@Technological knowledge | How to create Address book Offline Address Book and Gobal Address list

@Technological knowledge | How to create Address book Offline Address Book and Gobal Address list

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Hello everyone, today I will show you how to create Address book - Offline Address Book and Gobal Address list. This video of mine will show you the above two parts, first I will show you how to create an Address book - Offline Address Book. Please follow my actions, so that you understand the operation process as well as my instructions for you to manipulate correctly and accurately. Go to Star -> Run -> type "dsa.msc" -> Enter , you will see a screen like mine, here please follow me to make it right.

In the process of my manipulation, I have made instructions, instructions for you and then you just need to follow and follow my instructions properly. Did you encounter any problems during the operation? Or you manipulate some steps wrong, then you should review your video so that you can manipulate more accurately and more fully. Here, I am dividing the office department into HCM and HN, I am dividing users by HCM. For companies with offices and branches located in domestic and foreign provinces. This is a way to divide by office department, so that it is easy to check and manage.

Have you seen the System Manager in the previous video, I instructed you to put it on the desktop, in the following videos you will see why I guide you like that. This is the operation in how to create your Address list, there will be some videos using System Manager. Please watch me manipulate so that you can manipulate it properly and correctly, I am creating Address list of HCM This is the office department, I am configuring it. [Operation] Okay, I'll add it. Click Find Now so I can search for users , you will see the users that I just selected, considering office is HCM, now here [Operation] I work relatively slowly, you can look and follow.

All of my instructions are relatively complete, if not too confident, they are complete and accurate. [Operation] [Action] [Operation] Then I opened Microsoft Office Outlook, let me check. [Action] Profile Name you choose yourself, I leave the default as Outlook [Action] [Action] Here, you see in Show names from the there is already the word HCM ie Ho Chi Minh, in this there are 3 Those users are the 3 users I created initially. [Operation] [Operation] The video this time I guide is relatively slow, not as fast as the previous video, most of it is related to users and the distribution of users belonging to domestic and foreign branch bases, if your company Do you have joint ventures with foreign countries? Then you can rely on this for you to allocate and create email addresses correctly, so that you can easily manage those users.

[Operation] [Operation] The beauty of creating an Exchange mail server, it makes it easier for me to manage, I can manage it myself, not depending on a third party, if you use Office 365 still third party dependencies. All your actions on it will still ensure your work, but when you have a problem, it still depends on Microsoft Office, then you can contact them yourself and ask questions. subject for them to handle. As for Mail Exchange, you handle and manage it directly on your server, which is called the management level for Windows server administrators. [Operation] [Operation] I will show you guys a few more videos about windows server 2003, I will finish windows server 2003 I will go to videos on how to handle software. The ones I review or guide for you, I have been doing and using. In other words, I have experience in handling

[Operation] This is to check mail server guys! This video focuses on allocating users by Address list, for you to easily manage. It's like you divide departments in the office , some are in the office block, some are in the other block. In the office block, there are departments such as: Administration and Human Resources, Accounting, IT, ...... this applies to the above problems, guys. [Operation] [Operation] If you like to explore more, perform more smoothly , you can add for example, add the address after the department , you just need to add HCM or HN later just that part.

Depends on your creativity and settings. You are watching part 2: Gobal address list, first go to Star -> Run -> type "dsa.msc" -> Enter . This operation is similar to how to create an Address book - Offline Address Book, these operations are relatively similar in the opening operation, while the operation performed on the screen is different. For this part, you should monitor your actions, so that you can perform and manipulate them properly. IT work in general has many very creative people, it is because of those creativity that the companies that hire you have some problems , you have handled it smoothly and effectively, in addition to contributing The part of improving the management, in terms of the department in particular and the Company in general, brings high efficiency. If you like to explore more or you want

to do it more fully and smoothly, where can you add parts!? For example: Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi , you just need to add HCM or HN behind that section. Depending on your creativity and settings, it also requires seriousness, working accurately and efficiently. Because all of the above problems depend on most of the operations, as well as on incident management, data backup, data management.... You can do it all by yourself, not depend on a third party. 3,

or any other partner. As for the companies that hire you to just monitor and monitor , you are still dependent on a third party. Even the fourth party. [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation ] Please watch my video, so that you can operate correctly and effectively. If you do it right, it will bring success in the installation process, [Operation] as well as how to initialize the Address book or Address list.

[Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation] [Operation ] Please see what I do next, so that you can manipulate and do it right. During the operation, if you have any problems, please review my video, otherwise, please comment below this video. If there is a problem, let me and you guys can discuss to solve it. I believe this video will be complete, accurate, for you to perform and work correctly and effectively. [Operation] I have made instructions tabs you can rely on to manipulate again , you will better understand my operation process.

The videos I make it will be complete, for the purpose of bringing efficiency, as well as the accuracy that I want to convey to you. In order for you to perform and work efficiently and accurately, it is like giving you an overview of the video that I share. Based on that you can refer, implement and apply to your work.

If your company uses Windows server .!! [Operation] [Operation] This video, my main operation is on Microsoft Office Outlook and System Manager, in the previous video, I showed you how to take it out from the toolbar and leave it on the Desktop, why Why do I instruct like this through this video. In my following videos, it will be used a lot in management, initialization ... for you to easily implement, manipulate and use. [Action] [Action] [Action] [Action] [Action] [Action] [Action] [Action] [Action]] Thank you for your attention , best regards goodbye to you. See you in the next videos.

2022-06-30 21:04

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