331 Bringing Heaven Home with Dr. Brent Satterfield

331 Bringing Heaven Home with Dr. Brent Satterfield

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Path 11: Well, hello, everyone and welcome to today's podcast. My guest today is Dr. Brent Satterfield, he invented DNA testing technologies that have impacted millions of people in more than 50 countries including the covid 19 pandemic, following multiple experiences with Heaven, he became a student of consciousness, faith and experiences of God in cultures around the world. rent is a two time author of spiritual

nonfiction. His first book, faith to produce miracles was released in March 2018. And his newest release, let me grab it. For those of you who are watching on path 11 TV, I'll get to show you the cover. It's called bringing heaven home. And that is what we are going to talk about today. And for those of you who are listening, I just like to remind you that you can watch the video recording of this podcast on path 11 TV comm for free. And of course, if you'd like to sign up with a membership, you will have all of this wonderful material of over 100 hours, just educating you about what happens with consciousness, the afterlife Is there life after death, and all that good stuff. And my guest today actually has had multiple

experiences with God. So I'm gonna let you tell him a little bit about I'm gonna let him tell you guys what those experiences are. And I have some questions for him as I was reading his book, but these aren't necessarily near death experiences. And so I want him to explain that as well. So welcome Brent to the path love and podcast. Thank you very much, April. Yeah. So where do we begin here, maybe you can give our listeners a little bit of background of where you were in your life before you had one of your first experiences.

Unknown: Sure. So I grew up in the south, in a kind of a Christian background. And I had a strong spiritual leaning or religious type leaning, I spent two years in a volunteer mission in Brazil, I received a PhD and scientific field where I went on to develop technologies to impact the developing world, I always had an interest in helping people in the poor areas of the world. And so that's kind of how the first, roughly 40

years of my life passed, and leading up to the first experiences that are in this book. Path 11: Okay, alright, so let's get into it. Now I have to, I've got a lot of bookmarks here. So my first bookmark actually comes more in chapter six, which was actually your, it's called the second experience physics of heaven. But what I underlied mine was interesting, because you were talking about, since you've had kind of all of experiences of obedience in the past, like, I know that part of what you were saying was like, you kind of had to get to this depth of kind of being bad or like, you know, surrendering, in a sense to get God's attention, and you got God's attention in the first experience. But then there was kind of this belief or thinking, Okay, well, how do I get his attention again? And how do I get him to come to me, but what I really loved was how you said, perhaps all that was lacking was intent, or even just allowance in trying to connect with God. So I've talked a lot with people about intent and

consciousness and how intent moves consciousness and learning more about this state of allowance or state of grace that we'll talk about a little bit later. That's also in your book. So can you explain a little bit maybe about your first and second experience and how you came to learn that maybe it was just more about intent in connecting with God and feeling God's presence? Unknown: Certainly. So I think the way that people relate to God or divine being, it has a lot to do with their upbringing, not just religiously, but in our own homes, like with our families, you know, what kind of things that we have to do to get parental attention. And at the time, you know, I wasn't aware enough in my connection with God to realize how much I was projecting my childhood experience on to my experience with the divine. But those thoughts of, you know, I'm never good enough to measure up and I have to be perfect in order to get dad's attention, those same thoughts dinner applying with, with God, I've got to be perfect to get God's attention. And I'm part of a religion that kind of reinforces that thought. And so

the first two experiences there was very much this sense of if I live my life perfectly, and I'm praying and I'm fasting and I'm doing everything possible, then maybe I can be lucky enough to get to capture his attention to have an experience. And so there was a shift, in my own understanding as I had more experiences with God to realize that. Whereas at the first I almost kind of thought that it was my actions, it was the things that I was doing that was allowing me to have those experiences. As time went on, it felt more like no this, this had nothing to do with my actions, it had nothing to do with all the emotion that I held pent up trying to, to capture his attention. But more of it's like a surrender to a life path, that each of us are here to have certain understandings, certain experiences, learn certain things, and that what is in our heart will ultimately manifest. And so if what's in our heart is

