«Один маленький шаг» СТАРФИЛД | (Starfield) Прохождение на Русском [4K] Без комментариев — Часть 1

«Один маленький шаг»  СТАРФИЛД | (Starfield) Прохождение на Русском [4K] Без комментариев — Часть 1

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thank you seals are good Oxygen's good just do what you did last time and you'll find follow my one simple rule hella what's my one simple reason boss lady knows best exactly listen to me mining's just like any other job go steady go safe go home with a pocket full of credits at the end of the day yeah totally it's just like um yeah I work in the stardock except with more cave-ins lasers and accidental dismemberment very helpful thank you ah you're gonna be fine your first doubting was solid and you know let's be honest it ain't exactly astrophysics that's why I keep him around good pep talks yeah and the fact that I can pinpoint a helium deposit from 300 meters not untrue a shame we won't find any down here but the metal deposits alone should pay for our own helium hell after this we'll have enough junk fuel to bounce from one end of the settled systems to the next more minerals more money and so the cycle repeats itself just no more unauthorized jumps in the house for room space okay he's just a big baby there are worse lives you know most dusties don't even make it this far I have a good feeling about you we're at group hog now or at the end of the shift one of these days hello I am going to leave you behind promises promises okay let's see what we've got how are we on time a little longer grab some samples always but not you check on Isabel make sure she eases up on the breach I don't feel like getting buried alive today Roger that remember Dusty keep your breathing steady and never take that helmet off down here oxygen processors don't extend this far yeah because God forbid we drill on a rock with breathable atmosphere know what I love about working in freestyle Collective space a job like this in the united Colony no ah no no no no it's a laser not a sledgehammer either standing if you got paid per break you'd be a millionaire let's go yeah yeah okay what do we say dusty you make your cut you catch your cuts no exceptions come on pick it up destroy what's the yield Venable at this point occasional glimmer but it's weak what do you think stay the course oh man Jews ain't worth the squeeze well okay then let's call this one tat why don't you move over to that big vein we looked at yes ma'am Dusty you're up grab a cutter and mine what you can metal deposits are in that cabin I'll shout out to them I'm busy is there anyone else a father boss get back up here I think we'll be done here soon yo with me now I hear this is the last dig and here we go in three two one let's go hella get the readings yeah about that problem uh not if you consider a spike in gravity reading is a problem I don't you don't what we're after it'll read as an anomaly that's what I was told anyway okay now you're starting to freak me out relax it's just another job come on we're getting close I think yeah everything is just well in seriously there's something really effed up about this where is it hella through there I think okay you you're up something goes wrong in there we'll come get you uh why would anything go wrong would you shut up both of you do your jobs client is on his way um still getting weird gravity readings again I keep going anything [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey come on come on okay take it easy you were out cold uh no physical damage mentally the jury's still out you know who you are new recruit for Argos extractors ring any bells any of this look familiar [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you our blade for hire turned Dusty I still got five credits saying you assassinated some reunion executive well you got the sample client's on his way then we all get paid you remember anything that happened easy there high flyer probably just the endorphins kicking in when you passed out don't go having an experience on me you'll walk it off more importantly we got what we were looking for all this trouble for that stupid thing sure don't look like much never mind what it looks like it's worth more than this mind has pulled in all month will be speak of the devil a constellation contact is on approach wait the Explorers group thought they were kind of a joke not a joke you're just too young to know better hey I'm just saying they got a reputation hell I bet half the crew here doesn't even believe they really exist half the crew doesn't believe Earth exists but it's still there same with constellation yeah but come on exploring space who does that anymore ain't the space we've already got complicated enough not to them apparently all right Dusty airlock put your helmet on [Music] let's see class over this Barrett man been a long time yes it has that mine on Infinity right hello like this place rare mineral contract your tastes are a bit more sophisticated now huh so you found something right here the new guy found it dad right and everything went cool just like grabbing those minerals on bendy Kazam and no Barrett not cool he passed out after the extraction woke up saying all kinds of nonsense is that right cowboy went on a trip huh all right a little disappointing not gonna lie but reveling in the weirdest space isn't everyone's idea of a good time I get it look just hand over the credits and I'll be happy to never see this thing or you ever again that's why I like you Lynn all business Spirit the