Смотрим 15 автодомов: VW, УРАЛ, Toyota, Mercedes!

Смотрим 15 автодомов: VW, УРАЛ, Toyota, Mercedes!

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Guys, hello. We welcome you on the bank of the Volga River. We are 33 kilometers from Samara, we are at the "Russian Roads" motorhomes festival. This is Russia's first and only traveling autotourism festival. That is 3 interesting conclusions: 1) There are RVs here.

2) There are also motor vehicles. 3) It is a traveling festival, it is held in a new place every time. What's more, it's held 2 times a year. In the summer and fall.

Now we have a summer festival, and then we have another one in the fall. - Excuse me, can I take a picture with you, please? And now, guys, we're going to take a walk up this beautiful staircase to the festival. The stairs are about half finished. Why? Well, I'm sure you know the answer. But not the point.

And while we're going down, you can watch the beautiful, thank you for watching, advertisement. While we're going down, thank you for clicking on the links, let's go see the RVs. Guys, come on up, come on up, help yourselves. It's nice to take a little break from work on a weekday, stand around, chat. But if you like kebabs, we definitely recommend the "Shriracha with Eagle".

A real, crisp sauce to the meat, after the previos advertisement many people wrote to us: "Oh well, that's strange sauce, you can't taste the meat at all!" Well, that's right. You don't have to pour it like crazy. You have to do it gently, just like that, a little bit at a time. And then it's just right. This is an authentic Thai sauce, based on real chili peppers, which are 56% and also garlic. That's why the taste and flavor is brighter and the spiciness is stronger.

That the sauce is sold on Ozone and Wildberries marketplaces, the prices are very nice. Well, if you have your own restaurant or kebab shop - why not? A special link to buy in bulk - also, below. "Sriracha with eagle" is a real, spicy sauce for meat. Definitely recommended. Now, five minutes and on we go.

Any more to go? Awesome! And this is where the fun part begins! They say the stairs are a little under-built. A little? It goes right up to here, that's all. Cool, huh? They say it's a little unfinished. - Just a little bit. - Just a little bit, a kilometer, literally.

I mean, if you're with a baby carriage or your feet are chafing, for example, it's not easy. Almost, almost there. Beautiful, here we are. This is the guest parking lot.

And this is the reception, entrance is $5, we already bought a ticket. And these are the roads in the Samara region. But when you get here...

- Excuse me! - What? - This is actually a field road, which is not included in any cadastre. - Right. - It's a good thing there's asphalt! - Tell me, how much does it cost to get in with RV? - 60$! - And how long is that for? - That's from the first to the seventh day! - And what is included in that money? - Parking, exhibitor display, events, road map... - How often are the festival is held? Two times a year? - Yes, twice. One in the fall, near Moscow, the main one... - So the next one will be in Moscow? - Yes. In the fall. - And when? - I can't say exactly yet.

- But in Moscow? - Yes. Somewhere near Moscow. Next year it's planned in the Krasnodar region. - I wonder... - That's classified information for your subscribers only. - Thank you, thank you. - All right, we'll go take a look around. Thank you. - There's a trailer...

- Why are you destroying the infrastructure? I'll fix it. Guys, I see our friends! With motohome version 2.0! Motohome! Now look at it from the outside! What do you think can fit in there? Who can fit in there? Right now there are two people in there! In fact, they're sleeping in there! - Wow, what a place you've got here! - Hello! Help yourself! - Some meatballs? And pasta! Smells good! Tell me what's new! - Everything, absolutely. A new motorcycle, a new housing unit.

- A Ural motorcycle or something? - Ural. - How much did you get it for? - I got the frame and the papers for $600. - What happened to the old one? Why'd you dump it? - We didn't dump it. We just realized we wanted to change it.

And we identified some of the flaws, and we fixed them already in this project. So, we gave the module to our good friends in Tula. - As a country house! - It's now standing there like a country house.