to have these types of experiences it's going to unfold. And it isn't something that we have to earn. In fact, it's almost at the point where we let go of the earning it that it does seem to open up that that that becomes possible for us. Path 11: Yeah. So I know that some of your experiences and the things that you've learned from your experiences with God are very similar in in line to people who have had near death experiences, and come back to tell about it. Like many of them, like you've also said in your book was like, okay, everything that I was taught about religion and these rules, and how God judges is like the complete opposite of what I experienced. So, you know, pretty awesome that you didn't need to die practically four times in order to have your experience with God. But why don't let's give our viewers

just a little taste of your very first experience, if you can go into detail about how this started, and what you experienced and how it happened. And then we'll kind of move into other areas. Unknown: Sure, so much of my life. I mean, from the time that I was a teenager on, I just I felt a connection was happening. And there was always this sense of, I felt very much that having experiences with God was not something that that we just read about or hear about, but that it was possible for each one of us. And that if I lived my life in a certain way that at some point, it would open up. And so you know, 20 years later, I ran into

a woman who had had four near death experiences, the first one in a plane crash and the subsequent ones that happened, as due to complications from that plane crash, or the injuries that she had in a plane crash. And each one of those she had seen God. And when she came back from these experiences, she came back changed, she was different. And she had the gift to help people cross over to have their own if for lack of a better word, near death experience without having to die to get there. And I didn't know who she was when she initially reached out. She just told me that she had been told that she was to work with me that she was to help me have this experience.

And I was such a spiritual seeker that I didn't question that it just seemed like confirmation of wow, you know that this woman who had these near death experiences wants to help me have one. And in that first experience, I went to her home one day, and there was this energy that came over me where it was strong enough that I could almost see what was about to happen, I could see myself placing my hand on her heart. And it felt like I had a piece of her heart that I was supposed to give back to her. And, you know, I didn't have any real

understanding for what that meant. But it was such a strong feeling, I started to do it, I moved my hand to put it on her chest and then stopped and thought, wow, this, this might not be appropriate. But she had seen me start to move. And she grabbed my hand and put it squarely over her heart and said, You know, that's exactly where Jesus puts his hand. And as soon as she did that, and my hand touched her, I felt this, this electric energy all throughout my body is like a pins and needles feeling except it was not uncomfortable. It was like, if you could call it a divine electricity, it just felt kind of like a fire almost in my whole body. And where the body started going, I couldn't feel the the boundaries between myself and the world around me anymore. And I could hear her

thoughts, which all of this was new to me. And it was a little startling. And I asked her, like, what does this mean what's happening? And she said, Well, that's the feeling that I got each time that I crossed over. So she's saying this is a feeling that that happens right before the near death experience or free crossover. And she told me to lay down and then used her gifts to help push me the rest of the way over. And from that point, the experience opened up where for me, I found myself going really deep into that understanding like like going into almost the molecules in my body themselves going down into the atoms and then into the space in between the atoms And then seeing this energy that was filling up just everything filling up the whole world. And accompany with it was this

intense understanding that of how my body was arising and how my body was showing up that I had been holding a lot of a lot of shame around my body. And, and I don't know if that's the right word for it, but but resentment like, like, we're almost wanting ourselves to perform in ways that our bodies weren't made to perform. And we're trying to push ourselves mentally, emotionally to have experiences and I was seeing that, that this was, it was not the most loving way to treat my body, that that everything that it was in my life ever, everything physically was showing up exactly the way that the way that I wanted, on a divine level. Like if we could get outside of our minds outside of our conscious self in this world, and step in to step into who or what it was, before we came here, that my body was showing up exactly in accordance with what I was asking it to do. That included the physical aspects included

the emotional aspects, the mental aspects, that all of those different pieces, were responding in perfect obedience. And the question was posed to me Why do you hate it? Why do you hate this configuration? That is that is obeying you with exactness? Shouldn't you instead be loving it. And there was this understanding that wow, all of the self hatred that we put toward ourselves, it shuts down the flow of light and energy in the way that it's supposed to go. And instead of bringing

healing into our inner spaces, it just it prolongs the very thing that that we're suffering with. And that instead that I needed to open my heart and allow love to flow. So that's kind of how the experience started. From there. I had a series of memories come back before this life with God and with Jesus. And then I had encounters with angelic beings.

