简言的夏冬 45 | The Investigator 45(朱亚文、万茜、张萌、袁文康 领衔主演)

简言的夏冬 45 | The Investigator 45(朱亚文、万茜、张萌、袁文康 领衔主演)

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Thank you for subscribing to the exclusive broadcast of the Chinese drama - CN DRAMA Hello, is anyone there ? Hello, this yard is well kept. It seems that the new landlord is a kind and amiable person who loves life. Was this swing here before? There are twenty or thirty people having dinner here. It

must be very lively. Where do you live on the second floor ? Who is in the yard ? I shot . Don’t worry, don’t worry , do n’t worry He called him to stimulate him . If it wasn't for the Hongshan case, I really didn't want to see him again. I thought I could forget him. Memories are our right to cherish, but forgetting is also our right. I've been thinking about Professor and Stein What my husband said, although the word escape is quite ugly, but if you think about it from another angle , isn’t it just to let us forget the past and move forward , starting from scratch? It’s okay to look forward , but forgetting the past is a bit of a joke, and it’s not necessary.

Yes , it ’s not necessary . You are right, since we care so much about Stamford and Tsinghua Garden, why do we have to force ourselves to forget the past? We have succeeded here before. This is the commanding height of our life . This is the best place where we can look down and look forward. Such a bad place.

It 's still the best position. No , no, you can't waste the cost of failure. With the experience and lessons we have accumulated, there is definitely a greater chance of achieving greater success. You say that you are a late

bloomer when you go to Cows University. I want to put us The house is bought. Caesar 's grievance is about to be paid off. It's time to give yourself a garden. Now you just need to decide where your garden is. I want to go back to Shanghai and as soon as possible, didn't you say ? Give Susan an explanation , and then I promise my mother that you won't skip this and say the result . The structure of the house in Tsinghua Garden is really good. I hope that I can also have a house like this in the future, and I will also make a swing in the center of the site.

This way the children can play. Who 's children? Steve has a daughter. I think his daughter is very good. My father also said that his little princess must be the best in the world. Okay, let's get the best again . This conversation is going too fast . It's all about

having a baby. The world is falling apart. We are still in love here. This line is so well written. How do you know we're here ? It's enough to prove that Jason doesn't have Alzheimer's. What did

Jason ask him to do to sabotage our investigation into Hongshan ? Think for the better. Maybe he figured it out. The General Tso's chicken here is good. Try it. Jason wants me to ask you if you

are interested in seeing you again. It depends on why you meet. Jason thinks your current investigation may be going in the wrong direction.

He wants to give you directions. He has this. kindly we I have n't had the guts to accept it. In

short, you are still so impulsive. You have to think about everything first. Don't make a decision in a hurry. You are reminding me that my opponent is not Jason.

I am not that good at teaching people. If you have any questions, you should ask Jason after meeting. Where and when No need to meet again.

It's just to say some excuses and shirk responsibility. Our time is very precious. It's not an excuse. It's an acknowledgment . When Jason was in charge of the Hongshan case, every step was legal and compliant. If

you don't believe it, you can check Oxun's confidentiality . Database , Ouxun's database, only high-level executives like Jason have access to it. Thank you, you can use this method to waste my time. If you can find the data, you will know that when the Hongshan project was established, the person in charge was not Jason. The person in charge quit due to illness in the middle , and Jason personally recommended him to take over. Who he is talking about is Qin Ke . You should talk to Jason . In the daytime nursing home, there are eyeliners from Joss and Qin Ke. It is inconvenient to talk, and we also I need confirmation.

You said that you have the evidence of Jian Maosheng and Lin Weiren. Is it true or false? Tell Jason for me . If he can't provide valid evidence, this meeting will be avoided. The chicken is good , but it's a little cold. Go ahead baby, you're finally answering my phone. You know we're jet lag, right? I'm at work. Don't be annoyed with me. Listen to me

patiently . Your dad's accountant told me that he 's already making ends meet. What because of TSE. He has been taking care of it all the time, so I gave him all the shares, but just recently he suddenly invested a lot of money in the shares of a domestic technology company. Do you have a name called Silicon God? It sounds like a bad company. I can't be deceived by Qin Ke 's illusion. He has a criminal record.

