Турбореактивный ГАРАЖ опять взлетает на ПАССАЖИРСКОМ двигателе МОЩЬ ИДЁТ ВВЕРХ

Турбореактивный ГАРАЖ опять взлетает на ПАССАЖИРСКОМ двигателе МОЩЬ ИДЁТ ВВЕРХ

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Friends, hello everyone! Today we have a small debriefing on this wonderful turbojet giant unrealistically powerful engine of ours, which could even be thought of and put somewhere. But guys, in the last video, I burned the air starter. Today we will remove it, look, disassemble it. Maybe there is something broken? Maybe it can be fixed? Maybe it's just that all the gears have worn out to zero, overheated, the bearings turned blue, scattered? And so on. All this we will watch and study.

Well, I also want to remove some questions, because people did not understand everything correctly when I launched it. At least, judging by the comments ... I just wanted to show you how he enters the mode and how he has a flame from the nozzle. So I turned off the fuel supply, then I turned it on. The engine restarted. Then I turned it off and on again. I mean, I did it all myself. The engine just fine goes into mode in seconds. But I was afraid that it would unwind too much, because it is not clear what kind of thrust is here. And you never know, suddenly the chain will not stand. Suddenly there was already 500 kilograms of thrust? You see, the fact that there he

is at low gas - it's all clear that he should give 100-150 kilograms. But you never know. It worked very scary, so I turned off the fuel supply. And people thought that I did not have enough pump power to pump there and so on. There were also several different nuances that I will remember and will tell. Now let's remove the air starter and have a look. Oh, the starter has already cooled down normally for a day. The most important thing is that there seems to be no difficulties here. Everything should quickly separate, you need to remove a couple of clamps and turn off the electrics. Everything.

One pipe was disconnected. It failed due to the fact that I fired up the engine for too long. And it turns out that I did not turn off the air starter in time. The starter just overheated and something happened there. Most likely something jammed and broke the shaft. That's why it spins so easily. I felt that he no longer spins the engine and cut off the fuel supply. But it was already too late. Then I saw smoke coming out of it. It's sad, guys. It is also interesting how the ratchet mechanism feels here.

Something has already gone wrong. The smell went stinky. Yes. It's not good anymore. Wow. So it is allowed to supply air for no more than 45 seconds. At 45 seconds, the air starter must be turned off. There was a launch or there was no launch, it was necessary to disable it. It worked for me for 4 minutes. The most interesting thing is that the polypropylene

pipe withstood it all. Here in this place there was fire from the APU (auxiliary power unit). it turns out almost at the level. There was a pipe nearby. Nothing... No, it melted a little. That's actually

all. I also looked inside, inside everything is in order, everything is fine. If she could not stand it, the pipe would have been pierced. We would know about it. Next, we look at the ratchet mechanism. I repaired it, restored it. One cam did not want to work. That is, the spring evaporated from him.

I made my own spring. Now everything, as you can see, works. That is, after such long launches, everything remained safe and sound. Air starter - I have identified one problem. See, this is how I do it, and see, nothing happens. These are ratchet clutch cams . Something broke here. Here everything works. Wedges. This is not good. We'll take it apart and figure it out. The patient is not completely dead, but not alive either.

All hope for the extreme reliability of aviation technology. To begin with, let's unwind this node and see. You have no idea how much hope is burning in me right now that I can fix this unit. This is such a rare thing! There are not many bolts here and they are loosely screwed in. The bolts came loose. This warm-up was strong - almost not tightened. We unscrew everything. Oil should flow. Good thing the oil doesn't come out. So the seal is normal. The fact that a little oil splashed near the engine indicates that the pressure

inside has risen and pushed through the stuffing box. But in general, everything is fine, nothing goes anywhere. I can imagine how interesting it is for techies to see now. I judge by myself, because for me now is one of the happiest moments of my life, as they say. See what happened there! That's all the nuts and bolts, folks. I put bolts on the red sealant so that nothing snots. High temperature resistant. We carefully drive the wedge in the form of a screwdriver. It has already separated, the oil is not flowing yet. Why?

Flowed. Excellent. You can see chips in the oil. The smell... That's what I gave him to jazz. It doesn't even disconnect. Here, I remember, it is necessary to shoot. Look at the oil with signs of wear. The oil contains biker gold. How it got here is unclear. I pulled out the retaining ring and now I will remove it with you. Let's see what happened. My fears were justified and yours. Here is the whole thing. But this thing I will now pull out only a

part, most likely. See how clearly cut it? Well, how is it here? I can brew this. Everything seems to be great here. Again, there are some signs of wear. Maybe they came from this part. Here I rubbed and rubbed a little traces. This is a spring, part of a spring. There is an indulgence here and it is so conceived, if this thing wedges, then the spring should break.

The bearing is normal. True, there are some scuffs here on the case. Maybe something else is broken here. Not so simple. Ay-ay. What was it that rubbed the body? What parts? Are these bolts? Or these? The bronze bushing seems to be the norm. Everything here is spinning even very well. Nothing is understood here. How do I get this thing out?

She does not want to get out, although she should. She seemed to be stuck there. Should be pulled out by hand. Guys guys... Look, here's the tin in it. Unraveled, you can imagine. Blimey! As far as I remember, I did not even disassemble this knot. You can imagine? There is a factory

lock here. I did not climb here when I showed you. I just opened it myself and showed what was inside. It spun from a lot of vibration, from high speeds. The bolt loosened, jammed, broke off the spring. Watch as I read what happened. In fact, you can say it's not my fault. Of course he's to blame. Maybe I over-hyped it? Otherwise, everything seems to be spinning smoothly here, good. Bearings in place. Can I probably wash everything, tighten the bolt, try to fix the spring. Perhaps,

guys, we will continue to operate this unit. This is good news, friends! But why she untwisted is a mystery to me. Still, there was a backstop anyway. Most importantly, I did not find any blue gears here. That is, nothing is overheated, everything worked normally. So it will continue to live. Reliable technology!

