Tech Tactics LIVE: Are you washing your Porsche properly? We ask the experts (Episode 5)

Tech Tactics LIVE: Are you washing your Porsche properly? We ask the experts (Episode 5)

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All. Righty. Welcome. Back to PC A's garage. Welcome. To the fifth episode of tech tactics, live today. We're going to be talking about how to properly, wash, your, Porsche. Actually. This could apply to just washing any of your cars if, you're watching this tonight then you're probably, more. Concerned about the, exterior, or care of your car then say the normal person, but, we're, not gonna be talking about conch. Or prep or anything like that or, paint correction this, is just really hopefully. You'll pick up some good, tips -, you, know better be able to wash your car and take. Care of it the. Picture that you saw while we were in the waiting room so to speak was the from the first Porsche parade I believe it was dawn Wester from. 1956. That was the first Porsche parade in Gaithersburg. Maryland so. Even all the way back then washing. Your car was definitely something that you took pride in doing and that's what I understand, too that you know many of you probably have a, routine, of washing, your car that, you've done forever I know I have and, I learned that from my dad washing. Our family cars and kind of you know added, to the routine, as I learned from other, people. So on and so forth but before we get into that, hopefully. Everyone, is safe, and healthy, here. In Maryland we're still under stay at home order and tech tact is live is at, PCA headquarters, but we're kind of limited to what we can do in terms of cameras, and stuff like that just because I'm in the garage by myself, we, do have some staff in the building that are controlling some, of the IT so. Please, you know just know that we're kind of working, with limited, resources here. Be. Sure if, you enjoy the show we ask you to like. The, button down there somewhere and then also click subscribe so next, time there's PC a content, you'll, be notified and you'll be able to join with us what's. Great about tech tectus live and has become sort of a tradition, is we've, had a lot of our sponsor. Supporters. Give, us raffle prizes for, the. Shows and tonight, is no different I want to thank Michael Dobbins, with expell, we've, got three, prizes, for, you we've got two, bucket. Packages, car wash bucket bundles, a value, of about a hundred and twenty-five dollars each and then, we're also going to give away a tract wrap that's, worth about a hundred and twenty dollars and that's to, you know take care of leading edges on your car maybe on long trips or if you're going to the track something, that you can put, on your car temporarily, to protect it while, you're doing your thing and then when you're done you peel it off and it's not as as tacky, or, permanent.

As A full. Paint. Protection film so, very, cool again thank you to Michael Dobbs and expell for donating, that to PCA so. Before, we get into how to properly, wash your Porsche allow me to introduce our two guests, tonight, first. Out of Pennsylvania. The owner of blackout, tinting, a PC, a member, and I believe a PC. A member through the family I believe his father is also a PC member and that's Josh Papa Nick Josh, welcome. All. Right he's on the line we've got a picture of him up on, the. Screen there which is great the, next gentleman I'd like to introduce. Owner. Of 3:56, unlimited a, car. Of, 356. Specialists, restoration. He's. Also a multiple, concore winner he's, also our own PCA Technical, Committee Chair and that Steve, Hoffman welcome. Steve. All. Right so. Let's, just jump right into it. Again, we're just talking about car, care we're, not talking about Concorde, prep that's another show we're, not talking about paint correction that's another show we're, just talking about taking care of your car let's think about it as taking care of let's. Say your daily driver Porsche, or any other car or, taking care of your weekend warrior car cars, that we drive not. Necessarily. Just compete, in and so, I'm gonna start it off if you don't mind guys, the, number, one thing not, to do is to use. This and I'm gonna put it up on the camera, here and nothing. Against, dawn soap, because dawn soap does great for your dishes but, I'm gonna say if you're washing, your car don't. Use something like this if you're trying to keep, the waxes. And all this you know Don, does a great job it'll clean everything, including, any wax or protectant, that you have on your, car I think Josh you might chime in you probably, use something like this to kind of reset, and when you're about to do a paint correction but never just to do maintenance, washings, right. All. Right so, let's. See, car, washing, mistakes. Let's run a clip we're gonna try something new let's try josh's clip on car. Wash mistakes. All. Right guys I'm just as important, as the tips for washing your car or perhaps even more important or common, mistakes that people make now, they keep people like me in business because, when, people don't wash their car correctly they need a paint correction and we get to charge them for that but I don't want that to happen to you so number one is using. Either a dirty wash mitt or the wrong launch mitt we already touched on that earlier about how the wrong mitt can be harmful but a lot of people don't clean their wash mitts they when, they're done washing the car they put it on a shelf we run ours through the washer and dryer every, single day without, exception every car gets a fresh mint we cycle them out so always. Make sure you start with a clean mitt and just like the mint anything that comes in contact with the paint is very important so your drying towel is as, important, as the met a lot of people will go grab a bath towel a beach towel I used to when I was younger and that's, just not the right way to dry car it's gonna put scratches all through it it's gonna Mar it and you're gonna be bringing it into a detail shop to fix it for it all right we got two big ones here number, one do not ever. Use, the. Brush at a do-it-yourself. Car, wash that brush, has been all over 50, million cars and probably has never been cleaned it pains. Me to drive past the car wash and see somebody with a nice car out there scrubbing away it, was probably just on a lifted, superduty, a couple, of hours before that with a bunch of rocks all over it now you're dragging across from don't. Do that along, with the don't, use the brush at the do-it-yourself, car. Wash stations but also don't, ever go through a tunnel carwash that has brushes it's, true that maybe the touchless washes, don't get the car quite, as clean but, the brush washes. Just annihilate, your paint hey even, though they're clean pretty frequently just that motion and the, material that they're made up can really damage your clear coat and last but not least guys a mistake, we see people make all the time is to, let the car air dry when they're done with it now the reason that that's a problem that's different than drying with air by the way just letting it dry out in. The Sun or whatever driving it down the road is a problem because the, water dries, on the surface and most, people are not using any type of. Distilled. Water or spot, free water when, they rent so it leaves behind minerals, and most people have hard water especially if you have well water or anything like that where you live definitely. Don't want to let the water dry on the surface, all right so along with the, proper washing techniques we have a lot of tools that we use here that we really like so I'm just gonna give you a couple of number one is this wheelbarrow brush you really like these we have a rubber, tip on top off the video and these, allow you to really reach the whole way and stop visitors going in for the next segment of the tools.

