На сколько тяжелы доспехи в действительности /How heavy is the medival armor for real (eng. subs)

На сколько тяжелы  доспехи в действительности /How heavy is the medival armor for real (eng. subs)

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Hi, guys! My name is Maxim Yun and this is the channel where we talk about HMB. There is a myth that the knight in his armor was a non-movable thing, that could not get up from the ground without the help of his squires. They say that this was the price for almost invulnerability in battle. We have known this myth since school. And those who are not interested in history then are quite satisfied with it. But those who are good at history and armor understand that this idea is far from the truth.

In armor, one could move, get up from the ground, climb on a horse and fight in it. It was made for this. Yes, an armor restricts movement, but not so much that the knight turns into a helpless turtle.

But how much? To check this, I invited two guests. Harry Golubev – the captain of the St. Petersburg American football amateur team "The Griffins". and the Alexander Ponomarenko who is an ordinary resident of a modern metropolis.

With Harry’s help we will see how the armor affects an athlete in a competitive form but who does not have a habit of wearing armor. And Alexander's example will show the influence of armour on a healthy person but not an athlete. Someone who follows the health lifestyle but not sports.

I will be the third participant. I will become an example which will help us understand how a knight's kit affects an athlete who is accustomed to it. An HMB fighter. The test will look like this: each of us will perform a simple set of exercises: 40 meters of shuttle running, 30 burpees and 20 blows with a sledgehammer on the tire. First, everyone will do these exercises without armor.

Then we will have rest. And then we will perform the same exercises but in armor. And we'll see how much time will be spent on it. This is not a competition.

It doesn't matter who will be faster. We want to see how the armor affects people of different degrees of training. Let's get acquainted with the guests. Harry. An american football player Hello everyone! I'm Harry Golubev. I am 36 years old. And I'm an American football player.

I play for the St.Petersburg's Griffins team with all my heart. I am engaged in fashion design and communication (PR). And I have been its captain since 2010. Today's test is very interesting to me. The armor is quite heavy.

I am interested in it not in terms of the load on the muscles, but in terms of functional load. How does the armor affect the body "on a long time terms". We're going to run and jump here. And I wonder how I will feel at the end of the exercises. I am sure that endurance and ... probably luck will help me.

I'm ready. Alexander: My name is Sasha. I am 27 years old. I am engaged in fashion design and communication (PR). Sasha. An ordinary dude. I used to do breaststroke swimming. It was 10 years ago when I was in school.

I consider myself a person who just leads a healthy lifestyle. The last time, if I remember correctly, I did something like today tests in school. About 11 years ago at a competition. Then I got injured and never returned to competitive activities. I'm ready. 100% M: So, Harry! Are you ready? i'll turn on the timer when you start to move.

H: I'm ready. 1..2.. 1..2..

17..18..19..20 c'mon c'mon c'mon 1..2..3 28..29..30 H: And you said that you wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace. 1..2..3..4

17..18..19..20 H: I was shouting "come on, come on" to you there and forgot to turn off the timer in time Guys, we talked and checked Sasha‘s form and decided that he would not make 30 burpees and 20 blows with a sledgehammer, but 10 burpees and 10 blows with a sledgehammer. This is still ok, because we do not have a competition and we are not interested in specific numbers. We will still be able to see how much his result will worsen when he puts on the armor.

1..2.. 8..9..10.. Not only will there be fewer blows with a sledgehammer, but the weight of the sledgehammer will be less. The one that Harry and I used weighed 10 kg, and the one that Sanya will use is 6.5 kg.

1..2..3................8..9..10 M: Well, how do you like the exercise? S: Great. I warmed up M: If you caught the movement, it's not difficult.

M: Look. There are two loops for 1 strap. If the belt bursts, you can quickly change it. M: Our armor is not real medieval. For a person who does not have deep knowledge, it will seem that this is medieval armor.

A person who knows the history will say we have the armor which is very similar tot he medieval one. But there is a committee that keeps an eye on it to ensure that this does not go further than "very similar". So that there is no armor from warcraft.

S: I feel comfortable in these pants. M: Really? Ok. S: There is a desire to go to a pub after all this And eat onion soup. M: After a good training, why not S: I’ve recently learned that medieval monasteries.. They were also famous for their brewing. M: Well, yes, yes.

S: It turned out that the water was quickly spoiling at that time. It was dangerous to drink it. And beer was the only drink that you could take with you on a long journey.

Hence the popularity. I’ve never thought about it. H: Bad equipment affects not only you but also the opponent. You can hurt him. By the way, the referees also check the uniforms before each match. The presence of a mouth guard, all shields, cleats, etc.

M: In our case despite the fact that they beat on the head, the presence of a mouth guard is not necessary. H: Do concussions happen often? M: They do. H: Almost every contact we have with an opponent is a contact with the body and head.

I thought that in armor it would be hard for a burpee. But now I understand that it will be difficult to do the rest of the exercises. M: And I'm still giving you a fairly light kit. H: My arms are more towards the ground now. M: Imagine that when you have a weapon and a shield in them, you need to hold them in front of you. M: You've probably heard about the law on the purity of beer.

S: Yes, yes, yes M: Super old law. Pasha: the law on the purity of beer? S: Yes, because they used to brew beer for everyone. They experimented and added almost tin, lead… Like this way the beer tastes better. And then people used to die.. A typical Medieval ... M: This is a very old brigantine. It has stayed in this sport longer than the guys from the youth team.

