ഇറ്റലി സർക്കാരിന്റെ വിമാനത്തിൽ ഫ്രാൻസിലേക്ക് | I felt Discrimination at Airport | Rome to Nice

ഇറ്റലി സർക്കാരിന്റെ വിമാനത്തിൽ ഫ്രാൻസിലേക്ക് | I felt Discrimination at Airport | Rome to Nice

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Today is our last day at Rome. Tomorrow we are going to France. We have come to have Italian food before I leave We call it pasta, but what is it called here? Pomodoro E Basil It is added to a tomato sauce with basil What is this? Pasta Con Fajioli It has beans in it. Fajioli is beans

Looks like the curry we make at home Can add some pepper to it and make it awesome. Pasta tastes awesome. This is not run by people from Bangladesh. It is run by an Italian The food here has good quantity. One plate chicken can be had by 2 people Even pasta is served in good quantity Yesterday I ate little pasta paying 20 Euro Here 1 pasta, a sweet and a bottle of water for just 9 Euro That is very affordable People here order and spend time They talk, have wine and relax and have lunch. Tastes just like the beans curry we make at home.

It is the same beans curry with some pepper and Italian seasonings. Dont you come here and have all these when you miss rice and curry. Tastes like the same beans curry we have with porridge.

Had food and our tummy was full. That is when we got this. We are on a diet. Shall have all these and then feel guilty today Look at the meat you see in a chiller at the restaurant we ate See how neatly they are kept They will make what we ask for from here We shall catch a train now It is an underground metro train It is empty I had planned 2 days at Rome. We saw Rome and Vatican I meant I saw the major places in 2 days Since we have time, thought of going around. I finished seeing all I had in plan Just 3-4hrs for the day to end. Let us see where to go Got out of the underground metro and going up nearly 4-5 floors A huge escalator I came in search of a shopping mall After coming here I understood they have only high end luxury brands here Excellent shopping mall, but they have only Prada, Louis Vuitton etc That was a shopping mall I went and saw many brands Walked out too. They are very expensive

There were many Italian brands and other brands too We shall walk through this street for some time now You can see many people gathered here No idea what is there There is a church up there It comes under French state Lot of steps in front of it. They are called Spanish steps Spanish steps and a French church. Little confusing right? You can see lot of tourists, People who come individually and in groups Can see a fountain here. So many people come to visit Italy, especially Rome I am not going to Venice this time. You will see more people there

We shall visit Venice in our next trip. Weather is awesome and the sky is pleasant. So we are having nice visuals today Lot of small coffee shops here You have the traditional horse carts if you want to take a ride.

There is a metro station under this area too The board M gives you a hint that there is a metro station Seen Gucci but not Pucci The beauty of the buildings is what has made me dumbstruck here. You see well maintained buildings all over That is the beauty of Italy You can enjoy the beauty only if you come in summer. Can see a small bus go in between. Italy is a place that has churches all over These would be so old too. Can see here and there All are well maintained.

I bought a new bag from North Face A nice big bag. 150 Euro for it. A good one. I shall do a review on it. I will keep the bag I am using now in this. They have tax free shopping here I think we can claim the amount from the airport We may get 10% I think.

Bought a new bag. We have a backpack trip coming up That is why I bought a new bag 150 Euro for this I will get 20 Euro tax refund from the airport 150 Euro is around 14000 INR I will get back 2000 INR Shall sleep early today It is 5.30pm and I can see a Metro station here We shall take a train and go Got into a tunnel. I think there are buildings on top You have to walk a lot and through tunnels to reach a metro station Can see a couple who are artists performing here They have a dog too. I think Uscita means exit Ai treni means to trains We have to go deep down now.

Stations are crowded. Maybe because it is evening. Just 2 stops and then we shall get down. After 2 stops we can get down at Termini station. Orange colour train is here I had come in this one only The trains are very crowded Have to get in and no other choice Got out at Termini station It is even more crowded here. This is a main station here.

