Teams On Air: Ep. 62 How CMOs leverage Microsoft Teams for campaign and event management

Teams On Air: Ep. 62 How CMOs leverage Microsoft Teams for campaign and event management

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Hi. Everyone welcome, to another episode of teams on air I'm your, host delando Coleman and today we're gonna be talking about how, Co Mo's use Microsoft, teams for both campaign, and event management. Before. We get started I have a couple of asks. For you if you're, joining us live we, are using Skype meeting broadcast and. To, the left of the screen you'll, see the pulse please, take a moment to fill those questions out so we can get to know you better. Also. We produce all our episodes and post them on YouTube so, if you want to subscribe to our channel and get notifications of one-hour episodes post make sure you do that and if you like the video make sure you give us a thumbs up and. The. Last and newest way that you can listen, to our show is the team's on-air podcast, it's available everywhere podcasts, are available, so make sure that if you want. To listen to us on the go you can do that and. Make. Sure that you. Rate. Us and subscribe. To the show so with, that I want to introduce, my. Guest, you are my first chief, marketing, officer, on the show I'm so grateful and honored to be in the show I've been wanting, to be a part of this so thank you thank you for having me this, is Dux Raymond, psy he, is the CMO, of F Point a software company based in, DC is that correct yeah, we're based out of Jersey in DC but we're, a global organization. Working with a lot of great customers around the world so you, know it's exciting times with technology, yeah well thanks for joining us thank you so tell us a little bit about yourself. And your organization what. Do you what do you and your organization, do sure, so again my name is Dux Raymond Tsai I serve as a CMO, of a point where a software, company or to help companies migrate, Majan protect all their, data on-premises. And in the cloud we. Serve a lot of customers, around the world over, 15,000. And being. A global organization. I'm privileged, to be working with you. Know a lot, of great marketers, around the world so, certainly, while we were in the business of technology we embrace technology as, well to help us get our jobs, them better faster sooner yeah, now, we've. Each other for a while and actually. The summer I got a chance to follow you around to see what you do thank, you so why don't we show the audience how, you. Use Microsoft teams, and Skype and, and. Let's, show you a little bit more about this. My. Name is ducks Raymond sigh I serve as a CMO, and public, sector CTO of AB Point every. Day I wake up right around 4:30, in the morning that's, where I get all my focus time I get all my work done I want, to support the rest of my colleagues around the world so, there's anything urgent or immediate that I can take care of especially for. Folks in Europe or Asia I can, address, it right away how. I wish I could be there every single day face to face but that's not the reality, so, with modern, technology, and also the ability to meet remotely, allows. Me to connect, with them understand, what's going on in their world and how I can support them the, worst way to get, my attention is through email if it's not urgent no big deal if it's really eat urgent text. P or I am me especially now in Skype, available.

