மதுரை to America via Apple Vision Pro | ft. @Hobby_Explorer_Tamil

மதுரை to America via Apple Vision Pro | ft. @Hobby_Explorer_Tamil

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Do you know how much I bought it for? 5 lakhs, bro. This is like taking it to the next level. Where are those options, sir? Please tell us. We can say that this is becoming a fashion statement. It instigates the desire of the people when we see influencers using. They are driving cars using it.

How dangerous is that? We are quiet not knowing what to do for that. The company is to be held responsible. It's Apple's responsibility. We bought it for 5 lakhs and it isn't doing anything. This is definitely an early stage. No, I don't understand.

In those terms, this is an unnecessary device for today. It really is a crazy thing. But, if you ask me if one can live without this.. You can.

Ready! [Man laughs] Firstly, Sorry for disturbing you. You must have planned to go out for Valentine's day, right? It's no disturbance. This is a very interesting interview. - Is it? - Yeah. I never thought that I'd do such a collab in my life. I swear, I didn't expect that something like this would happen.

We would've seen video to video collabs. But, your avatar is talking about my avatar, right? Yeah. Fantastic! It's seriously unexpected.

And, we welcome y'all to a superb collab. You would've already seen who I'm talking to in the thumbnail. Hobby bro, hi! Hi, hello everyone. He's in the US. He's one Tamilian who has Vision Pro at the right place. I was watching his contents recently..

I enjoyed it. Getting inspired is another thing. I enjoyed it. Good job, first of all.

And, as you said, it's funny to see your avatar. No. It looks like you. Now, this is your avatar, Jake. [Hobby laughs] You can see face reactions as well. Let me show anger? I'm angry. Do you see anything?

This is sadness. - Is this called persona? - Yes. So, it captures almost everything using this camera, right? They are trying to detect the face reaction using the camera inside. It work to an extent. Not bad.

Not just the eyes, bro. Nose, lips, teeth. We get to see the hand at times as well.

Yeah, it does. I can see your hand. I can see your hand. - Can you see my hand? - I see it well. Oh, super. I've used PSVR before this for basic things. This feels ultimate! So, leave me.

This is not much useful in India. I bought this just for the content. How useful is this product to you in the US? I have the same question as well.

I haven't used VR for a certain period of time. I recently bought MetaQuest. I experimentally saw it and kept it aside. It never caught my interest. But, in this headset, I felt like they have done few things correctly. First of all, I didn't feel dizzy.

I felt dizzy while using MetaQuest. Its lesser here. In fact, I don't feel it at all. I don't felt dizzy until now. Also, I've only experienced mixed reality so far.

The complete virtual reality for games like Assassin's Creed. - I didn't try that. - Ok Maybe, I'm not dizzy because I'm in mixed reality.

I might feel dizzy if I play games like Assassin's Creed. But, in terms of usage, I'm trying the same. A few use cases like while washing vessels. Because, I listen to many podcasts. I generally listen to podcasts while washing vessels and folding clothes. It's somewhat okay. If we bend down to take something, or if we tilt our head it goes haywire.

It makes you feel that its bulky. Also, this wire, before wireless headphones, we used wired headphones, right? It feels like we time travelled. Wire comes coming . Apart from the wire, When we wear shorts and keep the power bank, it falls down.

[Sudarshan's experience speaking] I feel that we have to give it time before we decide. Because, applications in many fields, will be developed accordingly. Now, I am thinking of situations involving hospitals and doctors. It's hard to find people for help in US. Usually, people rely on tools for survival.

There won't be anyone to fill petrol. Since, it increases labor cost, they try to switch to machinery. In such places, for example, there is a doctor in hospital. He needs vitals and is operating using both hands. If he needs the patient's vitals immediately, If he looks at the top left corner, and say vitals, he can see the vitals. Looking at top right and saying patient history will display the history.

The data will be available. He'll be doing his job. I'm thinking like that. Vision pro, you're a genius. Such cases will be revealed in future. You mean to say that this is just a basic launch? This looks like a very crude version.

A doctor wearing such a big thing and facing the patient - it looks dehumanizing - Okay. The device should be small and not this big. When the first version of iPhone was launched, people flooded Apple store to buy it. But, only from the fourth version, we could see everyone using it.