They have trams too. ATAC is the old public transport department name. Tram, buses and metro etc come under them Lot of trams coming They look so cute. This is the tram station, next bus station, then metro station and last railway station Everything are connected here What kind of an Indian restaurant is this? I dont think they are Indian restaurants All run by people from Bangladesh. In front of Roma Termini railway station, you have lot of souvenir shops You can feel the vibe when you come to such places You can see lot of shops written luggage deposit in front of the railway station They are charging 7 Euro to keep a bag It may be for one day. Saw many such deposit places inside the railway station too Just like our cloak room Out side the railway station, you have 24hrs bus service to Fiumicino airport I will have to take a bus or train from here tomorrow morning You have to pay just 6 Euro to go to the airport Train will cost 13-14 Euro Trains are expensive but reach fast. Bus will take 50mts Trains reach in 30mts That is the only difference. Can pre book tickets

I havent booked for tomorrow You have buses of many companies from here to the airport Since it is 24hrs, they would be there at a gap of 15-20mts I think This is a yo-yo car. Have you seen them? This is what we call yo-yo I am first time seeing such a car It is a 2 seater yo-yo car It is an electric one The buses here goes to the airport I live in the building next to that That bus looks good. But it is not a double decker one. This bag is very comfortable It is pretty big enough I think we can carry few days dresses in it Can say about its comfort only after using it for a while This is the bag Isnt is amazing It is a bit big. A 40L bag A pouch like in the front. The bill is in here Can keep lot of things in here Can keep passport and other things too Another compartment here Can keep all these in here You an adjust the size too My previous one is a small bag You have a slot to keep bottle on the side You can adjust these sides You can adjust the size below too You can do lot of adjustments and shrink it It is a nice padded bag This would help from having back pain This is a bit hard. Maybe that is how it should be I shall use and tell you how it is.

Going to rest today. No other plans Tomorrow we are going to Nice in France We saw the smallest country, Vatican. Next is the 2nd smallest country, Monaco Flying to Nice to see that. Monaco doesnt have an airport. Airport is at Nice 20-30mts from Nice and we reach another country, Monaco We are leaving today I am ready. It was an airbnb room

We are going to Nice in France It is 5.45am. I woke up at 5am, had a bath Shall take a bus and go to the airport I am going to travel with my new bag today I have kept my other bag and other things in it. This bag weighs 1.5kgs Totally it would weigh around 5kgs Can see 3-4 Teravision buses in front One of them would be for us.

This is another company bus to airport My bus is behind. It will come here now. Like in our place, you can see homeless people sleeping around the railway station If I walk that way, I will see at least 10 sleeping like this Most of them are immigrants My bus to the airport is here People here travel only with backpacks Very few like me would be traveling with a box That is how Europeans are Shall keep our box inside and get in Listening to Italian FM and Italian songs I caught a seat behind Good bye to Roma City for time being. Out of the places we traveled this time, I would say I loved Rome the most Rome is very beautiful I loved and will come again for sure. We will be coming to Rome in our next trip That is an amazing trip. Stay tuned. We have reached the airport in Teravision bus But it stopped in front of T3 terminal I have to go to Terminal 1 Both are on two sides of a building Have to walk 4-5mts to terminal 1 This is there all over Europe, Flixbus. I am yet to use it. It maybe interstate or intercity buses Heard some say that it began in Bangalore or somewhere These are buses going from the airport to intercity or interstate Buses are on time. Let at 6.10 as said and reached at 6.55 as said

I walked and reached terminal one, 6th entrance This is a big airport I think this is the arrival area Let us go to the departure area I reached the departure area We are going by ITA Airways It is Italy's flag carrier. A new airline that began in 2021. They have nearly 90 flights and is under Ministry of Finance and Economics Let us check in now It was begun by the government and they are trying to privatize it. I dont think it is done.

Heard Air France, Delta, Lufthansa etc are trying to buy them Where do I check in Most of the people travel without boxes and so the check in counters are empty Or else big tourist groups should come. If it is a budget airline and if we taking our box, we have to pay double the money I got ITA airways boarding pass We got a new boarding pass for our collection An Italian staff was in the counter. She was like she didnt like me going there No smile or any any reaction on her face She was a part of the Swiss Port, Airport management team Done with security check and got inside. Can see the duty free here. They dont have immigration here It might be somewhere else. Shall see When you travel inside Europe, you dont have immigration. It is like flying domestic

Let me find the tax refund counter You have a store that sells Italian drinks. I think they are alcohol. Not sure Bottles look so beautiful It is Italian liquor I loved this bottle. Looks so good. Looks like lemon juice More like pineapple juice This is a lemon flavoured drink Lot of spirits and chocolates for sale It is not yet Easter, but Easter eggs and cakes are for sale Variety cakes and sweets that can be gifted This is an awesome airport See how big it is I think the passport control is somewhere near the gate Let me go to the tax refund counter and get my 20 Euro Awesome display. This is a huge airport I am feeling hungry Let me have food I dont have time to get into the lounge. Shall have from here. See how huge the airport is. Cannot see the other end there You will get tired walking in here Can see electronic stores with tax free Can see ITA aircrafts there It is blue in colour Awesome They have Airbus 220, 320, 330 and 350 They dont have boeing flights. All are airbus flights

