16.02 Оперативная обстановка. Ночной ракетный удар. @OlegZhdanov

16.02 Оперативная обстановка. Ночной ракетный удар. @OlegZhdanov

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine, I am glad to welcome you on my channel, as always, I invite you to subscribe, like this video if you like it and then as many people as possible can see it, but we are starting another video on the operational situation over the past day And today we have on the calendar on February 16, Kiev time is 18 hours Well, the night was not languid, I’ll say this is another massive missile strike on our territory from the Russian Federation, a complex strike, now we’ll analyze it in more detail Well, again, I’ll say you won’t wait this time, by the way, the strike was not so much on the energy system of Ukraine, how many infrastructure facilities are not yet specified, but nevertheless, there is light, the country is functioning. So do n’t wait . air and sea based cruise missiles about 12 cruise missiles of the Xa-101 x55 type were fired from two Tu-95 MS strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea area and 8 caliber cruise missiles from a frigate from the black area 12 x22 cruise missiles from 6 to long-range Tu-22m3 bombers from the Kursk area and two X-59 guided air missiles from two Su-35 tactical aviation aircraft from the area of ​​the city of Melitopol, forces and means of the air forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 14 cruise missiles of a caliber, more precisely, not of a caliber, 14 cruise missiles of the X-101 type, x55 caliber and two guided aircraft missiles Unfortunately, part of the x-22 cruise missiles reached their goals by hitting critical infrastructure facilities ; x22 type missiles it is a supersonic missile we know about it see Russia pome I took a little tactic, they scraped the bottom of the barrel and took out old x22s from the warehouses, refueled them, they are liquid, but they are practically supersonic. As I understand it, of the 12 x22 missiles shot down, not a single one today, it must be stated that we currently have no fire weapons capable of destroying this the type of missiles I have repeatedly told you that theoretically, the complexes that we have, like the type of iris itself, they can destroy these missiles, but only theoretically. We hope to receive patriot and Mamba complexes that are specifically designed to deal with such missiles. Here is such and such a picture formed in the morning, therefore, Hmm, as to what concerns repetitions , a possible repetition on February 23-24 is predicted by our military . substances, namely rocket fuel with multi-component rocket fuel, they need to be refueled and refueling is carried out immediately before their combat use, it is possible to store them refueled only for a limited time. Here is such a thing with regard to the geography of missile strikes. Unfortunately, you see, it can be completely different and it is very difficult to say how the Russian Federation chooses the targets, plus they conducted reconnaissance using probes forced us to turn on all our air defense systems, apparently routes and missiles were developed that could bypass our air defense system as much as possible.

Now, about the operational situation in all operational directions and the front line, the enemy launched 18 air strikes during the day In addition, 52 shelling from multiple launch rocket systems was recorded, but we had three more missile strikes in a day, as I understand it, of local importance in the front area, and a massive missile strike tonight there was 40 to 3 40 hours for two hours, they delivered such strikes further there is a Russian occupiers fired on civilian infrastructure Kherson regions are finished there are wounded dead among the civilian population there is a high probability of further Russian air and missile strikes throughout Ukraine the enemy is concentrating the main efforts on conducting offensive operations on the Kupyansky Limansky Bakhmutsky Avdeevsky and Mining in the direction in the areas of grinyakovka bakhmut avdiivka marinki and ugledars But here, in principle, from grinyakovka to ugledar, our geography has already expanded, as I told you, arcs of fire this front line where Russian troops are continuously attacking and trying to push through or break through our defenses over the past day, units of the defense forces repelled enemy attacks in areas of more than 15 settlements, in particular, near Belogorovka and Serebrian forestry, this is the Luhansk region of Fedorovka Bakhmut Dileevka Avdeevka of the Vodny Pervomaisky Marinka Ugledar Donetsk Region in the Volyn Polesye Seversky and Slobozhansky directions signs of the formation of enemy offensive groups were not detected areas of settlements in Chernihiv Sumskaya were exposed to fire and Kharkov regions, the occupiers delivered strikes by army aviation forces from the territory of Russia in the Sumy region and the Kharkov region, rarely, but aviation began to be used for we already noted with you that the intensity of the work of artillery rii and the number and intensity of fire raids in the north in the north of the north-east of Ukraine is increasing Due to the fact that they are trying How to lie down How can they lack As I understand it, apparently there are not enough parts of the units What to do an armed provocation somewhere in these areas and pull up, but due to the application of fire strikes, they do not allow us to transfer reserves from these directions to the Donetsk direction in the Donetsk direction, the enemy is trying to put maximum pressure on our positions in the Kupinsky or Mansky direction, the enemy is conducting offensive operations along the line of the Dibrov platform. In addition, the offensive is carried out with Kuzmina and flint was a relatively weak attempt to attack grinyakovka all enemy attacks at the moment were repulsed the enemy suffered losses and rolled back to their original positions in the Bakhmud direction