90.10. MedBed Feedback (German) Dr. Robert Kovarik

90.10. MedBed Feedback (German) Dr. Robert Kovarik

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Good day. Some of my friends advised me against presenting my experiences, even from taking part in this test, to the general public because the not yet recognized entanglement phenomena today still belongs only to the realm of fantasy and I, by taking this test seriously and taking part in it, I would lose my good name and I could only make a fool of myself, if I would say truthfully what I experienced in the process. But I am with my 77 years still a curious person.

And if censorship already take place in research, it is no wonder that we got here, where we are right now. To the intelligent people I do not need to explain the matter further. That I am not stupid and can see behind the scenes, prove my multiple professional recognitions, my books and also the fact, that I have inaugurated two completely new treatment methods in Germany, which were approved by the Medical Service of the health insurance companies already in 1991 as scientifically recognized and even by the German Medical Association and their analogous billing codes were recommended according to GOÄ.

But that does not belong to this topic. I turn the tables and recommend the other way round to all mentally impaired people for their peace of mind, to stop the video at this point and not to follow it any further. To all others I promise at least an exciting entertainment, even some surprises and above all facts. It is not an advertisement for the product but the true reproduction of my experiences during the 90.10 MedBed test.

So Facts. If you want to hear and even want to see them, then please stay with us until the end. It will be exciting.

I have no reason to hide. My name is Dr. Robert Kovarik. As I said in my report about the test with quantum-physically refined water glass, I am a multiple specialist in retirement. Originally I come from Czech Republic and German language is not my mother tongue. I will say that in advance. In this video I will share with you my experiences with the eight hours 90.10. MedBed test.

During the test, I have commented my sensations from time to time, recorded them and then written it together. So now I will read out my notes, so that I always remain exact. Because this is the first video of my future 90.10.-MedBed experience series and I have been warned about participating, I would like to start a little broader. Why me, a mainstream-trained doctor, am happy to participate, regardless of the fact that my medical colleagues might think I am crazy for it.

I have done all the mainstream trainings. First in Prague and after my escape from the republic then again in Düsseldorf. Already earlier I recognized problems, strange phenomena and things, that were kept secret from us during the university education.

First of my practicing colleagues, whether doctors, alternative practitioners or even esoterically working laymen, I have heard something about alternative treatments, which were often gentler, more effective and more helpful than that, what I learned at the university and in research. They supplemented my knowledge and even solved some problems, which were considered difficult to cure by the pharma operating industry. It is not so simple, to think of the entanglements and self-healing possibilities in quantum space without believing the electromagnetic forces, if you are a doctor, who only adheres to verifiable and at any time reproducible facts in the three-dimensional world already for legal reasons alone. Only in self-awareness there is freedom, to experiment here on one's own body and own risk, which is true about this thing.

Only my subjective experience and my own medical analysis could convince myself, no matter what others would say about it. Before I get to the test, here's one more comment: The thing with mainstream medicine and the unexplained phenomena I see in a parable with a typical apple tree. The tree exists in reality. It stands rooted in the ground.

Holistically seen it consists of a strong trunk and many branches, leaves and fruits. The ground on which the tree stands symbolizes our level of knowledge. This one who sees the brown trunk and its brown roots in the brown earth, understands the context and so mainstream science begins. There is a scientific progress.

The horizontal plane rises higher and higher and the mainstream science explores the brown trunk in its course. It even recognizes its certain nutritional or health value in it. When in the still higher plane the first green leaves appear far from the brown stem, it confuses science. Some people pounce on it enthusiastically and even discover photosynthesis as a completely new function, while mainstream science gets confused by these discoveries in the world, so they prefer to ignore or denies them, because they have no reference to their previous complete knowledge about the brown roots.

The green leaves are as single phenomena completely inexplicable, almost esoteric. They do not even have the familiar brown color. So they appear as something completely Strange from another world and whoever speaks about it is taken for a charlatan or insulted as a storyteller. Mainstream science refuses, to take note of the leaves out of fear of being laughed at on the part of the scientific luminaries, who have already written their thick textbooks about it and thus seemed so powerful, that they could decide about the fate of other scientists and especially about the endowment of their research. If the level of knowledge continues to rise, at which the first red fruits are discovered, which the brave ones describe as very tasty and even much more nutritious than the lean bark used so far of the trunk of the tree, the mainstream science feels shaken in its foundations and existentially threatened in its lucrative business. Therefore the first explorers will be discredited with all means by the mainstream, sometimes imprisoned for their assertion or even murdered, so that the public, on which mainstream science thrives, does not learn the truth.

