Затмение в Тельце в ночь с 30 апреля на 1 мая. Меланхолия и Прогрессивное сознание. Гороскоп Чудинов

Затмение в Тельце в ночь с 30 апреля на 1 мая. Меланхолия и Прогрессивное сознание. Гороскоп Чудинов

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Dear friends, hello. Let's take a look at the eclipse on May 1st. Surrounded by this eclipse, there is a lot of such soft, gentle energy and in some places even relaxation. Here the main planet is Venus. It is in conjunction with the generous love influence of Jupiter, which literally expands the heart, and a feeling of some goodness, at the same time indifference, maybe laziness, sensuality, it basically surrounds this eclipse. That is, the background of the eclipse is so blissfully indifferent. And on this just such a worn-out unwillingness to engage in some kind of serious activity, we enter an eclipse on May 1, which is associated with incredible activity of the mind, with clear mental insights, insights and the feeling that you are worn out in emotions, as if on some hot summer in the sun, and in your soul there is some kind of smeared goodness and indifference, and the brain right there deduces some formulas, directly explodes with insights and insights. And it's incredible how these energies combine. On the one hand, this emotional

exhaustion, and on the other hand, the mega activity of the mind, which at some moments snatches out such things, such ideas. That is, this is one of the strongest moments for educational programs, what is happening now. The brains are throwing ideas right one after the other, and it's all interesting, it's all exciting. Right now, it’s delicious to engage in some progressive new innovative areas, information on them is easily assimilated, you can easily navigate in completely unfamiliar things. I don’t know, there, they climbed into their accounting department and immediately

understood everything. At the same time, I repeat that all this is happening simultaneously against the background of this exhausted, lazy, emotional, sensual one. Emotionally, there may even be some kind of holiday feeling, somehow it’s just pleasant and good in the soul. And my brain is full of ideas. This is such a very unusual background. Next, we will analyze the 12 signs of the zodiac. I hope you enjoy this video. And, of course, I want you to subscribe. To do this, I made a lot of additional bonuses on the channel. There are notes, if you are subscribed, you will see additional text blocks in your application on YouTube, which say that today or tomorrow, from so much to so much, this very beneficent Venus turns on or this megamind turns on specifically for a few hours. I hope

you find it useful and interesting to subscribe. Well, there are actually a lot of different bonuses, links, information for subscribers. And I have news for you that you have already heard about, and I will repeat myself now. I start training in May. Transit training. My first class is May 8th. There will be 8 classes in total, each of them is about one and a half to two hours in duration. They will run once a week. The first lesson will be on the 8th on Sunday at 11 am

and every Sunday thereafter. In the content of this course, we will look at how to work with astrological programs so that you have a full hand, how to use ZET, how to use Sotis in order to build your chart, build transits, understand and see on the charts where on each particular day what happens, be able to read these charts of the planets. We will analyze all the planets. That is, there will be a separate lesson. Literally, in the classroom, one lesson will be devoted to programs, the second to planets, the third to aspects, the fourth to houses, the fifth to the natal chart, the sixth to the interpretive mechanism of how to put it all together, and then there will be a lesson on making a forecast for the year, and a lesson on making a 10-year forecast. That is, in fact, leaving the course, you will have a full-fledged material with a forecast for your year and the ability to make the same forecast for any other person, just like you will have a forecast for 10 years with the skill of how to see, track and interpret aspects .

The course costs 250 dollars, which is 18,000. At the same time, this price is until May 4, if paid before May 4. After May 4 , the price will be 20,000 rubles. Payment by months is possible, installment plan is possible. Basically all of these options. The course will be from 50 to 100 people, that is, it is not individual, but we

will receive a lot of individual material there. That is, special calendars will be created where you will see your personal events, aspects, situations, enter your personal diary according to how your map and forecasts work in your personal mode. Therefore, there will be a lot of work with personal material. Well, maybe that 's all. I will also leave a link under the video, if you plan to participate, for registration. Let's start with birthdays. For Taurus, this is probably the most important thing that happens here in the entire first half of 2022. On the one hand, this eclipse has an incredible soulfulness. Your planet Venus is now in conjunction with Jupiter. This is the generosity of love,

this is the soul wide open. You can laugh or not, but now my neighbors are singing, it feels like the choir of grandmothers is singing some Russian songs, and this is the feeling of such spiritual unity of close people with whom you can probably sing songs. And some kind of very warm, emotional and loving atmosphere, in principle, it is present in the last days of April and early May, and my heart is wide open, I want to sing songs and the state of some spiritual holiday. But the eclipse itself is in your sign, which literally says, “I am above all. My goals, my tasks, my ambitions, my aspirations receive great strength, resources and opportunities for development and implementation. Everything that is connected with your career, with your destiny, connected with the search for your

