2021 U.S. Amateur Championship Match: Every Televised Shot

2021 U.S. Amateur Championship Match: Every Televised Shot

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At 9:00 AM Eastern, some highlights from the morning 18 this was Austin greaser, his third at the fifth. Yeah, coming from a deep greenside bunker. Shortsighted himself that beautiful shot. That's how you go one up. Then at the 10th, a par putt for griesser yeah came up well short with his second tough lag putt to this position. Thought he had it was walking it in.

So he was one down heading to the 11th and match was tide as they played 18 and look at this second shot at the last by James Piatt. Yes, so important here at 18 to get the ball in the fairway with severe bunkers. Hole location on the back left part of the screen uses the slope on the back edge to bring it back towards the whole beautiful shot that would lead to a victory at 18 for Piatt. He would take a one up lead heading into lunch. They got going about 30 minutes ago.

This the tee shot for Piatt. At the 19th or the power four first yeah, he had the honor about an hour little over an hour and a half break. This headed out, right? Part of a bogey he would make after his second in the bunker so pipe would lose the opening. Hold the match, tide them to the 20th, the 2nd at the PAR 4 for Austin Greaser aggressive play here off the tee to get it within 5060 yards and just a beautiful pit shot after James Piatt and hit it over the green in two and was in trouble. So Greaser a win at 19 a winner 20 he's got a one up lead now as they play the 21st hole.

Of this 36 hole finale, second shot from the bunker Noda Begay down there watching. In a tough spot, but hit a decent shot. Got a lot of club. Steve Burkowski Justin Leonard the rest of the team with you from Oakmont.

Just give himself a pitch at it. Now he is completely in the driver seat. I think if he gets something, buying the whole with a little momentum it might turn right back towards the flag he's trying to do. Like this here. Skip it. Oh, that's just a great leave.

Lots of spin more than I expected. 2 1/2 feet for three. Maybe use a little bit of that side slope to kill some of the pace he's got laid wide open. Oh, that took a hard bounce. That's gone. Wow and it is not slowing down anytime soon. Welcome to Oakland everybody.

Sort of, the Oakmont we've been waiting to see whole week long just in considering about 5 inches of rain on this golf course throughout the past four or five days, it's still going. The damage was done with just a 6 or 7 iron off the tee and it put it in the fairway bunker. Yeah, that's the 4th for Pyatt. So it's gonna come right back to him. And I believe that's going to be a concession.

It is so grieser out of the gates winning the first two holes in the afternoon to take a one up lead. Grieser on his opponent if he gets his fairway. Well, and he's been really driving the ball. Where here in the last few holes, this looks like it's going right.

Yeah, it's gonna miss the sand to the right I believe, which is a good break. Yeah, that's fine up there. It looks like the lies pretty decent as well. Now a little bit of an opportunity here for pilot if you can just get this in the fairway. Has a beautiful tee shot.

Yeah, James Piatt needed that after the indifferent beginning here on the first couple of holes. But Matt Griesser is kind of in the driver seat here. Early on in the afternoon. Greasers second on the way at three. James Bone Mackay.

Watching this one very aggressive. He just needs to get this on the green and put some pressure on his opponent. This green is very severe. Piet 2nd that's from 108 he go right after this whole 'cause he should be able to spin it. A great advantage being in the fairway there. Good morning.

Boy and he's been very aggressive on his lag putts. I haven't really seen him miss a lot of putts inside of 10 feet. Noda. Not a great effort there. Austin had to figure there was a really good chance he could still be in the hole and have this opportunity to have it. Second, confident stroke thereafter really running by his birdie attempt. Just looking to keep the pressure on with.

Yeah, there was cluster of bunkers down the right hand side. The one closest to fairway 300 yards to carry shouldn't be a problem. And that's in great shape up the right side.

Who Amazon Fire and Apple TV in your iOS and Android mobile devices? Tee shot for pilot. This is hidden bright. I don't know that it's gonna cover.

Little trend here in the afternoon for PIA. Justin yeah. And then when he does miss a shot that's where he misses it. He seems to miss to the right. So I'm doing that with a couple of iron swings yesterday. Yeah, you want your opponents to have to beat you.

Don't give them holes and this is a nice effort here. Should be just fine. I got it all the way up on the top of the hill, maybe slightly on the downslope.