Often the mainstream science uses the still unripe fruits for it, to accuse the practitioners of lying, by stating the inedibility of the still unripe fruits is artificially exaggerated, in order to create a distrust in all media even in the ripe fruit. Only when the level of cognition rises so high, that mainstream science itself the branches branching off from the trunk, hanging downwards, they will follow these new phenomena accordingly, until they come to the green leaves and red fruits themselves. Only then a paradigm shift arises and only then science recognizes all the connections and only then it recognizes the existence of the formerly inexplicable phenomena. The same development we see namely now with the quantum medicine and its scientifically hardly provable entanglement phenomena.

Although some clever scientists reported about it already earlier off of the mainstream science, it is left to the imagination of the novelists, to write their books about it. I decided to belong to the intellectually free and curious people, who want to take in everything impartially. The possible laughing on the part of my many still mentally limited colleagues I gladly accept.

I would like to form my own opinion. One thing is important in this: If you want to imitate something surprising and new, and you do not yet understand the functional effects, it is necessary, to study the instruction manual and to follow it absolutely correctly. Only then you can reproduce success.

With the smallest deviation there are possibly no positive results, because it is not possible to know, which supposed trifle is in truth the most decisive. The eight hours of lying in a bed is clearly an imposition, which, however, one must endure, otherwise one would only incompletely get to know something useful about the MedBed and one's own body. Although you can stop the test much earlier, but this was not recommended by the inventor.

It is also not good, to do the eight hour 90.10.-MedBed test over the night, even if it can be done, and is even allowed and often practiced. One would thereby sleep through the different volatile and revealing reactions of the body. Because the test is only an impulse for the self-healing powers of one's own body, each of which meets an individual energetic level.

It is not to be expected, that the short test is sufficient for some convincing cure at the anatomical and cellular level. For this one needs in principle both more time as well as repetition of the stimuli. I started the test at 10:00 in the morning, knowing well, that it will not be easy, lying for eight hours in my bed until 18:00 in the evening. But I was determined to get through the whole test phase correctly and respectively.

What I experienced during the test, I can divide into three phases. The first, rather boring phase lasted from the beginning to the fifth hour of testing. In this period there was hardly something convincing for me. If I would have made a premature end here, it would be a pity, because I would have to evaluate as not convincing. Then followed the second dramatic phase for two and a half hours, in which I experienced enough, to finish the test half an hour earlier.

In the third phase, I describe my results after the end of the test until going to bed at midnight and during sleep until waking up in the morning. I did not want to rely only on my unverifiable feelings, which can easily be dismissed as placebo or credulity By the critics, but I wanted objective, scientifically untouchable proofs for the possible positive or negative results. For this purpose I used my scientific objective clue medical. Here I show you what the innovative and mainstream-ready device is capable of. But only at the end will I show the results. ... Now to the first phase.

I was not an easy case for the test. Actually I am a polymorbid person at my age. I have first had the scan done and then I gave orders to work on my painful and slightly wiggling tooth, on my light skin with sunburned Corneal precancerous lesions, on my stomach and esophagus, which was severely chronically burned caused by chronic reflux esophagitis at the hiatal hernia.

About 30 years ago, because of difficulty in swallowing, I was diagnosed with the precancerous stage of esophageal stenosis 4A. and this was dilated. 20 years ago the precancerous stage changed into the extensive Barrett's and about five years ago, a polypous growth that was suspicious for cancer in the area of the cardia was detected on computed tomography.

I treated myself in each case with my alternative means until today and this successfully. I have no stomach pain, no difficulty in swallowing, only continue to have heartburn in the evening when lying down which continued to bother me sometimes. Depending on when I ate or drank something. I refused to take drugs, from the side-effect-rich pharmaceutical drugs containing aluminum and discontinued all classical high side-effect antacids And proton inhibitors.

I paid attention only to anti-flatulent and alkalizing diet as well as to after dinnertime regularly taking a hearty sip of kefir Right before going to bed. Because no milk, no cream, only the kefir could relieve or prevent my heartburn. It is important to know that for the whole test. Then I wanted to improve my heart by the MedBed, which for many years has not had a normal heart action. About five years ago I noticed failing heartbeats after every third beat.

At that time I could normalize the heart action with vitaminous and mineral supplements. But with the years it became more and more difficult, to prolong the episodes of the normal heartbeat. This year I had the heartbeat episodes very frequently. After each or second heartbeat or third normal beat there was always a pause. My heart reacts no longer so fast to the cellular building up agents as it used to.

I could only gain small extensions of the pauses for a normal heart activity with it at times. And also I wanted to see something sharper and wanted my prostate to be small again so that, because of the full bladder with urinary residues I don't have to get up so often at night. I am for decades a little overweight. Weight reduction is difficult.

