24 Часа на ВОЗДУШНОМ ШАРЕ ! *День в ПУСТЫНЕ*

24 Часа на ВОЗДУШНОМ ШАРЕ ! *День в ПУСТЫНЕ*

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Subscribers, hello everyone! My name is Vlad A4. - Glent! - I'm here! We are in the desert! But, to be more precise, we are in Du Du Dubai! Today we came here to try all the entertainment that is in the desert. We have everything booked, everything is bought, tickets are paid. Today there will be a safari, karting, camels, anything. And even, yes, guys, a balloon! The balloon is just my dream! I'm sure this video will be awesome, because, look there ...

Yes, guys, the sun is shooting with us. In general, be sure to watch to the end so as not to miss anything interesting. Because today's video is live.

We will try to make every second of this video interesting. So guys, enjoy watching! And we... I want to do a somersault. How do you do a somersault if you don't know how? Let's go! - Oh oh oh! This! - How I can! Let's go! Guys, the real desert movement begins! We will ride on these Erzhanchiks. Camels are ready, warmed up. Hello! Think about it, I have never ridden a camel in my life! It seems to me that he is slow, you know, like imposing.

Well, I think slow is also cool. In the desert, relaxing. I think you agree with me bro? Here is his head! I propose to saddle this filly! Wow! They are so tall! What? Man, what's going on? Listen, the suspension is like this, I'll tell you, it shakes. Hey Ya! And you're on a hack today, right? Look, just a hack! Well, what can I say? Desert movement. I wonder if camels can do, like... And topple me? Guys! This is what I mean by movement! I have never ridden a camel in my life. It's unusual!

Well, are you ready to drive 100 kilometers to the neighboring village like this? No, well, a hundred kilometers - definitely not. To be honest, I would already cry, because I got an emotion, I already understood what it was like. Yes, and to be honest, it's very difficult to sit here.

Climb! You have to hold on right now. By the way, an interesting fact. Many people think that here, on the humps of camels, water is stored. It is not true! There's something else. (Do you know what's in a camel's hump?) Please stop! Stop! Subtotal. If you are ever offered to ride a camel - in principle, you can do it, it's quite interesting.

But only for a short time. Because, to be honest, my back is already like this: "What is this happening? Why are we walking up and down like this?" All right, a little five-minute walk. We are already out, they are returning to the start. We are already parking. We ticked the box and rode camels. What do we have next? We were brought to some such location.

Rose water, to clean up your hands. - Half disinfected. - Oh, she smells like a rose! Well, in short, we were brought to some interesting place.

We see the tables are already set. And here is ours! Actually, here's one thing that confuses me. Something like a date more. But look, since I'm shooting like, almost in the first person, this is a date with subscribers. - Let's get you a drink. - Let's. - I look after you. - Thanks. What do you want, some water or...? Anyway, here it is!

Yes, it looks very tasty! Green goo with pieces. I don't know what it is because the color is unfamiliar. If anything, I already liked this video, so I already want to drink something. - Here, subscribers, try it. - Come on, let's go! Listen, it's good! - Judging by your face, there is some kind of sourness, right? - Small. Very tasty too. In general, it seems to me that it can even be called an oasis.

Well, you know, like in the middle of the desert water, palm trees. No, subscribers, well, really, well, look, we are in an oasis. Long story short, we're having a little snack right now. Of course, we will show you everything now, we will tell you. In the meantime... do you think toilet reviews are interesting? Toilet in an oasis? I even want to go and see for myself. So, in the oasis there is a tree and they grow on it ...

What is it that grows? I have no idea! If there are botanists, write. (write in the comments) The toilet in the oasis looks like this. Look, you want a joke? Yes! Glent! - No, he's good! - Listen, for the desert it's generally good! Well ... I see! Does that mean we interfere? Okay! - Come on, you're fine. You can, you can. - Can? - So, stay here. - Yes?

Well, open up. Wow! I would like to try watermelon and rate watermelon. Guys, you can't tell! I've never eaten anything like this in my life! Really good! - What's this? - It's an English breakfast. I will say right away: disrespectful. - The egg is not fried very much, it is generally a smelly thing. - Got drunk!

Yes, even when I didn’t snicker, I didn’t eat it. Here, give me a frying pan and I'll fry everything myself. - Put it in the sun. - Will it help? Well, we are refreshed and ready to move on. These are the movements in the desert. Ride, looking for adventure. In short, A4 Production just booked a bunch of everything for us.

