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Adding random details | Thorton Hills Zoo | Planet Zoo Live Stream

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You. Oh no. I broke. It, one minute, minute. I'll do it hold on, how, we doing everybody good to see ya hope. Everyone's having a good one there where is there it is I see it a fixed, date it's all good sounds. Yes everything's. Loud, everything's. Loud nothing's, all right there we go I want to be right back is on because I hit f2. I'm so prepared how we doing today everyone hello. Hello. Hello Rebecca. Because. Melanie, various. You, wish the song the trailer was yeah I know it's not it's kind of weird that it's not in there so. Yes. Exactly so, but I. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday, thanks. So much for hanging out for. The random, build. In, minute. Zoo here so yeah we're just gonna pretty much be uh. Excuse. Me I just, doing some random building, in Thornton Hills oops let me switch it over here. There. We are. But, yeah so yeah we're just gonna kinda do some random building for a few hours and go, from, there I. Know, people are gonna ask but no camera today sad, news but, yeah I slept I I. Must have I slept terribly. On. My back last night so, the only way that I, the. Only way that I can kind of, stream. And be. Good to play the game is like leaning way back in, my chair right now on a heating, pad and stuff and the. Camera can see like nothing. And. So you'd see like my. Arm moving, so. Yeah. So everyone, that's like here for the for, the kids for the face. You're. Out of luck you're, not so well I. Do. Yep there goes Rebecca there goes my mod that. Goes mal she's out of here to you I guess I need a new mod anyone. Want a mod just, kidding just kidding, it's. Kidding so here. We are here's, a Thornhill's, ooh I really thought about what I wanted to do it all today to be honest with you huh. No, L saw but we just added in, the. We. Just added in the new wolf, area, over. In the North American, section over ha if, you haven't seen pick, me pick me CI here here they come here comes a room you know me. If you haven't seen that yeah I guess spoiler there's. A timber wolf habitat. But, I really. Like how this turned out and apparently a lot of other people did too I should the Sun read. It a lot of people were and we're, fascinated, by it they liked it there so yeah but if you haven't seen it there's, a video where here it is here's. One of the little puppies. So. There's one puppy, there and, then there should be another one I think. We have two females, I could. Do the easy way to try there it is okay, I could do the easy way to try and find it on the atronics upended. Whoa. We. Turned a little bit although it's already up enough all, right boo boo for yourself that 21 notifications, yeah it's, it's. Been there for a long time and it's gonna be there until I finished, the.

The. Prairie. Area. Are the Great Plains area basically, it's just all it says that all these animals are escaped for some reason even though they're just in the trade center. You. Can see here they're all this it's all the Bison and pronghorn. That. I have and they're just yeah it's just yelling at me. As. Yeah, it. Thinks that they're. Escaped even though they're just, in the trade center you know. Just. Just things. Just. Things. Alright so we're gonna start the beginning of the zoo and I just need to do like some clean up stuff there's. Been a few things that people have mentioned in comments, that I definitely have wanted to do what I've just kind of skipped over. Yadi. Out of this Teton the other thing so we're just gonna kind of go through and what, the heck I've done this every, time I film cinematics, I add, benches, around this because people walk through them and. They, never save so, now you all are witnesses to. This. You all are my. Witnesses, that I am indeed, putting, down. Benches. And. Trash. Cans so that the guests can't walk through my heck and fountain, I. Don't. Want you to walk through my film. So. You see it right everyone, we, are all in agreement that, you. See that I've. Got to get my PC and, hook up that set my honey is power napping, we woke up at the crack of dawn, all. Right a physical, and went for breakfast I see blueberries because he didn't finish his well, of course so, you don't want to be wasteful you. Don't want to be wasteful or anything like that so. There. It is you, do it's right in front of you open your eyeballs, all. Right so let's go look at our. Look. At our Fleming goes here they have some babies, because they turned on earthing. And babies, and death, and all that so. They had some babies, I can't so maybe that's one right there. They seem as though they have grown up already because time moves crazy. Fast in this game yeah, there's one to two years old, there's. Another one that's two years old they're like white and. I've read. That they they're white when they're born but. They get more pink the older that they get, so. There you go. There. You go so, you know you know that like this is an old one probably yeah 17 years old how old do these things how long do these things live, for. How. Bad. Excuse, me we're. Actually gonna do some building today to you by the way I promise. I'm. Not just gonna dick around they live deliverable, 60, get. The eff out that's, I'm, just always amazed to animals that live like, really. Really old and stuff like that a really long time okay yeah here someone, mentioned that for. Access. For you know for everyone for like wheelchairs, and strollers and stuff like that that we should add a little ramp over here I think, that's a fantastic idea, because, I. Have mentioned it several, times that I when, I can like to make things. All-inclusive. You know for ever been a. Lack. Of type. Search. Yeah that's kind of crazy actually that there's no search. Function. Like. That be, honest with you to. Be perfectly. Oh that's not the one I want I mean perfectly honest with you that's kind of nutso, but so, that's. Not so into your but so so. We'll just do wall decorations, and slap some of these windows. Has walls but not really on. Here. Oh wait. What am I doing with make this better do. This vieta you notice that M doesn't work when you have it I x-axis. Like that which is kind of a bummer. Your. IRL zoo animals need water the, notification, with that one is way, worse than, the ones from, in. A zoo oh. You're. The kitties was trying to it was like what you know what else your. Kitties, indeed. It's. Really hard to see. Need, search in a zoo PD yeah it just, it. Just kind of seems like a thing. To do you know is. This wide enough I think we're gonna need the mate well, yeah. We're gonna make it a little bit wider, okay.

I Can change the color in this. Think. It like that, much so you're gonna need to bring this out, it's. A little bit separate, it. Forward. See. I don't know about y'all but this is why some, little terrain changes, are really cool because you get little miss, little differences like it's, awesome it's cool okay what's, up Oscar a long time no see. Cats. Need some water. Oddly someone's the angry mob follows me upstairs and continue to meow me. To death nice. You. Play any other games like the new Star Wars it's amazing, no. Cuz, it requires money. And. Any. Any additional funds go it. Feels like to just other, to, bills. Or, an. Animal, or, you. Know oh great, the, car has, a flat tire or. Yeah. It feels like we haven't had any extra. Bonus. Money. For like a few months. That's. Okay. That's. Okay. It. Comes in waves alright so we have that or wait I didn't complete it I just made. Like a ramp. For them to get stuck on basically. Is, this going down ever so, gently. Additional. Yeah yes, exactly. Who's. It the camel no camel, would you stop, Lincoln you, have enough camels, did I give the boy camel, contraceptive. Okay good. They're. Too many. Camels. Alright, anyways. Back. To the. Rail it's. Actually a little bit not doing anything there we go there, you go, walk. It out of the way this is a construction. Site folks, I. Need. You to just. Jettison. Your way out, of here if you could that'd. Be fantastic today. New. Prisoner yeah there's only six buckaroos, that's in your budget yeah say well. Yeah. It. Doesn't interest me though I'll be honest, it. Doesn't really interest me too much. The. New prison architect DLC so, animals. Gonna hump you know, yes. Rebecca I'll give you that one now that's a freebie you get that one. So. Now that the camel is had wait yeah both see because. Of Rebecca would be like best friends probably, IRL because they make the same jokes at the same time everything. They. Buy each other a lot of cokes. Get. It cuz, jinx. All. Right I'm out of here have a good one. What. If this is panco language they're doing or if it's an actual language. Oh yeah. Actually I do you need people no separate, dick damn. You're. Like your fifth attempt at franchise mode franchise or.

