چند شنبه با سینا | فصل چهارم | قسمت 1 | همـــا سرشـــار

چند شنبه با سینا | فصل چهارم | قسمت 1 | همـــا سرشـــار

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In the name of Allah In the name of the Lord, soul creating wise one, speech-creating in the tongue I'm brother Vali'ollah, I am at your service with another valuable program of "Knowledge-based Chandshanbeh with Sina" from the known and knowledge-based MBC Persia channel! However, these days, everyone who passes by gets a "knowledge base" attached to their job and by that can gets economic rent, budget and may also abroad travelling and so on! We think it is better not to be laggard who knows maybe they considered us as a knowledge-based program and from the next week instead of watching us on satellite, watch our program without any radio jamming and any other problems at Ofogh channel on local TV network Recently, it was revealed that Khazali's son is living abroad In response, Khazali confirmed that her son is in Canada but he is there for developing a knowledge base enterprise You know the process of immigrating to Canada is the same way Of course you have not forget the father of knowledge-based sciences? First he performed a series of "Rubbing-Based" with his beard and keffiyeh (Chafiyeh) Then he went there for knowledge-based research with shorts! As the development of your enterprise goes further the length of the shorts goes shorter! Mr. Khavari This poor Mahmoud Shorti on the way of his knowledge-based research spent all of his money and capital at the poker table in the casinos that he finally had to sell his pants! Now I'm just worried about that poor Khazali's son God forbid he can't wear even such a short in Canada's cold weather! Now it turned out that Hamid Rezazadeh the son of Raisi's deputy, has a filtering business in Vancouver, Canada He is the founder of an Internet censorship circumvention group called Betternet Of course, it would have been more correct to name his Internet censorship circumvention "BeNetTer" than "Betternet" in this way he has appreciated the performance of his parents in Iran Anyway, if it wasn't for them, the most knowledge-based thing this boy could do was to create a fake ID on Instagram with the name khazali-shima-joojoo85 and get top up card from entrepreneurial men with it! If I were you, I would never open any page with a VPN that he is its manufacturer We were informed that the officers discovered an unhygienic alcohol production workshop Mr. owner of the workshop, what is the matter of the workshop? - This workshop? - Yes, yes Someone owed us money and gave us a load What did he gave you? Raisins. Then we said to disinfect them and prepare them so that we can get our money No my bro, how naïve you are! What is disinfection? Say I'm developing a knowledge-based AraghSagi production set Believe me, now instead of a supplier of alcoholic beverages they introduced you as an exemplary entrepreneur of the alcohol industry in the scientific research festival of Zakaria Razi then they would invite you and your parents to a TV show to appreciate and thank you In 1994, IRIB aired a reportage of Khazali's son as an entrepreneur who succeeded with empty hands Greetings to his honor! Now, it is true that his hands are empty and his pockets are full but I am sure that now there are too many young man with soap in their hands in all over the world who open any porn site, and immediately send a good prayer to the parents of this dear entrepreneur! He relied more on his own mentality and creativity No, don't be too kind after all, behind every Blue Blood son with good genes there are gendeh parents who brought his layette from Turkey when he was a baby of course gendeh means gene Open a non-profit school for him when he was a teenager and establish an open university for him when he was young When he grows up, in order not to be unemployed they will declare something prohibited so that their little boy can import or export the same thing Very good things have happened in the field of export Yes, of course not oil exports! Not gas export! Non-oil exports such as automobiles mobile phones, science and technology and useful things also not! Blue Blood son export only! If we were to export sheep's dung it would be more profitable! Today, they say that nearly four thousand children of some of government officials are living in America, Europe and Canada - This is the issue itself - Then we curse them Now you curse them and all your puppies are looking for bones over there If you were to say nice words to them you would probably get pregnant from each of them on base of Knowledge based And some people who blame your presence in the province or what are the results of your presence to be among the people in my opinion, they do not have the experience of being among the people or they have not tasted the joy of this presence Joy of presence in which part of the people? Looking inside there is inside! inside, looking inside the country Inside and death come on, they should filter this instead of the internet it's all inside inside inside inside inside! For God's sake come out of inside and go outside Field management is different from portfolio management It is different if a person sits behind a desk and wants to manage while sitting Yes! Sitting management is not good! Those urologist have always recommended that it is better to sit in the toilet they talked nonsense in the management of the country there is not only have no problem to stand up of course it is better to be seated There is not an hour when I don't think that the issue of people's livelihood is our issue and I am not exaggerating if I say that I do not sit next to a table of food and first of all do not think about what is the condition of the people whom I am responsible of them I am not exaggerating No, no, all the people of Iran have long understood that there is no "exaggeration" in the words of their president! It's all jokes and satires! One of the measures taken by the government was not to do anything that would cause inflation to increase again First measure to stop the government from taking inflationary actions Did you try not to take inflationary actions so that the inflation does not increase and this the result? I don't know much about economics but I think it's better to plan once and take some inflationary actions maybe, like your other actions it pays off and everything becomes cheap We have not revised what we promised and we will not revise it we said one million housing units per year but the truth is this let's say four million housing units in four years One year, one million, two years two million or three years three million is not so important! The important question is: where? Or when? The Housing is not like a pilgrimage that would be accepted by God just because you have the intention! You must have actually built something so far! At this pace, in just one year you could have eventually built four million houses in Clash of Clans which, of course, is very unlikely at this internet speed! These problems that you are seeing today you are seeing today are because the infrastructure that should have been done until now in the field of Internet and communication has not been done Nothing I wanted to say, after one year how can he dare blame the Internet problem on Hassan and the previous government? Oh I just remembered, after forty years they still blame half of the country's problems on the Shah and the previous government One or two years are nothing! The third is the fight against corruption Both the reform of corrupt structures and the reform of people who want to become deviant and actually corrupt by creating unhealthy relationships and accepting bribes Don't do these things I know! You probably want to appoint a few special anti-corruption inspectors then those inspectors themselves will take bribes so you should also appoint a series of special anti-corruption inspectors to inspect the anti-corruption inspectors! In short, in my opinion if you stop trying to fight against corruption the number of corruption will decrease by itself! Intelligence Ministry agents arrested Qasem Makarem Shirazi while he was receiving a euro bribe So, the long list of forbidden (haram) things that their family updates every day is only for music, wine, movies, concerts stadiums, internet, and such things? What about the euros that they received as bribe? Isn't that haram Wow, you were supposed to come and get the whole department together don't tell me you're going to be accomplices! The era of Principalists and reformists is over The period of Godfathers is over The period of political games is over Yes, now it's time for embezzling youth Sorry, revolutionary youth! Pay attention, since November 2019 it is about 3 years that people are say the same thing in the streets! They say "The reformist, the Principalists it is