2023 05 25 Aries JavaScript

2023 05 25 Aries JavaScript

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Timo Glastra: Good afternoon, everyone Charles Lanahan: afternoon. Timo Glastra: Wait one more minutes, and then we can get started Timo Glastra: all right. I think we can get started. Timo Glastra: so welcome from. That's the Transcript working group. Call off.

Timo Glastra: It is May twenty-fifth I need to. remember you to abide by the hybrid code of comments. And the Antitrist policy Timo Glastra: is to anyone new here today. They would like to introduce themselves or share what they're working on Timo Glastra: cool. I think I'll also. Right? You guys all mentioned the call. So good to have you all here today. if you want to add yourself to the penny's list, feel free to do so. Can share that

Timo Glastra: meeting notes again. Timo Glastra: so Timo Glastra: for the agenda today. Timo Glastra: curious. If people have specific topics, they would like to discuss. we'll get to the status of it in a minute. we Timo Glastra: have future of Ariz, which is a bit from like the Areas Working group call. Maybe we can also shortly discuss here and see what people May, or from Javascript call, think about at the ongoing discussions. in the group call

Timo Glastra: Maybe we can re iterate a bit on the presentation cream case last week on the future architecture of our Zoom Javascript and maybe also how it relates to the future of a Timo Glastra: I want to quickly reiterate the 0 for 0 release. But I think we can also do that. Maybe instead of updates with the the share related to the shared components. as edit did. Conf me, too, I think. there's probably some things to discuss about it. I I know a lot of progress has been made by art. Timo Glastra: and yeah, we hope to get it merged soon, so maybe we can. look at what's left. What's good enough to to get it merge. Now, there are some changes we want to make Timo Glastra: to the wallet.

Timo Glastra: in the Api. But I think we can do that after like we have merged all the complete to stuff. So I also edit this one. The wall of Api's been there for a while. Timo Glastra: but I mainly wanted aerial to drive that, but I don't think he's here today. Timo Glastra: are there any other topics people would like to to to to the agenda for today? Charles Lanahan: no, nothing to the agenda. but you probably see me ping in the discord. A bunch it's it's been kind of frustrating with the demo and the

Charles Lanahan: I guess the changes to 0 4 0, Charles Lanahan: actually using every timescape framework coming in as a beginner. I I I don't know if if I can just vote for maybe if someone can help me focus on that. Charles Lanahan: that's that's my own. It's not really added to agenda, but just wanted to note it in the meeting. Timo Glastra: Yeah, I think maybe we can spend some time with it. I think we can maybe improve some things to make it easier. I agree, we're currently in a bit of like a rough situation where we're in between versions and everything. And and maybe that isn't

Timo Glastra: working the nicest. And I was also thinking, like, I saw your message just as I was thinking, like, yeah, we haven't had a lot of like good Timo Glastra: examples, setups and repos. that are also very up to date, and I think maybe we should spend more time on like having some resources to easily get started and have like reset of projects that you can just start from. So you don't have to do like the the, the Timo Glastra: yeah, a complex process of setting everything up, I think. yeah. So I think we we should spend some time with that Timo Glastra: getting started.

Charles Lanahan: Yeah, Charles Lanahan: because I had experience like a pie right? And Charles Lanahan: and and then coming to this, I I remember I was framework at 1 point, being everything was in a row, I guess just maybe the changes it's it's got a little rougher, Charles Lanahan: And and I got by full. Jason leads to a much work and by full now works. So Charles Lanahan: that that's good Charles Lanahan: but I just wanted to mention it. just because, you know, the demo is hard. And then weird errors and all that stuff. Timo Glastra: Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. So yeah, I think we can iterate them and see if we can maybe make some Timo Glastra: some quick fixes to make that easier or get some documentation out.

Timo Glastra: Yeah. Timo Glastra: all right. Any other topics you would like to discuss, or once you I have questions about. Alexander Shenshin: I think I have a question. Timeline. Hello, everyone I saw that. we have a really good pull request for individual. which is also fixes Ios version compatibility. Alexander Shenshin: and I saw it was a port already. And I just I'm just wondering. do we have any blockers here? And where approximately it will be marched.

Timo Glastra: Yeah. So I think we're talking about Timo Glastra: these 2 Prs, Berend Sliedrecht: no, this is for for for Android. Alexander Shenshin: Yeah, I think it was 186 or something like this.

Berend Sliedrecht: Yeah, I I did a Pr to to have lower Ios version compatibility and to from a test slide. Berend Sliedrecht: Oh, this is still open. Berend Sliedrecht: Oh, yeah, I think we can just merge this. Oh, yeah. Berend Sliedrecht: don't. We just have to create a new release should be good. Timo Glastra: Yeah, maybe we can also merge the Timo Glastra: that's still, that's still failing.