He'll have a good view of the green from there. Yeah, this is like a A3 iron driving iron type. It's maybe a little stronger.

Wow. States to cut. Shot. Just finds the first greenside bunker that's gonna leave a bunker shot with a very long carry. I think that's a mistake there Justin to put it in that bunker, they take something that gets over it or something that keeps it short. Yeah, I'm I'm with you bones. I think a three would have been better to get it past that at least get it deeper in the bunker.

Yeah, I would think he's still just trying to play about 20 feet short of this whole location because of how narrow it is trying to draw it and he's hung it out just a bit. Gotta get up or gets a skip there. That worked out terrifically landing where it did. Well done.

Yeah, a lot of the areas on these older golf courses along the edges tend to feed more into the greens as the sand has built up from member play. Now his speed has been really good all day long. I have a really good putt there, maybe just a touch less speed that might have caught the right edge.

But this should have just the slightest amount of hooking it. Oh yeah, look out for the bus off. He's sharp on this afternoon. 18 to this point.

I mean he made that that up and down at the bunker look pretty pedestrian, but that was a marvelous up and down difficult position. There he was in. This is way right away, right? Oh, that might have found a penalty area.

Between the 5th Fairway and the 4th that runs back the opposite direction. I just got out front of it. Substantial deficit now only saw with the exception this morning, only went to the 18th hole one time. The previous five matches, so.

Something new he's gonna have to deal with as he moves forward had important to put this ball in the fairway and he doesn't might have stayed in the first cut. You catch a break like this, Justin, but. To pay it off, what are you gonna do with it, right? You've got to take advantage when you get a good break like this. This is tugged. And that's a poorly. Granted, he's got a lot of pitch that he can use in terms of the bunker shot.

That's the side to miss it, but it wasn't as tough as he made it look. He was going to play second, so he was gonna be able to see the outcome of Greece or shot if he was to play first, he might have gone over to take a peek at the Lie, but. Now it's all on him. I just hit a nice one in here guys.

Sure did. Gotta play long and left here. Boy, he actually went forward in terms of the check. I don't know if this has got enough to get up on the slope and ultimately come back towards the hole. I was thinking he would play more up towards the fringe and had the ball release back down. Behold, but he actually tried to hit something there within a couple of feet.

And he's lost three of the four holes in this afternoon, so he desperately wants to turn the tide the other way. So the park conceded to James Bite, and, as noted alluded to two opportunities he would have loved to do it on his own. Justin, but now can watch greaser try to tie the whole. Wow, wanted nothing great up and down for the 2nd hole in a row. I will pet in that step.

Tracer technology brought to you by Lexus, the official vehicle of the USGA Senator, the Green. He is able to take that right bunker out of play. He can fly this all the way to the hole if he wants. Two good tee shots here at the PAR 3. Smart played by both players. Whoa now.

And once again, he's hit a long putt well past the hole. Take the speed out with the uphill. Takes a little. Put some speeding. Excuse me, take some of the breakout. And as it loses pace, this thing dives to the right. Almost. That was for James Piatt to

win his 1st hole this afternoon. Wow. Solid. Which was right about his putter? Wasn't it certainly an amazingly effective weapon in his bag. This appears to be a double cross left again. And there is some thick stuff over there.

Can he avoid it a second time? Yeah, I got lucky a couple holes ago. Good swing will go a long way. Oh, that's not what he did.

Little Army G1 left one right out, stayed out of the bunkers. Will just depend on the lie, but it's going to leave him pretty far back there, but certainly in better position than greasers in. The good thing is it's fairly clean behind the ball, just a matter of what the club does it impact. Jumps really high in here, but this ball is going to finish in the fairway, so that's a very effective play from there.

Had good decision there. Not trying to get too much out of it to where you basically giving the whole away. Sounded like it was a little bit heavy and came out left. Yeah, just spreading the rush not in the street. The one for the cut spin. He gets it. Maybe not quite as close as he had hoped.

Here at Oakmont you wanna if you miss you want to be on the side going up the hill. This is a pretty good shot, but it's gonna race well bye. I might not even stay on the green. It'll die left as it loses speed. Bogey conceded to James Piatt. So a couple of fives at the 7th.

That holds tide GRIESSER maintains that two up lead. This is a bullet on a terrific line. Oh beautiful shot lands about 10 yards short in that approach that Jim L Gallagher junior talked about earlier, and that's a great shot right in the front center of the green.