Challenge. I kind. Of want to stop my challenge, mode play too and do franchise, mode now is, that terrible. Just. Because they kind of fixed it a little. Bit I think, that's about three how you, will. Say yes. Boo. You're fired, I was never hired. So. Wait is it one way in one way out or. Should we do another one coming down this way or is it just one it's always just one right yeah no it is. You. Need to do - did, you. - yes. In glaze English. Well. English only is, if I can't understand, you then I can't talk to you if I can't talk to you then you can't you can't. Chat yeah, we like English. Ranchos. You sucky at it you, got to start small you. Got to start small everyone always. You. Know us will put everyone. Always wants to like get a grizzly bear like, a freaking Panda out the gate or. They buy something like that right out the gate and then I got crab a lot of conservation credits. And. So yes star smell you got a flamingo Ferris you know or you got to get. There's. Something a little bit small war hogs or, dogs. African, dogs, there's. An entire article, written about African, dogs and how it broke franchise, mode for a few days basically. Yeah. Start small and. Go. Bigger from there. Krazee-eyez. Motors just saying box with extra steps no that's not true at all that's. Not even true a little bit. That's. May be true for challenge, mode a little bit but franchise, mode is the online mode and that has a lot of different stuff than, sandbox. Mode has different, challenges community, challenges. Daily. Things you got to check into to get conservation, points there's a lot that goes into the franchise mode it actually looks like a lot of fun all. Right so we have that and then oh yeah someone else said for the bear pit, to, I. Think, I started to do that it did and I just didn't finish it to. Cover. It up with, yeah. There we go I. Also. Think that's a swell, idea. You. Get better good good it was you that said that yeah that's a good idea because. Even though guests, aren't allowed back here per se. They. Would still have it kind. Of. Close. Oh no it's okay Murphy it's just the neighbors, you. All might hear my dog bark cuz the neighbors just got home so he thinks said achelous, home from. When. Pizzas, a day ago you can have pizza any time. I've. Had the, pizza. Bagel. The bigger bites jingle, stuck in my head for like four. Days now it's. Almost annoying what. If they catch you too so I'm gonna keep you too so. Pizza. In the morning pizza. In the evening pizza, except a time when, pizzas, on a bigger you, could have pizza, any time. All. Right that's enough streaming, for one day I think. Anyways. Right. Now I have to bug those, buttload. Of Springbok, because, they keep mating and I'm putting some on the market eight Nile monitors, must have missed some breeding into Komodo, dragons. Nice. Just. Make sure you're putting down on the donation.

Bins You can have more than one for, an exhibit you can have actually a buttload as, far as I can tell and. Don't. Forget to check in with your buddies. Up. Here, if you have buddies coming you can you can click on them and check, in with them or whatever franchise, mode then you get like 20, cc's. You get 20 conservation, credits or something like that whenever you do that, so. And, then never get in the, main menu you have to check in to franchise, mode and it gets you like a hundred free credits, every single day Oh. So, waiting for sandbags to be an extra sandbox mode there's. Supposed to be an update ow. There's. Supposed to be an update. This. Coming, week for. Sandbox. To officially be sandbox, mode quote-unquote we'll see what that means. But. I'm hopeful. You, know. You. Know I was thinking I'm sure this isn't an original idea but something that would really help at least the facilities, you know, for the fact we had to have like power you don't really help. Power. Lines, you. Know like, let's say for my zoo my idea I'm originally for, Thornton, Hills and hopefully I can actually do this if the sandbox, mode or the sandbox mode is enabled was, to have this entire corner of the zoo over here be the staff, area and like backstage, facilities. Area so, it'd be like one big power like, relay station, basically and like one big power water, purification. You know if there's like a um like, an aquarium. That we do or a polar bear something that's like penguins sometimes really water focused, it would have its own water station, but there'd be like one big bein one back here for like you know the drinking fountains and, like that so that. Was my original idea but then sandbox. Mode was, challenge. Mode without money and. Challenges, basically, where. Were we doing oh yeah. You. Get ready for work so let's your have a good have a good shift button we'll see ya buttload. Of dough, no bends I'm getting my my buddy's, good cuz you're good keep doing that keep doing that don't hire too many people. Keep. Your costs, down make, sure you have facilities. To like guest facilities like burger joints drinks information. Stand is really important, stuff. Like that yeah. It. Looks like it the streams kind of stuttering a little bit if it is sorry, if it's kind of stuttering around just a little bit. Somedays. OBS, doesn't, like I need, to do other days it's like. Here, we go sowed it's broken, a little bit to show that it's a little bit you know busted, down oh now that we can multi I, do. This I'm going to. My. Wife texted me twenty minutes ago for our beer for lunch. Chick-fil-a, Arby's, pizza, or Chinese. Chinese. Chinese. Sounds. So good, holy, heck. How, is it not an actual sandbox, because you have to worry about management, still. So, sandbox. Is not worrying about management.