And we sold old motorcycle. - How much did the project cost? - Well, we calculated roughly: taking into account the price increases, about $4000. - How much fuel consumption? - About 12 liters of 92 gasoline. - Per 100 miles? 12 liters? - Yeah. - Okay, we wish you good luck, have a good appetite! - Thank you, thank you. - Get your driver's license already! It's time to get into something serious. - All right!

- Wait, I'm sorry. I forgot to ask. Isn't it sliding? - Yeah. It slides sideways. - It slides sideways? So you can sleep? - Yes, it's two meters, by one meter.

- Do you have any supports or struts? - No, the sides are hinged... - These? And he lies down on the sides? - Yeah. - That's cool. Did you do that yourself? - Of course they did! - Well done! I'll see ya! Here's the trailer! And that's not a trailer.

- Tell me, please, how do you like the trailer? - You know, it's our first time taking it. And they say there's a whole gang of trailers just like it. - You mean, did you buy it? Or did you rent it? - No, we ordered it, but they don't make it for another month and bring it to us. We ordered it in February. - Whose is this one? - We rented this one.

- What do you think? - We really like it. So it's a transition from the tent. The next step after the tent is the trailer. Cooler than a tent. - How much does it cost to rent? - We got it for $50 a day. We are very happy, we have friends bought one too, and we are now in anticipation of getting our camper as soon as possible. - And how much did you buy for? Well, approximately. - Oh, I don't remember, but it was in the neighborhood of $8,500. - That's not bad. Good luck. Nice to meet you.

- Hello! - Hello! - How's it going? Can I see it? - Sure, let me show you. - And you're the owner of this company! - Yes! - I wonder... - It's a children's bed. 1.44 meters by 60 meters wide. - Interesting. - There's a second children's bed, and that's how it's laid out.

It's also 1.44 by 60. And this one folds out into a straight floor, and it's two meters by 1.44 meters. - You've got a whole minibar in here! A restaurant! - Well, yeah! The roof, it's like a canopy. It's a trunk lid. - How much does it cost? - This one cost $11,000. - How come there are so many kids? Are these all locals? - Yeah, there's more coming, there's going to be a contest.

- May I? - Yeah, come on in. There's already water inside and a heater and warm water. And light, and everything you need, and most importantly, four adults can have a feast here and spend the night. - Luxurious one? - Yeah! - And there can be a second adult shelf, and as in a good compartment to sleep one by one. - Is this one more expensive? - This one costs the same.

- And this one slides inside? - Yes, and you can use it there. - Just like in the Rivian? - Where? - There's a car like that, Rivian! - Yeah, that's right. We were the first ones to show it. - Oh, potatoes. How long has it been? - 30,000 miles. It's almost 40,000. - How's he doing, all right? - Yeah. - Good luck to you! There you go! Toyota PRADO RV.

- Now my family and I are going to the Caucasus, it turns out, we have all this inside folded out into a sleeping module. There will be two sleeping places here, and my son on top. - We want to try this format now. I haven't even bought the tent yet, I borrowed it from a friend. - Yeah. So this is your permanent car? - This car is for every day.

This car is Bogdan Bulychev's YouTube project. He made his own project for YouTube, about this off-road dodger - Shikari. He thought it up with our comrade Anton Tkachenko. And I supply Shikari, i'm a dealer in Yakutia.

- And how much does it cost now? - Right now it costs about $6,000. The advantage of this dodger is that the weight remains the same as the original bumper. The corners at the exits and exits are removed, that is the geometry of the bumper is improved. Generally it's a great solution to go offroad and not to lose the bumper along the way.

We will go to America in 3 years, if everything is good. We want to cross USA, like the Americans do, in a huge RV. - Okay, good luck with that.

- It turns out that everything has its moments, and you need a car for every purpose. - Hello! - Hello! - What a great vehicle you have! - We do! We have more than one, we have three. - Like this one? - Not like that. They're standing right there. - Aren't you from RIF Company? Or is that just a T-shirt? - I'm from RIF, yeah.