And it continued to unfold from there in that first experience. Path 11: Yeah, that first experience was fun to read, because I felt like I was like transporting myself into your body and like, seeing this woman and you know, the way you described it with, like your hand going up to her heart. And, and the shocking thing was when you said, You felt like she was just looking into your soul through the eyes, and that she had actually confirmed that, like, I know, I know, I'll be able to work with you. Because I can see into the soul of people's eyes. And if I'm supposed to work with them, and she stood there and stared at you, right? for like, a little bit. She's like, Oh, yes, I am supposed to help you crossover.

And at first, when I first read it, I was like, Oh, my god, she's gonna make him crossover. Like, is he really gonna have a near death experience? But then he went on to explain, like he just did today that it was to experience that feeling like to cross you over into this. This place, I guess you could say of that feeling without having to actually cross over.

Unknown: So yeah, the way she explained it to me is that in a near death experience, there's a part of the mind that dies. Path 11: Yeah. Okay, have this highlighted. This was the other thing that it was, like, fascinating to me. Hold on. Yes, I have it where there's a part of the brain that dies, which is like the part that allows us to be able to remember is that what it Okay, here it is. I got it, page 45. She said, Yes, I'm supposed to help you cross over, you're supposed to return every week for the next several weeks, while I teach you to relax the part of the mind that keeps us separated from the knowledge of God. That's the part that dies in near death experience. So we You and I are we're in sync because I wanted to talk about this. So yes, let's go tell me what is that part that dies in

the near death experience in the brain? Unknown: I would love to say I'm that kind of a scientist. But so I don't know what anatomically is that part of the brain. And that was her explanation to me is that there is a part that dies, but that we don't have to die to have the experience of a near death experience, that that part of the brain just has to be inactivated, put to sleep. It just has to be silenced for a moment. And then in that silence, it creates the

possibility to have an experience that is larger than life. Because we're we're talking about experientially, emotions that they don't, they don't fit inside of the emotions that we've been taught about the emotions that we've experienced in this life, they're even our best emotions, you know, if you were to take feelings of love when you're connected with a partner, they're, they're just, they're small, relative to the types of experiences that happen when you're not bounded by the physical body and by the mind. And the just because it seems like almost no matter how much love that you get from a partner, or a family member, or friend, it's never enough, it never fills. But to go into this other space, all of a sudden,

there is a wholeness, it's an overflowing, there's an abundance. It's, it's like a waterfall of love, a supernova of love, love have something to the effect, where it's just feels like an explosion in the center of the being that is just radiating outward. And with every wave, every pulse, every movement, it just, it's delicious. It is beautiful, to

the point of ongoing continuous weeping from the joy, the beauty, the wonder of being in that space. And so it is possible to reach that state to, to move into it, and to bring intention to it to suggest to the universe that this is an experience that we're wanting, desiring, and to let go and to allow it to unfold. I believe it's possible for not just one or two people, not just people who happen to die and go to the other side, I really believe that it is an experience that the world as a whole is moving toward that people all across the earth that we are moving collectively to a state where we experience that not just for a few moments, but perpetually Path 11: salutely. And I feel like the feeling that you're describing, maybe anyone that's ever went swimming, right and you hold your nose and you go under the water, right? Like when there's parts of your body that are out from the water, you can feel the water kind of touching those parts. But as soon as you dunk yourself, your whole body is immersed underwater, it's like you are one with the water and you can feel the water all around you and you know that it extends out. That's that's kind of like a metaphor just to explain. So I

had a similar experience, like what what you're talking about at a meditation retreat, kind of gets into a little bit more of some of the points that you have here in the book of feeling this unconditional love. And this meditation retreat I've talked about on the podcast before it was with a physicist, Tom Campbell is his name. And we were using by neural beat music to go into deep meditative trances. And he was basically

teaching us that with our consciousness, we can go anywhere, and that you can look at, he would say, the past database, or those of the words that he uses, you can look at your past database, you know, past lives and future lives. And so we had to choose something. So, you know, the thing that I had chose was just trying to understand with my parents divorce, like, what would my life have been, like, if I live with my dad, you know, instead of my mom, and all of this, and we'll, we'll call it God, God showed me how, what the probability was of each scenario that happened. And in my mind, my physical mind, you know, growing up thinking, Well, this was like the worst cards that could have been dealt to me. You know, like, if I had to choose, I would have chose differently. And in this experience, I saw that God chose the absolute most loving, situation and scenario in order for me to be where I am today. And this love of what I was able to see that God was