What do you mean? He used TSE to do some shameful things more than ten years ago, and then he was caught. If he really encounters it now, it can't be solved. Financial issues, I'm worried that he will repeat the same mistakes. Qianduo, you must not let him use this place , Mr. Su, Qianduo , for confidential communications for project investigations, not for employees to make private video calls. Mr. Su , I have something I want to ask . Are you and my dad in a bad financial situation ? You should ask yourself.

He made an expensive engagement ring and bought a fancy house in the city. Are you ? No, but the money is your dad's own. Power control and he should live a little more free and easy at this age. You know what, your father was out of the house when he got divorced. Your mother has many good friends in the legal profession, but my mother gave a share of an accounting firm to He shouldn't be short of money after him , or that sentence ask him himself. Do you think Jason is telling the truth? Will he just use us to start another war in Ou Xun? At least it can prove that he still has fighting power . Now Jay Sen has already stated that he is on our side The other party should be from Qin Ke's camp, but if it is Qin Ke himself, it means that he has been yelling at the thief to catch the thief. He has used you

at least twice. The use is mutual. Ten years ago, if it wasn't for Qin Ke, I would not have avoided Ou Xun's background. Investigating and entering the Shanghai Department. At the same time, he also used you to spread eyeliner in the new Asian market . It is

undeniable that Shanghai is now the most important market for European Xun. You and Susan are the most effective officers under his command. It's impossible to bring Jason down that easily. I'm not interested in his personal interests, and he 's not only showing it against Matthew and Jason , but once his interests are realized, your value is gone.

Stop you from going to HQ. He sent you to Tokyo to preside over your suspension investigation. He clearly wanted to force you to leave Oxun and even leave the industry. Think about it carefully . He prevented me from being promoted and prevented me from entering the headquarters more than once because he understood that once I got permission, I first needed to get the permission from Oxun database. What he is investigating here is the data of the Hongshan case, so the person he is most afraid of now should be you . I am the defendant in the Hongshan case. He can expose me at any time before the truth comes out.

Duo, Qianduo , let’s go to dinner, what are you busy with, and work overtime for yourself, Xiaoka , let me ask you , besides the company database and desktop investigation , what other databases are there for routine search, what kind of search, overseas economic cases, industry scandals , most of them have public files It can be found on the Internet . If it is only on file and has not yet been heard, you have to go to the database of the local police station to find the information , or the local news website , the library clipping , the industry association to which you belong, such as the audit committee or the association of accounting firms , the public database of these institutions, etc. I'll investigate the case for you . I'm learning desktop investigation. Do n't you hate desktop investigation the most? It's not that you want to eat or not.

I won't eat . This is your only chance to contain him. Qianduo is innocent and she has nothing to do with the whole thing. Qianduo aspires to be an investigator. Now what is before her is a commercial crime. With professional ethics and conscience, she should also kill her relatives righteously .

Can you do it? Qianduo is a good child, clean and enthusiastic. I am her superior. I hope I can use fair and transparent means to solve this matter. But she is no longer a child. She has her own values ​​and judgments . Maybe she would like to. Do your

part to help you settle your grievance or help her father to clear his conscience. You don't tell her , when she knows the truth, she won't be grateful to you, she will only blame you for why you didn't tell her earlier, so she can't do anything, what can I do? Listen, you seem to be talking about yourself . If I had known about my father earlier, maybe I could have helped him . Okay, I'd think about it . Nice to meet you . Nice to meet you. Please sit down . Would you like a coffee? No thanks , okay ? do you mind I don't mind . First of all, I am very grateful to you for visiting me in the hospital last time.

