30 New Upcoming PC CITY-BUILDING Games in 2023 & 2024 ► The Best Survival Simulation City-builders!

30 New Upcoming PC CITY-BUILDING Games in 2023 & 2024 ► The Best Survival Simulation City-builders!

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Building cities through the ages! Hello my name  is GamerZakh and I've been making these kind of   list videos for a decade now, and welcome to my  30 upcoming PC City-building Games in 2023 and   2024 list that I make just for you. Every year  we get an endless wave of new games. Many fail   to hold everything together but the more extensive  the infrastructure the more construction projects   will succeed, so these days we undoubtedly get  a few gems every year. Which of these 30 games   will turn out good? No one ever guesses right.  Statistically one to three games will succeed, so   if you fancy yourself a magnificent mayor, write  down your prediction in a comment and come back   in the future to see if you got it right. Don't  forget the 20 bonus games at the end as well,   now let's get started. Laying the foundation it's  Colonized by Rembrosoft. Looking like a Banished  

inspired survival city-builder which there are  a lot of out there. I promise there's quite a   lot of variety in this list. This one takes place  during the colonisation period in the 17th century   where you'll be settling the new world and facing  the challenges the settlers faced. Manage your  

citizens and resources across six different  cities you have to establish while surviving   against hunger, the weather, and outside threats.  A free prologue demo was made available in 2022,   which they used to get feedback about the game  and plan how to finalise the full release,   so generally the prologue demo isn't being updated  and is considered an early look, and of course   has performance issues, bugs, and so on. Things  have definitely been delayed as the full game's   Steam page says they wanted to leave early access  by early 2022, while towards the end of 2022 early   access hasn't even begun, so it's impossible  to know when this will get a proper release.   Hopefully development gets back on track and  Colonize turns out to be something interesting.

And then for a game where you must choose a  side, Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown by Zugalu   Entertainment. The fate of the kingdom weighs  heavily on your shoulders and the choices you   will make. Descend into benevolence or tyranny  as you explore the world, expand your cities,   and influence the land. Harvest resources  and allow your people to survive and progress  

through the tech tree. There is also real-time  combat, where most things are simulated. Soldier   deaths affect morale, ammunition needs resupply,  equipment needs repairs, and troops experience   fatigue. I'm a big fan of the ability to go  between good and evil and having it affect   things visually and in terms of gameplay, it feels  like a throwback to games like Black and White,   and it's kind of a reward having your creations  reflect your personality. Though having said that,  

the aesthetic of the game does look a bit  dated. Not the worst but you can see a lot   of nice looking games in this list, if not super  stylistic games, but if gameplay is solid it won't   be an issue. Going into early access in March  2023, the estimation is one year to release,   meaning 2024 at earliest for a finished  version of Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown. And now for some blocky building, we have  Spirit and Stone by Garden Gate Interactive.  

From village to castle, build your kingdom  block-by-block, explore the world, befriend   neighbours and spirits, grow your industries, and  watch your citizens thrive in your creation...   well if you do a good job anyway. So obviously  Minecraft popularised the blocky building and is   often used to build cities itself but an actual  city-building game has some other prerequisites   and here it really looks like they're trying  to make a blocky city-builder that's actually   a city-builder. Since it's blocks, you can build  like Legos and most notably you can build up. With  

a little bit of suspension of realistic physics,  creatively vertical constructions allow you to   build unique villages and expansive fortresses. So  this isn't a typical city-builder as you can see   but I do know many would enjoy something like this  and variety is always good. If you're interested,   go have a closer inspection of Spirit and  Stone to see where it's going from here. For a pretty artistic take, we've got Synergy by  Leikir Studio. The moment you set your eyes on   this it immediately looks different from anything  else on this list but a unique art style alone   isn't enough. A survival city-building  game where you face natural disasters,   make important choices, research technologies,  and explore an ever-changing environment while   managing your people's physical and mental  needs in extreme weather conditions. The  