Even the bolts fall apart, but it still works. I can not calm down, unexpectedly. Let's discuss it in the comments: how and why did this bolt spin? Good thing the bolt didn't get caught between the gears. Somewhere there it was rubbing against the aluminum case, from there the chips came from. And between the gears, the bolt did not disappear. Here is the check. It doesn't even scroll much here. Very strange. Naturally, my spirits lifted! But it won't be that easy. I will drill a hole in the center, I have already started (seemingly going slowly) to cut the thread and try to pull it out.

Drilling is very poor. The main thing is that the threading should go. But I definitely didn't expect this. I thought everything would go to hell and there was nothing to fix. But the stench is terrible nonetheless worth it. There was overheating. Here are two turns. Will it go? In general, in touch, guys. Wipe. You have to wash it off really well . Here is what it looks like. There is a sealing ring here,

you need to remove it. And then do not forget to put in place. It is made of silica rubber. You don’t even know how to attach it here now ... It burst in the place of weakening. See? A weakening is specially made so that when jammed, it bursts here, and the engine continues to work. Because then the whole engine could jam, there could be big problems if it

jammed. Something could fly out and cut off a thicker one. and so it is deliberately made weakening such. You see, the slots are like a gear, so high quality and everything is spinning, spinning. You can see how fine-grained the structure is here. The hardening is very good. But after our deeds , the hardening will loosen a little, because I don’t see any more options here except for welding.

Or make a new part. But it's also tough, guys. I don't want to, to be honest with you. It is better to invest in a racing car. Okay, then I’ll drill further holes, join and weld by welding. We already have a hole for welding. I even think that today we will try to start our plane again. Tool for cutting thread m4. I will cut a deeper, high-quality thread. I already made the hole. I directed it to go in the center. Now we need to cut. Didn't

drill through, guys, because you saw that rubber ring. Must be tight. It clearly comes back here. You just had to select all the bevels and everything is ready, friends. You can bet. You can't tell if there is a crack or not. This is what the new item looks like now. I'm thinking of making a loosening here somewhere. But not to do welding together, but right here next to it. Still, there must be some relaxation. You never know,

suddenly such an incident will happen again? This item can be twisted. Get out? Easily! And the tension was preserved. Great guys, it worked. Got it all, guys. It turned out better than new. Now I'm going to add oil. I decided to use turbonycoil. I simply don't have anything else for these purposes. Although some domestic oil of better quality was used here. But it's still turbine oil. I think

it suits us. This is such a beautiful color oil, guys. I'll put in 100 grams for now. Then I'll take a look. That is, it will be clear after installation. There is a filler hole and a drain hole. It spins awesome, in my opinion better than before. I washed everything, cleaned everything. Plus it worked. But that's all. Another great joy on the channel! The air starter is already installed. There is oil. Everything is. I upgraded

the whole engine a little, added protection. I put a pressure gauge to control the oil pressure. It’s somehow incomprehensible to me what kind of pressure is there and it makes me sad. I added another toggle switch to the launcher. Now we have a decrease in fuel supply. That is, in this position, the fuel supply will decrease. And when we do like this, the valve will close and increase. Also,

guys, I added protection for the air starter precisely by turning it off. There are sensors there and I powered all a couple of sensors on these wires of mine. And everything will automatically work. The air starter will now automatically disengage. You can say that this is all cool and now it will be safe. But no, folks, it's the other way around. Now it will be more dangerous, because now it cannot be turned on when we have a mega fire and it will not be possible to extinguish this mega fire with the turbine itself. There is such a sickly run-out of the rotors, so, in principle , you can have time to put out the run-out on the run-out of the turbines. I fill 30 liters of kerosene. That

is how much we need to start for 5 -10 - 15 minutes. We drove slowly. We fill. Now we will test the air starter. If everything goes well, then I will make a powerful steelyard for 20 tons and we will test it for traction. We will gradually try to

increase. All in all, we'll see how it goes. Could the starter be failing again? Let's go. Saw. I have seen. development will take off. Just about flew out. Forgot to pin. Let's go then.

Interestingly, this fuel did not get there? It didn't work. Infection. Okay, try number 2. Let's try it carefully.

Now it will come. I didn't see oil pressure. That's the problem. Maybe it didn't open up? I didn't understand what the joke was. You can try. You have seen everything. It seems everything works, everything started in a cycle. Everything is fine. Here is the normal run. But I

can not understand why it does not show oil pressure? It seems like I put everything here, it should show. Need to recheck. My husband should have been here. No, everything seems to be correct. I didn't see oil pressure. The run is good, everything seems to be spinning as it should. The first time we started without a chain. It was unwise. I saw that my whole "kitchen" had gone along with the APU. Then he stepped up. Now two chains, now it's not going anywhere. You do n't have to worry about this. But it blurs the road a little. Here's what happens. That is, it will not take so long to

start here, it will probably be necessary to concrete this section. Most importantly, guys, we fixed the air starter with you. So this thing is already in the works. I wonder if she's hot? Hot, but not critical. All you guys can do is breathe. Everything is working. Now you can move on with this engine and think about where to put it. I will think about what to do with it, how to test it. Of course, I would like to fully measure the thrust here. But it seems to me that it will take away all the asphalt, if you give

the takeoff mode. The joy is very big, guys. I have it all. Who was interested, subscribe to the channel, support with a like. Until then, see you guys again. I have a bad feeling about oil . The tank is cold, the cooler is also absolutely cold. This part of the engine is much warmer. Unclear. Maybe something is blown up?

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