Hit this just at the left center section, trying to cut back good looking shot. Shake Shack that is a great shot. Carries it right on the front edge of the green.

Two good ones here at the PAR 3. And then the longer holds like this. The Greens are on the tamer side. No host tracking 2. I'm guessing that Bob Ford at some point in his long tenure here, probably made one. Oh my. Two pretty good.

Looks like both paiton grieser. Yeah you make part here at the 8th. A lot of times you're gonna win the whole Racer 33.

Research remains to us. We've seen players all week, misses Tee shot to the right as the penalty area ditch left. This fairway can really get in your head.

This appears to be a right? Just skirts that last Fairway bunker looks like it found the first cut that is a massive drive right there. Piet, here at the 9th, just needs to duplicate that and. Give himself a chance to try and attack this whole. Needs to get to the rights of the left edge on that one. Hops into the penalty area. There you can see the ball.

It's going to be on the upslope. Again, as we mentioned out of the rough, really strong, really hold on tight with that left hand. Got a nice connection on that, see if it runs out. That's a good play there with his short game, and you know he's got a great chance to get the ball up and down and safe par. Going with wedge very long iron player. This is cutting just left of it.

Good shot there, that's gonna come down off that slope, get a little bit better. Stay there. OK, it does couple more feet short. That ball might have come all the way back to the front fringe or just off so. Great. I mean that was tickling speed right there, and it's still when it got three feet past.

At Bogey all set up by the tea shop. Really well done by Austin Griesser. Racer three up.

You heard it right there. Two putt par good enough for the 20 year old from Ohio to take a three up lead heading into the final nine of this 36 Hole Championship match at Oakmont Country Club. Cutting dead center of the fairway. As long as this gets a good first bounce should be good.

Oh, it does bones and that's going to trundle down. Get over to the left side of the fairway. Much better angle from over there because of the tilt of this 10th green. Perfect shape. Doing what he has to do in the lead and put the ball in the fairway. Yeah, I was a much better move right there.

And that's a perfect shot as well. Looks to be a little shorter than greasers, so maybe he's got an opportunity here to put some pressure on. He's got this online. That's exactly what he needed to do. Trying to muscle a pitching wedge back there. Maybe needed that three finger 9.

Advantage by it at the 10th. Hey, what that was really nicely done there. Kept it above the hole. Grade 3 and it's the 1st hole he has one this afternoon, now two down through 28. A pill about 12 yards so.

Needs to catch all of it. Yeah, he's pulled this and this is going to be in the 10th fairway. Little bit further left, believe it or not of where he was aiming, but. Going to be just fine. Yeah, that's in good shape as long as he's done his homework.

The lies really important as he did this this morning. Didn't judge the lie and made a bogey from 85 yards. Two good ones off the 11th. To the fairway at 10. Little tug on this gonna need a little kick to the right.

No, it just sticks right there. Good shot. Will leave a putt downhill but it's not crazy fast. Primarily a left right ball flight that puts more spin on it, so that's even more dangerous on this shot. Doesn't want a lot of spin on this.

I shot well done two really good shots by Austin Greaser and James Piatt on the 29th hole of this championship match the PAR 411th. We always do. Racer far Quiet Racer one up. What? 2nd. 2nd.

Big shot. Get in the hole. JP. Laptop. Matches great. They can.

Hungry. Beautiful touch their great contact committing to what he was doing. Just a great job getting it to just drip over that little rise in the green. That has been conceded for three. Just gets over that rise but working its way away from the whole.

Wow, great pace, great rhythm to that stroke and he is going to gain a ton of confidence from making that clutch 20 footer there little swag there. Important one here. There's one fading down there, right center. If it gets a nice soft kick, it should be just fine. Kicked a little bit right through the first cut.

It ended the rough, but he avoided the bunker in the penalty area, which is the most important thing. Second, drawing towards the church view bunkers. Find oh boy Gallagher was describing the church Pew over there on the left hand side.

And that's gonna be trouble. He knew it. Cymbala little bit the lowest feed, so should. Allow him just to kind of get. He just needs a touch of left or right when he can't afford to pull this.

It'll just miss long and left. This is a pretty good effort, depending on how much runout he gets. Oh, that's an excellent shot under the circumstances.