- Bumpers of your production are on the UAZ-Bukhanka RV! Right? - Yes, that is correct. - Beautiful bumpers! One of the best parts of this project. $3,200? That's not expensive! There's room for four people in there! One-two-three-four! $400 is the awning itself.

And these are the walls. The walls alone are $300. It's essentially a separate room. - Hi. Can I ask you a question? - Yes. - What year is the car? - 2017.

- Really? Oh, they still make them... Where do they make them? - Japan. Man, new car! $100,000! - A winch! How much? $450! Bulli! It's a new model! It's a dream! - Hello! Is this yours? - Yes! - It's fantastic! - It is! - You didn't feel bad about the money? It's worth a lot of money now. - I didn't. - How long ago did you buy it? - Last year. - No toilet either? - There's nothing. No kitchen, no nothing. I specifically ordered without everything.

- Why is that? - Because i won't cook in the car. - So you only have a bed there? - Yeah. - How much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking? - $125,000 - $125,000?! For this? - Yeah. It's got a new suspension. It's not original. Another $10,000. - They're finally coming for you! Hello! - Hello. - I'm your subscriber! Love your videos.

- What kind of vehicle do you have? - There it is. - The Land Cruiser? - Yeah, it's right over there. - I was really excited about the Pistachio after that review. I thought about buying one. But they're all gone. What's different? Well, I've been walking around for two days, talking to everyone who's got this "teardrop" format.

And everyone's praising their product. But the main advantage of this camper - look: you sit down, sleep, open the drawer and put away shoes. And you can sleep. It's got a shower. - Remote? - Yes. It all works from one tank. You can put the water in here.

Or you can put it in here. You can bathe. - Yeah. - You rent it out to me first! - Oh! Businessman! Did you buy everything you wanted? How many? Five? And you shipped all five? - Thank you very much. - Thank you, it was very nice to meet you. - You bought five, as we recall. And business is good?

- Yeah, it's going great, business is going well. - I mean, even people want to rent, but you're all booked up? - Yeah. - Would you buy more? - Yeah, I already ordered five more. - Really? - Seriously. Well, they won't be ready until January-February. - Good luck with that. Thank you.

- We're gonna take another walk, take a look around. Whoa! Look! We should do a separate review on this one. There's even a satellite dish. - Is that your vehicle? - Yeah, this one and that one.

- You have two, don't you? This one and that one? - Well, that happens, yes. - How much is it, if you don't mind me asking? - It's not about the money. - Yeah, it's pretty serious around here. So much equipment. - It was made in Ryazan. I got a car with a body... - So... - I converted the whole thing, it used to be for hunting.

- Anyway, it was an empty body. - Yeah. Well, almost. There's a 400-gallon tank for service water, and then there's a tank for clean, potable water. We usually have enough. But if you don't have enough, you can take the water from the river, right from the reservoir. It is cleaned with coarse filters, through this gardena, and purified through ultraviolet.

- What is this? - It's contests here, and karaoke. People like to have a good time. - It's good, yeah. - There are, first of all, two computers here. Not laptops, but normal, full-fledged PCs, two TV sets... - So you go to the south to swim and sunbathe. Why do you need so much stuff to bring with you?

- We are elderly people, and we prefer to have a rest with comfort. - How much did the RV base cost? - The base? $34,000. - That's not expensive. What year was the car? - 1991. - How is it? - It's fine. It's got low mileage. - How low is low mileage? - 20,000 kilometers.

- Thanks again. - You're welcome. Nissan Micra RV. That's your motor home? - Well, we live in it. Yes, we do.

- In this car? - Yes. It was originally a standard Nissan March, and in the beginning we just drove it, without any of these perversions. Then I started tweaking it. I do the technical stuff, and my husband does the twisting. I can twist, too, but... - So you did everything yourself? - I'm choosing parts and rubber and all that stuff.

It's got Kayaba XR sport shocks. It's a Japanese series especially for Japanese cars, in blue. For the Europeans, they're gold. Adaptive suspension for all ground conditions. Also there are reinforced springs at the front. In the back, I have a Nissan Expert spring, it's a 1.7 ton cargo van, and it can hold a ton of cargo: you can't lift it either, it has a concrete coil.

