Цены на золотой iPhone и такси Tesla в ДУБАЕ

Цены на золотой iPhone и такси Tesla в ДУБАЕ

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Hi guys, welcome to the city of Dubai. Some... Man, it's hot. Some interesting facts. It's the largest city in the UAE.

The most important commercial and financial center of the entire Middle East. Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It was founded in 1833. The area is 3,885 square kilometers.

Population - 3.5 million people. But that's just facts from Wikipedia. If you have not been here - these phrases will seem much more interesting to you: Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. Artificial islands, highways in the desert, and other interesting things. Rocket Man.

Dubai Police (Yes, this is the real Dubai Police), and of course Emirates airline with its luxurious first class seats. Well, as you've noticed and many of you know very well, this is one of the hottest cities in the world. Right now, in June, it's +44 Celsius. And in July and August it can be 50... I even get tears in my eyes from the heat. How can that be?

And in July and August it can be 50 and even higher. And yes, that's when construction is going on, skyscrapers are being built, work is going on. Now, of course, there aren't many people, but in general people live here. And in the summer, too. So, right now, this city and this country is one of the most popular destinations for people from the CIS. Both for a temporary visit and for permanent residence.

What are the prices here? First of all on gadgets (after all, we are a channel about gadgets) - today we'll see. Let's call a taxi, and go to the Dubai Mall. The biggest mall in the world. Ah, what a releif. It's really VERY hot here, and no shorts...

Yes, I'm in pants, but no shorts help. Pants, shorts, it doesn't matter. Above 40 Celsius makes no difference. That's actually why it's like this. That's a good idea, by the way. There's also these umbrellas on your head... So, let's call a taxi, UBER. Everything works, a foreign credit card is linked, we're ready. Can't see a thing.

Such sunshine that the maximum brightness of the iPhone is absolutely not enough. This is how you can see. We call the cheapest UBER that we have here. It's 35 dirhams for 18 minutes. The Lexus ES is coming to us, which is the cheapest economy that is here.

Something cheaper and worse than the Lexus ES in UBER is not available here. - What kind of earnings can be called good for a taxi driver in Dubai? How much can you earn as a driver? - I make 4,000 to 4,500 dirhams a month. - Is this your car? - No, it's a rented car. I get 35% commission for it. - 35%? - Yeah.

- How much is the fuel? - Fuel is expensive these days. 4.02 Dirhams a liter. - Okay, thank you. - Can I ask you where are you from? - I am from Pakistan. - From Pakistan? - Yes.

- A lot of people from Pakistan come here, don't they? - Yes, they do. - Thank you. - Bye. Bye. Allright, thank you. Whoa! Careful! Guys, welcome to the Dubai Mall. It's the biggest mall in the world. It's total area is 1,200,000 square meters.

There are 1,200 stores, and the area of this mall is comparable to 200 soccer fields. All right, get to the point, Apple Store, let's go. Let's see what the prices are in Dubai. It is one of the most beautiful Apple Stores in the world. Its panoramic windows with curved panes of glass overlook the Dubai fountains. - Ah, the mask? All right.

So unusual. We haven't worn masks in a long time, and here it's still mandatory. So, iPhone 13 mini. Trade-in is available, you can trade your iPhone, the most money is given for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If you have it in perfect condition, 1920 Dirhams for it will be deducted from the cost of a new iPhone. iPhone 13 Pro Max! Let's look at the 1TB version right away. 1 TB - 6819 AED - Hello! - Hello! - Is it really you? - Is it really you? - Was just looking at your reviews. - Really? What reviews? - I saw Almaty, you were there recently, I saw Turkey... - Did I miss something? - Yes, it's a famous blogger.

- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you. - What are you buying? - Well, we bought a smartphone, and now we're wondering about a MacBook. - And if it's no secret, where are you from? - Rostov-on-Don. - They sell iPhones in Rostov. - They are. But the price is still higher.