We are also very confident in your health. We know that you will recover in the near future . I am really thankful for you. Thank you for not underestimating me like other people . Not because of the sun here. Actually, I'm allergic to UV rays, but because I just want to show them to Joss and Chinke. I 've prepared a surprise for them. Do you

need me to bring this sentence to Chinke? I know you won't snitch . Maybe you Although I have worked as Qin Ke's subordinate, it has been the past ten years . It is indeed a very long time. It can make a big difference to a person. Once when I made a video with him, he was too confident in his appearance.

It turns out that you are right. My memory is too confident. It is very interesting to remember. For the same thing , everyone's memory will be different. I hope I can enter the Oxun database again, but I can't. I tell you you can choose to believe or not to believe me . Completely

ignorant of the collusion , let alone the existence of a worthless student, I'm just doing my job, I take the money I'm due, make a report, I even report it to the risk committee so that the project The interested parties involved can know. I have nothing to do with these interested parties. If we follow the rules, how can there be an innocent person being framed with an unwarranted crime. The evidence you said is in your computer, so you should ask who put it The evidence is put into your computer, yeah, who? The Hongshan case involves the interests of three parties. Qin Ke is at the center of it all.

Qin Ke, Qin Ke, is involved in the investigation of three companies: Alpha Corporation, Hongshan Laboratory, Guangdong Lin Group. At the center of the project, he quit after working in this project for about a month. I think he was afraid of his relationship with these stakeholders. It is said that he quit because of physical reasons.

I want to thank you, thank you for coming to confront me and make me sober up. I immediately went to someone to investigate Qin Ke, and I found out about his secret relationship with these companies, and it was all happening under Ou Xun's nose. It only took you twelve hours to find out the truth.

In fact , if you Let's get to know Qin Ke's wife's family, it should be said to be the family of his ex-wife. Her family, the Xie family, is a wealthy and famous person. There are many large, medium and small enterprises of different sizes under her name. Among these enterprises, there is a completely inconspicuous small company . A company called TSE Accounting Firm, have you heard of it? I have heard of it. Since you have heard of this company , do you know that Alpha is one of his clients? So Hongshan is a trap set by Qin Ke to help Alpha . Determined to check it out for yourself and you 'll see that I'm not making up my mind why he's helping Alpha if it 's for taking bribes and how he avoids Oxun and the Industry Risk Council it's like a relay race it 's like I give you A baton, we can win together, as far as I know, Qin Kemu The former is in poor health and will be out soon .

You sound like you're giving me a job. I need you to do a report. You 'll find out . The person involved involves a large amount of money and technical property rights and many victims who have been harmed by these companies . The project compensation is the position of the partner of Oxun. For the

same investigation, I am more willing to accept the entrustment of another person. I am more interested in the compensation he gives, so there are others. Would you like to investigate Qin Ke? Jian Yan, Jian Maosheng's daughter, what is the reward I really need? You said earlier that the person in charge of Ou Xun in the Hongshan case was Jason Brown. Yes , there was another investigator before Jason Brown. Master, you are not clear about this, I am not clear about this. The person

I met with Oxun was Jason Brown . Have you heard of TSE Accounting Firm? Alpha was a client of TSE before the Hongshan case, but then I led a research and development project There was a problem with the capital chain. After I reported it to the head office, it was found that TSE had misappropriated our account. The industry committee conducted an investigation and found that TSE had been embezzling customer funds for illegal investment, so Alpha teamed up with several other customers to sue them , but then the Hongshan case began. You are the main witness in Alpha's prosecution against TSE. Yes, TSE's lawyers also approached me. I hoped I could quit , but I didn't agree.

Their actions seriously affected our project. The loss was irreparable, but it was not . I thought, I later became Hongshan's defendant, and the project was forced to terminate.

Dad, you were plotted. You didn't get involved in the Hongshan case because of bad luck. This good show of inviting you to enter the urn was designed for you from beginning to end . You are the initiator . What did I do wrong? Qin Ke used Hongshan's data to bribe Alpha to withdraw the lawsuit. At the same time, he appointed you as a scapegoat to retaliate for your reporting behavior. Now all the doubts have been solved.