[An hour later] The rims are from another car now, because the previous wheels, I was driving here, and the wheel blew out at 120, I had to put from my second one. I have two of these. Here now the AT-rubber is from Nankang.

Nankang is the one that makes the same Maxxis, only cheaper. It also has petrol and gas, I have a range of 1600 kilometers. The trunk is Broomer, there's also an aluminum basket underneath. You can stand up with your feet, ride on top. You can ride on the sill. See? Those are the shock absorbers right there. The car hardly wobbles at all. - Is it right-hand drive? - Right.

- What do you think of it? - It's fine. - Have you driven all over Russia many times, and you drive right-hand drive? - It's okay, yeah. - And we're in an RV. - It's not tidy right now. There is a bed 1.8 meters by 1.2 meters.

- Well, is it okay for you to live in a car that size? - Fine, I'm 5'05" and he's 5'10". - What do you do, if it's no secret? - I repair cell phones. I solder. He's a welder. - Cell phone repair? - Yeah, I've been with a soldering iron for 13 years. - How much mileage did you get? How much time have you spent in this car? I'm afraid to ask. - I don't measure mileage, I measure engines. I got a third engine. - Really? - The engine's got 200,000 miles on it.

Longest mileage is 21,000 km. To Magadan. We choose it because you can't drive it if you want to. He drove it across Mongolia on a log.

His rear beam broke in half. There's a picture of us with a log. 80 on a log, OK! On the steppes. - What are your plans? Will you be with this car? Or do you want to expand somehow? There's a Mercedes over there, have you seen it? - There's my Mercedes, black. - Is it yours too? - It's mine, too.

- No questions then. What's better, a Gelentwagen or a Nissan? - A Nissan. - No, really? - I'm telling you the truth, the Nissan is better. - It is? - Yeah.

I bought it for $2,200. - For $2,200? - Yeah. It's off-road ready, that's all. It's got no front, no rear, short base. Any bump or lurch, it doesn't care. Where a Jeep starts off diagonal, it doesn't start anywhere. That's because it's a stump. - Okay, thanks again. - You're welcome. - So, this is your product, right? - Yeah, it's mine. I was just about to...

- What's the company called? We should pixalate this... You even have a coffeemaker in there! - The competitive advantage is that you can access the kitchen from the outside as well as the inside. The shape allows you to stand at your full height. - Toilet. - Yes, there is a bio-toilet. You can use it when the bed is unfolded.

- How many people can sleep inside? - Two adults, and a third, children's shelf over there on the side. - So you could fit a shower in here. - Here it is. - Oh, cool. Do you only shower outside?

- You can do it outside, or you can do it with a special tray. - A tray? - Yeah, it's a PVC flip-top. It weighs three pounds. - Have you thought about attaching a curtain? - We thought of that, yes. But that's up to the customer. So far we've only got an insect screen. - Tell me, how much does it cost? - From $13,000 today.

This particular model, it's got a lot of stuff on it, it's about $20,000. - $20,000? - Yeah. It closes like this, and you can cook inside just fine. - Do you give a warranty? - Absolutely! - How long? - Well, the standard year. But it's backed for life, of course. - Is that a media system or something? - It's a bluetooth speaker, it's a small one. USB, SD, AUX and radio. - Thank you very much. We'll put a link to you in the description. - Excuse me, do you need a magic box? - A what? - A magic box.

- Look, this little one here is called the Camping Box. - What's your name, sorry? - My name is Egor. - Egor, nice to meet you. So...

- It can open like this. The first phase, it's still small, compact. Now we can open this... - It's already a bed, practically. - No, a buffet. And the guests will ask: "where are the spoons?!" Now we can do this...

- Egor, where are the spoons? - Spoons? Currently we only have imaginary spoons, just like mugs and stuff. - What's the project called? - Camping Box X. - $300. Unfortunately, that's a question for the creator. He's over there. I'm on a percentage. - Well, bless your heart. Okay, wow! What is that? Is that a Brooder? Oh, man, that's a luxury.