Timo Glastra: okay, so Timo Glastra: but yeah, maybe we can get this in. And otherwise we'll just make a new a new release and get this one in afterwards. Timo Glastra: yeah, maybe if we're now on it barely give it a short update on the shared components and all the work that you're doing, and both still left of it, like with all the different repos and ios android fixes. Berend Sliedrecht: Yeah, so Berend Sliedrecht: basically, for no jazz, nothing has really changed. still, the same states basically working But there were some performance issues which I think, are resolved in those 18 Berend Sliedrecht: for react native we for a long time we don't really have Berend Sliedrecht: support for version 70. And now 71, I think.

Berend Sliedrecht: and 72 in the future. Berend Sliedrecht: but the Pr. That I think you might just show that supports for react native 66 up until the latest Berend Sliedrecht: for Allen credits in your. Berend Sliedrecht: and we also support for expo. Now, there are still some very weird registration issues with Expo But I believe that Berend Sliedrecht: they are working. I've tested multiple multiple times, and in some apps they they work in a son upstate. They don't work. But I think Demo created the Pr. For

Berend Sliedrecht: to fix that where we have to share packages as a pair dependency. Berend Sliedrecht: so export is there or is coming? Berend Sliedrecht: and I think, yeah, if we when we release a, I think we do like a stable release of autocrats in VR and S car as well. Berend Sliedrecht: yeah, it's quite a bit of work, but Berend Sliedrecht: it's it's it's getting there. It's getting close. Timo Glastra: Yeah, Sorry I was typing. So maybe I missed some things. Did you also? talk about the lower Android version? Berend Sliedrecht: No. So we with, there are some weird things with us, and if we want to build for Android, we basically, I have to do cross compilation, which is always a bit annoying. So we use a

Berend Sliedrecht: tool called cross Rs. Which uses like poker to build for other targets. So here we can build for Android, for example. Berend Sliedrecht: But they they do some weird things, and with that we only support Android 11, I think. Berend Sliedrecht: with Api 30, which is quite high, and we won't Berend Sliedrecht: also to support lower first of android. So cl, I showed it quite a bit of work Berend Sliedrecht: getting those images working with lower versions of android. Berend Sliedrecht: And yeah, this is the the repo is he created. And now I test this one. I don't know. It's a couple of hours ago.

Berend Sliedrecht: and that works with I think, the lowest I test. It was api 24, with Android 7 Berend Sliedrecht: still have to test it for escar, and in fdr but the that is looking quite good. So we have. I'm sorry lowest I test was under 7, but I think the Berend Sliedrecht: gross image is specified, and it's 5 even, but I don't think the 3 at native supports. That so that would be Berend Sliedrecht: if it's useless.

Berend Sliedrecht: yeah. So android 7 at least. An ios well, I think, or 13 it also depends on which, if what react native supports? Berend Sliedrecht: Because I think the binaries go up to Ios 7, which is extremely low. Berend Sliedrecht: So yeah, some are 12 or 13. that's the that's where you native.

Berend Sliedrecht: Now, I think I covered everything. Timo Glastra: Yeah, I think so. okay, so I'm here pro forecast open for all of them. Right? And this one we can do so hopefully, we can like, yeah, we have like a working Timo Glastra: it's like we have everything fixed now, right that that we're issues. It's just we need to get it merged and released.

Berend Sliedrecht: Yeah, we. We still have to test Berend Sliedrecht: the Ascar and any Vdr after they've been built, because they're also. Berend Sliedrecht: I think there was some issue that's Jason ran into on a simulator with x 86, 64 versus 6, 8, 6. So we also have to look into that. Berend Sliedrecht: But yeah, that's just a little of testing. And yeah. Berend Sliedrecht: we'll see. Timo Glastra: Okay.

Timo Glastra: thank you for that. That that's helpful. yeah. Okay. Alexander, this is, Timo Glastra: sounds great guys. Thank you. And for the for update and for your work. Timo Glastra: Cool. Timo Glastra: Okay, other status updates on by fault. I don't know if the 5 foot call was this week any updates on the project. Alexander Shenshin: So on a by fault call guys, we're talking about goal of making the app more accessible in the next print, I believe. Timo Glastra: Okay? And then, like adding, adding custom like it's called it know, like in the web world to area labels. And these kind of things.

Alexander Shenshin: yeah. So Jason was talking about better support for people with so Alexander Shenshin: vision problems and so on. Timo Glastra: Okay, that sounds interesting. cool.

Renata Toktar: sorry. Additional few words about by faults. So these are is testing by fault. And it is from Javascript in comparison, and she will provide you test results. So might be, create new issues. Sorry? Timo Glastra: Yeah, no, that's that's nice. That's yeah. And and like, that's the what, what specific features are you testing? Renata Toktar: So right now we are taking just issuing credentials usual flow. And so for framework framework javascript in addition. Renata Toktar: so and so you are a part of this for my fault. Timo Glastra: Appreciate it. Timo Glastra: awesome. Okay.