So. The fact that we have to worry about water. Power. Our. Staff. Just. Stuff like that that it's nits not sandbox. It's. Challenge, mode with. Unlimited money and no challenges. So. We're. Boarding Chinese I've been getting Chinese - it sounds like. I'm. Stoked. On Chinese. There. We go so they're all different colors so it shows a little bit of wear and tear for it so. There is that that was good I like that idea I saw some power lines in the workshop earlier I was yeah yeah I know mr. Delmas made some power lines and someone, in the bro nation, made. Power, lines as well that looked pretty good so. I. Think, I want to improve this just a little bit here. You're. Already eating Chinese. Rebecca. Stop being so divisive I have to approve all of your messages, like when, you say suck and hate. YouTube. So PC that you, can't say sucker hate. Which. Is kind of like okay YouTube, okay. You do. Alright, so let's just put likes a little bit of structure to this here can use the color of this. Yes. It's. Not that big a deal. It's. More of a it's more of a. Okay. YouTube egg, rather, than you. Saying such. Hateful. Words, as suck, and hate. Oh just. Despicable. Words. I. Would. Never. Define. You. To I. Don't. Want work with dick wait oh hey we have these just like that no we don't. Songs. Dope oh, we. Do have those right there okay. Morello, sucked up really good YouTube. Speaking, of YouTube and dope, songs as the algorithm. Has, been on point for me lately, as. Far. As recommendations, go it's. Been recommending, me this. Like. Why. Disco. No not disco but like live spinning. DJ. Sets of like, Japanese. Funk. From, funk. And jazz from. The 70s. Yeah. Japanese, funk and jazz from, 1960s. And 70s and, at. First I was like alright I mean let's. Let's, see what's up YouTube let's let's, do, this and, I'm just like bro YouTube, coming, in with the hot recommendation. That's totally. Fire and. It's been like my go-to listen, for. A few days now. So. Yeah if you all are just hanging, out and like building, and like wanting to listen to something be, sure to throw on that you. Know. Japanese. 1970s. Coffee house disco. So. Is there a quick way to get su pedia direct from an animal so it goes to that animal yeah. Or. Way actually no I don't think it doesn't even if you click on the animal. So. Naturally, you would think if you clicked on the zoo pedia. But. The animal here would go to that it. Does so if you clicked on the animal melt right, down here there's a zoo key if you click on a little just jump right to it. Let's. Jump right to pay pipi what's up plus. One vote for, bear skeletons, you monster. And, dude, zucchini for that yes see Rebecca knows what's up, I'm, just, apparently ignoring, her and not seeing her messages so all right let me keep. They. Keep covering, this up over here, you. Can't see, there. That's what no I don't ya, know. Elephant. This. Elephant grass. Is like I know my favorite well for. Quick covering up of areas. Boom. Can't. See spit. Welcome. Eels. Flat man it feels bad man, eels. Flabby man. Eels. Crabby man. Okay. So we have that that was a good idea thank you again. Furious. For that I do. But. Else what else I am contemplated. Thinking. That something should go up in here like that the zoo and have like a marketing, like. Flag up here or something like that but I don't, know if that's I even. Mentioning cuz I'm not gonna put anything in let's. Go down here I'm. Trying to remember if anyone mentioned, anything else but over here did kind of want to. Dress. Some of the stuff up because this backstage road is getting very long and, oh, hey before you do this doesn't. Have a lot going on with it yet I thought it really needs to have a lot going out with and it is literally just a road and it's the perimeter of the zoo. We. Can move those trees that are in the middle of the road. That's. Okay to do. So. Yeah let's dress up this area over here. How. Do we. How do we what to be I. Don't. We had to be what do we I. Don't. Really actually think we need to have a path connecting, that, way like that so, we're gonna switch that up. Smooth. This out if we can who. Nailed. It. The way to remove the guests bonds that, are in the sandbox entrance, no you can only, move. The entrance. The, ticket entrance. Yeah. You can yeah I exactly you can add more but you can't remove the original ones, so. I haven't had a problem with that though guests don't like randomly, spawn there at least to my knowledge.

Okay. So how we can cover this up here. With. Some foliage. You, can't seem to remove the ticket entrance anymore, oh no. Did they switch that with the franchise mode, thing franchise. Mode got an update where you originally. In franchise mode you could remove the entrance. And all that fun stuff like he could do with sandbox and they switched it and it. Affected, sandbox. Mode as well so. Maybe that affected, as well I'm gonna go check on that in like two seconds here because I'm kind of interested as I don't know. Any. More dead trees. More. Dead trees or I riot. Hope. Someone's blowing, their leaves. A, little. Ridge line of bushes, here. Do-do-do-do-do-do, to to not, to start, anything cos raleigh adhere, for zoo time with true but is kappa, gonna mess with you ill our nope, because my content isn't aimed at children. They've. Already stated the, FTC has already come out and said that video, games just, because you play a video game doesn't mean that you're automatically, like. That it's. Automatically. Like you know kids, whatever. You want to say. So, nope not. Totally fine they're, not trying to go after just like all youtube accounts, that might have. A great area or anything like that that's. Not their intent at all cuz i'd be dumb and. They know it they're. Just trying to find the bad players, that's. Really it so. Yeah, if you do toy reviews, or you play like, you know minecraft. And it's meant. To like appeal directly to 12 and 11 year olds or if you're like jake paul or logan paul that's. What they're trying to get at is just they're trying to get like the bad actors, from. Not. Profiting. Off of small, children anymore. Television, went through this in the 80s and 90s with. Kids. Programming. Kids. Programming was. Marketed. Heavily for. Market, for. Yeah. Different advertisers, and stuff and the FTC had to step in and make sure, that they weren't getting manipulated, because you know kids are so easily manipulated. So. That's really all they're trying to do so. I know, i wanted a big rant there and half that wasn't even asked but I just, know it's been a hot button topic. For some people so. Which. Barriers, did you say curves oh you. Can see which ones curve I'm not sure what on the top my hip if you click on Mel they they'll come up and the. Null ones do you can see here straight or curved you click it, it'll. Come, up, so. See if it doesn't come up with the straight or curved. Then it doesn't, do it there. You. Had strip, clubs and alcohol stores all your zoos yeah just to make sure right yeah definitely, definitely. See. It's nice I'm safe because I can even back up my analytics, that kids don't watch my my. Content, I, got. The analytics, to back it up like seed, no no kids find me interesting at all, my. Main age demographic. Is 18, to like, 30. 30, year old space basically, so I. Think. We really add something like right here I'd be kind of makes kind, of nice just, don't, really know LOD. Did. I had a bear statue over here yet I did. Okay, so we already did that dang that, was my other idea cuz someone mentioned that before in the comments I'm pretty sure. Maybe. We won't add anything so. Nobody's muscle sorry. Yeah. This, is the older part of the zoo they wouldn't really do anything like that so it's fine moving on. Sounds. Like the kids fault for being so manipulative, blame the children yes how, dare. You have, fragile. Molding. Minds children. I need a defense. How. Dare, ye dare, ye. Thank. You let me click on the hole got. Him. This. Add more animals a cheese you like the wolf no that, wouldn't make any sense Rebecca. Gosh. Actually. I would ZZZ do that all the time where they just add random add random, animal sanshi stuff like that polls is here I'm. Too cool to be online online, on time yes there it is. You. Tend to use brick berries for everything and change it yeah I think I do null barriers, automatically, and then kind of just change it around so. Just. Imagine a really upscale panda burlesque show and use the Asian theme to really cater earlier so you guess yeah we. To. The second head yeah it's the second half of the master plan for for, the zoo exactly. Exactly. Do, we even have this kind of deer in it we don't even have this kind of deer in the game do we.

