Реальные технологии управления климатом Льва Похмельных

Реальные технологии управления климатом Льва Похмельных

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Pokhmelnykh Lev Aleksandrovich was born in 1935 in Moscow. physicist, author of weather correction technology using the method of atmospheric ionization, creators of the theory of a unified micro- and macroelectric world, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, has about 60 scientific publications, patents and certificates. The weather control technology is based on a new theory of atmospheric electricity developed in Moscow in the 80s . It follows from the theory that atmospheric processes are the root cause of the development of meteorological processes, and not their consequence, as modern meteorology and atmospheric physics claim. The result of this theory is the ability to control the weather

using insignificant energy costs, since there is already a huge amount of energy in the atmosphere; you just need to organize control processes. The theory was published in 1989 at an international conference in Amsterdam. The latest publication in the journal "Applied Physics" number four, 2003, there are Russian patents. This technology was only realized in Mexico. Since 1996, work has been carried out through associations of agricultural producers and cattle breeders in the northern States, which have traditionally suffered from droughts. During these years, yields for a number of types of products

increased several times. for example, in beekeeping four times. The water shortage has been eliminated, the climate has changed - it has become cooler and wetter. Evidence of success in the application of this innovative technology is that since 1997, Mexico has permanently abandoned the method of seeding clouds with various reagents on aircraft, which US companies have always used here. Ionization technology is hundreds of times cheaper and at the same time hundreds of times more effective. And this is not an exaggeration; one

ground installation creates an effect equivalent to the flight of hundreds of aircraft with reagents. technology made it possible to stimulate flows of moist air from the oceans hundreds of kilometers into the continent and increase the humidity of forests, as a result of which fires stopped. For example, here is visual information: in neighboring areas in California in the USA, forests were constantly burning, and hurricanes caused billions in losses. The Americans did not turn to Mexico because it is reasonably believed that

technologies worthy of attention could not exist in this country. Since the method of atmospheric ionization was first used, not a single hurricane has caused damage to Mexico. Moreover, Hurricane Javier, comparable in power to Ivan, was weakened by the use of this technology, and brought a lot of much-needed water to the interior of the country. As a result of the work carried out by the Pokhmelny group, Mexico paid off its long-standing water debt to the United States. Well, as a result, they quickly began to forget about the drought. Of course, the national weather service classified these changes as

favorable but natural climate changes, just as any other country's weather service would. Of course, first of all, the scientist had a desire to implement the technology in Russia, but this did not work out. Lev Aleksandrovich visited 11 ministries and departments of the upper echelon of Russia, and the result was zero. mainly, the introduction of this technology began to be hampered by Roshydromet, in whose system Lev Aleksandrovich had to work and develop this theory. It turned out to be much more profitable for the government agency to extinguish forests from the air, putting into practice the principle from the famous poem “little frogs came running and watered from the tub.” As a result, only Mexico, which did not have such strict prohibitions, but also a paradise for inventors, responded to the call to implement the new discovery you can’t call her either.

There is also a lot of incompetence and corruption there. in 1996, political passions were still in full swing here, and the pro-communist national hero of Mexico, chairman of the committee on science and technology, senator and engineer Heberto Castillo, was harnessed to the implementation of this technology. he invited the Pokhmelnykhs on behalf of the committee, but the technology of atmospheric ionization was not recognized by the right-wing parties, as they were afraid of the further growth of Eberto's popularity. It turned out to be lucky that the President of the Republic, Ernesto Zidillo, was drawn to the side of implementation. Russian scientists have demonstrated the creation of precipitation within three days in conditions of

a multi-year drought and a guaranteed zero probability of precipitation in the desert in the state of Sonora. This is the northwest of the country. There was a long article about this experiment in 1996 in Komsomolskaya Pravda. passions on this topic quickly died down since Don Eberto died in 1997 . Right-wing politicians breathed a sigh of relief, and finally gave Ebert a posthumous order of honor, which in the history of Mexico was awarded to only two political figures. However, the group of scientists was not disbanded, and they created a weather correction and hurricane protection system, controlled from a single center in Mexico City. Meteorologists also had moments of triumph of Soviet technology at the death of Brezhnev and Andropov, when it was necessary to disperse the clouds over Red Square and all of Moscow by spraying chemical reagents. The customer for the weather change

was the Moscow Road Administration. Lev Aleksandrovich was then, long before the discovery of the method of atmospheric ionization, invited to the carpet and demanded to reduce the amount of snow falling in the capital. Pokhmelnykh then found a method for redistributing precipitation to other areas. A laboratory was created at the Moscow Road Administration, which included six aircraft, which traditionally were supposed to fill the clouds with ice, cement and silver. The scientist was instructed to develop a methodology for where to fly how much and what to sprinkle. I developed it for two hangover years and then it continued to be used for a long time. However, even so, the scientific community and the meteorological world traditionally did not recognize the observations of the Moscow janitors and organized all sorts of commissions and inspections to discredit and close this project.