over at all"! But I don't know why they shoot them instead of making them special inspectors! We, the sixties, are the third generation of the revolution Honestly, the generation of the sixties that we knew were all known for poverty and lack of facilities and were known as burnt generation not bribery, theft, and rascal! They are so professional that when we went to recreate the crime scene considering that we were all watching they stole a pair of earrings and we didn't notice See what a wrong choice does to a person! With the talent they have in theft instead of crime and theft if they entered the field of management and politics now each of them would be a president vice president, minister or at least a special inspector! I, as a young man of the sixties entered this field so that we could transform the country's management system It really transformed the management system of the country It means, until yesterday if everyone was accepting traveler checks coins and gift cards for bribes thank God, after them, the way was opened for dollars, euros, liras, and dirhams Hopefully, in the next developments we will reach to digital currencies for bribery! Now people have so many problems All of them are caught up in livelihood They even don't have bread to eat Beds, clothes, houses, and phones was not enough! Now they are publicly putting their heads in people's bread! Mr. Khandozi: Today we know who buys bread from which bakery, and how many That means, if you steal an oil rig everything remain calm and quiet but if you buy six bread instead of five the agents will attack your house through the door and windows! Anyway, this is one of the miracles of our Ministry of Economy whose officials know who when, went to which bakery and how many breads he bought but they don't know about the bribery of their own special inspector! In short, someone wants to eat extra bread they are defaming him! Finally, they gave an official reaction and said that this case is in the initial stages and until the investigation by the regulatory bodies and the judiciary is finalized in order to protect the privacy of people no information about the case will be published and all the mentioned contents are only in the speculation stage and their correctness is not known and confirmed Privacy? You even passed laws and fines for when people have to go to the toilet Every day you are telling the people what to eat what to see, what to wear where to go, where to come, what to say, what not to say! I wish that privacy hit you! Rostam Ghasemi made his co-provincial as special inspector and responsible for the appointments of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development Now, after his arrest and the exposure of widespread corruption in this ministry Rostam Ghasemi took refuge in the hospital bed and did not appear in the ministry on the pretext of lumbar disc Honestly, with the amount of scandal that he caused in that ministry it would have seemed more reasonable if he had hospitalized himself under the pretext of hemorrhoids! They really don't know how to be oppressed! Look, I will tell you about Ershad patrol First of all, the police are oppressed - yes - Because these men are trying their best in the social scene and they are hit by insiders and outsiders Actually with this definition of oppression that they are presenting I think our hearts should gradually burn for the oppression of Pablo Escobar and the innocence of the night bat of Tehran and Abu Bakr Baghdadi! Those who are strong and stubborn should be dealt with These celebrities who were warned by the Irshad patrol on the street they would catch them, well catch them right there after the festival, before the festival if they really had this authority the police should have shown it like this Well, like this, there is no one left to produce works of art All programs, movies, series, and concepts should be performed by Ilham Charkhandeh and Najmuddin Shariati! We do not have a specific definition in the story of the unusual hijab In the law we made the criterion of hijab and bad hijab as Sharia It means that even a strand of hair is considered of bad hijab Anyway, a strand of hair is a strand of hair! Just Free one strand of hair they are not satisfied with being outside a hair! They want to take off their pants tomorrow! Release the scarf she is not satisfied with removing the scarf now she puts the scarf on the stick and stands on height tomorrow she will puts her pants and stand on the height Is he right, guys? For years you haven't worn Hijab here are you still wearing your pants? Did you take it off? This is a family show they will fine anyone who comes without pants Tell me clearly what is your opinion about the fine? Well, here the camera takes picture the subway camera the person who made an irregular movement made an unusual movement this photo is matched with her ID card and then will be posted to her home Subway camera? What is this? There are all these twins brothers and sisters and people who look alike, it may be wrong! Just like the car, attach a plate number to the people's butt! Whoever violates more than a certain limit imprison him, and take him to the parking lot to stay there! Secondly, the fines are effective fines that is, if the first time is one million the second time is two million - Three million - It increases with a coefficient increases with a coefficient If the officials of a country like Brazil hear such an ideas within a year they will turn to the economic superpower of the world! Because easily ninety percent of their countries get a lambda coefficient Only in one month their people have to pay N million fine just for chastity and hijab! Can it be identified with a photo? Yes, technology has become such that it can be identified This means that photo will be matched with the national ID card photo and will be identified But if the technology is to be used in the same way as the hijab detection text messages in the vehicles you will probably fine Safar Kashkuli twice a week for the crime of not wearing hijab! The difference between modern ignorance is that today it has science and technology Is he talking about themselves? Because, for example, facial recognition technology in all over the world is used to identify thieves, smugglers, and terrorists but modern ignorant people use it to see who, when and where his hair was out! Modern ignorance today is the old ignorance with different isms for example, what? Child marriage ism Mandatory hijab ism Guidance Patrol ism, and too many other isms as like gender segregation ism You said that in some universities in the world where gender segregation has been done one and a half marks have been added to the students' average marks In fact, if the scientific level was supposed to rise with gender segregation now NASA scientists, instead of graduating from Harvard in America and Oxford in England must be all graduates from Qom Seminary! Isn't the first grade of primary school gender segregation? Then comes the age of eighteen, nineteen the peak of gender issues, instinct so why mixing? Come on, you, who find a nine-year-old girl and a 30-year-old woman to be provocative to you please don't talk nonsense! So why should they be separated? Because science will grow the mind, the mind that wants to be focused on lessons, and so on Mind? Your mind is there? Actually, this way of thinking that you and your friends have your mind must be in your pants! Before, Iranians were afraid of ISIS and Taliban now we are slowly getting to the point where the people of Afghanistan should be afraid of our officials! The day will come when America will extend its begging hand to Afghanistan The day will come when America will ask if we will hire ten Americans as workers or not? Believe me, if I didn't know, I would have thought it was a live broadcast of our IRIB! Elizabeth II, Queen of England died at the age of 96 What? In my opinion, it is spending a lot of politeness and personality that the authorities of IRIB did not bring that Hayati guy on the TV to say The queen who played the role of the carrot is sitting on Azrael's saw!" this is a great achievement! The Islamic Republic is approaching its 50th anniversary The achievements of the Islamic Republic in this half century cannot be counted No, no it's not like this Do you want me to count them now? No, let me count drying up Lake Urmia drying up ZayandehRood, drying up of Karun Let me tell you more For example, equating the value of the national currency with dung The production of two hundred million chariots of death human mistake, officials walking with their pants in the mud Censorship of all kinds of films series, books, poems, and stories guidance patrol, Shot both in the leg and in the head cancel the concert, banning women from entering the stadium The closure of the Center for the Intellectual Development of Child. Oh my God

