Гібридна війна онлайн. Battle pass в комплект не входить.

Гібридна війна онлайн. Battle pass в комплект не входить.

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The Russian-Ukrainian war is the first war to be broadcast online worldwide. Yes, this war started back in 2014 and is still going on, but it has become an «online» war now. Let's remember the first days of the February invasion and the same footages from webcams broadcasting the situation in Ukraine in real time. And do you remember how the whole world had watched online (it seems, on February 16), even before the full-scale invasion of Russia, the same Russia was supposed to attack Kyiv, but instead the world saw an advertisement for a garage in the Solom`yans`kyi district of our capital. Somewhere back then, it was already clear that a possible attack at that time would be, at least, in the columns of all leading newspapers in the world.

Let's discuss the moral side of this so-called phenomenon. Is it moral at all, for example, to want to see a bomb falling on a city live? No. Most of us have already seen enough of bombs, planes and missiles for a lifetime. But, for example, Reuters, which started that broadcast, hadn’t seen enough of it at that time, and it is unlikely that their thirst for sensationalism is fully satisfied even now. Such media coverage of everything is a well-known feature of the modern world. This is both its pros and cons. Let me remind you, that hybrid war is a concept of military strategy that combines the methods of launching a conventional war and all other methods of waging war. Although Russia launched a full-scale war only this year, we cannot forget that the hybrid war against Ukraine began even before 2014. It was by using its methods that the Russians were able to organize the so-called republics on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. By the way, the desire of the aggressor country to somehow hide or even justify its actions

on the territory of a foreign state in order not to receive direct punishment is one of the most notable features of hybrid war. Some people could even remember the old term "proxy wars", but we will talk about them later in retrospect, because it is a very large topic. Thus, aggravation of internal contradictions, information influence, support for separatism and creating the appearance of its support among the population – all these are components of a hybrid war. One more thing about the concept of hybrid warfare. Currently, there is no one common, single definition of what it is, but the paradox is that we are able to experience almost all of its tools ourselves. Besides, again, this has been going on for quite a few years. You, my viewers, need to remember this. In any case, in 2022, the Russian Federation probably decided not to hide its actions (certainly not at the beginning of the full-scale invasion), for what reasons this happened - we do not know yet. But we will definitely find out. However, let's take a closer look at all the «hybrid wars» the Russians are waging with us.

Information warfare It is quite difficult to say when exactly Russia's information warfare with Ukraine began. Maybe in 2004, during the Orange Revolution, maybe earlier, or maybe it lasted forever. Because the information war is waged with a weapon that almost everyone can use – information. The manipulation of information, its distortion, presentation in a negative way, disinformation is what the modern information war is aimed at, if we talk about the goals directed against civilians. However, the information war does not cover only fake news, propaganda cars on the streets and mischief on the Internet, it also applies to the military – for example,

electronic warfare on the fronts. Similarly, an isolation from any information is the element of information war. Russia is fighting not only for land, or for maintaining the image of its empire, and not even for the formation of a new neo-Bolshevist burp in the form of existence of the USSR 2.0. Not at all. They fight for people's minds. For our worldview. That is why every day there are some new fake news. In Russia, they were able to develop and implement the same stories about the "little green" men [masked soldiers of the Russian Federation in Crimea] and about the weapons-filled mines of Donbas. These fakes were then used for different sorts of manipulations by Russian sympathizers and diplomats. In the same way, informational attacks by Russia concern all attempts to divide Ukrainians within the country.

This is a very powerful tool of hybrid warfare. And that's what they really want. Because they understand, that this is the only way they have a ghost of a chance of enslaving us. All this time, Russians have been trying to somehow divide us since 2014. Unfortunately, they had more than enough instruments for this. One land border with a length of 1,974 km means a lot. And if you all of a sudden think that the fifth column has disappeared somewhere, it hasn’t. *I don’t think that’s Russia precisely. I think, that is… Russia and Ukraine were incited to this. I don’t think, that only Russia is to blame. It’s geopolitics, it’s oil, gas, finances, all these. – But eventually the missiles are Russian and they bomb… - There are no signs on the missiles confirming whose they are. – There are some. – Are there? – Yes…

