У США есть план, как предотвратить поставки оружия из Китая в РФ/ // №450 - Юрий Швец

У США есть план, как предотвратить поставки оружия из Китая в РФ/ // №450 - Юрий Швец

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Hello friends Today is March 24 Friday and today made in principle nice enough selection of news which I think will give you good mood Let's start with this chapter. of the Finnish Air Force building Sweden and Norway signed an agreement to use 250 fighters that are available in available to the air forces of these countries as a single United Forces once again Denmark Finland Sweden and Norway This is after Finland has opened its air NATO airspace so now the NATO planes can fly in airspace Finland and what pleased me is that in this so to speak in this joint it's called Join Strike Force then there is a joint Strike Force of representatives of these countries it will operate under a unified command of the C which implies that Sweden in fact also acts together with NATO countries Finnish airspace and is actually de facto Well sort of part of NATO Although technically this decision hasn't been decided yet Well, there's an important consequence of this decision is that almost immediately after Finland U.S. Air Force spy planes and UK did checkout glitter near Kola peninsula of Petrozavodsk but where Kola Peninsula there are bases Russian North Sea Fleet Federation as well as enough at sufficiently close ask from these planes flew from St. Petersburg I believe that these actions are

direct consequence of the Kremlin's recent threats primarily by the Kremlin's fighting dwarf Dmitry Medvedev possibilities of using nuclear weapons more desperate becomes situation of the Russian Federation Putin's Russian Federation The louder the nuclear dumping begins weapons and what's interesting is that this rhetoric came alive again somehow after the visit of Xi Jinping that once again underlines that this visit in no way in no way was it successful for putin or for his regime China But we'll talk about that later. his horse is executing his plan The great peacemaker of the 21st century putin believes in Beijing are under his complete control and already off the hook not will get off the hook China's real money regime consolidation still hasn't invested and unlikely Well at least the prospects that he owes money by virtue of Siberia 2 so far quite vague that is who rubbed vladimir putin the wrong way and said that he lives in the stormiest may be important times in the last 100 years Well you're hanging in there said the comrades of this was went home what he did after that I I'll tell you a little further And according to reports from the broadcaster american nbc NATO ships in the North Sea and I recall The North Sea is where the mining is not Norway mines significant amount of gas which is now one of the weighty alternatives russian gas is screwed The EU is shutting down more and more perspective is going to stop consumption of Russian gas altogether and here's the latest The Norwegian naval forces have recorded increased ship activity Russian Navy near the oil rigs oil rigs oil gas rigs it's over there where they pump oil and gas for what also important as reported by the nbc correspondent under the same towers above pass numerous internet cables fiber optic what are they called fiber optic cables that connect to the North American Continent to Europe and over which pass the huge amount of huge streams information streams and does not actually play a strategic importance no less may be more important than there say gas pipe or oil in this regard with increased activity of suspicious As says broadcaster by Navy ship maneuvers Russia in that area German probably Norwegian Dutch and Spanish ships increased their activity i.e. starts out kind of like this a race of ships feuding I'm not afraid already this word parties race each other arriving in Beijing after a visit to Moscow China's foreign minister who figured out was accompanying his chief Xi Jinping sitgan gave an interview to chinese MEDIA The main emphasis of the main Theme is was the promotion Chinese plan to resolve the situation of the war in Ukraine with 12 points which was not just presented as a plan Ukraine It was like me already told it served for the Chinese the basis of their their peaceful strategy or peaceful generation unaffiliated states so of the so-called global south in the 21st century During this interview, the zingan uttered a cryptic phrase that I somewhat surprised me. According to him, this what's-his-name quoted by the Salchay Morning Post newspaper and

