Баллистические ракеты из Ирана в РФ “зависли” / Судьбоносное решение Китая // №438 - Юрий Швец

Баллистические ракеты из Ирана в РФ “зависли” / Судьбоносное решение Китая // №438 - Юрий Швец

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Hello friends Today is March 6 Monday and today we are with you we're going to talk mostly about covert intelligence arms supply I would like to start with a short I think interesting for my audience for my viewers message According to a new analysis of the center strategic and international studies that are in Washington for the first year of the war in Ukraine Russia suffered more casualties than in all of its wars since World War II. wars combined Average number of Russian soldiers killed per month by at least a factor of 25 exceeding the death toll in Chechnya and 35 times the death toll in Afghanistan It's a nightmare for me nightmarish numbers because I remember war in Afghanistan at the time I was studying in university Patrice Lumumba he was on the track from Vnukovo to the center of the city on Leninsky avenue and Regularly therefore the avenue was being driven in military vehicles the trucks of which we saw passing by could see zinc coffins this war which is like thought ruined broke the backbone of the Soviet Union but now it turns out that Russia is carrying 30 times more losses in the process it is noted in the study that the Ukrainian military showed remarkable results in this war effort which show which in to a large extent, there is a thanks to the new innovative how to spell their tactics armed forces as a result of training instructors by NATO instructors Another interesting message at the beginning March or more precisely in the first literal number 2 March it started going on at my two or three days in India in New Delhi took place An undisclosed meeting of the bosses intelligence agencies of 25 countries in the world among which were British Mi-6 there was a representative from central United States Intelligence Agency United States of America some other countries NATO There were countries that are part of the so-called five isn't that a sisters' organization or a fiver the ears five eyes where other than NATO Great Britain United States of Canada United Kingdom enters yet Australia and New Zealand The rest of the competitors in this main event What are the names of the countries How do you pronounce them? Countries of East Asia the main main topic of discussion is was the war in Ukraine and one of the topics that was discussed at this meeting is were clandestine arms shipments in the first place Russian Federation because in Ukraine is receiving open arms shipments from side of the allies because the war with Ukraine side It can be said The Patriotic War is a just war for liberation of the temporarily occupied territories. So The subject of clandestine arms shipments Yesterday I paid attention to an article from regarding interesting ship the ship that passed through the Bosphorus and how says all of the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea This was a Russian vessel called Sparta 4 is one of four courts that belongs to the russian company south ells and company and all four ships including this Sparta they are under U.S. sanctions Due to the fact that that have been noticeable in the supply of Russia's weapons as also naimaz writes this internet resource that monitors the the passage of ships through the Bosphorus Ederdonell And I need to remind you that Turkey has officially closed the passage of ships through these straits including those which delivers cargoes, including military ships that move with Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea so this is Sparta by observation here of these two resources that said regularly circulates between the mouth Novorossiysk and the Syrian port. And Turkey passes in spite of declared ban here's where you can explain this particular case by the fact that at the very least at least one of the voyages of that ship was humanitarian aid shipments.

Turkey and to some extent to Syria in In connection with the recent well-known earthquake which he has life about 50,000 people in Turkey but there is a suspicion that Russian military is using this pretext for secretly supplying weapons weapons from Syria and sporting Tartu to Novorossiysk where the ship unloads Well And then the weapons go on to those units which are fighting in Ukraine Well it's clear that the Russian grouping in Syria doesn't have that many weapons that is it there are, but it's not the ammunition, not the fighting kits that are desperately needed now the Russian Federation needed they're desperate to estimate international research organization also on British Intelligence Since about December of last year. Russian ammunition production Federation has roughly halved but at least two more than no less than two and their desperately lacking Not enough to such a degree that here's Prigogine yesterday today publicly lamented the fact that his faction of his gang Wagner in no way given ammunition even though he claims is are operating in the central part of the front Mahmoud's most responsible if dramatizes the situation significantly but have to point out at Russian so-called independent analysts admit that this is actually the most active hotbed of hostilities on the part of Russian Federation because where is the regular parts there in general full go all in like this not even for Wagner even at the very important section of the front It's after the shouts Prigozhin as he was finally promised replenishment kit after he the last words he used to call the management Department of Defense in general is command which is now in charge of the Russian operations in Ukraine something is going on something is going on amongst the leadership of those forces in Russia which means are operating on the territory of Ukraine with one Prigozhin and Kadyrov on the other side side is the leadership of the Ministry of defense You may have heard rumors going around about what's coming out of Kadyr something happened to him allegedly very bad kidney condition allegedly his poisoned allegedly came to him already doctor or whether he was taken out to airplane Only first he was visited doctors In short something's wrong So health and something tells me that something in the foreseeable future bad for him and good for everything the rest of the world can and will happen of by prihodginny himself, but it's a recorded fact that there's not enough ammunition so Russia badly needs them major suppliers potential and actual potential weapons for the Russian Federation is like known China and Iran let's start with China we already discussed recent videos on how the situation is the situation in this area discussed with you U.S. intelligence in this regard and remarks by u.s. secretary of state blinkin that there is evidence that the Chinese are close to making decisions about supplying lethal help means the latest news on this account According to data already from intelligence circles United States which of course were made in the media information which has U.S. intelligence agencies is not coming from the Chinese side that is. not from Chinese sources but from Russian sources in particular from Russian military That is, simply put, the Americans again from the military high command's circles. of Russia have somehow been squeezed out... information that indicated that the what the director was then also talking about but then from my point of view, there's this another one of those dangers or possibilities that you remember in my opinion my penultimate video so to speak shared with you the concerns not concern I suspected that Putin and him bosses are in such a critical position that forced to bluff even when Bluffing can cause damage to themselves So the first Bluff is Putin who is the only one who started spread the word that made a promise that he would come with the state at the time Chinese not that any of the Chinese officials So far, not even mentioned this meeting now Now that's a leak or is that really Another Great American Success Intelligence they pulled out the information that Russia in no way wanted. make and leak or whether the Russians made a leak like this on purpose as about Xi Jinping's visit A now a leak about that China is close to accepting positive decision to provide lethal aid to Russia and that's why I'm calling suspicion of this among other things the wording is something like this viscous and vague the Chinese consider naturally not consider they started it have been considering it since February 24 of last year.