of attack along the Fedorovka line cheerful the enemy was repelled success did not have success in the area iron Vasya Kievka the situation is very difficult there are fierce fighting, the enemy continues to attack our positions until the result is unknown. The battle continues at the moment, and the invaders are trying to gain a foothold on the highway to Slavyansk and Bakhmat Slavyansk and are pulling up reserves to storm Dubov Vasilievka, we see a constant supply of reserves to these areas in Praskoveevka, the situation is critical, but the enemy is not managed to knock out the defense forces from this settlement, we continue to hold it all the attacks of the Russian occupying forces on this settlement, currently repulsed between Ivanovo and the steps of the Enemy, in principle, here we saw the picture that the Enemy ran out of steam during the Attacks, that is, it suffered huge losses, the attack choked and in some places the waves of the attacking wave fled from the battlefield, that is, after suffering a certain number of losses, our defense forces turned the means of the attacking Russian attacking Russian troops, I remind you once again that reserves are approaching between Ivanovo and Stupachki and it looks like they will be sent east to the side onu of the former airport in the city, this is all the situation in the bakhmut area in the city in the city of bakhmut, the fighting continues in the eastern part of the city, that is, the city Our troops did not leave the bakhmut, such information was circulated No one left We regrouped in the bakhmut itself and even fighting continues there in the city you see the battles are still going on in the eastern part of the city in the Avdeysky and Miners direction, the enemy’s assault operations continue in the Krasnogorovka area, this is Krasnogorovka, which is near Avdiivka Novobakhmutovka and Nevelskoy in the northern part of Marinka, the enemy’s advancement is possible But the rest of the city continues to fight the city continues to defend itself and Marinka is half under control of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the Zaporizhzhia direction, more than 20 settlements were hit by fire, otherwise the situation is unchanged in Kherson the same shelling the situation is unchanged the city of Ochakiv , Mykolaiv region, was fired upon situation close critical and the enemy periodically succeeds and moves north of bakhmut trying to surround the city in the south we stopped it and there the situation is more or less controlled the invaders strengthen the captured positions build up defenses along the bakhmut Lysichansk highway which they captured on during this week in marinka the enemy’s advance is not ruled out but I already said that in the northern part of the city in general the situation in most areas is difficult but controlled by the defense forces of Ukraine Further in the chaplinka of the Kherson region on February 14, the Russian occupation troops shelled the city in order to accuse and discredit the armed forces of Ukraine, that is, information and psychological operations with the infliction of fire strikes on Well, it can be said on its own in the occupied territory by the Russian command continues And this is for them, as it were, the norm of the day, according to witnesses, missiles flew from the South direction from the side of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic the audience is Crimea and not from the North or West Where is the armed forces of Ukraine located? But for the chaplynka, the West should have been supposed to fly from the West of the North-West, they flew from the south in Simferopol in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the local local blood center began a mass collection of blood from civilians and the delivery of blood from other blood transfusion stations in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is also actively carried out Propaganda in institutions of all forms of ownership to involve in blood sampling As many people as possible due to heavy losses and injuries of the Russian invaders in all areas of hostilities, additional transfusion stations are opened of blood in the Rostov, Belgorod and Voronezh regions But if such a massive blood collection This suggests that the number of wounded simply rolls over, therefore, in order to somehow support them, such a massive blood collection began in the border regions of the Russian Federation and in its occupied Ukrainian Ukrainian aviation in during the day, it delivered 11 air strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel of the military equipment of the occupiers, as well as 5 strikes on the positions of anti- aircraft missile systems, a Russian Ka-50 helicopter was also destroyed. 6 regional concentrations of manpower and two and two trains with ammunition such

a crop was harvested by our air force and missile troops and artillery, as of this morning, 7 enemy ships are on alert at sea, of which 2 are carriers of cruise missiles caliber the total volley of these ships can make up to 16 missiles. Here is such a military situation that has developed in all operational directions from and on the front line from Kharkov to Kherson Well, now a few words about the military-political situation that has developed in Ukraine and around us tomorrow, on February 17, a meeting of two presidents of Muscovy is planned White Moscow Lukashenka and Putin is going to meet, Putin's press secretary Peskov said. So the main main topic of the meeting will be the security of the union. Security issues and issues of the union state will be discussed, that is, Putin is trying to put the squeeze on Lukashenka to sign an agreement on Belarus' accession to the union state. Well, in fact, the accession of Belarus to Russia. Here is the liquidation Belarus as a subject of international law That is, as an independent state Well, I think that Lukashenka is unlikely to do such things as always, he has a lot of excuses and arguments. Moreover, he allowed the Russian Federation to again allow