Russia and attention Ukraine welcomed China's efforts to stop fire including its Peace Plan of 12 points which calls for a gradual escalation and opposes the use of nuclear weapons And beyond that, as is customary the chinese have a commentary very often filtered that is to the main body of the article commentary by scientists and visitors the reader of the newspaper does not serve to give out, so to speak, the most intimate thoughts sharp thoughts that the paper itself does not wants to express from its own name one of the readers speaks on this commenting on this statement. the whole world can see who is passing the knife and stokes the fire And who is pushing the peace talks To there's china said it Qinggang Yes even the allies of the U.S. can see It is clear writes the reader allegedly talking about Ukraine Although they can't speak about it publicly you could say Noah is mine Ukrainian viewers are probably about that know I haven't heard statement by representatives of Ukrainian authorities in which would China's efforts would be welcomed welcome in full that is which was Ukraine's acceptance of this plan 12 points Not the use of nuclear weapons of course Ukraine Adopts Whole 12-Point Plan I didn't hear that about that speaks quite confidently And it should be understood that once again what we're talking about a global campaign conquering the world with this one Chinese strategy China Peacemaker here one more comment if the U.S. talk about war if the U.S. talks about war China talks peace Guess who will win The West should not be too quick to reject Xi Jinping's Moscow summit its Peace proposal his attempt to play the role of global peacemaker finds resonates throughout the developing world Here this is very important By the way I shared with you the same thought. that these might be cynical maybe hypocritical attempts to help putin On the part of peace-loving attitudes That is to say if China is a peace-loving country, then its strategic put ally putin also probably who adopted this plan and Since they are both for the Peace Plan and the U.S. is against it then it's clear who's the Good who's the Bad and here now it's kind of like this Ukraine Based on of this statement is sort of on the twine If Ukraine rejects this plan So She is with the one holding the knife And if she agrees Well then it is not clear at all.

What are we talking about? In short such a sensitive matter that I'm hoping Ukrainian authorities somehow but will unify or be more careful with the statements on this sharp about the chinese plan to support him in whole or in part Because if it's going to sound out of the junk cacophony will be uttered whoever you want, whoever you can get so messed up that you just you could end up in a rather silly I hope it's not arahany. made a statement warm support in general the Chinese initiative just left Moscow to his strategic ally putin This visit ended on Wednesday and on Wednesday already called for a pin Central Asia to hold the Chinese themselves Kazakhstan received the Chinese invitation Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan by Turkmenistan Not yet known Well, you remember that China's efforts in this area especially intensified after suppression or termination in those riots that in the past year have had place or a popular uprising which took place in Kazakhstan means the odcb is in fact the russian military presented this Uprising then from there cleaned up after the call from Beijing, there quickly moved China held quite such a powerful Meeting on this about where he declared his plan a global plan development me from my point of view The purpose of this global plan is to completely remove this region from underneath russian influence and put it under Chinese influence in my opinion the most the most important thing is that it is not going to is allocating a huge amount of money for the preparation students for training students from these countries in Chinese universities is what the Soviet Union was doing through Friendship University of the Peoples of Patrice Lumumba, which the other day again again Returned That Patrice's name So China is looking far away He is looking the future he will bring up or these States Well as far as grades are concerned of Western experts, they estimate announcement time this upcoming China summit Central Asia right after the visit Moscow is assessed as a slap in the face to Putin as said on the subject from the chairman European Council for International relations I'm not sure if this is a chinese initiative will be greeted with enthusiasm in the Kremlin interesting interesting stuff published today at the same time financial Times and Reuters if you remember a couple of weeks ago I was talking about how the authorities of Kazakhstan are suspected of helping the Kremlin circumvent Western sanctions which has the potential for secondary sanctions in to this country with respect to Kazakhstan like this According to From the first of April the authorities of Kazakhstan introducing a special monitoring program which will allow real time monitor imports and exports and the primary purpose of this program is preventing the circumvention of the sanction completely shut off the tap in the way coming in through Kazakhstan with stock goods to the Russian Federation Federation noted that the flow trade most likely as suspected of unauthorized merchandise significantly+ through Kazakhstan has increased significantly recently due to the fact that Turkey to some extent it's got a little bit of a hold on it Although the latest didn't show up that Turkey is now going to a certain easing but the situation is not clear there According to this Russian representative literally rushed into Kazakhstan in recent weeks inquiries there women The sheer magnitude of them is unbelievable from washing machines shutting down microchips then parts for engines and so on Kazakhstan authorities state that explains their position stresses that Kazakhstan has not imposed any sanctions against Russian Federation However, Kazakhstan has not will allow its territory to circumvent these sanctions which have been announced by Western nations but experts suspected In connection with what Apparently they expect that Turkey will cover and will do so for a long time. The entry into the sanctioned Russian Federation I'm guessing that this is the boom that was just about to happen the last weeks months supply boom of dissociated goods through Kazakhstan they suspect this is just the beginning So think Kazakhstan's future will be in the spotlight particular attention of the export expert community as well as intelligence agencies other government institutions of the United States of America and other countries small an interesting message still came in One came from Kazakhstan Kazakhstan confiscated Russian equipment at the space airfield this is of course a shock to the information from Kazakhstan this happened in connection with Russia did not pay rent there was fined did not pay these fines finally had the patience of Astana dried up they took and confiscated everything Russian equipment in this way Baikonur is actually now operation is completely blocked. And.