- Really? - Yeah. - Like, significantly? - Well, the difference in rates. Oooh, a vegetable grater. - Excuse me, how much is this computer? Minimum price. - 55,000 dirhams. - Thank you. Okay, I think there's a second floor here.

The handrails are like the Steve Jobs Theater. And there's another floor, look. I got my second pair in the service, and they're broken again.

Two pairs already broke. They break very often. 999 AED are the AirPods Pro. And the regular AirPods, empty box, 549 AED. Oh, security. Thank you. - How much is it? - Twelve dirhams. - That's great! - Do you want it to go? - Yes.

- That'll be 79 dirhams. - Okay. - 79 dirhams for two large cappuccinos and two pastries. Well, just so you understand, this coffee shop is quite expensive, above average.

And now a little commercial break. Let's have a pastrie and move on. 55 seconds. Guys, two very interesting facts. The first one is that more than 70% of smartphones, smart watches, and TVs in the world run on the Android operating system. And the second interesting fact is that the salary of an android developer at the start is $1250, and it goes up to $7000.

And now for the most interesting part. The online university "Skypro" launches an android developer course, which is compiled together with the authors of the application "Perekryostok" Vprok, which is one of the top mobile apps for food delivery on android. Better students will be able to get into, among other things, the Perekryostok team after the training.

The training period is 7 months. During this time you will learn the basics of android development, get acquainted with Java and Kotlin, learn how to design interfaces and data parsing. Suitable for beginners, you can learn remotely, including through a mobile app, and after training will help with employment. And from us you can get a 10% discount with promo code 808, on all Skypro courses.

Definitely recommend it. The special link is already below. Moving on. The shoe store! Cool! How much is it? 2,190 dirhams.

Like an iPhone. Maybe I'll buy some new pants. Pants... Oh, wow, he's got a nice domain name! karl.com! That's cool. 900 dirhams for these pants. Here we go! We're here! Let's go! Asus Zenbook, intel core i5, 8GB RAM, called 13 OLED. 3299 dirham. - How much is it? - There's a discount on this model, here's the price tag...

- Oh, so this is its price... Which of these prices is it? - AED 6,449. - What's this price? - 1,299 is the price of a new one. And that's a display unit 6,449.

Wow! Must have! Why, it's a display unit, but it's perfectly normal. It's on the shelf, nobody touches it. Somebody already bought it. Two empty places on the stand. Look! First of all, they are running out of things like this in Dubai stores, a collaboration between SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana.

2999 AED for the toaster. And 849 AED without drawing, just for comparison. And this one is bigger. - How much is the S22 Ultra? - Here are the prices, look. - Yeah, I see. 8\128 is 4,599 AED. - You also get the Galaxy Buds Pro...

- Buds Pro? - Also a power bank and damage warranty. If your phone breaks, we'll fix it. - Cool! What about Tax Free? - Yeah, you can do Tax Free too. You can save 195 dirhams. - AED 195? - Yes, but that's when you get to the airport. - Thank you very much.

S22 Ultra... Ultra 5G. No price. - How much for Ultra? - There are three capacity sets of 128 for 4699, 256... - For 4699 - 256 - 5099 - Thank you. - 512 - 5499 - Any goods like AirBuds? - Yes, Galaxy Buds Pro with it. - Thank you. What is this? - Is that real gold? - It's coated in gold. The small one is 2500 - 2500?! Can I see it? - Yeah.

- 13 Pro MAX Dollar Edition. Should we take a look at the sneakers? How much are these? 635 AED. What's this? AED 1,200. And these are AED 395. Virgin mega store.

Everything from bicycles to Barbie dolls to electric bikes. It's all there. Wow, heavy. 3,599 AED for an RTX 3070 Ti. I'm staying here. And the RTX 3080? From Asus at 4499 AED.

Look! Golden iPad Air. - Do you like it? - It's a waste of money - Waste of money? - Yeah, in one year it's gonna be useless. - I agree with you.