My weight hardly drops below a certain mark. And I have some physical characteristics of slight hypofunction of the thyroid gland. Even if the laboratory tests did not specifics showed, anyway, I wanted to normalize the thyroid.

I have read all 90.10.-MedBed information beforehand And watched the videos. Oliver Schacke seemed to me so positive, so altruistic, so valuable in his concept and so honest, that I decided to follow all his instructions and advices exactly. So during the test, I scrupulously avoided to mention my existing complaints or diseases To the quantum system, but I have called the in reality sick organs or functions As already healthy.

As if all these organs were already healed. This trick is understood only by the one, who has read the instructions carefully, What this is important for. So I followed everything correctly.

So I have also used with the positive formulations the affirmation formula "I am" recommended by Oliver and used repeatedly. At the beginning, after the activation of the MedBed I did not notice anything at all, that went beyond normal lying down. Only unspecific changes, A vague tingling sensation on the skin, some slight rumbling in the abdomen, intermittent mild headache, a feeling of pressure in the stomach area and when lying down for a long time various transparent, colored images from my mind's eye completely without context and the flickering on the ceiling with intermittent geometric structuring, when my eyes were already tired. Several times, some clearly recognizable strange series of characters appeared to me in all joints between the wooden boards of the ceiling. And slight twists of their otherwise solid horizontal lines.

This could also be seen otherwise when lying down for a long time and looking at the ceiling with decreasing focus of the lenses also like this, completely without active influences. So the first phase was not particularly convincing. I was a little disappointed that I didn't feel a clearer reaction of my body, I felt a little ridiculous and began to doubt about the whole thing. However, from my experience with my regulative, trophotropic buildup methods, I knew, that this is just typical for the self-healing processes, because the gentle, trophotropic, parasympathetic, regenerative processes are unfolded only in the stress-free phase and as in sleep inconspicuously below the limit of perception. I also knew, that it also depends on the reactivity of my body, Whether I respond to the test or not.

So I was determined to gain my further experience, just in case, even if they should remain boring. But what made me a little bit suspicious, already in this phase , was my increased compulsion to go to the toilet. In the first two to three hours I lost a noticeable amount of water, about three quarters of a liter of urine, much more than I have ingested in the morning in a 200-milliliter coffee glass.

Otherwise, neither during the morning nor the whole test Did I drink or eat anything. I did not felt any hunger or thirst. It was cathartic that I could go to the toilet as many times as I wanted. This supposedly interrupted the activation of the MedBed immediately, but I could allegedly activate it again and again, When I was lying on the bed again. So I did it as if I believed the MedBed effect.

The extreme urination however, already showed me a little bit about the effect of the MedBed, because theoretically it is a sign of the stimulated detoxification work of the body. That gave me some hope again, that I was not just uselessly tied to the bed like a fool. From lying on the pillow for a long time I eventually got light but annoying neck pain. After an appropriate command it disappeared and did not return. But even that was not convincing.

Increasingly I was annoyed by my stuffy nose, which forced me to breathe sporadically through my mouth. This is also usually my problem at night while lying down. I didn't use my good nose drops this time during the test and waited to see what would happen next. I was working on this for a relatively long time during the test, because the swelling of the nose was very persistent and annoying, as usually.

At times it even got worse. Then I experienced the power of the right repetitive affirmation, Which I remembered out of necessity. When I said that my nose is free and I can breathe freely again, it was almost always immediately better. The swelling of the nasal mucosa returned unfortunately several times very soon. I thought that this is the power of my autosuggestion.

But at some point, about after the fourth hour, my nose definitely became completely free. And since then I have had no more problems with it. At the end of the fifth hour I had two positive effects. My slightly wobbly and pain-sensitive tooth became much less sensitive And it sat much more firmly in the jaw. This was rare. And my heart.

I intentionally took no medication or restorative substances on the day of the test. I only drank one cup of coffee. At 10:00 a.m. my heartbeats were typical As on every day, too, so there was a pause after every first to third normal heartbeat. Now in the fifth hour the intervals spontaneously extended to eight to twelve. That was something objective after all, because I always counted it exactly.

But who would believe me? At the end of the fifth boring hour I remembered, that with a simple command I am able to increase the intensity of the quantum effect. And because I hardly felt anything quite convincing, I gave the unhesitating command, to increase the test intensity to 100,000 units. And there was something going on. Already in the next second my doubts were swept away.

It came to a dramatic turn in my sensations with the following surprises: Within seconds the skin tingled, in different places, what in the last two hours was no longer the case. My until then calm stomach began to rumble again strongly, like at the beginning in the first hour, only this time much more violently. The inner feelings in the stomach often felt like impulses, not as if they were following the stimulated peristalsis.

