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* intro * - Something is making smoke behind me. - Friends, hello to everyone. We a very special video, unusual one. Today we are going to buy a car for Susanin. We held it in a some kind of a secret and kept out mouths shut. We prepared everything calmly, and we can do this. With your help and our work we are moving to a car salon to buy a car for our highly respectable Pubertat. He deserved it completely, with what I'd like to congratulate you a bit ahead. Moving to the car salon to buy a new car with mileage zero! Well, in reality it's impossible, it must be... - He said it's 6 km.

- He said that 3-6 km is okay, because car is being tested. They are checking it. So, what are your feelings? Dear subscribers of mine, we want to buy a new auto today! Friends, we checked a lot of cars and stopped on a particular one - Pubercar! Or how to call it..? Sus-car. Sus-car! As Polina said. Sus-car we chose, you can't find any better. You could write in the comments that maybe you made it all up, or something...

Friends, right in my hands I hold a car. Of ukrainian hrivnyas... we'll have to exchange it to hrivnyas, because you can buy a car only in national currency. All of this is a car. And hrivnyas, I dunno... It must be 10 times more. - 20 times. - It's be a big bag. We made a previous payment - 30% on the last week. Now we need to pay more 20k. Now we'll exchange to hrivnyas and hit the road. We've choosing the car for a very long time. Our spectrum moved from 10 cars to less and less. And with a big effort we chose it. We'll see, test. See how it'll be looking like.

- That's it, friends. We are heading to salon. Good day! - Hello! - You see, subs are securing me everywhere. So that nobody would take my money. The day has come, when I can take a ride with Papa! - That's it, we are awaited and a little bit delaying. We hit the road, will show you everything, and stay tuned! - Huraaa! We go to buy a new car! - Friends, while we are moving to buy a new car, a small announcement! Right now there are going a show of "Insiders. Baikonur Cosmodrome" in all big cities of Ukraine!

Click on the link in the description and look for your city! Find the most comfortable day and time for you and visit the "Insiders"! We are waiting for all of you! - I need to say hello to subscribers! Hello, to everyone! We are going to buy Sus a car today! Wow! - Here, it's for you if something will smell the money! Do it right away! Sooo, could you wait for me? - Take the bag. - Yes, give me the bag. - Friends, Dima went to exchange dollars, and I'm waiting for him. I calcualted everything, when you exchange the money taxes for this and that... for pension and all of this... For paint and color. I need to pay taxes for the color that I want, because it's exclusive. And I want exactly that color.

The are so many small tricks... So, friends, I want to say thank to everyone, who support me. Susanin is going to buy a new car! Carrying the birds. - Good day! - Wazzup! Listen... - What's in the backpack? - Could you sit up front? - They exchanged our money, and were awaited. The are special closed cash desk. I come to the bulletproof door, comes security puts up a code, I come in, the door is closing behind me and I'm in some kind of elevator.

It's like an elevator, and there is a cash deck. Woman opens it and says: "What's the currency"? I made it through my man, so we had a special currency. She said: "Nice one!" So, look, they changed it... Look, it's a tip. - It's foro coffee.

- It's for coffee. Good that we take a backpack. Look how they packed it all! - Holy f**k! - Wait! Wait! Here! And now look at this! It was pressed under a vacume! - Wow! Damn! - It's 500 000 hrn. Half of a million. It's written here: "1000 blatters 200 hrn each." 200 000. It was pressed under a vacume. Look! - Damn! It's like a brick! - Look! It's money! And now remember how many dollars we had. How much it was in dollars. And how much it would be in Euro, 500 each. And how much it would in BitCoin. To think about it would make it work hard, well, that's for those who knows.

And here it's an auto! And we already prepayed 30%! - I made a million! - In reality, money must work. - Nah, it's clear. Anyways, it's pleasent that we made almost a million hrn. - Yup. If you have that much you have two choices. First - to waste it on something pleasent and good, that's what we'll do now... ... or to put it into something useful. Business or investments. To leave money laying around - is the worst thing you could do! Inflation destroys it completely. By the way, there will an end for all the cash soon. Can you get it? All fiat money will soon disapear!

So, we are being called... Our auto-instructor calls to us. Yes, Alexander. - Hello, Dmitriy. - Hello. - Should I wait for you today? - Yes, we just exchanged the money. We'll be in 15-20 minutes. - Good, the car is ready. Tires are on, fully washed. I wait for you.

That's it. Super! We are moving! - Yes. - Yup. - See ya! - Yup.

Alexander washed the car, so you could sit into a clear one! Into smart and beautiful! And what's this? It's like on bazar some old woman was selling cheese and dropped it below her skirt! - Cool, friends. So, Susanin is millioner! That's it, put it back. Nice! - North Face backpack was...