By the way, some of the rashists (just imagine!) have already discovered such a miracle of modern technology as Google translator, they use it to write in Ukrainian *cattle thus switching to such a hated language. Imagine what you need to do with a real imperialist to make him/her switch to your language. An aggressor always understands that the basis of resistance to his aggression is, first of all, people who confront him. That is why at first, we saw all those ridiculous and meaningless excuses - nazis, fascists, oppression of the Russian language, children of Donbas, biolaboratories, nuclear weapons, NATO, militant hamsters … – Russia will do and say anything to somehow convince those who have even the slightest doubt, those who cannot fully believe in the fact that Russians are not just bad boys, but the new fascists – rashists. And in our case, this entire information flow is addressed not only to us, Ukrainians, but also to our allies, who help us with weapons and sanctions. Information war on all fronts. And this should also be remembered. For example, why do they make their videos in the «liberated» territories - about how they are met there. Do not think that this is intended purely for the domestic consumer of the Russian television product. In fact, the average Russian is absolutely indifferent to how his troops are greeted in Ukraine. They are more interested, for example, in the massacres of the so-called "Banderians", as they call all Ukrainians, who do not like the invasion of the Russian Federation. And all sorts of in quotes happy videos are made for us.

For our info field and for foreign ones. Look, fifty people in Ukraine are happy, that we came, destroyed houses, stole children and killed their parents. I would say that such videos are the cry of a soul, but they do not have one. It's not like that – It's just a technology. Shifting emphasis. Because if it were otherwise, they would not, for example, have excluded our mobile operators and the Internet in the temporarily occupied territories. As for real traitors – there will always be a certain percentage of collaborators. Such is a human nature. Maybe there will be a video on this topic someday.

Unfortunately, they are good at information warfare, they learned how to apply it on the territory of their own country (if we can call it like that). They learnt to make people lost their touch, to shout about peace and age-old friendship, about evil banderites and bad government. It is normal for them to deny some banal things, even facts, looking their interlocutor in the eyes. All for the sake of one goal – the establishment of «a Russian world». Because how can it be – did a neighboring country want to live normally? This cannot be the case in the paradigm of the Russian world. Therefore, it is currently desirable to try to consume any Russian information product at a minimum. Not even because of the fakes, that can be tracked here and there. No. Russian narratives. For example, about Ukrainians as their younger brothers, about other weaker neighbors. When, for example, I made a podcast about the possible consequences of a probable war and said that it would be hell for the Russians if they came to our land, those of us, who listened to different Russian bloggers, repeated their narrative - "Oh, and if they want to, they will conquer us in a couple of days." What's more, even the content maker himself/herself can make such disinformation not on purpose – but the brave new world in which the person has lived for years, or in which grew up – does not leave any extra space for normal views.

Therefore, these views will slip somewhere [in content] anyway, and will remain in your subconscious. Do you need it? You have to know your enemy, but you definitely shouldn't make a big fuss over enemy. They don't want anything good for you. And even if they wanted to – they have their own country, which they have not been able to make better for so many years. How can they help us? Should we listen to advice and analysis from people who spent thirty years building what is now called Russia? Is there any sense in this, other than destructive one? Do you think that they will reveal to you the priceless secrets of the «Russian soul»? And what is their profit from such insider discoveries? The problem is that no matter where they go, no matter how hard they try, their imperialism does not leave them. It is with them forever. For some reason they think, and the Ukrainians who watch them help them with this, that they are our older, but already liberal brothers; that they have a right to teach our people how to live, where to join or not to join and with whom to be friends. The Russian authorities do not spare money on mass media, on bots in various social networks that write not only in Russian or English. Therefore, please, keep your eyes open. They know that whoever shouts the loudest wins, so let's not let them do that.

Economic warfare An efficient economy is an indispensable condition in the conduct of war. I have already told more than once, that war is a very expensive phenomenon. Since ancient times, dozens of people in peaceful areas have worked to support, equip and feed one warrior. Blacksmiths made armor and weapons, merchants created logistics, peasants fed the warriors. There was even the entertainment and ideological sector to support the morale of warriors – bards, sutlers appeared as a phenomenon specifically for the army, and not the other way around. But in our time, everything has become more complicated and moved to a new level. The economy itself has become an instrument of war, not just a supporting factor. Economic warfare is one of the methods of waging hybrid warfare.

And it will not be a surprise to anyone that the Russian Federation is currently, in fact, opposed economically not only to us, but also to many European countries that depend on it in one way or another. In general, this state of affairs is a planned phenomenon. For years, RF lured the politicians of different countries and lobbied its own resources as those that will benefit both parties. All these «flirtations» with the gas pipe, responses to sanctions with sanctions, threats are all elements of economic confrontation. But there are also more obvious, terrorist things.

