17.03 Международный уголовный суд выдал ордер на арест путина за преступления против детей Украины!

17.03 Международный уголовный суд выдал ордер на арест путина за преступления против детей Украины!

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine and I am glad to welcome you on our channel and, as always, by tradition, we are starting another video on the operational situation over the past day today on our calendar on March 17 and Kiev time 19 Well, there is probably no doubt to start today is a historic day mark this date on the calendar it will be the starting point for the beginning of the end of the Russian dictator today Gaga's international criminal court issued an international warrant for the arrest of Vladimir Putin yes yes the same Putin who is today the president of the Russian Federation it is very interesting to see the reaction from the head of the PRC as he now arrives in Moscow on a visit and will meet with a person for whom an international arrest warrant has been issued, maybe he will give them this warrant so that he can get to the international one faster, by the way, in Gaga there is a special prison for keeping people on whom such a warrant has been issued until the end of the investigative actions of the hearings on this case, well that events are epochal not very important, but nevertheless, the war continues and the situation at the front does not change very much for the better. It remains stably difficult and therefore we proceed to consider it. losses, the enemy is concentrating the main efforts on the Limansky Bakhmutsky Avdeevsky and Mining direction over the past day , the enemy has carried out more than 70 ATTACKS in these areas. strikes and also made 73 shelling from multiple launch rocket systems as a result of another shelling of Konstantinovka in the Donetsk region, six civilians were injured, more than 20 houses were damaged, a school and other civilian infrastructure facilities, everything that comes close to the Russian invaders, there begins to burn Land of Nacha everything starts to collapse Everything begins to be demolished from the face of the earth with the help of artillery Russian artillery high probability of Russian missile strikes throughout Ukraine in the Volyn Polesye Seversky and Slobozhansky directions Operational situation without significant changes Formation of enemy offensive groups was not detected at the training grounds of the Republic of Belarus Russian units are being trained occupation troops during the day, the enemy fired at areas of settlements in Chernihiv Sumy and 20 districts of settlements in the Kharkiv region in the Kupinsky Iliman direction here the enemy is trying to break through the defense of our troops is conducting unsuccessful offensive operations there are local battles in the area from the area of ​​​​the site to the south debrova the situation is here it does not change, it is stable attacks do not stop, they are almost round-the-clock, and only the character changes so the enemy either attacks in medium groups or goes to 5 attacks in small groups ami But from all directions or in all areas at the same time trying to find weaknesses in our defense, and this tactic is used in all operational areas that were listed at the beginning of this video in the Bakhmut direction, the enemy does not leave attempts to storm the city, our defense forces repel numerous enemy attacks in the very in the city of bakhmut where the enemy is advancing from three sides, the fighting continues, we continue to hold part of the city, including its center near Ivanovsky, fierce battles are going on until it is impossible to accurately name the place where the front line passes, as it fluctuates and will be in full swing, the enemy is advancing on Khromov on Bogdanovka success the enemy did not have over the past day north of Bogdanovka The enemy managed to break through to a height of 199.5 meters, this is the situation that finally developed for a day in the Bakhmud direction in the Avdeevsky and Maryinsky directions and the miner's here the enemy carried out unsuccessful offensive actions, the enemy continues to try to advance in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Novoselovka of the second Kamenka of the water Nevelsky and Marinka in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bNivelsky, the enemy did not succeed in the listed settlements in the area, in this operational direction, these three operational directions, the situation remains more or less stable, but in the Nevelskoye region, the enemy is under pressure our troops left the positions previously occupied and retreated to the previous line of defense, that is, we even counterattack in some places, we strike a strike contour, and therefore this confirms that the front line of the knees is constantly fluctuating It is in dynamics almost every day actions and continues shelling the territory close to the front line to the full depth of the reach of their firepower Russian invaders continue to force the passportization of the population in the temporarily occupied territory, including the Zaporozhye region, in particular in the city of Melitopol, the Russian occupational so-called authorities, together with representatives of the Russian Federal Tax Service, banned make any payments and settlements to citizens who do not have a registration number of a taxpayer account card of the Russian Federation; in turn, it can be obtained only if you have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation t oh, there are such methods, methods of restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens, in fact, methods of coercion, they force them to receive Russian passports, the enemy continues to suffer losses, so on the territory of the Oleshkovsky district hospital , more than 20 seriously wounded occupiers were brought for treatment for the time occupied by the territory of the Kherson region, we know that in the Oleshky district on in the territories adjacent to the Dnieper, there are no active hostilities there, artillery duels and the exchange of fire strikes at a distance are remote, and most likely these are seriously wounded with the front line, that is, from the most active sectors, that is, the Donetsk direction, the seriously wounded have already been taken to Oleshek This suggests that Melitopol most likely it is completely filled, but we have approximately the same data. Berdyansk is full and now Olezhki are being transported. And by the way, they were partially taken even to Crimea from this very thing in the Ukrainian occupied Crimea . concentration of occupiers, and units of missile troops and artillery hit five command posts five areas of concentration of enemy personnel and military equipment a convoy with fuel and lubricants two two radar stations an electronic warfare station and an anti-aircraft missile system at a firing position in just the past day, our defenders liquidated 760 Russian invaders destroyed two tanks 13 armored combat vehicles 13 artillery systems one multiple launch rocket system one helicopter for all vehicles and a unit of special equipment such a crop was harvested by our defenders of the Ukrainian Defense Forces over the past day Well, this military unit is over now let's talk a little about the military -political news that takes place in Ukraine and around our country, the Slovak Cabinet of Ministers agreed on the transfer of 13 MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Giger said this, the government approved an international transfer agreement We decided in a constitutionally pure form four more MiG 29 MiG 29 fighters to Ukraine at the first stage, as an alternative to Western models of aviation, this is very good news. Moreover, it has been repeatedly said that these aircraft are modernized in terms of the