24 carat gold. iPhone 13 pro 512GB, 12500 AED. Platinum Apple AirPods Max - 6999 AED. What is this? Wait a minute... This is... Isn't that the square car? That's funny. You can see all kinds of things in Dubai.

How much for the shoes? 350 AED. And these? Also 350. So we go to a store called Billionaire's Store.

That's what it's called. It sells all sorts of luxury smartphones. And here's another interesting fact. There is an Uber helicopter here.

But it is only the Dubai City Tour. So it will not fly to take you to the store. But you can go to a special platform, call the helicopter, and it will fly you over the city.

It costs 520 dirhams. Cheaper than expensive shoes. Hey, guys, here's our taxi. That's cool. Do you know how much a ride costs? In economy it was $5, but a ride in this car, 11 minutes away, is $8.

- Sir, can I ask you a question. How much is it to charge a car? - It's free. - Free? - Charging? - Yes, complete charging. - It's free. Everything is free.

- Everything is free in Dubai? - Parking, charging. - Sounds good. So it's the best car for a taxi! - Yes, of course. - But not all taxis are Tesla? - Because it's expensive.

- Really? - Yeah. - Thank you so much, have a good day. Okay, let's look for the store...

There it is! It's called the Billionaire Collection. - Very beautiful store! - Thank you very much. - Where did you find all these phones? They are really unique! Are they new? - Yes. - Absolutely fantastic! You even have some budget phones, right? - Yeah Look at this beauty! Here, 4300 AED, cheap. There's even a Blackberry. Wow! Older people will remember all these phones.

And they're all originals, not some Chinese knockoff. These are all original, old phones. I have no idea where they got them all. Motorola AURA, that's fantastic.

So, I found almost the most expensive thing here. 38,500 AED. Used, but there's a lot of precious metals and something else. - Do you have a phone for 200...

- Yeah, there it is. Golden, in the middle. - This one? - Yeah. White gold and yellow gold. 124000 AED for this. Just for you to know. - Thank you so much! Absolutely beautiful! Have a good day! Guys, H&M. No one's here. Come in and buy. Everything is open, everything works. T-shirts - 59 AED, jeans - 139 AED.

Xiaomi store, branded. Xiaomi 12 Pro 12\256 costs 3699 AED. - What's the cheapest price for the cheapest smartphone you have right now? - Redmi 9A. Is it the final price? Or can you get lower? - 10 dihram discount. - Sounds good. 9A 2\32GB, 369 AED with a discount.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75" - 5799 AED. Wow, look how cool this thing is. Yeelight Atmosphere Lamp. Worth 189 AED. Wow, really? That's cool. Guys, look! Carrefour store, kind of like our Perekryostok. Special Offer, Pringles, two packs, 15 AED.

Barilla pasta - 20 AED. It's good, Italian. Oh! Rice! It's heavy! 20 AED for 5kg of rice. Shaving gel, 14 AED. Snickers 2.70 AED,

Twix 2.35. What kind of discrimination is that? Twix is also a cool chocolate bar. Okay, thank you, let's go. Thank you so much, thank you. The trip cost 60 AED. It's so hot. This way.

The place we came to is called Dragon Mart. It's the largest Chinese mall outside of China. The biggest in the world. 3,500 stores! The Dubai Mall only had 1,200, and here out of 3,500! Close the door, please. The air conditioning works! Some kind of multicookers.

Moonshine machines. It smells like China. Really, it smells like China. If you've been to China, you know what I mean.

I found it. Here it is. The horse, the horse is gonna run away now! Look, an iPhone cable. - How much? - Ten dihrams. - 10? All stores here sell only in cash.

They don't take cards. Oh! Massage chairs! - How much for this? - That one is 12,500 AED. - And this one is 5500, new! - 5500? New? - Yeah. - Thank you.