For example, the fact that Russians export Ukrainian grain to their ports. That does not belong to them. It's just a theft. In addition, they are also speculating on grain reserves in the territories temporarily occupied by them, wanting to use them for their military purposes. First, to reduce the volume of our export, which means a decrease in budget revenues. Secondly, for something like this: "Look, we have taken your [grain] stocks hostage and if you do not open the ports or lift the sanctions, there will be world hunger!". In fact, not everything is as bad as they try to present it to us. Everything is quite complicated, but not so critical for the whole world. Yes, in some countries (especially in Africa) if new supply routes from Ukraine or other countries will not be established, famine is possible. Yes, the terrorist state the Russian Federation is not against this and wants to hir again and destabilize the already, to put it mildly, rather unstable situation in the world. Possibly even cause a new wave of emigration from the countries of the Middle East and Africa.

We all know that civilized countries have a moral burden towards countries, that were once colonies of the old world. Therefore, when a crisis begins there, all other issues are overlapped with this. And this is an excellent lever of the economic pressure of the Russian Federation against the already civilized world. But are you surprised by this? I’m not. Definitely. However, now it is impossible to determine with 100% certainty whether there will be a famine. Especially considering the black piracy of Russians, who transport our grain under their own flag. In any case, the Russian Federation will distort the situation in such a way as to show the world that Ukraine is to blame for everything. And they simply are «saving» our crops. This is a new level of their cynicism. Nothing else. Yes, the Russian Federation does not hesitate to use all possible levers of influence.

That's why we learn more and more that Putin needs to save his face/shaking hand/place in the [Lenin’s] Mausoleum. I understand, it is painful for us to accept. But the author recommends you to look at it from this angle. Every month, and these are actual data of the Russian Federation itself, its production and export of natural resources is falling. Quite noticeable by their own estimations. So much so that all sectors of their own economy are under threat. Economists say the car industry is already de*d. Even some of their economic allies, or those they thought were their allies, refuse to support them in the war. There are many confirmations of this, read at least the statements of Kazakhstan. No one wants to cooperate with a country, that has shown itself to be a blackmailer in economic relations. The Russian economy is currently the most toxic in the world.

At the end of this year, in accordance with the ALREADY defined sanctions packages, the European Union will reduce purchases of Russian natural resources by more than two-thirds. They will lose the economic war. Because reputation, prospects and growth are the most important resource of the economy of any country. Thanks to this, for example, the US dollar as a currency began to dominate the world. And a country that can stop fulfilling the terms of contracts at any moment is unlikely to be considered economically successful, rather than an economic terrorist.

Diplomatic war In the world diplomacy is always an element of socialization and permanent ties between countries and peoples. Just as an ordinary person has a range of tools for communication with other people – verbal, tactile, written, so do such complex entities as states. However, war, on the other hand, has always been considered the antithesis of diplomacy. There is even such an aphorism: "When diplomats speak, guns are silent."

Now, unfortunately, this is not a correct statement. The hybrid doctrine of war, or its variations, consider diplomacy as a tool for supporting military operations and strengthening the army's positions. For example, there was a golden rule in old diplomacy. When negotiations are underway between adversaries in war, armies have no right to engage in hostilities except in response to provocations. But, as we saw by example of Russia, they don't care about this principle. Diplomats and consuls of countries abroad are the main resource of this diplomatic hybrid toolkit. Therefore, it is necessary to understand. No, the diplomatic war is not a sleazy Vasily Nebenzya’s BBC interview. «I don’t think, that any Russian authorities have ever expressed a desire to conquer Kyiv» And not even Lavrov's epic f*ckups.

«the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews». More precisely all this is also a part of diplomatic confrontation, but not quite. Diplomatic war is more about the diplomatic missions in countries. Specialists who work there are direct conductors of positions and of the ideological and narrative influence. This is not to mention the double purpose of some people in the diplomatic service. Yes, espionage has not disappeared yet since the days of young James Bond.

