10 Cosas Que Te Harán Creer En Extraterrestres | T1 • Ep 26

10 Cosas Que Te Harán Creer En Extraterrestres | T1 • Ep 26

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Do you think we are the only intelligent species in this vast universe? In today's episode we will see from the incomprehensible abduction of two fishermen to ... a millenary stainless column. These are 10 things that will make you believe in aliens. 1. CLOSE MEETING IN PASCAGOULA. The Pascagoula case is one of the most incredible unsolved cases in UFO sighting history. It happened in Pascagoula, USA, on the banks of the Mississippi River during the 1970s, when two fishermen, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, saw a scene that would change their lives forever. The two men witnessed before their eyes as an alien ship descended to their height and opened its doors. From it, one beings of one and a half meters tall and faceless came out,

these creatures grabbed them and took them aboard the ship. The creature's skin was wrinkled pale in color, they had no eyes or slits in their mouths. Their heads also appeared connected directly to their shoulders, without a noticeable neck. Instead, they had like three horns, one where a human would have their nose and the other two where their ears normally are. The beings had lobster claws on the ends of their arms, and they appeared to have only one leg. Hickson

also reported that the creatures moved mechanically and robotically. Inside the ship, they were subjected to examinations and at one point were so terrified that they believed they were about to die. Minutes later, both Calvin and Charles were dumped on the riverbank and the ship departed. The two terrified witnesses fled the area eventually located a public phone booth and called the local sheriff. A short time later, they were interviewed by the police. When he got home, he undressed and buried his clothes. Afterward,

she got into the shower and washed with disinfectant. Later there were police and scientific investigations, medical examinations, interrogations and they never fell into any contradiction, they were even interviewed by Dr. Hynek himself, although he was no longer part of the Blue Book project. Calvin Parker tried to forget that experience of the year 73 to continue with his life until in 1993 he was subjected to a hypnotic regression by Budd Hopkins, a specialist in the study of abductions, there he could remember his traumatic experience with extraterrestrial beings. 2. THE EMPEROR WHO TRAVELED INTO SPACE. 'Pakal the great', was a ruler of the Mayan city of B'aakal, located in the current territory of Palenque, in the north of Chiapas, Mexico. In June 1952, an archaeological work gave the discovery of his tomb, at that time classified as the most important ever discovered, the remains of the ruler rested in a majestic enclosure and his face was covered by a jade mask.

The remains of Pakal would differ from the physical characteristics of the Mayan people, these were people who measured around 1.50 meters, and the body found measured 1.70 meters, in addition the mystery is increased by the lack of precious stones embedded in the teeth, and his skull was not deformed; as was the protocol of the moment for such a character. The quantity and quality of the jewels found gave an idea of ​​the high ancestry of the one who lay there, thin hands, elongated fingers covered with rings. Carbon-14

analyzes on the skeletal remains date it to 2,000 years old. But what attracted the most attention was his tombstone, which was inscribed with a series of enigmatic images, which left archaeologists absolutely baffled. Over time, ufology experts began to claim that these images were evidence of the technological knowledge that the Mayans had and their interaction with extraterrestrial beings. Some illustrations show Pakal piloting an alleged spaceship and his hands can be seen manipulating some kind of control board, with levers and buttons. So much so, that experts baptized this character as the 'Palenque astronaut'. Examining the illustration closely, you can see some kind of device in the nose, which could refer to a respiratory assistance device in space and his feet rest on what appear to be a pair of pedals, while the vehicle he commands gives off flames or traces of fuel.

Is it possible that King Pakal was a space traveler ? and even a carrier of alien technology. What do you think? 3. UFO LANDING IN NORMANTON. During the summer of 1979 in Normanton, a city in England, some children were outside playing and enjoying the sun, their mother, Mrs. Westerman was inside the house.

It was around mid-afternoon when her eight-year-old daughter came into the house screaming and crying, telling her mother that a plane had just landed in the field. The house was an elevated property and nearby were some fields that contained the electricity pylons . The mother ran outside and a few meters away she saw an object on the ground. It was gray in color and had the appearance of a "Mexican hat." Surrounding the object were three very tall "men", all of whom appeared to be dressed in silver suits.

These men appeared to be pointing at a dark instrument on the ground. The children and the woman walked towards the object and stopped, the beings entered the back of the object and it rose vertically, stopped in midair, and then shot at high speed. The children's version added some information, after being interviewed after this experience. The girl recounted that she saw the object floating low and suspended just above the pylons and then landing on the field. The object itself was not very large, it was the size of a car, without However, the "humanoids" around the object appeared to be very tall, and the object in their hands looked similar to a flashlight, none seemed to communicate with each other and their actions were slow and precise.

The seven witnesses almost They did not speak about this incident over the years and had never told anyone outside the family about what they experienced that day, until they contacted renowned ufologists in England to tell their story. 4.THE NIGHTCRAWLERS. There is a legend among the natives of the Yosemite park area, in California, that tells the story of strange creatures, beings of the stars that are described without a body, without arms, only have legs and at night they walk through the Forest. The natives called them "The Night Seekers."

