5 Ways to BOOST COLLAGEN in Your SKIN Without WASTING Your MONEY! At Home to In Office Treatments

5 Ways to BOOST COLLAGEN in Your SKIN Without WASTING Your MONEY!  At Home to In Office Treatments

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hey guys welcome back to my channel thanks so  much for tuning in and hanging out with me today   for today's video i'm gonna share with you the  top five ways to stimulate your collagen that's   what we're talking about today and i feel  like everywhere we look now it's always like   collagen this everything is collagen collagen  collagen well i'm here to share with you today   as always the best ways that you can really go  about stimulating collagen the tried and true ways   to really go about that whether it's at home or  in office treatments i'm going to share with you   the top tips on where to spend your money so that  you really really see results and you actually are   stimulating collagen so before i dive into what  those top five are don't forget to subscribe to   my channel join our youtube family here where we  are all about getting the best of the healthiest   skin of our lives which i promise you will so just  subscribe to my channel hit that big red subscribe   button and then also hit the bell notification so  that you get notified every time i post a video   and then also join me on instagram where you'll  find more skin care tips and product information   and just you know skincare fun skincare routines  all of that good behind the scenes skincare action   over on my instagram all right guys let's dive  into it i'm sharing with you the top five ways   to stimulate your own collagen so that you have  plump amazing looking skin all right so what kind   of sparked the idea for this video is i actually  just had the morpheus eight rf microneedling   treatment done yesterday and i posted the whole  video about it i just did like a quick little vlog   and brought you along to my appointment so if  you have not seen that and you're interested   in that you know treatment you can go check out  that video where i will link it down below for   you guys but that's kind of what sparked the idea  for this video because i was gonna actually do a   makeup video today but i can't even put makeup on  i have nothing on my skin right now except for spf   because i can't i just kind of don't want to put  makeup on right now it hasn't been like a full   24 hours even yet and you're not really supposed  to put makeup on yet so i'm like okay we're gonna   squash that idea let's talk about collagen  because the rf micro needling is a step to   you know stimulating collagen and all of that so  we'll get into all of that so let's start with the   at home things you can do first because  honestly what you do at home on a daily basis   is the most important and we were talking about  this yesterday while i was getting my treatment   done my friend monica she's a cosmetic surgeon  she's the one that did my treatment yesterday   we were talking going back and forth about how  some people come in for in-office treatments   and you can tell they really don't take the  best care of their skin it just doesn't have   good elasticity and there might be skin texture  and just you can just tell that they don't take   good care of their skin but they think coming  in for an in-office treatment is going to just   all of a sudden solve their issues when it really  doesn't it's really the most beneficial and what's   going to help you the most is everything that  you do on a consistent basis on a daily basis   so let's talk about that first because there's  definitely some things you need to be doing at   home every single day to stimulate that collagen  first and foremost let's talk about skin care   because you know that is what i am all about  let's talk about the must-have ingredients for   your skincare that really truly have been proven  clinically studied clinically shown to stimulate   collagen the first ingredient being vitamin c now  there's loads of different vitamin c's out there   but the top the gold standard ingredient vitamin c  ingredient that you need to be using every single   day is l-ascorbic acid that is the one that  is going to really rejuvenate your skin really   really stimulate that collagen i was talking to my  dermatologist friend as well about this why a lot   of friends in the skincare world they're all going  to be on my channel soon too which is going to be   super fun but i was talking to my dermatologist  friend about l-ascorbic acid and she was telling   me that it is the gold standard like you have  to be using that for that collagen production so   products like skinceuticals this is an l-ascorbic  acid all of their products are l-ascorbic acid   skinceuticals is the number one antioxidant  authority for a reason now l-ascorbic acid   is a more difficult form of vitamin c to work with  it's a little bit harder to keep stable so that   is why you see a lot of other brands using these  other forms of vitamin c because l-ascorbic acid   you have to formulate it in a like a very specific  way so that it's stable and then it actually has   the delivery system in the vehicle to drive it  into the skin cells so skinceuticals has all of   that covered their formulations are just backed  by pure science and their products work another   brand that i'm loving for their vitamin c is the  photozyme md they're vitamin c plus e ferulic acid   with dna repair enzymes again 15 ascorbic acid it  literally just melts into your skin it makes your   skin glow but you are creating that collagen with  that 15 ascorbic acid now ascorbic acid can be in   all different strengths usually it's between 10  all the way up to 20 but not always you know is   the higher the better it depends on what your  skin can handle if you have more sensitive skin   start with a 10 and if you have more dry skin  you're supposed to only keep it to about 10 to 15   if you have more oily not sensitive skin that  is when you can you know usually use the 20   but again it doesn't always