Timo Glastra: on the Eric's call. I can do a quick update. There was like, it's now a 2 week discussion already. But about Timo Glastra: future of I and whether it's Timo Glastra: like, there's discussion about the potential move of the of. And it's called basis and everything to the Open World foundation. Timo Glastra: because that can Well, maybe that can provide new opportunities or put the high place in there. And Timo Glastra: in a better sport related to marketing or well, there's there's a lot of discussions, and people have a lot of different points. Maybe we can. Timo Glastra: That's the the notes here, because they're. I think, right interesting to read through. Let me see. Timo Glastra: this one was yesterday. Yes, as you can see, a lot of participants. and there's just a lot of

Timo Glastra: yeah points being raised about. Okay, what do we want and but a potential move some a shared a lot of things of like, okay, we need to have continuity continue to print. Timo Glastra: well, and a lot of things what we could do to improve from iplex your errors itself. Timo Glastra: I think. One thing that was also discussed, which is Timo Glastra: for me an interesting topic. related to a potential move is like. Timo Glastra: what is the scope of high pledge errors? because currently we are adding, a lot of new features to to high place areas that they're not specifically related to their resources or errors in through profiles. he also like from the discussion or the presentation Kareem gave last week. But to the future ours to be, and it's like it's part of the core. And is there a room for openly for

Timo Glastra: and I think an interesting thing for me that that came out of it, because my opinion on on what it was like. It's as I built on top of it. difficult, primarily using high play for Indian. That's what it's now. Timo Glastra: Not saying that it should be Timo Glastra: John mentioned John Jordan that it's also Timo Glastra: like more. Timo Glastra: sure, that's Timo Glastra: I. a set of frameworks that can work with protocols, credentials, such crypto, wide priority of sources. And if you see it like that, I think then, adding all these things to the framework like our to ask, it does make a lot of sense. so

Timo Glastra: yeah, I think Timo Glastra: we have to see how that defaults? I just know if people here in the call have a specific like that weren't involved in that discussion. If they have specific Timo Glastra: opinions on that like, do you? Timo Glastra: Do? You have an opinion on on what happens? Do you feel like It could help, or it could not help or anything. Or do you think Timo Glastra: it's fine, either way or yeah, we'd be curious. what's I think there are some Javascript is A is A is a big project from the Eras project. So I think it's important that we make sure. Timo Glastra: yeah, we get the best out of this.

Ariel Gentile: Well, I'm I'm still processing this because I I still don't completely understand Ariel Gentile: why this Ariel Gentile: I mean, where? Where did it it came from? Actually, right? Ariel Gentile: I think this is something that that other people we're we're asking. I like hell, I think. was was asking Ariel Gentile: I think it in in at least Ariel Gentile: to what Ariel Gentile: he's concerned about this, this, this, this this project in the the particular. It probably would make sense to Ariel Gentile: somehow include it into the Open World Foundation. But I'm not sure why they are. Ariel Gentile: and Ariel Gentile: they are proposing to move the whole ais project there, because something that was or or they made clear from the beginning, is that open wallet foundation will not.

Ariel Gentile: I mean we it it will. It would focus on on code implementation Ariel Gentile: and not on the on the specification. So I and I'm basically right now, what right? Ariel Gentile: What a a is is mostly a a bunch of Rfcs or or specifications to to achieve some goals. so Ariel Gentile: I don't know exactly. Ariel Gentile: And what's the they did did the best to fit for for that.

Timo Glastra: Yeah. Ariel Gentile: another another another issue. I I I see I I know the the Open World Foundation is is a very, very recent, Ariel Gentile: Project that our initiative.

Ariel Gentile: But when I go to the to there, to the, to the Github Ariel Gentile: I see almost Ariel Gentile: nothing. I I I mean Ariel Gentile: there is. No. Ariel Gentile: there are not other projects involved there right now, at least so I don't know why it it's it's quite confusing for me. Ariel Gentile: But of course I have no problem. If if if if everybody wants to to go to to open what it it's it's it's fine for me. It's not a not not a problem, even if Ariel Gentile: arias Ariel Gentile: is mostly my my first name. But but I can. I can change. Yeah, you could change the night. My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my my middle name is it? It's as well, though, so it it it's it's fine.

Tim Bloomfield: I I think, with the standards. One of the options out there is that is, they go to death. We already a lot of a lot of with what did come. V. 2, I mean, all the protocols are already gonna go there. Tim Bloomfield: So I know there's others, obviously other Rfcs. But I' a lot of it already is already going to go under diff. So maybe one option is to look at at moving Tim Bloomfield: the the areas Rfc's in into more into into into the decentralized energy foundation. Tim Bloomfield: yeah.

Timo Glastra: I I think that makes sense. I think that could maybe also help in making Timo Glastra: er it's more of a really focused on okay, this is agent implementations. And I think, yes, you say, with this call being moved to, they've already I think a lot of the current errs Rfcs can be deprecated. because they are now covered by the date come back, for example, and that becomes that it becomes a much more like Timo Glastra: the light lightweight intro profile in itself. Where, then the code is separated from the specifications. yeah, I think that that would be a Timo Glastra: yeah, the potential solution.

