? I was just gonna dovetail on sort of, you know, Rachel, hit kind of those basic needs pieces. But then also those social connectivity pieces. So I mean, I I still think Facebook, for a certain generation of us is a really important and helpful tool for connecting with parents and family. And I think something like zoom or skype or whatever your you know, video call app is that you prefer to use is really crucial, and it's gonna be, You know, we all had to learn a lot of that during the pandemic. Here we are right, but you know, using that more on a daily basis, even with your family.

To to get together is is such a great tool. Okay, yeah, Zoom. You know, getting some of older adults on zoom was just, you know, best thing to slice bread for them. There were like, so started to be able with the family and stuff.

So they wanted to do it just didn't know how right Well, we didn't have to learn you know we were just doing things the old way, but I've also talked to one extra thing I didn't mention it. I think, as a game changer during that like the time period of isolation. But i've just seen huge strikes and and I I apologize on my phone user, so I know there's other variations. But face time. So for a lot of folks who are still like maybe didn't even really get into zoom.

But today, like, see their grandchildren or people across like to see people and not just have a phone call. I think that is an app that greatly enhances connectivity, and especially with like. I have a young child who's not really talking yet but like the grandparents can like there's a component of connection when, like maybe the you know, a family member doesn't talk as much.

But you can still see them. so I again I think zoom was huge. But I I forget about like the impact of being able to see your family across the country that you may not be able to get to anymore. I've heard older adults say my mom didn't sound right so I made her get on face time like Mom. Let's Go on facetime cause you're not sounding right, you know, just to see what it how they're dressed, and you know. See what they're doing so. Oh, those kids what are we gonna do my my mom's in the institution basically, and she's lost most of her vision, and she's not a she's she was pretty good at tech but my brother got her set up with Amazon echo and Now she can she's got the world of the figure tips. She can hear music make phone calls with it and it's been a huge improvement in our quality of life.

She turns on her audio books She just has to talk and volume goes up, or she's on the phone with, you know, like 10 phone numbers. And as evil as Amazon can be. This has been a huge vast improvement in her quality of life. I haven't heard of a lot of people using it in that way? Have you guys heard of people using it? That seems really interesting. Okay, another way, like you said, If you are visually impaired, you know, and you can't get to the dials, you know not the phone to do it. You can use your voice.

Excellent. Okay, Let's go into the next question What are some of the main concerns regarding safety when using technology, And how can we all be safer? Let's talk about that Amazon. product I think that's One of the things that scares me I don't have any of those. because I feel like Oh, they're gonna be listening to my life who whoever they is and I don't know why they listen to me? i'm pretty boring but What do you? What do you guys think about that kind of safety stuff? One that we we try to teach as part of the senior connect that I mean, and it's a major issue for older adults.

And some of the things that i'm seeing and this happened to one of my family members. Older adult is there. They seem to be too trusting of corporations. Your bank the Government. And so when they see something of text or an email from you know, Microsoft, or apple or something, I think that it's legitimate, not just because it's coming from them. And so anything, of course, the bank, or you know anything like that.

So yeah, they gotta be, You know, that pretty early on and once you get out there on the Internet, you know it's all over the world, and people are in. Try to try to scam you, or try to figure out how to how to get some money out of you. So we teach a lot of that, you know that's all That's a big topic, you know how . Understand and and that's a bit and that's like a major chapter. If you will, in our senior connect program, we really go through that, you know. Kinda very detail just to and give them examples. Okay, if this happens, you know, what do you do?

You do you click on this if it says this or that you know and what to look for, because that's a I mean it's just kinda It's it's increasing and it's getting more sophisticated right right There's a lot of people they could just go get a job. Instead, they try to figure out ways to scammy those They can. They can do it from the comfort of their own home somewhere in you know India, or any you know in the world. They they can do it from the comfort of their jail cell. Believe it or not there's a lot of folks. There's a huge industry going on and we we see library customers of If it is definitely older folks. But it's definitely also folks who are just not savvy technically job seekers or people, you know, looking for. Yeah, and it's really scary to see the the inboxes.

Some of these folks. And another thing is like we were just looking for, you know. Somebody said, Oh, sources, Yeah. medicare and there's when you Google something you have all these ads that show up before you get to your real site so constantly. Showing people you know, go directly, don't answer any you know it's just It's just an endless tide of people. And I say, you know I use the metaphor of you know somebody knocking on your door at your house.