So. Donde. See. I'm wandering, and those, of you that played a planet coaster and followed it from its. Birth, till, death. Okay. I'm wondering if we're gonna be getting some free. Update or, a big free, update with four planets ooh that's gonna include someone, like the missing animals so they couldn't put in and stuff like that. Wondering. If we're gonna be getting something like that. Now. They did that for oh come. On my. Ex button broke now they did that for planet coaster because planet, coaster was incomplete when, released. If I'm just being honest with you. So, yeah I don't know we'll see about that so I'm, I have to restart the game just. Have red red panda statues everywhere exactly. Exactly. Oh. Most. You could check all animals except the dang be vowels. Anyway. Yeah we need a lot of sweet needs a lot of stuff, no. I joined at the end hey Sarah what's up how you doing welcome in Sarah. Yeah X button glitch I know let's see if it's really the X button glitch no see it's now it's working. It's. Weird it does it for some things. Now. It's working, no. No no it's not so. It does it for, like multi, selecting. Objects. Yeah that's totally what it is interesting, someone. Go tell frontier, so. If I can hit X but, I can't X again now, however. If, I were to take these manage amaz put them in a group. Take. That group edit it. X. X yeah, that works like that when I put them into a group so, it's only, not. Really working at least for me when stuff is out of a group and I hit X. And. I try and move them so, there you go there. You go polar, bears yeah I love pebble reindeer, for Christmas would be a good idea. Let's, put a concrete slab under this, is. Really, what we need to do we need to put the concrete slab this you're. In my right. Now I am hello, look, at yours ooh you, have a lot of people's. You. Have so, many peopIe, fouls it, is astounding, I've never been to a zoo with, more P fowls in it in my life. There. We go there. We go what about the golden snub-nosed, monkey what's the golden snub-nosed, monkey it sounds stabbing. When. They're penguins polar, bears what, else seals, yeah. I could see that what a hell are we gonna do be doing next we're, gonna be doing a cool whippet big day at the paper baby baby grizzly bear we're, gonna be doing grizzly bear I don't know if we'll get to it today, today. Is really just kind of going through the. Zoo and just kind of adding. In little details that I've missed along the way we, might start on the Grizzly habitat but I can't promise, anything. Can't. Promise can't promise. Honors. Would be cool yeah just kind of a North American update. Would be good I think. Australia. Needs some representation. Though. As. Well as like you know. New. Zealand and all them like they're they're highly. Under. Underrepresented. So. This area looks pretty oh no no no you know what there was one area needs investment over here. Do-do-do-do-do-do. No power. I'll. Fix that I, think. Cease. You. Love grizzly I do too, grizzly bears are probably one of my favorite animals that, we have in the game right now did, you all participate, in the, grizzly, bear franchise. Mode challenge. And. Get your. Your. What. Does he get like a costume right you, get a special, costume a. Hair. Barriers, track, buyers. Absolutely. So, let's move this we're. Gonna move this over here actually this, is literally. A, staff. Room. So. We can ass have. Like. And. Then have a backstage, pass connect. I. Don't. Know what were yelling about. You. Know we're just gonna do increment coats. All. Day, cuz. It's 2,000. And whatever. That movie came out. Got. Him. They'll. Be because you removed the power, earlier, yes I, did and, I meant to replace, it with the thing I just did wait we're going to check on something else that you mentioned beer this oh the, entrance. Now, yeah, I can't leave them.

Yep. Anyways. Let's. Cover that up. I. Don't. Need these I used to have to have these random roads kind, of connecting out because, I, needed. Mechanics, to get back to the bless. You llama or. Ostrich. Yeah. Because I needed the mechanics, to get back to. The. Power I don't we don't really need that is. This doing out here. What. Fifty percent no it's 95. Percent of the time it works every, time that. Doesn't make sense. Nice. Grungy. Door here. And. A nice crunchy door yeah this, is first time why. Have I've ever watched not, counting the last two seconds to the video nice well welcome, welcome. I will say that anyone that has not seen you live before. I, normally, have a camera but. If, you missed the DBA who stream I. Wrenched. My back last. Night well sleepers, somehow. So. Not. Camera today but yet normally I would probably have like a camera going and stuff like that so I know. Some people are really you know that's really important. For. Them to know and stuff like that, I do. It, excuse. Me. Oh yeah, thanks for trying and I appreciate it Oh everyone's having a great Saturday. There anyone have some fun Saturday plans or we just kind of. Lounging. Around in the house just kind of hanging. Around like a bunch of bunch of dorks. We're. All a bunch of dorks now so. With the same thing. Yes. Just. Children today hardcore, lounge good. Good. I like to hear that. See. They say it's lazy Saturday, I think, it's just our Sunday I think it's lazy, weekend. Really. We. Go shipping, receiving window, you. Know it should just be designated, you should, just designate, being lazy to one day that, seems counterintuitive. You. Can be lazy other, days too if you wanted to why, does Sunday get to have all the farmers. I'm. Not saying you should be totally counterproductive and. Like a blob. But. If. You want to be lazy on other days you'd be lazy on other days I'm like the Oprah being lazy. You. Think I could make Oprah money by being the, Oprah of lazy I. Can. Make lazy, Oprah, money. I'm. Talking about. How. Do you keep animals alive. I keep.

Animals Alive by, ticking. The. Box that says don't die. Normally. I disabled, that now though because I wanted, them not to die but, you gotta yet make sure you feed them you. Know so let's let's go over to our camels, here. So. Here's, our camel and they gotta make sure that they're everything's, looking good for them, now. To make sure that this is going good you gotta go to their habitat. We're. Gonna go to our filter. Species. And. We'll come down here and here's our camera back tree. In camel. So, these are all the things that the camel likes. So. You got to make sure that you get the camel it's, food and water so get in a trough out there. To. Get put a trough. Likes. To drink out of the oh, look. It's, pooping means. It's happy, so. Use your basic needs for it and then, everything after that is pretty much you know enrichment. For it which makes it happier so, overall just make sure that you're keeping, you know you're making sure it's fed you get it some food and Richmond items, now. This is all in sandbox mode. Now. You can only do all it like the sandbox mode stuff like, I mentioned in sandbox mode franchise mode challenge mode you cannot turn, off animal, deaths so you didn't know you could turn off yeah so if you're in sandbox mode and you just want to build then. You. Know. Next. Week holidays are gonna be crazy. Starting. Up your engines, yeah we are, busy. Tomorrow we actually have plans tomorrow for, fur. For, the for, the holiday. Michaela's. Mom's place in the next week and I'm sure something. Is next weekend. Thanksgiving. Or is this week. Is, it tomorrow Thanksgiving. I. Don't. Even know when holidays are you. Zamel. Camel has two humps yes, oh I did not know that you could uh yeah they're apparently, these camels like a workshop climbing, frame or, blueprint yeah, yeah, I think that's cuz I just put it in habitat so there, you go it's Thursday oh there you go okay. Let's. Cover, this up. I'm. Pretty, sure that my wife is on the way home with some Chinese food right now but it doesn't mean that those streamers gonna end when she gets here with it. I'm. Gonna take like it but quickest or breaks to go snarf. It down. But. Just just a heads, up oh this is gonna be Schmidty, with, the. Hate. It already hello. Let's, try this one. More time let's make this easier on ourselves. Well. Game oh do I like the best sandbox. Definitely. Sandbox I like. To be able to just kind of, build. What I would like to for the most part I still enjoy, doing the other modes as well sometimes but. Sandbox, is where I do the most if. You haven't already um. My. Thorton Hills zoo this Zoo that we're doing here is all in sandbox mode so that's the kind like the main my. Main stick. There, and. Whenever I do habitat. Bills those are always in sandbox mode as well. All. Right let's show this again no. Fighting. Due, to overcrowding kayak. Stop. It stop. It stop, fighting. It. Was it Oh as these guys hey. Hey. You've got it you got a go you. Got to get out of here bud. Leeson. You out into the wild. Yeah. Okay. Hey dude no more working no, more parking hey there's. Enough of you. We. Don't need any more. Mini. Piers you. Think that's what they're called how many tape here is a mini, pier probably, not what. About you are you are you old now and want to go fight your dad no, cuz you're a girl. Played. Our franchise since the the beta I. Watch. My own videos I. Kinda. Do, when I'm editing and stuff like that. Well. I don't watch them I, probably. Should because I missed some stuff when I'm editing but I'll. Say, sometimes. But. Not all the time. But. Again I probably should. Cuz. People of comments and were like hey you forgot, to put like. Concept. Art footage when you said you were going to or whatever so. That kind of. Stuff. Kind of sucks but yeah. Yo. Copy got bigger okay do you are y'all gonna fight now yep. Okay so. You. Need to. Out. To. Be blunt and. Mr.. Dude or mrs.. Mrs.. Dude. That's. The problem with the okapi is that they like their, privacy so much that they're kind of hard to find sometimes hello. You. Guys loving or fighting oh you already are Verity rarity chapter dingaling gone gone. Cool. Moving. On the church we're, doing okay over here yeah let me go like the.