their achievements are too many they cannot be counted in this short time Some of those achievements are like miracles and are unknown and sometimes incomprehensible to us Achieving the achievements that cannot be counted, cannot be recognized and cannot be understood at all, is the greatest achievement of humanity! Also we have a greatest achievement than that spoiling the great achievements of the others! All over the world the rap music is known as protest music! You have turned it into truckle music! Tomorrow, Salar Aghili will also give a rap concert like this "This is Iran that is where it is! The border between laughter and tears is very thin! Here is Iran!" - Hi, Miss Shadi. - Hello. - How are you? - Thanks - I missed you! - You too, my dear. I mean, when I wanted to annoy someone when I wanted to pick on someone Yes, you see? He confessed it I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything! I noticed that I cannot be like Shadi I am a better person That's why, I never Did you see how it changed No, no One's tongue is completely tied One's tongue is tied, even mine you see she said it herself! See I am that speechless I am a poor person in this show That's it! She has done all these things But with this speechlessness, we said, we shut down why did we shut down? where is it? What happened to the program? - That's all we said - One hundred times That's all we said - I have been cursed for the past five weeks - Me too - The whole five weeks - Me too I mean, it was very interesting that the first week he would come and cursed we would say It is closed We are closed He would come again and cursed in the second week It's been six weeks, five weeks since we shut down They kept repeating their curses - They didn't change the curses either - No, no, the same yes, look, this is a knowledge -based approach Exactly - See? He knows too - He knows In any case, he has come to England to study This was a knowledge-based activity He said to his family that I am going to be a knowledge-based person Then he came here, look he is boasting his knowledge to us - You and me, yes - All of us but you are nothing in comparison of Cheezmeez guys - Nothing, nothing - Unknowledge-based. I will show you - Please! - Show her guys! This episode Don't ask who! Contest Don't ask who! Hello and welcome to the contest from Male TV Well, our first question is this Where is your child? Participant number one, who should I not ask? Where is my child? Dear passengers of Tehran Pattaya flight our flight will land in Thailand airport in a few minutes Please do not unfasten your seat belt and do not take off your underwear before landing the plane I do not know exactly He was supposed to go on a pilgrimage but, but, but it's better not to ask me Well, who else should I not ask? From the participant number 2 Well, participant number 2 Mrs. Masoumeh Mobatkar Who should I not ask? I don't know, I don't know, he went to study Please don't ask me at all Well, participant number 3 who should I not ask? I haven't been able to have any children yet at the moment it's having a child is just a probability - Do not ask others. Ask me! - (Commercial Ad) Are you looking for a way to extend your and your children's service? Do you suffer from the fact that the duration of service in Iran is short? Acquiring knowledge-based residency in Canada, America, Europe and all countries of the Schengen Area is offered by the institute of anti-filter sellers Excellent. So, why do you think