On My mobile device hey. Natalie how's it going. When. I meet, with my team this. Meeting is a regular. Bi-weekly, call I have with the European team well, good morning how's, it going guys. It's. Really understand what's coming in the pipeline the next two weeks what they're working on and how can I help. I'm. Notorious. For taking. Marketing. And personal branding to a whole different level. How. Do I set myself apart. Do. Something, that stands out that not every IT person, does and people don't expect, so, I'm like why, can't I dance. Every. Single, thing I do when I go out the door every. Day is is. Part of how I communicate, I. Don't. Look at or think about Skype as a tool, I go to to communicate but, it's just embedded. In my daily work life a. Lot. Of our team communications. Are, not. As formal as you think, it would be we. Would use memes we, would use emojis, or emoticons. In Skype, and that's. Okay and, I. Think, that's just the natural evolution. Of language and communication. With. Microsoft, teams this, is the new go-to, centralized. Communication. Collaboration platform. That, me and my team just take advantage of every single day hey, Julie are there, so. I've got the team here, hi. For. People organization is not using Skype you're, missing, the opportunity. To. Engage, and. Id8. On something. That you may not have the. Ability to using. Traditional tools. I'm. Grateful for all these technologies, it's software, because. I get more done with, Microsoft, technology, especially its. Codecs. You seem like a lot of fun and your team seems like a very, fun team as well oh yeah, we have a lot of good. Fun especially again with technology, so as you saw in the video we, take advantage of all the goodness of Microsoft, emoji. Pictures. So it's really good and a great way to communicate and interact cool, well, let's you, know I know a lot of your, colleagues or peers out there and industry really want to see how you're using team so you've been gracious enough to allow us to get a little sneak peek into a point, team, so. Would, you mind showing us a little bit about what what what you do not at all so so. As you can see so I fired up Microsoft teams on my desktop and, just. Like any marketing, organization. We're broken down to different groups and expertise, so. Pinned. To my favorites, and teams I have all different, at, point marketing, teams. And for, example this one we're seeing is our general, outpoint marketing team, and then we have a bunch of channels so we have a general channel where everybody. Jumps in chat, yeah, you, know communicates, and. Then for, the different groups within the marketing, organization we they have their own teams there's your marketing team Field Marketing content, yes, so, we use, this de Indias it's a lifeblood of how we work yeah and it's fairly similar to how my marketing team does it we organize, ourselves by, the organization. Or we have sub channels, that represent, our sub teams or initiatives, that we're working on so, that's very similar. The. First thing that I'd like to cover is event, management sure talk, to me about how your team runs. Events, in Microsoft, teams absolutely. So a, good example I'm, sure a lot of our viewers are familiar the big Microsoft, event, last year was Microsoft ignite that was a prime example on. How we took, advantage of Microsoft, teams throughout, the event it's not only with the marketing organization but, everybody, involved from our sales colleagues. So our technical colleagues, in fact we wrote a really, nice blog post about it hopefully. Everybody, can. And, they can take advantage of yeah we'll definitely put a link to that yeah, and also to show you right recently, every. Year we kick off with our sales conference so, right. Here I can certainly show everyone. Maybe. What, around. October. November timeframe as we started, planning for the sales. Conference so we, spawned, off a sales conference planning, team as you may imagine. Certainly. The marketing organization is is. Taking. The lead on this but we work closely with a lot of our sales colleagues, and, product. Teams to put together this event so. In this sales, conference planning, team we, started the conversation around, agenda. Content. And all that good stuff and, all. The presentations, were doing so it was very valuable especially. A, lot of the people involved, are from different parts of the organization but. They're also dispersed. Worldwide, mm-hmm, so, that was very helpful and then, as soon as we had the event we, had another.

Team That we, took, advantage of, where, as you can see it's broken down into the, different tracks of that sales conference yeah and, we even have a channel. On photos so throughout the event you know people taking photos and just really, sharing, the, experience, across, multiple, people. And throughout the event yeah and so it's nice that I like, the track channel. So that you know folks who really care about that particular track, can go in and I imagine, get, the relevant presentations. For data. Management track, and 100% yeah. And and during the session. As well right as you may imagine as the presenter is presenting. The attendees, can, put in their feedback their questions, and we capture, all that in in. A meaningful way so as we go back so, once the event is done right so we have links to the content, and a, data management you. Know the attendees were taking picture you know the presenter, and talking. About key points, so this is very very valuable because we can now take all this and certainly. We. Can write an internal blog about it yeah so, so it works really well that's really cool and I love the photos, because you know not, only are you guys there for business and you're using teams as, productivity, enabled but you guys are having fun that's pretty cool absolutely. Alright, so that's a little sneak, peek into events. And you know I see that you've broke it out in the planning team obviously has are, doing things that don't need to be exposed to other attendees, and because, this is an internal sales conference and it's small enough you, know you're using that as well for your teams, let's. Talk about campaigns. How do you use teams, as a way to run. Your campaign sure. So, just. Like any marking organization, we, have a lot of campaigns that's going on and, from. The initial planning, to ideation. To, also the ongoing updating. Of the campaign yeah we we, use Microsoft team so for example, one, of the let me go to one, of the teams we have through a content marketing team, we, have a channel for campaigns, so, one of the campaigns we were pushing out we're actively running is our GDP our campaign yeah so in fact I know Julie, is in the middle of this let me let me check with Julie here and see. How the campaign, is coming along. It's. Pretty cool so you know you can just type, in Julie's name you've got mentioned, her yeah so she's gonna get a notification as, soon as that 100%, is on. Her desktop on her phone sure she's at and I suspect knowing Julie she's, sitting, and living in teams right now yeah sure she just got the ping oh there, she yeah she said we're good to go. Can, let. Me ask her can you share. The. Latest. Landing. Page I think she already did okay. Yeah. So. So she can share it now now. How do you guys oh, one. Second she's like do you want me to go over to creatives yes please do you mind if I jump on a quick call because there's a very, important caffeine yeah no problem, jump right into. This. So folks this is live right here I'm, jumping in a quick meeting with Julie here cuz. I really, need to get this out so. It, should, take no. More. Than a couple minutes this is not staged there, you go we're. Live Murphy yeah, so Julie and, C all, right why don't can, I jump in Toccoa Julie Yeah right now let me. This. Is a really cool feature I could meet now with her and. So. Let's. See what's happening, Wow. I'm. Gonna jump in so there, you go believe we, can can it there, you go there's Julie. So. This isn't stage right now what we've done is. Julie. And ducks, were, chatting. Back and forth about a conversation, hi. Julie. You're. Live on TV or, on, the web teams on air, so. So. What's going on with the GDP air campaign the new landing pages are out. Now. Featured, prominently. Click. On the link that I sent you should be able to see ok. All right yeah I saw you share the link but that's all I need to know and the. Londe Julie Julie the. Alright, ciao bye. So. Easy isn't it yeah it's so open and transparent so, like if you want to just jump in and have a little quick conversation. It's so much richer than just reading the text you wanted to be able to get confident you want to look her in the eye you also, if she wanted to she could have shared it but this is really the power of Microsoft teens right like in the past while, all this capabilities, are there but it's it's. Living, in different technologies, yeah let me get an email from her and I am from her and I think I want to call her that to jumped on skype yeah, but, this is all one-stop-shop. Campaign, information there the files are there so love, it for campaigns perfect, I love it as well that's a great example yeah, thanks for letting us see that now. I know you do, you, know you work with others outside the marketing organization you alluded to that with your sales conference but tell me how you use.