All. Right. Okay. So Josh. Thank you so much and again please excuse, us with the some of the technical stuff we're just not close, enough to be able to catch everything but. Really. Josh you're talking probably, the common theme across all of those mistakes. Is with regards, to abrasion, you, know from bad wash mitts to the brushes at the car washes, to, you, know you. Know towels that aren't correct it's about, abrasion. Right. Damage. Through the shop ear and. Usually. You, know we're you, know when when we get into say, paint correction and you shine a bright, light on to the finish, you. Know the what. You'll see is all those swirl marks and and people, don't know how it happens but literally what they've. Been, doing is the kind of grinding, down they, don't mean to but you know all the dirt that's all their car they're kind of grinding, it into the clear coat and the clear coat is not you. Know extremely. Sensitive, but it is sensitive to you, know dirt and debris and you catch, well sometimes, a little pebble or something like that in your dirty mitts or or, dirty. Bucket, of some, you know it will, cause, damage and it just probably makes, somewhat. Of a harder job for you to prepare, for a paint correction. All, right so let's move on to Steve's. Car. Wash mistakes, roll. It. Over. Wash, their car what, you want to do is you want to keep a nice clean car but you want to limit the time you touch the car every time you touch it you, have some chances. Of introducing. Imperfections. Of the paint so you want to wash it when it's dirty but you don't want to just wash it to wash it. One. Of the other things we see is when they see our little rough. Spot of the 30 light. Pressure, constant. Work it it'll come out some. People just grind away at that don't do that you're pushing imperfections. Into the paint it. Will come off take your time work it slowly, so. Third thing cheap, microfiber, these, four for a dollar at, certain discount stores not, good shouldn't, touch the outside of the car. Number. Four a lot of times people put a nice coat of wax on the car when they're done and then I'll see it and you'll have the wax residue in the rubber wax. Residue around the lights and up and the seals, around here just you're gonna do that great just take the time and clean. That up you know solvents. Or something to get keep the wax on the car to keep the wax off the rubber in the trim then. Number five again is wheels, people. Wash their car I think by the time they get to their wheels and tires they're kind of tired so. That's where they shortcut, that's, one of the biggest tells me when I look at a car. I. Know. The person. Thanks. For sharing those, mistakes. Steve. Again. Abrasion. Definitely. Want to minimize that so what you said that what I thought was interesting is, don't wash your car too much and I think I'm, probably, guilty, of that especially with the new car that you get home you want to wash it every day every day to keep it clean but. Yeah. That's a that's a very good point. So. How do you see. Limiting. You want to limit the cons that keep the car clean but limit, the amount of touching that you do on the car every time you touch it you have the possibility, of introducing imperfections. So, when you do you, know the restorations, for the. 356. Isn't such and you hand the keys over to the. Owners, I'm, assuming, the first thing they're gonna want to do that, weekend, has probably, washed a car to do, you give them any. Kind of tips or, ordi. Qualify, them whether or not they can take the car home. Ya, know we usually detail, the cards it's funny. One. Of the latest things we've actually been recommending, to people with ceramic, coating them it's like the cars are literally perfect when they leave our shop looks like the way the best way to protect that then it is ceramic. Coating, and I know some people disagree you agree with that but that's are the results.