Carry the front bunker if you will on this angle and get to the front edge. But he chooses to go high and a little soft. So that was something more of a layup there. Initially he was looking at hitting the hook. He's just laid the ball up some 40 yards short of the green and will have to get the ball up and down. It's likely to have the holding 4.

He's a big bounce. Second, feed away. There's a little low area there in the middle of the green. I needed to carry it another 5 paces. Dancing. Here's the reaction. He just sort of knew another pace or two more.

Buy it for Birdie to go 2 up. That's all I needed to do right there very well played. Par has been conceded so for the second consecutive whole it's all on the shoulders of greaser. Great try there. Fired or hired two options.

James Piatt chew up three holes ago. They head to the 34th hole of this championship match with where this whole is cut looking about 3035 feet left of it. Sonic good line if it's enough and it is beautiful shot, that's going to continue to get a little better. From 225, just threw an absolute dart. There you go. And a great response by Grieser.

Although that releases just a little bit. But he went flag hunting there, which he has to at this point in this match. 2 great iron shots by our two finalists. Well that was never high enough. Great effort there he was staring that down for a long time.

2nd for response. Yeah, that was a wonderful putt there. Now pilot for power to remain two up.

They keep going. Quiet. Didn't take the break.

1. Eric. That is an ideal tee shot right there. Yeah, it just finds the left greenside bunkers very deep, but as you can see he's got a lot of green to work with.

Trying to work it up the green given the way that it angles. 2nd so close to being so good. A bit of a bunker contest there at the 17th for Pyatt and Greaser Pyatt. Trying to close in on capturing this US Amateur championship again.

Just not able to get as much spin or not as he wants. I believe he didn't catch that clean. Yeah, it didn't sound great.

Second clutch play. Yeah, it just had a totally different sound. A little more slap at the sand. Not a whole lot down in here, that's gonna require his best.

And just slightly uphill the entire way. How about that four by James Pyatt. That's pretty special there after such a disappointing bunker shot. Granted it was difficult, but to get the second one up and down. What a putt. No. Unable to do it and with the Miss James Piatt. The US amateur

champion here at Oakmont. Second Boston. Congratulations on playing some great golf this week. What do you feel now? Was the difference in terms of you not being able to quite get your hands on the trophy, just didn't execute on the back nine just didn't execute the shots I was trying to hit and you know he did. And and. That's off Tammy,

played a good good match grade back nine and and now the cards fell his way this time and you've got some college golf yet to play. How will you take what you learned this week? The great playing everything you accomplished and apply it going forward. Yeah, I mean there's a lot to learn.

It's gonna it's gonna sting a little bit at first, but I want to get back to you on that. I mean, you know, I, I think the the main thing is that you know, I know I can play with the best. I know I can beat the best and you know, hats off to everybody else here. But you know, I think it's a. It's a tip.

Add to my game two and how hard I've been working and I'm just gonna keep doing the same things and and and work with. This will make me work a little bit harder and hopefully come back a little bit stronger next year. Well, I think you impressed a lot of people out there watching today here in person and on television. Best of luck going forward. Thanks for showing us such great golfers. Well, thanks for time.

Now it is our pleasure to present a gold medal and they have a Meyer trophy to the champion of the 121st US Amateur Championship, James Piatt. You get out there the first in the morning. You're one up. You get down early. What are you telling yourself when you get down early? Do you tell yourself it's a long day? You keep trying it away.

That was absolutely it. I knew that the driver was a bit shaky, so I knew good swings were common and I set a goal for myself. I said I wanna play the back 94 under.

I think I got the three under so it was definitely above and beyond either way. But it was just stay, stay confident myself and keep it going. When you got to Michigan State, you told your coach you wanted to be an all American. Did you ever dream UBAUS amateur champion? Oh man, that's a tough one to answer.

I did not think I still don't believe I'm holding this trophy right now. I still think I'm dreaming. So it's definitely something you know, crazy that you know, internally I thought I had the ability to do it one day, but you know, to actually do it is the greatest thing ever so well. What are the you know? What are the goals going forward? Where do you go from here? 'cause things have changed for you now. Just keep grinding. Keep getting better.

Just take it one day at a time and not look too far in the future and just. You know, like I said, keep in better. Well congratulations. Have some fun golf and congratulations to Oakland great week.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it back to you Steve. Jim, thanks so much. Awfully impressive performance by James Piatt to get his hands around that have a Meyer trophy.

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