Карбоновые рычаги - сделал все 8 штук - разные технологии намотки углеткани

Карбоновые рычаги - сделал все 8 штук - разные технологии намотки углеткани

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Friends, hello everyone! Well, the levers have polymerized and now we can calmly consider all my various technologies by which I made the facing layer. That is, so that the levers are not only strong, this is of course the most basic, but also beautiful and smooth. There are literally several technologies here, plus I'm still developing new ones.

Here they are, see? I am still searching, reading your comments and maybe, finally, we will come to an ideal surface. Although this, in general, suits me more or less, because the lever, look, is even. When I unwind it to the end, it will most likely be even smoother. And here, pay attention,

where it was under heat shrinkage and I additionally wrapped it with electrical tape. The surface, as they say, is not up to rolled sausage. Notice how beautiful. But this is how it walks. Here is how it works. See? There are some wrinkles because I put my favorite red and white film inside.

Here's one. Again, I wound it here for the experiment. But more on that later. And then treated it with electrical tape. The surface was more or less already polymerized. Therefore, the depth of this roughness and

prints from electrical tape is small. If done under vacuum, then these wrinkles will be even larger. The surface is also not good. It is the composite that presses the vacuum to the matrix, which is perfectly even. And inside, in principle, I don’t care how it looks: wrinkles or not wrinkles , and so on. Absolutely all the same. On the second lever, I also experimented. I'll show you the surface a bit later, because I've started new experiments. Here the experiment was that I wound tape with a film on liquid tape. Then I didn’t like it, I unwound the electrical tape

when it polymerized a little more and applied such a piece of heat shrink. I just wrapped it on top, did not shrink it thermo, and as a result wrapped it again with electrical tape. That is, he removed those very steps, see? Here the surface is smoother, there are no steps from the electrical tape. There are small craters, because the film is hard and it did not stick completely. And plus

the composite was half polymerized. Well, now I'm testing new technologies. Here I want to try to heat-shrink exactly a plastic film, because when I wrap it with electrical tape, it strives to create those same wrinkles, and you see, it is heat-shrinkable with a hair dryer, not with a burner. The burner is much tougher everything happens. And you can try to try to shrink in this way. But now this tape. Or when there will be some mega wrinkles appear,

try to seat. Here you can see that everyone is seated. Only for some reason it is as if you are then straightening back. But of course, then you still need to wrap it with electrical tape.

Here, on this side, I experimented without you. Dacron is wound and you can also try to shrink it thermo. True, the temperature is needed much more than polyethylene, and it is formed by some kind of round craters.

To be honest, I don't like it very much. What is the low temperature of my hair dryer? Nothing even got too hot. But here, you see, it is supported. Let's see how it will work on liquid, because today we will lay two more lower levers. I leave the upper arms for later, friends, because they will be in full view and should be more beautiful than the lower ones. Even with all these technologies, it should lag behind well, come off, understand correctly.

Lavsan, for example, sticks very badly. This I know for sure. It sticks well you -know-what. Polyethylene. And such a heat shrink is obtained, which is also based on polyethylene, as I understand it. Everything is successfully removed. Also, instead of such a plastic film, I want to try a denser film. It is two or three times thicker. It also shrinks thermally

. Here I tried to wind it already. That is, here I just wound on the finished one. She even stuck together in some places. And here are the levers. Please note that each tube is made using different technologies. Here with heat shrink, you see, it immediately differs from everyone else in its strong unevenness.

I probably will not use heat shrink in such a pure form. Only maybe like this to wrap. Here you see, everything is already smooth. But there are small nuances, you see? It was swollen from the inside, because there was a large gap. But that's okay. The carbon is all there. Not only that, he is also completely closed. So it does not affect the strength, it only affects the aesthetics. But here it is wound with electrical tape through a red and white film. Here too. But here I then unwound it a little and processed it with a burner

to melt the epoxy and it became, as it were, smoother and more mirror-like. That is, I experiment to the fullest, friends. And tell me, how do you like such a frequent release of videos? Because some guys are already writing that they started releasing videos too often.

They say you beg for donations. Here's the number guys. You represent. I work here, I try for you, I try to earn a penny for myself, upload videos more often. Because I could put all these levers into one video. I try to shoot more videos, more for you and naturally for myself. Because my income has already dropped below the plinth. I already have 20 dollars a day youtube brings and this figure just tends to zero. So guys, tell me

what you think about the frequent release of videos. You can even vote donat, so to speak, for this case, so that I already understand for sure: I extort donations or I don’t extort donations. Because something is not clear to me personally. After all, if I release few videos and absolutely do not ask for any donations, then how much money will I use to build this car? And in general, then I have to go somewhere to work. And those guys who write like that and are dissatisfied with the frequent release of videos, they will have to watch the video, you know what? You yourself understand, purely about the war. Because DIY? this whole thread is just dead. For the guys have nothing to buy material for and nothing to work and live for. More precisely, you have to go

somewhere else to work. By the way, they already promised me a place at the factory. Here are the things. I'll go from simple to complex. That is, from the most complex lever to the simplest and easiest. Its simplicity lies in the fact that the tubes are shorter and probably the winding will be smaller. Since these are upper arms, they should be as light as possible.

