【你安全吗? | Are you safe?】EP09 檀健次荣梓杉网络辑凶

【你安全吗? | Are you safe?】EP09 檀健次荣梓杉网络辑凶

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(Are You Safe) (Joint guidance by Cyberspace Administration of China) (and National Radio and Television Administration) (Episode 9) (You're 45 minutes late.) (45 minutes late) What's wrong with you? What's the matter? Why are you being jumpy? You did something wrong to me? No. Two things. First, you're 45 minutes late.

I'll dock your half-day pay. Write it down, Tang Lin. Copy that. Second, these are the fake followers who are attacking me. The head of those paid posters should be among them. Work extra hours to check it out. No overtime pay for this.

-Take note, Tang Lin. -You got it. (Bubble Gum Evil) (When I asked you about Chen Mo last time,) why did you stop mid-sentence? The less said, the better. My intention is to remind you to be careful, not to spread gossips. (Bubble Gum Evil) Qin Huai told me about Chen Mo himself. I think there's more to what happened back then. But this is his old sore.

I'd better not talk about it. You got me intrigued on purpose. Huai Huai is indeed not a simple man.

I will keep observing the situation. I will let you know if there are any updates. Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi! You're here so early. What's going on with you? I've been working. Working? Are we that busy? Let me make you a cup of coffee. It's fine. I'm going home soon. Your work is not done yet.

Where do you think you're going? I found their names, ages and addresses. I can't do it anymore. I'm going home to sleep. Just finding them out isn't enough, you have to verify it. Mr. Qin,

there are over 1,000 names here. How am I going to verify them all? Didn't you find out their home addresses? Don't tell me you want me to... Be brave. Say it.

Madam. Hi, madam. -Who are you looking for? -I'm here to check broadband. Madam, do you live alone? Where is your router? There. You don't use the Internet much, do you? Have you ever filled out a card or a form, or disclosed your identity information or phone number? Young man, you're pretty talkative.

Just trying to find something to talk. Why didn't Zhang come today? Zhang? Zhang is... He's on leave today.

I'm his best friend, so I cover his shift. On leave, you say? That's a lie! I made up Zhang. There is no such person. You're a conman! -I'm not. -Conman!

Madam, I'm not a conman. Get out! I'm a new guy. I just joined. -I was just chatting... -Conman! Get out now! Catch the thief! Hello? How many times have I told you? I don't need any loan.

Fuwa Loans. I never heard about that. Another sales call. I've been getting a lot of these spam calls, harassing calls. It's so annoying. Girl, excuse me.

Done using the toilet? Yes. You have no idea. That old woman was so loud and strong.

She can take both of us down. I can't do anything with her. Thanks, Lin. Most victims of the identity theft are middle-aged and elderly people. Thanks, Lin.

But to hack into a large number of accounts, the most time-and-effort-saving way is to use phishing software to cast a wide net. There are probably other ways. The scope of involvement is so great. How did they do this? What kind of immoral person would target elderly people for identity theft? -What are you doing, Tang? -Sorry, sorry.

I'll be gentle. I think that's enough for now. What did you say? The head of the paid posters claimed that Qin Huai has been tracking their whereabouts. They demanded an increase of 300,000 yuan.

Or the deal is off, and he will expose us. No one gets to walk away freely. Pay them. But...

But what? Pay them! Yes, sir. Hi, Mr. Shen. This is a drink from Mr. B3 at the bar downstairs.

He said he'd like to get to know you. This is his business card. (Cyber technology expert) Please give him my business card. Tell him this is my personal time.

He can see me in my office if he needs anything. Okay, Mr. Shen. Hi, sir.

Mr. Shen said please see him in the office if you need anything. Here's his business card. -Thank you. -You're welcome. (Cyber technology expert) (Shen Yi Zhang) (I need you to take care of someone for me.)

(His name is Qin Huai.) (Da Hei) (I've sent a team to carry out comment control.) (Money has been transferred to you.) (Nice working with you. Just tell me what you need.) Mr. Shen.

Are you happy with our service? Are you mistaken? I never did those dirty things. Where did you get those photos? From the moment you opened the link, we've gained access to all the information in your phone. (Cyber crowdsourcing, posts deleting, looking into privacy.)