animated cinematics are very impressive and  the whole game has this comicbook-esque feel,   which is important as it communicates the  developers sense of taste and style that   possibly could translate into the rest  of the game. Though it looks amazing,   actual gameplay is a bit scarce at the moment,  so I'll definitely be keeping Synergy in sight   through its development as no release  window has been mentioned so far. Okay, now we're a bit into the video I'm sure  you're enjoying it and I've spent a lot of time   on this, so if you do appreciate what you see here  please do press the like button. It's free and it   helps a lot. I'd also love to know which game on  the list is your favourite, so comment down below.   It actually does help me look for more games  that you will want to see. Alright, next game!   Going down into the darker depths it's Abyssals  by OverPowered Team. No more building in the sun  

here. This is a survival city-builder set in the  dark depths of an inhospitable planet. Build your   underwater colony, explore where light can't  reach, and hunt for rare resources down in a   world which is hostile in every way. Setting up  infrastructure to power lamps is crucial because   who knows what lays in wait in the darkness.  Taking survival city-building a step further   with needs, you'll need to obtain oxygen just  so your people can stay alive long enough to   accomplish their tasks. It's an interesting twist  on survival city-building and a fresh setting for   it, so Abyssals does seem to have the promise of  doing something new in the genre but at the moment   not too much has been seen. Creeping towards a  2023 release window, Abyssals itself is lying  

in wait and we'll have to wait and see whether it  can keep the lights on among all this competition. For one more underwater one it's  Aquatico by Digital Reef Games.   These underwater city builders are like kind  of building Rapture from BioShock but hey,   maybe have it actually working kind of properly?  Anyway, Aquatico is a survival city-builder   set deep beneath the waves where you build  your futuristic city with vertical layered   construction set up underwater infrastructure  and set off on expeditions to uncover secrets   there's also a myriad of technologies to unlock on  the tech tree okay okay I know this is currently   slated for a quarter 3 2022 release but it was  announced during 2022 and in June it was still   being labelled Alpha so either it releases by the  end of 2022 and I'd never get a chance to properly   include it in one of my lists since I only do them  once a year or what I'm kind of betting on is that   it's either going to be an early access release  or it gets delayed I might be wrong on this though   and it ends up being a full 2022 release but a  city-builder like this should get a mention here   and if anything they'll release later on into the  year and you'll be able to play Aquatico through   2023 a bit of an exception because of timing  and short notice and it's an interesting game.

Coming out of the water but into space  we've got Alien Horizon by Purple nebula   sci-fi city-building from an indie developer set  on an inhospitable Planet facing Earth's imminent   destruction. Humanity pooled their resources to  begin colonizing other habitable planets but the   one you've landed on turned out to be much less  habitable than expected featuring complex Resource   Management exploration of random Maps researching  technologies setting up public transport and a   system of laws it seems to be building towards  a fully fledged city-building game now this is   a smaller development and visually it's  a little basic but still aesthetically   cohesive but it could help fill the space in the  more realistically themed sci-fi city-building   sub-genre as over the years that has been a  more rare take on city-building and it's nice   to actually see more sci-fi city-builders come  through this year as usual usually city-builders   go into the realm of historical or fantasy now  you can try the current build of this for free   on Ichio so although it might still be a long  ways off from being completed Alien Horizon is   keeping at it and you can check it out. And  then we have Infraspace by Dionic Software.   Sci-fi city-building with a focus on the flow of  resources and transport infrastructure starting   from nothing you build an extra solar efficiency  utopia by mining planning production lines and   managing transport routes initial colonists  would be astronauts who can put up with anything   but once you need more you'll have to start  providing creature comforts to keep scientists   and engineers happy later things growing into an  actual liveable city this does look like it can   get very complicated but difficulty options allow  you to go as hard as you like which is nice after   entering early access towards the end of 2021 this  has received fewer but very positive reviews and   has received updates including terraforming mod  support new biomes piping systems transportation   improvements and more initially having a loose  target of six months in early access it's taking   longer for sure and you can either check out  Infraspace now or see how it develops into 2023. Going from planets to something a bit smaller,  we have Moons of Ardan by Pandora Technology.   Rebuild and expand civilisation across moons  in a real-time simulated planetary system you   follow the axonauts survivors of a generational  ship that crashed on a lonely Moon losing most of   their technology in the crash the goal of this  is to build a wonder which will allow them to   reconnect with their home world and to do that  you'll have to collect resources build liveable   cities set up production chains and colonise  other celestial bodies in the system it is a   low poly game which I know some of you like and  some of you hate but I do want to note that the   colour usage is quite vibrant and fresh which  suits the Sci-Fi setting and I think it looks   pretty good this is a smaller development but  does have a free demo and it's been in early   access since late 2021 with the goal of full  release by early 2023 so if you feel like it go   ahead and check out Moons of Ardan and see if  it's something you fully want to settle into.