use of weapons, they are converted to use Western weapons, that is, suspension control units for those missiles that we now have with these aircraft there, Britain promised to transfer Storm Shadow missiles. The United States gave us anti-radar harm missiles, all this will now come along with aircraft. So, as I understand it, this is the first first such step. 4 Mega in total, they have more than 20 of these aircraft. in the future, more transmissions will be made we can get by the month of May Well , if not a brigade of three from the composition and three squadrons, then at least two full-fledged squadrons of moments 29 equipped for the use of NATO exemplary weapons, we can get it further, as it turns out, China slowed down with weapons and supplied the Russian Federation is now annoyed the scandal bypassing the sanctions dances through the United Arab Emirates and Turkey claims this writes and the publication of the politician claims this is one of the largest state defense contractors in China in June 22 sent rifles modeled after the American M-16 assault rifle to the Russian company those Krom, designated as civilian hunting That is, under the guise of hunting weapons, they supplied weapons were also noticed This other companies except this one in the supply of ammunition military bulletproof vests helmets military uniforms let's see now how the United States reacts to this in terms of imposing sanctions, by the way, this will greatly weaken China's position in the negotiation issue with the United States, these are proofs that China helps, including military ammunition and weapons, even if it helps the Russian Federation with a shooter, now many agencies are talking about Pin's visit to Moscow on the Russian website, the official website of the President of Russia appeared There was a message that the Chinese Leader will visit Russia from March 20 to March 22, that is, the exact date It is not yet completely known on the Chinese official websites there is no information yet. That is, China does not officially confirm anything, but the corresponding message This is March 20-22 appeared on the Kremlin website 17 number Here Russia announces that during the negotiations topical issues of further development of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation between Moscow and China will be discussed, as it is reported on the Kremlin website, it is also indicated that a number of important bilateral documents will be signed And now I have a logical question And how will he communicate with a person for whom an international criminal warrant of the international criminal court has been issued an arrest warrant here is an interesting point, maybe he really repeats it again, he can personally serve Putin a subpoena to the Criminal Court, let's see in detail how This horde p was formalized and what jurisdiction it has, we will talk a little later. It is in this section