even theoretically There is at least one official in the leadership at the middle tier of the state apparatus which in China which expressed an option Let's help yes then there is one hundred percent information reliability of this that China someone in China was considering this information and also the time that is it possibility and at the same time will made a decision will not be God knows what Here they are considering and going somewhere who's moving sideways let's not supplies that moves in that direction or maybe put In short this resembles an obviously active event Russian Federation sent in a desperate position when they need to invent another cartoon in this cartoon series This is the cartoon they need to show that China and Russia are brothers to the end China will not be left behind comrade poulson position And will come to the rescue So here's the connection to that. continues to be discussed in media policy continue to discuss the issue all the same put China does not ponder what will be whether to bet what it will be mean for the war effort on the margins Ukraine And if and if not not put what will be so further Well Let's look at the last movement in this one scholz Schultz gave an interview to American analyst Farid Zakaria his TV program GPS which once a week he shows it CNN's signature program by the way to say in a day in two days this program was yesterday Friday CNN and Time magazine with to which Zakaria cooperate. suspended cooperation with him for a period of time due to the fact that again found plagiarism here in some of the his certain articles or GPS programs with some other internet resource and this isn't the first time it's happened And the previous times they were several years old. ago were noisy enough he then apologized Well, that's how the niggers said never for a long time and here you go again but nevertheless this program came out So that's a lot of interesting not that interesting but important things I said I'll stop so much at one about China's possible arms shipments to Russia about it said I think this will have consequences but we are now are at the point where we Clearly give understand that it's not supposed to happen. and I'm relatively optimistic. that we will succeed in our and our

request But we have to be very careful that there is his conclusion by and large about That he is optimistic that China will not deliver lethally will not render lethal aid to China Russia this conclusion coincides with the recent President Biden's statement and it actually coincides dear friends to our analysis that we you and I have been doing in spite of the opinion of the state department and the central U.S. Intelligence Agency that is. that's how we approached this case with you. less dramatic But in spite of that, here it is. British sources resources are now discussing what in principle could potentially provide China Russia this is what we have what 1990 already after the collapse of the Soviet Union since 91 year let's say With the help of Russian technology that the Russians were giving back then here everything was stolen everything was sold left to right same thing by the way took place in Ukraine where there was the biggest one in the world has been sold out. group or rather a technique at the disposal of the largest troop grouping left over from the Soviet Union at European part Yes at all part of the former Soviet Union because the West West of the Western border Soviet Union were covered by the Soviet group of troops in Germany then Hungary And here it is. Southeastern theater is exclusively Odessa Military District Kiev also was sold almost everything to a minimum also occurred in the Russian Federation to a lesser extent, and thanks to these technology that China has received they created the most powerful first and foremost missile industry they have rockets like you're ticking right now. they're more high precision more advanced