- Chips? How much? - One - 35, three bucket - 100. - Thank you. - 20 dihrams! 20 dihrams! - 20! 20! 20 dihrams! - Alright, okay! Wow, look at you. Xiaomi! I see Xiaomi! - How much for a... Is this iPhone 6? - Yes, six.

- And how much is it? - 505 AED. - And how much for Redmi Note 10? - 369 AED. - And what about iPhones? Are they new or used? - New. - How much? - 3300 AED. - And memory? - 128GB. - Very good. And what about the warranty?

- Yep, global warranty. - Official? - Yeah. Whoa! Looks tasty! Let's eat here? - It's not original! - No, this one is not original. Copy. It's Chinese. - How much? - This one is 450 AED! - Just 450? It's android, right? - Yeah, android. Who cares about iPhone?! We found a gold toilet! - And if i need real gold? Gold everywhere! - 500,000 AED! - 500,000? - Not so expensive. Real gold, right? - Yes.

- Inside too? - All gold! Oh, okay. Guys, the market is huge. Right now we're going to the electronics wholesale market. Let's call a taxi and go.

Thank you, have a good day! Familiar people! Dimitri, how's it going? Oh! Did you get the water? How much? Is this for us? - Yes, it's for you. - Here, there are good people. Guys, let me remind you, Dimitri is in the car business in Dubai. Right? - Yeah. - Land Cruiser 300, Land Cruiser 200, Ferrari, Tesla, anything. - Anything, on any budget.

- So for the CIS, here's a man who will deliver to you in the best possible way. So, are we going to the market? - Yeah. - Thanks for the water. - The man who's selling the Land Cruiser 300 prefers the Hyundai Accent? - It's a Hyundai Accent. It's a rental car. I just got here. - And if you had a choice, what would you take? What kind of car? Well, to drive around Dubai for a week or two. What's the best option? - A Toyota Camry.

- Are we going to meet Anton? - Yeah, we're going to meet Anton. - Okay. - Hi, there! - Welcome, welcome. How do you like the local color?

- It's great. How do you do? - Pleasant, thank you. Come on, let's show you around... - Are you Anton? - Yes, I'm Anton. - Where are you from? - I'm from Uzbekistan.

- From Uzbekistan? Beautiful country. Let's go. Well, tell me how you are here. How long have you been here? - Yes. I've been living here for a long time, eight years now. I used to be in logistics, but I recently changed direction. Now we're in marketing.

- We are very interested in places where smartphones and other electronics are bought in bulk and then sent to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan... - Here, in general, this whole market is full of phones... - Is it possible to buy 200 used iPhones here? Transport them to Almaty and sell them by the piece? - No problem. - Anyway, do you like it here? - I like it very much. Because you can see the color around here, right? - Thank you.

- Here's a good example. They come up to you, they ask you, they offer you something. - Oh, look! They got it all! - Come in and ask. - How much is the PS5? - Hello, how can I help you? - Hi there. - How are you? How's your mood? - Yeah, it'll get better if you give me a good price for a PS5. - Yeah, sure. - How much is the PS5? - 2,380 Dirhams.

- 2380? The lowest price? - The lowest. Wholesale price. - That's wholesale? - What if you buy 100 of them? - I just told you the wholesale price... Well, there's a $5 discount I'll give you. Because that only leaves us with two or three percent.

- 2-3%? Do you have 100 in stock? - Of course I do. - Do you? - Yeah. - I look for people on Telegram if I'm shipping to Kazakhstan. Through fellow travelers, through groups. In Dubai there are Kazakh groups, special groups that have people with tickets to Kazakhstan, I negotiate with them.

We take a passport photo and his data, for a certain amount of money, of course... - Well, it's a piecemeal thing. Not 100 in a bulk. - Well, if he's selling his "luggage place".

There are people who sell their luggage place, you can... 20, 30 kilos are allowed. - Yeah. - And these 20-30 kilos, you can load the Playstation in your luggage for us and we'll pay you.

