@Technological knowledge | Hosting Domain | Configure Organizational Unit, Console | Install Suptool

@Technological knowledge | Hosting Domain | Configure Organizational Unit, Console | Install Suptool

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Hello everyone, today I will guide you about Domain Hosting. Just like the previous video, this video is full of specific instructions for you. Please watch me manipulate so that you can manipulate and do it correctly, during the operation if you have any problems or installation problems, please review my video. First, I will install SupTools, located in the 2k3 windows suite.

[Operation ] please watch me manipulate so that you can manipulate and do it correctly. [Operation] Hosting Domain is an important part, in the issue of setup as well as administering your system, it is related to the Hosting that you are managing. [Operation] Go to Star -> Run -> Type "dsa.msc" -> Enter When you go here you create OU (company name.com.vn and company name.com.uk) , you rely on into your Hosting Domain that you create to suit reality.

[Operation] Then go to Star -> Run -> Type "mmc" -> Enter here you add a new Console Root. [Operation] After you have selected, you click Add -> Ok After clicking Ok -> Connect to here will appear the domain name, you leave it as is and click ok [Operation] I will show you the ADSI Edit , here it will appear two OUs that you have added. [Operation ] Please watch me manipulate so that you can manipulate and do it correctly, [Operation] after you finish manipulating the first OU, you come to the second OU, here I am review for you about two OUs (.com.vn and /.com.uk). I will operate on each OU in turn, after the operation is complete, you close the Console -> save [Operation] You choose the appropriate storage place, I will save it on the Desktop always for me manipulate, perform the following steps quickly, accurately and save time searching. [Operation] I am doing the operation to create user logon on each OU, [Operation] here I create two users named: kuti and kuteo.

After creating the user, where the user logon name is, you must change the domain to the one you just installed, otherwise it will belong to the original domain of your server. kuteo you guys act like kuti, here I create two users with domain name company.com.vn and company name.com.uk. You go into the user to reset the address and country of that user.

For example: User kuti in Vietnam, I will leave it as VN, here, you must notify it correctly, guys. For your convenience to monitor, track and manage. [Operation] I am entering the Recipient Policy section, this section is similar to the previous videos [Operation] Here I will create more mail-uk and mail-vn, I create .com.uk and .com.vn as to distinguish working mail at home and abroad. [Operation ] Please watch me operate so that you can manipulate and perform it correctly, [Operation] during the operation, implementation and installation if you have problems, please see back your video.

As I said earlier, I go to Recipient Policy and I will create mail-uk and mail-vn, the setup process is similar, it's just that the .uk and .vn extensions are used to separate outgoing and incoming mail. For example: Recipient Policy with the name email-vn is what I use to send and receive domestic mail, and the email-uk name is I use to send and receive foreign mail.

For example: Send mail to foreign partners ..... depending on the work needs of each employee as well as each person in the Company that you at the user, mail stream and provide users for the objects fit their business needs. The Windows server system is for the purpose of administering the user system in the Company, [Operation] The purpose of installing the windows server in companies as well as using it in medium and large companies is to administer, limit Internet access is under the authority of your job that your boss requires to manage employees at that Company, restricting them from working exclusively during office hours. For them to focus on working and using appropriate software and networks to bring economic efficiency to the Company. [Operation] I'm going to add a new Profile, here need to add kuti and kuteo, these are two Profiles that I created at company name.com.vn and company name.com.uk.

After I finish adding the Profile name, I will go to the login section to test the mail. I will enter with Profile name is Outlook then I will send mail to kuti and kuteo, the title I write is test mail for the new email address, below the content is test mail. Then I click Send after I finish the operation, I turn off that Microsoft Outlook, I will open a new Microsoft Outlook, with the profile name is kuti-uk or kuteo-vn then I log in, I check my inbox . If I receive a new email from the administrator sent to me, confirm that the test mail is successful, now I log on to my kuteo-vn account to check the incoming mail. After I checked the two mails including kuti-uk and kuteo-vn successfully, I ended the Hosting Domain section.

[Operation] Thank you for your interest in watching, cordially say goodbye. See you in the next videos.

2022-07-12 21:03

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