Your sexual harassment messages, information of you cooking the books, and evidence of blackmailing your clients. Everything in your phone. Mr. Shen, (what do you think will happen to you if these information are made public?) I asked you to mess with Qin Huai.

Why are you messing with me? (Relax.) (If I really wanted to mess with you,) (these would've been made public already.) (I'd like to make a deal with you.)

You're trying to record this? (Don't waste your time.) If we couldn't even detect this, we might as well quit this business. Go on. Name your price. To my knowledge, Quan Jian paid you quite a lot of money last time. The fund of the project with Quan Jian came out of my own pocket.

Our company isn't making much profits now. Well, the posts on your Moments told me otherwise. You're in the Internet business too.

You know better than to trust Moments. It's just to ensure our clients' trust. (In simple words,) (I will hack others,) (and you will help them to resolve the crisis.) Let's work together to make a fortune.

Get successful or have your reputation ruined? (Your choice.) Who are you really? (It doesn't matter who I am.) What about Qin Huai? (Leave him to me.) (Keep in touch.) (Kai Gua Le Cybersecurity Company) When it's time to work, our boss isn't around. Mdm. Ding, have you found a good hammer?

This one is broken. It's not working well. That's enough. I'm looking for it, am I not? I clearly remember I got a few free hammers. I'm coming. Okay. -You found it at last. -Here, try this one.

Thanks, Mdm. Ding. This is a good one. -Hang it up. -Okay. Are you doing okay? -Does it work? -Yes. Hello? (Hi, I'm calling from Quan Cheng Microfinance Agency) (Do you need a loan recently?) Okay, done.

The scammers these days are so dedicated. I already said I didn't apply for loan. Yet they keep calling me. It's okay, Mdm. Ding. Give me your phone. I'll filter out these spam messages for you. Let me do it.

Phone number. Search. (Number Lookup) Is it straight? It's done, Mdm. Ding. Okay. (Fuwa Loans Customer Service) Zhou, you're pretty efficient. Mdm. Ding, have a seat.

Mdm. Ding, you haven't had any health problems lately, such as high blood pressure or heart disease, right? What's going on? Why are you being mysterious? I've been through all kinds of hardships. You can't scare me. Just tell me. All right then.

Fuwa Loans is a real company. Your 200,000 yuan loan is also real. Stay calm. No, no, no! Mdm. Ding? Mdm. Ding? Zhou You, Zhou You, fan Mdm. Ding. -I'll get her a glass of water. -Okay, okay.

Hello? Boss, come back now. Mdm. Ding is in trouble. Qin, you have to help me out this time. I've never applied for any loan. Mdm. Ding, your personal information must have been leaked,

and being used to apply for a loan. -Right. -Mdm. Ding, think about it. Have you lost your ID card recently? Have you accidentally disclosed your personal information? No.

Think again. I... I really haven't. All right. It's fine. Don't panic.

Let's file a police report first, all right? Give me your phone later. I'll check if it's being hacked. Maybe you should go to Ms. Lin first. She is so capable. I'm sure she can help Mdm. Ding. We still have to file a police report first to gather evidence.

Okay, I'll call Guo Yao. Hurry, hurry. -Open your phone. -I don't remember the passwords. You can't remember your passwords? -Hurry. -Delete them all. Hurry up! Your messages are in there too.

You have to clean the memory too. It won't be recovered, right? Just delete them all. -He's coming out soon. -Calm down, calm down. Hurry up! Hurry up! Just throw the phone away if you want to be safe. Absolutely not.

Give it to me! (I'm craving hotpot. Let's get Mr. Qin to treat us to hotpot.) (Don't you know he's a cheapskate?) (Right. I was being naive.) (You guys know who I just saw him with?) (Li from the company next door!) (That womanizer!) I'm a cheapskate? I'm mercenary? I'm a lecher? Well, well. You created a chat group to talk behind my back, huh? Sweet! I told you so.

If you want to talk behind Qin, don't involve me. You're the one who said the most, okay? Mdm. Ding, how could you say that? I'm an employee of cybersecurity firm. I want to expose that Qin Huai is a womanizer. He would do anything for money.