A car like this costs about $40,000! There are a lot of cool projects here. A lot of interesting cars. Here, for example. The tent is upstairs, and there's something inside. But people are resting, so we won't bother.

But there are a lot of interesting projects. That is, if you come in the first days, or plan to stay here a long time - you can walk around and get acquainted with everyone. - Nice! - Here, look. The shower is like this. - Behind the shower curtain? - Yeah, behind the shower curtain. - Where does the water go? - Nowhere. You put the basin underneath and then the water drains into the sink.

- How much did it cost? - The '15 car is $11,000 and the remodel, no fridge, about $1,000. - Dollars? - Yes. - The whole remodel? That cheap? - Yeah. - So you can do it for $12,000? And if you have a car, it's only $1,000? A $1,000 RV? - Well, roughly speaking, yes.

- Fantastic! Here, Michael and Anna - well done. - Look, what a batmobile! - Hello! - Come in, look! - And it's... - Like a boat. Boat technology. All homemade. Not finished yet, not painted... - Curious.

- Just finished yesterday, as much time as I had. Weight is about 250kg. - 250 kilos? - Plywood 4mm, timbers, foam polystyrene inside. All glued, no nails or screws. And covered with fiberglass and primed. - How much did it cost? - There's going to be a clip-on curtain, and I'm going to change this sink so it's hinged. So you can fold it up. There'll be a tray so you can take a shower and install a toilet.

Curtain removed, the table laid out - you can cook. I think it'll cost about $10,000. - For everything? That's interesting. What's the name of the project?

How do I google it? Where do I look for information about it? - I don't know yet. I've only been doing this for a month. - Well, they usually make a nice website, make offices... - I'm a boatman. - And then they make the product. - I know how to make, but I don't know how to sell. - Well, that's an important point, too. But is there even a name for it?

- Actually, we will call it... "Kopatych." - How? - Well, "Kopatych," from the cartoon "Smeshariki." - All right, let's google it. Good luck with that. - Oooh, classic, guys. Check it out! - Hello! - Oh, hello.

- What a beauty! - That's one I didn't expect to see! - Oh, what have you got there? - It's Semyon! - This is Semyon the traveler, he's grounded because he tried to fight all the dogs at the festival. - How much did you get the car for? - We got it for $2700. - That's not expensive. - The body wasn't in great condition. Some of it was welded, some of it was painted, and then it was outfitted.

We made the couch ourselves. Welded from sectional tube. The cooler we have got from the Transporter T3 camper, there was stone wool on sides, and polyurethane foam. You can even see it here in some places. I want to add some decor, hang mirrors.

- And also a closet. - It's a pity that H&M closed. They used to sell really good mirrors there. - Well, a lot of things have closed... Can you tell me why you're equipping it?

Where are you going and where did the idea come from? - Well, first of all, we just love it. We're going down south in the near future, literally in two weeks. We'll finish up, have a couple of graduations, and then we'll go.

- You're gonna do a couple of graduations? - Well, I'm the host, and Lisa's the artist. - Yeah, I'm an artist... - You are? You're the artist? That's awesome! - And she DJs with me.

- You're a DJ? Cool! Do you sleep in it? Do you get a full night's sleep? - Yeah, come on, I'll show you. That's how it unfolds. - That's great! Nice to meet you. - Likewise. - Thank you.

- Good luck to you, thank you! Nice drawing! - Thank you. Guys, that's a nice note to end on, because we've been here a long time and there are a lot of interesting projects. I want to tell you about all of them, but it's a very long story. It's easier just to visit the festival and see everything for yourself. There are not only interesting projects, but also interesting people - RV owners who can tell you a lot. You can spend a whole week here, because that is how long the festival lasts.

We look forward to your comments! Please be polite in the comments, all the links are below, thanks to all the RV owners for telling us about their projects, see you, bye!

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