matter like the  highest amount isn't always the the best in form   you know in a form of vitamin c like this you use  what your skin can use but again ascorbic acid in   anywhere from that 10 to 20 range is going to give  you the best benefits of the collagen stimulation   now i'm going to mention another antioxidant that  truly is going to make a difference with your skin   and it's the osmosis replenish and the reason i  love this is because it has astaxanthin in it and   astaxanthin is an ingredient that is an amazing  antioxidant and it's actually six thousand times   more effective at fighting free radicals than  l-ascorbic acid or any other form of vitamin c   and the reason that is so important is because  free radicals damage your collagen on a daily   basis your skin is being attacked every single  day by free radicals so you really want the   most powerful antioxidants at fighting off those  free radicals so not only is the ascorbic acid   it is stimulating the collagen at the highest  amounts you are getting free radical protection   with l-ascorbic acid but then if you use something  like this with the astaxanthin in it it is just   like the most powerhouse duo of protection for  your skin so you want to stimulate that collagen   but then you also want to really protect the  collagen that you already have and that what   your body is creating and that's what you do with  the astaxanthin it's like the top ingredient for   really fighting those free radicals so that's  why i've been you know really really loving this   combination which i've been sharing with you guys  the l-ascorbic acid with this is just like life   all right so we covered our vitamin c the next  one is vitamin a now as you guys know vitamin a   is another gold standard ingredient in terms of  anti-aging in terms of stimulating that collagen   and there is different forms of vitamin a you  have your retinols retinaldehyde your retin-a all   of them are going to help stimulate collagen now i  personally love and swear by retinaldehyde this is   what i've used for years because it really does a  good job at stimulating that collagen and creating   younger healthier skin but without any irritation  there's no side effects like peeling flaking   irritated skin it's not ripping apart your skin  barrier and you don't have to walk around with   like inflamed skin so that is my personal favorite  i've seen results myself i've seen results on so   many other people using this it's just an amazing  vitamin a but again any form of vitamin a within   the retinol renaldehyde retin-a you are going to  be stimulating that collagen so make sure you're   using one of those in your skincare routine  daily all right so then another try and true   collagen stimulating ingredient is actually  glycolic acid and glycolic acid really gets down   into the skin cells and stimulates that collagen  so there's a couple different products that i   really love in terms of glycolic acid and if  you follow me for a while you guys know i love   a glycolic acid in a toner now for me i like this  because it's easy to layer with other products and   it's just a quick and effective way to just  really get that glycolic acid onto your skin   i love taking the toners and rubbing it down my  arms my chest it's just super super easy to just   get all over and it makes such a big difference so  the sunitas glyco glycosolutions they come in a 5   a 10 and a 15 glycolic acid they are bomb they  are amazing and again stimulate that collagen   um and then for a glycolic acid cream if  you're looking for something to use overnight   this is the best product i love this so much it's  the skinceuticals glycolic 10 renew overnight it's   a 10 pure glycolic acid but it's got other  hydrating ingredients to it the formulation   is so amazing because glycolic acid again can  be irritating it can be drying to your skin   it can cause you know red flaky skin as well  but this formulation just knocks all of that   inflammation out none of that irritating side  effects and you just get like the smoothest   clearest brightest skin while stimulating the  collagen so if you're looking for an amazing like   leave-on type of you know glycolic acid cream this  is by far just so good all right then one more   skincare product i want to mention that's a little  bit different here you know we got your vitamin c   we got vitamin a we've got glycolic acid those are  like the tried and true like known ingredients for   really stimulating collagen but the other  one that i have to mention is the osmosis   rescue because what this does is it is like the  most anti-inflammatory ingredient like the main   ingredient here is super anti-inflammatory  it knocks out all inflammation in your skin   and the reason that's so important to collagen  stimulation to protecting your collagen is because   if you have a lot of inflammation in your skin  which again we are just getting bombarded with   you know balloons and uv damage and rays and just  you know makeup sitting on our skin just all of   that just so much just creating inflammation you  know in our skin on a daily basis you want to   knock out that inflammation because inflammation  actually is attacking again the collagen so when   you have a lot of inflammation it's going  to eventually really damage the collagen   in your skin so something like this is just so  important to be constantly really knocking out   the inflammation in your skin and most people  don't realize that inflammation is that damaging   to your skin you're walking around you don't even  realize you have that inflammation in your skin   although if you are irritated if you're red  if you're peeling that's a definite sign of   inflammation to your skin um but again we all are  dealing with inflammation you know with our skin   on a daily basis so something like this to really  control that inflammation knock it out so that   that inflammation is not damaging your collagen  on a daily basis so i want to throw that in here   because i really do feel like that is such a  big thing