Jason is right . The Hongshan case is in Qin Ke's hands . The designed TSE embezzled client funds was exposed by my dad, so he was threatened by Alpha . In order to get Alpha to drop the case, he designed the Hongshan case to help Alpha turn the corner. But this is not just a business conspiracy , it is also a naked personal grievance. The reason why Qin Ke I picked my dad because of revenge. He sued TSE and wanted him to become Alpha 's scapegoat and abandoned by the cause he believed in.

I have also confirmed it here. Lin is one of United Alpha 's clients who appealed to TSE. Qin Ke also wanted revenge before. Lin Junwen,

so I later became Lin Weiren , the scapegoat who chose to replace his son. TSE hides such an ugly face as Qin Ke . If Jason's information is accurate, then the Hongshan data in Jian Maosheng's computer The backup was given by Qin Ke. Qin Ke

took advantage of his position to find out the internet protocol addresses of all the experimental team members, so he used Lin Junwen's internet protocol to hack into the Hongshan database and plagiarize it . We took the data and put it into Jian Maosheng's computer, but these are all our speculations. We have no evidence. The Hongshan case was planned by Qin Ke. It is very difficult to find loopholes in this, and it is easy to be implicated if you are not careful. As for Lin Junwen, although I hate Lin Junwen , he is indeed innocent. I can't take him at risk. I can try to start from another aspect. The Industry Risk Committee

of that year had evidence that TSE misappropriated customer funds, but later withdrew the case, which means that Some people have modified financial data , but as long as they have been modified, they will definitely leave traces, but they have already suffered a loss, so they must be very cautious, and it will not be so easy to find evidence. Information , what to do, wait a minute, besides us, there were people who retrieved the news of TSE yesterday, but Matthew and Jason should no longer have permission, it 's Qianduo 108 , brother , brother, brother, Hey boss, are you playing a game? You want to assign it to me I’m going to throw up when I’m working. Listen, I need all the data in Qianduo’s computer.

Why should I ask? Don’t ask if I shouldn’t. Okay , I’ve got the boss . Qianduo has quite a comprehensive grasp of TSE related information. She has mastered the news reports of the year and all the information that the police station can publish. She has already completed the child's desktop investigation. Qianduocha Qinke should be quite contradictory in her heart . Although Qinke has hurt many people,

she has always been very fond of her daughter . Fortunately, under this dilemma, not everyone can do it . Do you want to call Jian Maosheng again? Don't worry about it. Hey boss , Qianduo's computer has an internal firewall inside the company. The Information Security Department has discovered that someone is stealing it. I have to quickly withdraw her information about the last time I invaded the database.

It 's not over yet . Which one did you sing? I just want to help her reinstall the computer firewall. The data was transmitted and stolen because it was in her own computer. Poison, you say that this nonsense will completely anger the people at the headquarters. I will let you go directly. I do n't care about this matter. I will do things by myself, and I will not implicate the Shanghai department. You are too naive . It

's all the people closest to you. Xia Dong Lao Fang Jianyan can't get away with one of them. Tell me what Xia Dong and Jianyan are doing.

I tell you now , only I can settle this matter, but only if I know the truth. The boss and sister Yan have gone to Sri Lanka , come back, and lunch will be ready soon What 's the matter? Where did you get this? This is just the most basic information. I almost forgot that you now have high-level authority .

Susan has nothing to do with you. Do you think my side can allow someone like you An unscrupulous person, Qin Ke, you have touched my moral bottom line. If I did n't do this at the time, TSE would have suffered a fatal blow , and I would have been the only victim . Go to jail for the Xie family. You don't want to go to jail . Don't embezzle client funds Are you so short of money? Of course I'm short of money.

If I'm not short of money , I'll marry someone I don't like. I 'll lose your TSE equity . The only place I have the right to speak is the career that I can't lose. You are really ridiculous . It's this time. You still plausibly shirk the responsibility.

Susan, it's all in the past, no matter who was right or wrong in the past, it's in the past now . Look at it. I am now being slowly eaten by cancer cells. You said that the punishment for me is not severe ? Punishment is not the purpose , but mistakes must be corrected. Susan, I'm sorry .

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