Remotely, can you imagine? Thank you, A4 Production. (Please!) And we just ride in the desert, collect different emotions and impressions and shoot good videos. So, fix - non alcoholic sparkling apple. Apple soda.

And here are some of the movements we have in Dubai. But this is true, between activities, they put a table for us right in the middle of the desert. And so, they treated us to strawberries, some water and a sparkling apple.

But still, if you take a freeze frame, Glent won't prove anything! I condemn! By the way, maybe it's sparkling Samsung? I'm trying to understand the joke. Sparkling Samsung? Maybe it's... Look, it was hard to figure it out, but I figured it out. Well, in short, these are the movements, this is the small pit stop we have.

We will eat strawberries, drink soda, drink some water and go further! Here is such a vibe! We suddenly move to such a party. So, I thought I'd look like a deserted fashion driver. And here it's like nonsense. It's me guys, the desert shark. Thought I was about to get hit.

- Mm? - Fine. Ouch! Well, guys, we're going to ride on this little thing. Here I will be, there will be Glent. Well maybe. Let's go! - Look, your steering wheel! - Your wheel! This is the brake pedal.

Vlad, why did we start driving so abruptly? Well, another desert vanity begins. I've seen people roll over on these things. Thanks for the info! Help! Thank you for stopping by here. - Change? Change? Will you drive? - OK! Let's go! Now, guys, Glent-racer is in the subject, hello.

I won't let go of the gas! We're off! Let's go! E-May! She's really powerful! The desert is such freedom! Glent! - E-mae! Did you feel like we were flying? - Yes. I have never flown a buggy! I am very scared now. Oh Erzhany! Listen, this is really cool! Through the desert, on such a powerful thing! Adrenaline, interesting and super energizing. Wow, yes, that's good! But, when you go on such tourist things, get ready that everyone will try to sell you. Photos, pictures with an eagle, things like that. Everyone is constantly trying to sell.

And he also wanted to sell me this white dress. Man, you... But it's part of the desert hustle and we got through it. Of the minuses - be sure, guys, do it with glasses, because the sand just pours incredibly.

These things, I think, are really justified, because all the hair would be in the sand. In general, the feeling is like on ice, the car glides freely. I would do it again sometime, but without the person in front.

- To the fullest! - Absolutely agree. No, well, we were driving really fast, it's very fast. Sometimes there were really such nervous moments. So, what do we have next? Let's find out. So guys, we were told what would happen next. In short, we are on this wheelbarrow, now I will show it to you from the outside.

Here it is, on an Arabic chip. We have now deflated the wheels a little, so that it would be easier to ride on the sand. Because we are now going to the desert and we will slide on the dunes in this car. This must be epic! - Oh, he immediately! - Go on, go on! He immediately makes a fuss! This is what it says, man! Boss! My stuff, camera! I warned you to fix it.

You look at the distance to the ceiling. I feel like I'm going into it now, really. Issues! Here is the man! - What? - Oh, the mountain, look what! We're going to take a slide now, I think.

Let's listen hard! Crap! Fine! Carrier feels, carrier makes fuss. - What, what, what? - He just shows, just shows. - Where? - Just look ahead.

He is also an osteopath, it turns out, the spine is adjusted by a person. I don't even know what to compare it to. I have never had such an experience in my life! The all-terrain vehicle was Maybach for comfort.

- Do it again! - OK! (Do it again!) Damn, you can see that the man gets high from work, really! He sees the hole and he's like, "Oh yeah, this is my zone!" So, I tried to make it look like it's my eyes. This is what I see, yes. You see the horizon and how it changes. Honestly, it's a bit of a bummer. - What was that? - Here is the horizon, guys, if anything. Here is the horizon, here we are.

It's Doo-Doo-Dubai Move! Something is really everything to me, this is the ultimate, in my opinion, no? I've seen how it looks from the outside, it's epic. A huge white square glides across the sand. I've been on all sorts of rollercoasters, but I've never experienced anything like it. - Come on! - Come on what? (Let's go! Let's go where?) - Outside - Sandboarding? (Outside. Sandboarding?) Yes! (Yes) You see, huh? We will ski down on the board from the top.