- Don't smash it, it's glass there! - ... was gifted by Comrade. - Could break it... - So, Sus. Sit behind the wheel and drive us. - Turn the first for me. - Soooo, Sir. Dmitriy tell me one thing... should I look at the camera or..? - Yes.

- Tell me a few tips. I was here in this jam, when I was getting through this learning with an instructor. - Look, 4 cars smashed. They are taking photos, filming it! It's whatever, that guy lost his teeth, the main thing is to make a TikTok! - We almost got to the salon to take our car! - Not "ours"! Your! - Opa... - Let's avoid excess words. The auto is particularly, personally and at all fullness in possession of Susanin. Not mine, not Polina's, not Marina's and of no one! It's completely Susanin's auto! You should always say that it's your auto. - Lexus. Mazda.

- Now to the left. - We were here a dozen of times! Wow, my classmate is passing by. - Who? This one? - Yup. Sasalkin. - Sasha Gorniy? - Yes. - Sus, where were you? Are we going to president's bunker?! - Can't you see that I'm playing into my favorite game?! Can't stop it! - You haven't been answering for two days? What kind of game is this?! - It's "Crossout"! It's the best online action, which I have ever seen! - And what's the point? What should you do here? - What do you want from me? It's "CROSSOUT"! The best game in the world! Here are many fractions, which you can play with! Not a long time ago appeared a new fraction - wanderers! Thanks to the technologies game has much more details! You can upgrade you raider car with a cabin of trolley, heap from a train, shotguns, miniguns! And above you can place a force field and place an invisibilty generator! I've tuned my car and gonna smash everyone! Players as well as big bosses! Now I'll go alone, but you can do it in team! Just choose quests on global map, win and take all of the resources to upgrade your car! And you can build your own amusement park! So, guys! The game is great! I'm playing it and feeling good! My friends, I left the link with a bonus in the description! Hurry! Click there and download! By downloading the game via my link - you are helping the channel! So let's play together! - So, documents and stuff you have inside? - Interesting, if it's our or not. - Wow! Show your old photo! - Look at this, guys! - This photo is not that old! Should I give it to you? - Of course.

- It's 200 000. - It wouldn't fit into that hole. - It's not gently, of course. - Ah, ukrainian money! Here goes Lesya Ukrainka! You don't trust to what's written there? Count everything? - It's for the camera.

* 5 hours later * - That's it, guys. We've done everything. Got everything with documetns done. It was really pretty hard, and fully took around 5 hours. We almost lost out mind! Had to call lawyers and experts. Special person tested the car. With a spectrometer he took a look at the thickness of paint. Everything is perfect. And the final moment, we are waiting for our Sus-mobile, which should soon drive here and fall into the hands of a new owner! - Cool. - So, hey. Close your eyes. Film! Film how it drives in! Film the car! - That's it! Voila! - Voila! - It still smells with paint! Cool! Nice! - Here.

- Thank you. - Your welcome. - Thank you. ??? Thanks to everyone, friends! Thanks, Suzuki! Keys! Congratulation! Keys of Pebertat! One more bastard is one the road! - Listen... ... Let's, maybe... No, keep it... Goodbye! That's it, I shut it. Guys, I sat behind the wheel first, because I have a bit more experience. Now we'll drive to Obolon, to our dear lakes. And there we will put Super Sus comfortable behind the wheel. He'll get used to the car, will feel the paddle, wheel, how everything is responsing and then he'll be driving by himself.

It's rush hour, Friday. I'll take you through the city calmly. And then we'll give the car to Pubertat and you're on your own! Susanin, I have two... Eh.. Why the hell are you blinking, you bastard?! - I have a "learner" sign. We can stand there and put the sign there. My hand is reaching to change the gears!

Let me to get a guy through. I'm much higher, a 1.5 times higher than in my car. I sit high and can see a lot! Very cool! And I can feel that it's a jeep. Like it's an army car, it goes monkey! - Here we could get through. - Let's not do it. And we are having "Super Sus" license plates. The turns are so pleasent! It's not feeling like our car! It feels like: "Here, guys! Take a ride for 10 mintues!" And like the guy, who gave it to us is still standing behind me! - Yes. - Am I right? - Well, yes.

- Wow, cool! My heart is beating so hard! - Friends, we are out of the city. It's lakes of Obolon. Who know, they know. Was able to take Budulay here. My mission... My mission was accomplished. And now we are giving this apparatus in it's fullnes. And I'd like you to see that there's no:"Our car. Our vehicle." Nothing like this! It's exclusively your car! Not mine, not Polina's, not Marina's, not Comrade's and not Kreosan's! Please, own it! You can drive us, drive yourself! - Opa! To quick! - That's it, let ut go! You see? Don't hold it for so long! - Can you feel..? - Is it on? - Yes! So... "Drive". Dive. Drive! - What's "Drive"? - Should you hold on the brake? I forgot it.

