Advancing AI PCs in 2024 with AMD

Advancing AI PCs in 2024 with AMD

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Happy New Year and welcome and thank you all for joining us today. At AMD, we're always pushing the envelope on high-performance computing. We led the way on big PC advances over the last 20 years, bringing the PC into the modern 64-bit computing era, launching the first multi-core CPU and first APU, and introducing the Zen architecture that drove an inflection point in PC performance for the consumer. Now, the most exciting advance coming to PCs is the widespread adoption of AI. One year ago, we were the first company to introduce a dedicated AI engine, or NPU, to x86 processors with the launch of our industry-leading Ryzen 7040 series. Millions of Ryzen AI PCs have now shipped from every major OEM, but we're barely scratching the surface of the new experiences, features, and capabilities AI will bring to PCs.

We believe AI is the most transformational technology of the last 50 years. Put simply, AI is the future of computing. Last month, at our Advancing AI event, we launched our Instinct MI300 GPUs, the highest performance accelerator in the world for generative AI. AMD powers generative AI from cloud to edge to end-user devices with a broad hardware portfolio and our ROCm open software platform. We are very proud of the deep partnerships we have across the entire AI ecosystem, including Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, Hugging Face, OpenAI, and many more.

Beyond generative AI, AMD technology also powers everything from the Mars Rover to advanced safety features available from the leading automakers to industrial robotics. Now today, it's all about PCs. We announced last month our multi-year Ryzen AI roadmap that will deliver leadership AI performance and reshape the PC experience.

Today we're super excited to be joined by a number of our OEM and ecosystem partners to share more information on the latest Ryzen and Radeon products coming this year. It's an incredibly exciting time for the industry and we can't wait to show you all the great new products we're launching. To tell you more, let me introduce Jack Huynh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of our Computing and Graphics business. Thank you, Lisa. Leadership AMD technologies are key to unlocking these new experiences. From Zen CPU cores to RDNA graphics to XDNA neural processing engines, our goal is to deliver the solutions that push the limits of what is possible.

With the recently announced Ryzen 84 series, we bring the next leap in personal AI processing up to 60% higher MPU performance. We come from 10 to 16 tops, with the total tops increasing from 33 to 39. AMD offers the highest MPU performance you can get in the Windows x86 PC.

The Ryzen 8040 series firmly cements AMD's AI technology leadership. To talk about our partnership, I'm honored to introduce a good friend, Alex Cho, President at HP. I want to take a moment to thank AMD for their partnership. 2023 was an incredible year for us.

Together, we are innovating and delivering new experiences for our customers. Our joint efforts empower people to live, work and play more effectively than ever before. And as we look ahead, I am excited about the opportunities the future holds for us. In 2024, we are committed to delivering more groundbreaking innovations for our customers, especially as we step into the era of AI.

This new wave of computing will bring AI to the PC with the benefits of enhanced performance, personalization, privacy and cost for our customers, driven by AI innovation and local inferencing. Our belief? The best innovation makes computing personal, and AI gives us the ability to be more personal than ever before. At HP, we are proud of creating solutions that offer breakthrough experiences for workers, consumers, gamers, freelancers, data scientists and so many more. Our collaboration with partners like AMD will deliver meaningful innovations that excite our customers and change the fundamental nature of what a PC is. In partnership with AMD, we look forward to introducing new high-performance solutions underpinned by Ryzen 8000 series processors in the coming months.

We're excited to co-engineer future PC experiences which take advantage of AI at the edge. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey together with us. The future looks bright. Thank you, Alex.

It's been great collaboration with HP to create these fantastic products. Inside the leadership AI engine, we designed Ryzen 8040 series with a full set of high-performance computing technologies. The 8040 series features world-class efficiency for incredible battery life, Zen 4 CPU cores for great compute performance, and built-in Radeon 700 series graphics that are powerful enough to play the most demanding games without a graphics card. And best of all, laptops powered by the AMD 8040 series processors will hit the shelves this February.