Similarly, I think, we'll have to wait for the fourth version. I think we'll have to wait for 4 years. I guess, these headsets are sold only in US, right? I think so. It doesn't look like it is sold in Dubai. I imported it from Dubai. - But, it was from US. - Is it.

So, they imported it from the US. Yes. They bought it from the US, brought it to Dubai and sent it to India. The importing cost was 2 lakhs. Oh, okay. It's around $3,500 over there, right? Nearly 3 lakhs. Do you know how much I got it for?

- 5 lakhs bro. - Oh! I expected it'd be 4 lakhs. I said it in a video as well. But, 5 lakhs!! they said 5.5 lakhs.

We got it for 5 lakhs after all deductions. I want to explore. To say something without experience is different from saying it out of experience, right? We bought it to experience that.

It became a failure in the end. It says that, the app store will work only in the US. And locked certain features. We are clueless, not sure what to do. I can see that people are highly interested. It won't last long.

Maybe, they launched it quickly. Because, Meta came long back. Meta came after Oculus and reached heights. It's surprising to see Apple take a long time to launch version 1. So, they would have launched it soon.

I think, your issues will be resolved soon. I don't know why they didn't launch it in India and other countries. I guess, they thought, no one would buy it. It maybe a liability issue For example, in this country After the launch, Apple never said how it should be used. They tried to say it.

But people drive cars wearing it. That's dangerous. Without knowing the risk involved, they cannot release it worldwide, right? - Correct. - It looks like a glass in the front. But, it is not a glass. There are LCDs on both sides for both you and me. Basically, to drive a car wearing this It shows what's visible on the camera. Which means we are driving a car, not looking at the road But a video.

Even a one second delay, will end in tragedy. That's a wrong thing. I can see influencers here making such mistakes. They make videos saying, How is it like to drive a car with vision pro? It's a dangerous thing.

It's a very bad influence. Actually, it's an influence in one way. Isn't it wrong to use it in public? In public..

Can you explain? For example, there was an issue. Do you remember a glass from Ray-Ban? - Yeah! - With camera.. Many people took videos of others without consent. It became an issue involving women, right? Now, if you look at vision pro.. if you take it out since it's trendy. I tried it too.

It is to see how people react. Do you think influencers can invade people's privacy in a wrong way? When we are on the roads wearing such a big device, everyone will notice us easily. They'll become aware even if we record, Recording using this is similar to recording using a phone. You can record without anyone's knowledge. But, the metaglass you referred to it can record without anyone's knowledge. Using it in public won't be an issue? It is our privacy at stake It's impossible not to get noticed wearing it in public Everyone will look at you.

[Shame shame puppy shame] People in US will know such a product exists Imagine if I wear it in Madurai. Everyone will think I'm a fool walking around. They'd think you're wearing a big cooling glass. They might think that I had an eye operation. True! You say something about it.

I find video call to be very interesting. As I'm very far from home if I talk to my parents, we usually make phone calls and at times on video calls. This takes it to the next level. Persona is one thing. The next thing we are going to try is projection. I can show you what I am seeing.

We'll try that next. If I do that, my hand unlocks I can talk to someone while I'm doing something. Oh, is it possible? When I was on a video call with TechSatire, That's when I discovered that.

We discovered it at that time. There was an option to project my screen. He was able to see what I'm seeing. Look how perfectly they implemented it. One cannot record it while using it. I feel that its a good thing.

Users wouldn't know such things. Who is to be held responsible? It's Apple's responsibility. I like the effort they put in. I'm now bringing your avatar closer to me. Talk to me.

Hello, mic testing!! It feels louder. When I place this avatar at a distance Talk to me. Oh yeah. I feel the same. I just did the same thing as you. It sound different.

How is it? It's cool, right? Did you notice this? I didn't it notice much in facetime. I noticed left and right, but.. It has front and back as well. That perfection, face perfection, the apps provided for security purpose, tracking is amazing bro.. keyboard had no issues no matter how I moved Tracking was the ultimate thing. I have to appreciate the perfection.

What I like the most in Vision Pro is Tracking. It was the wow factor. What apps does it support in the US? I didn't see the App store You mentioned Disney+ hotstar. What else? I saw an excel sheet. There are a bunch of apps for productivity.