You don't open the door you don't give them anything and but it's just really difficult, and you could just copy somebody's website. Copy somebody's logo and it looks like the real deal until you look at all the letters before the dot com but you know I I've gotten text myself. that looked exactly like it was my bank, except I know they're not texting me sounds good, and I think we got touched on this a little earlier, where you try to put it in the context of real life. Something like You said that's a good one something comes up and knocks on your door.

You want to know who it is. You want you know you're not just gonna let them in. Well, now, you're in a virtual kind of world like that so you need to. Those kind of habits from that, too, Amy. What were you gonna say? Oh, I just I think it's important to not forget. You know that the Internet is your is your friend in a lot of ways, too.

So there's some great videos out there, and some great articles on the different types of scams that are out there. And so to just, you know, get into Google and type in How do I stay safe on the Internet? There's some great little videos you can watch because I think it helps to have an example of actually what they look like. Because again. then you're then your eyes are a little white or open because you're like, Oh, yeah, I saw a sample of that. And I, you know you you start to see it and it flags up for you in a different way and

so understanding the kinds of scams people are running can be helpful to you in noticing them when they pop up for you. That's exactly the curriculum we said, here's an example and here's some places you can go searching. Yeah, very useful. We could probably talk an hour on this Where can someone turn for help to learn? And about technology. Let's see working somewhat sorry about where can someone turn for help to learn about technology?

Or how these devices it's me all there's 41 libraries. I host, a tech drop in thing I know this is gonna be recorded. So I don't want to give specifics to but you can go online and see when we have we've got call a tech time at my branch and people can just usually drop into the branch and ask questions even if It's not during our scheduled time. but we have computers that anybody can use lots of folks don't have a printer. People come in. They have to print out an Amazon sticker whatever boarding pass All the libraries have free everything's free at the library We have access to databases, downloadable books, ebooks, the audio books. I can talk about this for 4 h, but the library is here is free.

You've already paid for it. come and ask us for help, Wow! And so you could just bring in your device to absolutely Yeah. Yeah, most branches. We have the time or you, if it If your branch looks really busy and maybe call up, make a reservation or visit a quieter branch. We have some computer labs that helping folks find drop in and if we can't help you can connect you with somebody who can. Excellent, so fine. Tell us about age and melted out with a no, a a tablet, and the materials, and the trainer, and all that kind of stuff. So fairly sophisticated that way we try to go through some of our community partners like the family elder care.

And we got some churches, you know we got a whole host of folks that you know know, who needs you know would get the best, most benefit out of that and that's what we're That's what the senior. Connect programs all about It's free to those that you know can participate in qualified. But obviously we're always seeking funding from various sources to be able to make it happen.

Cause you know we're buying the tablets we're having to pay trainers, and you know it's not volunteer at that point. We also have to do a We have a training program for for the trainers. It's specifically around older adult training and the curriculum.

And that's kind of what I kind of manage on a day to day basis here, plus the computer lab which is kind of i'm kind of part partial to that or calendar the computer your lab in age So how would they find out more if information about your program, and then, Adam to, would you guys just put in the comments how people can find out more about your program. So just well, yeah, so out we're kind of updating the website and we'll be sent. We send out a you know, a newsletter which will have some more information on that he recently got a a grant from the city of Austin so kicking that off as we speak. That's the other event that i'm kinda got double before was that kick off so more to come there. And we'll be updating the website. here. shortly. The only for the city of Boston Grant is that asked to have to live within the Austin city limits. So the other grants that we had were You know. around central Texas. Georgetown has an area is Austin city limits.

But we're always seeking more the other things that we're doing kind of touching on that concept is bringing that technology or those lessons out to the community by contracting directly, with you know, for facilities like family elder to facility or marry villa name a few examples. And so we're looking for ways to and then we don't care where the money comes from. I mean as a nonprofit it's either gonna be in, you know, General Grant, or from the facility itself. And then That's What that's how we That's how we try to spread the the training is the training. Is it like January through March, or can you start any time, Is it you know? How does that work? yeah, there's so the grant for our city of Austin is my understanding right now, if you know July through June. So you know, we just got it going up. and what what will happen is the way our process works right now is we actually go out to our community partners for referrals.