the child of participant number 1 traveled to Thailand? A: Seclude yourself, oh excuse me, he is in seclusion in the places of worship because of the quality of the places of worship in that country B: Nature tourism and seeing different species of animals such as endangered leopards C: Knowledge-based research Engineer, do you think the final product is good? I don't know, the packaging is good but we should do knowledge-based research about quality How can we do that engineer? In my opinion, theoretical debates are enough we have to do something practical So prepare the lines, please Guys, the product is also confirmed in terms of quality, it is completely knowledge-based Put your mind at rest Option 4: all the options are correct Well done, well done, absolutely correct you said it right Well done, well done, absolutely correct you said it right (Director: Vahid Nikgou) (Narrator: Sina Vali'ollah) what about the contest! - The contest of - You mean talents - We got talents - No, we got talents? Talents? Liar! No It's not a talent - Ok - Ok, Okay, it's the talent don't you remember that Golrokh came on Golrokh Armenian's show, she promised she tweeted us a lot But, she bailed on us No, I will now go and talk to her - she has good news for us - What is going on? Are you serious? - Yes - So, did they call? - Yes. With your permission! - Where? - Go! - I will go there Hello, dear Golrokh! How are you? Hi, dear Shadi! Hi, dear Sina I am so happy to see you! Thanks for having me! Please, you had some good news for us when you came to the program you made some promises You made a series of promises we don't know what happened? But just like that, you disappeared You said you have a performance, you have operas All were empty promises No, I heard some good news, tell me about your upcoming performance, which will be close Maybe this week? Yes, it is coming very soon, we are also excited on September 23rd, Friday at 8 pm "a Window to a Dream" will be on stage for the first time Where? And at the Richmond Center in Toronto we're excited and very happy because the show has been sold out Are you serious? Yes, yes, it's been some days that it has been sold out, and it's so exciting Well, tell us a little about your project what is this concert? You said that it is a translation of famous operas, right? Yes, we have twelve of the most famous operatic pieces in the world operatic songs in the world, and we are for the first time performing these pieces in Persian And this is happening with a 25-piece orchestra an 18-piece choir 6 actors, three soloists, and a narrator We had a good relationship here in the non-Iranian and Canadian community who deal with opera How interesting! And they mentioned the show, yes they mentioned it in their speeches and their blogs. I was happy for that Excellent. Can you perform a piece of these famous operas for us the one that is short? Just live if the sound is good, we will play it if not, we will remove this piece - Go ahead! - Shadi, that wasn't what we talked about! No, you didn't invite us, that's it Did you invite us? You didn't, so perform it We are so welcomed - Thanks a lot - Ok Well done, thanks a lot Golrokh, good luck Thanks And it's already sold out, but you should have more performances and be able to turn this opera into a tour and go on a tour around the world, Europe, wherever we will be waiting to see you everywhere Thank you dear Shadi, thank you dear Sina it was wonderful to see you again Like last time Thanks dear Thanks, dear Golrokh Dear Golrokh You changed the contest Yes, we changed the contest Oh gosh, why did you make it difficult? The contest They say it themselves. Did you see how much they nagged? They said you don't have general information This is so easy? What is this? They wanted it - That's how it - As you make your bed, you must lie on it - Right? But at least - yes explain the contest, so we can see what it is like Yes, I will explain now Go ahead! Lucky box Thank you, thank you welcome to this week's contest we have planned a new contest for you which of course, we followed you requests You said to make the contest a little harder make it more challenging The general information should be more difficult Now we will make the general information more difficult to see if you like it or not These four boxes that you see behind me the questions and riddles appear as emojis in these boxes Every box that is opened, you will see an emoji with a clue in it If you can guess the better you will win the biggest prize, if not if any of these emojis are closed you will lose one million Let's go to the participant of today's show Dear friend, please introduce yourself Hello dear Shadi, I am Negar calling from Tehran Hello, dear Negar. How are you?