Lenovo is a close partner, and together we are reshaping a PC to deliver AI for all. To share more, I'm super happy to introduce my close friend, Luca Rossi, Executive Vice President at Lenovo. Hi Jack, congratulations to AMD on the launch of the Ryzen 8040 series processors. It's a technological leap that reinforces the strong partnership between Lenovo and AMD, united in our shared vision for the future of AI in personal computing. At Lenovo, we are embracing AI for all, which means making AI accessible to all consumers and businesses.

Our commitment is to create AI that is personalized for you, controlled by you, and delivered to you by a trusted partner with the greatest security. And we are making this vision a reality with key partners in the industry. Lenovo collaboration with AMD is critical in bringing together our complementary strengths in innovation and technology. And that is why our latest CES announcements from Lenovo IdeaPad to Yoga Creator laptops and Legion to LOQ gaming laptops will be among the first to bring the remarkable Ryzen 8040 series to the market. Together we are redefining what is possible on a PC. This means much faster video editing, quicker 3D rendering, a big boost in gaming performance and great improvement in productivity, without sacrificing battery life.

Lenovo new Ryzen 8040 series laptops can also and advanced AI application, seamlessly enhancing every aspect of your digital life. Let's make 2024 a landmark year for the AI PC revolution. Thank you so much, Luca.

We're excited to have you as partners on this journey. Now let's shift gears to gaming, enabling the best gaming experience is foundational to our strategy. AMD has over a decade-long partnership with Sony, from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5, and with Microsoft, from the Xbox One to the latest generation of Xbox Series X and S. We're also super proud of our partnership with Valve, ASUS, and Lenovo to create a new category on handheld PC AAA gaming devices. When I travel, I absolutely love to play with the Steam Deck, the ROG Ally, or the Legion Go. This new class of device delivers unprecedented performance and portability, but more importantly, it's a wonderful gaming experience on the go, and this is just the very beginning of handheld PC gaming.

ASUS is an extremely important partner for AMD, from gaming handhelds and PCs, to the future of AI computing devices. I'd like to introduce my longtime good friend, ASUS CEO, S.Y. Hsu, to share our innovations at the core of how ASUS is transforming the PC experience. Thank you, Jack. Welcome to the Future of Computing, powered by ASUS and AMD.

Our partnership stretches back to the beginning of our Republic of Gamers brand and our ROG Corsair motherboard, which was built for AMD Athlon processors. Our 2017 ROG Strix gaming laptop embraced the groundbreaking Ryzen CPUs, and our ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop and ROG Ally handheld took portable gaming to new heights powered by AMD hardware. Last year, we launched our first laptop with integrated on-board NPU, thanks to AMD Ryzen 7040 series chips, and now we have redesigned the ROG Zephyrus G14 and packed it with an AI-ready Ryzen 8040 series processor. These chips also power our TUF Gaming A15, our ZenBook 14, and our VivoBook S line, coming in early 2024.

Now, users can tackle complex workloads easier than ever with enhanced productivity and effortless collaboration, all while consuming less power. Each of these products transcends the possible, all to bring you even more incredible experiences. We are proud to share this vision with AMD. Thank you, S.Y. We really value your partnership, and we're incredibly proud of the innovative platforms we are creating together. At AMD, we're taking high-performance computing to the next level in gaming, AI PCs and ultra-small form factors.

Today, we are announcing the AMD Ryzen 8000G series processor that does just that. A available purchase by the end of this month, this product combines the power of a discrete graphics card with the Zen 4 CPU cores and the world's first ever NPU in a desktop processor. In addition to the AI capabilities, the Ryzen 8000G series is the first desktop processor with built-in Radeon 700M series graphics, graphics so powerful you can play next-gen game titles in full HD without a discrete graphics card. Just like we did with handheld gaming consoles, we're broadening the desktop form factors and lowering the barrier of entry for gamers.