And then now you know it's all pretty sophisticated in terms of you know it's all like a Google database, and they'll provide referrals and you know all sorts of people, and i'll assign it to trainer, and you know, get the tablet out to them So there's a process that we have to go through. Okay, but we're limited because of the limited funds as to how many we can do. So that's why we're kind of just starting this starting that one right now. Excellent, Amy, I think you've got some technology that you wanna tell us about. Yeah, I wanted to share with you a website i'm gonna share my screen. Here am I. A good time was a website that that aging is cool and our partner heart.

And so care launched during the pandemic realizing that older adults were going more towards technology and trying to find things to do because we're all about stay active and engaged. And so we built a one-stop shop website for older adult activities nationwide. It's free for older adults to search and it's free for people who offer activities to post their activities on here. You can find all kinds of things, but if you look under i'm in the mood for, and you click down you'll see all of our different topic areas here. Lots of different kinds of classes. But if you scroll down you will see we have a technology, and if you click search, you are going to find all kinds of technology classes in English and in Spanish, apparently we have some Spanish from all

across the country. These are some really all kinds of interesting providers. Cyber seniors is really fun. it's actually teenagers teaching seniors to use the Internet, which I love. Senior planet, which is probably one of the premier technology groups. So you're gonna find constant classes here the majority are free. You'll see here on the right-hand side of each posting.

It tells you if it's free or paid most, all the technology classes are always free. but all you do is click on the class, and it will load up that will give you more information, and then it will let you know if you need to re to register or not or if they have any caveats you know if there's an age range, or anything like that, but pretty easy pretty easy to search. But it's a great way to find other technology classes and you can learn all kinds of stuff. I've seen you know everything from like how to make Tiktok videos. Because, yeah, you want to go that far, you just go for it.

But again, this I do just want to say this is freight for everybody, and this is, you know, when we're talking about apps and schools that I think are really important for folks being able to say active and engaged or whole lifespan and do things that are fun is really important. And so, you know again, you can go right to the search bar click. You can find support groups, you can find lifelong learning, fitness, health, creative, all kinds of things. But again, you know, for today's purposes you can definitely find that technology piece, and you can also search locally. So if you clicked near and to be honest I don't know if we have any. Sometimes they may not be loaded, but that said I would love for the library to put their information.

Look here, yeah, like like Travis has been good posters. Yeah, if if you're interested in posting your events here, it's actually free to do that as well, and then we we just spread the word that's our that's our job. That's our passion, that's awesome those sites specifically this one or for the older adults, because they love it. So you might. you probably got a lot of people getting on there over the last 6 months or so. Well, it's nice to just go to one place, too, you know, and you could say, okay, I have Friday off or you know I'm, Bored today. What can I go learn about so it's just a great way to do that? Rachel?

Did you want to add anything have different text I apologize that I popped out from, and it wouldn't be a technology program if your computer didn't beat you out of zoom no I think for us like. I, especially in the social services sector like that. We recommend age and the library, and our kind of connectors of that. And then, of course, we also have volunteers which we can pull in for, like those really specific kind of niche cases. And are always looking for text like reliable tech support that's affordable and trustworthy, and you know I think we all kind of partner together, and all try not to duplicate services and just share what's out there. I did want to add like, Oh, man, if age starts going into some of the more into like the retirement homes I would like. That is one of our biggest struggles. is people who maybe can't bring their technology into the library.

Or come in, and so taking it out is really something. We also have been looking at. So that and that is a strategy right? The age lab used to be People went to but now we're trying to bring the lab to them. So opportunities. Yeah. So you guys, where can we get trusted help for repairing hardware and purchasing items, and that's just a It's a cadendrum. You know. Where do you go? That's a little bit out of my expertise so i'm not gonna I I don't have a whole lot to add to that one.

No clue. I think it's always like best buy Geek: a lot of commercial services out there that you can get and do a web search commercially available you know, services. Like the best buys and Moms, you know Unfortunately, you know, technology is not built to be repaired, and if something is 3 years old . It's you know it's it's not I don't recommend it, you know. If it's not your phone with a correct screen I We I see some dinosaurs back it up folks back it up. I I don't I mean we geek squad and such like that, and I will just say I listen.