The Western media at the same time has noted that of the baikonurs during the Soviet Union it was the pride of the whole country That's where the first man in space Nikita Khrushchev will speak by analogy with the one who cut through the window to Europe who his is now caulking the last in the history of the future historians will say that Khrushchev discovered through Baikonur the window to space Putin his caulked it just like amazing even space meanwhile meanwhile information has been received that Syria and Saudi Arabia are close to to restore diplomatic relations and beyond that direct the immediate side that contributed to this application was Russia but from my point of view all the same China was the Puppeteer in this Because Saudi Arabia remember beforehand normalization of relations with Iran at Beijing's mediation then Saudi Arabia on the recommendation of Beijing and Iran on the recommendation of Beijing Iran Recommended to Saudi Arabia To normalize Syria's relations Assad was recently in Moscow where he was Putin was apparently carrying out his role in this chain Putin recommended Assad to resume relations with Saudi Arabia and that's what's going to happen. now this should be at the end of April after another religious Muslim holiday during the visit foreign minister Saudi Arabia to Damascus Although diplomatic sources emphasize That things could still fall apart But if it it's going to be a grandiose success that is, after they reconciled Iran to Saudi Arabia now reconciling saudi arabia with syria is would be another diplomatic success of China's breakthrough on the Middle East Yes and Russia Yes and Russia Including will get its leaflet with The palm branch is noted that relations between syria and saudi Arabia were in 2012 after the arab spring began riots began in Syria then Saudi Arabia significant network to a degree contributed to the exclusion of the exile. Syria from the League of Arab States it began to fund the actions of the Syrian rebels against Siege regime and was one of the major donors Well now reconciliation this yes this A milestone in the diplomatic history of the Middle East experts note in general which indicates that theocratic and autocratic regimes of the oil-producing nations on the Middle East, they are in their spirit of their character is much closer to the autocratic regimes such as China and Russia than in western democracies and most importantly means human rights there which is authoritarian regimes call internal business of their states and this thesis about not interfering in domestic state do States is kind of like that they have one of the basic principle of basic principles and he who intervenes ostensibly Under the pretense of respecting rights human meaning friendly country to which the United States and all of Western Europe So what relates specifically to as they call it, it's right there. reflection of this whole trend he was outcast That is, even before Putin became outcast first NBC became an outcast after after it was set What exactly by his order at the consulate in Istanbul of Saudi An opposition journalist was murdered in the consulate of Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi and then chainsawed or

electric saw His He was sawed into pieces and thus they took out in suitcases and here their valor Turkish intelligence demonstrated who was not afraid to reveal her intelligence capabilities Here they all are recorded this through their electronic intelligence actually speaking through their bugs maybe video cameras that don't installed in the embassy consulate Saudi Arabia in Turkey therefore my viewers visiting Turkey keep in mind the that in the field of electronic intelligence the Turks are very strong in this way addresses An Alliance of sorts is formed. putin there means this Ayat of Scarlet in Iran then Kim Jong-un outstanding all people And it's understandable that China should not be persuaded. Apparently this is his policy strategy Designed like he said for a hundred years that is proclaiming shouting for peace myself with peacemaking and on the other hand here's do your thing quietly splitting the Peaceful World comes to the secret service comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to restrain than to restrain China severely in an interesting point was made by one experts on aerospace industry United States and China on the pages of pages This is what it's all about if China arms or will arm Russia the U.S. should