further Further Poland we know that Poland purchased after the start of operation and after they showed themselves on the battlefield, they immediately purchased for themselves a large number of several hundred highmars and it was decided to place the first first highmars launchers on the border with the Kaliningrad, read Königsberg region of the Russian Federation, such a decision was made by the Ministry of Defense of Poland, this was announced by the Minister of Defense of Poland, that is, most where there is a direct border with the Russian Federation, it will now be guarded and defended by highmars systems that Poland is purchasing from the United States of America. So , as soon as they arrive, they will be placed along the border of the Kaliningrad Koenigsberg region in the International Monetary Fund are preparing to announce a new loan program for Ukraine in the near future, the amount of this program will be 15.6 billion dollars Unfortunately this is a loan program that will have to be repaid, it is at interest, this is a loan Well, as I understand it, you won’t be able to work in the SMVF differently if there is financial assistance, this is good, but here for us as for the economy of a country that is really at war And in such a difficult war Well, probably this is also a way out reported by the finational finational times Negotiations between the VF representative and the Ukrainian government took place in Warsaw from 8 to 15 March, during which they stated that they were productive and allowed the parties to make significant progress in accordance with a set of approaches that could form the basis supported by the fund program reports the publication, citing a source familiar with the course of the event, I also want news about Well, let's finish with military-technical assistance because it comes from different directions Germany has delivered another package of military assistance to the armed forces of Ukraine in which 5000 shells of 155 mm caliber earlier Germany gave us the previous package b There were 18,500 such munitions, then Germany also provided Us with 155-mm precision-guided munitions, although as I understand it, for reasons of secrecy, the number of these precision-guided projectiles is not indicated; almost one projectile is one target, therefore, in order not to particularly inform the enemy, as I understand it, that the number of precision-guided munitions was left out of brackets ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems Mars 2 is This is the same m270 only German-made forklifts previously provided 6 such forklifts 4 mobile antenna-mast systems previously there were 30 such systems, as I understand it either electronic warfare stations and or electronic jamming 500 pistols two hangar tents are field repair shops hangars For field repair shops 25 generators were previously delivered 270 the previous package was 270 generators also in Berlin reminded that 5330 caliber shells are being prepared for transfer or are already in the process of transfer 122 mm 152 mm 155 mm Sorry, and missiles for complexes and reste missiles for a complex or ST are also not indicated in number Well, also most likely for reasons of secrecy Here is such a news from Berlin Well, I would like to talk about missiles a little, we picked up and p it turned out here is such a picture a lot of questions about what kind of missiles we are shooting down what missiles we are not shooting down what our air defense is capable of today and ours about which we are creating from scratch today it is a missile caliber a sea-based cruise missile, what we know with you is that the Black Sea flies before it flew from all sides because there were the same missiles to the Iskander complexes, then air-launched cruise missiles are x-101 x 555 and x 50 well, 555 differs in launch range, this is a modernization of 55, the missile was upgraded to 55, here we are air-based, too, we can shoot them down with our means according to the ones available today, then the r-500 missile is a ground-based cruise missile for the operational-tactical missile system Iskander a complete analogue of this missile was a complete analogue of the caliber Why was it because today there are no more of these missiles in the arsenal of the Russian army it seems like they haven’t been launched for 4 months, if not half a year 4-6 months, we have not seen these cruise missiles in operation. As far as I understand, there may be some kind of NZ there are these missiles, but most likely they are in the Kaliningrad region in order to threaten the west Because that Western intelligence clearly monitors these issues if Putin removes them from there, then the threat is a threat from Kaliningrad, let's say Berlin or Paris is already there. It will decrease sharply while they are there NATO reports one and a half thousand kilometers from Kaliningrad and this is the kill zone of these R500 cruise missiles further missiles x -59 is a guided air-to-ground air-to-ground missile. We constantly encounter them, we can shoot them down the x-35 missile is an air-sea or coastal-based anti-ship missile, that is, it can be launched from any type of launcher located on a ship on the coast based on a mobile base or on an airplane , but with these missiles we are now fighting a missile that we cannot shoot down today it’s a ballistic missile to the Iskander complex, a launch range of up to 500 kilometers But by the way, they also didn’t exist for a very long time, too, as I understand it, that only NZ immunity remains, the reserve stands The Iskander Brigade in Belarus along the border with us Here But there are no launches from their side it was already a very, very long time further missile point point y is also a ballistic missile point it belongs to the class of high-precision well, here both ballistics and short range are only 110 kilometers, that is, the reaction to this missile is practically Well, let's say so on the verge of fantasy, so we don't by the way, by the way, we shoot down the points y, too, for a long time it was no longer heard, apparently, too, if it is used, then it is extremely rare, then we don’t shoot down rockets of all types, well, practically nobody in the world of large caliber long-range such as hurricanes tornadoes can shoot down they can intercept a system such as an Israeli-made iron dome Although to date they only intercept projectiles you reac active shells fired from self-made installations from standard installations there are no such statistics in Israel because terrorist organizations that fire on Israeli territory further have no hurricane tornadoes and launchers, then the x-22 missile is a supersonic cruise anti-ship long-range air-launched missile This is the one with poisonous fuel and we know that it is Kremenchuk shopping center these are such shopping centers this is Ivano-Frankivsk and in my opinion Vinnitsa there were several cases of use and in Kiev these missiles were used in the last strikes more R-800 missiles Coastal-based cruise missile is a Bastion missile system, we can’t shoot it down and a dagger cybersonic sonic missile Excuse the dagger missile, it’s an aeroballistic missile That is, it’s used anyway, we know about it, there were several three or four cases of application here to Unfortunately, we are not yet shooting down the x-31p missile Aviation anti-radar missile These are the types of missiles that we cannot shoot down today with the advent of complexes, this list can be reduced by almost half the patriot complex and females can thin out this list everything will depend on the number complexes and their location So we have a good perspective close the sky more tightly with the advent of such complexes How, as well as the armament of our army, I’ll tell you further on Well, let’s finally stop at the criminal court in The Hague Why and to whom not only Putin was issued an arrest warrant, children’s rights commissioners Maria Lvova Belova of Russia were also issued Here and This warrant was issued by the Chamber The Second Pre-trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court issued warrants for the arrest of two persons in the context of the situation in Ukraine, Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Mrs. Maria Alekseevna