recruiting Belarusians, there is information from Belarus from the Belarusian opposition that recruits military personnel and persons liable for military service and they sign a contract with the Russian Federation and end up on the Don, that is, their reserve is not enough and Russia collects personnel wherever it can, well, in particular in Belarus Well, by the way, yes, it should be noted that there are huge problems with the mobilized in Ro the Russian Federation to those whom it is now mobilizing, who is being taken there in January-February, they are already receiving second-hand body armor and helmets in the form of steel helmets of the model of the fifty-fifth year of the Soviet Army, that is, such equipment is already being entered, but it is very interesting note a couple of statements by Lukashenka Yesterday we discussed his statement about the fact that the CSTO countries should decide on the principle of Lukashenka, so they have one for the Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization . they, according to the principle, in the likeness of Natalya, you can’t think of copying everything from NATO, while NATO curses What the world stands for, so he told him that, according to the principle that no one will leave by sea Everyone must leave their mark on the earth that each country is a member of the DCB must decide in this war and either enter the war on the side of Russia, or Well, the second part was not announced, but it was implied either on the basis of the principle of fleeing who can quickly leave the DKB, in fact, it seems to me that Lukashenka sent a message to the collapse of this organization, although I think that he sincerely wanted Well, to suck up to Putin in terms of what I see, I ’m campaigning for you so that the countries of Armenia Kazakhstan T adjikistan turkmenistan entered on the side of the russian federation against ukraine, but he himself clearly defined that no one that Belarus would enter the war against ukraine until then, well, not only would not enter the war at all until the enemy soldier crossed the territory of Belarus and came More precisely, he won’t come to the territory of Belarus to kill my people And I have a question here To the Belarusians Are you serfs or something there in Belarus, I’m wondering why he didn’t tell Lukashenka Lukashenka didn’t say in his statement that until the enemy soldier comes to kill Belarusian citizens or Belarusian people until Belarus enters the war, he said until the enemy soldier comes to kill my people and what is meant, my people are interested in the personal protection of Lukashenka or the citizens of Belarus, so then Lukashenka considers them his serfs, these are his personal people belonging to him here is an interesting clause according to Freud In my opinion So this is the situation And of course Lukashenka o justified that the invasion of the Russian troops of the territories of Belarus It was not an invasion, it turned out to be a defensive reaction from Russia because Ukraine did not want to negotiate with Russia on Minsk 2 and in general to resolve the issue, this is the very addition of its sovereignty to the Russian Federation, which is why this is not an invasion said this He said that the Ukrainian authorities themselves provoked this provoked this operation because they did not want to Negotiate with Russia, but this is not an invasion, but this salvation was hopelessness in saving Russian citizens which Russian citizens in Ukraine are generally very difficult to understand or Russian people like this he called Russians Where did you see Russian people in the state of Ukraine ethnically they may be Russians but they are citizens of Ukraine the following NATO countries intentionally transfer enough tanks to Ukraine, including second leopards to form several tank brigades of the armed forces of Ukraine, this was stated by Polish President Andrzej Duda, but To the coalition has been formed, by the way, the coalition can be expanded it consists of 8 countries , I already announced it to you that will supply weapons to Ukraine no one officially talks about this Well, we understand that if Joe Biden comes to Warsaw or to Zheshu, then not to meet with Zelensky But that would be just bad manners Especially since our country plays a key role in the fight against Russian fascism on the Russian Continent Or maybe even in Eurasian, I would even say so. Here, but here you even started to express bolder assumptions in the context that there could be a biden and appear in Kiev not a district for an hour, everyone came to Kiev even with Israelis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs arrived in Kiev and opened Israeli embassy and said that the Israeli embassy will work here as usual in the city e Kiev, as if nothing had happened, the rest remains only Joe Biden and probably the king of Great Britain who did not visit Kiev during this Russian aggression against Ukraine Well, let's see how they will develop either in Rzeszow or maybe in Kiev By the way, this would play In my opinion, a very positive role in In terms of the Biden rating in the United States itself, the United States believes that Russia can gather forces for an offensive no earlier than May, CNN writes about this Western allies do not see significant changes in the ability of Russian forces concentrated in eastern Ukraine to conduct military operations necessary to capture and hold new territories Well, by the way a sensible idea in the sense that the Russian Generals are trying to explain to Putin that today you don’t see they are trying to attack using the methods of the First World War bayonet attacks wave Behind the wave, the personnel goes one tank to support the infantry and the artillery works artillery hits anywhere Well done must be given due that you spend more shells, we will have fewer problems, the accuracy of firing of Russian artillery today, I would say We