We've Seen from that has. Been outstanding and, fix, my plate of the car. Yeah. That's a that's a good tip slash, tool and we'll talk a little bit about. Ceramic. Coating a little. Bit later so, let's get into the next area talking about, car, washing, tips I. Have, this, master, blaster, here, on. The. Bench. Here and this is probably one of my favorite. Car. Washing, tools and tips. The. Ability. To blow off you, know standing, water after, you wash your car or sometimes if there's like really a lot, of loose pollen, or something like that I'll. Use this master, to, blow. Off the car before I start. You. Know start doing anything but. With regards to washing, it the, other thing that I'd. Like to I like to do is just to make sure that I soak, things down really. Well, but. Let's see what. Do. We have Steve's video. On, tips. Clean. The. So. Steve I don't know, why. I've, never, learned. About the two bucket, system, that makes so much sense so, this, is my bucket from home and it's got the grit guard and everything and it's a great bucket, but, I've never thought about rinsing my. My. Sponge out first. Before kind of reading. Into, this one so as long. As I've been doing, all of this I can't. Believe I've completely. Missed, that. Somebody. Else showed me one time and I've been doing that forever and, you've. Got the grit guard just in case but the two bucket system this is another step to to make sure to make sure that water purity really good on the queenside, so. When I look, at cars or, you know I'm hanging out at friends, houses, and they've just washed their car I. Opened. The door and look inside the. The. Door jams and everything and and you that's a great, tip is I if. That's not clean and there then I really don't believe that they they've done a good job washing, the car so, that's a great tip is opening the doors and you know, wiping. Down where the door jams are the lock mechanism up, against, where sort, of the the wires are coming through. Into the doors I even do the bottom of the doors, I do, the sides of the doors because, when you open and you when you get into the car and you open the door and you're look and you see everything's, clean, and shiny, like, that's, pretty exciting, to me I know I'm a nerd that's that's.

That's, Known but you, know that's if that's still, dirty to, me the car is still dirty right so, the. Other thing is I didn't know that little tip about your, dryer sheets I use I use this stuff this is called SD, 20, you can get it online and, it's a little degreaser, and I use it for but like I spray down the. Car make it a little wet and then I spray this stuff on and it breaks up the little bug guts and all that so, dryer sheets. That's. A new one for me yeah. I think growing. Up in Florida with love bugs we've tried everything and the. Dryer sheet seems to be the best I mean I carry them in my door and it is love bug season down here so, but every day you get a few and some days worse than where you go so is there a particular brand, of dryer sheet, no. No just about any dryer sheet in fact that generic Sam's is what my wife buys the big box and I that's what we keep around in now they work fine and so do you do you have to wet the surface and, then, use, the dryer sheet to scrub it yeah. Absolutely what, the surface first get it it is nice wetter than and, there's actually like a soapy. Kind of film that's actually on the dryer sheets that you know when you're dry you don't notice but when you get them wet you see that, actually wring out like soap huh. That works really good is uh kind. Of a nice slick surface, so you're not like scratching. Again they, don't grind away at the bug right, I know work it back and forth the guitar, it is too, light look great it'll slowly take it down and get rid of it so you don't have to you, know take away any pain or any. And. That that's a good point is I know a lot of people when they're washing the car and they come across you. Know a bird, dropping, or something that might be somewhat of a stain they, kind of lean into it and you. Know scrub away and that's the last thing you want to do you want like the soap to break take, time and let the soap kind of so you, know I'm, sinking, and break up whatever it is you're trying to do and just think of it as your. Own skin like you would want to dig into your, own skin to kind of remove something you want the solution, to to, break up whatever, it is and then just wipe it off gently never, dig into the paint cuz once you dig in and scratch that's. What you're doing and it's gonna be that, much harder to remove, the surrounding, area that you've scratched while you were trying to dig out that, mark. That was on the car let's. Move over to Josh's. Car washing tips, roll it let's. Start with the tips so my first tip for washing a car is, pretty basic to wash your car from the top down, the reason for that is pretty simple the. Lower you go on the car the dirtier it is so if you start on the bottom and then you work your way up you're gonna be dragging dirt all, over the paint and we don't want to do that and. My second tip, no. Car is clean without the wheels being clean we always clean wheels first and the reason for that is because if.

You Do them last when. You're rinsing them off your clean car that you just wash is now getting stuff all over it if you do them first then, as you're washing and rinsing the car everything. Runs off of the wheels and they, can be dried with the rest of the car, those. Are words to, live by I definitely. Wash, top. To bottom I've taught that's how my dad taught me that's. How I teach my kids and, the. Shortest, kid always does the wheels with a separate bucket separate. Solution. And, separate, sponge we and we. We typically do the, wheels first, as well, so definitely. Words, to live by, all. Right let's, move on to car. Wash tools. Let's. See Josh's. Car wash tools. And. Last but not least is to drive the car with air so, we, actually use a leaf blower here believe it or not this is a battery power to 80 volt cobalt that we get at Lowe's and this works extremely well we, keep our battery on the charger all the time over there but you. Just. Have to be a little bit careful with a plastic tip there's also some detailing specific, products like the master blaster that uses, heated, air or, at. Least eight high, quality microfiber, drying towel this is the pure freaking magic towel, from green I can top it really does work. All. Right so. We saw a one of your other tools Josh was sort of the wheel brush before and so, I know that's that's, definitely handy, too getting in behind the spokes and in between the spokes you. Use a blower again. Blowing. That water off your car after the final rinse as opposed, to wiping, down, every, bit of moisture, from the car just, means. Less, amount. Of times you touch the surface of the car and that, big towel. Definitely. Is handy when you, know you're trying to do that one wipe and get, all of the moisture off the car now. Josh do you do you wash your, towels and stuff at, some point. We. Do we wash them every single. Day we always start every, car with a fresh towel then. We there's. A sort. Of a tip to that - believe it or not we. Only wash microfibers, with other microfibers. And we only wash them with a microfiber detergent. We found this like regular, washed detergents, like Tide or whatever they. Will actually leave. Like a film on the towels that isn't great for trying. To call off oh so, there's a I didn't know that so there's a specific, wash. Solution, for, microfiber. Towels. Oh. Hmm. Interesting okay. And. So. When you you wash them it like you would your clothes when, you throw, them in the dryer I, know that you're not supposed to put a dryer, sheet because, as Steve. Talked about earlier the dryer sheets has some sort of chemical, that will leave, that chemical. In the towel so you just normal. Tumble, dry them without. Any kind of, fabric. Softener or anything in it. Right. Yeah no fabric softener, no dryer sheets but we always dry, them on low heat low, heat gotcha. And you can you. Can recycle. Them until, you've, made me wipe, some oil and you really don't want to throw that into your your washer, right. Right. Cool. Alright so let's move over to, Steve's, favorite. Car wash tools. Cool, thanks Steve, yes. The bucket is important, the grit guard is important. You. Know the, before. We keep going let me make sure I pitched for those of you that have just joined us make sure you comment in the chat area on YouTube, because, we have three prizes that. We're giving away and you need to make sure you submit your name and where you're from, your.