Teams. To collaborate without folks, outside your organization sure, so so like you said a good example is when we do events a. Lot of these events are certainly one-off once even it's done the. Team's not being using it well but on a regular basis, we work closely with our business, group our business group essentially. Leads. The pack with a lot of our software products. Work with our engineers, and one, of the regular things we, do with the business group is they put out updates. And release releases. Of our product so in this example we. Have a product called citizen, services and. My. Colleague, Paul here who's respond for that product just posted, the the latest update and he. Wanted a blog post on it but, around this blog post certainly. He had some videos that he. Wanted to share as well so, all of this could be posted, on that same thread of conversation, mm-hmm and let's say I want to take a peek of this on. The blog post he wrote at least the draft I can, quickly jump, into it and certainly it's it's in Microsoft Word but, again within, the same environment, yeah I jump, in I can review some, of the content, but, in addition the cool thing is some, of my other colleagues have. Posted, some comments, they post the comments you can see what their comments, yeah their, feedback, absolutely. It's, like you had a couple of iterations that's, right and if I, decide you know what I want to jump in and edit. Some stuff I could do it directly. You. Know since looks like everything looks good let's take this. Highlight. Off and, save. And, if I decide to pop, it up in Microsoft Word I could do that too yeah and and all these things are. Provided. To me in this one centralized. Location right, I love, that the context, is all there right so you again, you weren't in teams you saw, a chat you, saw the documents. You open the document you edit it and everything.