unique path, is revealed quite well at the moment of the eclipse. Therefore, it is very good if for this eclipse, in addition to this general background of sincerity, you set professional goals related to your aspirations. The eclipse has a very strongly represented planet Uranus. On the one hand, this planet gives you a rebellious independent disposition and character, literally declares that “in the program of this eclipse, I lay my independence, my independence from everyone and everything, myself or myself.” On the other hand, Uranus is associated with learning, associated with an information

breakthrough, and perhaps around this eclipse you will have such a clear impulse to break through some information blockade, literally break out to some new level of knowledge, information, education and with ease in principle, you master this program if you decide to move in this direction. Therefore, it has a strong informational and educational character. Another feature is that the eclipse on May 1 passes, in fact, along the node of the future, that is, it speaks of “what prospects in life I can find.” There is a lot of such a young, fresh outlook on life here. In fact, it can be represented by people who are nearby, they can be children, youth, people with an open mind who are literally hungry for new information, new knowledge, new revelations, and you also develop with them. If you can get into the circumstances of some youth group or children's group, the effect of this eclipse will be even stronger for you. A few words for ascendants. Look, an eclipse

is passing in your first house - then everything that I said earlier. If it takes place in the twelfth house, then it may sound like "leave me alone, give me your space." Literally , the desire to separate, in some places, even from those around you and devote yourself to some kind of your own, perhaps a closed individual process. That is, maybe even some kind of anti-socialization. There will be such a desire if it passes in your twelfth house. That is, literally hide from the eyes. For Gemini. For Gemini, the eclipse is interesting for its educational, its informational breakthrough, which we are seeing here. In fact, your planet Mercury passes at the time of the eclipse

into the sign of Gemini, your sign, and, in fact, you feel incredible lightness and the opportunity to realize some of your professional ambitions and aspirations. Here the node of the future is included, which opens up new perspectives and new horizons for development. And the eclipse in this sense is such an open door to new realities. It can be a move, it can be a matter of moving at work, or in a professional, personal sphere. Maybe even something related to real estate, but,

in any case, progress that is on the threshold and requires moving forward. You may have already hooked on these preconditions for progress on April 22, but here in the eclipse on May 1 they will be further strengthened. Also, the eclipse is associated with material and monetary programs. One thing is training, and the second is that training can be connected precisely with the sphere of money. That is, how to learn knowledge that, in fact, gives you the way to the monetary, material, progressive world or to some kind of material community. That is, with what rich people or organizations to be friends, cooperate, with whom there are prospects for material and monetary development. In fact, these are the main themes. The eclipse

can also be connected very strongly with earth people. If there are Taurus, Capricorns, Virgos next to you , through them, through joint interaction, cooperation with them, perhaps these points of progress will be revealed. Try to communicate as much as possible, more closely with people of earthly signs, both according to the earthly sun, and according to the earthly ascendant. In principle, your planet Mercury will be

in the sign of Taurus, in the sign of the eclipse for the whole of May and in fact until mid-June, so the programs laid down now, May 1 or maybe April 22, you will be able to implement step by step in the next month and a half , and you have enough time to, let's say, move forward and realize this progression, which here, in the eclipse of May 1, will be announced to you or those doors that will be open to you. For the ascendants, I will add that the eclipse will take place in the twelfth house. This is the topic of working with secret finances, perhaps with secret financial organizations, or tasks. Perhaps this is also migration, or it may be a process associated with the development of some hidden skills, but, again, these are still very much some kind of hidden information structures. Maybe, you know, some kind of unofficial monetary processes, such as bitcoins or cooperation not advertised with large players or with large financial organizations. It is quite possible. Next for the sign Cancer. Eclipse, on the one hand, is preserving warmth and sincerity. This

warmth, in principle, in the last days of April and at the beginning of May, is quite strongly felt by a certain tenderness, sensitivity of people to each other, caring people. But the eclipse on May 1 itself indicates that in this space, in principle, the space of emotional support, there are people who are ready to rush forward, who are ready to make some breakthrough, progress. It can be people of earth signs, Capricorns, maybe Taurus or Virgo. In fact, they are the main point of progress for you in this eclipse on May 1st. Also, this eclipse is strongly associated with technology. It literally talks about getting a breakthrough in technological organizations, in technological projects. If you are somehow tied to this area, then the eclipse on May 1 will directly clearly, obviously push the implementation of such projects and give them all the opportunities to take place and succeed. In principle, the programs laid down here, they have

a fairly long life, they will be fully implemented now within the framework of May, but then they will receive a very big impetus for implementation in July, August and September. And it is even possible that now, as a kind of joint program of a progressive informational nature, laid down now at the beginning of May, it will fully take off only closer to summer, perhaps in September. And now it is rather the subject of simple statements: “Where should we move?” Maybe some kind of statement from the authorities, or a statement that opportunities have opened up in one area or another, and that they need to be mastered, although for now this may be at the level of simply orders from the authorities, with no understanding of how to implement it. And full-fledged progress in these areas, well, let's say