For if they are heavy, they will raise the center of mass of the fireball to us, which we do not need. But this one, as you can see, is ready. Yes, it will be possible to do some post-processing later. Sharpen somehow, maybe even wrap it in one more layer of decorative, if you want and if there is time for it. Let's evaluate what I typed in Leroy. This is all we need. A bunch of rags. Rags are not only for these purposes. I usually get a lot, they are still cheap there. You can pick up and use. Cool thing. Lots of insulating tape. And most importantly, gloves. The main thing here is not to make a mistake with the size.

Each pack contains 100 pieces. I kind of saw a torn one there, tried it, dressed it. This is how they will be now. They were white, they will be blue. And yet, friends, great joy. At the request of those interested, I decided to make a prototype and then try to press it on the press. Or we have already put pressure on the press, but try to

hook him somehow. Here, for example, like this, or like this. At a break, try to bend. And by the way, yes, which will bend faster: shs or carbon fiber will burst here? I really want to try it at the request of those interested in the comments. This is my test node. Here's one thing that didn't work out and had to be

redone. Thread ruined, jammed. I had to hammer everything here, try to twist it. In the end, I unscrewed, but decided to redo this part. See how she turned out. Then I pounded on this with a sledgehammer, tried to bend it. Then he tried to bend back. In general, I had fun normally.

You can continue to have fun. Hollowed here and tried to see if the nut would loosen. If you hit it too hard, it breaks. If you hit a little bit less, if you tighten it harder, then it holds. You can also put on a thread lock so that it does not unscrew.

The nut is powerful, what can I say. I checked. Well, now I will have a long, not very interesting process. I will separate these threads. If you look closely, you can see how many threads. But they don't want to separate so easily. You need to make some such movements and then carefully separate them one by one. Open ready.

Good news, friends. It feels like this pack of carbon is enough for me for all the levers and possibly for the facing layer of the seat. Because it's a small cell. I don’t want to make a seat out of a large cage. I would like it to be prettier. Unidirectional carbon also seems to be enough, because

it is the largest and most powerful. I already cut. Well, here somewhere about a meter there is still carbon. I think I'll stretch it into 8 shreds somehow. Of the innovations, I made just such a small strip of adhesive tape and I will stick it immediately on the lever and it will be possible to wind the carbon more strongly. That is, because of the adhesive tape , it will no longer shift on the epoxy and it will be possible to be denser. But on the other hand, it is harder to regulate, harder to tune it, because it will shift all the time in one direction somewhere.

Look guys, what an impregnation. Everything soaked. I additionally drive out the epoxy with a spatula. There is nothing superfluous here. A very dry resin is obtained. More like a composite.

So now let's try to wind with pleasure. With adhesive tape, it should stick well immediately. So. That's it, now she's winding up. So there won't be any problems with bending these antennae. So they drove to reel! Scotch tape helps a lot. In general , just like that, we pulled it. Why didn't I use this idea before?

This is the longest tube of all levers. But this one is already very short and the rest are short. That is, this is the most difficult thing that we are doing now. Then comes the simplification. The winding took place. Let's try to remove excess epoxy from it. Maybe this will be of some help to us in the future. See, the resin doesn't even stand out. And you say that I have a lot of resin.

It is necessary to squeeze the resin, you said. This is a fairly dry composite. Things are much more interesting by 10 times. Actually, I already like it. You just already know how much of what, how much of what materials. It doesn’t work right away, friends, to pick up materials and the number of patterns. Not such a simple thing these composite materials. You never know how much you need here.

Now I can imagine. I customize every pattern. That is, if I don’t like something, for example, I try to improve it. At the moment, I like everything so far. But this is already the 9th tube. I don't even know what to do. Everything seems to have worked out so well. What to wrap so as not to spoil? I thought I'd flip the levers like nuts. But the second game was much more difficult for me. But it turned out to be much neater. And it seems to me that the surface

will be just perfect. I hung one copy like this, polymerizing. The second one is here. In front of your eyes, the winding was very difficult. But I think that in this form everything will be fine and smooth. First I wound my favorite polyethylene red and white film.

Then I secured it with duct tape. That is, strips of adhesive tape are glued longitudinally like this . Otherwise, since epoxy is a liquid, liquid composite, this whole thing can shrink, twist and hellish wrinkles form. Now there doesn't seem to be any particular wrinkles. Leave the ends free. I waited until it at least polymerized a little and hardened. Then again he wound the film and wrapped it very, very carefully, just unrealistically neatly with electrical tape. I tore off the electrical tape

and waited for it to sit back so that it would not tighten the composite as much as usual. Well, pay attention, no bumps on the tape were found here. Moreover, the first composite has a diameter of 27.3 millimeters. And the new one was reduced by a whole millimeter.