- I turn it on. - Are you on "Drive"? I'm worried! - So? Let's go! - Yes! Yes! Check out the mirrors. - Wait! Wait! Stop! What the f**k are you doing? Move back a little! - Quiet! - Wait! Wait! Susanin! - Everything's fine... - Do you look to your left? Good. - Nah, everything's good... - Rotate it. God...

- I was a bit scared. - It was very close. - Forward. Wait. Careful-careful.

- I'll be driving bit by bit. Careful, in no hurry. - Look, be careful here. I like this form. Very sexy.

- This car is very limelighting in the city conditions, but it's very cool to film a safari, because it's color could play as a camouflage in grass. - When Susanin is behind the wheel, it's very unusual for me. - It must be also uncomfortable. - A litttle bit uncomfortable. - You'll get used to it. - As a driver, I already try to give another driver a mark...

- Our driver us not belted. - Well... I don't know what for, but it must be for something... Cops are on our tail! - Careful-careful! - I can see that bastard. - These people, it's always unclear what they are up to do. Maybe he's drunk and can fall under the wheels of the car, with his head cracking like a watermelon. One should be careful with them, because all of the responsibility lays on the shoulders of driver.

- Got you. There are also idiots driving drunk. - Film that body, he's moving in his smartphone and can't see anything. - What's the day today? Is it Friday, that there are so many walkers? - Yeah, walking bi***es.

- What? - Let me film, walk a bit outside. Woooow! Cool! Polya, how do you like Sus-driver? - I'm not a very experinced driver as well, so I'm also afraid to advice, so we are like *Aaaaaaahhhh!* a bit. - Let's go forward! - From the outside it seems like it wiggles you pretty hard! - So, at the end of the games are games, it's fun. But the main thing for me is to learn how to drive. So want I it or not... I don't if you had this, but I really hate to drive back. I want to drive only forward. But what can I do? Ride is ride!

Let's go. - So? - Calmly! Calmly! Look at this giant climax! It's 1,5 times bigger than on "Lancer". - We bought a car for Pubertat finally! Careful, it's Toyota Prado ahead! We need to trick it somehow. - C'MON! What a devil! So, were you swinged good? Swinged good? - We can't f**king feel it. - From the outside you almost flipped! - We are driving soft and gently. I was driving and thinking: F**k! Maybe I'm dreaming, maybe to hell with this car. For it you must change something in yourself, you need to learn something new... I don't want it so much... F*****k...

So, I want be using underway? F*k, it's something new, and I don't want it. Maybe it's all a dream. Car... I'll need to look after it. - Opa! - So, papa? What will you say to us? To young and beautiful. To 1,5 million subs..? - Thank you very much, my friends! Thank you, Dmitriy! Friends, what's the most important thing I wanted to say. And the core of this episode. Not just to f**k around and brag that we bought a car and have some money - it's clear. What's the message of this episode to all of you, Dmitriy. Tell us, what's the message of this episode for all the young people, which are watching us. To all young girls and boys, who are watching us. What's the most important? Dmitriy, tell us.

Guys, the most important event, which we are talking about... We don't want to brag at all... The most important thing that today we have a full year of Pubrtat's sobriety. Full year of Puberty sobriety brought us, by the way, to this result. Because Sus could buy himself maybe three cars like, yet, all of the money was going on alcohol. Money. Health. Energy. His private time and the time of his relatives and close one's was going on it. During one year of sobriety man has completely change. He has achieved a whole new level of his private life, as well as a new level of content, in my opinion. Many people say: "Animal, go and drink, and break you ugly face in an underground for us to laugh at"! Adequate person would be happy for something... So! Many people think: "Huh, blogger! So, you just can fart in the camera and get money." In reality we are doing our job, and we are doing it f**king hard! Like a damn horses!

We've put all of our life, all of our spare on altar of Youtube, on altar of content. To crate this content takes incredible powers and incredible amount of energy. Behind the camera we often have screams, hysteria, tears. In reality it's sweat and blood, and each cent is suppoted by sweat and blood, and it was suffered for. You must know the price of each cent, which is behind this metal and plastic. - Of each bottle which I haven's drink in the night shop. - Guys, we made this video to openly share some happiness with you. To show you that we made such a step.