Flamingos Are nuts they, can have like God one. They gonna have something like sixty in their flock I remember reading. No. I'm sorry five hundred they. Can have up. Picking. Up upwards of five hundred in their flock and they live till six years old that just blows my mind for whatever reason, if we. Ever get up to 500 flamingos. In this habitat. Right here. Alright, so let's keep going down and I. Keep, putting this little section off over here they. Think she's like sign out Twitter and stuff like that everyone appreciate it I, appreciate. You. And, your fingers, hitting, the heart button on Twitter, it helps out unless you don't let him up there. No. Chinese, is coming to me god. That's so great this. Love love. That. Hey. Honey do you want Chinese food yes okay going to get it now oh that's. Just like the greatest thing ever said. Even. More for. What. Habitat are you most proud of in any of your zoos counting, the betta. Good. Question. Amazing. Wife yes wife is amazing well she is she. Is, it's. Part of the reason why I decided to marry her cuz I was like hey you're pretty cool she. Was like pretty cool too um, my. Favorite build that I've done I think it would probably be. It'd. Be the lion habitat the. One off lion habitat that, I did it be between that and the recreation. Of the Brookfield Zoo tropic. House well, slight recreation, of it is more of an inspiration than, a recreation, so, probably between those two. If. You. Haven't seen the lion habitat that I'm talking about there is a speed, build video of it and all that fun stuff we're, gonna take a look at two planets who's awesome and takes like two seconds, to load, for the most part. Can. You have your wife say hi when she gets home I'll see if she wants to she's gonna be here for about. What time is it she's be if a little bit she's in between uh in. Between. Morning. And evening shift. Actually. We're gonna put the concrete wall, we're gonna go full on industrial. Backstage. Here, actually. This is still prayer the older part of the zoo we can do the brick wall. Put. It back just a little bit give a little bit of room for some, foliage. You. Did a Coliseum. No. Not. Me that. Wasn't me, it, was probably Rudy or D lady if it was a dome. They. Love, doing, domes, and, stuff like that we're. Gonna eventually do that as well absolutely. An, over here we'll do like a retaining wall odo mez gave me a really good idea of her retaining. Walls he's. Been using the fencing. For. Retaining walls and that's a super, super. Good idea. Do. You get these nice little curves and you're fencing without butchering. Your. Sanity. Let's. Go a little bit more oh I got a can. Right, there I. Reckon. You can take it wait that funk. With. That. Take. She, did that, she, did. Nope it just had, to worst. Jeez. A brick. Wall. Oh. That's. You making, that noise I never, knew what, that noise. Was and. It's, him taking out his tape measure. I. Never. Knew what that noise was, it. Drove, me insane. I. Kind. Of like the curvy curviness to this. Gonna. Fix different. Parts of it as, we as, we go. What. The fact how do you shrink, the wall without moving the slider if you select a wall piece, but. Slider. Are. You talking about slider weights, now. Maybe. Right. Here. Can. Do that with it you, can uh-oh, the. Length. You. Can um if, you select the end of a piece, oh. Oh. I'm sorry plus minus plus minus, so. Plus minus. Keys. Sorry. I just understood what you're saying. Yeah. It's a lot better than going over here and doing the slider. If. I delete one animal in the game which. Would it be and. I'm gonna add to that and say which would I replace it with so, vitally, one animal in the game I would. Delete. I would. Delete. Yeah. I would delete the Indian Rhinoceros and, replace it with the African rhinoceros, there. Is. I just think it's a I, think it's a weird choice, to do, the. Indian Rhinoceros over, the African rhinoceros, and that's just my, own thing because I like the Indian right house there's a lot more. Asada, Lee. This. Isn't the retaining wall anymore by the way so, just if. Someone is like actually knows how a retaining wall works, in something they're just like that's not yeah i know i know i said i changed my mind it's just a wall. Nough. Pygmy hippos bit silly in your honest opinion I also.