Going a bit more abstract it's Complex  Sky by Complex Blue Studio. A futuristic   city-building game with a unique architecture  system complex Sky allows you to build up and   down in a world devastated by pollution you  have to construct a self-sustaining City in   the skies to support human settlers trying to  survive you must also choose attack Corporation   to headline your endeavours each with their  own traits advantages and drawbacks then set   up automated Supply chains to keep things  running vertical city-building has been an   increasing Trend and this game pushes that  quite far by just kind of ignoring physics   almost entirely which does allow this to set  itself apart this won't be completing soon as   the plan is to spend two to three years in  early access and as we approach the end of   2022 early access hasn't begun yet but we have  been seeing more actual gameplay developments   through the past year and you can try the current  early version of Complex Sky for free on Ichio. And this eases us into what might be a new trend  in city-building games as the next few are chill   relaxing ones Mossfield Origins by Studio Any  Percent. A small cosy city-builder where all   your buildings are built from the same Foundation  relax take your time and build a self-sustaining   Community for your residents to chill in this is  promising no time pressure or external forces as   you upgrade your foundations through a tech tree  and redefine and refactor your space it's kind of   interesting to see many city-builders are starting  to swing in the opposite direction they've been   going in since the success of Banished and the  popularisation of the stressful city-builder now   we're getting a slew of chill relaxed games  in the genre and I think I've seen a lot of   people over the years want a breather from the  harsh worlds this says it will release when the   grass turns orange so I don't know I guess  Autumn or a dry summer Northern or Southern   Hemisphere whenever it releases I think Mossfield  Origins looks like it'll find a niche and be   relatively successful as long as gameplay doesn't  overstep the calm and end up in boring territory.

Continuing the chill it's Terra Nil by Free  Lives. I played Terra Nil in its original   form which was fully pixel art and I loved  it though since being picked up by Devolver   Digital as a publisher the game has been expanded  with an all-new modern aesthetic new features and   mechanics and just a more extended game in general  which I think many would prefer now whether this   counts as a city-builder I'd love to hear what  you think you're not really building houses and   you dismantle all your construction at the end  but just because the construction is temporary   does that mean it doesn't count it's a tricky  definition but either way Terra Nil has a lot   of unique things going for it and I think fans of  city-building games would find something to enjoy   in it work on the game has been showing off new  region regions like tropical and polar and there's   a free demo available as well so if you're curious  about Terra Nil you can check it out personally   and see if you consider it a city-builder  or not and whether you like it or not. Coming in like a gentle breeze, it's Home  Wind by Adi Zhavo. This one is a minimalist   relaxing cosy city-builder about creating large  settlements based on proximity tactics it's a   gridless procedurally generated world and there  are over a hundred levels for you to build on   visually it's pleasant and there are some nice  building mechanics but the game makes itself   pretty clear there aren't any deep or complex  systems that you might expect from a more fully   fledged city-building or strategy game as you  can see though there's starting to be quite   a bit of demand for games like this the audio  and music also sounds like it's been composed   to enhance your relaxation which I think  is important for a game like this what's   more home wind is in early access now and it's  completely free so you really can't complain.   Loosely planning to be in early access  for six months to a year but probably   longer I would expect Home Wind to be  considered finished sometime in 2023.