Kill China's aviation industry and it's quite real and it's this the threat itself that we're going to kill your airplane your aviation industry according to the expert will a serious incentive for Beijing without entreaties but simply the threat that weapons should not be supplied to Russia article noted That China's decision to grant in Russia weapons could change the entire world Since there is only one country in the world that can make Russia weapons it has already lost yet in the near future will lose in Ukraine So any and all measures must be taken to prevent The military alliance of the two countries about which by the way said it's not going to be make sure it's not even in the foreseeable even theoretically in this in as noted by one of the options Would be to stop the Chinese commercial aircraft industry with this to deal a massive blow to the economy transportation system personally because into the aviation industry, it's not just a subject the pride of China that they've created literally in the last 20 years it is still more important part of the economy its destruction will shake up the economic system of the country the following figures for the most recent 18 years since 20 2000 to 2018 passenger count on domestic flights has increased more than 10 times 62 to 66 million a year slightly whether more than half a billion a year now the chinese fly is the chinese average class the poor don't fly yet Well and big importance to the economy is cargo air freight China has made great Progress in aircraft construction but all of it global economy on the Western technologies if 20 years ago, China was still only producing two percent of passenger planes of course in the world now he makes a 23 percent huge leap But then again, it's all done by the Western technology Western license At the suggestion of U.S. analysts should be extermination or execution China's ability to build to produce engines for airplanes Russia is not in the able to replace the West with its own bad with this case and no improvement not produced no in sight And those engines that China now develops They are totally dependent on major Western airlines. but here is an example given only one engine which China was making for the plane the m.a-700 is a medium capacity airplane approximately 70

passengers for medium lines and a 2007 Chinese man was developing this engine And it's all completely on the Western technology and if that means revoke the license to these technologies then it would also kill the engine and it would kill the whole the program to build this airplane. termination of production engines in China would lead to the country would have been forced to import all of its aircraft in major Western manufacturers Boeing and Abbas. so the West will have an opportunity to control over the development aviation industries of these Chinese airlines fleet of Chinese airlines But if China does not if this action on termination by strangulation of production of aircraft engines in China will not lead China immediately will not bring it to its senses. Refuse to supply arms if he starts Vot to stifle its production engine and China will not stop there the second stage proposes a complete discontinue maintenance of those western airplanes production that is currently available in China so China Iran Russia they will turn into countries Well here Like Cuba was I don't know how private the situation here is the last years of the Soviet Union my friends rode cubes first the impression was that there were cars there that were made by Americans back in the 50's somehow don't ride rattle so on but this museum-type piece of junk was this. something like this is supposed to happen

and China that is. thereby And all of China's air transport is effectively held hostage by the good kind treatment on the part of the United States of America and Europe Who without any strain can kill the aviation industry as well, and can kill the entire the country's air transportation system Thereby inflicting not in a straight line not Correctable blow Well, first of all, on a personal plan which he announced to 2025 the slogan should be fulfilled. made in China then all the most important necessary for the life of the country should have be made entirely in China This. could be ruined by the abolition of all several several license so how conclude this analysis by the authors of the article separation here of aviation that is already practically there is a separation or China's cutting off of the newest Telecom initiation technologies then microprocessors and other atish technology and here's the next one on the agenda of the day goes cutting off or separating China from The latest advances in aircraft industry And of course it is not desirable for the world economy, it's going to hurt the world economy. blow to the global aviation industry However concludes the experts their opinion article the prospect of rearming Russia Chinese weapons and military establishment of a politico-military Union of these two countries against the open society is even worse Therefore the threat of of destroying China's aviation industry will become a powerful weapon To prevent such an Exodus its it must be understood that in China in China apparently about it all and apparently that's what plays significant role or has played significant role in the fact that so far seems to be this B visit to Moscow ended for comrade great disappointment he on that Let me end today's video. dear friends

And as always Hail to the Ukraine Armed forces the enemy will be defeated Victory will be for by us to you friends as always see you soon

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