for protecting your collagen all right   number two a way to stimulate that collagen in an  effective way is through supplements and now this   is where you see i feel like collagen everywhere  those collagen powders collagen waters collagen   everything and the thing is is most of those are  crap it is so difficult to formulate collagen in   a way that your body is going to absorb  it and actually use it to its advantage   so a lot of those products out there a lot of  those collagen powders and waters and all of   that they are just just marketing crap they're not  really doing anything to stimulate collagen you   know within now i'm going to share with you this  supplement right here this is actually an osmosis   supplement it's the regenerate it's the liver  and collagen renewal supplement and this is just   completely formulated in a way that's completely  different than any of those like collagen powders   and waters and all of that stuff that you see he  has formulated this with actual ingredients that   are bioavailable to your body so your body's  going to actually draw them in and use them and   you actually are stimulating collagen and not only  is it a collagen supplement it is a liver detox at   the same time it's just like the most amazing  supplement but i love it because this is all   filled with amino acids that your body needs to  produce and make and stimulate its own collagen   so i love these again amino acids is what you need  so when you're you know taking in food supplements   it has to be in a bioavailable way that your  body can actually use it and this osmosis   regenerate definitely is you will see amazing  results with this and now i also really love   the symbiotica the liposomal vitamin c so again  just like vitamin c we need to put it on topically   there's different forms of vitamin c that we want  to be taking internally as well so the symbiotic   of vitamin c super easy to take you it's just a  little pouch you drink it it tastes super good but   this is actually a non-gmo l-ascorbic acid form in  this which is the best and again it's a liposomal   delivery system because even with supplements it's  all about the delivery system same with skin care   there's like so many supplements out there just  have the wrong vehicle and wrong delivery system   it's not doing anything so this has a liposomal  delivery system when you are taking this in   your body is using everything in it so this is a  ascorbic acid form of vitamin c but then it's also   got bamboo silica which is a mineral that  is known for like beautifying the skin   and stimulating collagen so you were just getting  such an amazing anti-aging collagen stimulation   with this form of vitamin c i love this for a  daily vitamin c supplement also this supplement   is not formulated with any form of like corn  derived or synthetic vitamin c's there's a ton   of vitamin c's on the market that are just not a  natural derived you know form of vitamin c this is   and that's why you will see such a difference with  this and this will aid in the collagen production   of your skin as well so this supplement is amazing  like i said it's actually super yummy to take two   so i love that now along the same lines of  supplements number three is your diet and what   you eat you want to be eating certain foods that  are going to naturally stimulate the collagen in   your body so foods like egg whites foods like  chicken lean ground meats also bone broth is   so good bone broth is loaded in those amino acids  that your body needs i always cook with bone broth   when i'm like cooking up veggies or even if i'm  making like lean ground turkey or something or   chicken even i will cook it in bone broth so that  it's kind of absorbing all of that goodness in   and it's going to help stimulate that collagen so  even like leafy greens um berries because those   are loaded with vitamin c anything loaded with  vitamin c obviously it's going to help your you   know your skin and stimulating that collagen too  but diet is huge you want to stay away from sugar   you want to stay away from refined carbs because  those create inflammation in your body which again   inflammation in your body is going to attack the  collagen as well okay number four and the last   at-home way to stimulate collagen is through skin  care devices and now these are super beneficial   if you're using the correct ones because you  can do these on a daily basis and they truly   make a difference you will see absolute 100  results with these skincare tools now again   there are so many different skincare tools out on  the market but the two best ones that you can use   daily at home you can even use them back to back  you know every single night if you want are going   to be your red led therapy lights and your micro  current device i use my at-home skincare devices   all the time you guys if you follow me on  instagram you see me watching tv and these   guys right here so the truth treatments led light  therapy mask this is an amazing mask so this one   um has your red light it has your near infrared um  but then also has a blue light as well for acne so   the red light and the near infrared light  that's what's stimulating your collagen though   and then the omniblocks so this is the other one  that i absolutely love this one's so comfortable   because it just kind of like curves around your  face and it's very light this is again your red   light and your near infrared light which those  two are the needed ones to stimulate collagen   but you will a hundred percent see results you  put this on for like i think it's like seven   or ten minutes at the most you know at night  again while you're watching tv laying in bed   and you will notice the difference you can use  this every single night i think it says to take   like one night off a week but it's safe to use  very easy very effective and you will notice   you know your skin just becomes you know less  lines less little wrinkles more even toned at the   same time it's working at those deeper levels to  stimulate that