Lvova Belova, according to a press release from the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Court explains that Putin and Lvova is suspected of illegal deportation of Ukrainian children That is, there is also an article related to the violation of the rights of children children underage, these crimes are classified as especially serious. So, such a Thursday that the removal of Ukrainian children to Russia can be considered a war crime The United Nations Commission, that is, the Gaga International Court of Columns, for a reason, but on the basis of the conclusions of the UN Commission of Inquiry, the criminal court decided to issue warrants for the arrest of these two citizens from the valley, of course. To further bring them to criminal responsibility. This is the jurisdiction of this court territories on the territory of all countries that signed the Rome Statute or the Rome Statute, the so-called but now skeptics will say that neither Ukraine nor Russia signed the Rome tired yes but Ukraine recognized jurisdiction several years ago we recognized the jurisdiction of this statute on the territory of Ukraine, respectively, this gave grounds for the International Criminal Court to initiate case on the fact of deportation on the illegal deportation of our children or underage citizens of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, respectively, the court opened a criminal case and, based on the findings of the UN Commission of Inquiry, took such a decision to issue warrants for the arrest of 2 citizens of Russia th Federation, and it is clearly stated in the powers of the court that this warrant may not even have immunity, these warrants they can be issued, including to the head of state That I made an international criminal court So it is very interesting now how and who will handle and communicate with an international criminal named Putin further today from the News we need to finish the first part of our video Here is the main news of today which I explained to you how it works And what it consists of here I will traditionally pause You have the opportunity is not yet subscribed subscribe to my channel like this video so that as many people as possible can see And after a while we will continue and continue As usual, by tradition, the answer to the questions that you sent to the previous video and the first question of today will be the following Good evening question half a year ago question half a year ago the United States announced the allocation of 100 m million dollars to prepare the training of Ukrainian pilots, as I understand it, they will be taught to fly not for an instant-29, don’t you think that the f-16 has long been a settled issue and they just don’t want to put all the cards on the table at once, thanks in advance for the answer, in principle, you are right 100 million dollars this includes the military the US budget for 2023 for the training of our pilots. Naturally, they will be trained on Western models of weapons. Naturally, the United States will train them on one of their aircraft,

and the most massive one today is the f-16 aircraft. Well, we all witnessed a series reports on various media in the United States that went through Inform in the information space somewhere at the beginning of summer At the end of spring on the American in the American media, and there our pilots gave interviews on how they train on the f-16 4 months after these reports, we will find out that the US budget is officially included this amount of money for the training of our pilots. So yes, you are absolutely most likely right one hundred percent, then questions in 16 are a long-standing issue and the only one. By the way, I am of the opinion that in order

not to shock the Russian Federation immediately, but gradually I think that by the beginning of the counteroffensive, these aircraft may well appear as part of the air force of the military forces of Ukraine, please further explain Does the Stinger MANPADS have a recognition system for its Alien and aircraft, and does Russian MANPADS such as Strela and Needle have such a system, if it doesn’t, then how the fever of battle can the MANPADS operator disassemble his own aircraft, a helicopter or someone else’s. Especially since they are the same for both sides are not on planes and helicopters, the system has its own Alien and on the MANPADS this system can turn on, it switches there in manual mode, there are cases when, without using the answering machine system, your alien shoots down this is called friendly fire When the ground forces shoot down their aircraft So you understand the system the notification system, it’s called its alien, it notifies, but anyway, the operator decides to press the button Or not to press That’s why there are cases when they really shoot down from MANPADS and this and their own flying aircraft, by the way, literally last week over the throat, in my opinion, it was shot down by the Russians was shot down Russian Russian plane We recorded Ali to your asset -1 aircraft as part of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation Hello, I watched an interview with an American pilot, he is ready to fight on the f-16 for Ukraine as a mercenary, and he has more than one question whether our state can negotiate with the Americans on allowing the pilot to fight in Ukraine Thank you see the word mercenary here there is absolutely no need to use we have no mercenaries in our defense forces we have our legislation we are before the war Even before the oil of the massive invasion of Russian troops We adopted a law of Ukraine that allows foreign citizens to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine all foreign citizens who wish to join the fight against racism with Russian fascism can come to Ukraine and officially sign a contract with the armed forces of Ukraine they become combatants because they become military personnel of the armed forces of the regular army of the state of Ukraine Therefore, yes This American pilot I read his interview. He said that he was ready to come to Ukraine and fight at the helm of the f-16 to fight on the side of Ukraine, and there are still people who want to come . non-combatants and, accordingly, they are subject to international criminal law for hire in order to participate in illegal hostilities, and here it allows us, by the way, as part of our international legion. We have such a unit fighting citizens of different countries where their legislation allows them to sign a contract with armed forces they are members of the armed forces are combatants and take part in this war on our side So if these pilots want they may well sign a contract question see how the Pilot is not an infantryman you will not give him a rifle and he will not go into battle with it no pilot need a plane there will be planes and pilots it is quite possible that such an option can be considered by the American side in order to transfer f-16 aircraft to us for a long time, I want to ask if you take the coolest tank, like a few releases ago, there was a rating and the coolest means of fighting tanks, then who will collect whom Well, it will probably interrupt and That the same question on aircraft and air defense, but look, the fact is that of the coolest tanks Well, if you take from Russian tanks, then of course this is the T90, this is the latest modification that they put on the battlefield, which is generally in the Russian Federation, so it was not drawn up like that and was not born in serial execution. We even still have the project closed for a long time on the 20th, washed up 21 20 years, the project was officially closed. And so, its more specific tactical and technical characteristics did not appear, so we discard the armature, the T90 remains the coolest tank, the coolest ATGM that is taking today participation in our war This is a Jevelin, by the way, this is the only bird that belongs to the third generation of anti-tank systems at all hosts, it is the only one that works on the principle of let it go and forget it, therefore, naturally, the Jevelin turns the T-90 just inside out wherever it hits that the horizontal plan of destruction can hit both horizontally and making a slide top p the hemisphere of the tank So it wins in the confrontation of the best tank of the Russian Federation on the battlefield t-90m breakthrough and in the confrontation with anti-tank missile systems, of course, the Jewelin with its characteristics definitely wins with regard to air defense systems, here, too, the truth is on our side, because Russia has the best aviation here su-35 su-57 they didn’t even become yet there is no confirmation I have never seen confirmation that the su-57 was used in this war By the way I can even presumably say why because the su-57 is actually a su-35 in the new fuselage they made just like that. Because there were no newest developments in terms of the onboard avionics fire control system

