[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 22/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 22/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

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How's it? Your Fund won't give you money? I begged several uncles. They refused to lend money to me. The bank gave me a reply just now. They won't approve any loan for us again. We don't have money to pay damages to Mr. Hon. We must go into liquidation. Eric, I understand how you feel. Honestly, you've lost $18 million only.

I'm much worse. I've lost almost $100 million in total. It's worse than you. But we can't help it. That's the reality of the business world. The Internet information Security Gold Award this year goes to Mr. Ko Chun-kit.

Hello. Hello, when can you leave tonight? We're going to Vincy's to try on the wedding gowns. I remember that. You go there first. I'll come after packing the things here. I'll meet you in the wedding gown shop. OK. See you later then. Bye.

Bye. Eric, you came in specifically to pack? It's almost done. This is so not fair.

I thought I could excel with you. We'd work together. I can't believe this happened even before we started. It's unexpected to me too. It's my fault. If I didn't ask you to join, how would you have lost so much money? How would this be your fault? Thank you for giving me a chance. You've given me a chance to dream being a boss.

But actually it really isn't that easy starting a business. You're capable. I believe in you. There are many chances waiting for you out there. Don't forget to look after me. Same for you. See you. See you. I'll pack in my office.

That dumbbell is still so dumb. I almost failed to hold back my laughter when I saw him pack just now... I'm on my way now.

Don't open that nice bottle of wine till I get there. Bye. Szeto Sir. You're leaving? Hey, is Ka-pik found yet? All the teammates are very concerned about this case.

We will find out what happened for sure. But that's all I can say. Sorry. OK. Where are you going? I'm going to Vincy's with Eric today to try on the wedding gowns.

Want to take a tour there too? Why would I go there as you two are trying on the wedding gowns? Be a third wheel? Wait...Bring something to Vincy for me please. Thank you. What's this? Vincy will go to Beijing soon. The air quality there is poor. It's an air purifier. You want me to be your errand boy? No way.

If you want to give something to Vincy, you do it yourself. Hey, it's so small. You say no? I've asked Tsim. I know everything about you and Vincy. If you still care so much about her, why don't you tell her in person? Girls love boys who are candid. What are you talking about? Tsim talks nonsense only. You believe him? You know very well if Tsim's talking nonsense.

She will leave two days later. If you don't go see her now, there won't be a chance. Young girl, what do you know? Don't say anything stupid when you're there later.

Right, I know nothing. Oh Szeto Sir, I didn't drive today. Eric doesn't have the time to give me a lift. Will you be kind enough to run this young girl there, OK? It's decided.

Cheers... The wine's really nice. I can smell how rich and mellow it is. Of course. This is Mr. Fok's collection. He serves it to the guests only during festive times.

We've found a big fool this time. We cheated him out of $18 million in one go. It deserves celebrating it with the wine. Mr. Fok, Mr. Hon, cheers. What are you celebrating so happily without asking me to join? Why are you here? Was it a setup right from the time we ran into Raymond and you introduced him to me at the tennis court? This is Eric, Gilbert, Ceci. Hello. Hello... Raymond is my new boss.

Did you guys buy the Technology Elite Award to please me on purpose? Just now I overheard someone say that perhaps Raymond bought the award. They talked nonsense only as they're jealous. Just ignore them. Did you sabotage the security system too? Did you? Yes, I asked someone to tamper with it.

It's because you paid all your attention to wooing your girl. We'll take care of this. You haven't seen your girlfriend for days. I took you for my friend all along. You took me for a fool?

No, we took you for our fund provider all along. Eric, don't be so mad. Sit down and talk. What's there to talk about? Either pay me back $18 million or I'll see you in court.

Young man, don't be so irritable. Yes, we're lousy actors. But all the documents you signed are authentic. Everything's written there. They are legally binding. Our accounts are clear and proper too. No accountant or lawyer can help you. Anyway your loss is huge. I told you just now. Getting emotional won't help.

Your uncles are right not to approve your request for money. The business world really isn't for a kid like you. Even if you didn't run into us, you would still be deceived by other fraudsters later. $10 million or so is a small sum for a wealthy second generation like you. Just deem it a lesson.

Hey, let's go somewhere else to drink again. Thank you very much. It's OK. Hey, what's going on? He's drunk. Go see if he's OK...

Sir, are you OK? This is for you. An air purifier? Yes. The air quality in Beijing is poor. I fear your allergic rhinitis will relapse. I can buy this in Beijing. You don't need to buy it for me specifically.

No, a friend in England recommended this brand. This is the best. I'm afraid you can't find it in Beijing. Thank you. What's the time of your flight that day? I'll run you to the airport.

No, thanks. I can call a car. Don't bother. I'll be off that day. I can... It really isn't necessary. I know you're very nice to me. But I must learn to live independently. Daddy. Yes?

When mommy died, how did you cope? Back then you were so little. I had to go to work and look after you at the same time. I didn't have much quiet time. I was so busy that I didn't have time to think of your mommy. I could only watch the fire burning. I watched Eric burn to death.

Denise was crying so sadly and fiercely next to me. I didn't know how to comfort her at all. I've worked as a cop for so long. I thought I'd witnessed lots of partings and deaths. But when it happens to my friends, the feeling is so intense.

I find humans so frail. We could hear his voice this moment. But we may never hear it again the next. Now I realize that we mustn't miss any chance to make the people we value a lot, the people who are very important to us, stay with us. It's because no one knows when they will meet again every time after they part. Three years ago I lost a chance. The person I love deeply left me.