H: Our team has body protectors, which played back in the 90s. It has a very strange and archaic lock system. Not like now with velcro or latches.

But like space technologies. S: Are there any pockets on the armor? M: Nope.. S: Really? And where to put the phone? H: I'm already tired S: It feels like I went into a sauna. And I forgot to get out. It seems to me that it's even hard to stand.

But the armor weighs half of me. So it's not surprising. Pasha: what is the most uncomfortable? S: Kepp holding my hands. M: When you do a burpee, you don't have to clap over your head. Just hold your hands up. S: Yes, I won't clap H: It’s chafing a bit. But it doesn’t matter. It's good that the hips have settled well. It doesn't squeeze. And quite mobile. I think it will be fine to run. The question of weight and mobility when performing burpees. I won't clap over my head.

M: Just raise your arm. That's enough. Do you still think that the increase in time will be 15-20% H: I will try my best. I said slightly inflated figures on purpose. I want to do it at a high speed. I probably won't be bad at running these 4 segments.

S: Actually, I'm interested in these feelings. I feel like a tank that can't be broken through. M: Unfortunately, this is not such an armor. This is not a tank armor at all. H: Well..Honestly.. I was played hockey. Similar feelings.

NOT the weight, but the feeling of a voluminous body, stiffness in the joints. Let's see how this will affect the results. I feel great. I've already rested. M: I'm ready. Are you ready? H: Listen.. Have you ever done burpees in armor? M: no. I'm in the same conditions as you. 1......2......3 H: It's very difficult! M: You've already done a one third.

M: It's very hard, guys! H: Very hard. And I don't understand why. Muscle or functional training. M: Breathe. We don't have a task to kill you.

H: I know G. It’s fucking hell! Mom, it’s fucking hell! m. Yes, dude! It was tough. H: As I said. It was hardest while I was doing burpee. M: I'm not sure that I will do better. H: I feel it now.. Relief.

It was very difficult right after. Functionally. The muscles are ok. But because of the fact that the armor is very heavy, and the work is very.. hard.. my heart is beating very hard. It feels like you run 200 meters at 100% speed But you need to do this not for 20 seconds, but for several minutes. As I said, I think that running has not increased much. The distance is quite short.

I think about 15-20 percent. It felt difficult to accelerate and difficult to stop because of the mass. Burpee.. This is some kind of hell.

It is not possible to stand up abruptly and pull up your legs helping yourself with the press. It doesn't work that way here. You can't do it abruptly. You use your hips. 5 burpees in armor are as heavy as 30 burpees without armor. And the last repeats were so hard that I felt weakness. My ears were popping. It's good that you can't hear anything in the helmet anyway

Only the focal vision remains. Well, making blows with a sledgehammer was a pure fun. The first two exercises mayve with some changes might work well for everyone.

15.. The half way H: Listen, it was very well. The first five times were really cool. Then then the thing when you can't lift your legs started. M: Well, the conclusion… I think that no one should ever do burpees in armor.

I think that Harry was better than me in shuttle running. As for burpee our results are quite similar. I don't know who won, but the result was similar. As for the sledgehammer I think I won S: In general, the feelings are pleasant. In fact, I realized that the armor tells me how I can optimize my movements. How to do them more easily.

Without the armor, it was even more difficult for me. I initially thought that it would be more difficult in the armor, but then I realized that I got used to it. By the end. And this fact eliminates negative feelings.

Yes, it's hot, yes, it's very hard. The armor weighs half of my weight. The feelings are positive. Cool experience. Pasha: Well, we have the results. You are ready to hear your first results and how much they have changed. H: I'm interested in running, yes no armor armor Shuttle run 10.33 11.39 + 10.26% 30 Burpee 1.05.09 3.03.75 +182% 20 Hammer 38.6 41.00 +6,21% no armor armor Shuttle run 9.72 11.00 + 13.16% 30 Burpee 1.02.87 2.22.38 +126,47% 20 Hammer 37.33 41.39 +7,93%

no armor armor Shuttle run 10.74 15.5 + 44.32% 10 Burpee 26.1 1.19.61 +205.02% 10 Hammer 20.23 24.08 +19,03% So friends... it's over. I won't say that it was easy. It was hard, you all saw it. But we have the figures and we can make conclusions.. The main conclusion is that armor is hard.

By the way, today's kit weighs + / - 23 kg. And the example of Sasha shows that an unprepared person is more of a victim than a predator. An athlete in good physical shape can be effective in armor. The time in armor and without it on short-time exercises did not differ much for Harry. But burpees were not easy for him. The lack of habit to armor affects.

As for me, I have gained more time on running and sledgehammer than Harry And this means that he is physically stronger than me. I am now. in bad shape now But on the burpee, where endurance was turned on, I showed a better result. Well, thanks God, otherwise it would be very strange if the armor affects me more than the person who put it on for the first time. I would have to invite Harry to the team and invite all his team to the team.

You know, I have two thoughts in my head right now. The first is "no one should ever do a burpee in armor" The second " this test should become mandatory for new candidates for the Russian national team“. Dmitry Kunchenko, what will you say about it? Bru, I can already imagine the panic in your eyes. I said the test is for new candidates, not for veterans. Relax. this is not a competition Max, you are faster than Harry.


2021-08-13 22:26

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