And then we get to lay back by a waterfront  in Lakeside by Massive Galaxy Studios. Build   and manage a peaceful waterside town or expand  it into a monumental picturesque city in this   side-scrolling city-builder it's a little bit  of a survival game where you need to harvest   resources generate food and keep your population  alive but nothing too stressful pixel art is of   course a favourite of mine and this game looks  beautiful for the style it's a super chill game   and it does continue to follow this trend of  chill city-builders which are trying to carve   their way through all the stressful survival  ones side scrolling for a city-builder is also   more of a novelty in the genre so if you're  looking for something unique yet easy going   then this may be for you I played some of  the demo before and it was pretty bare bones   at the time but was a fun couple hours so if  it just keeps expanding what's already there   then this would be a nice fun time planning to  go into early access by the end of 2022 it's a   one-year estimation until full release so we're  building towards a 2023 full release for Lakeside. Strolling out of the chill zone but with  something similar, Vertical Kingdom by Farlight   Games Industry. Alright this does look a lot like  Lakeside doesn't it but it's got its own take on  

things so let's inspect vertical kingdom is meant  to be a roguelite city-builder that uses cards   and the main focus is building up because of the  limited space hence the name as your cities are   located on rocky platforms in deserts plateaus or  even floating islands there are also expeditions   to obtain resources that will improve your camp  for future trips once you reach a certain number   of citizens you'll be ready to move on and travel  to a new location so you're not sticking to just   one place and there's a main story to progress  through besides the campaign there's also endless   and sandbox modes if you want to build without  limitations generally it looks pretty good and   watching this compete with Lakeside should make  both games better and more unique hopefully anyway   a free demo for Vertical Kingdom is available but  nothing specific for full release window for now. Going a little bit higher but still on the  ground we've got Laysara: Summit Kingdom by   Quite OK Games. Building a city on a mountain as  you carefully plan resources and supply chains   moving things up and down to satisfy the needs  of your three cast society mountain hazards   aren't going to just let you do what you want  though as weather can be rough and avalanches   are a thing there's a campaign mode where you  conquer various mountains each with their own   traits and challenges some allowing a lot of  farming While others rely on mining if you   manage to build to the top the final endeavour  is to build a summit temple where the weather   is harshest oh so I think it's important to note  that this is a purely economical city-builder so   no military is involved in this gameplay overall  this looks really interesting and as you can see   it does also go for that vertical building that's  become more popular in recent years and hopefully   challenges from mountain to mountain are unique  and different enough to keep the game fresh   the planned release date is quarter 1 in 2023  meaning if there aren't any delays we shouldn't   have to wait too long to see what the full  version of Laysara: Summit Kingdom is like. And now for one that is a very early look but I  do want to draw attention to it it's Nova Patria   by Sower Interactive. One that at the moment  of recording this seems to be in very early   development Nova Patria is an indie production and  a big note on the footage you're seeing is that a   lot of it is temporary art and many intended  mechanics not implemented the setting is an   alternate history where the Roman Empire never  fell and instead continued and began settling   the new world I really like that idea it's  basically if ancient Rome progressed into a   kind of steampunk world mixing real-time resource  management and turn-based long-term strategic   decisions you'll be settling new cities like in  Sid Meier's Colonization and building those cities   kind of like an Anno I know this is a long way  off and it's basically just a tech demo at this   point but I just found it really interesting  and a solid start from a developer that seems   passionate about the project for now we can keep  an eye on Nova Patria to see if it goes anywhere.

Staying Roman but a bit more fantasy, Roman  Triumph: Survival City Builder by Coreffect   Interactive. A strategy city-builder where you  must build a striving City from the ground up   manage resources and people and survive against  a plethora of threats including ancient gods the   Hydra Minotaur along with barbarian Invaders  and more said to be inspired by Banished and   Kingdom and Castles trading hunting and farming  are the basis of your city while also building   fortifications and defences to hold off the  threats visually it looks okay if a little   rough and unpolished also we haven't been shown  much raw gameplay so I am wary about how this   will turn out it has some interesting ideas  but it's going to boil down to how they're   executed which I'm not 100 convinced just  yet this is aiming at a 2023-2024 release   so as we see more over the coming year we'll keep  reassessing Roman Triumph: Survival City Builder.   For a more Asian inspired one we've got Celestial  Empire by President Studio. City-builders set in  