This is all thanks to the adhesive tape with which I started winding. It was the adhesive tape that made it much denser. I also squeezed out the excess epoxy, wiped it with a cloth. In general, the result is less than a millimeter. I've been reading your comments here guys. There is a certain cycling when it comes to carbon. There are two main words that adherents of autoclaves and vacuum obsess over and write about it all the time. I have even said

why this technology is not very good here. Well, it's not about that. Another word appeared - electro-corrosion. It turns out that we have two dissimilar materials: carbon and aluminum. There is a potential difference between them. It's just electrically conductive carbon, it's not plastic at all. And slowly the material, the metal is destroyed there. This was noticed by cyclists on bicycles.

Although maybe they just corrode aluminum and that's it. Water is leaking. But they believe that this is precisely because of carbon everything. Therefore, guys, I wound carbon on a blank and I want to check it directly for sure. I wound it for a reason. I mean, I did it first. The oxide film was absolutely minimal. That is, I created the worst conditions. Then I wound carbon. And I also rubbed it like this about aluminum. Is it not enough? Suddenly there is some kind of protective coating on it and does not react.

After that, I wrapped everything tightly with tape on top and the whole thing will lie in a damp garage. You can even make a small hole in the adhesive tape for the purity of the experiment. That is, so that more air penetrates there, and even damp air. Because it will lie in a damp garage. And then and then we will definitely find out, without any conspiracy theories, whether this corrosion is here or not. Because subscribers constantly scare me with some such things. And I check everything. So we will return to this issue, probably in a year or two. In the meantime, let's see what kind of carbon

levers we got. Did they turn out ideally or did they turn out not ideally. Look, there are some nuances here. See the bubbles? And if I did, as most of you recommend, through half tubes ... That is, cut the tube in half lengthwise and clamp it like that. Considering that there is still a slightly uneven diameter, there would be simply an unrealistic number of these bubbles. It would be necessary to make some kind of resin over

liquid. Guys, this technology is really bad. If you do something like that, never use it. That is, with half tubes. Perhaps it works

if some kind of thin winding. But if it didn't work for me, I wouldn't be able to do it. Well, look, kite technologies work. 4 levers are ready and now you can compare technologies.

It's crooked here. This was the first lever. Here, I wrapped it tightly. Such a ribbed surface. Well, here's a new technology. Look, it looks civilized and uniform. It suits me just fine. So I will make the rest of the levers using the same technology.

Only I will do it even more carefully. Quality depends a lot on accuracy . Well, what do you say about this? I will tell you that there will never be such a surface from vacuum.

Because there the bag shrinks and everything will be in wrinkles. Absolutely everything will be wrinkled. And look, I think it's great! There are small artifacts such that they are insignificant. Come on, let's weigh it. And that's a light lever, folks. Very interesting, what is the mass? 860 grams. That's it, friends! Instead of the planned

two kilograms, I got 860 grams. It is great. The car is easy on the eyes. Yes guys, can you imagine? Who wants to go to the toilet and lose that weight? Look, already 1.2 kilograms for each lever like this you need to drop. And the little ones are even bigger.

Yes, there have already gained only 20 kilograms of discharge. By the end of the project, if you want to be a pilot, you will have to prove your professionalism and dump over 100 kilos in the toilet, I think. So let's try and practice! Go ahead, the whole world is watching you.

But that's all. I did. I myself did not expect such a quickness from myself. To make 8 levers in four days is something with something. Some of them are still bandaged, because the resin is liquid. Here is the last slingshot in general. That is, only I

farmed it. And there's another one over there in the closet. But it is very dark there and I am afraid to go there. I'll come. Let's see how she feels here. Waiting. Awaits natural polymerization. And your favorite, guys. I did this. What do you think it is? Yes, of course, this is a test sample. I did it just like everything else. Only more loosely. I didn't try hard. I did it intentionally, so that the thing was obviously a little less durable. Our combat

12 shs (ball connector) is installed here and we will probably somehow clamp it into a lathe and put pressure on it like this, try to break the pipe, try to bend the shs. I have already bent it back and forth with a sledgehammer a couple of times. I mean, he's a little loose. Well, in the end, I want to cut the carbon tube along like this and see how the articulation feels there. That is, is there a void there, is

it formed during winding, or is everything mega tight and mega good. That is, I would love to know. Here I did not wrap much. That is, here it is literally wrapped with a film, it did not create any tension with electrical tape. Here we'll see how it goes. Работа проделана просто феноменальная! Я просто счастлив, ребята, что сделал это и сделал так быстро. Это просто круто нереально.

Это такое чувство удовлетворения сейчас присутствует в душе, вы себе не представляете. Можно спокойно идти и смонтировать для вас это видео. Сейчас только фото сделаю, всё засниму. А так у меня всё. Кому было интересно, подписывайтесь на канал. Подписывайтесь

по-братски на телеграм, там мой канал. Всё, всем пока и до новых встреч!

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