there and other and other complexes, therefore, Russia does not want to be really afraid that if he arrives here, we will fill him up. an aircraft that does not reach the 4th generation, they call it almost the aircraft of the sixth there, the fifth, the sixth generation, it’s shameful for them it will be that they will shoot him down, especially since there are only a dozen of them there, in my opinion, there are a dozen pieces, not a full one, even a dozen, today they are silent even that they crashed one plane during the ferry from Komsomolskaya to Amur to the sea in the European part of the Russian Federation, two were released With grief one was smashed in half during the haul. That's why I take the su-35, this is the most more or less modernized car, it's not, but it's a modernized car. Soviet Soviet-designed su-35. Well, you can probably take the su-34, but

it's a front-line bomber, here's the su-35 fighter bomber. Here it is can be taken as the most powerful today in our war, but in terms of air defense systems, I think there’s even no comparison of iris on the floor itself, now our regular system, they are in service with the armed forces of our country, so we consider them as our systems and therefore Well but for the iris and for the system itself, but now Especially if a Patriot or a sumpty su-35 appears in general, this is a tidbit, it's just like dogs and give a sugar bone Why Because the plane does not have such systems, nothing is similar to Western systems, there are practically no technologies in Russia, I already explained this in yesterday's video that they cannot use Therefore, in the confrontation between the aircraft and air defense, of course, the air defense of the Air Force wins of Ukraine with such complexes as Iriste and Good afternoon, tell me, Prigozhin constantly complains about the fact that he does not supply enough ammunition But is the state obliged to supply PMCs, what then is his particularity, I thought part of a private company should supply themselves at their own expense, isn’t it, of course, but in Russian Federation, on the contrary, you understand there, yes, indeed, the private military company Wagner, she is Wagner. It was named after one of its coaches and leaders; it was formed on the basis of a security company that, which was part of Gazprom, the security company of Gazprom was transformed. part was transformed into this private military the Wagner company, since it was such a hybrid of a semi-state or even more state-owned Russian Federation, it’s just, well, this is a country that is not friends with jurisdiction with law, they don’t have the rule of law, they have the rule of an agreement, this country is a bandit They say that if every country has a share of the Mafia, then the Russian Mafia has its own country. This is how the Russian Federation is