Personally. I'm not like. Super sold on that one I do. Like the baby version of the pygmy hippo though the, baby pygmy, hippos are. Kind. Of adorable if. I'm being honest. They're. A, little bit. Hack in a deer bull. They. Got it. Okay. Let's stop that right there. We. Should add the. Sumatran. Rhinoceros, is, that like your typical African. Rhinoceros, I guess. You'd call it. Or, is it literally called an african rhinoceros. In. Comparison, to planet coaster I dislike way, out of my element when it comes to like knowing, about animals, and stuff like that like planet goes through so we'll come in and be like what, are you building off building, a classic, arrow you. Know 70s, mega looping, coaster, based. Off this reference, here, and this, park and all this fun stuff and this is the classic, flat ride that fits in with the air and stuff here, I'm just like what. Kind of Rhino is that is that like an African, rhino or, I'm. So out of my element but. It's. Fine it's it's guy like it because I get to learn about and. These. Amazing. Creatures because, I have an interest in all of it you, know I just. Was, more exposed. To like theme parks of stuff whether. It be games or. Like. Sierra theme, parks itself like that rather than zoos well. Like I went to zoos as a kid just not nearly as much as. He. Works. Well. That was my own doing tubes I've ever had a choice to, go anywhere they like my parents, would. Sometimes, be like during, the summer all right what do you want to do today you know we have the day free we can go somewhere what you want to do I have always be like Great America I'm, gonna go to Six Flags, which. Is the closest Park to us at the time and so. Yeah. Only. Kinda when I got older and was in school like in middle, school and high school we, went to some. Zoos like the Milwaukee, County Zoo. Brookfield. Zoo. And, the. Madison, Zoo it's not called to Madison Zoo though it's called something, else it's like Oh with Henry villas I think. It's called the Henry Vilas Zoo. Anyways. Baby, cheetahs are freaking adorable with, their chirps, being. A main Africa ones at the black right now in the white rhino, Sumatran. Rhinos rhino. Is from Southeast, Asia and is super in danger no interesting, okay why did it block you, syrup from saying that the African rhinos are the white rhino yeah yeah yeah mm-hmm, gotcha. Oh that makes sense Sumatra yeah makes, sense oh. My. God there's so many things are expecting offsprings. Hold. On halt. Hold the phone, we. Need to address this situation because. We have a situation. We. Have a situation on, our hands all the boys all. The. Boys you're. Getting put out in a pill. We're. About to have a calamity, on our hands here. I mean, it's looking better it's like looking you know filled out and stuff with all the birds, in there but I think, like four or five, flamingos. Just got pregnant. So, you, know, that's. Not gonna that's not gonna go over to too hot. Everything. Contraceptive. Because if, they have a. Male. Or. A female or whatever then they're gonna still. In. Breed. Everybody. I'm. The, contracept. Yeah. Baby. Bingo. Baby. No. Is. There a no, contraceptive. All button but, I just missed out total young make. Sure I have them all here I. Can't. Wait to lead I hope you get stuff like whooping, cranes and stuff like that well they all had their babies. Everyone. Had the babies there we go jeez. There's. Also Javan. Rhino which is even, more nurse eeper in danger and cut Sam. The. Kalos home uses. You money with all your animals easy to put them all on the pill at the same time ah heck oh. You. Can't look at that stuff, well as, I said it I should, have looked at my chair thank, thank you thank you. I. Can. Double-check now. So. Yeah what it missed him. Nice. Okay, thank you. Okay, so we have that we have there, let's, put down. Here. A. Minute. Okay. All. Right I'm gonna finish up this quick line right here this quick row and then I'm gonna do like a.

Little. They. Had a break. To. Eat hello. Hi, hi tell. An. Old. Man's front yard w farm. You. Can even put the baby's icon shuttle in the animal menu with you I noticed, that that's. Kind of interesting. That's. Kind of how can interesting, hi Murphy. Your. Student there buddy I put, these on the wrong side of puns. Hello. My back feeling it's still not great. Still. Not, the greatest, thanks. For asking though I. Mean. I'm in a weird like. Half. Hunched, over position, right now. Serious. Injury, why. Why. Are you fighting, with this that's, your daughter. Stop. Being, a dick. See. I hate that they fight though because you're supposed to build, a pack. Unless. That's normal. For them to do. Because. I mean they're, fine socially. I, started. With just to you know just the male and the female and, then. They had these two girls but. Now the women are fighting heater. Not fighting yeah you can't but I didn't want to do that cuz uh I, kind of wanted to leave that but, I might turn it off just so that that it's not a thing. Yeah. I don't want to do that but they're gonna do it and new because that's, that's. Against, the pack, building. All. Right so. I'm. Gonna, take a lunch. Break but I'm not gonna close on the stream, wait, put something. Escaped. What. Escaped. Not. The camel escaped. Camel. What the heck are you doing out of your kit why don't you get out. You've. Been in the zoo you, can't get out. Why. Is the camel out even though I can't get out, Kim. OH get back in the gym, he. Didn't mirror. How. Does it get out. Okay. Cool, anyways, get, it take a quick break not gonna shut the stream down. So, yeah I'm just doing a quick lunch and I'll be right back so I won't, take loan, at all. Oh, be, right back. Time. Man. How's. That. Great. Pretty quick our filling. All. Right let's catch back up of what y'all been up to sigh don't, forget to pause the game, okay. Ah. Fredrick. Sure, why not Frederick, held. An illegal camel race at this zoo and is currently dealing with the loser that's right that's. Right. See. I. Spent. A long time writing. I'm. Not leaving the live though okay cool, good anyways yeah a firing that I know it, was it was forever. But anyway you flip go ahead and do. Some more building, the zoo for like another hour - they're fresh. Can you put a time limit on it just until. We're done, alright. So we moved our way this way and we were yes so we're here. Let's. Let's. Just add in some more full, agent stiff over this way. That's. Me a lot of today it's foliage, close game foliage. That's, fine, I enjoy, foliage. Pantry's. Am i doing over here already, I'm. Just pretty much doing a big mixture of. Northern. North. America and European. And. Light. All right so we'll sliding the road here with a few trees kind, of I mean, it's a backstage row so you know it's like fully block, the V or anything like that right, but I'll. Still just do a little bit here. Local, Illinois man chokes on Chinese food after inhaling as long as you get back to live stream ya had, to get back to I don't know what the view count hits but all. See. It's normal like 20 like 20 viewers or, 10 viewers. Then. Oh. I. Am so full now holy cow. Holy. Cow. What. I've dinner for tonight though I'm stoked on that. Always. Love getting the leftovers. To a tree here. Make. Sure the dad, and daughter don't have babies together because they they, can all, for the animals yeah I know I don't even know how you would stop that though you. Can put my contraceptives. But you. Can't really, tell. The animals. Who. De Bourg I, guess. Is the best way to put it but. I put a lot of amount of contraceptives. Cuz I don't really want a lot of them to have babies anymore so we should be okay in that aspect should be should be almost. Pulling some of mr. dumbasses backstage. Stuff here. There. We go okay. Make, sure you keep the lingerie stores guesstimate, don't let your animals by stiff well, what if the camels feel like looking, really sexy and it, just is like my, humps, my humps my humps my humps my, lovely, camel. Humps check it out. Only, issue is. How do, we, get. Vehicles. Down, there. I could, probably have this roadway connect, through here. Would. You miss I built, an entire Zoo and, uploaded, on the workshop just kidding not much not. Much at all pretty. Much just this. Just. Make sure it's a lovely. Daughter humps or don't, Who am I to judge I. Give. That a certified, certified. Yikes. That's. A certifiable, yikes moment. There, is really garbage trucks and stuff. Will come in. May. Be that smooth, but doesn't really have to be so it's okay. Well. That's. Done what's next the planet coaster soundtrack, oh my goodness. How. Exciting. Is that. Now. Exciting, is the planet, coaster soundtrack. Camera. Yeah, right, there that's the ticket, right there it is.