Thanks, I'm fine. Are you Ok? We missed you Thank you, thank you very much for participating in the contest How are you? Aren't you worried about this contest now? Is your general information high? It seems a little complicated, but let's see No, it's not complicated, look now I'll tell you, the answer to today's puzzle is an actor first see if you can guess? If you guess now you will win the biggest prize Without opening any emoji Right now. Just name an actor Iranian or foreigner? Iranian Can I say? Can I give the clue? It's Iranian. Iranian What is his first name? Give me some clue! What do you mean his first name? No, no, no if you don't know we will open an emoji for you Can't you guess? Are you sure? It's very difficult. We have a lot of actors Just try a lucky guess Is it an actor or an actress? I won't say anymore. Can't you take Siamak out of the studio? Please, security!

- Parsa Pirouzfar - Parsa Pirouzfar No! Let's go to emojis We open the first emoji. Since you didn't answer Negar, it is not possible So what do you see in this picture? A person and a leg A person and a leg? What part of his body can you see? I see half of him You see half of him Well, what's that leg? A leg is a part of The body Body. What is another word for body in Persian? Don't say anything Another word for body? "tan"? Good job! Hold the "tan", keep the "tan" Look, there is a clue in each of these emojis maybe this emoji is related to a series that he played or it is related to his name, keep the "tan" in your mind can you guess his name with the "tan" - No, it's very hard - Don't say anything You are pulling my leg with this game See, now it's hard. That's why everyone says it's hard Has he played in "the red" movie? No, don't listen to Siamak I am sure that you will win - What does it mean? That's not right - Now let's open the next one Another million will go Can't you guess? Say Something Something in relation to "tan" "tan"? "Santoory"? "tantoory"? "Santoory"? Is "Santoory" a person? Is "Santoory" an actor? "Foroutan". I think it's "Foroutan"

"Foroutan"? Well, look, Siamak guessed "Foroutan" because it has "tan", but he didn't guess correctly, of course but that's how the contest works You should keep "tan" in mind and with your permission you lost a million let's move on to the next emoji Do you agree? - OK, OK, let's go - Okay, the next emoji You lost a million, we will open the next emoji So, what do you see now? It's a puppet Which actor does it look like? - Take a guess - Peyman Moadi. It looks like - Peyman Moadi? It's good, good - This emoji is no actor. But it doesn't have "tan" It doesn't have "tan" An actor with a beard Be bearded, and have "tan" in his name How can I say? Do you want to open the next one, and lose a million? Open the next one Please close another one million you lost it, Negar The next. Well, you will surely understand this What is the emoticon in the first one? Smiley face Laughter What about the next one? He is a comedian? - One house - Is he a comedian? He has played in well-known comedy series It is a house, well, what do the houses look like? - For example, where are the houses? - Apartment Apartment. Where are the apartment usually located? The capital city The capital. Well done Mohsen Tanabandeh Mohsen Tanabandeh Well done. Cheer!