Today I mustn't do nothing again. I can't allow that to happen once again. Vincy, I'm really so happy being able to meet you again. haven't changed at all.

I've never forgotten you in the past three years. Can you not leave but stay? Give me a chance please? I believe the timing is right this time. Actually I wanted to ask you this. That guy Eric was your classmate and your friend. Now he's dead. Did you ever cry for him? Sure. Of course I did. I cried because he died so late. I hated him so much already when we went to university.

He's better than me academically. He came from a wealthier family. All the girls hung out with him. But a person won't be so lucky all his life. So you're jealous. Yes, I was. Good. I don't need to spend money on litigation with him. No loose ends. Hey Michael, you come so late? Mr. Fok has prepared something new for you. It's Cuban. Try it.

How are you, Michael? How's everything for the company? The license is approved. The office setup is almost done. Good. I trust you at work. I know you're competent. I won't be wrong about you. Attaboy. Come on. Sit down.

Mr. Fok, the manpower is almost ready. Many people replied that they're interested in joining our company as investment agents. I've taken a look at the info of the newbies Samuel has hired.

Most are DSE students, unemployed workers and new immigrants. They lack work experience. How can they advise people how to invest? When the stock you invest in doesn't bring you profit, you speculate on a different one then. I really don't mind which one you speculate on.

As we can make quick money through trading International Spot Gold, it's impossible that we don't do it. Exactly. Many people will do it even if we don't. But Mr. Fok... Don't forget you still owe me money. When will you make repayment to me in full if you trade stocks only? International Spot Gold is different. I guarantee you can make full repayment to me in half a year.

Then make some more and keep it yourself. You're so smart. You don't need me to teach you how, do you? Relax, Michael. We receive a commission on legit trading. We will never do fake trading.

You don't need to do it in person. Just come in when you are free and sign the documents. I'll take care of the rest. Don't be so narrow-minded. Be open. You will work for me anyway. Why don't you work happily then?

When you've settled your debt in full, we'll see what else we can do together to make money. Last time we said we'd mess with your wife. We're bluffing only. We are partners. How would I do that? I've divorced my wife already. Hey, when you've made plenty of money, your wife will come back to you for sure.

Or find a younger and hotter girl, right? Don't worry so much. Most importantly, the new company must open soon and things must run smoothly. We'll make big money together. Welcome, please come in. OK.

Hello everyone. You may call me Michael. Welcome to Fan Yik Group. My requirements are quite simple. Three things. Diligence, enthusiasm, and a sense of responsibility.

So long as you're willing to take the first step out for a brilliant life, the company will help you reach your goal. Work hard. Bravo... Cheers...To good business... Yes. Michael...Cheers... You guys must look after me... Sure...

Brother Don. Yes? I got held up at school. So I came a bit late. Never mind. Better late than never. Listen, she's your colleague too. She's Yin-ching. Hello...Welcome... Thank you. I'll introduce them to you one by one later.

Your academic background is the strongest among these people. You will become the most outstanding one for sure. I'm positive about you. Good that you like it. Your speech just now was so moving. The kids outside were so eager to make big money.

In fact, everyone wants to make fast money. It's the most important to do a clean job. As I said, we earn a commission through trading. All of you are self-motivated and eager. Do you dare to succeed? Do you dare? We do. Good. Remember this.

You don't work for the company. You work for yourselves. A man who counts on himself to get rich is a king. A woman who counts on men is at most a princess. A woman who counts on herself to get rich is a real queen. Correct? Yes.

From today on, tell yourself that you will create your future in 3 months. You must wear a gold watch, drive a Porsche, and buy a luxury flat in a year, OK? Yeah...Great... Listen, first of all install all the dating apps and find all the clients.

Check their background carefully. Find out their assets and occupations. Screen and select potential targets. Then add them as friends. Shoot the breeze with them. How would I be so lucky like you. Your husband's so wealthy. I counted on myself for all the things.

Let's not keep on talking. You haven't eaten yet, right? No... Let's order some food, OK? Sure.

Waiter... Yes. Yes. What would you like to order, sir? Two fish stews, black truffle fried eggs, boiled lobsters at low temperature, and a pan-fried foie gras. That's enough... How will that be enough? What about souffle for dessert? OK...whatever.

Open a bottle of 1982 red wine too. That's it. No problem. Thank you. Can we finish so much, Cousin Hung? Pack them then if we can't finish.

Why are you so generous? You've won the Mark Six Lottery? Better than that. I invest in International Spot Gold now. I've made so much. Hey, I want to buy a new car. But I don't know what color to choose. That's why I'm buying you lunch. I need your opinion. OK. Let me see. This one...Look.

This brand is famous. It's very expensive! How expensive? $4 million or so only. Hey, which color suits me better? Red or yellow? Cousin Hung, you're bad. You've made so much money. But you've forgotten me.

I thought you're already settled. You aren't in need of money. If you want to make big money, you can join me. I do want to. OK. Just now you mentioned the so-called spot gold, right? Yes.

What's the minimum amount for investing in spot gold? It's flexible. You can just invest $500,000 at first. $500,000? Yes. I don't have so much money.

It isn't much. Investment in International Spot Gold is low-risk and high-return. Three months. I guarantee you will make profits by double in three months. Recently l lost in mah-jong games. I don't have so much money in the bank either. What shall I do? You can ask your husband to do this with you.

No...this is money for a woman. Of course the profits will go to myself. Ask him to invest with me? He will nag me. I have to share the profits with him too. No way...Let me think about it, OK? Sure, you may sleep on it.

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