His company is a trash in the industry. He frequently harasses women on bus. Seriously? Do you have to slander me online? I didn't post that. That's weird. I've never seen this post before. (Don't share my Moments to) Mdm. Ding, why did you block us? -I... -Let me see, let me see.

I've never seen this post before too. That's why I said I didn't post it. Mdm. Ding's post is similar to the content of the fake account. And it was posted around the same time. Oh, this is bad.

It's likely that Mdm. Ding's phone has been hacked by the fake account. Scan the code to register. I got it. The eggs. The eggs? Mdm. Ding, please think again.

When you scanned codes to get free stuff, did you provide personal information? Captain Guo, the information of the fake account is analysed. Most of them are elderly people. Several of them are loan fraud victims like Mdm. Ding. Notify everyone, I'm calling for an emergency meeting. Yes, madam. The fake followers I asked you to investigate before, their IP address is this company.

Let me get this straight. The paid posters are under this company. The one that deceived Mdm. Ding is also this company. So, it's a... It's clearly a shell company set up for money laundering. -What do you want to drink? -Anything's fine.

Anything's fine? So, the head of the paid posters we are looking for is likely to be the owner of this company. Huai Huai, is Mdm. Ding's scam a coincidence or are they actually targeting us? -I couldn't tell. -Hi, 11 yuan, please. Thank you. Let's call the cops. What's the hurry? Don't you want to take a look at the mastermind? Of course I do. What should we do now?

Wait for him to show up. Don't move! Police! Don't move! Stay still! Well, well. Looks like the police have found them as well. We're from municipal police station.

Tell me your name. -Long Hair. -I mean real name! -Feng Zhi. -Take him back to the station. Yes, sir! -Move! -Guo Yao.

Let's go upstairs and get evidence. Lin. -Mr. Zeng. -Are you busy? -No. -How are you? Is everything going well with the cases? I'm good. The cases are going well.

Here's the thing. As you know, Hupo is the largest cybersecurity firm in the country, and a key client of ours. I want to assign you as their legal consultant. It happens to coincide with your doctoral research. -Can you handle it? -Yes. I will do my best.

Hello. (Xin Yuan Limited has been controlled by the police.) (But don't worry.)

(I made sure that he would say nothing.) (Do you) (want to teach Qin Huai a lesson?) Of course. He caused us so much trouble. I want to make him pay a hundredfold.

You really are a biting dog. Shuo. Darling, I got a good news.

The topic of my dissertation is determined. It is about the Internet law application. That's great.

It's in line with the current social hot topics. Plus, you got Hupo as your strong backer. (You sure will get a lot of quality cases in the future.) I didn't think that far ahead. I just want to help more people to learn to protect themselves.

I'm glad to hear you say that. I thought you would say I was being naive. Why would I call you naive? This is called you know the way of the world, yet you remain kind. (Shuo,) I have spent a lot of time in the PR industry over the years.

Sometimes, my perspective can be quite mercenary. But when I see you, I can still feel the simple feeling of pursing a dream. (It's beautiful.) (I mean it.) You're so sweet.

(By the way,) your birthday is coming up. What do you want as a gift? Nothing. I just want you to be by my side. That's all I need. Ms. Lin.

-Mr. Zeng's asking for you. -I'll be right over. I should get back to work. (Nangang City Public Security Bureau, Xingang Branch) Taimanda's case is finally closed.

You've all worked hard for it. We've all worked hard. You too. It's finally over.

-Meeting adjourned. -Yes, madam. Why's everyone so happy? Qin Huai, those extradited from Taimanda were sentenced today. The sentence is satisfying.

Congratulations. I'll get out of your hair. What brings you here? I'm here to deliver information. These are the details I gathered about the heads of paid posters. I was just about to tell you about him.

He told us everything. He said he attacked you on purpose and deliberately went after Mdm. Ding. Because you offended him before. He wanted to get even. When have I ever offended him? You don't remember? Si Ya's case.

Didn't you provide us many paid posters' accounts? Those accounts were his. So, he held it against me and tried to mess with me. That's right. I don't need to remind you, right? Protect your personal information. All right, I will.

If there is nothing else, I'll go. -Thanks. -It's nothing. (Han Yu Jia) Mum. Mum. I'm back. I'm back.