Well done It was difficult. Was it? Was it difficult guys? It was very difficult Was it good? It was difficult The guys say it was difficult Once we make it difficult everyone says it is difficult We make it easy, everyone says it is easy We don't know what to do We don't know whose tune we must dance to? They will tell you how to get the prize from the control room thank you very much for your participation If you want to participate in our new lucky box you must register in the link that I post on Sundays Stay with us for the rest of the program Chandshanbeh with Sina That was Mohsen Tanabandeh? Seriously? Was it difficult? Was it difficult? No, seriously? Was it difficult? They tore her a part They say you tore our heart a part What did you do with Mohsen Tanabandeh? - Look - Good job you didn't find a rope to tie to somewhere - I wanted to, but I didn't find a rope - Aha, you didn't find it You were looking for a rope to tie around a column - Yes - For example Rope is "tanab", "tanabandeh" It was very suitable But unfortunately I didn't find it Well. Instead Mohsen has won the prize for the best actor last week Yes. It was good that he was appreciated and thanked in a different way, but now I'm sorry Now we will try to thank the rest of the artists with better emojis. Yeah

I apologize Ok, Miss Shadi - Yes - We have a special guest this week Oh, how? Because I decided to invite one of the editorial board members of Kihan newspaper to be our guest this week What? What does it mean? Do you mean Hossein Shariatmadari? No, he is for So who then? I was scared Once that Keihan was really Keihan and meant Keihan (universe) - Ah, I was relieved - Now, it's just a black hole Then, at your own request we became your patient stone But your suggestion is also good so that friends know that they can say the name of the country and the language at the same time They are responsible, we, as parents are marked as guilty Homa Sarshar Excellent Well, you are very welcome Shadi was worried that Mr. Shariatmadari was going to come I trembled for a moment out of fear - Heart attack - Exactly Yes, almost. Well, are you Ok? Is everything alright? - Thanks. Thank you for having me - Was it a good trip?

My trip was very comfortable it became even more comfortable with the enthusiasm of meeting you It is an honor for us, for me, for Shadi in a way let her say it herself Now, a question, since we chose this entry like this I thought to ask you this question Did you have any limitations when you were writing in Keihan? Could you really write anything or where there somethings that you could not write? What could not be talked about at that time? There were a few red lines that we shouldn't have crossed and I think, to be fair, it was more self-censorship than censorship - At that time - I mean, yes we knew that we shouldn't write something and we didn't write it But it also happened during a time when, for example I was not in Keihan for more than ten years - Yes - I was in "Zan-e-Rooz" magazine and then I went to Keihan. But, when I was working in Keihan even in "Zan-e-Rooz", there were two little cases that they said you cannot publish this article Was it in the political field? Was it social? No, it was mostly about family issues I had written about being left-handed if you remember, in Iran there were children who were really bothered for being left-handed, who - They made them - They made them write with their right hand It was actually a psychological research paper that we should not do this to children Let them write with their left hand because it hurts the child I had translated this in "Zan-e-Rooz" magazine and they said that you can't write about left-handed people - Because - Because of the left wing issues they were sensitive about left which in my opinion So, it means they had a boundary in their mind - Yes - No more self-censorship, this self Yes, this was one of the cases. But, the second So, it wasn't as free as today Not at all Now, democracy and freedom, which Keihan newspaper especially respect Yes, but I remember that I wrote an article for Keihan newspaper when I went to the south of Iran for a conference and one of the press guys who was there asked me if I could write a very interesting article He said there was a fundamental problem here that had to be solved, if possible I asked what it was. He said that girls were circumcised there And I went looking for the woman who did this and I found her They called her a "mamache" in Bandar Abbas I asked questions, and we prepared an article and took pictures and all these things but we were not allowed to publish They said that this was not good for the reputation of the country and that they were making arrangements to prevent that from happening again To this extent, since I was not a political writer - I did not do political work in Iran - But then did you follow up to see if there was a change in that circumstances or you didn't have the opportunity to do that? No, I didn't have the chance let's assume it was a year or two before the revolution and then there was no chance I know that they are probably not as sensitive about it now it is probably still common in some tribes in the south it may not be the case today, and from the medical point of view they have become aware of it I don't know if they keep doing it, but no I didn't follow the case myself Did you leave Iran before the revolution? That is, when there was no revolution yet No, I came out of Iran almost 2 months before the revolution because if you assume that I was fired from both television and the Keihan within a month it would actually have been purged at that time They call it purge at the time The same was for my husband Both of us remained unemployed the children's school was also closed due to the riot But, since my mom worked in the Ministry of art and culture I remember that purging happened after the revolution not before it No, I'm saying now what it actually was at that time they didn't say they were going to fire us. They said don't come for now Don't come for now Yes, for a short period of time to see how everything would go After that, I actually knew how Yes, you felt that something was going on Yes, yes, the events that happened in Tehran that day when the cinemas and then the BMW building were set on fire we were in Tehran and we were starting to realize that something was happening but nothing like a revolution! - You didn't think? - No You thought that was just a riot We said there is a riot, let's go out of Iran with the kids then the school was closed, they said it was closed for a while we also didn't have any jobs, then we closed the door of our apartment, locked it and came out of Iran for a while which is now over 43 years Dear viewers, good evening to all of you Homa Sarshar, I am very happy and tonight I am at your service in the presence of my colleague Mr. Parviz Gharib Afshar and for tonight's program we have a very dear guest whose name work and voice are familiar for you You have seen their picture from time to time Mrs. Dr. Nezhat Farnoudi