are satisfied with hitting anywhere, but not at the targets that we would not want them to hit the next United States, apart from this blinkin sde left a statement and publication politics politics wrote that he says the United States does not consider it a wise move Ukraine's return of Crimea by military means writes politics Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin said that the White House is not actively encouraging Ukraine to reclaim Crimea But only Kiev decides So let's see, I also say that Crimea Crimea should be returned as accurately as possible The return of Crimea should be singled out should be determined during the course of the war itself, the war will show the battlefield everything will show how we will liberate it by military means or Crimea will be returned to us by diplomatic means this military company enters no one to delay the annual negotiations there or postpone the decision Crimea for later, no one will have the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine should be decided on the battlefield today and now it is in this war in this war further Wall Street Journal more precisely Excuse the Institute for the Study of War The American Institute for the Study of War believes Well, they are engaged in analytics, they considered that today Russia The Russian Federation lost about 50 percent of its modern tanks in the war against Ukraine, that is, we practically knocked out all the t-72b3 t-72 b3m before the war in Russia, there were at least 1800 of them, today there are less than half left offensive operation But this is even that But these are conclusions based on the military more precisely based on various intelligence agencies of the United States of America and they write that the war against Ukraine colossally depleted the reserves of equipment with the manpower of the occupying country necessary for a new offensive in the east, the Institute for the Study of War says in a statement Well, we are seeing this another confirmation of the fact that today the Russian Federation is starting to run out of its stocks in terms of equipment and weapons, there are personnel, yes, but what to put him on and how to fight here is a huge question everything that was stored in tens of thousands, even in long-term storage, it turned out to be today Not combat-ready, and one more piece of news is the European The Opeian Parliament adopted a resolution with a majority of 444 deputies voting for 26 against and 37 abstaining . new air defense systems that can cover the airfield airfields with their deployment Well, Ukraine’s readiness for a counteroffensive, that’s how the ground component will be ready for us, these grouping of troops for a counteroffensive will then arrive and the fighters will cover We hope that it will be f-16 because multi-purpose can perform in that including the task of attack aviation Here, well, it can also perform the tasks of a bomber, which is also a pretty good thing, by the way, and there was information that Russia was pulling troops even from the Arctic, withdrawing troops, where the Far East had already reached, God bless him, the Arctic division of the Tor complex had already been withdrawn from the Arctic m To p 2m But this air defense weapon is not an offensive weapon based on this articulated tractor of a new all-terrain vehicle. More precisely, not an all-terrain vehicle tractor, the Torov division was withdrawn from the Arctic, most likely it will be transferred either to the Donbass or will be placed in Russian cities like this how did they do it in Moscow they provided air defense systems on the roof and for something serious, as I understand it, they are preparing maybe someone will fly to bomb Moscow maybe there is a war this thing is so unpredictable in some cases Well, on this we how would we finish the first part of our military-military-political video according to tradition, I pause You have time to subscribe to my channel who has not yet subscribed like this video if you like it and then more people will be able to see it And after a while we we will continue with you, and we will continue as usual, according to tradition, this is the answer to the questions that you asked in the previous video, and now the person wrote several times, he was finally noticed and asked his question and it sounds like this Okay Thank you Thank you for the answer, well, we offer it to ask his question he was offended that for a long time he has been constantly writing him, they don’t notice him, I would like to ask, but it was proposed to ask a topical question. So he tried and asked m I would not like to ask the following question against the background of the fact that the ice has finally broken on the issue of Western tanks for Ukraine and our and our government Germany He is a citizen of Germany decided to supply Ukraine not only with Leopard 2, well, or apart one, more and more often on the Internet you can hear and see criticism that these leopards are worthless that they are weak against Russian t-72s once in the summer you spoke positively about the qualities of a leopard 1 I have lived in Germany almost all my life since childhood, sometimes I served in the Bundeswehr in the engineer battalion, we had a lot of engineering vehicles at the base Leo 1 is how the Germans call leopards Leo one Leo 2 for short, so I know what it is, but I don’t know the t-72 in your opinion Will leopard 1 be a good help for the Ukrainian army What are the chances of the first leopard when meeting with the t-72 in advance Thank you for the answer, victory will definitely be for Ukraine Welcome to the European Community, but let's look like this Yes, indeed, a leopard is one rather old tank. Especially since there is when it was created, the designers reduced the amount of armor, its thickness in order to save Well, not only to save, but in order to give the tank maneuverability, higher maneuverability and, due to maneuverability, get more firepower of this tank.