protecting me from, of what the other scenarios could have been. And the tragedy of how my life would have turned out was like, nothing in comparison to the small tragedy that I felt is a big tragedy that I was living through in here. And now, and then all of a sudden, I had this understanding, very similar to what you talked about in the book where I, this happened in about a 45 minute meditation. But this unconditional love like you're talking about completely consumed me. It brought me to

tears for like, 35 minutes straight. And it was this, this crying that I was having. That wasn't sad, but it was just like, it was crying tears of beauty. It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever had. And this understanding and seeing that God was so gentle, and so kind and really made sure that I was protected in all the ways of how my life could have happened. So there was this grand gratitude and appreciation that I was feeling feeling as I saw this, and in that moment, similar to kind of what you say in your book was that I had this understanding of how I thing worked. And the fear completely

left me. And it was like, once I saw how things played out and how God also orchestrated, it felt like to me, you know, orchestrated maybe with some of my freewill or whatever, I'm not exactly sure that it was like there was no near No need to ever have fear again. The problem is, I had that experience, like, maybe four years ago. And when I talk about it and tell the story, I can go back there, and I can feel it, but I forget it, too, you know. So like, I've had moments since

that. Were probably maybe for a full year, I was like, whew, life is great. What's everybody worried about? Like, it's so good, like, all these experiences that you're having, trust me, are way better than what you think. And I just was walking around so free, but then slowly, his life kind of crept back in. You know, sometimes I forget that. So maybe a question

that I have for you is, through your experiences, how do you hang on to this to God? How do you hang on to that lack of fear and remembering of what that feels like in that short period of time that, like, your experience, as you said, Could have been like 30 seconds, but it was like this wealth of information and all knowing of how the world works. So give me some tips to get back there. Unknown: I think what you're describing is common to all of us, I mean, we, we have the moments on the mountain peak, and then we're back down in the valley. And we're trying to remember and hang on to those those beautiful moments. And

sometimes it seems like the valley is it feels all the lower by virtue of the fact that we were up on the peak not too long ago. And it's that contrast, but I know there's love and I'm just not feeling it right now. And right now the world's feeling very angry and cold. And then so I think one of the big experiences or big lessons that I obtained going through multiple of these experiences, was that the goal or the objective like like, initially, I thought my goal was to come through into the space almost like you're going to a place like I want to move to Florida or move to Hawaii, because I want to be on a beach and being on the beaches, it's gonna make me happy, I want to move to heaven, because that's, that's where I'm going to be happy. And over time, it seemed to me that,

that maybe my understanding was just a little off, that it wasn't like a place that I was trying to reach. I wasn't trying to move up to the top of the mountain. But rather, I was trying to bring the top of the mountain into the valleys of life, trying to that, that the goal was to become fully present in life as we know it to become fully present and all of the messiness, you were talking about the some of the experiences you had that were just, you thought were maybe not ideal in your parents divorce and in what if you'd made different choices, but but being able to come into all of this messiness that we're experiencing in the present moment, and recognize that whatever you're experiencing whatever thought, whatever emotion, whatever physical circumstance, whether people are being nice to you, or mean or whatever, that the only thing that matters in this moment, is can you find love for yourself? Can you can you find space in your own heart, to open, to love to, to come to peace with your circumstances. It's like this recognition that if I was always at war with my life, if my life was never good enough, until I could be in that heavenly space, then I would never have peace, I would never have actual, ongoing unconditional love in my space. And that the solution wasn't to try to get out of my life to try to get out of the messiness. But it was to flip things on its head, and to recognize the love that is present in every moment.