Airbus is European and Boeing is American Might be because of that Can see the tax refund counter there There will be a machine there. Scan your bill and give your card details. The refund will come to your card It is simple When I scanned my passport at the machine, I didnt have to show my bills You get tax refund only when you fly outside European union I am flying to France. When I travel from France to UK, I can claim this from any airport in Europe. European Union is considered as one country It is a single tax here Good thing Long since I had KFC. Let us have it from here

Let us see how Europe KFC here is 13 Euro for 4 piece chicken, 1 pepsi and fries They will give an empty glass. Can drink and refill which every you want After having I feel guilty ITA airways lounge is seen here. Gate has been announced Our gate is A34 This airport is in the name of Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino is a like our Nedumbaserry airport A glass covered smoking area You have them here and there Lot of aircrafts here Looks different.

Scan your boarding pass and the gate opens We are going by bus. We are going in a brand new Airbus 320 aircraft Awesome looking Nice colour. Let us get in. Nice seats My seat number is 24 It showed as a brand new aircraft But the seat looks dirty Doesnt look brand new. Leg space is same like Indio.

Not so good for a national carrier. Air India is far better compared to this. They have push back and mobile charging points I have plugged both my mobiles. I have lot of videos to shoot today This is the design here I dont feel it to be a brand new aircraft After all, it is a by the government. Another ITA aircraft has left. That looks like Airbus 330 or 350 Bigger air crafts are white in colour.

We took off from Rome, Italy. Nice to see the view Looks amazing Can see lot of houses and greenery We flew straight over the sea. We are not flying to the border of Italy and France Flying to Nice Just 35-40km to Nice from Italy border It is like flying from Kochi to Bangalore. 50mts flying time. We will reach by 10.30am

World's 2nd smallest country Monaco is just 8km from Nice. That is where I am going to A country that can be explored in a day You can walk and see the whole country. That is where our next destination is That would be my 38th country. Looks like we are landing on the sea I got scared for a second. It was like going to land in the sea.

We are landing at Nice airport which is next to the sea Awesome A country full of billionaires. You can see lot of private jets here. I saw 4 private jets so far That is the 5th one Looks like a hilly city Can see mountains and buildings over it Can see Air France, Easy Jet etc I think they are taking the luggage in that Looks like they opened it for that. He is standing here with a head set on him Welcome to Nice Can see Finland Airbus A321 aircraft here This is Nice airport in France. It is a coastal region between Italy and Monaco Monaco doesnt have an airport. You have helicopters from here to Monaco

They have services every 15-20mts. But it costs 150 Euro, which is expensive. Unlicensed taxi. Real risk. I got my box. Let us go out.

This looks like a small airport. The arrival seems to be like that The departure area may be big. We shall take a tram. I have booked a hotel at the city itself.

To go to the hotel, we can take a tram from the city By paying just 1.5 Euro, we can go to the hotel in a tram Well planned. You can take a tram from the airport itself Awesome. You have trams to both sides from here Connectivity has been made so easy We shall take this tram The doors got closed. Should wait for the next one to come Let me take a ticket I took a pass for 35 Euro that can be used for 3 days It shows 10 Euro to go to the city I got this paying 35 Euro We can use this to go to Monaco and other places All were looking what to do. I saw it was 10 Euro for a ticket. We anyways have to travel a lot So took this one This is our metro train If you press the button, the door opens.

We shall go inside. Buses going to the airport and other places Connectivity has been done so well and simple We shall get inside and validate our card from here I got into the tram and sat down I have kept my box here and bag on my lap. Nice bag. Tram is a good option. It goes on the road

Nice and easy travel inside the city without taking much space Some places have a separate area for tram. Some places you see vehicles going above trams In our place, metros are done by building pillars in the middle of a median Trams can be done less expensive People should adjust accordingly too. Traffic rules and all are to be seen. They are riding the tram like they are riding a car on the road Sometimes people may be in front and you may have to apply brakes Tram signals have more priority In India, trams were seen only in Kolkata I think there are very few old ones even today Tram would have been very successful if it was done all India I can travel all over Nice and Monaco for three days using this card.