Asia have become a popular kind of game to make  recently Immortal Mayor, Ballads of Hongye, and   here is Celestial Empire. The emperor has chosen  you as a new provincial governor and it's now   your duty to maintain peace and prosperity in the  region trade with other landlords and take care   of people's needs satiate the gods and survive  harsh Winters and other disasters this kind of has   Anno plus Banished vibes but as I mentioned there  isn't just a lot of competition for city-builders   these days but also Asian inspired ones so you  gotta do something unique or just be a great   execution to survive and I'm not fully convinced  Celestial Empire has what it takes yet this has   been going through play tests and demos through  2022 so if things are going according to plan   then a 2023 release seems plausible for Celestial  Empire though we'll wait and see what's actually   delivered. For one that's been making waves, it's  Farthest Frontier by Crate Entertainment. From   the creators of the very popular action RPG Grim  Dawn comes a survival city-builder. Harvest raw  

materials hunt fish farm produce Goods upgrade  buildings and explore the map in this Medieval   World the game can be peaceful to brutal as  you may face disasters and outside threats   from disease to fire to Invaders and there are  even walls to build and soldiers to train after   releasing into early access this one gave a really  good impression it looks visually amazing to the   point where there were performance issues and  there was some UI Oddities and tutorialisation   problems but as a survival city-builder  there's a lot going for it of course it's   Banished inspired but there's a great crop  rotation system and other mechanics really   do come together to make it feel more developed  and modern such as the map exploration and the   military after playing it for a few hours  despite the issues I think I found it to be   one of the best upcoming city-builders that I've  personally tried also I have to note the music   is really great looking at a four to eight months  time frame in early access unless things progress   super quick we're going to get a full version  of Father's Frontier pretty soon early 2023. And then for a set of games that are about  moving cities beginning with World Turtles by Re:   cOg Mission. A Discworld city-builder? Well,  not quite. This is a wholesome strategy builder   where you help meeps save the life of the World  Turtle they live on construct buildings Harvest   resources manage tasks research technologies  and work with other meeps there might even   be other worlds swimming around out there so a  big trend in city-builders right now building   off the moving cities trend is cities built on  the backs of living things we're seeing a few   games go in this direction and I'm kind of into  it as it sort of gives the environment you're   building in a personality and well a face that  actually represents nature so you can't just   do whatever you want as your environment  is actually alive building here is hex   based sort of Settlers-esque and I know it's not  your traditional city-builder but it does look   interesting whatever you think of it there's a  free demo that anyone can just have a personal   look themselves and World Turtles is swimming  towards a late 2022 start of early access then   a year plus to completion so full release is  scheduled for the end of 2023 to early 2024. Now to build on the back of a walking animal  it's The Wandering Village by Stray Fawn   Studio. Survival city-building on the back of  a giant creature that slowly moves through the  

world now for transparency I haven't really been  sponsored by The Wandering Village but I was paid   to do some consultancy work prior to the release  of their public demo as you can see this one is   also building off the trend of not just mobile  cities but also cities built on living animals   but this one has a unique setup where you can  either live symbiotically with a creature you   build on or act as parasites taking everything  you can up to the edge of the creature's death   as the creature moves you'll traverse various  biomes that will change the weather temperature   and available resources so you'll need to keep  adapting your playstyle to suit the situations   oh and don't forget about the spores that will  grow and kill your people and the creature itself   now the art style looks pretty unique and gameplay  feels familiar but with a Twist which is usually   the place where a new game wants to be and if The  Wandering Village continues to improve then this   could be a solid game in the near future going  into early access by the end of 2022 it's a year   plus until full release so 2023 at earliest  but probably 2024 for The Wandering Village. Staying on the move but not quite as alive we'd  have Dream Engines: Nomad Cities by Suncrash.   Your city flies from location to location  in the sci-fi fantasy nightmare infested   post-apocalyptic world you build an industrious  City kind of mixing city-building and Factorio   with its conveyor belt and production chains and  while landed you can explore the map with your   controllable unit Harvest resources and fight  nightmare creatures though keep in mind you can   only bring so much with you so when the monster  is attacking you get too overwhelming you must   take off and abandon parts of your city leaving it  behind to be destroyed don't forget to manage your   fuel and weight as well I played some of this a  while back and it was fun since then there have   been some updates adding expeditions expanding the  economy better to controls modding tools and more   this has been in early access since 2021 with  fewer but mostly positive reviews on Steam the   target is to be an early access for one to two  years and it's been over one so we're starting   to look at a 2023 release if things stay on  schedule for Dream Engines: Nomad Cities.  