We want to show you with our example that everything is possible and everythingin this life is real. Just believe in yourself, work on yourself. The most important thing is to find yourself, to find your purpose. To find what for are you in this world. To whom could you be useful. I hope that we useful to someone, that we are making content and make people smile. And we want to share with you this happiness and maybe motivate some of you. All of it is real, just work on it. And each dream can come true! You know us, we are very simple guys. We are just some dudes from Obolon, from subborbs of Kyiv. We lived in panel houses and attended soviet schools and know how life can be. We've been using elevators with burned out buttons, which were stucked with chewgum for all of our life. And all of our childhood went the way, that we just burned matches with spit on it and threw it to the ceiling. 3-4 years ago we were stealing copper cables near porches and were pretty happy about it. So here we can see a some kind of progress.

We want to show you with our example that everything is real and possible! Believe in yourself and move! Many people didn't believe at us. They were putting sticks into our wheels, and were jealous. Many people said that we'll end bad, that we are bastards and scum. But as you can see we are still here! And the main thing that we are getting so much pleasure from it! We were doing it for the idea form the beginning. We are getting real pleasure. And we are really happy for each second that we lead in life, on Youtube, in filming. It's our life. We are living it and breathing it! We are completely in it! We are all of this! - Plus, friends. I think that this vehicle will make us able to make some new content, so with the help of it we'll be able to make you happy in a bit different way! New people will come, new ideas will come! Maybe you'll come with something up! You understand that on the car one can do many things! And get into mines and drive on the roofs! And we can make a lot of things up! So we can go crazy, drive and have fun! To bring ourself pleasure and make you smile! Have a good time and make content! On a car! On jeep! On a SUV! - Guys, don't get us wrong. Some may say that we showed money and filmed everything in the salon... We've been always far from gloss bloggers and all of that stuff.

We, I reapeat, are sharing our real emotions. And hope that this could be a motivation for some of you. Maybe someone is watching us and have doubts - everything is real! Just do something and give effort to it! And it's a big strength in company. To find your people, which will support you, to find your team, where you can like a lot of threads, which form a knot. We have a big team in reality. We have around 20 people, it's our team. Those people, who are working on freelance for money. People, who are staying behind the camera and making this beautiful picture you can see now. Power is in a team! One man could've never done something like this. We wish you to find your team. So, if someone behind the screen is lonely or misarable or haven't found yourself yet, we can show on a simple example how... At the beginning Susanin said that he's an ugly face midget from sewers. He has grown over himself. And it's a year of sobriety!

- Only one year! - You saw how horrible his alcoholism was. How big was damage for health and psyche. The fact that man could come from this and normally adapt, it costs a lot. And this auto is a symbol of this sobiety! Year of sobriety! - What do I want to say? I want to say thank you, Dima! I would never postpone money! How to put it... So you know, I don't know how much money I do on Youtube. I'm not interested. Dima holds all of the money by himself and sends me when I need them. Because I can't spend money. - Everything is on cold wallets. - Everything is on cold wallets. And Dima once said me: "You haven't drink for a month, for two, for three, for half of a year. You have a good sum there, because you don't drink." "So, in some time you could buy yourself something. So I want to thank. Please, have my graditude."

Thank you. From all of my soul. I have no words to say. It's really pleasent for me. To you, dear subcribers, I'd like to say a big thank you. To all who support us I promise, we will make content cooler. We'll do our best. We'll do it on a car. And don't be jealous. Never be jealous. Each of us has a great potential. Each person has a lot of interesting. It might be hard to find in this clam, but it's real. - People live and don't know about their potential. Really.

You do it in one shot? Stop, let's make another shot. And with all of this... With all of this... here, take this. And another thing. Wait, one moment. - Opa! - I thought I was f**ked! "Here are your money, Pubertat! And now take some steal for your liver." - So? What's this? - Please, be so kind to receive it! It's for you! - What's this? - Find it out yourself. - T-shirts? - T-shirts?! Huh! Yeah! Open it! - Open. - Wait up, come here. What's this?

- Look. - Something fragile? - Cut it carefully, not to damage it. - What's that? Woooow! - Don't tear it. - Opa! - It's tape! Careful, take out the tape! - Wow! Look! Damn! Sheesh! - A present from Google. - Dear Youtube, thank you. - Opa! - Dear Youtube, thank you very much! We are working hard and will keep it up! We will behave ourselves good! This one is bigger than that one.

- Yes, big one! - Cool! Yohooo! 1 million! 1 year of sobriety! Yeaaaaah! Cool! Thanks to Google! Thanks to Youtube! - I'm very happy that I met guys! That I'm going through a some kind of way side by side! I have learned a lot of things with them! They charge very hard, and I think this is not an end result. Only more awaits us! Because we are together! We are team! And let's stay together! So, guys, I greet you with this! - Thank you, Polya! - You are great! And I'm happy that I can live live with you through this moment. It's really very cool emotions! - Guys, if you have any questions regarding this T-shirt, it says: All cats are beautiful. So you wouldn't think something bad about it. We hug each one of you, who are on our side! And shake a paw! Haters, you also be awake, or... * outro *

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