Even if not 3 days, but even 1 day would be profitable if used 35 Euro and 2 Euro as issue charge 37 Euro in total We would have to pay 10 Euro to come to town Will have to pay again 10 Euro to go back We would have to pay more to go and come from Monaco too So it is better to take a pass when you come here I am first time seeing tram going underground This looks like a metro station. All this time, we were on top and now we have reached underground. I got down at the tram station near my hotel When we reach on top, we will reach our hotel It is just 11.30am now My check in is only at 3 pm. Will have to inquire about early check in

If they allow us for early check in, we shall keep our bags in the room and go out Or we shall leave it at the hotel When you get into trains and buses, you have to validate the pass Or it will be an issue Some people had come to do checking while I was in the tram They had a mobile like device with them They will take our pass and check it on the machine If it is not validated, you will be fined or will have to pay a penalty You need this even to get out from here Just place your card here and the gates will open. We have reached the central area of city It is the heart of the city Can see a small vehicle here A cute small bus. It is an electric vehicle You see a French Italian mix culture here This is the border of Italy and France So you find that culture more to be seen here. You get more of Mediterranean food here, including Monaco Earlier Monaco was in terms with Italy. Now it is in terms with France. Monaco does have its own army, navy or air force.

They have police 38000 people live in Monaco 500 police men to take care of 38000 people Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world It is the second smallest country too. We are going to see that place. Tomorrow's video will be that. Where is our hotel I think all these are apartments See how neat and clean the streets are.

This is how it is all over Rome. It is not cold here today It's slightly windy. But its not cold, I put my jacket in my bag and walking in a shirt That is our hotel. Holiday Inn.

I will be staying here for a day. We will be staying here, going to Monaco and coming back Monaco is one of the most expensive countries in the world. To book a room there, I will have to pay at least 20000/ day That is the cheapest there. I had checked online. So most of the people stay here, go and come back. Where is the reception? Can see a restaurant down the hotel Let us go and see if we can check in This is our room at Holiday Inn Can see old and new buildings from here. A garden also outside them I dont think the garden is a part of the hotel I have kept my bags in my room.

We shall go down. They have given us an early check in Slippers and bathrobe are provided. First time getting such a luxurious room in Europe 10000 INR for this room. As usual. That is the rate for the rooms here It is very difficult to get cheaper rooms here You may get hostels for that rate. It is difficult going with a box to a hostel That is why I didnt opt that. A hair dryer and a mirror here You find tubs in this country. People here take bath in a tub

Lot of towel and this is the toilet area I have come to the tram station again. We shall take a train and go to Monaco Excited for that. Tap and enter. We shall go to Port Lympia by tram and then take a bus to go to Monaco We are back at the train station Lots to say about this place Tram to the airport is here. Tomorrow I am going to Toulouse I will be taking the morning flight tomorrow. We can take a tram from here and go again.

We are on a tight schedule from here on. The train to Port Lympia is here We are back in the tram. I am first time seeing a tram go underground. It was an amazing experience. We have reached Port Lympia. This is a Marina Bay here You can see yachts owned by many billionaires here Going to see amazing things at Monaco We have to press and open it. The tram dropped us here and went. We shall catch a bus from here

Can see a huge ship there The tram is changing track from here Let us go up to the bus stop. Awesome. Look at those big and small luxurious yachts A grandma going with her pet dog Looks like a cathedral This is Port Lympia You can even take a taxi to Monaco The bus stop is somewhere here Shall take bus number 607 I have reached the bus stop. There comes bus number 607 to Monaco We have to take this bus to go to Monaco Awesome Let us sit somewhere Train will take us there in 40mts. But there arent any trains at this time. Bus will take 50mts.

We will be traveling the next one hour through the coastal area only You can see beautiful view points That is Nice City The yacht and all we saw are seen from here This is Nice. I am on the way to Monaco In the bus. I am going to my 38th country It is a cliff area like in Varkala You dont have beaches here. It is a hilly area at a coastal side Nice is a city at the coastal area of Mediterranean Sea When going to Monaco, make sure to sit on the right side. Only then can you enjoy all these This is the country Monaco On the other side of the road is Monaco and this side is Nice This is the border We have got into Monaco Bus journey was awesome.

We have come to Monaco by bus from Nice 2nd smallest country in the world, Monaco, Shall show you Monaco in tomorrows video. See you tomorrow guys.

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