Berend Sliedrecht: I I think one thing that's Berend Sliedrecht: I I think someone mentioned that 2 weeks ago. The Berend Sliedrecht: or he's call was that I think it was rye or something. but like with hyper ledger. We get quite a bit of stuff like our get up organization. we get for Democrats. I think I'll spray of Jay in a hundred percent sure. But we have, exclusive runners which are way faster than like the free runners, and get a little of marketing and Berend Sliedrecht: the workshops that are hosted by them and promoted by them. I'm not sure if open Wallace Foundation can do all of those things Berend Sliedrecht: for us. Berend Sliedrecht: so I I do think that it would be better for the identity, or if you want to cause of of Aries to to move there.

Berend Sliedrecht: But yeah, if then, we we can do anything anymore. Berend Sliedrecht: because we don't of hyper ledger behind it with all their resources and everything. Berend Sliedrecht: yeah, that might be Berend Sliedrecht: a bit of an issue, I think. Berend Sliedrecht: but yeah, I I don't really know the entire infrastructure of open wallets foundation. And Berend Sliedrecht: my, if they come. provide with everything that we are used to with under hyperl here.

Ariel Gentile: Yeah. But, by the way. Ariel Gentile: I think we can. we can maybe Ariel Gentile: maybe start thinking on what's Ariel Gentile: what are the problems of being part of Hyper Ledger. Ariel Gentile: Is there any drawback? Something that we we don't like about that? The the foundation will somehow Ariel Gentile: be deprecated, you know, in in the short term, I mean, is, is there any problem, too. Ariel Gentile: to 2 of them? Part of of Hyper Ledger for for arias? Berend Sliedrecht: I think it's just that we do not necessarily want to be associated with blockchain Berend Sliedrecht: and that is mainly the thing, and that it's still like the big connection with Indie, and and of credits and everything. Well.

Berend Sliedrecht: well, at least where we're going to work, that's not really the case anymore. I think Berend Sliedrecht: there are still a lot of misconceptions about Aries, and if we stay with Hyper Ledger, I don't think that they will go away or we have to do a lot of rebranding and marketing then I think it would be fine. But Berend Sliedrecht: I think moving to another organization might make. Berend Sliedrecht: It's a little easier to say like, Hey, we are just some some sort of an identity framework, and more specifically, a anocrats in the difficult V, one framework Berend Sliedrecht: that's, I think, for me the main thing. Ariel Gentile: So we don't we? We don't want to be related to or associated to a, to a blockchain, but we do want to be a to our wallet.

Berend Sliedrecht: I don't think that we you see, I think the naming is not good at it either. Ariel Gentile: No, that's Berend Sliedrecht: I I I I see your point. I think it's not necessarily that we don't want to be associated with auction. I think we want to be associated with more than just blockchain. Berend Sliedrecht: because I don't think that there is necessarily an issue, that we use some bits or credential definitions, or whatever that they are anchored on the blockchain but we do more than that, and hyper ledger is to Berend Sliedrecht: blockchain. I don't know. I forgot their official title, but, like it's a blockchain thing. Ariel Gentile: Yeah, actually, if we if you see the the the release notes for of or the launch notes for arias, it clearly states that. Ariel Gentile: It's a blockchain route blockchain route. I don't know agent or something like that. Ariel Gentile: So yeah.

Ariel Gentile: yeah, maybe that does not. Ariel Gentile: because the at the moment the the the idea of arias was to Ariel Gentile: to not be a type to indie specifically. but they still, so that Ariel Gentile: it any other blockchain would be always there. Ariel Gentile: So maybe that that's not the case anymore. Maybe we now, right now, we need ais community, we we don't even Ariel Gentile: one to be tied to to the to the blockchain technology.

Berend Sliedrecht: Yeah. And I I think I mean it it Berend Sliedrecht: for me. I mean, it can stay under hyperlink. But I think the the in rebranding it and making sure that everyone who wants to use it knows that it's not only blockchain, or not only in these Berend Sliedrecht: so much effort that it might be easier to move to owf. And

Berend Sliedrecht: yeah, have it easier there with the rebranding, because then we're under owl you have, and no one, I think, is an association with owf and a blockchain. Berend Sliedrecht: so that that might be the easiest route. But Berend Sliedrecht: I don't know if it's the the best route, because now, hyper ledger. They do provide quite a bit of things. which are very nice, and we use them a lot. So Alex Andrei: yeah, I wanted to add that all of the the independence backwards. They were like we did. That was done technically. Alex Andrei: So, I think, having us going to the open one foundation will make that more public facing.