has a higher tactical and technical data Than Russian it is Russia in this desperately needs same goes for airplanes China sold out over the last 20 to 30 years 4 generation aircraft which or got and the Soviet Union, or were received after the collapse from Russia were replaced by More modern 4th generation C airplanes the Chinese have since made two more planes which they claim are fifth generation aircraft are engaged in this business with the chinese which is one of seven largest Chinese manufacturing companies These 7 companies are in the top 20 largest companies in the world American British companies such as this company larger in size than Anglo-American company baya Systems it's Monster Pool in general is one of the largest in the Anglo-Saxon world Here The Chinese turn out to be even more on the in scale and volume of output industries So they produced an airplane. Jake 20 which is practically a copy is at least externally American aircraft Raptor and also later released the aircraft 21 which is again externally Almost a copy of an American fighter jet F-35 Americans note this outward resemblance At the same time emphasizes that One God knows what's inside that plane The Chinese as well as the Russians under Putin are known as masters of the bluff and what have you and the creators Putin's villages of which what are you see this is not what it really is but still That's the same navy the Chinese built dozens of aircraft carriers cruisers destroyers by the total of number by number units of the naval forces they occupy first place in the world but under the same quality is inferior to American There are few areas in which the Chinese lag behind Russia are engines aircraft engines by the way these are aeronautical because of these aeronautical engines Chinese claims that their plane j20 j21 are aircraft of the fifth generations, here it is questioned because the Chinese don't have the best engines than the Russian Federation in The Russian Federation still does not have fifth generation engines that they could install on their Su-507 aircraft Also. Russia has some other advantages. In space Although in the year 21 If you remember the chinese stunned the whole world including melli chairman of the committee of chiefs of the headquarters acknowledged that he was overwhelmed. the real test not in the cartoon the real test of the Chinese hypersonic weapons which The Chinese have launched from orbit That is to say, this a space weapon that can launched really from orbit and that hypersonic really hypersonic weapons but there is another sphere that I I don't know why Americans don't call really if really the situation is like this Having been in recent years quite cramped situation The Russian Federation especially preparing to Russian Federation's war with Ukraine Wanting to strengthen and elevate to the most possible high level of relationship with China Has actually begun to transfer all of its system secrets anti-missile defense is where the Soviet Union Russian Federation What has evolved since the late 60's.

years of the last century and of course Russia is at any rate until the last time was ahead of China So. The Russian Federation within the Chinese program to modernize its strategic nuclear forces and above all the missile-ground basing began to transmit, in fact technology and to help build Chinese anti-missile system defense which China here happens recent several years, the Chinese are going to make big leap in this plan. which along with everything else With all the rest of their plans they plan 2035 to create a defeated force.

Who will be ready to win. The victorious war is not called potential adversary but is available in the United States of America But for all that, assessing the prospects China's supply of lethal aid in Russia The West's lightweight analysts come to conclusion that The Chinese will not supply their newest aircraft and everything else because that the most important thing is the Russian Federation is this simple but quality more supplies artillery shells and this is where China certainly could have helped somewhere by by and large all attempts by the Russian Federation so far to so far to get significant numbers of these projectiles from China even Korea has not yet succeeded in success So now the Western analysts Are weighing whether China can do this now or can't according to financial Times Today's article China is facing fateful choice the meaning of this choice to keep or not to supply supply openly or to supply by concealed channels through third countries Well you and I Discussed options Why the Chinese might go for it But in order to to give the Americans Like another war in Vietnam them into a protracted turf war. Ukraine rendering different political But by and large. most obvious for argument for supply Russia's lethal weapons consists of The following Western experts if China were to go into full scale supply for lethal assistance then that Depending on the volume of course can change the course of warfare on the margins battles in Ukraine and then the Americans having realized that that's what the Chinese might think will show impact or start convincing Ukraine to negotiate with Russia on conclude an agreement of course on Russian conditions That's the very most important practical for which this is how considered may be considered by the Chinese with the other side of the other side is that you and I have been discussing this will lead to completely complete disconnect economic technological financial not just the united states of America What's the most important thing with the European Union About something what we started Scholz said that we continually bring the chinese up to all channels if the Chinese will be the end of it Chinese economy is coming to a great standstill but it's also considered that [music] so weighing the pros and cons counts That most likely China will not go for this at this risk he doesn't need to due to economically considerations and connection to what else we're we've been talking about for the last few videos then that China is now By all appearances On the first plan for its activities has put forward the idea of promoting his peaceful plan and with this plan of propaganda to put under their control or expand its influence in the so-called the global south i.e. these 3 world countries But if it does decide to put China

How is it that there is open aid counts as little Then there is the question of hidden help. via third countries So what could be hidden in this plan to what it might lead in the first place if it's latent that is not in the full scope of it's help is unlikely to lead to a radical change the situation on the battlefield to the point where degree for America to begin to coax Ukraine to agree to Russia's terms. Russian terms of settlement then what's the point in taking the risk then economy and not reach his political goal Well and besides early or later all this hidden help if she goes in 2 3 countries she will sooner or later known and then again the scandal Scream noise sanctions against China break up economic ties with the European Union and again no political dividend on this thereby as he writes possibly indirect Chinese military Russia's support could eventually become a convoluted path. to the same destination