All. Right so there goes that works. Now. I could add some more stuff down here for char. But. We're not going to right now we're. Not going to right now we're gonna keep moving on and. See what else we can kind of add on to get. A little bit uh ADHD. Here oh, I. Don't. Think I did. Shoot. I just did all that and I just remembered it was a comment. That I agreed with that we should move. This. Mac. You. Know what we'll do instead we'll. Keep this barrier, going, across. And, this, block the view of it. That's, what we're gonna do. There. Like, that. You, can still see it obviously that, the whole point isn't to make, it disappear or anything it's just to draw your attention away, from. From. It so. That's. The main thing oh hi Murphy you gonna take a nap, yet you're going yeah. I'm. Actually digging. If that's the cheap easy way to do it no. It I'll. Actually do, it I won't be late. So. To do, it I'm going to need to move the path back, a little bit. This. Would be fun. It, won't be as bad as I'm making it making, it out to be. That's. Okay. I'll. Soul I'll. Sue move it back I'm just gonna need to move the. Keeper. Hunt. Keeper. Huh is right here we're gonna probably have to move it I'm a different way to. Have it gonna work how I wanted to know, I want to like really rotate the building around at all. We. Just want to move it straight on back. Oh. Boom. I. Was. Gonna get the terrain down here. But, I had something underneath here yep. Oh I, goofed it up. Okay, I think that should, be better, now yep. Perfect. So, that. You. Just return this. First. Connect up the path so you can see where it's at we. Go. Okay, so that is fixed up good to go the. Dish to go and. I should look a lot better now from the yeah, we can just put in some more oh. I. Forgot about these. Are. Gonna place these on there or do they have to be a regular path. To. Our campus. And. Finally, just some more nature. We need some bigger taller ones I'll, use like the crab berry tree I love using the things. Called the cranberry, tree. Nope. Whenever, I find it Maxim in AD it's my favorite so cuz IDs a lot, for bushes. Cork. Wood tree no, but I do use that one for bushes a lot. At. Least want to be you. Have this want to use it for a bushel I just take it down into the ground. Like. So kind, of makes I got for a nice a little bit taller, darker. Green Bush earlier. Custard, apple that's what it's called custard, apple, tree. It's. My chat broken, oh it. Hasn't up to it forever y'all been chatting oh my god, that. Might be dad let, me reset chat. And. Thanks for less. You mean. There, it goes holy cow, oh. My. Gosh why. Did it not update, forever, hello, holy. Heck. Thanks. For texting female, I was, kind of wondering lar it's no one's talking anymore that's fine. I streamed. To no one talking before I'm gonna I'm a pro oh. My. God here. We go I subscribe, cuz I'm do hello, yes. Tyler you are new yes. You, have a day off on Monday yay. Can, he not see chat no I couldn't. Looks. Nice thank you appreciate you pawsley while you're here you distracted, your tutorials like they've been awesome yes aren't they yes when.

You Punish him finishing, the livestream I probably like another hour to, something, like that it's. A little bit more I. Do. Suck, that's true I did that's bad I back soon okay hey, Benjamin how's it going, how's. It going. Pawsley. Is leading a rebellion yes. And. There we go what PP do, if. He's okay, my. Bills are off Thank You Benjamin I appreciate ya. Hey everyone. Everyone. To Chinese food now there we go ok I think I finally caught back up I finally caught up chatez stop moving I am, here yes. I don't normally just ignore, people. In chat so if that happens again I am, NOT ignoring you, I. Am. Definitely not, ignoring. You so. Let's. Keep going nothing. Well. Yes thanks everywhere hanging out I appreciate you hanging out and thanks for the kind words about my builds and all that fun stuff it is a heck of a fun time to, do it to, build them and all that fun stuff. Maybe. Section OPP doesn't suck we like to be. We, like Pippi. Okay. Add me as a scene friend while I have space oh yes, I added. You as a friend but. Let's. Be friends pawsley so that we can do this. You. Said that to bed oh my gosh I'm so. Okay. Ok pawsley. Okay. Paul be. My friend. All. Right anyway, so we're gonna pad just not a tree, or two here, not, bamboo, because a lot of commercially I try oh it's, the dr. Douglas fir that I want. Cheers, pawsley good now we can actually do a collaboration, together. Try. That link that I sent you earlier in our DM. In, the DM. Possibly. Let me know if that works if not I need to add you as a would. Actually let me do that right now while I have a well, I'm thinking about it let me add you as a contributor. Right now and, then you can jump in and start doing the dang thing. Yeah. Fill my hole please everyone. Is different in their own way yeah, sarcasm, and all that fun stuff on the on, the internet is hard to pick up on sometimes you have to know the person. Everybody. Is good. Absolutely. How to percent alright so I added you as a. Contributor. Let's. See, where are you. Okay. I handed you you should know you should have it in your workshop, and stuff like that it should be good to go pawsley cool. How. We looking here oh it's covered up pretty nicely, here, we're not pretty nicely the next thing, I will do is probably have some vines, and stuff to the actual building, to make a look a little bit more run down there so I. Think. Drew's tree work is the best thank you appreciate that I learned, a lot of my stuff from mr.. Mike sheets, he. Is a fantastic. Bully. äj--. Dude. Usually. Gonna pull a Jenny made a few tutorials and they really, helped out a lot I. Like. Using these more, than I like using the actual client's and game the vines and game are like, they work okay but they are very stringy. I, like. To use the what is this the crow berry bush as my. Binds instead. Girl, you too. Okay. There's, no such thing as being better than anyone else in this game and to compare like that is kind of a dick move to do to be honest and to come out and chat on a public chat and say hey you, suck basically, like that it's kind of a dick move to do to in my opinion so. Maybe. Like. What the. It's. Not a competition.

All. Right Benjamin. It's. Been fun my friend I. Appreciate. The support but no. No. I, don't. Know what's going on with that whole thing maybe I missed something but what the hell. You. Guys just joking around or something I don't know. Whatever. You guys deal with it I'm gonna play some heck entry's down your drama starters. Your. Friggin drama starters, let's, see here oh. My. God that's ginormous. It's. Okay you're apparently your bad builder well I mean I could have told you that. They. Gotta keep picking the wrong one. I'm, a bad builder - pawsley so we're, in good company you're, in the bad builder club it's. A good club to be it. Oh. It's, right I needed. To redo this, KaBlam. Street. Fox copy. Well. I only play this game for the, satisfaction. Of, other people so I. Only. Build things to get credit, a shin from complete strangers on the Internet to make sure that my builds are ok for them I don't. Do it my, own satisfaction that'd, be crazy. Sure. The, only issue, I always have with these kind of movements, is. That. You can't lower, it too, much and get it attached to the. Path and, that. Stinks. Because. It makes yeah I, want. It to go lower, so I can make the building, lower overall. You're, just stating your opinion, that's, cool. There. I just say to my opinion no, one cares it's. A shitty opinion, boom. And. Third. Strikes, a charm, all right well that was fun that. Enjoyable individual. And. Go watch all be better. Better. Planet zoo players. There. You go so that's how we solve that pretty. Easy right. Thought. You're gonna do is complain, then. Get the out. I. An't. I have to message Bosley, and ask him I thought that there was like a joke that I was not in I'm between, the two of them I've never seen that before my life where does some random, internet do comes up and hey. Your stuff sucks oh. All. Right just the thing to do I. Remember. My first beer. So. It's still gonna be ginormous anyway, I do it well. Then. Street. Fox coffee. You, do do to to to to to to. We. Can lower this. Refillable, oh I can. I'm. Having like a design, crisis, right now. It's. A design cries I. Must. Be getting big I have a lot of people like, that now do ya know I get, at least two or three. That. I can. Always expect at least two or three down votes. Pretty. Pretty on time too like, pretty uh lighten, up like when I upload my videos which means that they must have my bail notification, on just to download it which, is fine because that's engaging about my videos that's, fantastic. That that. Makes YouTube like my videos. John. D does a good, work great work what. If you had to hear him do a stream suffering from severe back pain. It's. Okay. It's. Not affecting. Me too bad, it's. Not like this is hard work or anything you know. That's. Not too bad. Can't, really complain. I'm. Leaving this alone for right now because it's it's driving me Blanca's. It's. Driving, me barça's, all. Right so across from here I still don't really have, I. Don't, really have a full. Idea. Of what to do why are they kicking because he was annoying me. He. Was annoying me and bringing unnecessary, drama in my chance so I didn't, want it around any market, so get out. Thanks. For watching the videos thanks for liking my builds now get out and stop being annoying I. Don't. Put up with that to. Here just to put it ring there's, someone's, annoying. They're. Annoying. You, were getting warmed up yeah I. Didn't. Need my checked become the the. Backyard, or the. Schoolyard. Who's. Got a bigger dick yard. And. To be, honest with you. All. Right. Be. Kazumi pawsley, all of you guys coming cheers thank you that's, usually yeah that's how it goes Thanks Thank, You mr.. John T there yeah he uh he. Likes. To spread the alcohol. Of wealth around a little bit there right definitely. He shouted me out a few times between planet coaster and planet Zoo and stuff like that and then I had palsy as well. Always. Appreciated. Let's. We work on this I don't really have a full idea for this I, mean. We can. Put. Something together here.