And those game experiences come to life through our close partnerships with the world's leading game developers. I'd like to introduce Jan Rosner and Charles Tremblay from CD Projekt RED, the developers of the extremely popular Cyberpunk 2077. Hi Jack, it's great to be here with AMD today. Thanks for inviting us. So, our partnership with AMD comes at an exciting time for PC gaming. PC hardware is more powerful and efficient than ever, but it's also becoming more accessible too.

Yeah, which is great, because it means more and more people have the opportunity to play cutting-edge games on PC. And it's really inspiring for us here at CD Projekt RED. We are all about storytelling and want our stories to reach as many players as possible. The new Ryzen 8000 series CPU offers a perfect opportunity for this. For example, the Ryzen 7 8700G can run Cyberpunk 2077 in full HD without a discrete graphic card.

That means you don't need to have a Huber powerful gaming rig to enjoy the story of Night City on PC, as you can see here. And even better, the new Ryzen 8000 series is fully upgradable, so we can higher resolutions and levels of detail as possible. On this processor, we're seeing great playability, performance, and scalability across handled device, mainstream PC, and enthusiast builds.

PC gaming is more approachable than ever before, and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it. Yeah, it really makes us excited to see what CD Projekt RED and AMD can do together as partners with bold fidelity and accessibility in mind. Charles Jan, thank you so much. We look forward to building the next generation of gaming experience together with your team. For those who are immersed themselves with maximum setting high frame rates in the latest games at 1080p, today we are announcing the Radeon RX 7600 XT, with 16GB of memory, is future-ready for years to come, and will be on shelf later this month in January. The 16GB of graphics memory offers a wider breadth of options for content creators and AI applications.

This large memory pool unlocks new capabilities for larger workflows and beyond, helping power faster performance in applications such as Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve. It also enables popular large-language models such as the LLaMA 13 billion parameter model that won't run on graphics cards with less RAM. Finally, let's look at the growing AI PC ecosystem. With Ryzen AI now enabled across both laptop and desktop PCs, developers can create and deploy next-gen AI applications. We support this effort with Ryzen AI software, available now on This easy-to-use solution is based on an open-source ONNX runtime framework, giving developers access to thousands of AI models under Ryzen AI PCs today.

We also released AMD ROCm software support for our flagship Radeon 7900 series graphics cards to enable model training and machine learning development workflows with PyTorch. This gives developers more options to leverage the computing power of desktop graphics cards. We are also developing continuous optimizations for Direct ML and Shark frameworks, leading to great increases in performance across many different applications.

Now, when it comes to enabling developers with the power of integrating AI into their apps, there may be no better resource than Hugging Face. Thanks, Jack. Hugging Face is the leading open platform for AI builders, and we're excited to work with AMD to accelerate machine learning and make the best models more accessible for all developers. Today we host over 1 million models, datasets, and AI applications in text, image, video, time series, biology, chemistry, and much more. And thanks to our collaboration with AMD, all Transformer models work seamlessly on AMD GPUs.

We now run over 60,000 tests every day to guarantee a great experience for Hugging Face users on AMD. Text Generation Inference, or TGI, is our production solution to deploy large language and is now natively integrated with AMD ROCm to give best-in-class performance out of the box on AMD Instinct GPUs. And this year, we are really excited to work with AMD to make it easy for people to run the best open-source models directly on PCs powered by AMD Ryzen processors. We'll be able to pick from a range of models from the Hugging Face hub that are already optimized for Ryzen AI and run them locally to build AI-enabled desktop applications.

Together with AMD, we are empowering all companies and organizations to build AI themselves instead of outsourcing AI to others. And we've got some exciting things in store for the community in 2024, so stay tuned. Thank you, Clem. It's been such an honor to work with you and to get developers what they really need to integrate AI models into apps as quickly as possible. We're also working with developers to bring the power of AI to content creators.