Alex Andrei: So we don't start to. So we're not tied to indie. Because, like, we know that like, we're like phone calls, independent Alex Andrei: like not dependent on the in the ledger, but Alex Andrei: I don't think other people outside. We didn't know that then. Us just wearing a blog post somewhere. Alex Andrei: I think he's gonna Alex Andrei: change the perception that's been around for years. So from like a a marketing perspective, I think it's good. However, I think we need to. We all the support they can provide. because I've been in several of those meetings. And there. Alex Andrei: yeah, like, Ariel said, that the majority of the meetings are pretty much just been talking and having other open source group present to them like they they're building libraries. So there was Alex Andrei: several other the companies like this, I phase they presented to them, and they just kind of like wanting to Alex Andrei: pretty much forth a bunch of sdks and put them in one place. that my understanding of what they're trying to with you.

Alex Andrei: So I'm not sure it's levels before that they can provide. And if they talk about having like the technical structure and whatnot. Alex Andrei: It's like, you've got the repository. There's very little action going on. There was a little bit at the beginning, like an architectural perspective. Timo Glastra: Okay. Warren Gallagher: so just throw in my 2 cents as somebody who is not. who's been monitoring this stuff for about the last year, but isn't heavily invested in any technology stock. Warren Gallagher: Is that the Warren Gallagher: the circles that I end up intersecting with Warren Gallagher: outside of the Aries community? very much of you.

Warren Gallagher: Aries as not just blockchain and indie, but as a non-creds Warren Gallagher: and cl signatures and Warren Gallagher: yes, so. and did call. Warren Gallagher: And so, while the work is going on to make Warren Gallagher: the technology, the the stack, much more kind of agnostic to Warren Gallagher: what the Warren Gallagher: registry is and what the format is, and what the signature set is, and you know, and what the communication protocols are. Warren Gallagher: That is the perception, and that is very difficult to change. Warren Gallagher: and so I think Warren Gallagher: part of the Warren Gallagher: the benefit of of moving somewhere new. Whether I'm not. I'm not in a position to say whether I think the moving to the all, all the foundation or not is a good place or not. Warren Gallagher: but the the rebranding that needs to happen to get over that perception, if if, in fact, that is what the Aries community wants. Warren Gallagher: would be beneficial to like. Start with a somewhat clean slate on terms of the branding, so that

Warren Gallagher: that perception can be moved away. If that's what the community wants. If the community is saying, Yeah, we're supporting these other things. But really we are about. Warren Gallagher: you know first and foremost, and on credits and Didcom, and you know and and ledger based. Then maybe that branding is not where you want to go. Warren Gallagher: So. But that is the perception. And and although I've tried to preach to some people that hey, that this is. Warren Gallagher: you know, it's changing, and it's supporting these other things. You know, the perception is there?

Timo Glastra: Yeah, thanks for the input. I think that. I think that's something. We keep airing more and more. And and I agree, like changing a perception is, is very difficult. if you have a brand, Timo Glastra: yeah. And I think it moved to the Oklahoma foundation Timo Glastra: yeah. Could maybe help with that. question is, if we're not going to do the same thing with, like the points, a real race with the wallet. but yeah, I think these are really good inputs. Tim Bloomfield: Yeah, I I think one thing as much as I hate the fact that it always comes down to the wall. If you're outside Tim Bloomfield: of the core people working on this, the wall is, is first to get. One goes to it. It is the anchor in most people's mental model of of digital trust and digital identity. It's not necessarily right, but it is what you know. Marketing wise is what it is.

Tim Bloomfield: I've also posted a in the chat. We read the quote from this from Fido Alliance, obviously incredibly technical group who knows their stuff. This is their interpretation of Aries and indie some kind of mismatch of different different ideas. So again, marketing we we definitely are is getting is getting blurred Tim Bloomfield: in terms of of what it is under because of the history and and the Hyper Ledger pieces. So it's Tim Bloomfield: it's actually a great paper otherwise. But That that quote really struck me as being a little misguided.

Timo Glastra: Yeah. Renata Toktar: And I had a few words, too, because I believe we can divide this question to to different parts. first of them we discussed blockchain part, and so, of course, we want to make a rest from work more agnostic that you are agnostic. Renata Toktar: Firstly, because of checks and nonsense. A lot of new blockchains that we have, and already they can use with areas, for example.

Hmm! And another question. It's a wallet, because, we don't want to have in the Renata Toktar: voltage Renata Toktar: like a just intellectual connection. And we think about open bullets for all 4 months of sale. And not only so, I suggest. Maybe discuss it in 2 ways. First of them connection with different blockchains. And do we really? is it really required? And another part, it's for it that we already try to make like video like as far tools to make it, not in the not just India, what it? But for other system, too. Renata Toktar: And then I believe we can say that's It's not connected only with indie, and we don't need to make a strict dependence on the blockchain part.