, within a year, can be revealed, but now the key vectors for development have simply been identified. Again, a few words for the ascendant. The eclipse is most likely in the eleventh house. This is the theme of "my team, my group, with which we make success together, make success with digital methods, make success with some progressive methods, maybe we are working on some kind of technological equipment ." And in fact, the more you have such technological people in your team, the more you are connected with a group of innovative people, the more this group pulls you to success and to the realization of some good big opportunities of a financial nature in the first place. For Lviv, the main thing for this eclipse is to see partnership. An alliance with progressive people, or an alliance that can move you forward. That is, I do not recommend it, well, let's say, be considered as a process of a loner. That is, everything that happens here, it actually

gives you a bunch of people, circumstances through which you progress together, not one by one. Therefore, it is very important here, on the one hand, to focus on the material side, what are your material and monetary plans, ambitions and tasks, and on the other hand, to have people at hand who have common views, common values ​​and common priorities of a material nature. It is this link, the focus on progress and an ally nearby that gives great success around this eclipse. The main thing you should pay attention to is people of a progressive warehouse. If next to you there are people of technology, people of the Internet, people of such a progressive mindset, again with a very strong optimization streak, with a very strong innovative history. If there are such progressive, new technology-oriented people around, it is through the leverage of cooperation with them that I can give you a breakthrough now. At the same time, personal life is also

quite important here and things are going well. In principle, there is such a very benevolent emotional background around the eclipse, sometimes even falling in love, because Venus in conjunction with Jupiter at the time of the eclipse indicates that there is happiness, it is basically poured into space. But the main thing is not the emotional context. Maybe it unites you, but the main thing is the

focus of the application of rational efforts that give a monetary result. And therefore, both in your personal life and in your professional life, but first of all in your personal life, you can feel an emotional connection with a partner. But the main thing is that you can get here if you are connected in love, in your personal life by joint ambitions and joint plans for progress in the future. Well, that is, this is the story when joint plans and prospects in the union become the basis for ... You are at. That is, this eclipse unites precisely by the prospect of a joint one. Perhaps those keys, those insights and insights will be found here that will allow you to build your personal life into some kind of joint movement into the future. If you especially had a very tense time in relationships until mid-April,

especially the beginning of April, then perhaps now the beginning of May will just even out the jambs and potholes, and difficult points of tension that were in the first days of April. A few words about ascendants. The eclipse takes place, most likely, in the tenth house. In essence, he says that "I need to focus on progress in my career, in my work, in my professional development directions." And in fact, this is a need even to be distracted from household chores, to be distracted from some everyday, applied worries, and to focus on what pulls you up, on what pulls you into the realization of your vocation. That is, what is your role for the world around you. Not for your inner, local, family, or maybe even personal happiness, but what is your role for the big world around you. These are the

questions that the eclipse will present. Well, it will actually give you a point of progress and growth in these areas. For Virgo, this eclipse is the most significant in terms of progress in some kind of training program, in mastering new technologies, maybe the Internet, maybe what is now the most new, innovative, and you can easily learn here. At the same time, your planet is already here, Mercury, in the sign of Gemini and has a very easy susceptibility to information, mobility, readiness to solve 33 issues. That is, this is an eclipse, it literally frees from any shackles, from any restrictions. You have incredible flexibility, ease of reasoning, drawing conclusions and learning, literally by leaps and bounds. Your planet Mercury will be in Taurus until mid-June. It means that you will chew the program of this eclipse

little by little, gradually for another month and a half. You may have already entered this program on April 22, and the eclipse on May 1 will reinforce these tendencies to progress, develop and learn something. At the same time, an eclipse is always a fundamental step, it is not just “ something directs me somewhere, or I agree with something, or disagree with something”. As a rule, an eclipse, it literally separates, well, or the corridor of eclipses that we will have, divides the world into “before” and “after”, as if “I understand in an obvious way the changes that are coming into my life, and I understand the prospects of fitting into this wave of change. And as on April 22, so here, on May 1, you are

obviously faced with the fact that you need to grab this blue bird by the tail, you need to move into some new training programs of the past. At the same time, from the point of view of personal life, such an emotionally warm background is enough here, and the eclipse puts a very high level of friendliness and harmony in personal life, which can be supportive. But personal life should not be a burden, because it can be quite harmonious, but literally be connected with some old world, with some past. And the eclipse on May 1 literally drags you to a new city, to new circumstances, to new learning. Therefore, it is good if you perceive relationships as a foundation with which it is warm, cozy, good, and focus on professional development. For the ascendant, I’ll clarify that the eclipse is likely to go through the ninth house. These are issues