And so, even in the context of all of the things that we suffer on on a near daily basis that we go through, can we feel God in those moments? And and can we, and it's not even like, I'm waiting for him to reach down and touch me or I'm ready waiting for some divine force to reach out and touch me it's more of Can I love myself, the way that I've always wanted a parent to love me, a lover to love me, the divine to love me, can I open my heart and feel this moment with reverence? Because one of the things that I saw was the key difference between the heavenly space and the earthly space. It isn't that you've popped out of your body. It isn't that now you're in another, another place. It's that suddenly you have

permission to see yourself in a different light where you see yourself in reverence, and absolute awe, like you are walking into this person and saying all while you are this divine magnificence, and yet you have gone through this life where you have agreed to, to blind yourself and forget what you are, and suffer through all these things as if you're, you know, a terrible person or can't quite measure up or can't meet others expectations and look at everything you've carried, and suffered and gone through. And there's this reverence, it opens up to change all that we've experienced from something difficult and hard into something magnificent, like it becomes the foundation of this heavenly experience of a overflowing joy, and love. And the difference between where we're at and that heavenly state is just a matter of steps a matter of degrees, to take us in one act of self kindness at a time to just put your hands on your heart and say, love. What

do you most need today? To actually listening, if you're thinking about it, and anybody listening to this podcast right now are watching the show. When was the last time that you actually listened to yourself, we spend so much time wishing a parent or a loved one would listen to us the way that we really want to be listened to When was the last time you listen to you? That you put your hands on your heart and said, What is it that you need. And just loved yourself just opened your heart and listened. You don't have to solve your problems. But just listen, be aware. And it's amazing how much that little action can do to make our everyday lives be much more beautiful, to allow healing to take place. And as we heal in our hearts to allow the world

around us to start to heal as well. To have the world around us start to show up something different to us than what has showed up in the past. Path 11: Yeah, I can only imagine that just the way that people move in today's world that if people took a moment, and did that, just now, I feel like I could hear some of my listeners saying, I need to rest, I need more sleep, I need to slow down, I need more fun. You know, I think those are probably some of the key, the key things that I think a lot of people would probably hear back within themselves. Okay, I just want to go get into the book against I have a couple of other things that I really wanted to bring up here. And you've

covered some of them. Yeah, and you covered this. But again, it was it was very impactful to is on page 47. When you're talking you already kind of talked about the body, you know, and how you know that it's kind of like in this divine harmony and that your own thoughts of shame are not loving the body was doing more harm. And one of the things that I highlighted was I saw

with some surprise that because of this purpose, the molecules that made up my body were in fact obeying me perfectly. From that perspective, there was no disease, injury or deficiency at all, all of the imperfections and the things I unconsciously resented about my body, were actually showing up exactly the way I was asking them to on a very deep level. So I wanted to maybe just go into this a little bit deep, deeper, even though you kind of touched upon it already, because I'm sure that we have listeners that maybe are experiencing some sort of chronic disease. You know, sometimes that can happen, it brings people on a spiritual path very quickly, you know, they're looking for answers. But these words were so strong that

your body was obeying you perfectly. And this kind of reminds me a little bit two of things that I've heard with law of attraction, you know, like, if you're thinking these things, then your body will obey, right? Or, oh, I'm ugly, I'm fat, oh, I'm way too much, or, you know, I just don't like the way that my face looks or whatever the case may be, that the body is going to obey. So can you tie that in a little bit to the diseases that maybe people do have or get or just something that maybe you can speak to that might be able to shift the way people are thinking about their physical body? And if this is true, that the body our bodies are obeying us, how do we want to talk to the body and I know that you're saying love and kindness and all of that, but what are your thoughts on maybe people who are struggling with disease or an injury and how the body is obeying them just like your body was obeying you? Unknown: So when we're struggling with disease when our loved ones afflicted with disease, we tend to look at it as I mean, it's an awful thing because Our lives feel like inhibited, we can't be who we want to be, they can't be what we want them to be. And there's there's a lot of pain in struggling with the difference between what we expected of life versus what actually is showing up. And there can be resentment toward the way that our body is functioning toward the way that the world is functioning around us. But we're, the act of resentment does not, it doesn't help us come to understanding in this moment. And I know that this is a little bit backwards.