which will end in a direct confrontation with America And it doesn't have to because A direct confrontation with America is direct consultation with the european union then that same result is bad for China and no foreign policy dividend second side second side gentlemen at us kind of guess Iran and here there's a very interesting one going on from carpet games and spuddy undercurrents that don't always visible to the naked eye by The opinion of U.S. analysts of Russia Kira and Iran are hesitant about cooperation since This cooperation entails a great deal of risk on the part of the retaliation by the West primarily the United States of America you know what Iran put several hundred missiles drone But it's Monday Secretary of Defense speaking in tehran said that A it's not proven you prove really as much as I've read looked at American there are indications there are smell not caught by the hand not proof that these missiles do in fact have Iranian origin But here's the big yes what can put Iran now what is the major fear the main fear is missiles Fateh ezinfondel the first rocket flies at 500 kilometers the second one flies up to a distance of 700 kilometers which is farther than the ATACMS missiles that are so requested from the Ukraine and which still the Americans are not supplying And here it turns out why maybe they don't ship because they say Western analysts Moscow refrains not rand does not supply, but Moscow does refrains from buying Iranian missiles ballistic missiles for fear of retaliation The United States will deliver to Ukraine long-range missiles for me by and large This thought is was the Revelation to buy ballistic missiles from Iran Because the patients of the Western experts in return Cyril in Ukraine can enter. American attacks Despite the fact that Russia is experiencing very serious costs and very serious pressure on the own reserves and missiles and ammunition, but which we and you were talking about by the message by U.S. media Teherans Moscow has been exploring the possibility of exchange of advanced Russian weapons for ballistic missiles and it ended that way today Iran's defense minister speaking in Tehran said there was nothing new about in reports that Moscow will put fighters I think Su-35 this is nothing new that Yes he actually confirmed that Russia will deliver these planes but as reported by Western analysts negotiations on the delivery of ballistic Iranian missiles from Iran to Russia Federations deadlocked in part largely because of those repercussions that both sides fear will occur against them From the West On the other side the same analysts they say that the situation is so precarious.

it's not permanent and need after all need it all depends on Whether Russia can more or less somehow meet your needs in artillery shells in systems artillery If the situation becomes critical then Russia can make a decision then now understand American analysts now Even Russia isn't really pushing Iran with request that Iran put ballistic missiles But if the situation becomes Russia's Critical then Russia will ask A what Iran the situation in Iran less it is all the same less afraid of Western sanctions or negative reciprocal moves by the Co. of the West because Iran for many years has already decades have been under sanctions to it just a little bit short of those sanctions on which you can scare the hell out of him and make him him not to deliver those missiles so Iran is supposedly could Put it all depends on the request Moscow And that's what we have in the dry residue there is the United States held and Western Europe that is European NATO countries have conducted a kind of red line to Russia and Iran regarding potential supply of these ballistic missiles The U.S. has drawn a red line Europeans said that the consequences would be extremely severe for Iran in connection with this we observe what will be happen A recently So in the past week Putin had a telephone conversation with president Iran to russia before that russia flew to Beijing had meeting with Xi Jinping and it was his first such visit to Beijing of Iranian president's first meeting with the Chinese leader in 20 years again sometime last week. Gazprom Chief Miller visited Tehran and finally in the nearest time central bank governor Russian Federation also visit It is believed that the purpose of her visit will be to integration of the banking systems of the two countries in order to Russia could use Iran's banking system, which already has adapted over the decades to to circumvent sanctions so that Russia could use the same system but in any case you see happening very intense contact and the situation is in in the process of constant motion his role in this case can and should play another Israel, however, I think that we'll talk about this topic In one of the next video in the near future. In the meantime, darlings.

friends, I have to say this According to the data that actually became already public So it's not a secret Europe's largest ports jammed with hundreds of hundreds of thousands of units armored vehicles and other vehicles that are on their way to towards Ukraine A large part of this equipment is already is already there as reported by the official persons of the United States of America let's say So privately in an informal way americans recommend that the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not start a counter major operation before before all the equipment arrives training training control this technique actually started happening Long enough ago. As it turns out, to master the most of the techniques that are supplied to Ukraine needed by the fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from a few days to couple of weeks meaning a couple of weeks This is for tank control a few might be more this control systems last systems in spite of the recommendations that have made Americans there is an option to start of an offensive by the Ukrainian side not waiting there for two and a half months while everyone's in the air So everyone's scared The csu will learn this new technique that it is considered that in principle it could be a situation where the counteroffensive will begin in stages and these New weapon systems will be brought into battle as they come in into the Ukraine in this manner the fastest scenario anything can begin as early as April. if waiting for a recommendation American military leaders And so, as always, at the end of their videos offensive enemy Fearfully awaits the beginning Glory to Ukraine I am the enemy of the armed forces will be defeated a clear victory will be for And to you, dear friends, as always Courage and Faith in what we We'll win, Till we meet again soon

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