of migration, higher education, the need to separate from the usual established circle of friends, the circle of life and break out into some other, higher space. It can be communication with famous people, it can be an exit to some more public space or really some kind of issue of migration, travel. Educational programs are very easy to follow . Well, I've said it 10 times already. For the Libra sign, there are several nuances here. By itself, the emotional background is quite calm and harmonious around May 1. In principle , you could already feel this warmth in your soul at the end of April. It is connected with the fact that your planet Venus will connect

with Jupiter and gives the feeling that my life is filled with calm and some kind of serene state that everything is fine. But in the midst of this overflowing calmness, which is basically present, maybe even in some places even indifference, which is present at the end of April - the beginning of May, the eclipse on May 1 itself, it creates a focus on the fact that there are very important points of progress nearby, some These are important development points. And despite the fact that your planet is in such a lazy, sometimes even blissful state, and in some places it even indifferently waves its hand at many things: “Don’t care, don’t strain!”, but the eclipse on May 1 itself speaks in vectors where it seems meaning to tighten up. They provide an opportunity for development, progress, and your Venus, in fact, comes into contact with the node of the future only by mid-June, specifically on June 16, and the events laid down now, on May 1, they will actually catch up with you only by mid-June. That is, here, around the eclipse on May 1, some kind of concept may be adopted

that “progress is laid there, we need to develop there, but now it’s so lazy, so relaxed and somehow it’s hard to involve yourself in something seriously” , and only at the end of May and by the middle of June you will be at the epicenter of those processes that are now being laid down as a kind of vector of progress, a vector of education, a vector of expanding opportunities of a material nature. Therefore, Libra is harnessed here for a very long time, and the program of this eclipse is actually implemented in about a month and a half only. Well, or they are fully included. In the meantime , some kind of indifferent and in some places such a kayfous state of serenity and indifference. For ascendants. The eclipse takes place in the eighth house. It literally requires to deal

with the financial crisis processes that are happening now in the world. Well, or pay attention to the topics of financial markets, to the topics of bank rates, to the topics of mortgages, refinancing of some major financial processes in which you are, for example, the same mortgage or loan, replaying a loan, replaying some financial rules. Either the eclipse invites you to participate in a big financial game, become part of some large financial corporation, work for someone big uncle, or in some large organization. And it is the theme of progress, progressiveness,

technologies that are used there in this financial space that is very strongly accentuated. But again, I repeat, your planet is now too lazy, and only by mid-June it will actually accelerate in order to fully participate in all this, but for now, only from the side hears about these opportunities that inspire material progress around this eclipse on May 1. The eighth house is also associated with crises, with transformations. Maybe some drastic changes are taking place in your family, in your clan. This may be the issue of inheritance, which is abruptly, unexpectedly somehow lost, or abrupt unexpected decisions related to relatives, replaying some financial rules. But the inner state of goodness is enough for you to make any decisions, to solve any issues. For Scorpions, an eclipse is very unusual in

that at the time of this eclipse there is a rather benign emotional background, which, in principle , is present in the last days of April and which says that “in my soul, in principle, well, not that the birds are chirping, but the state of global harmony and, in principle, some kind of feeling of such a cordial all-loving wave, just happiness.” It is here in these last days of April right before the eclipse. The eclipse itself literally declares that this love in the background or this energy of goodness and some such indifference, relaxation is okay, but the eclipse on May 1 says that “so, there are reasons to tense up, there are reasons to focus on some goal, task, direction. And, most likely, there are people nearby who strain and pull you on the topic of “here, let's move there, let's develop in this direction.” And the eclipse on May 1 is trying to pull you out of some cozy, warm enough swamp, and you are hardly ready to dive into the energy of this eclipse now. At the very least, your energy

will be rather lazy at the end of April and the first half of May, so that you can really jump headlong into those progressive changes that are proposed on May 1 on behalf of your partners. Here , specifically, there are people who are like “with an awl in their ass”, they feel itching, they need to make some big progress, they need to strive somewhere, they need to turn this life upside down. And you look at them, at these people, obsessed with the eclipse on May 1, and in places: “Calm down, don’t boil, but relax!” At least on this lazy energy, you can deny many programs that the eclipse on May 1 will offer with some kind of excitement, movement: “Run there, run here!” And you, like a lazy koala, just shrug off some changes. Sometimes,

maybe it's for the best. Your energy will reach the epicenter of transformation by the middle of summer, July-August. Now the eclipse on May 1 will only mark the main points of progress and development, which will then cover you with events only in a few months, but for now, most likely, life will show development options, but you will brush them aside. On the other hand, the