Timo Glastra: Yeah, I think also makes sense like we have for a very long time in the SDK, and I think. Timo Glastra: yeah, all implementations used in the SDK, and that doesn't help, probably because even then, if you don't want to use CD letter, you are still using the in the SDK, which can be confusing. Timo Glastra: yeah. So I think what comes out of this is that Timo Glastra: maybe there's something in the open wallets foundation. But I think there's also just a lot of misconception. So maybe branding or like marketing could help with that. I think. Timo Glastra: Probably cleaning up a lot of the old stuff. within our eyes, maybe

Timo Glastra: rebranding the purpose. making some Timo Glastra: videos about or like tutorials about like what is really the scope of our eyes. I think maybe those things could already really help But Timo Glastra: another point could be like, isn't it easier to move? yeah. Timo Glastra: And it's the anyone that wants to add something to this. I'm I'm planning on like, there's

Timo Glastra: discussion here. And there is more meetings. I think that's going to happen. So Timo Glastra: I want to write up a bit of my own Timo Glastra: perspective. I think in the discussion I also want to take into these points. So there are any other points that people feel like haven't been raised yet for like, why this should be done or not, or. Timo Glastra: okay, cool. Well, thanks for all the input. This is this is really helpful. Timo Glastra: cool. Let's see. Okay, we have around 20 min left.

Timo Glastra: maybe Timo Glastra: we can very quickly do to 0 for 0 release. Because I think that's that's just about a minute is It has been really way longer than we expected to have this released. And I think basically everything is in place to release it. Timo Glastra: if we have those shared components stuff fixed which I think we're getting really close. Lot of movement here. yeah, that's ongoing. Timo Glastra: I was curious about the state of the Revocation. Ariel, and what you think?

Ariel Gentile: yeah, I I I couldn't. I couldn't work on on that in the last weeks. But I'm I'm just a Ariel Gentile: returning to the he or she development. So I will. I will review. I mean I will. I will check your your comments on the on Epr, and probably I will. Ariel Gentile: I will address all the feedback during this this weekend, I think. but I'm Ariel Gentile: I don't know if we should. wait until it is marriage before. I don't know. Maybe we can. We can do it in the 0 for one, but that's that. Timo Glastra: I agree, I think. we shouldn't wait to hold off the release any longer. So I think if we have these shared components ready, we should make the release, and then we can just add it to 0 for one, or maybe a 0 5 0 like there's not. I don't think if there's it's really a big issue. Also, if we make a 0 5 0 very soon. like, I don't think people I currently have a problem with Timo Glastra: too much like, releases rather to few. so

Timo Glastra: okay. Timo Glastra: cool. yeah. I think. Then that's that's okay. I do think like Timo Glastra: having and the release be the late. This much have Timo Glastra: different is the chance to test it out a bit more, because there's been really a lot of changes with all the autocrats changes and and the generalization like this is a really big architectural change. and we've been using it for like we've updated the few wallets to the new fuel version some cloud stuff. So we've had some time to to work with it now, which I think that is is great, that we can be sure that the

Timo Glastra: the 0 for serial release that we release has been like already tested out, Timo Glastra: before being released. Timo Glastra: Okay. Timo Glastra: hopefully, more updates on this soon.

Timo Glastra: let me see. There's. Timo Glastra: I think. Maybe. Timo Glastra: do you have a lot on the discount fee to stuff that you want to discuss, or what's what? What? What would you like to approach that? Artem Ivanov: I actually, I just wanted to know what the next steps should I do? What changes I needed to get it? Not quickly. What like I took the base the to branch as a basis, and changed Artem Ivanov: cri. The implementation from sqa to just use it is as car methods as expected. everything. What is needed it provides. And Artem Ivanov: implementation passes test vectors from give specification. And this is good news.

Artem Ivanov: so on the not good points that we need. did resolver inside of the board at the. And for now the implementation is limited to Artem Ivanov: get key and get Pierre on the but in the best we need to rework it. And for me it looks like we need it. Move it to move. We need to move it to core and construct and handle it there. But an exposed just crip decorations like Artem Ivanov: Ec. He he's Josh one P. You keep wrapping the or yet encryption out of the void. I believe. Artem Ivanov: from Github we one perspective in thisdk also provides an on on our script methods. Which Artem Ivanov: pieces of this? So we should be able to implement it as well. And skills that worked in. Give what it Artem Ivanov: but it it it just more work. And this of now just would like to get current implementation merged in main. And after after that, can you improve it?