Region By. 8:30, so in about, seven, minutes we're gonna draw for all of those great. Prizes. So. The, next segment, I'd like to call it yay, or nay, yay. Or nay and I'm, gonna bring up a few topics was related to washing. Your car and Josh. And, Steve. If you would yell out yay or nay and then we'll talk about each. One to. Share with the audience how's that all. Right. First-first. Yay. Or nay, automatic. Car, washes. Nay. Nay. Yeah. That that's, an a now I think the picture we have is actually a touchless one we have one of a. Brush. Carwash, and there. You go just. Imagine. If you yourself, was walking, through that gauntlet and, those were beating, on your body you. Wouldn't want that so why would you ever put your car, through that that just makes me, cringe. And, if. There was an f250, that, just been mud bogging, that was in line ahead of you all that stuff is probably on those brushes and now you're, slinging. Like sandpaper. Onto. Your car and. You. Know that's that talk, about abrasion. Earlier, I mean you guys see that picture how do you feel. Thankful. Makes. You cringe um so yes definitely automatic. Brush car washes, avoid. Them avoid them if you, care about the finish of your car if you, don't care about the finish of your car by all means use. Them. Now. I know in some states where there's you know lots of sunshine in Maryland we don't have too, many of them but, I know in say Southern California. Where. My mom's at they have some great hand, car, washes, so, yeah earn a hand, car washes. Maybe. Agree. Maybe, if you're careful I'm. Gonna say nay. Because. Yeah. Well, all the stuff that we were just talking about in terms of like you, know are, the mitts clean. Do. They dunk, it in a fresh bucket, of soap, you. Know it you, just there's so many variables, again, if you really care about your car I can't. You know you know did they just clean the wheels of one car and use that same sponge and dragged it across your hood or whatever. You. Know I just maybe, I have trust issues maybe, that's the problem and I still think though. It is better than those brush car washes, the. Hand, car washes, unless you know them, really well you're standing there and you've seen them wash. Other cars, I would. Say may. To, hand car washes. Before. I go to the next year nay one of the other things I want to talk about and this has this has to do with hand hand, car washes, as well as auto.

Car, Washes, now my sister she's probably, not watching because. Otherwise she'd kill me but, she had or had a black, BMW, and. She. Decided to get, gas and then pay, eight bucks or, whatever it was to, go through the car wash and. Her. It, was a black BMW probably. On like a 90 degree, day and I, think she hit the works you. Know all sorts of solutions that you they can throw on your car and she. Drove through. It and by. The time she got through, it, came, home got out of her car she. Called me just about crying, and, she says I just, watched my car and the whole top. Hood, and roof of my car looks. All, faded. And of. Course I kind of inquired you know what you do and, she told me about how she went through the automatic car wash on this 90 degree day and, it. Caused irreversible. Damage. Have. You guys seen that out of your shops. Yeah. We. It. Seems like those touchless, ones like the gas station talks which ones at least that's what they around here they, use, some really harsh chemicals, and. Some. Of they're like wax, sealant, things and all that really, collagen issues. Yeah. I mean if they're not if they don't have that I guess the agitation. Effect, of the brushes of the of the, the, old, school type washers, and they're only using pressure they, kind of have to make up for it by using stronger, chemicals, and to. Me using stronger chemicals, on any, paint is the last thing that I would want all right would you guys agree yep. Agree. I've. Also seen cars. That had dents and I'm coming out of those car washer, oh man. You mean it was inside. Wow. Wow. And and it never it. Never gets, the car clean you, know you go to the brush ones or you go I I'm. Gonna be honest you know I've used them way, way way, way back when I didn't know better and. After. You, know coming out of the carwash I still had to like wipe things down because it just it, was, never all that clean, so I wouldn't. Waste your money and also keep from damaging your car all right so, the next, yay or nay you guys ready. Yep. Using. A pressure, washer, either electric. Or gas. Pressure. Washer to wash a car urine a. Car. No neigh wheels. Sometimes. I'm. Gonna say yay. With. The understanding, of using. Them. Properly that's, a picture of my son using. Our pressure washer. He's. Earning a couple bucks washing, our neighbor's car there but. If you use again. Using. The proper, pressure, washer, the pressure PS, I the. Proper, distance, and understanding. The tool that you have in your hand I would say it's. A great tool to wash your car the problem, is there's, a lot of people that, will buy, a twenty. Five hundred, psi. One. And stand two feet away from and take the paint off the car and wonder why that happened or they use the wrong nozzle, tip or something like that but, the, pressure washer that you saw on the screen there, I think, was like a 1701. It's, actually, an inexpensive, one that I got from Home Depot and, it's, just it's plenty of power it's no, more than I need and standing, six feet away it's. Just I can I can, you know just kind of rinse things off I don't, end up using a lot of water, I'll. I love my electric one because it's quiet, so, that's, why it's a gay for me talk, about Steve.