eclipse on May 1 may be related to the division of property. It sounds like “everyone on their own”, it sounds like “people are separated by some financial rules, or financial conditions, or financial tasks”, that is, the eclipse on May 1 literally sounds like this: “Some global financial tasks and plans that divide the family into several segments, I don’t know, there are children separately, parents separately. That is, the eclipse on May 1, it literally says that everyone needs to move in some direction and, perhaps, there is a person nearby who just moves along his own path, and you understand that “well, okay, you have this is the way." In some places this can be a cause for disagreement, because the partners are here ... Well, that is, the eclipse

on May 1, it breaks the whole reality into several pieces, for example, families say that everyone has their own program. A child, for example, to school in that part of the city, for me to work in this part of the city, and then my spouse - in the third. And it seems that the eclipse on May 1, it builds several separate realities. And it's not that it's bad and good, maybe

even good, take a break from each other. So there are pros and cons to this as well. For the ascendant, the eclipse can pass through the sixth or seventh house and, accordingly, if this is the seventh house - all that has been said before, if this is the sixth house, then these are health issues that are sharply accentuated at the time of this eclipse. At the same time, these may be issues of digital health research, that is, when you use technology and equipment in order to get some insight, insight, or education in your health. Well, either this is a house of work as such, that is, "I am engaged in some kind of digital work areas in my activity."

For archers. The eclipse on May 1 most likely does not pull you out of the lazy caterpillar state that I have been talking about for half a year now. That is, while your Jupiter is in Pisces in the first half of 2022, you give up on everything and “let me sleep, roll over on the other side and push the snorer further.” In general, the eclipse on May 1, however, puts very active active people nearby,

who are literally trying to wake you up, trying to stir you up: "Run there, run here, let's do this, let's do that." And the feeling that “yes, what a kipish, what is going on here?”, And “I want to turn away and continue to snore.” But the eclipse, most likely, will not give it to you, this is relaxation. It will literally require some kind of movement. This movement, on the one hand, is connected with the knot of the future, it really gives new views on what is happening, a new world, new realities. As if you are discovering a whole new world for yourself. For some, it may just be some new store built nearby, for some it's a new country, a new city, a new job. But, in any case, the eclipse on May 1 will literally open your eyes to the fact that some new objects, new realities have appeared in the world.

Most likely, you will be too lazy to move in them now. Well, at the end of May - in June, most likely, you will immerse yourself in these topics more, but for now, most likely, you can brush aside and not get involved in these energies of a big movement that were revealed on May 1-2-3, and in the first week after eclipses will try to direct you into some movers. Partnership plays a huge role here. In fact, the eclipse on May 1 will play out with its progressive theme exactly as much as there are people next to you who bother you, kick you somewhere, call you somewhere. And if there is no such partnership, then you

are likely to oversleep. If there are such energetic active people, then perhaps they will pull you out of hibernation and begin to show some new circumstances, new worlds, new opportunities. Therefore, I recommend moving in a company for the eclipse on May 1, to be with friends or in a company with some original, innovative-minded people, it is with them that it is as fun, exciting and unexpected as possible here. So if they deprive you of sleep for a few days, it can actually be very, very good. Well, wake up to some activity.

For ascendants, the eclipse is likely to go through the fifth house associated with children. Perhaps it is the movement around children. I once joked that the eclipse on May 1 is like a community of minions who, in cartoons that run, boil, and it feels like “I got into some kind of kindergarten .” And the fifth house, it will just give this feeling that “I am involved in the affairs of my little ones, there, children, maybe for some grandchildren, and there is some kind of movement around them, and this movement is digital ". That is, "they introduce me to their gadgets, I learn from these children how the

world works, the new world, the progressive world." The fifth house is also often associated with entertainment and romance, but any novels and entertainment here from the point of view of Uranus are unpredictable, a lot of surprises and surprise, but I would not rely on them as something stable . If an eclipse at the beginning of May brings you some kind of romantic love story, it will be interesting, exciting, but it will happen too unexpectedly every day in these love adventures. But it's also digital entertainment. If you decide to buy some gadgets for yourself, I don’t know, VR glasses or something like gadgets for such digital entertainment, then it’s also quite a realization. For Capricorns, the eclipse is very significant. It is not something that brings out of the stupor that could have formed at the beginning of April, the stupor of cluttered tasks, lack of understanding of how to go further, where to go, what to do next. There is an eclipse here on May 1, it unequivocally opens the vectors and says: “Here it goes further.” And if possible,

