Мы нашли лучший капсульный отель!

Мы нашли лучший капсульный отель!

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Hello, folks! Welcome to the extraordinary city of Amsterdam. Today we'll see some really interesting things. Recently we showed you some capsule hotels. The "Nine Hours" hotel in Japan is not a bad capsule hotel, but to be honest it was stuffy and crowded, and the capsule is for one person. The second capsule hotel is also in Japan. It has a great mattress, you can fit two people, but that curtain is stupid, no noise isolation or anything like that. There was also a capsule hotel in Switzerland, but, frankly, just meh... Just a plastic box. You can't even get up or sit down there. Today we will take a look at the CityHub Amsterdam, which, according to many independent reviewers, youtubers, and travelers, is the number one capsule hotel in the world.

But before we go look at the capsule hotel, let's look over here. Cycling enthusiasts, and those who travel at least occasionally and can afford it now, that this seems to be the place. That's right, this is one of the most unusual garages in the world. An underwater bicycle garage over two floors. In Amsterdam... Here are some pictures. There''s a Huge problem with bike parking, not to mention the fact that people ride these pretty expensive bikes.

And there are a lot of bikes. It's really such a whole infrastructure. And there's been a huge bicycle congestion here. This problem was solved somehow. They built an underwater garage. Let's go in and have a look. There's an escalator over there, let's take a walk. One of the rare escalators where you can officially go down by bicycle. Usually bicycles and strollers aren't allowed, but this one is specifically for bicycles. We're already at water level. That's the water. There's ships going this way and that way. We're going under the water. What a garage! Wow!

Now you guys see the scale. The number of bicycles they have in this underwater parking lot. Bikes, bikes, bikes. It's lit red, here's orange, which means there are no spaces. And that's just one parking lot by the train station. In general, there are tens of thousands of bicycles parked around the city. That's still just the first floor. And then there's the second floor. There's a lot to see and a lot of bicycles. By the way, here are some interesting facts, so that you understand the scale of this whole story about bicycles in Amsterdam. In 2019, four years ago, there were more than 880,000 bicycles in the city, and 869,000 people in the city.

So there are more bicycles in Amsterdam than there are people living, so this is the kind of unusual stuff that's being built. It's done in a cool way. Parking is free for the first 24 hours. That is a person entered, parked, and left. With a card. You just have to get a card. And every other day costs 1.35 euros ($1.48). Yeah, guys, that's the story. A lot of people come in here. The security, by the way, is very polite.

There's even a repair shop. You can fix a tire or do any other repairs. There's a pile of tools and a foreman sitting over there. In other words, you come here if something happens to your bike, you leave it, go to work, and the repairman fixes it for you. They came and your bike is ready. Okay, well, the subject of this review is a capsule hotel after all. I have to call a taxi. There's this awesome thing in Amsterdam, we even recorded a Shorts on the subject. Electric taxi. It's only one more expensive.

And all electric cars come for just one euro on top of the basic fare. To the cheapest fare. Oh, here comes the Volkswagen ID.3. Guys, we've been dreaming of driving the new Volkswagen. That's a beauty for 11 euros. That's nice. It was 11 euros ($12) for the ride. About 20 minutes. That's the cheapest I've ever had in an Uber. Get to the point. Where's our hotel? That's it! On the right. Noticed, yes, that the place is so interesting, with history. [100-year-old warehouse building!]

- Anastasia, hello! So. You're just like that, right off the bat. Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you. - Can I ask you a question right away? What do you do here? - Everything. - What is your job title?

- Marketing, communications. I don't know how you say it in Russian. Guys, that's a separate story. Let's go in order. We'll check in now and then... - I'm sorry to be so forward. - It's okay. And talk to Anastasia, as well.

Guys, let's go in order. We, honestly, wanted to do everything ourselves as we usually do. That is, we booked ourselves, came, did not say anything to anyone, but here guys, our subscribers, found out that we will come. But here we're going to do everything like regular hotel guests. See, you can set the mood of your hub. I mean, you get there, it's already going to be... Naturally, this, guys. Okay, hub number ten, finish check-in. Here we have a wristband. It opens the hub and opens the front door at night.

Guys, here's another Russian speaking person. - Hello. - Do you work here... - Yeah. I just started. I'm interning here. I only have two days of work as a host, and the rest of the days I'm in the office. - Is it hard to get a job at such a popular institution? - In fact, it's not hard to get into such an institution. On the contrary, they are very open to international staff. - Right.

- And they take people from different countries. But in some places it's harder, because they may require you to be Dutch, for example. - And where are you from, if it's not a secret? - I'm from the Ukraine. - Oh, and how is it? How is the situation in general? - I've been here for a long time. - Friendly? - Yes. - I've been here a long time. I have been living in the Netherlands for three years. I like it here very much. That is, people are very friendly.