For centuries, indigenous peoples have carved huge statues in the forests, representing what they saw. This legend apparently seems to be back in the limelight through two videos that showed strange figures moving silently in the forests of California. These creatures were given the name "Night Crawlers". The locals say that they have managed to live with them, for centuries and that, according to the stories transmitted, it is said that these beings exist since before the arrival of the first human being and through their representation in "wooden figures", and also through the "Night of the Crawlers" they demonstrate the peaceful coexistence that they have always had with the crawlers. Almost all the theories that could have led to an alleged deception have been discarded, they do not coincide, both physically and in their movements, with any kind of known animal, and less with any human being that was in the area. It was speculated that it could have been someone with stilts simulating this creature, something that was also ruled out, since studying the video and the terrain it was concluded that the entity had a height of approximately half a meter.

These investigations were carried out by the program "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files", which investigated the case without reaching a rational explanation. Therefore, ruling out a hoax, at least in the case of the first video, could we be dealing with a species not yet discovered? Are we talking about a paranormal phenomenon or perhaps of an extraterrestrial nature? 5. THE STAINLESS COLUMN OF INDIA. This mysterious column is 7 meters high, 1.5 in diameter and weighs 6 tons. It was made during the period of Emperor Chandragupta II in 400 AD. It is made of iron, but of a peculiar iron ; It is in perfect condition, as if time had not passed. It is known as the iron tower of India and has attracted the interest of specialists in terms of its qualities and rarity.

It is more than sixteen hundred years old and although it may seem surprising, its appearance remains the same despite being made of iron. On the outskirts of the capital of India, to the south, are the ruins of what was the first Islamic city. This column is located in the courtyard of the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque , it was placed there around the 5th century, although according to the Sanskrit legend that appears engraved on it, it could come from another place. Indian researchers have proposed that the stainless iron column was made by a process known as "forge welding." For this, some 200 solid cast iron cylinders would have been placed, which would have been subjected to an efficient process of smelting with charcoal.

Even so, it is difficult to explain how they achieved the purity of the column, estimated at 99.78%, something that our current metallurgy can obtain, but it is difficult to understand that it was achieved at that time. The pillar has an inscription in which, among other things, it explains that it was built as a tribute to the god Vishnu and in memory of King Chandragupta. This wonder has hardly any traces of rust. It is one of

the most curious metallurgical phenomena in the world. Ancient references have been found, written on palm leaves, where the ancient inhabitants of India explained the process to obtain stainless iron alloys, these formulas have nothing to envy to the current ones. Where did the Hindus get such advanced knowledge in metallurgy? Have their gods helped them? And if so, who were they? 6. THE RENDLESHAM FOREST INCIDENT.

In the early hours of December 26, 1980, military personnel spot strange lights in the distance over Rendlesham Forest, a forest situated between two US bases on English soil. John Burroughs, accompanied by his supervisor, go to investigate the strange blue, red, orange and white lights believing it could be a downed plane Jim Penniston, one of the two men who accompanied Burroughs to the forest, claimed to have found a ship covered in characters hieroglyphs. He said it was about three meters high and three meters wide at the base. No landing gear was visible, I

walked around the ship and noticed that the material looked like smooth, opaque black glass. When Penniston told his version of events, the gazes returned to Burroughs, however, he did not remember what his partner described. The next morning they were said to have found indentations that formed a triangle, burn marks on the sides of trees and radiation levels rated "significantly high." Two nights after the alleged sightings, a different group of military personnel from the bases experienced something similar. For this occasion, when they saw the lights, they were already prepared. Colonel Halt tried to refute the rumors around the bases and armed with a recording device, he set out to investigate what was going on.

The subsequent audiotape is considered one of the most valuable pieces of evidence in the incident. The story does not end here. On the night of the next day, December 28, a final group of men claim to have found something out of the ordinary in the forest. According to the account, they observed "officers" with Geiger counters and a small light approaching, this light suddenly exploded and a ship appeared on the forest floor. It had no windows, no marks, it was difficult to look at it from the front, you could only see its bell shape. What is interesting about this case, unlike most UFO sightings, is that its story is practically based on official documentation, mainly the audio recording of Colonel Halt and the signed memo.

This makes it probably the best and most reliable evidence of any popular UFO story and it is known as the European Roswell. 7. THE DAY THE ALIENS INVADED THE EARTH. The UFO phenomenon is not just recent or from a few decades ago; These events have been going on for thousands of years, and Egypt is one of the places that saw these strange events happen. The first account of this event, written by a temple scribe and minister, describes awe, fear, and bewilderment. The second account describes a meeting between the scribes and priests of the temples of Horus and Osiris, who discussed the incident.