try to study here, if possible, try to keep your mind open here and your consciousness will grasp one idea after another. This is an eclipse of insights, insights. And the main thing is that they all go hand in hand, they are very successful, they are interesting, brilliant, and you really understand how to continue to live for literally the first or second week after this eclipse. At least, exactly how open you are with your consciousness, you will receive so much insight. It is worth mentioning again that there is a very complex second eclipse on May 16, it will confuse the cards and emotionally confuse, but the clarity that you get now around the May 1 eclipse is worth a lot. Even if it is lost at some point, by mid-May, it will still, well, let's

say, clear some internal foundation of doubts, ambiguities and contradictions. That is, the eclipse on May 1 can literally clear your mind for the adoption and discovery of new methods for solving those problems that have developed over the past six months. But! But you need to be open, you need to learn or be ready to absorb information directly in tons. Then this eclipse will be directly perceived as a wow effect. Again, the eclipse on May 1st is an eclipse in Taurus. The first eclipse in Taurus was November 18, 2021, the next one will be November 8, 2022, and then another will be in early 2023 in the spring. I mean, this is one of the eclipses. Therefore,

what is happening here on May 1-2, such as a digital breakthrough, or a learning topic, it can actually be part of a larger cycle in which you get an impulse locally here and now: “Develop, move and discover what something new." I’ll clarify right away that the planet Uranus, the planet of chaos , reigns here . Capricorns love consistency, love consistency. Here is a planet of chaos, in some places it creates the effect that life is replete with ideas, but they “fall like hail from the sky” and in some places are simply confusing. Therefore, there are a lot of insights here, but systematizing

them is actually not such an easy task. However, if you put in the effort, you'll be fine. Therefore, for systemic Capricorns, the eclipse will still seem too chaotic, well, and filled with some wayward gestures. That is, it is filled with eccentrics who are promoting some of their original ideas. But in some places there is a direct wow effect from the insights that these people will bring to you. For ascendants. The eclipse will take place in the third, maybe in the fourth house. If this is the third one, then this is all that I mentioned earlier, training, training programs, maybe something related to cars, with some new car technologies, maybe (what is it called?) electric cars and so on. If it is the fourth house, then the whole technological side, the progressive side of this

eclipse will fall on your real estate, house. That is, it is the desire for gadgets, technologies for your home. It can also be that "I'm basically starting to sort of very progressively understand real estate issues." If you are a realtor, or your activity is connected with work with housing and communal services, or with some real estate funds, then you can get huge progress and a breakthrough in understanding how the market currently exists, and learn a lot in these areas of real estate. Well, that is, education is very strong in real estate back then.

For Aquarius, a very significant eclipse. It will predict the vectors of development, which will then be drawn in August-September. Here on May 1 there is, most likely, a key alliance, a partnership. And it is the partnership, the connection with a bright and at the same time financially stable strong

person that is the main point of progress. That is, it is very important here to discuss, well, or at least start discussing joint material and financial plans, prospects with key people. This is like a key loved one who is with you in an alliance, and maybe key people at work. The more you have these connections: discussed with one, discussed prospects, plans with another, with a third, with a fourth, the more it will resonate and literally reveal the possibilities of progress, this eclipse will open the way for you into the future. Если просто проживать его в одного, то оно принесет, конечно, свои инсайты и озарения, и оно также даст ощущение того, что я пытаюсь систематизировать свою жизнь, систематизировать материально-денежные отношения в своем пространстве с другими людьми. Мне как-то прокомментировали, когда я описывал затмение 1 мая, что я очень такую рациональную сторону отношений рассматриваю. Оно так и есть. Затмение 1 мая – это про материальную составляющую

отношений. Ну, отношения личные или в семье, они всегда построены и на материальном плане, и на эмоциональном. Про эмоциональный план будет говорить затмение 16 майя. Затмение же 1 мая о том, как устроены взаимодействия у людей друг с другом именно в материальных договоренностях, как эти договоренности срабатывают, как они работают. И затмение 1 мая может принести какой-то совместный план мероприятий на последующий год, где вы с супругом либо супругой планируйте те или иные расходы, задачи, материальный план формируется буквально вашими разговорами. То есть, на чем материально строится ваш союз. Об этом очень хорошо здесь обсуждать,

и конец апреля – начало мая в принципе эффективный взгляд на эти вещи. Другой важной особенностью является единство с партнером в общих целях и задачах. Если на начало апреля могла быть масса напряженных точек, недоразумений и категоричности даже в личной жизни, то сейчас многие моменты сглаживаются, и возникает ощущение того, что противоречие, может быть, были, есть, остались и будут, но слишком очевидно высветилась концепция совместного будущего. И именно материального совместного будущего. И, занимаясь этим, как-то все остальные недоразумения уходят в сторону и как-то перестают иметь такое ключевое значение. Поэтому здесь может быть такое прямо объединение ради совместного материального будущего, которое вдохновляет и какие-то недостатки сторонние, на них можно закрыть глаза, потому что затмение реально удивляет и вдохновляет. Ну, а главное,