And that's it, you leave, no problem. - That's interesting. - Where are you from, if that's not a secret? - I'm from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. - It's a nice city. - Here is our card, please take it.

- Thank you. - Hardware, anything, wholesale prices, retail prices - please. Write in, get in touch. - Thank you very much. Pleased to meet you. - Likewise. - Okay. Kim. Thank you. - So, we agreed to buy 100 Sony Playstations.

- It's not a problem here at all. - And deliver to Almaty. - That's cool. - Here, suitcases. 55 AED. - Yeah, very cheap. And here, look, a flea market.

- Yeah, you can get all kinds of stuff here. - Gucci! And here's Adidas! They've got everything! Right here on the street. - The main question. How much do you have to earn to live normally in Dubai? - It's a tricky question. It's different for everyone.

The more you earn, the more demands you have. - Well, what's the average? - Well, I think from $3,000. - Well, that's quite a lot. - Well, that's considered an average wage here. Here's the store, our guys are here. I buy from them all the time. - Isn't there a bigger selection over there? - Here too, yeah.

- Hello - Hello brother - You need to sell a service like that. - Yes. - How much for...? - What model are you talking about? There's an iPhone 8, and there's a 7. - What color is that? - Eight, 128 GB. - Can I see it? - Yeah.

- Is it new? - It's new. With 1 year warranty. - This is the seventh iPhone, right? The iPhone 7, 256GB. - Yeah. - How much is it? - 800 dirhams. - How about 100 of these? - You need 100 of these? - Well, could you find 100? - Yes. For 700 each. - 700? Sounds good.

- Oh, that's a discount already? - Yes, 100 dirhams off. - Hello. - Good afternoon. - How do you do? Russian? English? - Yes, speak Russian, no problem. - Can I... Do you have an elevator? - Elevator. - Where to? - We have a warehouse upstairs. - A warehouse? Really?

Oh, cool! Ooh! Nice! That's a good one! Can I get one, too? - New iPhones in any quantity and any model can be arranged. - And how much cheaper than the Apple Store will be? - Than the Apple Store? - Yes, in percentage terms. - Let me give you a simple example. - I have a Pro Max 256 green Pro for 4400. In the Apple Store it costs 5200.

800 AED difference. That's $220. - Is that the price you can sell it for? - Yes, we can sell it for that price, and it's got an official one-year warranty from Apple. - And if it's no secret, where do you get your smartphones from? How does that work? - Well, Apple sells their product in official stores. And they include the price of store rentals in the price. And that's very expensive. And we buy directly from dealers who take the smartphones from the factory. We buy 500, 1,000 at a time. Because of that, the price is lower.

- Well, that's a big difference. What is the name of your store? - Our store is called "Magnet". - Magnet? - And our company is named Amidu.

- We have an outlet in the free zone as well, we sell wholesale there. - That's great. We recorded it, we'll leave a link in the video description. Thank you so much for your time. - Have a great day. - Thank you, and you. Guys, what more to say? First of all, thank you for watching this big episode.

We thought you'd be interested to see the full picture of prices in Dubai. By the way, we didn't tell you about the apartment rentals. The guys just told us, $1000 to rent a two-bedroom apartment minimum, plus $300 utilities and internet. Not cheap, of course, but that is the price. We don't specifically recommend anything.

It's up to you to come here and buy yourself a new iPhone, or come and buy 1000, with a shopping cart as a gift, and roll it all up to the airport and try to take it away - it's your own business. Keep in mind, we don't specifically recommend anything to you. But the prices are really impressive. The discounts are substantial... - I'm your subscriber! - You're watching our channel? Thanks, bro. Another subscriber met.

Waiting for your comment, hello from Dubai. 41 Celsius (it was even 44 today) in June. And 50 in July. Keep that in mind when you're packing. And shorts instead of pants won't save you - it's always hot here. But interesting. Looking forward to your comments, see you, bye!

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