You'll like it! Senboarding, God! I saw everything! I saw skiing on the water, on brushes, skiing in water parks. On brushes - yes, I'm not joking. Mechanisms spin and you slide on them. But sandboarding is something new. - Do you want to sit or do you want to stand? - I want to stand. Oh, this is a request for respect. Sitting is for girls.

Okay, stand up. Let's go, let's go! - What do you think? - Well, slowly. - What, your turn? - My? Yes! We will stay here for 6 years if I try to ride while standing. Crap! What a beauty! Well, it's beauty, isn't it? - Yes, this is for me. I will swear now. - Well, okay! Well, what is it? - Ready? - Yes! 1, 2, 3! In principle, the emotions that you get here are easy to imagine.

Slowly, you roll on the sand. To be honest, it seems that only kids can be surprised like that. By the way, guys, damn it, but how is "desert" in English? Who knows, write in the comments. Desert, desert... maybe a pineapple? Damn, I don't remember. Write in the comments. It's cool that in the desert no one hears you at all and you can scream whatever you want, think whatever you want, walk.

Listen, well, not only in the desert, but also on the channel, they don’t listen to you, these are the people who don’t subscribe. We have been asking you to subscribe for 5 years now, 5 years, and the statistics seem to be unchanged. Until now, 50 percent of viewers watch videos without a subscription. What is it, how is it? Guys, please listen to us! We are trying hard to get into the desert to shoot a video for you. This is half the audience, what are you? Yes indeed! Our content is cool, positive, kind, entertaining. Subscribe to the channel! It certainly won't get any worse than this! Now, guys, I agreed that I'll take a picture of what all these tricks look like from the outside so that they can see this beauty.

And this is really a beauty! The white wheelbarrow glides on the sand. Well, it's hot in the desert, of course. Although it is now November, the first of November. By the way, guys who waited for November to take the challenge. Well, who is in the subject, he is in the know. Write in the comments how you are doing. Well, or if you look no longer in November, you did it, you didn't do it. Well, that's what I mean, that in November it's still cool here.

Well, let's go! Hey, is he going to get up? Who has seen Glent's face? It's scared. Ah, is that all? Well, you get it, right? - Desert movements. - Hard entertainment. Everyone seems to have arrived. - That's it! - That was tough! Well, guys, I propose to move on to the sweetest. We move to the very beginning of this day. Let's go!

Guys, hello again! Please take a look at the time. 5 am and we are going to fly in a hot air balloon. Wow! Now the question is: is it fog or sand? - Oh, it's over, look! - What? I just wanted to say: maybe it's smoke? We have just passed a zone where everything is a meter away and nothing is visible anymore. Just sometimes there are people in the dark with flashlights. It's like a horror movie, you know.

We really feel like we're in a movie. We definitely came to fly on a balloon, and not on a scary quest? I really want to shoot everything, because in Dubai there is a very beautiful picture, no matter where you turn the camera. All the cars went straight, we turned somewhere.

No, I'm really unhappy now. Now, you can't see anything at all. Just some lonely lantern. No, I don't want to go there, no, no, no, no, no.

- Stop, table? Is this for us, is it real? - I dont know! What the? We were simply asked: "Do you know what awaits you or is it a surprise?" We're like, "Probably a surprise." It's just a movie. Oh, a man with a flashlight is coming. So, I'll go out and see what it looks like. It's just a desert, look! Car and... What?

So, here is some kind of incomprehensible construction, ropes, cables, 2 seats. Probably, there will be a beautiful view here later, but we will find out about this a little later. By the way, I asked what that's all, well, why can't you see anything. I was told that this is fog, here is the translation. (fog)

So, if you notice now, you'll see. I don't know, it's sand. See, see? These are particles of water, this is some kind of mega rarity to see this. It's like snow, only very, very small in the form of water.

Wow! This is so slick! Do you see too? Listen, don't you think this is a bit like a date? I dont know! What's this? These are cables that will cling to us somewhere so that we do not fall out of the ball. Yes, for you to understand, now, for confirmation. It is now 5 hours 32 minutes. - Would you like some coffee? - Offers coffee. We used to eat it. Do you remember what it's called? - Dates. - Dates!

It's very tasty, very tasty. - I have one question, can I have a second? - Yes, let's do. - Where's the balloon? - And where is a balloon? He said that somewhere, well, somewhere around here. Oh, I see something, some light bulb.