дает вот этот взгляд в прогрессивные какие-то реалии совместной жизни. Но тут нужно еще понимать, затмение связано сильно с планетой Уран. Уран часто звучит как «каждый сам по себе», люди независимые и выстраивают взаимодействия друг с другом, по сути, оставаясь каждый сам по себе, каждый в своей реалии. То есть, если второе затмение 16 мая, оно говорит про отношения, где люди буквально в каком-то роде сливаются друг с другом и имеют множество эмоциональных зацепок, то затмение 1 мая буквально говорит о том, что у каждого свое пространство, у каждого свои профессиональные задачи, интересы и никто не лезет в душу другого. И в этом смысле оно достаточно такое холодное. Ну, для такого рационалистичного союза. Второе затмение 16 мая, там будет равно обратная ситуация. Там, когда один буквально копается в душевном мусоре другого,

как, помните мультик, где птичка там копалась в зубах крокодила, там вот прям залезть в нутро другого и там перебуробить все, поднять такой кипиш, что другой просто уже кричит, вопит от эмоций. Там совершенно другая история. Здесь же все стерильно – каждый сам по себе, у каждого свое независимое отдельное пространство, но совместные планы, цели, задачи на перспективу будущего и материально все это обсуждается. Затмение 1 мая. Надеюсь, все достаточно ясно и просто изложил, и не запутались в интерпретациях. Для асцендентных затмение проходит, скорее всего,

во втором доме. Это тема выстраивания моей личной финансовой самодостаточности, когда мои денежные реалии – это только мое дело. Это может проиграться не только в контексте партнера, когда «не хочу зависеть от твоих денег, хочу выстроить свою самодостаточность». Но это, в первую очередь, проиграется в контексте работы на большую компанию. «Я не хочу зависеть от подачек моего начальства, не хочу зависеть от обстоятельств, в которых находится бизнес, организация, на которую я работаю, то есть, я хочу как фрилансер, например, быть сам по себе.» И затмение во втором доме, оно выстраивает вот эту стратегию: «Дайте мне свой кабинет, дайте мне возможность работать по своим правилам, не играя постоянную какую-то коллективную игру. Хочу сам

или сама по себе.» Может быть, даже получится, что появится партнер, который предложит такие правила индивидуальной работы, индивидуалистичной работы. Для знака Рыбы затмение, с одной стороны, дает очень такой теплый, эмоциональный, дружественный тон и фон, от которого в принципе всем уютно. Оно достаточно теплое, оберегающее и обогревающее. Это связано с тем, что Венера сейчас находится в знаке Рыбы, и в принципе атмосфера любви, она в конце апреля – начале мая держится вокруг Рыб. Но затмение 1 мая все-таки про деньги и про то, что рядом есть люди,

обстоятельства и ситуации, которые буквально вас начинают тормошить, типа «проснись, надо куда-то бежать, что-то делать», какие-то рабочие программы, финансовые перспективы, обучаться вот здесь вот, обучаться там. И здесь очень сильно представлена планета Уран, связанная именно с возможностью прогрессивного хорошего обучения и желанием вписаться на какую-то дорогу инсайтов и озарений. И затмение предложит массу этих инсайтов. Поэтому если можете вписаться в какое-то удивительное информационное пространство, где масса новой информации, то замечательно будет. Я же на самом деле сейчас собираюсь запустить свой курс, на начало мая, по транзитам и астрологии. Если хотите, присоединяйтесь. Хотя курс двухмесячный и начнется он после 8 мая, а главные инсайты и озарения, они здесь происходит в начале мая. Ну, скажем так, до начала курса. Но

все равно приглашаю, если что, вписываетесь тоже в программу обучения по астрологии. Для Рыб огромную роль играет партнерство. То есть, вы, скорее всего, являетесь ленивым батоном, который вот вообще не хочет шевелиться, но рядом есть люди, которые как электровеник, бегают, наводят шум, куда-то вас тянут, зовут. И здесь есть большая движуха, источником которой не вы являетесь, а человек рядом. И затмение 1 мая сильно играет в вашей жизни ровно на столько,