Going back to more static constructions, it's  Land of the Vikings by Laps Games. Lead your   village and expand into a thriving city as you  survive the harsh reality of the Vikings manage   resources handle raids and keep your people  alive those people being fully simulated   individuals with over 20 characteristics  ranging from powerfully built Warriors to   silver-tongued thespians so things will be better  if you're able to select the right people for the   right jobs weather and disasters will try and  put a stop to your plans but if you trade and   raid your way to wealth then you'll get to hold  celebrations and decorate your city meanwhile   you progress down the Tech Tree of Life to  unlock new buildings resources and luxuries   overall gameplay is mostly city-building  though with some colony management as well   and the main concern is this is just another  other survival city-builder with a Viking skin   but we'll see how it goes a demo available in  2022 and going into early access by the end of   the year we can see what Land of the Vikings  is like and how it'll develop through 2023. The Settlers by Ubisoft Düsseldorf. A series  that's been decades in the making and everyone   has their favourite Settlers game some prefer  the old school style while others prefer the more   modern iterations but this newest one seems to be  straying even further from the original formula.   The Settlers has been in development for some  years now and those who have been involved in the   testings have not necessarily painted a pretty  picture. By the sounds of things, the game is  

just unlike any previous entry to the series and  that it's almost more RTS than town building and   resource logistical management, though I think  it's still straddling the line between the two,   but the straying from the formula, that's probably  why the numerous and indefinite delays because it   seems like the game kind of doesn't really know  what it wants to be and it now puts the game   in a weird spot. Because of the the delays The  Settler's History Collection released a long time   ago now, which would have been a perfect build  up to a new game but now it's going to be a new   game in the middle of nothing in particular  and it might not be like any previous game,   so unless it's amazing in its own right then the  newest Settlers might sort of come and go almost   unnoticed because, who is this for? Either way, in  2022 they announced another delay with no specific   release window, so The Settlers is still on the  way for now but when it will release and what   it'll be is up in the air. People keep asking  me about this next one, we have Songs of Syx by   Gamatron AB. Calling itself a fantasy city-builder  where you begin as an insignificant colony and   build scheme and fight your way into becoming a  metropolis and Empire this one has the promise   of complexity and the butterfly effect where small  imbalances can lead to your city spiralling out of   control there's a living world full of different  races Gods weather pestilence and enemies Resource   Management to sustain your city massive tactical  battles along with classes of people such as   nobility and slaves basically if you're into  Dwarf Fortress or any other game inspired by Dwarf   Fortress songs of six has been making a name for  itself these past few years and has overwhelmingly   positive reviews on Steam this has been in early  access since the end of 2020, so we're going into   year three now and 2023 is the approximate release  window. What's nice is there is a free demo for   it as well so you can easily try out Songs of Syx  and see if you want to jump into the full version   that shouldn't be too far off. Next up we've got  Gord by Covenant.dev. Here's a genre mixing game  