who is a psychologist, a familiar face to many viewers and friends of Los Angeles Why didn't you think of going back after that? Because at first they said that everything is going to get better So, why you? - I went back once - Ah, you did! So? I came back once, I didn't intend to stay We had come to stay for a while and let the situation calm down and go back then when we saw that there was a revolution and that things that happened I told my husband that I want to go back to Iran he said, "why do you want to go?" There has been a revolution Because he had once gone to Iran and returned He said "I don't think it's your place" I said, "but, it is impossible. We are not supposed to say farewell to our country We cannot come here and say everything is over? I have to see something with my own eyes Maybe everything will be Ok You know, at that time, there was a popular saying among us Iranians of Los Angeles they said, don't open your suitcase - Don't open them, let them stay - Let them stay, something will happen everything will be Ok, we will go back I went. I returned to Iran. The same night I arrived in London the same city we are in now when I had to change planes they took the hostages - The American hostages - American The Americans were taken hostage in the embassy and then my husband called and told me not to go it's dangerous, they had taken hostages you might not be able to come out of the country I said, I have come this far let me go and see what happens I went, I was in Iran for a month a month and a half there was still no hijab and such things at that time everyone was still brothers and sisters Sister. People were very good in this regard - We said that it must be ok - It is a family, brothers and sisters Yes, let's see how we are doing if we become siblings I went to Keihan. When I arrived at Keihan

they said, "why did you come here, madam?" they were our own friends, the same guards and the same people I knew - They were the same people - Sister, yes sister I said that I came to see my friends he said that your friends are no more here and you are not allowed to enter anymore Oh my gosh! We went to the TV, I didn't even pass the TV chain line They asked "why did you come for?" I said I wanted to see my friend They said "what does it mean to go and see your friends? There are no friends of yours here" Then I came and called my husband and said that "I am coming back - you were right. It is impossible to stay here" - You said your farewells - I said my farewells - Farewell They said my farewells So then When you started your life in America after saying goodbye you realized that there will be no return how did you adapt to the society there? It was very hard It was not easy at all, but there was no other choice We sent the children to school, because the children went to "Razi" school in Iran they went to a French school, they were French- speaking and the same school is in Los Angeles - the children did their work and their studies - They have been transferred Yes, they continued, of course it was in the middle of the educational year but they were studying the same lessons It was not that difficult for them although it became difficult for them later Because they were Iranians, they were not easily accepted Whatever happened in Iran, they blamed the Iranians of Los Angeles It was very difficult for me and my husband I started doing a series of work like volunteering I started working for the community There were no publications, magazines and nothing in Los Angele I mean we came to a city where neither they knew about us, nor did we know about them We started a weekly and monthly magazine to keep each other informed In the form of papers like bulletins for example then I slowly saw that, no, this was not enough and I didn't know anything except writing I didn't know English either my language was French then I said what should I do? I saw the best solution is to go to university again I had a bachelor's degree in French literature I went to the USA University and got a master's degree in communication management I said everything will be alright the problem will be solved I will go back. Then they need a knowledgeable manager who is involved in communications We will be rehired, after other things - You were so optimist - so optimist - About the future - very In addition to returning and everything that would be alright they put a woman in charge of the media much more, but not, of course, the manager of radio and television but now we will become the manager of a part of it, we studied management Finally The case of this management was closed after university We were told to go and do something else Which coincided with Mr. Iraj Gorgin coming to Los Angeles