Artem Ivanov: So Artem Ivanov: I appreciate any feedback, any comments, any major issues which need to be. Timo Glastra: yeah, okay, that sounds good. I think I'm fine with like having it in the ballot, because that's also what we do for get. Come v. One now. And as I mentioned. I do think we should Timo Glastra: not calls it did resolve, or directly in the wallet, but extracted to a higher layer. And I think, from my perspective. Then we're good to merge it now. And then, when we're going to do the wall of Api refactoring we Timo Glastra: We can like, extract it into a separate Jason web encryption service. And and yeah, remove the pack impact. That's very difficult to one specific from the from the wallet, and just have to like the the more lower level crypto operations, I think, for my side that makes sense and Timo Glastra: would be good to have this merged soon into the main brand, because feature benches are yeah, not not so nice. Timo Glastra: okay, thanks for the updates. I left some more comments on the pr,

Timo Glastra: but yeah, much. It looks good. Artem Ivanov: Yeah. I'll work on this comments. And I get the same results as I can. Timo Glastra: Okay? Timo Glastra: Then I once goes, Ariel, it has been on like the the Timo Glastra: wallet Api refactoring has been on the agenda, for, like a few times we like we don't get to it, could you? Maybe for next week Timo Glastra: prepare some things for this? Ariel Gentile: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure I I will. I have this question on it.

Ariel Gentile: Yeah, I will. I will. I'm I' to review the the work done done by which is somehow related, because there will be some changes in the on the wallet. Ariel Gentile: so I will. I will look at it, and I'm I'm prepared something about the what are they paying in general Ariel Gentile: for the next week. Timo Glastra: Okay, cool. Then we're at the top of agenda next week. yeah, because we probably want some time for that. And I think it's Timo Glastra: yeah with the sitcom stuff and also what we know. No, it's A with

Timo Glastra: J, the wet verify credentials so that there's some current limitations in the wallet. Api, that's yeah. Don't make sense. So yeah, okay, that would be good. Then maybe we can spend the last 10 min on the of the meeting on like the point to us raised on like getting started with a of that it can be Timo Glastra: quite complex and what we can maybe do in the short term to make this easier. I think Timo Glastra: 1 point, if noticed, is that Timo Glastra: Difficult to keep up with versions. alpha

Timo Glastra: versus stable. What to use and install instructions are sometimes incorrect. If Timo Glastra: in Alpha states, I think that's Timo Glastra: One thing I've noticed are there? specific things, people see and like how, what's currently difficult and everything we could easily solve. I know, Charles, you you raised this so Charles Lanahan: well, E, even even just keeping the demo working would be a starting point. and the demo kind of works now until they give some. I mean. Charles Lanahan: it's kind of you guys, it's kind of like given errors and then fix it, and then errors in a different error. we even just keeping the demo. You know, the Alice favor walk through Charles Lanahan: working would be would be a huge help.

Timo Glastra: yeah, I think one suggestion. I had on that, and that is like, Timo Glastra: You like the air from Javascript repo supports as ascar in the SDK, and there's like quite a lot of dependencies needed to get it to work. I think one of my thoughts to make it a lot easier to have it working is by extracting it into a separate repo. Because then we can keep the set of minimal, which is, if you get started. It's nice, because currently, you need to have the whole repo setup Timo Glastra: which brings dependencies for any checks. and and and Oscar in the SDK like Do you think that could help with making it easier? Charles Lanahan: Yeah, does this cause? Just because that's that's that's hard. you know, as beginner is coming to something and and not understanding to us like my mistake. Or if it was the Demos, you know. Bug, right?

Timo Glastra: yeah, that's a that's a good good suggestion. Yes. Charles Lanahan: And then and then, yeah, mostly because I I try to. I mean the the 2 main things I tried to. I tried Charles Lanahan: for the demo, and and you know we we've been around a couple of times on a cold bugs in the demo, and then in a set of instructions.

Charles Lanahan: we're definitely the alpha, and even even the old release the stable version didn't didn't build for weird reasons. I think we're doing like as far. Charles Lanahan: yeah, you know what I mean. So, so, yeah, those are. Those are the 2 main ones. and in the documentation, it's not clear what the Charles Lanahan: what the release cycle is like, especially now that things moved off to Ascar and Charles Lanahan: all that other stuff. Charles Lanahan: something something about as far, doesn't you know I I couldn't even find a main. I think I was one of the threads we had on that discord, but Charles Lanahan: one of the as far as didn't even have like a entry point that Charles Lanahan: that area for Javascript framework assumed it would have. And I'm not a good jobs for developers. Maybe it was my mistake. But it's just a confusing error that I think was just due to versions changing or something.

Timo Glastra: Yeah, yeah, that's basically done an issue of we release on every commit. So then, we have like in the main brands when we start working on the S car module. But it's not ready for us. It's yet so Timo Glastra: I think that's confusing and wanting. that's a bit annoying about Npm. Is and I've run into it myself a lot of times as well is if you go to, for example, we've never had a stable release for it, because we started working on this in the 0 4 0 work ranch. And if you look at the latest version, Timo Glastra: if the if you have a first version of this all file release, then it will be tagged as the latest. So there's like, if you just install at Aeros framework, Oscar, you will get like a a very old alpha version which doesn't work. that's I think, that the first you you're probably also installed, because then you have like no entry point and that's an issue. Timo Glastra: yeah, we have to fix. So I'm not sure what the best approach is to, because you can't release something Timo Glastra: under. Only the you have to. You need to when you first release it. If it's an all 5 to be published under the latest tech. Timo Glastra: I think one thing we can do in that is Timo Glastra: better documentation. in like install instructions and and good adding text to install script. So you also always install the correct version based on the documentation. I think that that helps