We also have an ability for our seniors to talk to each other in a Facebook group. So I can also watch what like an internal communication You do think a lot of them have felt very comfortable with like discount electronics, which will fix. But I think a lot of times, too. It's older technology that they can then they'll all work with because we i'm sure i'm sure you are all aware, like same thing when we were trying to get a lot of people on zoom a lot of their computers didn't have that capability because it was older product. so But I agree with that. i'm like you don't fix it, you know, and we have found we have a young gentleman in our community who has started his own little tech support company just for senior adults this is like this: is an untapped market, I think he's right and so like That's somebody we know we trust and like, but that's someone who will troubleshoot like how to help them set up their echo or something so that's not necessarily the hardware it's more like the the setups. you have to kind of get those people or ask them who they have felt comfortable with, and who has the technology they're looking Yeah, cause you're really exposing yourself. you're giving passwords and you know all that information.

So you have to feel comfortable. I know on next door a lot of times. People will say who's your tech person. But it's not really, unless you know that person I next door. you really don't know that they're a vetted person. So it is. Yeah, I like just buying new stuff, but says the girl who just spent $500 fixing her old printer because she couldn't give it up . A lot of things that I see are more related to the software you know bugs or or crash, you know. They just don't know how to you know who to go to when something doesn't doesn't work like right software wise.

Okay, Amy, I think we what technology help us to stay more active. You were just telling us about a new product that you've been using in senior living communities. Yeah. So I I think everybody should embrace all technology and and and knowing I'm 52, and there's still things that are new to me, and things that are getting that are really exciting.

And so we've been getting really excited about virtual reality and there's a lot of research going on about how it can reduce things, anxiety, and control. Pain, and it is just an amazing way of escape first of all, so you can put on your goggles, and you are completely threed, immersed in whatever that world may be. And it could be an undersea adventure, or it could be a game of some kind. But the other thing that we're seeing is that a lot of older adults are using it to connect with their families.

And so if you've got a headset and your grandkids have got a headset, you can go into worlds and play games together, there's a really cool game called Oh, it's called Walk. About mini golf, and you can literally play a miniature golf game with other people. But the whole time you're talking and you're playing that people are using it for business meetings. People are using it for family reunions I mean it's a really interesting, easy game. It's really beautiful, and so there's a lot of cool things like that, and so don't be afraid to try these new things.

We have been taking these out to residential communities and senior centers, and the response has been phenomenal. And people are saying, You know, that was life-changing that's something I've never seen before. We had a woman that used to go scuba diving and has it been able to scuba dive for years because she's in a wheelchair, and we took her on an undersea adventure and she just had tears in her eyes. The whole time so there's some amazing ways to use technology. So don't be scared to try the new stuff you probably can't break it, you know.

Just don't drop it if you don't drop it you probably can't break it right in there. Play around. make sure your privacy settings are good on all these tools, and then go play. You really can't hurt most of it you're not going to break the Internet. You're not going to break books. for reality you know just try it because it's it may be life changing and it is an awful lot of fun That's great. Anybody else have products like that they wanna share about. I just heard about a silent concert where you put on these headsets. You go to these parks and you put on these headsets and you have Djs that are playing music, and everybody's dancing around.

But there's no music being played so people around the Parks aren't upset. So this was in Portland Oregon. They? friends, son was a Dj: So has anybody seen that in Austin? Yeah, the library's actually sponsored these silent Disco. So you'll I haven't seen one it must look looks like crazy.

Because you're all dancing to different music Yeah, Rachel, what do you know? We have that, like Austin, city limits, now has them as part of their music festival, and has for years. And it also just reminded me, I mean, this is a little different and less interactive. And and maybe active, but like for the first time ever Austin city limits, is streaming the the music festival which starts this weekend in Austin, Texas, you all are local which I think you are and whoever's in the audience traffic will prepare yourself. but for the first time ever most of that whole music festival is going to be streaming.

And I just thought what a beautiful thing as far as accessibility. And now I don't need to go stand in the heat, and I don't have to deal with the porta potty like I will I will also see them so much better. So you just when you said that that's how my mind went Yeah. So I just I do think about you know I know if everybody else. I do a lot of programming for the for the this this audience, and it's very interesting. I have like half who are like in person and I have half that are in love with the accessibility of zoom and virtual, and I see them every you know, every couple of days virtually, but like and they're we're real close to each other in geographic space. but they're not coming in. and I just think about how wonderful one of the silver linings of covid isolation, and all of that is much more engaged we can be with people who might not be able to go to some of those things. Yeah, one of the i'll just tell you one more because I it's another one I love.