You Said nay so why name. Well. It's exactly as you said, to turn anybody loose with a pressure washer pressure washer, I think is dangerous you've gotta really make sure you know what you're doing have the race settings the right tips, yes. I've used to myself plenty, of times but. For. This audience little. Anything, about when they go like you said run to Home Depot or whatever good pressure washer care car parts yes. You definitely, need, to respect. The pressure washer another, tip for those of you that have. Cabriolet. Tops do, not, use, a pressure, washer on your Cabriolet. Top, not, at all I know of, a. Situation. Where someone had a brand, new car and used. A pressure washer on their top and literally, you. Know scribbled, lines on, the fabric top and it was there permanently you, do not want to use a pressure, washer on a top, at all, guys, would you agree. Yeah. Definitely. Can do damaged air and, also the fabric tops are you, know they've got chemicals. That are binding, to the fabric to keep it waterproof and if, you agitate. Or disrupt, that bond too strong and. You'll, have a leaky roof which is again, the last thing that you want all. Right next yay or nay let's. Talk about this, here. Yay or nay Foam. Cannons. Yay. Every. Day okay. I'm going to throw a little twist to this year nay again. That's a picture of my son using. The foam can and we love it we use it with the pressure washer I've. Never, used one with, like just regular. Hose. Pressure. Do. Foam cannons, work with regular hose pressure I don't know. Not. Very well not, very well okay. So for. Those of you that have tried a foam. Cannon without. A pressure, washer, and don't. Like it don't. Knock it until you've, used it with a pressure washer because I think that might be a, difference. Of yay, or nay and what. I like about it is I can throw, you. Know I i buy this. Foam. Foam. Can and specific. To. Liquid. And I only fill it up to maybe, about. Two inches of this bottle and then I fill the rest of, the it. Up with water and I. Can probably do like two cars with it but what I like about is after I do my rinse I can. Throw this foam on the car and remember when I was talking about letting the solution. Break down whatever you're trying to get off the surface of your car that's, what the foam, allows. Me to kind of throw, it on the car and I'm, working on one end or if I'm if eyes know and air is super dirty I might let it soak in a little bit, Josh. Steve why don't you guys tell, me why you like foam cannons. Kind. Of. Easy. Way to get a lot of soap on the car quickly obviously. We focus on quality but quantity is, also kind of a place so we need to move quickly at the shop and you, don't run into spots that you, don't have very much so far if you have a phone can and you know I'm so everywhere, and that's what you want when you're watching. And. Going back between, the foam cannon you. Know what you're doing with the with, the pressure washer and a good leaf blower unit, you can literally clean your car and not really have to touch it. Ideal. Cool. So, Josh. And, Steve. Do. You guys see the chat are there any questions on there that we might want to address before we continue on with the Arna I. Do. See, the chat of attention. To it I. Don't. See too much somebody asked about using, dryer sheets on expel, a protection. Film and I don't know the answer to that one I don't know that God answered okay. I don't think I mean I wouldn't think it would hurt it at all. I've. Got three, and film on my car, and I use it all the time down. Here, doesn't. Have any effect doesn't, cloud it or give it a yellow tint or anything like that. So. I saw that there was a question on, line. You. Know a lot of times when you buy a car, when, you take it in for, servus the. Dealer. Or facility. Offers, to wash your car I'm, gonna add this one on - yay or nay, dealer. And or. Service. Place, washing. Your car yay or nay. I'd. Want to see how they do it first. Yeah. And, the challenge, you get is most of them don't tell you if they're gonna do it until after your first visit yeah. And, this is again we're not trying to bash anyone.