By the way, in a quiet way, the fog disperses. - If you fall, hold on to it. - Everyone, it's safe. It seems that this cannot happen in ordinary, everyday life.

Cause we're in Du-Doo-Dubai! By the way, I want to tell you some interesting information. We were supposed to fly the balloon yesterday, but everything was cancelled. Do you know why? Because the weather forecast showed dangerous winds. Can you imagine? If we got up and the wind was strong, we'd just... Yeah, so it's moved to today. Yes, some other one wanted to tell an interesting fact.

BUT! They said that in the beginning it will be cold, then we will rise, the sun will rise and it will be very hot. That's why I took the glasses. What kind of businessman are you, listen! That's when Vlad first told me about the weather, I was like: "Well, yes, it's good that they moved it to tomorrow." But nothing that the weather changes at all every second? And if the wind goes right when we take off, for example? I'm scared of this! But I'm ready, because flying on a balloon is also one of my goals in life. Actually, it's very funny that because the map is not loaded, I don't understand what's going on. Why are we alone? There were also cars! Where is our ball? We are waiting for the game to load until the next checkpoint. Since this is a real flight, the rules are the same as in an airplane.

Well, not so huge, but no less important. I'll tell you. We were told that the main position when we land, when we are all doing something like this. We're kind of sitting. And they said that there are 3 types of landing. The first is soft when we just land.

There is "bombing", he said something. It's when the basket lands and does like this. And the third - he said that there is a "dragon" fall. This is when the basket falls, bombing, bombing, turns over and then rolls like this.

What do you want? I want a "hotel". I want to land back at the hotel, I'm scared! Yes, we were told that cameras are not allowed during landing. Well, in short, that it should be somewhere here, well, like in the back. But I...

- Come on! Are you real, are you criminal? - I'll do it like this. But guys, that's not all. In flight, you and we are in for a surprise. Guys, some movements are starting, look here. He's not even half inflated yet, and I'm already shorter than him. Normal movement! That's technology guys! I just saw fire. Hope this happens again! Wow! Kapets! Heat! Because there is fire here, I can feel the heat! Wow! It's cool, of course! Rise, rise, rise, guys! He's so huge! It's incredibly huge! Everyone, we are called! Wow, he's very big! I did not expect that the ball is so unstable, it shakes to the left, to the right.

I'm trying on gopro, suddenly it will be possible to transfer the scale. Well, it seems so. Oh, climb over? By the way, here's a spoiler for you. - Are Glentic and I in the same booth? - Yes. What super technologies are here! There are some trajectories. Fire! We're filming. I film you the way you film.

You have to get used to this. So, we put this camera down for now, because there is not enough wide angle. We all don't get in.

You look at the scale. It's infinitely huge! Look, what kind of minibus is there, do you see? And there are 20 people, and there are only two of us. To be honest, I never even thought about the fact that the hawk has a green paw. Green! - We took off! We took off! - We are flying! We take off so slowly. So, guys, now you will find yourself under the basket.

I really like that it's all not fast, that it's all neat, but the height is quietly beginning to be felt, I'm generally in shock. It's very high guys. In fact, look how many of them! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. And someone is flying there. What a beauty! Some fields! In fact, guys, it all somehow happened very quickly.

I didn't even give any backstory. It was a dream. Same as skydiving. And so, it happened.

I don't know, I have no words! Firstly, my ear is stuffed up and I can no longer hear in one ear. And secondly, it's mega, mega beautiful. And I look at other balls, they are 4 times higher, we will rise for a very long time. What's happening? Here's the height, guys, look. I'm even now more nervous, we're not even fastened.

So, we are at an altitude of about 200 kilometers, right? 200 meters. Usually, when I watch a video with height and when someone does something extreme, my palms sweat hard. And my heels start to vibrate like in my legs.

Guys, write in the comments if you have any such emotions now. That's what they had to do something like this. Look here. How high is that! Oh-ee-ee, my heels started to vibrate. We are flying in a balloon. And this, subscribers, thanks to you. Really, for you. Thanks for making our dreams come true.