calling itself a single player adventure strategy  this is also a survival city-builder where you   develop structures and walls eventually building  a fortress to fend off enemy tribes gruesome   monsters and mysterious powers lurking in the  nearby woods there are also AI driven quests   that you can personally embark on and you have  to manage your populace whose personal stories   and well-being impact the fate of the settlement  notably with a sanity and burden system special   scenarios and procedural map generation should  keep things fresh as well it's all very grim,   dark, and pretty cool looking visually and  conceptually and although there is a lot   going on with city-building only being one part  of the game I think if it's all done correctly   this could be a very captivating game having said  that we haven't seen all that much so far and   there's no specific release window announced right  now so we're just gonna have to wait for Gord. Alright then for one with a bit of a controversy  behind it we have Viking City Builder by Titan   GameZ. When this was first revealed I was  sceptical that it was a real game the title   is generic and the visuals looked too good to  be actual gameplay there's a lot of games out   there that are essentially a fancy trailer  with no intention to release or at least   they use the fancy trailer to gauge interest  and decide whether to actually develop based   on that over the last year development details  have been talked about through regular devlogs   and it said there's an upcoming play test now  that controversy is when what most likely was   the pre-rendered trailer was released it looked  a lot like the trailer for Manor Lords now at   this point having a look through the socials and  updates for Viking City Builder it seems that it's   actually in development due to the high interest  especially since they announced a publisher and   company structure shift in June 2022. Will this  ever become a real game? Maybe but I'm not going   to really believe the promise of Viking City  Builder until we get at least a demo to play. Speaking of, we've got Manor Lords by Slavic  Magic. Now this is a game that has made a   massive Splash and has become a sensation in  the strategy and city-building scenes whenever   I put it in my strategy list people ask for it  here and vice versa so this really straddles a   line between genres it has large-scale sieges  and tactical battles while combining it with   deep organic and realistic city-building with the  resource management it visually looks amazing and   both building and Military gameplay all seem to be  coming together at a level of detail that is rare   in gaming this game is going so all out that it's  even mentioned the motion capture photogrammetry   and Chaos physics to execute this level of visual  detail and simulation all I have to say is that   Mana Lords better be good because what's been  shown off has hyped a ton of people and if a   game made like this is a success it's going to  send a signal to Publishers as well no release   window announced yet so unfortunately we all just  have to wait for Manor Lords and hope it delivers.

For the final main entry but don't forget  there's 20 bonus games after this one,   it's Frostpunk 2 by 11 bit studios. The sequel  to the hit survival city-builder that's set in   a frozen future where you live around a central  heating pillar in the first game we struggled   to survive harvesting resources sending out  Expeditions on the world map and making tough   decisions and it was captivating throughout I  put Frostpunk in my top 5 city-builders of the   last decade alongside Banished, Anno 1800,  Tropico 6, and Cities Skylines a sequel to   something as unique as Frostpunk is difficult  to imagine do they incorporate moving cities and   be kind of a snow-piercer scenario or maybe  take some ideas from Mortal engines this is   definitely one of the most anticipated  city-builders on the way and it's going to be   a big challenge to just not disappoint people  because expectations are so high either way   nothing specific has been shown off for Frostpunk  2. so we're going to have to wait for the   developers to defrost their plans and hopefully  they've got something special waiting for us. Alright now for a bunch of bonus games but if  you made it this far you probably enjoyed your   time here and it would be greatly appreciated  if you could like, subscribe, share this video,   and ring that bell as it really does help keep  this channel running and these lists being made on   time. Also you can support more directly by using  the GOG or Humble referral links to buy games or   support directly on Patreon to really help push  what I do further. All linked below along with  

the Discord community, Twitch live streams, and  my Twitter where I'm active and contactable.   Okay now for those bonus games, starting  with, of course I didn't forget it, Pharaoh:   A New Era. This isn't a new game so it's not  in the main list but it's a remake of the   most popular Impressions city-builder the new  visual style is debated but from the demo it   seems like gameplay is improved and refined UI  has been redone and Recent Looks show upgrades   since the demo and the music has been remade as  well in a pretty nice way so yes I'm personally   excited to check this out and I'll be doing a full  playthrough of it when it releases if you want   some Pharaoh content I have a full playthrough  of pharaoh and Cleopatra on the channel already.   And then we've got some smaller indie  projects. There's Ostriv, it's an indie  

game that's considered really good but it's a  indefinite development but definitely playable   in its current state. Ymir, a city-building  MMO where all your people are pigs. Super   interesting project and playable but it's kind  of a development that's been going on for ages.   Neolithic, an indie project that's kind of like  Age of Empires if it was an ancient survival   city-builder. I'm personally very interested in  seeing how that turns out. Settlement Survival,  