It is necessary to understand that diplomacy has several layers. Open – the one that everyone can see immediately, and closed – secret and accessible only to the highest circle of people who make global decisions. We cannot talk about the closed one. Apart from speculation. So let's talk about the open and its signals. For example, Poland expelled 45 diplomatic mission employees of the Russian Federation, Belgium – 21 employees. And this means that Russian agents of influence abroad cease to be them. What kind of good international relations can we talk about if diplomats are expelled from countries en masse. In addition, they appear to be not even diplomatic mission employees,

but as spies, intelligence workers who can pose a threat to states. Although, in fact, Russia, as the true successor of the USSR, should not get used to this attitude of other countries, because in 1983, for example, 47 Soviet diplomats were expelled from France. The same thing happened to diplomats of the USSR in other countries in 1985 and 1986. History is cyclical, as they say. hope this wind will kick you in your a*s The same thing happened to diplomats of the USSR in other countries in 1985 and 1986. History is cyclical, as they say. But we are all about them. Let's talk about us. There are two people – Arestovych and Arahamia, who relatively recently announced heavy losses at the front on our side. And the numbers they voiced do not coincide with reality at all. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask people you know from the front or those volunteers who, for example, cooperate very closely with military hospitals.

Then why do public figures closely connected with the Office of the President and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine announce such fake demoralization. I have my versions, both optimistic and pessimistic. I will tell them, but I do not claim to be one hundred percent correct. The first optimistic – this is a signal to the allies, that they need to give us more weapons as soon as possible. Do not hesitate, because the losses will also be on their conscience. The second, pessimistic option – some of our politicians still believe, that it is possible to look into the eyes of a botox dw*rf Putin (and his subjects) and look for peace there. Even when consolidated Ukrainians directly say, that this is not an option. The third realistic option is that toxic individuals, who will clearly not be able to be re-elected and receive a mandate of public trust, are used as repeaters of statements, that the authorities want to check.

They speak the thesis, look at the reaction of society, and then adjust their behavior to the simple majority. An informal social survey. In my opinion, this indicates a poor connection between the government and society, and obsolete methods of communication. Therefore, I repeat again – do not spread «betrayal» everywhere. Just draw your own conclusions about which individuals are so screwed up, that you don't need to take their words literally or believe everything they say at all. Cyber warfare The modern world dictates new rules to us. Including the rules of war. At the time of the Second World War, could they have thought that not so much time will pass and the war will change so much, that the enemy state will not need to carry out a military operation to obtain certain data, but will simply need to hack a government website. We do not know for sure which country carried out, perhaps, the most large-scale hacker attack on our "Diya" and on a whole list of government websites. But you perfectly understand which country it was. And even the pitiful attempt of this in quotation marks federation to make a scapegoat out of our friendly Poland is simply ridiculous and cannot stand any criticism. In fact, Russia has been using its information technologies against us for the same 8 years. And spreading propaganda on the Internet, collecting users’ data are also one of the types of cyberwar.

That is why, back in 2017, access to Odnoklassniki [a social network] and some other websites was restricted in Ukraine. And we can also mention viruses, the trace of which was always lost somewhere in the Russian Federation. Well, and of course various phishing links in messengers and mail. Does everyone already know that you can't click on suspicious links, right? In general, I consider it necessary to dispel the myth that still circulates among some Ukrainians. It is a myth that most of the abominations and topics of a hateful nature from Russia are written by Olgino bots, that are paid. No. Of course, a large percentage of bots that are directly or indirectly sponsored by the Kremlin exist. But these bot farms have instructions. There is a task, there is a strategy. Now they are being actively encouraged to pretend to be Ukrainians, residents of the temporarily occupied south, for example. They are also invested in foreign infofields.

In this way, we can see, for example, the residents of the United States, to whom "everything is not so clear". You can read the comments below my videos from the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Not on the top, but in the lower section. There you will see the essence of Russians. Hatred, pride, imperialism, the desire to destroy all Ukrainians in one way or another. And these are not bots. Most of them are real people. Well, if you can call them that. I heard a lot from "different" Russians a phrase "what can we do?". Your fellow citizens are investing in cyberwar with all their heart. They write whole novels. I know, some of our bloggers moderate, censor, even ban hundreds of people. But not on my channel. Neither I nor my editor do that. The only thing that works is the YouTube bot, which automatically bans the extremely bloodthirsty and very mean. And no, not because of freedom of the speech or plurality of opinions. This will be my personal museum. In many years, when I will have a child and the child will grow up, I will tell: "There was such a country – Russia, and there lived people visually similar to us, but with rotten insides. Now this country does not exist, it has collapsed into many parts. But there are still those, who want to recreate it. And that's bad. I won't explain to you why.