Then we launched Radio Omid with all our old colleagues there was a lot of journalists and writers in Los Angeles. We launched a radio, Radio Omid Look at the motherless children look at their hungry bellies reduce your expectations a little and think that we belong to that country you are called by the name of that country, we are displaced in the world And this is what is expected from a friend You good audience considered us as your friend and we tried our best to be worthy of such a valuable friendship Wow! At that time there was no technology like now that you can start a radio with an application and internet - No - It was too difficult Or made up a podcast, launching a radio was not that simple Editing, you know how was editing You are professional - Those one that cut it with a blade - Yes, cut it with blade You have to cut it diagonally so that the sounds overlap Bravo Stay tuned, we will be with you soon We are still with dear Homa Sarshar Now, I have another question Old men like me know you I think I can be as your mother Anyway, you are my master It's kind of you The new generation may know you with Googoosh's interview because it was a very popular interview that created a lot of controversy Anyway this generation may say oh, you are the same lady who was in Googoosh's interview You, as a journalist, how do you see that interview if you don't see yourself in it? How you evaluate that interview? I think it was an effective interview It was an interview that we haven't call it interview We called it Googoosh and Homa Sarshar's conversation And I was considering to present two women from the same generation Because I'm about 3 or 4 years older than Googoosh My generation grew up with Googoosh And we followed her whole life - You were witness - her life, her problems By the way, I supposed to sit like two friends and share our hearts, talk to each other In my opinion, this thought that was in my mind was fulfilled, because of the result it gave Definitely Yes, but I'm not sure about it, because when you present something a project in radio, television, conversation whatever you are presenting if your achievement satisfies everyone there must be a problem somewhere It should be in such a way that some people be satisfied, some people be unhappy some people may have questions, some people think about it, for example who was this? Why wasn't it? In fact, it is a difference of opinion and taste Yes, you can't please everyone with your job Twenty one years Twenty one years What happened to you when you cut off your relationship with art cut off the relationship with something that was your love something that all the cells of your body are made with it? I did not interfere in its editing at all - Aha! - I did not interfere at all I left the editing to Raha Etimadi I had seen his work a couple of times before I did this interview and He does his job well I believed in his work, his work is very good usually when I go and do something for television or a documentary or someone who has a project, and ask me to do my work ethic is that I do my own work and then they can edit it as they see fit but none of the questions were deleted maybe we paused in the middle of conversation so it must be edited, it was a program that was recorded in more than three hours but nothing essential was deleted It made us very proud And we really enjoyed it - Thanks for your kindness - Thank you Unfortunately, the time of our program is limited Otherwise, I can't get enough of hearing your memories and stories Wow, so it's over here? - It is over - I supposed you want ask me to dance - Are you tired? - No, I think you will ask me to dance to sing, to do something Singing My heart was beating fast what should I sing now? Do you sing well? Do I singing well? Not bad - So, sing - Sing something for us - Which song I sing for you? - Which song? No, I'm not a good singer No matter, I'm sure you sing better than me Be sure I will sign it with my blood that you are a better singer than me. Sing anyway What do you like? What song inspires you and you like it? I only sing a single song ok It is LI Li Hozak, Giti Pashaee - Ok, sing it - Very nice - I start? Sitting? - Yes If you wish No, over there it's going to be real performance - Ok, so here - The makeup artist asked me do you have a performance today? I said no way, I'm a writer, I only have to sit by the way I'm Shirazi and I don't feel like standing ok But promise me you won't launch it if it was bad I am sure everyone will like it - Yes? - Your performance Ok, I hope I don't forget the song Will you accompany me dear Shadi? - Yes - All right You also sing Unfortunately I'm a bad singer I will say only Li Li You were singing so well, why are you ruining it with my voice? Really thank you - hanks - Very nice, was very nice Please if it wasn't good, don't play it Ok - Thanks - In my opinion, that was good - It was beautiful - Was it good? Give it up one more time Thank you Sweet heart Sir, may I ask a question? I've been told from Los Angles to ask you this Please They asked what are these behind Sina? I said one of the is antique This is an old diving cap It is old, aha! They send the divers in water like this with bolts and nuts We couldn't recognized it, that is an old cassette player This, this is an old cassette player - That one is and old typewriter - Old typewriter This is an old globe Aha! And at the top it is a Vespa Motor Is that one old too? The motor is old, but this one is new Well, these three friends of mine, Ms. Pari Ms. Yasi, and Ms. Shahla gave me this mission, so I ask you this This was Ms. Pari, This was Ms. Shahla

- That one was Ms. Yasi - Ms. Yasi - Thanks - Thank you so much Thank you The Last Chord Well, Ms. Shadi, we have reached the last part of the program the guys also prepared a new song arrangement by Navid, and its name is "you are my soul". Not you!

- Not me? - No, me. It is talking about me I was so happy You say I'm your soul - Didn't you mean me? Did you tell him? - No, look, look at the faces of Siamak and the guys when they are singing, and then you will understand where they are looking - Ready guys? - Ok, let's start - Let's go - Please Bravo - It was great - It was so good congrats Some friends asked us why we didn't change the decor when we started the new season Why everything is the same My dear we don't do money laundering here We paid once They pay once, you get used to Iran that every season with new decoration Here is not such a thing You watch a show in America, it is 20 years the host is using same set Of course we don't change the set, but the Band crew change every week. Don't worry The hairs get long, the color change Yes, these guys every week change everything Because they are wanted! Tonight show is over, I hope you enjoy it If you want to watch from YouTube or virtual networks, it is up to you YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram of MBC Persia with pieces of my YouTube channel program which really amused the guys during my absence - Fantastic, too many music - eat your heart out And the post related to the program and the guest of this program Leave your comment below it God bless you Too much

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