But. There's just so many variables, right, and if, I don't know that you're you're washing my. Car the same way I do I just, rather you just not wash it I mean, you. Know again, it just takes one, drop. Of a sponge and then they pick it back up they could have a new person, washing. Cars they could have a new pressure, washer, they, could have it in the Sun there's like again a million, variables. Where you're like it. Could go wrong and it could cause irreversible, damage and, then it's, no good for anyone be it the person offering, the, car wash or. For, yourself so, that, little quick yay or nay I would say letting, someone else wash your car may. Unless, you know them and unless you're standing there or unless, you. You, know it's a reputable dealer, or reputable. Independent. That you know. You. Can trust them to it to wash your car. All. Right so I'm going to jump over to announcing. The, winners of our raffle. The. Expel wash. Bucket system, the. First two, winners, they. Will each get a wash bucket system. Valuing. About a hundred and twenty-five dollars the. First winner is Marshall. Wilkerson. Congratulations. Marshall and our. Second, winner is. John. Campbell. John, Campbell Marshall, John you guys have won the, wash bucket system make sure you send us an email with. Your address and we'll get them ship, to you and the. Track wrap package. That. Goes to Todd, Atchison. Hopefully, I pronounced your last name correctly. Congratulations. To Todd HSN, you've won the track rap and that's. Some good stuff especially if you'd like to take road trips and or take your car to the track or to auto cross it's, a nice way to protect, finish, leading. Edges or behind, your wheels and stuff like that, to. Keep your. Your. Paint surfaces, from getting nicked up and again, it's it's. Not permanent so you can peel it off after, your your. Event is done or your drive is done all. Right guys back to yay or nay. This. One's gonna be a little bit of a longer discussion because I'm lumping, in all, types, but, yay, or nay on microfiber. Towels. Yeah. Yay. Yay. Yay. And the reason why I said it, might. Be a little bit longer of a discussion with regards to hearing aid because not all microfiber. Towels. Are, created, equal the big towel Josh. That you had that's from griot z-- is you know nice thick, plush and.

Quality. Made I think many of you probably recognize. This. Microfiber. Towel I won't say where it's from cuz we don't want to say, negative things by me but it's it's a pretty good towel I you know I'll be honest I'll use it but the first thing that I do the. First thing that I do when I use these is, this little tab, here, can. Scratch, and the, first thing I do is. I take it off and I, don't know that other microfiber. Towels have hard, these. Little hard tabs on them but please make sure again think about using. It on yourself, if you know anything hard. Is on, these microfibers. You're, gonna rub it into your, car if you drop, them. Don't. Reuse it you know you're gonna pick up fine, fine, grit and you're gonna wipe it all over your car I. Use them in stages as Josh. Said what, you can wash them and. Now I know that there's a microfiber, specific. Wash. Solution so I'll look for that, but. You, know washing, them keeping them clean single-use. It's may sound like you. Know a bit, much to only single use them but just think about it you know if you cause a scratch, on your car how much more work that's going to be these, are cheap and you can buy them by the bundles. Wash them and, use. A fresh one each time, you. Guys have anything else to say about microfibers. No. I. You. Hit the nail on the head it's got to be a good one they arrange so, much. High-quality, trucks you know those, are the good shops have good cows if. They're like I think I said in my video if they're for a dollar a week shy away yeah. And you can usually tell just by the. Thickness, of them, how plush they are, it's. Important, to look at the threads, that, they use is thread. Edging, soft, or not, you'll. Be able to tell much like when you're looking at a suit you'll, be able to tell you, know a cheaply made suit versus, a really, nice suit and again, it. May seem like it's extreme that you're buying such. Quality, towels to wipe things on or off but you can reuse them and you.

You Just want you really do want the good stuff for your car all. Right for, just real quickly the winners please. Also, send, your, t-shirt. Size when, you send us your address expels. Gonna give you a cool t-shirt to go with all of your prizes as well. Moving. On with yay or nay, this, one has been, debated. And we'll debate, it tonight, without. Naming companies. There. Are car. Dusters. Out there, car. Dusters. Yarn, a. Neigh-neigh. I'm, going to be on the neigh camp as well and let's. Say you guys Steve. Why don't you explain, why neigh. Again, it. Dust. Or whatever on your car moving it around with, a dry, object, is not the right way to get it off. Yeah, and and the biggest thing is you're. Collecting. From, you. Know large. Surfaces. And, concentrating. It into. This one brush and then. You're dragging it around to all the other surfaces, of your car like to me I just. Again. There's, there's plenty of different brands and I don't understand, the science behind it. I guess. If your car was just maybe pollen. And, indoors. And it was dusty that's something like that but if you're driving, your car in the street there's, grit and grime, on the surface of your car you, don't want to collect that and concentrate, it into a brush, and I. Bet, you more often than not people that have those brushes don't, wash them so the next time you use it you're, gonna take the dirt grime from the last wiping, down and you're, gonna collect it with the new grime. And continue. On and all of a sudden it's like a brillo. Brush. Josh. Am i off-base any. What. I, say am i off-base, talking about these things. Like this. What. About, dusters. On matte finish paint and. That's. An, interesting, one because matte paint you can't polish crafters, out so that's that's. Been even bigger now oh that's. Interesting, so. Even that's even bigger problem, with matte paint because, once. A scratch or. Imperfection. Is created, you can't polish it out like a gloss finish. The. One thing you said about pollen, so if you ever look, at pollen under microscope, some of them look like little, balls. With barbs all over them and every one of those little barbs is potential, scratch point. Yeah. So, a little detour just because we were talking about matte. Finishes. And it also kind of rung a bell of cars. That are wrapped. In paint. Protection film. Josh. You do this all the time what. We've talked about today does. It apply is there anything unique about. Taking. Care of cars. That have that on them. Yeah. Absolutely so, there's. A couple things you can just got to be careful of when you're washing your car with paint. Protection film you, want to watch your edges make sure you don't blast. Something with a pressure washer but that's all sort of standard with what we talked about it whether you have film or not other. Than that you kind of can treat film. Like paint, petroleum-based. Products, aren't good for paint protection films but you, can use a lot of sealants, out there on the market and things like that and spray Detailers, and most, car washes, are all safe on film also. Got. It. Alright, the next yay or nay I know there are a number of companies, not. So reputable, as well as reputable, companies, that. Make. Let's. Call it a car wash in a bottle you're, literally spraying, this liquid, on your car, taking. A microfiber, and washing. It or wiping. It down your. Nay. Nay. Nay. I, just, again I don't understand, the science behind it I. Think. I've heard, some. Companies, talk about how the the. Chemicals, that they, use lift the dirt I don't know I just it's let's, just wash a car if you're gonna if you're gonna do it do it right and just wash the car maybe. If it's just light, pollen, again or something like that and you're just doing final final. Prep or something like that totally, you, know a little spritzer. Of. Speed. Shine or something like that totally, understandable, but, to, wash a dirty, car with. A. Car. Wash in a bottle and then wiping it down even if you're using a microfiber. To. Me it just, doesn't. Make sense. All. Right so. Let's. See. Them are there any other questions, on, the. Chat room, you guys can just yell out if there's anything interesting. Okay. All. Right so let's talk about I mentioned. Speech, shine because I think a lot of us that. And. And Steve you do a lot, of concours so you've, driven your or 356, or your early 9/11, or, whatever it is on to the green. What. Do you do to kind of do the final prep before the cars judge what do you use what has in terms of like spray cleaners or Detailers, or. Yeah. Kind, of what you said and, I you know that's a brand name I guess but some. Kind of speed shine or some kind of, there's.