How a new weather control technology was launched based on the emission of electrons into the atmosphere. In 1989, Tekhmash Export became interested in advertising innovative smoke prevention technology. and then one of the representatives of the management of this enterprise then went on Soviet television and set the condition that they would clear the smoke over Moscow, but with the condition that their authorship of this technology should be indicated on air. How does this effect work in the air? They create an electrical barrier, as a result of which electrified smoke particles cannot pass through it and the smoke stops. Moreover, in this way you can even stop the combustion process,

that is, put out fires. and this effect can be scaled to any territory, even to extinguish the burning taiga. and this was then the world's first technology of this type of application. That’s when Lev Aleksandrovich began to have ideas on how to manage such processes. and he began to put them into practice step by step.

Let's tell you a little about the technology and the experimental installation at the stage of its development. it then represented an analogue of a small power line similar to HAARP with a radius of only 100 meters, to which direct current voltage was supplied. this design was either a generator of electrons or an absorber, depending on the potential created. Today, the entire earth is entangled with hundreds of thousands of kilometers of power lines, and all of them are guaranteed to create an electrical potential in the atmosphere, which no one takes into account. Pokhmelnykh's installation

aimed to increase the emission of electrons in the atmosphere through the use of thin wires, from which electricity flows many times more efficiently, but there are so many power lines on the ground that as a result they create emissions many orders of magnitude higher. If, as a result of some natural disaster or nuclear attack, the electricity throughout the entire earth turns off overnight, this will cause condensation of water in the atmosphere with enormous heat absorption. Which will entail a sharp drop in temperature below zero throughout the Earth in just a few days. And then a year, or maybe several years, “without summer” will come. As we remember from history, this already happened in the Middle Ages, which today could lead to the loss of most of humanity. Each power line releases electrons into the atmosphere. When, as

a result of an accident in 2009, the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station stopped operating, it caused a large number of floods and other natural disasters in the region due to the de-energization of power lines, and as a result of the cessation of the emission of electrons into the atmosphere, also in the early 2000s. x was the year when there were a large number of floods in the western regions of Russia. and then they exchanged to Eastern Europe, further to the west and even reached England. And this is all because, this was the year when Russia began exporting electricity to Europe from its eastern power plants. before that there was also an incident with the lines of the Volga hydroelectric power stations. It shows here

that humid volumes of air were always supplied from Europe, and as a result, a drought zone was established behind it, from the Volga to the Pamirs. The "North South" power transmission line occupies about 800 kilometers, and the Aral Sea falls into this zone. Beginning in the 60s, the Aral Sea began to actively dry up, everyone remembers this very well. and could anyone suggest such a reason for its drying out? All power lines affect weather and climate. Fortunately, the alternating current and design are designed to avoid losses as much as possible, but even a small upgrade of ionization can be increased, and the effect on the weather can become simply catastrophic. as we have already understood, all this lends itself to traditional scientific research. It would be the desire and political will of the government.

There are hundreds of thousands of kilometers of standard power lines on earth, and they create unnecessary condensation centers where aerosol particles are formed, which heat the atmosphere. the fact that the heating of the atmosphere is not due to an increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but this particular mission is not advertised anywhere. that is, the true causes of global warming are the result of current flowing through open power lines. Knowing this climate change technology, it would be possible to build power lines in such a way as not to aggravate climate problems, but to solve them. Stalin at one time implemented a grandiose plan to transform nature by planting vegetation. However, at that time he did not yet know that there was a more

effective method, since this method had not yet been discovered . The management of the techmashexport company, together with the hangovers, entered into agreements with the governments of Jordan and Argentina to change rainfall in these countries, in the short term, as the technology was tested on the fly. As a result of an error in the forecasts, the initial effect was the opposite, and in Jordan the precipitation went east to Iraq. then the Jordanian government lodged claims against a group of scientists, considering it almost sabotage in favor of another country. In 1992 , there was a second entry into Argentina and there was already the opposite task: to reduce the amount of precipitation, namely ice hail. Powerful clouds formed from behind the mountains on the border with Chile, and hail the size of an apple appeared, which maimed people, hit cars and roof tiles. rooftops. here, too, at first there was an error in