The meeting of the priests caused concern about the socio-religious impact of the appearance of two celestial lights that were observed by many inhabitants of Egypt (the territory over which the flight of these UFOs was observed was approximately 700 km). These reports have been documented in writing on stone slabs in great detail. Even the kidnapping and mutilation of people is mentioned many times. The director of The Black Vault website, John Greenewald, published a full official account by Egyptologist scientist Edward McBride detailing this find and the information contained in these ancient texts. Thanks to studies of hieratic writing it was concluded that this great unusual event occurred in 1203 BC This period is established based on the information available about the scribes: one of them is associated with the reign of Seti II, the other with Ramses III shortly after. These two records are ignored by Egyptologists, since they were classified as "Magical", where they are considered a description of the sky based on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, in fact, they tell us what happened then and we "see" it through from the eyes of various people who did not have enough technological knowledge to describe what they saw and how they could interpret it.

The cities and disasters caused by this event are mentioned in the report, as well as abductions of people. Is it evidence that we have been visited by beings from other worlds in ancient times? Or is it just the misinterpretation of ancient texts? 8. GEORGE ADAMSKI. He was a widely known man in UFO circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after claiming to have photographed flying saucers from other planets, meeting their occupants by describing them as Nordic-type aliens, and as friendly brothers from space.

He was the first and most famous of the so-called contactees of the 1950s. Adamski called himself a "philosopher, teacher, student, and cymbal researcher." For some, he was a prophet.

For others, a storyteller. Even today, more than half a century after his death, George Adamski remains one of the most curious and controversial characters in UFO history. Starting in the late 1940s, he took countless photos of what he claimed were flying saucers. But experts, including Allen Hynek, a scientific consultant for Project Blue Book's UFO research team, dismissed them as crude forgeries. Then, in 1952, Adamski reported that he had met and conversed with a visitor from Venus in a California desert, using a combination of hand gestures and mental telepathy, then recounted his alleged adventures in various books. There he recounted his talks and meetings not only with beings from Venus but also with emissaries from Mars and Saturn.

According to the contactee, all the planets in our solar system were populated by human-like inhabitants, just like the dark side of the moon. He also claimed that his new friends took him aboard one of their scout ships, took him onto a huge mothership floating above the earth, gave him a ride around the moon, and gave him a travel journal about life on Venus. . Along the way, he was also tutored by a spaceman whom he called "the teacher." The teacher, who was said to be nearly 1,000 years old, shared the secrets of the universe with Adamski, only some of which he was allowed to divulge on earth. 9. THE SOLWAY ASTRONAUT. It was 1964, the Templetons had taken advantage of a sunny afternoon to go for a walk and take some photographs in the landscapes of Carlisle, north-west England.

Jim, the girl's father was a firefighter, historian and photographer, and he took the opportunity to portray his little girl. Everything passed normally, until the photographs were revealed, a strange figure appeared behind the girl in one of the photographs: an apparently male torso , dressed in white and with what appears to be a helmet on his head. The photograph stumped everyone. That day,

Jim pointed out, only he, his wife, and his daughter were there. The man took the photographic record to the Carlisle police, who of course could do nothing about it. Even the Kodak film company intervened in the case, unable to provide any kind of explanation. What's more, he offered a reward to anyone who could prove that the photograph had been tampered with, which never happened. Almost immediately, the world's media replicated the news that

then generated a true global stir. To this day, the mystery remains unsolved. In the end, nobody really knows what happened that day in Solway, and nobody can satisfactorily explain the photograph, the only thing that is clear is that the photo stimulated the sensitive chord of the people in a time very marked by the space race between the United States, the Soviet Union and extraterrestrial paranoia. 10 ALIEN OPERATIONS? Mysterious surgeries performed by primitive men, strange beings with miraculous powers ... Are the great recent advances in medicine the result of years of research? Or does knowledge about cures actually have a supernatural origin? Throughout history, medicine has tried to correct physical problems and restore the health of the patient by alleviating suffering, we have seen many advances in recent decades, but there was a remarkable degree of sophistication and a surprisingly high success rate achieved by the Prehistoric surgeons, in fact, many modern medical procedures are derived from ancient operations. Evidence of advanced medical procedures practiced in the ancient world has been found everywhere, from carvings on temple walls to skeletal remains throughout the world.

But who were the practitioners of this extraordinary science and where did their knowledge of the human body come from? Many cultures around the world believed that if someone had a physical problem it was probably also related to a spiritual problem, being a doctor in ancient times you had some kind of special relationship with a God who had given you the power to heal, our ancestors affirmed that medicine came from the gods, that they gave them manuals to live healthily. Is it possible that ancient healers were guided by alien beings, and if so, are recent advances in modern medicine discoveries of methods practiced thousands of years ago? In Saqqara, Egypt, is the tomb of the doctor also known as Ankh Ma Hor, according to archaeologists it was built more than 4000 years ago for one of the most important officials of the ancient Egyptian civilization, there you can see how they performed complex medical operations and surgical in ancient times. Scenes from circumcisions, reflexology, even a hand surgery. There are even images that would show brain surgery to remove tumors. Where did they get the knowledge from? They say they received it from Thoth, the god of wisdom and science who came down from heaven and gave them that knowledge. But was Thot just an Egyptian deity or an alien visitor, possessing advanced scientific knowledge? What do you think? Today we have shown you once again, the real possibilities that we could be being visited by beings from other worlds.

And, do you still believe that we are alone?

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