It's gradually developing. I played a game called Synth Riders. Musical notes are coming towards me.

It creates music when I touch it with my hand. I've never experienced such a thing. I've never played such a game. I think games using hands will become popular than that with controllers. Please don't instigate desires. Even the app store doesn't work here.

We bought it for 5 lakhs, but can't use anything. [That's because we are unlucky] Have you tried using touch instead of pinch? When you say touch, are you referring to the keyboard? - That.. - No!!! No! No! No! Just open a photo and keep a small screen next to you. Now try scrolling.

It is superb. It looks so cool. I have never done this before. Cool down! Cool down! Cool down! You can zoom photos. Look here. Bro, Bro, Bro..

You can zoom in using these two fingers. Two fingers! Zoom!! Awesome!! I zoomed in the comment section. It appears so large. You said that you'll talk about the difficulties that you face, right? I was mainly concerned about people misusing it.

Like, using it for driving. When influencers do such things, Normal people will attempt it. That's the issue. It has a tunnel vision.

- There is no full vision. - Like a horse bridle. Exactly! It's like a like a horse bridle. How can one drive a car or bike wearing it? In India, bike is predominant. Please don't attempt to drive a bike wearing it. Let's make it clear Please don't attempt to drive a bike wearing it. Primarily, this device is to be used indoors.

What I think is.. this won't be a product that would upgrade each year. Because, I see it as a fantasy product.

It is a futuristic product. That way, If they keep upgrading each year, no one will pay attention. Have you seen iMac? It used to have upgrades after 2-3 years.

Nowadays, it's done every year. Similarly, I expect it to have upgraded after 2-3 years. As you said, they might cut down the price so at everyone uses it.

From their side.. I mean.. low price according to their standard. One that costs 2.5 -3 lakhs - might come down to 2 lakhs. - Ok. That's one school of thought. Another school of thought is, What American tech creators. feel about it is..

On one side, there's Meta Ray-Ban glasses I'd call it the cheap and best smart glass as of now. On the other hand, Zuckerberg launched a headset for 550. They feel, both these products will meet at a common point.

Both the products might combine as one. Both the products might become one. Like how we wear glasses.

They expect it to transform like that. How worthy is Vision Pro in US for $3,500? I don't know about other countries. I don't know if it is worth or not.

How worthy is it in the US? Is it good? Worthiness is based on why we use it and what we get out of it. Let's consider one year. For $3,500.. if I'm using this device for 1 year for $3,500 Will my life get better? Will I be able to lead a better life? Will I learn something new? I think we need to take all this into consideration. I feel that $3,500 is expensive even in US. Because, an average car payment is between $300-$500. That's the EMI paid for a month.

A car is very much necessary here. Everyone here uses cars paying $300-$500 a month. Asking them to pay $3,500, payment plans for 12 months can be made. It will be around $250-$300. The cost is almost equal to that of a car payment. You can't survive without a car here.

But, it's possible to survive without this product. In those terms, this is an unnecessary device for today, even in America. Is Apple vision for industrial use, entertainment, or for creators like us. Is it nothing as now? Its on the very early stages Do you think it'll take few more years to develop? This is definitely an early stage. We can definitely call it a very early stage. For example, If I go to a doctor's office in US, doctor offices in our place will have a person in entrance.

They'd ask us for our name and age details, right? Doctor offices here will have an iPad. We'll key in details in the iPad. We'll sign in, wait and they'd call us.

An iPad replaces a human here. There are people who said iPad is useless when it was launched. Today we see it in many places now, A lobby in America will surely have an iPad. All lobbies will have an iPad for some reason. I feel it will take some time.

I feel business owners will take time around 2-3 years to find out how it would match their need. They have to launch applications accordingly. True. App developers should come in. When small app developers come in and develop apps for such consumers, that's when people would feel justified buying this device.

Otherwise, they won't feel like buying it for $3,500. We buy iPhones and iPads because there are app developers. We can use those apps for free.

We have lesser apps and games as of now, right? There are fewer apps for industries. Do you feel there is nothing today? Or is there basics? Apple has covered the basics. If not, enthusiasts like us wouldn't have gone for it. They've covered the basics.