Let's hear more from our close partner, Adobe. Hello, Jack. It's great to join you here today. It's been an exciting year of innovation at Adobe with the introduction of Adobe Firefly, our family of creative, generative AI models. We are bringing Firefly directly into Creative Cloud workflows to empower creativity for all. In fact, Adobe Firefly has already been used globally to generate over 4.5 billion images.

And we are continuing to innovate and enhance our Firefly models to unlock new forms of creativity, enabling our customers to create with power, speed and ease. AMD is helping us advance machine learning capabilities in Creative Cloud so that everyone can bring their creative visions to life at the speed of their imagination. Adobe has a decade long history of AI innovation, delivering hundreds of AI powered features that hundreds of millions of creators rely on every day. Many of our most successful AI innovations work today on the AMD Ryzen AI platform and are optimized for the AMD Media Foundation runtime.

These include popular features like Premiere Pros, Text Based Editing, Filler Word Detection, Enhanced Speech and more. We expect that AI will continue to democratize advanced creative tools and enable more creators to produce amazing content. Road availability, speed and accuracy – the things that AMD is known for – are extremely important in this new era of advanced creative tools. Our ongoing partnership with AMD is helping us deliver delightful, best-in-class experiences for our shared customers. And this is just the beginning.

We look forward to continuing to advance creative expression, supercharge exploration and productivity and lower the barrier to work in new mediums in close collaboration with AMD. Thank you so much and have an amazing CES 2024. Thank you so much, Ivo, for sharing how we're delivering the next generation of AI powered experiences to content creators.

Microsoft has been one of our longest and closest PC ecosystem partners, provides some detail on how AMD and Microsoft are co-engineering together. Here's my very good friend, Pavan Davuluri, Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices through our December Advancing AI event. Microsoft and AMD have a long partnership together across Azure and Windows. And it's incredible to see us moving that partnership together into the next wave of technology with AI. As you shared, Lisa, for us, there are millions of PCs right now with Ryzen 740 AI in market. And that's amazing because these are the first x86 PCs with integrated NPUs enabling enhanced AI experience.

You told me everybody wanted NPUs. Absolutely. And you know, right now we get to see some incredible AI features, some we talked about, Windows Studio FX coming to life across the scale of the ecosystem. Absolutely fantastic, I would say. Now for us at Microsoft and for the ecosystem, our marquee AI experience is really co-pilot.

Similar to how the start button is the gateway into Windows, the co-pilot for us is the entry point into this world of AI on the PC. It has a fundamental impact on everything we will do on a computer from work and school and play and entertainment and creation. You know, I completely agree, Pavan.

I think co-pilot is so transformational. I mean, for everyone who's had a chance to experience it, it really changes the way we do work. When we have these powerful NPUs like the ones you're building, it gives us an opportunity to create apps that take advantage of both local and cloud inferencing. And to me, that's what the Windows AI ecosystem is about and that's what we're building in partnership with you. Today, I'm very excited to announce that our next-gen Strix point Ryzen processors will actually include a new NPU powered by our second-generation XDNA architecture coming in 2024. Congratulations.

Thank you. So a little bit about XDNA2. You know, it's designed really for leadership gen AI performance, delivers more than three times the NPU performance of our current Ryzen 7040 series. And Pavan, I'm very happy to share. I know your teams already know this because you have the silicon, but today Strix point is running great in our labs and we're really excited about it. Our teams have been working really closely together to make sure that all of those great future Windows AI features run really well on Strix point.

Lisa, that's awesome. And we will use every top you will provide us. You promised, right? Absolutely.

I can't wait to share more on Strix and XDNA2 when we launch our next-generation Ryzen CPUs later this year. A very special thank you to all of our partners who joined me here today to share all the exciting work we are doing together to enable the future of AI PCs. It is a very exciting time for AMD and the entire PC ecosystem.

We're at the very beginning of the AI era and we can't wait to bring all of these great new Ryzen Arena products to market with our partners.

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