Sometimes it's even scary, because they smile at you everywhere, say thank you, especially in supermarkets. So far I kind of have an internship. That's what I organized through the university. But then it can be harder because not all organizations hire... - Let's answer that. In case it's something important. - Yes. CityHub has a very cool location, by the way. It's right in the middle of the city. That's Centrum, that's the canal. And this is CityHub. It's actually about a 10-15 minute walk from here to here. Red Light District.

- Here's the question. The British come, let's say. We just saw British students at the train station. Naturally, British English is something... - There's a lot of asking back and forth. But at first it will be embarrassing because you can't catch something, you can't understand something. - Yes, yes. - I personally sometimes have a hard time catching a British accent, especially if it's an Irish accent. It's even worse. - I just ask back as soon as I don't understand where the person is calling from. But it was a Dutchman. He had a Dutch accent. - So is it comfortable psychologically when you often have to, perhaps it just so happens, ask back several times in a row? Comfortable? - It's fine.

- I won't distract you again, okay? - Yes. - We'd love to see you again. Thank you very much! Look how much room there is. Well, certainly not comparable to "Nine Hours" and "Millennials", because they had a different format, but still. These are capsules. These are two capsules. They're all L-shaped.

This is the top one and this is the bottom one. And as usual, there are good capsules and then there are, well, like all the cool ones here, but some have better location. Here's the entrance. Correspondingly, capsule number one and capsule number two. Whatever soundproofing you have, I think you'll hear it. And then there are the capsules furthest away. Or rather the hubs, let's call them hubs. There the silence is likely to be maximal.

So, let's cut to the chase. It opens softly. Nice. Welcome, come on in, please. Now, why am I wearing a hat?

Okay, guys, sorry, commercial break 55 seconds, let's change and go on. Guys, look over here. LEGO construction kit. 23 pieces, $29. Now over here. Xiaomi system. 261 pieces, $20.

And now for something interesting. $3 in minimum configuration, and also, attention, 839,280,238,404 options. And all because the operator Yota has a tariff designer. Any number of minutes, internet, as well as unlimited access to the most popular apps like Vkontakte and YouTube. If you do not make calls, we turn off minutes. If you only want social media, click here, here, and here. The ideal cost is exactly what you'll actually use. So, guys, if you want to give up the extra stuff and start saving money, we definitely recommend it.

Yota constructor works all over the country. The special link is already below. Moving on. Guys, thanks for watching. The special link is below. So, we just got here. Wristband. My capsule, by the way, is already glowing with all the colors, because I set it up that way. That's the mood I picked. So, let's get the suitcase. Remember "Nine Hours"?

There was a storage downstairs. In Millennials, you leave it all on the floor. And here you take the suitcase, put it here, open it up, and your stuff is all right here. Two pajamas like this. The shelf on top. The shelf is right here. Towels. One, two, three, four. And look how big the cot is. It's got speakers. What's with the speaker? And the best part, wait a minute. Lights. It works, cool. There are no other settings, unlike Millennials, where the bed was controlled. Well, there was a mechanized bed, and here we have a bed like this.

Let's take a look at the upper capsule now. Cool. And here the shelves are also ladders. Here's the nuance, yeah. You see how many nuances there are. Here the suitcase won't open in the top capsule, because it's a ladder. With me you can open it. But the capsule is at the bottom. But here we have the top shelf. And guys, we have a unique opportunity to talk to a representative of the company, a Russian-speaking girl named Anastasia. Let's go talk, and then we'll test the capsule. Let's go.

- The girls In the big van. Well, this is some kind of market. Are they selling fruit and vegetables? - Vegetables, fruit, sandwiches, herring, cheese, whatever you want. - Herring? - Yeah, Dutch herring. - All right, get to the point. How did you end up here? - In CityHub or in Amsterdam in general? - In Amsterdam, let's start with the best part. - I ended up here five years ago, more than five years ago I came to study. Marketing, digital communications.

And I thought I would come, I would study for a year, I would go back to Moscow. And five years later, I'm still here. - Are you yourself from Moscow? - Yes. - And you were born there? - I was born in Volgograd. - How did you manage to get settled, officially, an apartment, these are all the nuances. Very briefly.

- Very briefly, it was a long way. It's easier to find a job than a place to live, I think. - Really? - Yeah. If you want to get a job, you can basically get any job. You can work in retail, you can work as a waiter temporarily. I mean, for a while. It sometimes takes a lot more effort and time to find a place to live than it does to find a job. - We've heard stories that people are on the waiting list even with money, but can't get an apartment. - Yes, people are on the waiting list with money. - Why is that? - The country is small.