assessed in the world and they realized that it would be nice to have such a semi-legal company that would solve very dirty issues by force of arms or by force, but so how really really often who would make money on this and who would equip and buy it himself, no And plus the costs of such a company are very huge, naturally the state has taken on the role of the parent company for these private military companies Now they have a dime a dozen of these companies there Wagner was the most common, let’s say so publicized company, now the Patriot company is fighting on the battlefield, and what does this company correlate with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and since, by the way, there is no private private arms market in Russia either, there is a state monopoly on the sale of weapons and ammunition so who will supply the hour private companies, of course, the state of the license does not want to share the state, which is why it supplies private military companies before it was such a spun-off company of Wagner from Gazprom from the security company of Gazprom now it’s private there is another private military company that is under the patronage of the Ministry of Defense called Patriot, which is why in Russia and there is no one else to simply supply the state. Good evening, it’s true that China, throwing an eye on the territory of Ukraine, can its warriors, after all, rule before us, some kind of envy in what sense threw an eye on the territory of Ukraine, China wanted to invest here back in the thirteenth year, they offered There they they really wanted to invest in Crimea They wanted to make such a sea gate from Crimea for their loved ones by investing huge investments there, it was even planned to build the deepest port in the Black Sea basin in the Yalta region so that ships could enter it and be serviced in this Port from ships the bottom of any tonnage of any tonnage, the largest draft, the draft there is more than eight meters, let's say, but all this prevented the events of the friends of the Maidan and later the events of the war in 1415 and China flew by, by the way, they offered a huge loan to China, not so much our territory is needed, China needs a base here for entering the European the Chinese market understands this very well. But China, in my opinion, follows the path of least resistance, they don’t want to negotiate directly there, it’s more profitable for them, let’s say Russia, which is vassal dependent on them, which would be responsible for the post-Soviet rental, Putin always speaks for the post-Soviet space, we answer, I answer this way, he always positions himself that Russia’s area of ​​​​responsibility is the entire post-Soviet space. So, China would most likely be beneficial through, and Russia is a vassal, today there is a very large dependence on China and, accordingly, it would be beneficial for China to manage these territories through its vassal to have a foothold for expansion and to the European market, by the way. That is why China today, understanding the weakness of Russia, the precarious position of Putin himself China In my opinion, expansion is underway and agrees directly from Belarus, now it receives Lukashenko in Beijing and signs some kind of bilateral agreements and yes, it will be difficult for China without the sea because they they are used to good Merchant Navy Here But nevertheless, aviation too, but right there you have to fly either through Russian airspace or through our airspace to enter the territory of Belarus Therefore, yes, China has its own interest in Ukraine, but it will never directly interfere in this war I even the fact that they are selling an arrow there, they caught us selling small arms, most likely ammunition for the same weapon and ammunition, this is a drop in the ocean compared to what Russia asks them, but I don’t think that China will decide on direct deliveries, even indirect deliveries of weapons Especially if even such gray schemes were opened through the United Arab Emirates, which is why the inter of course, he has to put pressure on us here He will more accurately try to put pressure on us in terms of stopping the war China It is necessary to stop the war, this war really hinders him In economic development Especially with European markets from the markets of the Middle East and the Arab world, but about soldiers this is generally unbelievable chinese soldiers but beyond the territory of China It seems to me that it will not go anywhere. In any case, in the next few years, Oleg Vladimirovich And what is happening on the Russian Russian-Ukrainian border where there are no hostilities, there is still some kind of military clash or they just stand and look at each other from afar We we look at us, they are shooting at us, this is the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border, unfortunately, unfortunately, we seem to not respond to the fire of Russian Russian troops from Russian territory Without showing, well, trying to comply Not as I understand it, that our political leadership decided to clearly go in the context of international law and we do not show acts of aggression on the territory of Russia, therefore they fire at us, they keep troops of troops there, they keep very few troops there, they mainly keep the troops covering the Russian state border, several battalions for several hundred kilometers, that is, it is stretched there, but nevertheless, artillery is sometimes even used for aviation shelling of our territories here are three regions Sumy Chernihiv oh, Kharkivskaya suffers every day, suffers from shelling by the Russian side. This is the situation

there were attempts to enter sabotage groups in Chernihiv in the Sumy region. Yes, in this case, our border guards and the defense forces of Ukraine that are present there on the border cover our state border, entered into combat clash, the enemy suffered losses and retreated to our certain territory like this, but we didn’t pursue and naturally did n’t fire at the enemy on his territory . Here’s the situation today at the borders. pick up in Vinnitsa, see But I’ll say. So there is an accumulation of special troops in the Kherson region. Where they are closer to the front line, and it basically passes through the Zaporozhye region, because today the Dnieper river divides the Kherson region there and as such there is no direct contact with the enemy there is a bo line there is no direct contact there.

There is a boundary in the form of the Dnieper River and artillery duels are going on there. Constant shelling. The work of the enemy’s DRGs is sometimes observed, which is why, nevertheless, in all cities and suburban areas adjacent to these cities, Russian troops are equipping large settlements. By the way, I recommend the defense lines on to, again, I give a link to the Deep map. Open and there is Inter a layer of density of Russian troops in the occupied territories of Ukraine and it’s very, very clear Turn on this layer, you will immediately understand What concentration And today they even put tactical signs Where you move the cursor over the icon and it will be displayed to you Which unit or which military unit is located in this place Well, I’ll say So the main forces Anyway, somewhere in the large cities of Melitopol Kakhovka, the same nuts, the same Berdyansk Mariupol Well, there are smaller ones they dig trenches everywhere create fortified areas trying to create fortified areas preparing for defense, but still the main concentration of troops. Here you are on this layer on the Deep State map and you will see the main concentration of troops is located along the front line somewhere at a depth of 10-20 kilometers, no more than the Russian Federation does not have enough troops.