In fact, it's, it's completely backwards from how we are taught to see things in this world, we're taught a survival mentality of you know, protect the body at all costs, that life is here for our comfort and for to make us happy, and that we are entitled to this happiness. And so when anything goes wrong in our day, in especially disease or something like that, which really creates a huge change in direction from what we may have thought our lives should have been. There is this, this dissonance between what's happening and what we thought should have happened. And it feels like we're victims. And anytime we go into the victim mindset, that everything is happening to us, we are, we're getting farther away from our actual reality as divine beings. Because just because we have forgotten why we are in this lifetime, just because we have forgotten why we chose certain paths, including disease, doesn't mean that there was no choice there. And when we come into conflict with it, it tends to shut our hearts down further, where we don't see the wisdom, we can't feel the wisdom. And my

personal experience in it is not necessarily like it's my conscious mind that's changing whether I have disease or don't have disease. It's that what I meant, I think in saying that there is no disease is saying that, from a divine perspective, we are here having the experience we came here to have. And we can either be fighting that experience, and miserable. Or we can surrender to it and find an experience of incredible peace. There is something in the human mind that says the minute

that I get that new house, that new job, that new relationship, my life will be complete, or the minute that I am healed from this disease, my life will be complete. But the great secret is that we don't need any of those things to be happy in this moment. We don't need any of those things to feel complete, to feel connected to ourselves, the world around us, the people around us. And as long as we continue to perpetuate that cycle of illusion of believing that we are victims, that is our happiness, our joy is connected to something in our world changing. Where we're not allowing our hearts to open to receive all of the love that is present in this moment to receive the wisdom that we are receiving in the teaching. It's like this world has conformed in the most loving way possible, in order to teach us and help us evolve. So in terms of talking

to the body, we're we're really discussing a evolved perspective, not as a victim, where everything's happening to you, but as a divine being who made choices before this life, that at some level is still making choices now to undergo certain difficult experiences in order to evolve in order to grow in order to learn. And so there is a submission to that process of gratitude. And it's amazing that when we can submit to the process of disease, it loses its power over us. When we can submit to the difficult experience. It no longer feels hard, we can start to see the light, the love and the experience when we can feel the gratitude when our hearts open. It's like divine power starts to flow again and can free us from that situation can actually change the situation. But sometimes, and I've experienced this

Personally, there are certain hardships that as our hearts open, we no longer want them to change. Because we're in such a state of love and acceptance, we no longer need them to change. And then we see the wisdom and why they're happening. And where we become more committed to our freedom and a divine sense, to the expansion of not only our own hearts, but the hearts of all those around us. That hardship no longer feels like hardship. It feels like love. And in that space, we can submit

to that whole process submit to the reorganization of our world, and our prayer changes from you know, God, save me from this disease, save me from this situation to God saved me from the thoughts and the emotions that make me think there is disease, that make me think there is hardship, and allow me to feel complete freedom, to feel rest, to feel peace, to feel love. And allow me not only to experience that as an individual, but allow us collectively, the human family to come through this veil together, allow us to see with one heart and one mind, all these beautiful things that have been prepared from before. Path 11: Yeah, and you also mentioned in your book that when you do your own personal self work, that because we are all one and collectively conscious, like if I heal trauma within me, I heal it for everyone else, as well. Unknown: Absolutely. The one of the the big experiences that I had on the other side was being shown the nature of how consciousness is connected. And so you cannot do your own work

your own healing without impacting others in your family line without impacting the whole of the human family. So as more of us embrace this work, and it doesn't take a lot. But as more of us embrace this work, and we engage with the present moment we do our healing, we let go of these these intense moments.

It's like birthing in any woman who's had a child understands this process, it's intense. And the world is birthing something right now human consciousness is birthing something, and it's going to feel intense and you're part of it's going to feel intense. But as we do this together, as we breathe together, there is something beautiful that has been birthed.