Man. Or wrong station so. And, you'll find it elsewhere carry on oh gosh oh shoot. Did, not end it no just put a pause on my my, in again. I don't care what goes on outside of my my. Livestream but right when it started affecting my livestream and the people in is where I was like man that's okay that's. Okay. For. Long lines. With. No clothes I just for fun yes that'll, show up. Anyways. No no not anyways let's keep talking about you. Being naked on. The, front porch. You. Take a look at I'm making little boats with our pieces I'm not sure if it's possible yeah, I did it's um not in, scale no we, don't have a, small. Enough art piece yet unfortunately. Not. That uh that, I noticed, at least. To, work that way. Because. We did it in planet coaster no we made him with team TK, pieces, and planet coaster for God so. Yeah we weren't able to do it in planet coaster either they had to be modeled, in game. Due. To du du du du du Zi was looking great cheers pretty bummed we only have to queue I know that's. Really, like a bummer to be honest with you like we don't even like a wood one so. We. Have canoes she wants, our direction to succeed they want to have like a. An. RC, like, one that you control from the docks and you can kind of like. Out your kind of thing, yeah. They want a little remote-controlled boats so. Yeah. Now Sarah I'm gonna play planet suit yourself, nice enjoy. Your, build thanks so much for hanging out Sarah I appreciate it as always and. You have fun playing some planets ooh. That's, really, really, tall. Let's. Shrink, that ma'am and jam it down just a little bit. Perhaps. A little bit better. Can. You play planning to do on computer, yeah, that's all you can play it on right now you. Can only play it on, PC. No, Mac no, Council. Only. PC. So you can get on the Steam Workshop I. Think. It's uh. Something. Like forty, five US. Dollars not, sure any other conversions, or anything. Hi. Buddy. How, am I gonna see. Ya. Is. This music the games back our music or is it like some other music that you are playing for fun this is a planet, coaster soundtrack. This. Is the planet coaster soundtrack, so originally we listened through the planet, Zoo soundtrack. And. Now we I, have a playlist with the planet coaster soundtrack, as well. See. If y'all I didn't play planet coaster this is its soundtrack which I personally, and I know a lot of people don't agree with this but I like planet coaster so attract better I think. It's far. In between better, I'm you planet Zoo soundtrack often. Clinic. Oh sorry didn't really do that. Now, you live in London so I don't know but I'll try, sooo nice nice, London UK or London Canada I'm assuming UK but you can never be too sure these days well. A because it's a boat dock we'll probably need to add in some. This. Is like, well. You know what what the, dry. Stone. Panco, sound check always put me to sleep I built hey. That's. Fair it's, a very soothing. Very. Soothing. Soundtrack. Excuse. Me starting to take ups. Facepalm. Oh no you forgot I. Found. Paul's li-chee. There. He goes. That, does make sense let's. See there it is. That. Is my work. Now. We'll get complicated with it, no. Need. UK. Okay nice nice. Now. I do know that if, you're interested planet.

Coaster Is, going, to be coming to. The. Two. Councils. Next. Year so. Planet coaster is the game. That came out just before this game and. It focuses on uh you, know kind of what it sounds like via theme park building and stuff very similar in style and everything like that just doesn't look as good or have. Animals in it but yeah. I do know that many, coasters gonna be releasing on council, next year so there is that. I'm. Chasing down haters said what's that ones are like your meetings dealing with hecklers. Got. The other parts. In. My. Opinion the best way to deal with them is to let. It go, but. That's just me. I'm. Not a, I'm. Not a fiery, overzealous. Redhead. From the UK you, know all those things combined. Just. Are the perfect storm for mr. policy over there. Hey, kitten. How you doing welcome, to the stream, are. You building some some. Zoos today or you building your zoo today or are some habitats. Ah. Shoot. I mean. I mentioned it in Paul's, Leeanne eyes, collaboration. First episode, today that. I'm surprised he hasn't made a. Tutorial. On turning, the computer on which, to. Play planet zoo or you know double-clicking on the planet zoo icon to, launch the application. He. Has some great tutorials that I. Could. Never think of half the stuff that he does just cuz and it's funny because it's like the. Stuff that he does is stuff that most of us I guess you'd say season, builders, for, the planet series do, all the time but we just never think of it he's just able to actually put. It into something, sensible. Ish. For. Us. All to decipher, for every what the new people do you have decipher, there I liked. The title you did one day or. It pawsley was like, here's, how I build kind, of ish or something like that or here's what's going through my head somewhat kind of a little bit. Does. Anyone really, jungle. Intensive, riverboat, ride in Plano to get like the, good. Good. Sorry, excuse me. S, Dan was, doing the Jungle Cruise a little bit. He. Started the to do the Jungle Cruise I believe. So I, can be hellooo. This. Is all for review why. Do. You joke but I love how. He addresses a stupid. Well that's that's where it is right like it's. Okay, yeah, Tyler, sounds good it's. Why. I told you I lost my train of thought yeah just the fact that he. Lays. That stuff out for everyone you know I just, my brain doesn't work that way you know. So it's I'm glad that he, was able to get, all those out for everyone to, help

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I would love to see Kiwis,Tui,copper skink,forest gecko,Kākā ,Takahē and Pūkeko those are a cool handful of Nz animals

but everyone be using the gnbots auto stuff now and not even playing themselves lol

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