Timo Glastra: yeah. So I made a Pr yesterday to the dogs, which I hope will help a bit with this, and maybe we can make more improvement, but is Timo Glastra: If you go to the Timo Glastra: getting started guide and out. For example, Ariz, Oscar, I have now added, like in the next branch at it, like at Alpha installs to all the installments, and if we go to Timo Glastra: 0 3 0 installation for the setup I now edit like 0 3 0. So if you look at all documentation. You run the install script. You would never get like the person that is not

Timo Glastra: relevant for the like, what you're currently setting up. So you don't get hopefully as much first. And errors this is, of course, just one small thing. But Timo Glastra: yeah, hope we can Timo Glastra: get more of these. Timo Glastra: any other things people mentioned. I think you also have issues a lot with like the react native set up right. Artem Ivanov: Oh, a couple of more words regarding the Demos there is definite lack of the documentations for plugin plugins. because like, there are a powerful feature just on the credentials and bbs signatures, but they are not covered at all, and you can cannot run any of them and see them in action the current. It is them just reflects on credits level of all these issues and presentations

Artem Ivanov: plugins for check, the for question as well. But they don't have an idea how to test them. And the same for open id connect. I quite train you nowadays, and it Artem Ivanov: maybe go ahead and search. And we get the Ajs implementation. But I Artem Ivanov: cannot see it cannot test it apart just from seeing unit tests.

Timo Glastra: Yeah. Timo Glastra: I think. this Timo Glastra: makes sense. I think it's not probably even for plugins. It's just like of documentation. And the demo not not not being included in the demo. Timo Glastra: that makes sense as well. yeah, I think we can. we should add tutorials for all these kind of things like we have. Timo Glastra: I think the Timo Glastra: we have for the the next branch. We have like documentation for all the the setup. So there's like on how you set up checks. And then there's the tutorials of like

Timo Glastra: for example, in the check did module how you can created it. But it's very like it's still Timo Glastra: just some pieces are there. And a lot of things, aren't there yet? So yeah, we really need to extent of this. We can create a connection Timo Glastra: we have to check with an upgrad scheme and an credential definition. Credentials, mediation. But we don't even have a tutorial on proof request. for example, which is a very complex thing to Timo Glastra: implement if you don't know Timo Glastra: how proofs work and even if you know how it works, it's still like very complex. if you have to implement that. So I think, yeah, a better documentation. Timo Glastra: I, if I can add one, is, I think, probably example Timo Glastra: repos set up with the latest version and having simple flows implemented Timo Glastra: which is just like. if we can have an example,

Timo Glastra: react native project that has just everything set up minimally, but like not more. So. It also like doesn't become too complex and also have simple flows implemented. I think that can help in getting started and looking at a reference implementation for how certain things are done. and I think maybe Timo Glastra: we should just create, like 2 Timo Glastra: repo, one Timo Glastra: an example. Ours from Javascript server, and one example with Javascript. mobile agents, and this will have a different purpose from Timo Glastra: like to buy for project, which I think is a really good reference project for Timo Glastra: react native But as like, is it more of like a fully implemented what? I think some simple Demos, I think, can help. Charles Lanahan: yeah. Yeah. In in light of the earlier conversation about what the area's product is. even as an example of not using any new SDK components, if that's possible. Like, like, you guys mentioned a discord Charles Lanahan: that would be super cool just to have. Here's a he's running with Dip here and and no no in the SDK stuff at all. Timo Glastra: Yeah.

Timo Glastra: I I'm all always really a fan of like the The next year's examples is, they have, like, Timo Glastra: a lot of examples, and they're all like Timo Glastra: setting up a next project with this specific library, or doing it in this way or in this way, and they have like, or if you want to do it with it. this concentration system on this one and like. Whatever your use cases, they have an example for it, so you can always look at like Timo Glastra: how it works. And it's also for them. So they can like, always have, like, all right, how does it work if you actually use this for certain use case. So maybe we can create like an examples repo where we can create simple example flows. Timo Glastra: I think that that could already really help Timo Glastra: see? Where's the notes? Timo Glastra: Okay, we don't have any time now anymore. but then I I'll probably bring it up next week again. but yeah, some help from people. If we can also maybe pick up some of these things that would be really appreciated. Maybe we can do some planning on it next week to see you right here. Which again, some people maybe Timo Glastra: surprised the the demo and these kind of things.

Timo Glastra: But yeah, okay, kind of end of meeting. thank you all. Timo Glastra: good discussion. And a seal next week. Charles Lanahan: So thanks.

Ariel Gentile: thanks, good bye, bye Renata Toktar: in your mind.

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