- And I'm sorry, so, everybody, what's this one right here? We see this all the time here... And there's a woman sitting there, well-dressed. - Yes. - I wouldn't say that she's saving money. - Well, you know, to each his own, I guess it's just that. - Here. I mean, if you're a wealthy person here, but you drive a car like that. Is that okay? - That's okay. - Well, by the way, we almost never see expensive cars here.

- Well, it's not customary. As if they have such a life principle or something like not to stand out from the crowd. - And where do people spend their money? - Travel. - That's an interesting idea. We were talking about the apartment. - Yeah, the apartment. - What's the problem? There's houses standing. I brought $5,000 notional rent. Can't you find a man who'll give me an apartment for that much? - There are a lot of expats here. Everybody speaks English. There are a lot of students. And so it's like there's a lot more demand than supply. - So, now about the cons. Are there any obvious cons?

- The lack of spontaneity in the Dutch. And such excessive planning. With the Dutch more often than not, you want to go somewhere with someone, and they tell you "now I'll check my calendar and I'll find a free spot. Maybe in two weeks, maybe in three, maybe not". - What are your next plans? Do you have any? - So far, I like everything here. Everything is very unpredictable. I'll continue where I am now. And then we'll see. - What if someone with the budget and the desire wants to open a CityHub in, say, Tashkent or Astana? That's where. Is there an option?

- Talk to the hotel founders. Maybe. - I see. And one more question. By the way, closer, so to speak, to the immediate problems. Do you have laundry facilities? - Not at the hotel, but there will definitely be a laundromat somewhere in the area within walking distance where a CityHub employee will direct you. - Thank you again. We'll go find a laundromat. - Okay. Okay, let's go.

Okay, guys, laundry time. We haven't shown you the bathroom yet. Let's show you right now. Okay, this is the ladies' room. Here we go.

It's clean. It's nice. All neat and tidy. Oh, nice shower. Things to hang up, things to put, so nothing gets wet. Nice hostel-capsule shower. It's the same here. And there's also a separate toilet. - Folks, I'm sorry, but the bathroom is decent too. All laundry rooms close at 6:00 p.m. It's 5:47 p.m., I only found one, on the next block, that's open until 10:00 p.m. All the others are already closed. Europe.

Yeah, a bike would come in handy right now. Would have gotten there a lot faster. Almost all the available space on the streets is taken up by bicycles. Not cars, bikes. There's three layers stacked right there. One, two, and a third on top. And then there, and then there, and then there. Between 80,000 and 120,000 bicycles are stolen in Amsterdam every year. Every year.

Amsterdam has over 100 kilometers of canals, about 90 islands, and 1,500 bridges. And one of the most interesting facts is that 177 nationalities live here. 177! Every language on the planet is spoken here. Oh, interesting store. They sell signs, stickers and license plates here.

They sell all kinds of signs. We'll have to go in. Oh, there's the laundromat. Let's go in. Yeah, folks, a public laundromat, even a European one, is not the kind of place you want to spend a Thursday night. We thought it was going to be some cool, modern place, but it's no good. Now we have to wait an hour somewhere. [An hour later] Okay, here we are again at Wash Pratic. People are still sitting.

Right on time. One minute to go. Here we go. 15 minutes in the dryer. 6 euros for washing, 1.5 euros for drying and 1 euro for laundry detergent. However, it poured a lot of laundry detergent.

Well, and things could be washed 3 times more than we did. And there would have been six times more in the dryer. We just didn't have that much. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, bikes go at all hours. Oh, that's right, we have to get water! And there's a store right there! This is the kind of food we have. What's that? Some kind of cutlets? Ah, risotto. Risotto is 7.49. And the fish and chips and salad is 7.99. Oh, and there's a smoothie! 1.69, great price. 29 cents for 0.5 water. 49 for 1.5 liters of water.

Look how bad the lid is. And it's already open. It's like someone drank it and left. So, how much are bananas? 1.49 a kilo. Great bananas, by the way. Tulips... Very fresh. 2.79 for 12. There are tulips in Amsterdam any time of the year. Okay, that's it, let's go to the hotel! Absolute silence. And it all looks so cool. The pods glow in different colors. Yellow, green... Here.

Quiet and dark. That's what we need. Oh, what a bright light. So, folks, actually... Oh, look. They deserve a prize for locks like that. When hotel doors slam at night, it's terribly annoying. This one is very quiet. In short, it's like a small hotel room. It's a perfect combination of a capsule hotel and a standard room, where you can stand tall and have somewhere to put your things.