collagen so i highly highly suggest   adding in your red light therapies as well as your  microcurrent again something super easy you can do   this every single night you put your conductive  gel on and then you just take this little device   and it's so easy to just roll it up your skin and  the currents are stimulating those like muscles   in your face so one it's going to help lift your  skin because you will notice a difference with how   it kind of stimulates those muscles and lifts so  it's like working out at the gym like you have to   work out those muscles become lifted and sculpted  it's the same with your face and that is what   this is doing but those microcurrents are also  getting into the skin cells where it is creating   that you know collagen stimulation effect so  microcurrent is a must all right number five   is in-office treatments there's many different  treatments that you can go get from a doctor   or dermatologist that are going to help with  stimulating that collagen now like i said truly   it's so important to do your everyday consistent  you know right products your right diet right   supplements all of that to see the best benefits  within your skin i was talking to monica about   this like i was saying yesterday is some people  think that like you could just go get an office   treatment and then you know you just you're done  like that's all you have to do it's very important   to be consistent on a daily basis with what you do  at home it's like again it's like going to the gym   you can't just not work out forever and then go  to the gym one time and lift weights and be like   oh yeah i'm fit now like perfect i'm in shape like  it takes consistent consistent work and it's the   same with your skin it takes a daily consistency  it takes consistency to your skincare to your diet   and then again in office treatments and all of  those together combined are going to give you   like your best skin so now i consulted with my  dermatologist friend on the in-office treatments   and what she recommended for the best and the  top you know collagen stimulation effects so   there's lasers and then there's also like your  micro needling and things like that all of those   different technologies are going to help stimulate  collagen because they're working at a deep level   of your skin so you have your co2 laser which  is your ablative laser now that laser is like   very painful most people have to get  like put under anesthesia to do it   your downtime is quite a lot because it literally  like burns off the entire first layer of your skin   um so it's painful and there's a lot of downtime  but that is going to give you like like completely   fresh new skin so you are stimulating collagen  with that whole process now one step under that   laser is going to be your fraxel laser so fraxel  laser is your non-ablative laser um you are going   to have less downtime and less pain but you're  still it's very effective for you know really   creating that collagen within your skin but  fraxel you can do your entire face you can do   just under your eyes but it's a good way to really  stimulate that collagen uh fraxel also helps with   like any sun damage and stuff like that um all of  that i'm not like i said i'm not a laser expert   um but i do know that fraxel is really good for  stimulating collagen and then clear and brilliant   is the other one where that's even less than  a fraxel so like it's still going to stimulate   collagen but there's no downtime no pain you can  literally walk out of there and no one really even   knows that you had anything done but again it's  still going to be effective for stimulating that   collagen so you have your clear and brilliant you  have your fraxel and then you have your co2 those   are going to be your best lasers for that and then  again like i said you have your rf micro needling   now that was what i just had done and it's  radio frequency and micro needling put together   so you literally are getting poked by these tiny  little needles that are going into your skin   with the radial frequency and it's like a heat  energy which is getting into your skin cells   and again it's stimulating and creating that  collagen within your skin so again with the   lasers with like the rf micro needling with you  know technologies like that i don't walk out of   there the next day and be like oh i see a huge  result or anything it takes time for your body   to you know create that collagen and to really see  its effects so with the rf microneedling that i   just did um it's going to be again an ongoing  kind of effect so in the next couple of weeks   you should start seeing a little bit you know  more results and then with the rf micro needling   you're supposed to do three treatments um a month  back to back so like one month and then wait four   weeks and then do another treatment and then wait  four weeks and do another treatment so with three   treatments you're supposed to get like the best  effect to start and then you can kind of just like   do like you know little treatments here and there  as needed but i'm going to do the three treatments   i think to like see what results i you know truly  see i really wanted to do it just for a little   skin tightening and see what happens with that  but yeah that is it those are your five top ways   to stimulate collagen from at home to in-office  treatments the best products everything that you   really want to be doing you know spending  your money on where it's going to be worth it   now you know so i hope you guys enjoyed this  video i will link everything that i mentioned   down below in the description box as always  links to products information you can open   it up there for more info all of that good  stuff if you have any questions let me know   in the comments as always but thank you so much  for watching and hanging out with me today guys   don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if  you enjoyed and i will see you all next time bye

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