That's why leopard 1 is speed and its firepower is a 105-mm rifled cannon and, accordingly, a rifled gun, we know it has more firepower than a smooth-bore gun, it has more barrel survivability Well, due to the fact that the armor was reduced, it accordingly received a greater specific power there. Which allowed him to be more maneuverable as for the leopard 1 tank, I said that it was created as a counterweight to the t-55 T62 when it started to give up, but then when the t-72 appeared, first the t64 then immediately the t-72 tank almost immediately appeared, the question naturally arose that the leopard 1 was very much inferior this tank 70 deuce was let's 70 deuce it was a cheap cheap derivative of t-64 t -64 did not pull our State, and therefore, within six months, the plant took the car, the plant proposed development, a task was set by the government of the Soviet Union and the Uralvagon plant actually riveted a 70 deuce in 6 months, it was a cheaper version of the t-64 and it had a diesel engine But the cannon was loaded there and everything else was practically taken from the t-64. Even some features there, in my opinion, their tower is a little similar, and so on, well, the 70 deuce became the most common tank because it was cheap and cheerful to produce it and received the most massive distribution, so when the t-72 appeared, the designers took care that the leopard 1 loses 70 deuces much and then the modernization versions appeared and practically after in my almost latest version of the modernization, I’ll say on the A5 So the leopard 1 reached parity t-72 t -72 t-64 are actually equal Well, parity to the leopard of the first version of the A5 on the battlefield, in any case, the survivability of the tank on the field is always b oh it will depend on the crew on his learning from him on his skills Here But if we say that we if we say that who will be more tenacious on the battlefield, then I would probably give the advantage to the leopard first Why Because it is made more it is arranged more loyal or more so aimed at the survivability of the tank itself and the survivability of the crew of this tank here 70 deuce got enough it was done like a tank on enemy targets and broke through the defenses, did it form this gap, so if we are talking about survivability on the battlefield, then most likely leopard 1, in my opinion, in the version will again be better than the t-72, well, despite the fact that in terms of their tactical and technical characteristics they then they are approximately parity machines that 70 deuce that leopard 1 but if we are talking about the A5 version, then probably the duel on the battlefield Well, it’s one thing then the combined arms duel will be different if the leopard 1 72 k goes to such a hypothetical duel, then most likely the leopard 1 will have an advantage in equipping it with electronics, it is more saturated, it has a more powerful gun due to the fact that it is rifling although the 70 deuce caliber is 20 millimeters larger and it is more accurate due to the fire control system and the version 5 of the laser rangefinder already installed on the leopard 1 version 5 of the laser rangefinder like this, like this, I would probably draw a conclusion Well, if we are talking about reliability, that is in terms of survivability, the leopard surpasses 70 deuce because it is made more like a tank with more resistance to the conditions of modern combat seventy deuce there is a breakthrough quickly and burned out in a duel, probably due to automation and due to electronics, the leopard can also be given an advantage if German cars prevailed over Soviet former Soviet cars now Russian If we compare the quality even in such a military-industrial complex, then of course the German quality is a cut above So technically also a leopard In my opinion, the first one has an advantage on the t-72 Here is such here is my characteristic for today, of course If you compare the t-80 t90 then the leopard 1 floor o This past is a tank that is inferior in many parameters to modern versions of 80, especially in the BVM version Well, and the T90 version, let’s say the t-90a is an export version and the t-90m is a breakthrough So this is how I would characterize this [music] ratio leopard 1 and t-72 next question We from Australia every day curse Putin and his fascist henchmen drunk as pigs drunk as pigs of the country for the devastation of the blood and death of which they bring I wish Ukraine and Russia a speedy liberation question Can reconnaissance drones determine the exact coordinates of observed targets and report these details for strikes or the system includes only visual confirmation and zeroing No It all depends on the equipment of the Drones if the drone has the appropriate equipment and software, then it accurately determines the coordinates of the target and transmits ready-made coordinates of this target And if the equipment is not there, then only Visual Well, as a rule drones Scouts, as a rule, difficult scouts are all tied I have a GPS navigation system to the area and Everyone transmits ready-made coordinates so that artillery or missile troops or aviation can already strike at ready-made coordinates or adjust the fire, please tell me only your vision of how As I understand it, Ukraine will have the opportunity to make one offensive Perhaps you I heard it is possible in other sources How true is this and What actions can be taken after this going on the defensive, I don’t know where you heard this about a possible one offensive, on the contrary, we are talking about what we just want, as far as I understand the intention of our general staff and the desire of the whole country to one large-scale counter-offensive began that would lead to the liberation of our territory in some way, or would it be an increase in efforts and counter- advice in different directions, let's say they started on one, continued on the second, or it would just be a cascading collapse of the defense of the Russian troops in the event of a deep breakthrough of our our troops into the Russian order here is Et oh, it doesn’t matter anymore, but it won’t be, so we went on the offensive and we’re sitting for half a year waiting no That’s why the West The Western coalition of countries is giving us such a quantity of weapons now agreed now is starting to transfer such a quantity of weapons so that we can form a fairly large grouping of troops that will be able to ensure the liberation of most or all of the territory occupied by Russian troops within the boundaries of 91 years Good afternoon Oleg Vladimirovich if you get into the Sunset TOZ installation, then the detonation of the ammunition of the installation itself will have the same