That's all that matters. Ms. Shen, why are you crying again? Who is this? This is my son.

So, you're Chen Mo? Yes. We've never met, but your mum talks about you all the time. You're back? I am your mum's caregiver.

Just call me Madam Zhang. Hi, Madam Zhang. -Thanks for taking care of my mum. -It's what I should do. Mo.

Let's go home today, okay? Okay. You want to get discharged? We need Mr. Qin's consent. He's your guardian.

But he's my immediate family. Mo, I want to go home. Okay, mum. Don't worry. I'll ask the doctor. -Wait here for me. -Okay.

Let me show you the way, Chen. Look. Go from this way. You will see a service desk at the end of the hallway.

-Turn left, and you're there. -Thank you. After you're discharged, you'd better keep your mouth shut! You hear me? Listen to me, if you tell anyone, I will tell everyone in the hospital that your son was in prison. Is that clear? Say something! Don't play dumb! Mo, I haven't been able to reach you. Did something happen to you? Nothing.

There was something wrong with my phone. So, I couldn't contact you. Have you told Qin that you're back? Mum, let's not tell him I'm back for now. You don't know this, but when I couldn't reach you, Qin was more anxious than me.

He found out that you were in Taimanda. He went to find you without hesitation. Because he failed to find you, he's too embarrassed to come to see me. All these years when you were gone, Qin has been taking care of me.

We're indebted to Qin. We have to repay his kindness. Let's just go home first.

Hello. Hello, Kai Gua Cybersecurity. We never called you. We don't often use landlines. Sir, I believe there is some misunderstanding. -Okay. -Hello, Kai Gua Cybersecurity.

We don't sell game equipment. Sorry. We don't sell game equipment. What sword? Hello, hi.

About the exposure of the CEO's gambling... We don't provide game buddy service, okay? Who told you we provide that service? We need to be more careful, to avoid being targeted. We can't amend failed grades, sorry.

We don't sell knives, we don't! I'm no longer doing that. I'm no longer a game buddy, bye! Hello? You again? Check authenticity? Go ask the person who told you! What is going on? Boss, if you have money for advertising, why don't you consider giving us a raise? That's right. Even if you want to do advertising, please find a better way. Why would you send them spam messages? This is such a low move.

I've answered hundreds of calls this morning. What messages? What calls? I didn't do that. Hi. We're from Bureau of Industry and Commerce. Which one of you is Qin Huai? Our company has always been law-abiding.

There is no way we're involved in any illegal operation. It's true that there isn't any illegal operation, but you're suspected of false advertising. Hang on, I don't even provide these services. Why would I advertise them? The point is I can't even afford advertising.

It's obvious that I'm being set up. We can only determine it after you cooperate with our investigation. Please come with us. Hang on, it's not that I don't want to cooperate.

There's just no way we would break the law. Wait. Qin Huai, what is going on? Is this real? Officers, comrades, sirs, there must be some misunderstanding.

Even though our boss is stingy and petty, he will never break the law. You have to investigate it. You can't just take him away. All right, that's enough. Look how scared you are. This is embarrassing. Tang Lin, unplug the phone lines.

Don't take jobs in the next couple days. And you, go find out who is behind these spam messages. They set us up with dirty tricks like this to make us worry and panic. We mustn't fall for it, got it? Huai Huai, don't worry. No matter how many years you have to stay in jail, I will wait for you.

That's enough. Knock it off! I'm just cooperating with the investigation. -Right? -Boss. Don't worry, Boss. We'll take good care of the company. Qin, hang in there! Well done.

You're very professional indeed. Working with us, you got lots of opportunities to make money. (Safety tips) It is very dangerous to use the same password on different websites. However, if there are too many different passwords, you're worried you can't memorize them all. What can we do? I'll teach you a little trick.

Choose a phrase you are familiar with as a secret code first. (Secret code: Versailles is me) For example, Versailles is me. Then turn the secret code into initial letters of pinyin or number homophones, fes945. Next, add the abbreviation of the site you want to visit in capital letters. Like for your Tencent account, you can add the letters "QQ".

If it's Dazhong DianPing, just add DZDP. This way, you have upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

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