My backpack, my suitcase, the bag I came with. There's still room right there. I think there's plenty of room for two people. There's plenty of room to sit on the bed, and you can stand up to your full height. But I thought the lower room was a little more comfortable. Because instead of stairs, there's storage space. Disco! And then there's Sunset. It's a great option. So, folks, a couple of obvious things. Oh, there's someone in the bathroom.

Then let's talk here. Anytime you go out on "business" at night, it's a whole adventure. A hostel, a hotel, the usual. Get up, get dressed, leave the room and go. It's not a full room with its own restroom and shower. Oh, the next room checked in! Oh, how bright. No, let's get some sleep. Well, capsule hotel... Man, how do you turn the lights on in here?

Some Brits came in... Of course, it's not very late, it's 21:19, which is 23:19 in Moscow, and a lot of people here are from other countries. Of course, a capsule hotel is a capsule hotel, you have to put up with the inconveniences, but in some of them you can hear every rustle, and in some, like in this one, it's not bad. The noise isolation is good here. But there's nothing to stop the British.

But things are hanging up, drying out after washing, and you can't hang things up in a small capsule. Oh, that's kind of quiet. Time for bed, folks. [Eight hours later] Folks, i slept great. 100% sleep in the capsule. I've never slept so well in a hotel capsule. The pillow is comfortable, the mattress is soft, the bed is wide, look.

The things that were lying there did not bother me at all. Wide, wall to wall. Plenty of room. All right, I'm gonna go wash my face. As you know, the earliest bird gets the cleanest shower. Before anyone wakes up, you can wash up in the clean shower room. That's the first rule at the hostel. It's not clean anymore. There's hair everywhere.

- Somebody put gel on their hair and spread it all over the place. The morning light regime. What else did you forget to say? It's pretty cool in the pod. The exhaust is right here. So there's a nice chill in the capsule. Such perfect coolness is rare in capsule hotels. It's time to wash up completely. I'm off. It's nice! Enough room to put on my backpack. What other capsule hotel can do this? Hello again, folks. Another nice thing about CityHub is that the checkout is at 12 o'clock. And in many capsule hotels it's 10...

Or even 9 in the morning. As was the case at "Nine Hours". Good Morning. It's 9 a.m. local time. And at 10:00 a.m., we have to check out. Shall we go? Too bad we didn't go to the party. There was a party here last night, but like old people we went to bed at 9pm. By the way, it's worth mentioning, this is the very first CityHub. And the general area here is pretty small. In Copenhagen, which recently opened, the common area is much bigger. Here you can spend time, work, use it as a co-working space or just have a party.

It's also great that this area is separated from that one, so you can hardly hear any noise. The guys were sitting here drinking and playing music, and there was complete silence. - Okay, we're all done. - Done?

- And you're back on duty? Like a real bartender, wiping down your glasses. - Yes, I am. - A real bartender always has to do something. Like wiping glasses. - That's right. - Do you get a lot of wet wristbands? After the shower. - Yeah. - Mine's wet. - That's okay, we wash them. Every time. - Do we? But there's a chip. Is it okay with that? - Yeah, it's washable. - That's cool.

- No problem at all. - So, what do we do? What do we do? - Let me show you. Right here, checkout... - Okay, scan your wristband...

- Okay, so basically you can do everything yourself? I don't have to call you. - Yes. Very convenient for introverts. Or those who are shy. - There are those, yes. - Checkout. - Paid! Are we done? Can we go?

- Yes, very quickly. - And the wristband here? - Right there, in the laundry. - The laundry. - Thank you so much! Nice to meet you. - Likewise. - Good luck in your new place. Thank you so much. - Cheers! Thank you very much! - Good luck to you. - We're off to the train.

- Goodbye. - Bye. Amsterdam. Well, now for the best part. How much did it all cost us? It's not that simple here. The minimum cost, if you book a little in advance, is 97 euros. Pretty good. Depends on what you compare it to, of course. I mean, we're almost in the center of Amsterdam. But the standard price if you're going to arrive in three to five days is 120 to 130 euros.

Sometimes even a little more expensive when the city is in tourist season. An important point is the location of the CityHub. It is located in the center of the city. If you are here for 1-2 days, or you have a long layover between flights - you can come here and all the most interesting things will be nearby. This is a very important point. Because for the same money you can find a full hotel with a bathroom and shower, but it will probably be quite far from the center. All in all, according to many reviews on YouTube, TripAdvisor and beyond, this is the #1 capsule hotel in the world. And it felt that way to us, too. Because you can stand full size, it's spacious, there's room to put your suitcases, you can double up, the toilets and showers are clean, the capsule hotel is 8 years old and looks like new.

And the new one, in Copenhagen, is even cooler. Folks, we would love to read your comments. If you suddenly saw something more interesting and cooler - write. We would love to go and check it out. Looking forward to your comments, hello from Amsterdam, see you, bye.

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