Good afternoon, I will explain weasel to fall out and punish more soothsayers such do not fly into us on a windy forgive, then the yadzhevans oppynaetsya it is necessary in the gif it is bakhmut I always I always say that they do not fly into the airspace of Ukraine deep into the country, this must be clearly understood deep into the country they do not fly in and the front zone of course but we fly into their air defense area of ​​​​responsibility and try to destroy the enemy of our aviation and are stored, it naturally flies into our pre-frontal zone which we are defending, so they appear Avdiivka and bakhmut today this is the front line and attack aircraft work along the front line at the nearest depth bombers work fighter bombers work In the nearest depth, the launch range of missiles ssa air The earth there starts from 30 kilometers it can reach 300 300 kilometers there are 31 missiles Or there or more up to 600 kilometers if they use other types of missiles there Therefore, yes Avdiivka and Bakhmud this is the front any aviation flies there by the way and by the way how do they just fly into zone to our side we immediately we try to shoot down immediately as soon as they fall into the coverage area of ​​\u200b\u200bour air defense, we try to shoot down these aircraft and If you paid attention to the reports, we harvest almost every day if not drying, then an instant, if not an instant, then a helicopter like K 52 or some other something so don’t confuse the depth of the country, the country’s airspace in depth and the front line are two absolutely big differences, but we are not the ones who are on the right with the yacons on the right with our vantage litters, and so on and so on, I often feel whether such people do not fly in the area of ​​​​the training ground and whose airport whose airport do we have such information across the rivers if our Primorye is already different food look we have today all types of aviation and they are all working Today we have Combat aviation in the form of fighter bombers We have ground attack aviation in the form of su- 25 We have bomber aviation in the form of a Su-24, this is a front-line bomber. We have army aviation, these are Mi-8 helicopters on 4 mi 17 and other types, and we have a transport port aviation, and transport aviation is represented there. I know that in the air squadrons there are IL-76 and Anna aircraft of various various modifications of the An-28 and An-26 there are Ruslans, even an 124 is also part of our transport transport aviation brigade So with aviation we are all fine Yes, and we don’t have so many pilots, much more than planes, because we still suffer losses, but in fact, the replenishment of aviation itself at the beginning of the war for 13 months was almost not carried out in the summer, spare parts for Soviet-style aircraft were transferred to us more than others replenishment of aviation there were no helicopters , I don’t take a little bit there. We were also given a total of about two dozen helicopters there. We received years from the countries of Eastern Europe of our partners. But, and so we have the entire spectrum of aviation Transport Combat, which is divided into assault bomber fighter aircraft and army aviation to support to support ground forces following through the rivers period after our lane if a person can go beyond the cordon chuyakih jiral even after the peremoga people in Perm for an hour the members will be released beyond the cordon for an hour outside the borders look do not listen to anyone it would be correct to say that according to the law both men and women are liable for military service and, accordingly, with a dental age of 18-20-55 years, so be guided by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as soon as the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine abolishes the military, more precisely, the president by his decree will have to cancel martial law The Rada should ratify this decree, respectively, from the moment the cancellation comes into force, the state border opens for the departure of those liable for military service outside Ukraine. Demobilization is a slightly different issue here. This is completely different. So focus on the laws

of Ukraine; in a statutory manner Hello, such a question. You said that the Stealth technology on fighter jets consists in a smooth and streamlined surface without a single seam, but there is such a Stealth f-117 attack aircraft that is inconspicuous which has a rather angular fuselage, so then in what case does Stealth technology work ? Fighters of the 5 6th generation How can we achieve the absence of seams and can this f117 stealth attack aircraft be transferred to Ukraine, given that the United States is already using it and let's look at the f117 technology today it is removed from service with the United States very few of them were released This was the first sign of the technologist including stealth technology, and then when the f117 technology was developed, the stealth technology was that the aircraft must have the shape of a different slope on the surface from the fuselage in order for them to scatter the reflected signal. So, accordingly, it really has when you look at it. It seems to have such an angular f shape, but at the same time, these bending lines are longitudinal along they go along the fuselage of the aircraft, and so, due to the inclination of the planes of the fuselage itself, they scatter the signal, this was the first Stealth technology today, Stels technology implies Yes went even further, they decided that not only straight lines can straight lines rather weakly scatter the signal, curved lines scatter the signal better, that is, they generally reflect it poorly, but any joint, any protrusion there, any rivet, it contributes to the fact that it gives signal concentration and reflects well there here in the comments some , as I understand it , viewers from Russia started joking What kind of silicone rubs there? absorbs electromagnetic waves or reflects and then varnished by the way in 117 why he didn’t go into mass production He went into a series but he didn’t go into mass production because he was one of the first on which Stealth technology was applied in its very rudimentary condition and in 117 they demanded the restoration of the paintwork after several sorties, it cost fabulous money, therefore 117 and practically tried not to use it. It was very expensive for several sorties and the plane was repainted and repainted not just with paint, but with a special paint that absorbs electromagnetic radiation and does not reflect it. Therefore, 117 By the way its aerodynamic