(subscribe, you are subscribed) Just don't drop the gopro, I beg you. And if the challenge, you know, like this? What are you doing, what are you doing? What are you doing? My knees are really shaking, it's very high! We took off very quickly, I was struck by this. To be honest, I already want to go home, I’ve had enough, I’ve seen enough, I want to go to bed already, under the covers, so that everything is safe, take a cocktail and lie down. Look! This is a real predator. Flew! - Obedient. - Yes. Ah, he knows he's going to be fed, so he makes a circle and comes back. Genius!

This is just unreal! He has a small piece of meat in his hand now. Guys, now the challenge is for you. Try to find a gazelle on this frame. This is how she looks like. And look for her on the frame. Our guide had previously said that in order to meet a gazelle, you need to be mega lucky, just super lucky.

Can you feel it? We are the lucky ones. Well, and, of course, one cannot fail to note the fact that this thing really fries. - Generally! - How to stand hot at the barbecue. That is, when it turns on, on the back, on the head, it's just ... such a fire.

Really, I feel like a sausage on the grill. There is a special protection here, well, you can hide under it. But we are curious, we want to shoot. And we hear from over there, how they turn this thing on. Of course, one cannot fail to note the beauty, it is very beautiful.

You can right now in the comments wish us a successful landing, easy. It's very funny in a balloon that we descend very quickly and also gain altitude very quickly. That is, you do not have time to blink an eye - and you are already at a different height. Look, we are already here, very close to the ground. But still, it's still high.

I, in fact, in this format, as we shoot video, with such a picture, so that directly to the gopro, the camera, that's all, like this, shoot it, I haven't seen the video on the Internet. I mean, well, somehow it all passed me by. So, if you are also watching this for the first time, and if you are interested in watching all this, then like under the video, guys. - How does he drive? - 4 ropes and experience. I see that he only presses this pedal.

Well, no, sometimes he pulls ropes. Wow! Look, we seem to fly into the jungle. New location.

We fly over the jungle. Here, already at hand. I can get it right. Behind us, too, the tail. Maybe it's a preview photo. I'm waiting for the puff. Oh, okay, if we photoshop the fire. We attract. Here, flies, flies, flies, flies and ...

Oh, he has such power! It `s very unusual! Predator. Only if the lion is on the ground, then it is a lion in the air. Oh my God! High overload. Yes, guys, that's what I understand, the video, that's baldness! The sun, hawks, views. Did you see how you looked at the camera? I found out that someone is not signed, immediately questions. (subscribe, you are subscribed) The light is on, right on the screen, for the whole. Warm, dude!

Get vitamins, warm up, warm up. Guys, we are above the clouds, it's generally tin! There are some 2 cylinders with gas, they go here through a tube, and here something is gassing up here. Tablet, here the height is shown.

Show your subscribers one more time how big the ball is. Well, it's just like that, yes, it's just huge, it's really just... It seems to me that on the camera it still looks small, but multiply what you think by 2. And now look at the fire extinguisher. This? He will obviously help. Hi! Here is the landing site, we move there.

Oh, taxiing gone, look, it's real. He pulled the blue thing and we turned like this, well, to the right, in short. So, look, taxiing has gone.

Well, in short, a cable was stretched here, somewhere there, and these two things were pulled. That is, he has only 4 control levers here. Everything is somehow too simple, I thought it works more complicated. I thought there was one basket for everyone. Well, you can kind of go back and forth. And, just like in cartoons, I thought there were sandbags that if you untie something, they fall.

Yes, I thought so too. Everyone, he says, turn off the camera. The crime begins. (forbidden to shoot) - Look, the balloons are already deflating. Well, of course you're a criminal. Here is the horizon, and here is our basket.

- Everyone, we are aligned. - Aligning. Happy landing! You just about flipped over. I was so scared! I was so scared! So, subscribers, you fell here.

Hat off, look, now the air will leave. Really! Well, I haven't seen anything like this before. Interesting. Well guys, we did it. The car has already arrived. Glent want.

Tourist traffic has gone. - Look, he's not easy. - How much does it weigh? - Gram 600-700. - Well, such a boar, normal. He also balances well. That is, he feels when he falls and is like... Well, guys, as they say, hope, you enjoy this video.

Yes, I picked up some English phrases here. In general, guys, if you get high from this video, just like us, be sure to like it. Thanks for watching it to the end. It was a video from Doo-Doo-Doo-Dubai! Well, I was with you, my name is Vlad A4. Glent! Bye everyone!

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