the calculations. When carrying out the influence of the energies developed by the technologies on the processes of hail formation, the scientists did not intentionally not reduce, but rather doubled the amount of hail. It would seem that this could be considered a failure, but the scientists, on the contrary, were delighted. After all, they once again received a powerful response to their influence. It is clear that this happened because there was not enough empirically accumulated data, and scientists acted on a whim, the so-called method of scientific poking. This became field testing and the beginning of systematization of the results of the technology used.

Then, from 1996 to 2008, things started to improve in Mexico, resulting in a series of successful climate impacts. the effectiveness of revolutionary technologies was proven in practice. Together with the politician Albert Costi, the Mexican government, as part of the changes being introduced to fill reservoirs, cause precipitation, and so on, in the north-west of Mexico in the Alter Desert, with the help of an installation, for the first time in 20 years, the scientist managed to cause rain within three days. There was also the task of removing smog from the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, which for many years was covered with smog for most of the year. Due to its cup-shaped arrangement, a fairly small device in the form of a parabolic antenna with a power consumption of about 500 W. this is a quarter of the power of an electric kettle, it was installed on the edge

of this natural crater and ion pumping of the atmosphere took place for three days. after which a movement of air masses arose, and the city was cleared within a short period of time. Numerous local newspaper publications noted this amazing and very rare phenomenon at this time of year. But it is clear that no one found out about the reason for this cleansing. It must be said that no natural disaster can happen without the heavy hand of politics. For every disaster there are customers and beneficiaries. For example, hurricanes and tornadoes in the USA every year

bring multi-billion dollar losses and entire regions suffer from them, so there are the largest relief funds that are waiting for climate disasters with the simple desire to use gigantic funds. regularly allocated from the country's budget. And the whole tragedy is that these organizations are extremely interested in disasters more than in preventing them. Therefore, numerous attempts to introduce technology to change weather conditions are easily lobbied wherever the interests of the United States extend, which is practically the whole world. in Moscow they have traditionally always used cloud dispersal with chemical reagents, but here is an example of an attempt to introduce a new technology in 2008 using the method of atmospheric ionization, look how it was harshly ridiculed and the attempt at implementation was crossed - Last Friday in the center of Moscow, employees of the Moscow Committee on Science and Technology staged a demonstration cloud dispersal, It is at this height that the structure is located. for several hours in a row I pierced the gloomy Moscow sky,

very importantly, with “invisible bursts”, trying to stop the rain. And it ended! - The shaman came out and said that everything is fine and we can leave! - The fact is that this device is powered by solar panels. The sun won't work, it won't work! - ..Luzhkov plans to disperse gay parades with such gazelles. And then everyone will say - IT WORKS! ACCELERATES! Mexico, on the other hand, has virtually no laws limiting the impact on the climate, since it is very arid and there has been no improvement for a long time . One day, a kind of competitive competition took place between the Lion of the Hangover and a representative of an American climate control company in the state of Duranga.

The American side guaranteed an increase in precipitation by 15 percent, the governor allowed them to influence the northern part of the state, and the Hangover team to influence the southern part. as a result of the efforts, American technology showed no visible changes, and Pokhmelnykh demonstrated record results in the historical period: it began to rain in the south of the state. A contract with the governor of the state for weather formation was offered to a group of Russian scientists. By consciously owning this technology, it would be possible to create the necessary climate on the earth in every part of it, reduce excess precipitation, initiate where there is catastrophically little of it, increase or decrease the temperature. All these years, Lev Aleksandrovich sought to create a global service for managing the planetary climate, but was not successful in this, since the rulers of the planet were given a Vector of control of civilization through mechanisms of destruction. For example, many have heard about the HAARP technology as a technology for creating climate problems in different regions of the planet.

This technology is classified and serves to solve political problems. Today, Saudi Arabia and a number of other territories, where there was always a desert before, are flooded with rain and the former deserts are rapidly turning into flowering fields. Of course, no one would even think of suspecting in these changes the use of some technologies that people may already own. Perhaps soon we will find out that this could not be a simple coincidence.

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