thermobaric effect. There will be no thermoberic effect Why Because what is needed for the projectile to explode according to the algorithm defined for it, that is, following the technology, first the detonators are scattered, then the cloud spreads until the necessary consistency with air is created and then the detonator is detonated, then it turns out that the projectile is a cylinder with this compressed gas explosive gas plus a detonator, they are all in one pile, it will just be an explosion and burning, an explosion and burning of ammunition, by the way. In support of my words, literally two days ago, a video appeared on YouTube how our artillery hit exactly in the sun I bake what you are asking Watch this video it burns beautifully but does not explode with a volumetric detonating explosion Please tell me To what extent the supply of 50 plus archer from Sweden can affect the situation, it seems that they should transfer This, not to mention 18 or 19 based on Tatra from Denmark and 18 and 12 Caesars from France Well, something you all threw together in a heap no one gives us 50 archer doesn’t give them so many Sweden in the archery archervi itself, as far as I know, they give us, in my opinion, a division of 12 pieces, at first there was the number 4, that is, one battery and then the figure of 12 archers seemed to flash in some media, but not 50 plus in any way. So to talk about that, but in any case, an increase But what you write 19 on the basis of Tatra

18 years from Denmark what Denmark can give on the basis there, on the basis of Tatra, the Czech Dana is located and the RS reactive system, in my opinion, or RM 70, this is hail, which is installed on the chassis of the Danish tatreu, no Denmark I wanted to give us 18 19 Caesar, and here is the Tatra base and it seems as if they said that they would not be able to solve the issue of buying them back from France and as far as I understand France will give us these howitzers there, by the way, the story is confusing and does not have a final result today. So France does not give wine . the numbers have been overestimated But I will say this in any case, any supply of artillery and the provision of these artillery systems with supplies changes the configuration or changes the balance of forces and means in our favor Why Because Western artillery is a cut above than an order of magnitude better fires and fires more accurately than Russian artillery Therefore, with each fat that came with each howitzer that came into the armed forces of Ukraine, we are recruiting from Firepower and approaching parity and advantage and subsequent advantage over Russian artillery, while it is necessary to state the fact with the greatest regret, Russian artillery has an advantage in numbers precisely in numbers and in quantity and possible possible and possibilities of laying out ammunition on the chest at our objects or at our targets in order to find a position The next question is to find a position using a balloon on a balloon, you need to hang a radar station for all-round visibility, remove conditionally remove an A-50 aircraft, for example, But why Yes, really balloons are not intended in order to detect some positions, growths are designed to open the air defense system, here is a plane and 50 there it flies somewhere along the border of Ukraine, let's say in the Belarusian airspace and looks where our radar stations turn on and, accordingly, the radar makes a map a50 from the plane makes a map radar stations and in this way they see where our eyes and ears are located, the air defense systems of the Pro system, but I have already said repeatedly due to the maneuverability of the complexes, we do not have stationary ones, they constantly change their positions, so today they were spotted in these places and tomorrow they turned to others m and when there is a fire raid a massive missile strike, then the missiles can fly already in an empty place. But the probes and balloons that they launch at us are intended only to open the air defense system of our country. Good night, please explain how Russia launches false missiles. Why are they clearly visible, ours sees our air defense and cannot immediately distinguish it from real launches, thank you in advance. The fact is that, well, I have not heard evidence that false missiles, false targets appear

already in intercontinental ballistic missiles of tactical missiles or operational-tactical missiles, there can be no false targets missiles with a head weight dummy, that is, not a high-explosive fragmentation head, but training and combat ones in which the head weight dummy instead of the head part of the rafters, that is, the place of the high-explosive head is put on a weight model, it can be, but even By the way, in my opinion there were several cases When they arrived the missiles fell and did not explode, it was back in the summer of the past, we spotted and point U flew in from the gvm and the iskanders ballistic missiles also flew from the gvm, but there are no decoys Well, in general, I must note that the point is that to distinguish a false false missile from a false one from a combat one impossible impossible because they have exactly the same parameters they have exactly the same characteristics b allistic characteristics are not combat ballistic Therefore , in flight they fly exactly the same on the radar, they are reflected in exactly the same way it is impossible to distinguish false from the real one with the help of a radar good afternoon Good evening so when do you Good evening Good evening sleepers in percentage terms, the success of vision and backwaters can murmur on military rails, but for some reason you wrote sleepers on military rails, the Russian Federation can become, but for this it seems to me it will take at least a year there, maybe two Why Because, taking into account the sanctions that are imposed on Russia if you do not take Western technologies, then restore Soviet technologies for the production of weapons Well, Russia will be able to somewhere in a year, maybe in two, provided that tomorrow let's say the fire ceases military-industrial complex and its transfer to military flights Yes, a year or two within a year or two Yes, they can establish some kind of production that will rivet spare parts and components for old Soviet equipment, that is, restore old Soviet technologies and, accordingly, restore old Soviet equipment Why do I focus on the word old because they don’t have modern developments in order to modernize the same 70 deuces version of B3, as far as I know, versions of B3 t72b, the French sight is not Russian, but French, there is another radio station there. There may be Turkish or Chinese ones. Well, China