I was sponsored to check this out in 2021. It's  a survival city-builder that was meant to release   out of early access in 2022 but seems to be  taking longer to complete. Kingdoms Reborn,   survival city-builder with multiplayer intending  to release out of early access after two years but   it might run long into 2023. Dynasty of the Sands,  Egyptian city-building but few development updates   and a recent post said they might be announcing  some kind of release window in 2023, maybe.   Empires and Tribes, a medieval city-builder  with RPG elements that had a playable Alpha   since 2017 and it's been in early access on Steam  since 2020. Lixtoco, this is from an indie dev   who's been working on an Impressions-styled  city-builder but it's pixel art and dinosaurs   and who doesn't like that? Grimgrad, announced in  2022 and said to be releasing by the end of 2022,   so not upcoming anymore but it's a  Banished-inspired survival city-builder.  

Ejio: Lords and Merchants, this is a recently  revealed indie economic city-builder that I   just caught sight of recently and it seems  kind of interesting. The City Must Grow,   this is a simple kind of urban builder. It's  in early access and meant to release in 2022   but I thought I'd mention it anyway because  it looks like it might interest some of you.   Skid Cities, this kind of plays like SimCity 2000  but has multiple tiers going up into the sky and   underground but the last time I played it it was  kinda bare bones and visually it looks kind of   rough but it's still being worked on but probably  has a long way to go. Earth of Oryn, early days   of development here and it's kind of a mix of  city-building and base-building plus kingdom   management. It's an interesting project that might  turn out to be something special. And Floodland,   recently announced and said to be releasing by  the end of 2022. It's survival city-building  

like Frostpunk but the world is flooded instead of  frozen. It might be delayed into 2023, who knows.   And then we have games that most likely used  pre-rendered trailers to test interest and may or   may not be turned into real games, who knows? I'm  just gonna blast through these, there's El Dorado:   The Golden City Builder, Chinese Empire, Builders  of China, Builders of Greece, City of Atlantis,   City of Robots, and Cybertown. And then finally  we have a few long-term bigger projects that we've   watched for years. Foundation, a medieval gridless  city-builder with custom modular monuments that   have gameplay effects. It's a good game but coming  back every year or so doesn't really show a lot  

of progress and it's kind of taking a long time to  get there, though having said that update 1.9 does   look good. Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic,  super popular game I know, but it's been in early   access since 2019 with the plan to release in two  years. It's been four years and it's going well,   it's just taking much longer than expected but  I'm sure you know about this one already. And   ultimately we have SEED, this is conceptually  a fascinating project but it's been years and   there doesn't seem to be any playable game in  sight. If you read through the devlogs and the   blog posts it's like it's very interesting but I  think until I actually see a game being played,   preferably a demo, I'm just gonna leave this  in the bonus section. And there you have it,  

that's 30 plus upcoming city-building games  that should be releasing through 2023 and some   into 2024 depending on their development. Which  ones are you most interested in? Oh and here's   something I'd like to know, so you saw one of the  latest trends in city-building is going into the   chill, calm, relaxed kind of gameplay going in  the complete opposite direction of the stressful,   survival, disaster city-builders. Which direction  do you actually prefer? Do you play city-builders   to be calm and relaxed or do you like the stress  and the pain? I'm not sure personally which one   I prefer I kind of go between the two, so  I'd love to know what you think. Meanwhile,   if you'd like to see more upcoming games this  is just one of many lists, so drop by the other   upcoming games lists for so much more. The genres  I covered this year are listed at the top of the   screen, take your pick and I'll see you there.  Alright that's all for now, thank you so much   for watching, I hope you enjoyed it and found  it useful, and I'll see you in the next video!

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