design is very unstable and without a computer they say holding the aircraft in manual mode to stabilize it in flight is almost impossible The pilot can’t cope on his own, mainly the flight is stabilized by the on-board computer, and the pilot exercises general control of the aircraft, general piloting, but stabilization stabilizes the aircraft precisely due to on-board computer, so Well, I wouldn’t generally just 17 don’t burn them now they are being discontinued But modern aircraft they have a streamlined shape That is, it’s already How You take a template Yes, there are all such streamlined f the shapes are rounded and due to this, the electromagnetic pulse emitted by the radar is scattered, it’s not how it scatters in different directions, respectively, it gives a very weak reflected signal on the radar screen And now the second generation of Stels technology has already gone active Stealth when airborne radars are installed on airborne aircraft stations that create their own electromagnetic field and or a radar fund that either absorbs or scatters the radar signal or distorts it and the radar does not see does not see at all does not understand that it generally sees such technologies in front of it. Therefore, we don’t need it for money we just won’t pull on the level of service, we just won’t pull it, so we need it more of course it would be generally gorgeous if they gave us f-22 raptors Or they gave us f35 well, this is generally the ultimate dream, especially in the land-based deck version, it is easier there Light version But the ground version f35 he is a pretty good car but the raptors say they are Now these f23s are being modernized, so the Raptor is considered one of such rather powerful aircraft in the US Air Force. Well, in principle, the f-15 f18 would also be just the Ukrainian word for us in the surge . imagine you Well, I’ll finish your question already, it consists of two questions, here’s the second question you asked something you can’t see the FSB officers on the front end, they can only fight from behind their backs or the fighters of the VSU have already found 200 bists in addition to those 100-200 officers on who flew to Melitopol Respectfully, your viewer Well, look The fact is that the FSB or KGB officers call them whatever you want they are not fighters, they do not fight on the front end and military counterintelligence is working on the front end, which calculates there, as Hitler said, all the stakes are low-minded and one movie hero is so she figures out these little ones and tries, by the way, the Russians Now this self-proclaimed head of Crimea, a certain multi-hero Aksenov, is already advocating to mix it up. but the SMERSH system so that not only are they now practicing executions there, we will rebuild the mobilized due to the fact that they refuse to go on the attack with the level of support Fire that we can give, in fact, they don’t want to go to the slaughter, so they already sound Let's mix it up, but the FSB officers, no, they do not belong to combat units, maybe somewhere in some area the FSB special forces are fighting, so he can fight special forces groups, they can make dawn on a sabotage child, but the FSB officers themselves, their task is the occupied territories they are together with the National Guard, it performs the function of maintaining or establishing its constitutional or legal order in the occupied territories, only the National Guard does this openly, this is their function, they perform the function of law enforcement agencies in the occupied territories, and the FSB is engaged in counterintelligence in search of identifying intelligence officers, those who work in favor of Ukraine There, and so on and the like, they are heroes Well, they are not heroes, they are fighters of the invisible front, but in the occupied territories on the front line you will never find a FSB officer, except for what I said of the FSB special forces, but They fight again They fight like fighters of the invisible front, they are in the trenches as usual as usual infantry So you understand specifics and Yes, indeed, apart from this Melitopol holiday of life in Melitopol, which our life-giving people of Khaimar arranged for, it was an extended meeting of FSB officers to organize the legal regime and maintain the legal regime in the occupied territories, our intelligence figured it all out and we presented such a wonderful surprise Well Well, on this we will probably finish the second part of our video with you and we have the third part left with you, this is a greeting comments and a greeting comments wishes that you sent and so from these greetings comments wishes that were sent to the previous video will sound today the following Good afternoon every day we listen to your news Thank you Not all Tatarstan people are sick of a person with hatred there is a quick-witted, quick-witted and reasonable like this from Tatarstan comments a fable of wolves By the way, such a historical note is very interesting, which opens one's eyes to Well, let's say the work of the same Krylov, apparently, a person was engaged in I wrote this question and wrote a commentary on the fable The Wolf and the Lamb was not written by the classic in quotation marks, took it by the classic wing, like almost all of Krylov’s fables, they were translated by him being borrowed from the original works of the fables of the French author Jean Lafontem, some two three Dragonfly and Ant and a couple more La Fontaine himself borrowed through a fraction stole ancient Greek Krylov from the creator of this chandra Aesop, the ancient Greek Krylov already stole a wine share of fables of original works or Krylov's fables no more than 20 there or seventeen approximately one of them seems to be the Wolf in the kennel from what I remember So it’s hard enough for the classics to call him rather a classic thief Well, if this is true historical reference, then in the best in the best Russian traditions, as the academician of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Gennady Yakovlevich Krasnikov said, a cashier at an American gas station When he retires, he will be able to buy all the Tyumen gasoline for Russia, the main thing is to steal more and strictly classify them no one chose With what fright bandits They will think about the welfare of the people, here is such a comment from Russia, they wanted how it turned out better, as always, Chernomyrdin, in fact, is this his phrase, he said the phrase now I will tell you very interesting and he said the phrase has never happened And here again That's it and that's for sure I know that Chernomyrdin, but about let it be and wanted it to be better, but it turned out, as always, maybe he, too, was like that in general, he was very prolific in phrases, by the way, there is even a book, I met that there is a book of phrases and expressions and aphorisms by Viktor Chernomyrdin, published if available on the Internet, you can search Quite interesting to read made disgusting heart joy the motto of the country in the swamps Well, today I was driving on the route through Scotland when leaving Yak for a bridle thank you and say the water of the bus Glory to Ukraine it was so nice that yes in Scotland even the bus driver knows what Slava the whole world knows already What are the words to Ukraine Well, on this optimistic note, we will end today's video on the operational situation for the past 24 hours I thank you for your attention for your time that you have watched Until this moment I invite you again Those who are not subscribed to subscribe those who watched this video please put a like then it will be able to see as much as possible the number of people huge words of gratitude to the sponsor and those who help my channel, well, we will continue him believes in the election of the power of Ukraine, victory is ours Glory to Ukraine

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