scanners on the frontier are reporting a ship coming in hot from orbit really thought I lost him everybody get ready just like the emergency Grill foreign [Music] oh my God of course Barrett was being followed every time now that was some fine work on the pressure you dug up the artifact right that means you saw it the Visions you're coming with me to Constellation you're part of this now marvelous no Barrett Barrett no you think you're just going to take off after the mess you caused all right I guess I did just put you all on the Crimson Fleet hit list how about I stay and I send your dusty here in my place I I know I know but he's not some minor anymore Lynn as soon as he touched that rock something changed don't tell me you can't feel it fine it's a deal out of here Dusty you're on to bigger things just go before I say something I regret well none of that settled Vasco get him to the lodge no deviations unless absolutely necessary okay protocol Indigo indigo again very well oh and hey take this you'll find it very useful out there and it even tells the time [Music] hey look at that the watch fits you perfectly now questions come on you're really not at all curious about that light and music show you experienced why it only affected you because if you didn't notice we've all been handling it since with no problem the way I see it constellation needs that artifact but they also need you this mystery is only getting bigger each step we take and you're part of it now technically it's not even mine consider it alone Vasco will keep you on course besides I'm making an exception since you can tell constellation about that Vision you had see that's the problem with the settled systems too easy to take everything for granted while everyone else is busy playing politics we're the ones Brave in the unknown charting the vastness of space without us the Galaxy is just a big room with the lights turned out that my friend is the million credit question in constellation can find the answer with your help they're just following the loop Like Pirates do and I have something of a reputation as a new collector and Vasco don't let him break my ship [Music] oh [Music] Captain I assume you know how to fly a Class A Starship as Barrett likes to say it's as easy as learning to ride a bike I will attempt to host the shields just in case there are any difficulties foreign [Music] 's ready the rest is up to you now that we are in the orbit it might be wise to test all controls and systems to ensure they are not on the verge of catastrophic failure I can step you through the entire process or if you're already an experienced pilot just power up all the systems and will be on our way you've proven an adequate pilot are you familiar with ship convance tactics because that's a crimson free ship bringing its weapons to bear later laser Weatherly is particularly effective the enemy shift centered on the hive we can run you to fire a homing missile the enemy Shields are Daryl and Captain boom stick Weaponry excels at damaging the hole or seals are offline congratulations on Surviving your first Starship assault captain we should search the wreckage force their parts and other Salvage you will need to fly close to it before we can access the remains two more Crimson Fleet ships are jumping into our location captain [Music] [Music] not like we're running anyway to separate the odds of continual assault from their ships are high enough to jeopardize our mission in short they are after a frontier and will not stop we will need to deal with the local Crimson Fleet Captain a recent scan indicates an abandoned facility on the nearby Moon of Crete a perfect staging area for pirates we have arrived in orbit the abandoned facility with our Crimson Fleet Captain is on the surface here on out to Captain foreign thank you foreign [Music] ERS these are United Colonies markings but we it then stands to reason that this was once a secret UC facility eradicate them what the heck of that foreign oh man that was the best classic United Colonies put something in a cave until it kills you foreign get it [Music] oh I have to search the enemy's remains for valuables [Music] you were trying to kill me I am not technically alive [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] thank you violence significantly decreases foreign [Music] thank you [Music] I'm detecting a safe nearby we could make use of whatever is inside provided you at some ditchy pigs and a disregard for personal property rights thank you you gotta be kidding me the frontier has a new captain you working with Barrett or did you pry the ship keys out of his cold dead hands oh no you see maybe your colleague Barrett didn't tell you but there's a bit of a legend surrounding that ship that constellation keeps treasure hidden in the cargo Bays the loot from a hundred planets and it's going to be ours that statement is partially correct the frontier has been too many planets and moons but the only things held in the cargo bays are spare parts dust desiccated food particles and a variety of species of ant I don't care what kind of Lies Barrett program that robot to say we're taking that ship open fire engines that I am to return to the lodge with no deviations I'm pinned down you might die we should now be free to travel to constellations headquarters without Prince and Fleet interference all right [Music] foreign foreign [Music] [Music] this will all become second nature before too long [Music] foreign [Music]

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