Several Products out there that work really way you just want to lose some kind of lubricant, you want to get, the surface wet to lift up whatever. The dust and debris is picked. Up while you're driving out onto the field, all, the grass off the tires, you. Know when it's breaks up the wheels pretty quickly you see all the preparation, is done well before you get there, getting. In all the nooks and crannies. Yeah. And I've seen, I've. Seen you prep your car and probably you, why, you mentioned, it in your car washing tip is you. Know you you fold over your towel, I've, seen you do this and you put it on a fender, and. Most. People that aren't watching carefully. You. Won't notice the fact that you, don't really press, down on that towel you. Kind of like glide, it across, the fender. Right. And then you're also looking, that. Every. Surface to you rotating, the towel so when you hit one fender as, you go to the next area you slip the towel you know hold. A towel into like, eight or sixteen pieces right so you've, got different nice, clean purpose every time you're touching the car and, do, you guys have different. Towels. And, or sponges. Dedicated. I do that's, why I'm asking like, I have a certain, towel or sponge for the top one. For the sides one. For like the rockers, one, for the wheels I know, you guys are all laughing Mia laughing, at me online because I'm a bit extreme but it's what I do well. How about you guys. Absolutely. Different. Interior. Yeah. There's different, levels, of. Purpose. But what you're trying to clean as. They. Get dirtier they move look to the lower part of the car right. Yep. Okay. So we got another great, question and with expell. Providing. The, prizes and sponsoring this segment, let's talk a little bit about. Ceramic. Coating yeah a. Yeah. Yeah yay. Ceramic. Coating is really. Awesome. It's come a long way, since. The introduction, of ceramic, coating and, you. Know we have I you. Know to properly, sir, a man you, guys chime, in at any time to. Properly. Coat, your car with ceramic. It. Is my belief and the. Guys will chime in but you really have to have a professional do. It if you want all of the advantages, of, a, ceramic coating and, what I mean is you. Know there's stuff out there that you can spray or spritz or, whatever and wipe it down and you kind of have, hydrophobicity. Properties. Which is good. But. It's not truly, ceramic. Coating, as as I feel, you, know if you tell my ceramic coating I'm talking about bringing your car to, a well-established. Shop. Such as Josh's. And. You. Know having the paint. Corrected, which is another. Segment that we'll go into is, basically. Resetting. Your paint to its most perfect condition, or as perfect, as it can get and then. Methodically. Applied, ceramic. Coating. Then. Letting it cure and then. Putting it into. Into. Use. Josh. You want to kind of chime in a little bit about, ceramic, coating.

It. Just makes washing, so. Much easier and when you're done the. Car looks perfect. Like you just waxed it I've got XL, fuse on, by. Hellcat and. On. My Lamborghini Gallardo as, well it's. Just like you're done and it looks laxed, and it's amazing, it takes 20, minutes to, wash. And dry the car when you're washing it off with air the, water just slides right off I'm. Very, very, passionate. And. What. What I love about the ceramic coating on, we. Have it on our Boxster. Is that. It. Seems to level off the paint too even though you've got it corrected, and you've got this new coating, on it seems I've leveled the paint and they're just that the, the, brightness, or the amount. Of, you. Know the, shine that comes, across the car is quite. Amazing, and then, as, you, said when, it gets dirty, it's. Almost like a Teflon, coating, on your, cooking. Pan just stuff just washes, off I you, know I probably, with. With our Boxster I use a pressure washer in the soap gun and just kind, of rinse. It off and I do happen to have a water. Filtration. System. For my, cold water and, you. Know I just spray it and then just let it air dry and it looks amazing it's so much easier to maintain. So. We did have a question about how, long does. Ceramic. Coating last and I think we have to maybe, Josh if you can talk about different types, of ceramic coating and how long they might last. Sure. So, a. Lot. Of coatings will last a few years and they're usually warranty, for that, time period again since expel sponsor we're using the expo fusion plus frequently. And it's a four year coating with. That being said if you do not properly take care of your coating, it, might not last you six months there are people. That just, get a coating and then think you never have to wash your car again you can use a dirty, mitt you can do whatever and then, when we see it again in a year we. Try, to do a yearly maintenance on them for our customers and sometimes, they just mean reeducate, Adhan how to correctly take care of the coating. Yeah. That's a great point because, you, don't take care or I've found that you don't take care of a ceramic, car, or you actually have to know how to take care of a, car that has a ceramic coat on it because there's, properties, of that coating that you want to extend, the life and.