And it's much bigger than just solving, you know, our personal problems with you know, disease and other things. Those are all here to help us birth this thing collectively. Path 11: Yeah, I've heard other healers that I've worked with, I always say that what you heal within you, yourself, you heal seven generations before you and seven generations after you I'm like, Well, how do you know what that like? told you that and why seven. But you know, as I hear you describe what you were shown and how consciousness is so interconnected, you know, and that it can heal not only within you, but the family and others. I don't know where they come up with the seven years forward and back. But it's still among the same concept of what you're talking about of how you were able to see how you know me changing something within myself can have that that ripple effect out? Unknown: It absolutely does. And if you'll pay attention in your

life, I mean, this is one of these things with manifestation. We often call it synchronicity. Because there it's not a proven connection between the heart and the world. But as you heal in your heart, you will see things in your life change, you'll see people around you change in their relationship to you. And it's a really neat thing to witness how the world changes in response to your own healing. Path 11: Yeah. Okay, there's one more place I know, we're kind of

running out of time here, but one that I don't want to miss is the ashram in the Hindu washroom. We are at chapter 13, which is one of my favorite numbers, which is also why I jumped to that chapter. And I was like, Oh, interesting, interesting. So the title of this chapter for those of you who are listening here, understanding the grace of Jesus at a Hindu Ashram. So the other thing too, that I don't think I read in your bio, in your bio, for people to know is that you have also achieved mastery level in matrix energetics, theta healing Reiki and other healing modalities, in addition to studying the technique of Native Americans, Hindu miracle workers and Christian street healers, so you tie Hindu and New Age understandings into biblical teachings and faith to produce miracles. That was the other book that you had. So I just kind of want to give them a little bit more of that background that we didn't quite talk about. But this chapter I

absolutely loved. And I love the story with the coconut and the SWAMI like that was there that actually you could hear his voice and he was giving you directions, and then you met him in person. You're like, Wait a second. That's the voice that I heard. How can I hear them Voice of someone who's alive God, is

it okay that I'm here. And God said, Well, I brought you here. So of course, it's okay. But what really kind of touched me, and I'm sure you can find a way to tell the story, you know, getting up to where I'd like to reach, which was on page 149, because you spent time learning these energy healings and other forms of subconscious work, which I have personally have also done. And you have a lot of value tied up in your ability to help others. And one of the things that you were learning at

this ashram was about grace, and allowing grace. And you say, in your book, I could see the subconscious blocks of those around me and would try to intervene and fix them. So it's like, you know, people come to you and they're coming for Reiki or they're coming for an energetic healing. And as a practitioner, you want to do everything you can to help them to get where they want to be in there can very much be like, you know, a lot of intellect worked into some of the energetic work, which I have also been trying to just like, let go of and just be like, Well, you know, what we're trained. And instead, it's not

me, I'm just the tool. So I don't need to do anything. But this divine healing energy that is running through me to my client knows exactly what it needs to do. And I don't need to figure it out. And you had said that you would hear the Swamis voice just allow grace. So I really just kind of sat with that for a long time. And it was a good reminder of, you know, as an energy worker, energy healer, and people come to me and my business for that. I've been learning that more and more over

the past couple of years of really just moving my whole self out of the process and just tuning in, to that force to the field to God's love, and allowing it to happen. So can you talk a little bit about this story when you went there, and the importance of just allowing Grace? Unknown: Yeah, it was phenomenal to me that the whole idea of great grace, I mean, growing up in a Christian kind of background, and then going to a Hindu washroom and feeling like I've never understood it, like, I never got it. But as an energy healer, and I know that you've any energy healer is probably passed through this phase, there's this sense of, I am an energy healers, I can help people, I want to love them, and I want to fix their problems. And I want to make the world a better place. And the whole idea of ascension is like, we want to purify our stuff. So we can make the world a better place. And

it's so much heaviness, resting on our shoulders, that if we could just be good enough, just be loving enough, just be pure enough vessels, that those around us could actually be healed, and be lifted. And so not only is this an incredibly heavy space to hold in our hearts, as healers is also not the most effective way to heal. Because as long as some sense of ego, some sense of self is saying that we are the ones doing the healing, then in effect, we are sending out into the light, that we don't want God to interfere. It's like you stay out of it because I am the healer. And it's kind of ironic,

because the moment that we can let go of the fight with the other person's disease, or what they're going through the moment that we can let go of being the one that does it, then we create space for divine power to flow. And the catch here is that divine power doesn't always do what our egos want it to do. Right. And that's challenging. Because we haven't learned to trust what's in our hearts. We haven't learned to trust what is