Maybe they will sell more radio stations for Russian tanks, but others countries are unlikely to sell board chips there now it turns out how American chips get into the Russian Federation now American companies have found chips in new Russian drones now the United States will deal with its manufacturers how dual-use goods got into Russia therefore now there is a tightening and introduction of secondary it is no longer possible to get rid of sanctions we didn’t sell directly to Russia, therefore we don’t know Why our chips are not there today they will be punished accordingly Russia will be left without on its Soviet models if it succeeds in restoring Soviet technologies, then I think that in a year or two they cannot go Well in percentage terms, it is very difficult to assess what you mean in percentage terms on a war footing that one hundred percent of the economy will be transferred to a war footing, but somewhere around one hundred percent will not be transferred in any way because a 140 millionth country still needs to be fed, dressed and put on shoes and provided with that household appliances to produce, therefore, a percentage of 50 of the economy Yes, within a year or two they can transfer, but at the same time it will still be necessary to produce washing machines there, which they had there Vyatka Yes, some refrigerators to produce some kind of cars for their population And also and Feed and clothe this population, that is, produce shoes for it, so at least save somewhere around 50 percent. I think within one or two years Russia could restore the old Soviet mode of operation using old Soviet technologies. But provided that the war is necessary, the fighting in the war will stop today and now I read alarm reports at night, they say missiles are flying there but can change course in the other direction Is it really possible how many degrees Russian missiles can change course and I always always thought that they fly plus or minus straight Well, or not all missiles fly in a parabola the trick is that ballistic missiles of the x22 type It flies in a parabola And the xa-101 rocket x55 caliber missiles are cruise missiles they fly like airplanes with a speed of about 850 kilometers per hour in this rocket and it has these same wings and accordingly changes the course and course this route we talked about it a hundred times It is calculated and laid in advance in the head of the rocket and the rocket using the navigation system there by the way Russian rockets use GLONASS this is immediately to the answer to the question Why not turn off the GPS they use the gps system but GLONASS Russian satellite navigation So, accordingly, they can change course by 180 degrees, they can circle on the target, fly in and circle. By the way, we observed this repeatedly when the shaheeds arrived,

he made several circles over the target, then only hit this target, and we tried all this time to shoot him down, all this is all programmed, so the cruise missile can fly anywhere it is told to go there and it will fly for that it and the cruise missile she is very maneuverable, so it’s hard to shoot her down, she needs to be shot down only in the area where you see her while she flies more or less straight. Because when she starts to make an air maneuver, you already need to recalculate the territory and you either need to launch an expensive high-precision homing missile, which is everything whether the rocket turned or not, which goes to the rocket itself as a target and pursues it regardless of its maneuver, but such as x22 missiles, they follow a ballistic trajectory, make the hill gain supersonic speed until they can be calculated, but it is very difficult to bring down because the reaction time is very- very small , but what is the readiness of the offensive a couple of months before that 4 months n Why did they attack there once every six months ? front, we are trying to explain to our partner countries that we need to give weapons yesterday, not even today But yesterday We had to give weapons Yes, they are in the Rammstein format Yes, they don’t give weapons very slowly and very little, but unfortunately it does not depend on us next time we will not be here next time you vote at the polling stations Think carefully about the program of candidates and others and remember, and this war for 14 years did not teach us anything, for 8 years we showed a lot of conversations there some small batches of modernized tanks or armored vehicles produced new ones but no one was engaged restructuring of the army, large-scale rearmament of the army to a new one or to the same Western models, no one created with strategic reserves, on the contrary, for 8 years our ammunition depots have been torn apart for some unknown reason, no one has been held responsible for this, by the way, and we still can’t even say for sure, no one can say. So how many tons of ammunition exploded and what was left there in those warehouses? no one spent even after the fire, that's why today we are forced to stand under the doors of Ramstein, that's how you, I think that you scoffed at this issue, that we are forced to stand under the doors of the ranstein and wait for tanks to give us or not let us raise this wave, as it were, information that let us give it We really need it, therefore, further tanks advancing will not let tanks let us sit on the defensive or sit in concentration camps when the Russian world comes here look at what happened on What is happening in the occupied territories how people there groan from those genocides that the Russian Federation is doing it is in they don’t need the Ukrainians alive they don’t need the Russian world in all territories, so how will it be possible so we will advance there will be no possibility we will defend ourselves we will hit the enemy with what we have Why these balls are not recognized by the speed of their movement After all, they are much slower than a rocket or a moped, this requires the skill of calculation in order to learn to recognize them as targets and more precisely, as decoys. I think that over time, this skill will come once these they appeared in the air. So now they will appear quite often. I think that Russia will use them as an opening of our air defense system and Either use them as an overload of our air defense systems So I think that they will learn over time, but don’t forget that let’s say if at an altitude of 500 meters where this probe flies or 300 meters where the umbrella flies, the wind speed will be 40 or 50 kilometers per hour it will fly the same speed than not Drone reconnaissance, so it’s very difficult here exactly what point what mark this corner reflector that carries this umbrella gives, this will be the main problem of recognizing these balls as decoys for the air defense system, but in any case even for in order to recognize the target, it is necessary to turn on the radar station to the active mode as soon as it turned on to the active mode and immediately noticed to then a reconnaissance aircraft that flies 300 or 500 kilometers from ours from the place of flight of this ball or from the place of work, it immediately detects, which means that there is a radar station here. It looks something like this; they can determine the type of radar stations by beam power. probably we will finish the question part