There And in Delilah, that's one of the value, I find, having. A technology, like this. Leading. This organization, certainly I get the great opportunity, to work a lot with a lot of people not only in my organization, but other organizations but, I don't have to keep, thinking about here what's going on with that release I don't just send me email yeah I could just jump in I can look at what's going on I can provide my feedback or not it's. It's this idea of transparency. Yeah and working out loud yeah and. I love this especially, I'm on the, road all the time I just turn, off my phone and look at what's going on yeah perfect. Again. I tell, you your team is fun. I'm. Sure it's. Equally as fun as, everybody working now. Every time I talk to you you're on the road you're like in some different City a different, country you're, all over the place so I know you're on your mobile more. Than you're probably on your laptop is that right true. That's right and and. The team's app is awesome, yeah, and. So you you were telling me about some, of the use, cases in. Terms. Of using your mobile teams. Your, mobile app and BOTS, talk, to me a little bit about that yeah so certainly I'm sure a lot of our viewers here have downloaded, teams on their phone similar. Functionality. Whatever I can do on the desktop I can do on my phone but, one of the things I was telling the Londe is as. A part of our process when, we were sometimes. With external folks where we need them to review documents. Or just pieces of content we. Would spin up external, SharePoint sites and, one, of the great things with bots and teams is while certainly I can jump on SharePoint, Online creative, site we. Use a bot. That I found in the team store it's called busy and then. Through the bots I just, literally tell the bar hey busy can you create me a site and. They would do it for me you want to see it yeah take, a look at it. So let me go ahead and open. Microsoft. Teams on my phone and, let. Me go to the chat so I put in the. Bot busy yeah so you. Know certainly I can type it in but now, that I'm on my phone let me just talk I want. A site. So. You can just talk to the phone and, dictate. What's. Going on now so the busy bought took my command, yeah connected. With a technology called Microsoft flow and, made. Sure that I'm allowed to do this so. Upon. Checking look. At what it says great, what should the title of the site be caught on so it knows that you have the right permissions the founder percent so security is so important, you know, making sure that people do the right thing is still important but I have to worry about that right into, caring for me. External. Project, review. So. I said that's the name of his sight yeah so it's getting in title how. About the description of the site. Documents. For vendors. So. It's doing all this and then certainly with the power of office 365 now. And all the other capabilities. Its. Submitting, a request so. It's taking advantage of other, technologies. There's, a technology I'm using it's called them a point cloud governance, and, it's. Making sure I'm allowed to do what I'm trying to do yeah so my boss would, get a, notification. Said hey Ducks wants create a site now he's getting his notification, in teams as well right 100%, yeah so then he would just hit OK, or approve so are you going is he's not going to some admin portal to approve, it is he he, could but, he doesn't have to because. Then he got alerted, and say, hey ducks just asked. For a site yeah your name and, it says okay yes and then look at this good news your site has been approved, so. When I click on it it's. Done that's pretty cool and when, I where I show this or I talk to people arises, you. Have to be a programmer to do all this you, don't that's a cool thing with, team yeah all these capabilities and. Ever-growing. Expansion. Of all these connectors. And bonds add-ons, this makes it so easy, yeah especially for a marketer like me yeah and Soho that is reached. Eeeem is customizable. And extendable, and you can pull in the business processes, that are relevant to your team so in this case you have a business process that requires. You an external site and you can do that right in teams without, even that's, right loading up some other application, you can do it as a central, hub, one-stop. Shop I mean, I tell, people that, back. In the day before teams, I live and breathe in in, my email client, but. No more this is mine, my new command center yeah well. I know in, the video it showed that you, were using Skype. For business in. The past and, you were you know using teams as well tell, us about your journey, towards. Teams you, know as an organization.

At A point we, certainly, take advantage of all these great technologies and we're. Looking, forward to the, day when we'll just be using teams so today at, least from my organization the market was a organization. We're using teams fully not, only for the conversations. And the collaborations, even phone calls right so we do our phone calls using teams now our meetings. And. It's. Also true for some of the departments, in organizations as well we first see will be fully on board and when. The day comes that all the capabilities, of Skype for business fully, on teams will. Just be on teams yeah that's, pretty cool yeah I'm glad that you're doing that well first of all I'm glad that using Skype but I'm also glad that you're on that path, to. Microsoft. Teams 100%. So just are, you using cop-calling. Yes. So, we're using calling and. For. Me I thought it was a great, great transition. We. Used to certainly. Back. In via Skype I would use calling and Skype but now, the capabilities. Here so I'm using calling, fully here especially when I'm on my mobile device hmm. It comes in consistently. And fluidly, so love. It great, so you, have this fully, you. Know modern. Collaboration. Tool and you also have intelligent, communications, built in that's right. Not. Only get, me coffee when, I need it that's, my that's my next release, asking we're working on. All. Right well. I think that's all the time that we have today this, has been so much fun I always get I'm always. Happy to bring on guess, who can. Just show a different perspective and, you know help our our viewers, imagine. What Microsoft. Teams can look like in their organization, so thank you for that No thank you for having me and certainly, I would love to share a lot of this so if yours have any questions, just hit me up I'm on twitter at meat ducks and. Looking. Forward to more. Goodness and teams yeah thanks. Alright, guys so thanks, for tuning in to another episode and. We'll see you in two weeks.

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