на сколько рядом есть человек, который наводит это кипиш, и насколько вы этому человеку даете возможность вовлечь вас в этот кипиш. Если вы в одного встречаете это затмение, то вы также проспите его и, скорее всего, пофиг. Но, если рядом есть какие-то интересные увлекающиеся люди, то это затмение пройдет в состоянии прогресса, какой-то движухи, куда вас тянут, куда вас вовлекают, хотя вы в значительной степени очень флегматично на все отмахиваетесь. Поэтому, чтобы затмение прошло в толк, нужна какая-то движуха от конкретных людей. Может быть, у вас есть собеседники, интересные люди, опять же настроенные на какие-то инноваторские идеи, вот именно от них ждите здесь сюрпризы и развитие. Для асцендентных затмение проходит, скорее всего,

во втором либо в первом доме. Если второй дом, то это «моя личная финансовая самодостаточность» и затмение может предлагать профессиональное развитие, карьеру, где вы сам себе специалист, имеющий достаточно высокий уровень независимости от поставщиков, от организаций, от каких-то структур, просто вот «я сам по себе». Если это первый дом, тогда затмение звучит тоже, по сути, как «я хочу быть сам по себе», но оно звучит еще с нотой отстаивания каких-то своих материальных правил. На самом деле оно будет одинаково сейчас звучать, будь оно первом

или втором доме. Это вот то, что уже озвучил. Ну, и последний знак в очереди, но не последний по смыслу и энергии, это наши энергичные Овны. Опять же, пока ваша планета знаке Рыбы (а она знаке Рыбы до 24 мая), вы энергетически пусты, ну, можно сказать, как бы последним плететесь во всем этом процессе затмений коридора. То есть, пока ваша планета Марс в знаке Рыбы, в знаке снов, в

знаке такого флегматичного вселенского пофигизма, вот вам пофиг все, что происходит вокруг, и, тем не менее, затмение 1 мая, скорее всего, будет предполагать какую-то движуху, но вы, скорее всего, от нее будете отмахиваться. Но обратите внимание, что это за движуха, потому что вас в нее вовлечет очень сильно летом, в июле, в августе, в сентябре. Там вы встанете в эпицентре этой большой движухи, которая здесь зарождается 1 мая. Кто бы что бы там ни говорил, может быть, начальство начнет обсуждать какие-то идеи о том, что «нам надо переехать», может быть, какие-то новые финансовые источники дохода начнут прорисовываться в это затмение 1-2-3, там, 5 мая. То есть, возникнет ощущение того, что в мире открылась, ну, как форточка, окно и какой-то свежий ветер в ваше пространство, и этот свежий ветер что-то там перевернул, какие-то запахи новые принес, но вы продолжаете лежать на диване и вам на все пофиг. Какое-то ощущение вселенского

безразличия, тоски и флегматичности, оно будет оставаться до 24 мая, пока ваша энергия Марса еще в Рыбах. Но в этой на самом деле флегматичности и есть очень много эмоциональной чувственности, есть эмоциональная отзывчивость, поэтому в принципе обращайте внимание на личную жизнь, она здесь достаточно теплая, заботливая, и какой-то такой фон эмоционального добродушия, расслабления, надеюсь, он в принципе будет присутствовать к в конце апреля, так и практически большую часть мая. Для асцендентных Овнов рекомендую обратить внимание на то, что затмение пройдет в первом доме. Это тема «я сам». И затмение 1 мая делает предпосылку на очень эгоистичное поведение, типа «достали вы все меня, дайте вот я что-то по-своему, дайте я вот сам/сама». И в этом смысле

оно создает предпосылку на отделенность: «Не хочу я играть в ваши правила, дайте...» Какой-то такой внутренний «баба яга против» проснется, который вот «не хочу, не буду, дайте я вот сам/сама». И какой-то такой мотив самодостаточности, он вот прямо будет переть изнутри. Но как бы хорошо, если

он как-то проиграется, может быть, на этом мотиве, на этом энтузиазме вы начнете что-то там новое изучать, увлечетесь чем-то, может быть, связанным с финансами, с материальным планом, может быть, начнете какое-то обучение. Тоже неплохо. Но затмение 1 мая, оно буквально звучит попыткой отсоединить вас от эмоциональных связей с окружающим. То есть, у вас может быть выбор внутри проиграться: «То ли мне остаться в этом состоянии расслабления, но в обнимку с близкими?», то ли затмение 1 мая все-таки тащит вас: «Сядь, там, за работу, поработай, вот здесь вот какой-то интересный проект, интересное направление, попробуй им позаниматься». Поэтому затмение, с одной стороны, будет пытаться вас вытащить из, не знаю, там, расслабленной спальни, вытащить в какой-то рабочий кабинет. Но хватит ли этому затмению сил вас вытащить, я, честно, сомневаюсь.

Мне кажется, вы так и пролежите первую половину мая, не дрыгая даже ножкой, в этой флегме. На этом все. Буду ждать вашей обратной связи. Спасибо за ваши комментарии, впечатления. Ну, и подписывайтесь, если материал вам нравится и подходит.

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