It's called hago it's h a h e yo dot com, hey? Go guides taking you around different places all around the world and I have seen. I do them regularly. There's some amazing things, and You can chat with the other people while you're there. You through type. you type in the chat box but it's all live, and I watched a concert, and Italy and I watched the sunrise over Sydney Harbor bridge, and it is phenomenal so if you love to travel and you can't travel anymore. Hey, go com is a really cool thing, and they just ask that you tip your guides. You don't have to pay but you can do a tip for your guides, which is fantastic, and that's how they make their money. But it's a it's a really cool technology tool neat love it.

Adam, what is the common type of help you offer? Library customers. it's probably not a common cause it's nothing is a dream, Is it we're real fortunate here that we have the time we just meet people where they are. Whatever your problem is. I. You have to do everything on a computer. A couple of years ago. I help somebody get a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant, and you think of that is the first step on the ladder. But you need to fill out your application online, Nowadays just to wash dishes, and if mcdonald' you can get a job at Mcdonalds, but they don't send you your pay Stubs you have to go to the library or some place and print this stuff out.

We can help people do that. i've helped people get a bus ticket online. But or the most sophisticated computer problem. I'll rope other folks in if I don't know what what what there is There's no answer to it with whatever you need.

We're real real lucky that we can do that but we primary purpose is to help folks navigate the library and use our downloadable stuff. So I have to get that advertisement in there. Yeah, we have hundreds of thousands of real books that you can read in bed. But we have a 1 million books that are ebooks that are either, you know, we can't afford to have all those titles, or these are more up to date, or the little more obscure databases a lot of stuff for genealogy databases and again, all this stuff is free. Thousands of journals.

You can read them. Get a free pass for the New York Times for 3 days, and you start over again. Anything you can buy in a bookstore you can get free from the library. Pretty much it's yeah that's awesome I love the library really it just breathing such warm memories. I could be a little library geek describe the general. Types. Oh, we talked about that. Is there another tech gadget that you love besides your phone? Can I just add, by by the way, I forgot. the library has a limited number of laptop chromebooks that we circulate.

You can borrow for weeks for free with your library card. We also have wi-fi hotspots that you can borrow for free with. For 3 weeks we currently we have a little bit of weight on those. but that's a great resource, I mean, I think, like a 150 chromebooks out in the community. So for folks who can't afford it that's pretty great i The technology I use is my phone I tell people one thing the library doesn't do is throw money at it's employees So I don't I don't have Internet at home I do everything on my phone.

I don't watch Tv. I borrow the dvds and play them on my Dvd player like I say, i'm an aging baby humor, but you can do everything on your phone by airline tickets you know this is all you need. which is a good thing. You know that, for we i'll be our customers are in the same boat as I am. So it's it's helpful to know that you don't have to have the latest computer to to be in And Yeah. Just just today I was showing a new adopter. How do you, siri? And again it seems kind of lazy But it's pretty fantastic that that I can talk to my phone and say, Hey, play this song! And 3 s later the song is playing with the lyrics and one app I love that somebody turned me on to is just an if there's a song playing on the radio you just hit the button and it tells you what it is, and you can add it to your playlist and she's an sha am it just listens to the music, and it's incredible.

And those every song, and then you add it to your playlist and I have apple music. And so I have this radio station of music and it's just 2 s later. You you you see what's playing you know and you got it, and that's I love music.

So well, I just I have to talk about what happened to me. So I just went out of reunion and for high school. And so we were listening to music from the seventys, and the songs would come up, and we would be listening to him. Right. I said, I have no idea what those words were. So we went online and I forget what software package we were using. And it would actually have all the words for Now it's like it's not body's song.

Let's see. Yeah, have a good beat we dance, too. So that was really fun. I forgot what application? that was basically we could see all the words and how And then we also read about the history of the song, So what was the meaning behind that song And it would say, you think that the meeting is this but the people who wrote it actually didn't intend for that that's just folklore. So we would just laugh and laugh

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