going on and the world around us yet. And it takes a tremendous amount of surrender, to be present with what is and to allow it to be the most loving outcome, whether it looks like what we think it should look like or not. Path 11: Yeah. So let me ask you this question, though. So I totally agree with you, right? It's like letting the ego kind of move out and the state of allowance, but then where I get tripped up a little bit is, you know, this whole concept that I am God, I am a part of God, and God is actually housed within me. So why sometimes? Do we also say like, okay, we have to move the ego out of the way in order for this divine force to come through. But if I'm really in that state of connection with God, aren't I to the divine force? And are we allowed to say, like, it seems like we're not supposed to say that like, I am God, and God is coming through me to you, but in essence when you're really connected with that, and you know, That you are of this consciousness of this, of this god of this divine energy and you're placing your hands on someone, aren't we a part of, we're all a part of that. So I

sometimes get tripped up with it, because like I hear, you know, and have read and understand that concept that, you know, God is within me and I am of this beautiful divine energy, that maybe I don't even with my mind need to say that there's a separation between me and God, and God's doing the work, it's not April. So let April move out of the way. But really, in essence, what I feel like I've heard and maybe also, what you're saying, too, is that, like, I am a part of this god that has come into this physical body, to offer healing to others. But I think you have to be really careful of how you word it. So it doesn't seem like it's the ego and the you know, the because I also have a mental health background. And we would probably put somebody in a psychiatric hospital to say, okay, they think their god, they're having some grandiose thinking right now, and some, you know, delusions, and now you need to be medicated. So how do you allow and embrace this

understanding of this love that you are a part of it and that it is okay for you to give that to others, without allowing the ego to come in and be like, Oh, well, I'm healing you, or I have God in me. So I can do this. Unknown: And I don't know that it's even really that bad of a thing for the ego to be there. Because it's not like we're trying to stop the ego or shut it down. Because to the extent we're doing that, we're just, it's just more ego, it's just ego warring with itself, you know, because so it's there, it's, it's part of what we came into this life to experience and we just kind of pat it on the head and say, good little ego, you know, thank you for noticing that, you know, but but it so it's not like a moral thing, or we're trying to earn blessings or create greater power by by shoving our ego into a box. It's, I think it's more of a process of, of learning to find greater satisfaction and joy as healers, because to the extent that we're carrying the weight of the world, it's still ageing us, it's still tearing us down, it's still draining our energy, if we are carrying the weight of the world, to be the healer to be the one that's fixing it, instead of recognizing that it is all through grace, that the healing is happening. And when we can step out of the way, it takes a weight off of our own hearts. And so even outside of just trying to find greater

power to heal another person, it's about the healing in our own hearts as we are healers. And to, to relax, to let go to surrender so that we can connect with what is our true joy. When we are healers out of obligation, we're still not addressing the core hurt in our own hearts that says that we have to fix it, hmm. And to be able to let that go allows true healing to take place in us. And as we experienced that true

healing, we're able to be more present with other people without having to heal them because of obligation, but to actually sit with them and hear what's truly in their divine space. And in that divine space. Sometimes they just need to be loved where they're at, they don't need to be changed or fixed or anything else. They just need to be listened to, to be witnessed. And so I think that's the big benefit that as we let go of the obligation to heal and find healing in our own space, we're able to be more of service to those around us without trying to impose what we think needs to happen. But being able to truly listen to what is the most loving response for those individuals. Path 11: Beautifully said, Thank you so much. All right, we are

pretty much out of time here. I kept over a little bit but well worth it. So the book bringing heaven home, where can people find you? Where can people find the book? Let us know.

Unknown: So bringing heaven home is available on Amazon. And it's in Kindle form. It's in paperback form. Hopefully in the near future. It'll also be an audio book. But right now paperback and Kindle. They can follow me at inner world movement comm We're also on Instagram at inner world movement. And love to hear from you.

Path 11: So awesome. Well, Dr. Brent Satterfield, it's been wonderful meeting you love the book. Thank you so much. Great stories in there. We didn't even touch upon all of them. I still have other earmarked pages that we didn't get to, but that's okay. Because it turned out perfectly the way that we needed

to to so thank you so much for being a guest on the path 11 podcast. Wish you a lot of luck spreading this beautiful message to the world. So thank you so much. Thank you April.

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