Just read what these people wanted to do to us and others, and you will understand everything." When you hear "cyberwar", first of all, you think about hackers, high technologies and so on. But here we have a war with barbarians, and the greatest contribution, in my opinion, is made by ordinary rashists. Because no government, even an extremely totalitarian one, can wage a war of aggression without the support of at least an active minority, or rather a simple majority. I emphasize, not absolute, but simple. With their uproar, they give the authorities carte blanche for any actions. Everything else is derivative.

That is why my fellow citizens who ask in the comments why there are so many Russians with their «messages». Because that is a swarm of them. This is the same simple Russian people. It's just that other bloggers clean, ban, create a soap bubble, a comfort zone for themselves or you. But I will remind you constantly – these rashists exist, there are many of them, they will not go anywhere even after our victory. That is why the author says, that something will change in those territories that are now called Russia, only after two or three generations, when the bearers of hatred for us and the world will go into afterlife. Before that, don't even expect to get rid of them. Yes, when they lose, they will be very nice in pretending to be civilized again, but the point will remain. While others will tell you that cyber warfare is all about high technology, hackers, deepfakes, etc., my personal experience of psychology says otherwise. First of all, it is always people, or human resources, if you prefer to perceive it that way. A shift in the priorities of the topic of discussion. A shift in positions regarding the solution of different issues.

It is a paradox when the interest of an inadequate minority is transformed into a permanent position of the majority thanks to the wide range of tools provided by the revolution of digital technologies. When an illusion becomes a reality, not because it is natural, but because an artificial noise is created, which is mistakenly considered a priority by everyone. When an illusion ceases to be an illusion. Conclusions. You must understand a point that I have been trying to make for some time now, but which, unfortunately, was either not received or ignored by the majority of the audience. War at this stage of our civilization is a natural phenomenon.

At the same time, war is inherently unnatural and terrible. Did I confuse you? Human civilization is based on close social interaction, which turns into culture, technology, consumer goods, and the evolution of worldview. Simply put, this is a psychology of the human masses. But at the same time, this approach, despite the gradual improvement of all of us and our lives, also has a significant drawback. When the worldview of one group of masses collides with another group, irresolvable contradictions can appear. In our case, I’ve already said in this video [the link is on the screen] what exactly they are – freedom against slavery, democracy against authoritarianism, the cult of life against the cult of death, etc. And here we come to misunderstanding and the phrase: "It is impossible to believe that in the 21st century there is a war in the center of Europe." This thesis exists precisely because everyone thought that European civilization had passed the stage of resolving contradictions by war. This barbarism has outgrown itself. But everyone forgot that Russia is not Europe, and not Asia.

It is a rotten hybrid of imperialism and backwardness a little more than completely. And they just want to resolve the conflict with war. Because there is no other way, only decay. Because this is their, Nibiru forgive, civilizational position. Bloodthirsty, stupid, lying and de*d-end. They create a position of opposition by themselves that forces them to activate wars. This is their conscious choice. The only thing that saved them from decay and collapse in the 2000s was the sale of natural resources and a sharp increase of their prices in the world. That’s all. And as long as there will be such formations that reject common values, globalization, humanism, there will be wars in which worldviews of groups of people create cardinal contradictions. And such barbaric formations know how to solve them only by war, forgetting that the world has already changed completely.

The only thing they can do is mask these wars. Make them hybrid. This is their way of adapting to today's realities. The attempt of the last barbarians to survive and give meaning to the bloodthirsty existence of the ideology of hatred. We may be witnessing one of humanity's last wars with our own eyes. Because technologies of mass destruction are becoming more and more similar to Exterminatus from the Warhammer universe. Either the world will survive and go the way of peaceful unification into a great humanistic civilization, or there will be no one and nothing left on our blue geoid called the Earth. This is the way. So, human beings, choose and we, reptiloids, will observe closely. I remind you, that you can support the channel by following the links in the description. There are as many as three options to choose from to suit your taste. Patreon, Buy-me-a-coffee or donate ua. Then I will settle with you with my classic materials about crisis and military psychology with reviews and analyzes of video games. Of course, in Ukrainian.

And these honorable ladies and gentlemen have already done it. Respect and thanks. Support Ukrainian-language YouTube. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Everything will be Ukraine!

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