Like watching 3D movies. Have you tried watching 3D movies? There were Dinosaurs. Yeah. I saw that. It was really good.

There was a free version of a lady walking on a rope. It play 3 types of videos. 1. Regular videos. We can watch regular YouTube videos. Then there are 3D videos, We use 3D glasses in theatres to watch movies like Avatar, right? We can see it in 3D without glasses here.

That's 2nd. What app did you watch it in? Avatar is available in Apple TV. We have to pay for it. I think it costs $4.99. 3rd category is immersive videos. It's a separate category.

It has a symbol of Apple Vision. If a video has that symbol, Imagine watching a performance sitting inside a big arena, Just remove all the people around you Imagine sitting right in front of the performer. That's how it'd feel like. [Techboss goes speechless] Is everything around you in 3D? Does it feel exact? I feels so. Yeah!

It feels like I'm in an arena watching the performance standing right in front of the performer. Sir, Please tell me where those options are? I saw it in Apple TV. Apple TV has the video of the Lady walking on a rope. Try that.

I think Apple TV should be available. It's from Apple right? So, try that. Apple says that, it is out of stock.

Is the product on high demand in the US? I saw the stock details only on the first day. On the first day, it showed sold out online. I thought I won't get it and should buy it later. I still went to the store on the day of launch.

It'd be so happening. The stores had it and they gave us a demo too. I asked for one after the demo and they got me one.

What they do is.. They'd scan our face and only then set it up. He asked for the 512 one.

And set it up according to the eyes. They packed everything and brought it. I don't understand. Do they start packing after you asked? That is what they told me. On that particular day, I don't know about other days This is what happened on the day of launch.

I saw it online, that it needs to aligned according to the face. Online is fine. Offline stores doing such things sounds different. Not bad.

Not sure, for how long. That is not scalable. Maybe they did it for day 1. Apple usually doesn't do this. They pack things and keep it ready. Is there a demand? Demand.. I didn't visit the store after that.

Looking at videos online, it looks like many people are buying it. Have people started using it casually? Not yet. I attended a Zoom call using this with 50 people on the call. My persona was projected. People sounded very excited and asked me about it by messaging me.

It is still seen as a product used by very few people here. But when influencers use it, it'll instigate people right? We can say that, its becoming a fashion statement. Apple usually does this. I feel it is in their design. MetaQuest didn't have such an opening.

It was seen as a geeky device. I see that, American YouTubers, apart from tech YouTubers I see lifestyle creators making videos on this. An American YouTuber did what we are doing on Day 1. He made a live video, calling his friend and showing his excitement. It really is a crazy thing.

That's how crazy it is among creators. I don't know what to say about this product. How is Madurai? Is it true that the city never sleeps? True. It's 4.30 AM now. It is true. You are awake. We are shooting it by 4.30 AM and not 4.30 PM.

Because, it is the right time to contact you. Thank you for sharing your time with us. - It was unplanned, right? - Yes. Even though it was unplanned, it was good. It was very good. I haven't had such an experience. It's different.

I wanted to collab and it was just perfect. It believe it must have been a different experience. Let's go to the streets. I'll pinch you.

- To the streets? - Yeah. It'll take time. I'll take you to the streets. We are in the street, standing in the front portion.

I can't get to the road as it is raining. I can see you on a big screen on the house opposite to me. Tech Boss's video is streaming in America. - That too above a house. - Yeah!

[Hobby laughs] I've never experienced such a thing in my life. It now feels like you're in my frontyard. I'm talking to you like how I talk my wife or guests coming home.

Welcome to my house. How are you? I'm coming. Do you want coffee or tea? Get me something that's famous in US. Do you want cappuccino or matcha latte? Thank you for making time to interact with us. You thought it'd be good to talk to me about it, right? Thank you for that. First collab has turned out to be a best collab.

- Let's do more. ok? - Sure. Super bro. People, do visit Hobby's channel. He is making some good content. We will try to meet and make a video review for Vision Pro.

Okay. Very soon. Will do once Hobby bro comes to Tamil Nadu. I think we can end this interview. - Shall we end it? - Yes, let's end it. - It was a good interview. - Thank you. Bye everyone! "♪ Subtitles by ♪ TASC_SUBS"

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