for today and we will have the third part with you. These are the comments of the greetings and wishes that you sent to the previous video and they will sound following today's video at the beginning of the war last spring, the Poles said that they could transfer their MIG-29 to Ukraine, but so how they didn’t want to do it themselves, they drove the planes to the Ramstein airbase so that the Americans would take the planes to Ukraine, there was a condition that the United States would supply their fighters to Poland instead of the MiG-29. However, it turned out that these planes received modernization of the onboard vionics and the Israelis did it, who at that time did not allowed the transfer of Polish MiG-29s with their equipment to Ukraine. So this the question depends not only on the United States, but also on Israel, such is the situation with Polish planes Yes, you are somewhere right on the right track for a whole year I dreamed of writing to you Fate so ordered that at the time of the war I lived in Russia there my mother and sister And children and grandchildren lived in Ukraine many thanks for the information being in Russia closed all the windows and listened and listened now came to my daughter in Germany not all Russians support this war but unfortunately the repressive machine is strong tens of thousands behind bars And many people for peace but are exposed to propaganda sincerely believe that the whole world wants to destroy Russia when you ask such people questions that make them think They brush aside that they are out of politics sincerely with Ukraine with all their heart and soul and expect the Victory of Ukraine, your truth and the admiration of the whole world will help bring a happy end to this terrible unjust war , referring to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus Still, I would still refer to toilet paper Well, that is, you see, I think that you are Belarus and that’s how Belarusians evaluate Lukashenka’s statement that they refer to the Constitution that he corrected the Constitution for or put it in the rank of toilet paper toilet paper I will write to you from Khersonche because the Orcs post videos about the shelling of our hometown from the left bank and our local fishermen will find out and they know where we are being shelled from, they don’t know, maybe our defender should talk to the locals to find out more about the places where the orc artillery is working. they will be contacted on the spot by representatives of the armed forces who will be able to transit this information quickly and efficiently transit our artillery, but the ball is best burned with a laser Glory to Ukraine as soon as possible overcome the shame of the occupier Well, the question is rhetorical Because if the weather is good and the sky is transparent, then us by the way such laser installations no But if it rains snow or fog, then it already stinks and the laser, unfortunately, the impotence of weapons-grade plutonium in the world has nowhere to put it many thousands of times more than necessary for any purpose, the stock of weapons-grade plutonium in the Russian Federation is about several hundred tons, the amount of plutonium in a thermonuclear charge is in the hundreds gram plutonium itself is constantly producing plutonium itself, this very plutonium is produced during the operation of all nuclear power plants, US plutonium reserves in general are all preserved in glass-concrete and stacked in some deepest mine and sealed why it is usually bought in the Russian Federation it is easier and cheaper to buy than to dig out your problem is that there’s just nowhere to put it and there ’s no way to dispose of it except to blow it up Well, here’s a comment, an educational rhyme for us, was written by GDP in The Hague, he stood on a chair as if the monument was at least a reward, there was a noose and, under a thunder of applause, like a pendulum swung back and forth Usachev Vladislav Here is such here is the signature under this stitch of the gunny preaching from our side, so it was our soldiers took the landing and killed Radika of the Russians Radika is a car radio station on the car of the type Radiki cried out to drink the Russians came to the market to the call of the rodeyka And they are loved received and full of such an episode from military operations if Ukraine is not given the necessary weapons, they are not given in quotation marks and everyone is just talking about this, it means that Ukraine will get everything that is needed, everything will be Ukraine’s other skills are very similar to the action of the Japanese at the end of World War II, they also launched rice paper balloons towards the United States, it’s quite possible Hello As for balloons with corner reflectors then this is a means of worsening the interference situation. But this is an ineffective means of a surveillance radar station, and it detunes from these selection goals in terms of speeds, heights and heading angles along which corner corner reflectors move, such examples were in the middle of the last century when passive interference was used during massive raids, cutting metal foil or they used metal tapes whose dimensions were a multiple of the long wavelengths of the radar radiation they worked, they dropped their aircraft at such targets, the trajectories are not tied up and no one will fire at them. Taking this opportunity. Thank you for the information

. Very informative comments were made by one of the viewers, thank you so much, but we will end our video on the operational situation over the past day with this. I thank you for your attention that you have watched Up to this point and, of course, I invite you to subscribe to my channel once again like this video so that as many people as possible can see it well, we are very grateful to the sponsors and those who support the channel thanks to your help and support I have the opportunity to record these videos and bring this information to you well, we continue to believe with the dead son of Ukraine for us Glory to Ukraine

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