Have That property live for you know two three years or whatever it is and if you use another product for example let's. Say your car with ceramic, coated and then, you you, know washed, your car with some sort of you, know wash wax blah, blah blah blah blah and wash, your whole car now you've just put that wax. Or whatever chemical on, top of your ceramic coat, and it, might not be even it might change the property of your ceramic coat so if you do a ceramic, coat you. Know check with the person or the company that put it on check with the manufacturer, of how best to take care of it and what products, to use to. Maintain the, ceramic, coating. Qualities. And properties right. So. We have another question from one, of our viewers, with. Regards, to claying. A car. You. Want to talk about cleaning a car Steve. Yeah. Oh. Yes. Let's. All together one, two three yay, yay. What's, for clay. Yeah. I think before you do anything correction, you. Definitely want to lay. The car get everything out of every looking cranny and you know if you've ever seen anything again like. Microscopic. Gate at how that where the clay does it's amazing, how much it picks up and pulls from the car you, know keep rotating and keep it lubricated but. Once you're done the easy, thing is to. Show somebody's, a little four inch square you know just play it and hit it with the clay run your fingers over and you can tell the difference instantly it's amazing. Yeah. It was it was I'm gonna be honest with you it was life-changing to. First, experience. Using, a clay bar and. This was back in the day when you, know it was literally a clay bar that you had you know plenty of liquid and you just kind of glided. Across, the, surface of the car and you can hear it almost like shaved, down like the dirt, in the grime and as you said you go back and you, rub, the finish of the car and it's like glass, smooth, now. Those clay bars and. They still make them, sometimes. If, you got to a dry, spot or you didn't lubricate, the, surface you were working, on well enough you would kind of catch and then, it would have a piece of clay stuck, on the. Surface. And that was kind of a pain to to. Work out but, today. And I'll talk about grills, because they're great such a great supporter. Of ours what. I love is they have this synthetic. Clay. Mitt, that has. This. Synthetic clay. Material. Woven. Into, the, palm of the mitt and you, use it just like a clay bar but it doesn't like hang up like a traditional, clay bar and it's, you know easy to clean easy, to use are you guys familiar with, those claimants, or synthetic, claimants. Yeah. You. Guys will give it urine a, yeah. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I'm, gonna dissent from you there I don't, like to miss as much as regular class like it'll absorb as much I feel like they're scratching you but, really. I. Agree with Josh I'm not a big fan of the mixes I prefer this you, prefer the the, old-school. Clay huh hmm, all, right I'm gonna have to go, back and and and do it a side-by-side. Test, or something we, have another question from, a, viewer, product. To clean and polish chrome, what do you guys like to use. Crow. We have a, metal. Polish from, Zephyr. I think it is. That. We use like, we use it a lot of Harley's and things and also Korea's. Actually, makes that one call and I think it's called heavy duty metal, polish, that we use a lot so, those are my two. So. That cleans and there's a lot of it. Yeah. We just kind of said there's a lot of good products out there, you. Know even the Turtle Wax the Santa chrome polish you can get depending, on what you're doing that. Stuff holds up pretty well. But. There's. A lot of good chrome, policies I combs usually pretty durable and if you're if you do, is chrome properly, and you know we restored a lot of cars so got, good chrome shops. It's. Pretty tough. Keep. It clean that's, the main thing keep the polish on and keep it you know keep a coating on it to protect it you know laughed along, now. What about say. Surfaces, that are not chrome, but, they are simply polished, like, polished. Lips on, a wheel use. The same stuff that you would to polish chrome. No. Different. Stuff. Yeah. Really. Really. Weird. To deal with there's. All, sorts of different methods you could spend days we had a Spiker c8 at, that car and. Weekly. Spent literally I think it was four days trying, to come up with a perfect way to polish it to look like a mirror so. Gotcha. Yep and there again other aluminum. Products. Leaning. Luminol cleaners, and. I got says depending on the finish that you've got you just got to be real careful because depending, what you use you can't change the finish pretty easy right. The. Wrong material. Gotcha. Well. Gentlemen and viewers. We, are at the top of the hour, I want, to thank Josh, and Steve for joining us today I want. To thank again Michael, Dobbins with expell for, contributing, all of the raffle prizes, if. You haven't already please like, subscribe, I.

Hope You're enjoying tech. Actors live series. And if, you have suggestions. For what we might talk about in the future, feel free to suggest, it in the comments section we'll, be back in probably about two weeks with another topic, that hopefully, will interest you again. Subscribe so, that way you get into the notifications. And everyone. Stay safe stay healthy, and we'll, see you then bye.

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