This went from the liver area to the stomach area and then down the left costal arch Down to the left lower abdominal fossa, Following the course of the colon. In the left lower abdominal pit I suddenly felt an already forgotten, but known to me for a long time, very unpleasant pulling pain again. There I was plagued already several years ago with such a strong chronic pain, that I had a computer tomography done. They found extensive diverticulosis. I treated myself. And then I forgot it in the meantime.

Also, my left knee started to hurt. 20 years ago, after an accident I suffered a small meniscus damage, which I treated myself. For two years my left knee still caused me pain, until I forgot about it because it healed spontaneously.

This old pain appeared like a memory. Not too long. But I got a new unpleasant pain in the middle of the abdomen.

It felt different from the pain I had before during the test. It changed to the left, then I felt it on both sides. It felt like pulling, uncomfortable like a scar.

Maybe it was related to the diverticulitis that had healed. Some time after that came a relatively strong pain in the responsible nervous segment in the cruciate region, which also plagued me very often in the past, which I treated myself with electrotherapy, vibrations, ultrasound treatment, etc. until it disappeared. This one was very uncomfortable, but this back pain disappeared very quickly after my command. Then another spot under the left knee started to hurt at the back of the calves at the top. I remembered, that a long time ago I also felt a pain right there, until it disappeared.

My abdomen hurt for quite a long time. Especially the pulling on the left and in the middle made me realize, that there is probably an activation of my chronic prostatitis involved. Something obviously happened there, which I might notice later for good or bad. My urinary bladder region suddenly also became very sensitive to pressure pain, Which I didn't have before.

Also in the upper abdomen I got a pressing feeling, as if a heavy bell was sitting there. This was so strong that I thought about lowering the intensity of the test again. I decided against lowering it, because the discomfort from the activation were endurable and I was very happy that the test finally showed an effect and my self-healing perhaps now finally works to the maximum. And I was convinced, that I have it under control and that there was no danger for me. Slight pain or pressure points in the abdomen disappeared again at some point. In the abdomen they stayed the longest.

On the skin I felt many intense sensations again and again of itching and tingling in changing localities. Mostly over the diseased organs. All of that was running one after the other. It was quite dramatic. I was wide awake in every second. I had no trace of the earlier tiredness or boredom anymore.

At times I felt a sensation of heat in my face and arms. I got a euphoric feeling and believed in the success of the test. Already at the beginning I had got a slight headache.

Not too strong. On a pain scale from one to ten it was only at level one. It then disappeared. After the increase of intensity however, it came again and was clearly stronger. That didn't bother me anymore. I took all this as proof of the effect of the MedBed, but inside I was still locked up to believe it unreservedly as evidence.

It was only feelings and hardly anyone would believe them. The ticklish feelings on the skin lasted all the time in changing places, especially on hands, legs and head. After the affirmation for sharper vision, I had at times felt a tingling around my eyes. In the last sixth hour it seemed that the drama had finally calmed down. In the seventh hour of the test there was again an urge to urinate With abundant urination, without having drunk a sip of liquid. My normal heart action has shortened a bit again, which disappointed me a bit.

This was now only five to seven normal strokes, Until one beat was missing again. But at least that was more than at the beginning of the test. At 7 o'clock, 30 more minutes of the test duration was enough for me. I have finished the test positively. Before getting up, I made the second Clue Medical control measurement. When I left the bed, phase three began.

During the next four hours I watched various films. I ate something, drank a glass of water from the activated glass and drank even two glasses half full with white wine and water. That evening I did not drink the otherwise obligatory kefir dose for my esophagus against the heartburn. And to my surprise, when I went to bed I no longer noticed any heartburn, no matter which side I turned. And this without kefir and even after shortly before drinking Two diluted glasses of white wine. Because usually, after the white wine not even the kefir could help me anymore.

I enjoyed a very quiet and pleasant night and felt no more heartburn. Also I did not even have to get up at night for going to the toilet. Before, I could go up to five times. My prostate problems were totally gone.

And something else spectacular has definitely strengthened my confidence in the MedBed. The biggest surprise came, when I laid down in bed at 24:00 and checked my pulse. I counted the beats and waited for the gap. 1, 2, 3, 8, 12, 20, 25, 30 passed, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 normal strokes, and still my heart beat was regular without a single failure. This had never happened to me in the last five years, Despite various treatments.

The sensational final result of my Clue-Medical measurement after the eight hour 90.10. MedBed test without any other influence, without build-up drugs and cardiac drugs is evident proof for me of the working interlacing effect of the 90.10. MedBed. With my incorruptible, mainstream-ready Clue Medical device.

we have as a community another scientific objectification possibility, which I will also use in the research. I put my original recording to our community for free use. In layman's terms, it's enough, to compare the three tachograms side by side.

The specialists have my measurements with concrete numbers at any time.

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