T-Mobile #Uncarrier NEXT at Charleston, SC

T-Mobile #Uncarrier NEXT at Charleston, SC

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We've. Spent the last five, years changing. Wireless for good, and. There's a reason more customers, have joined t-mobile, than every, other wireless, provider combined. It's. Simple, where. Others see numbers we, see people, we. Put them first. We. Our customer, experience, obsessed. And. We. Won't stop, this. Is why our customers, are the most satisfied, and why, we are America's. Most loved. Wireless company and now, it's. Time, to, show them even. Again. Alright. Ok, what. An introduction, what an incredible. Band I always wanted to be part of a band, especially. A men's distinguished. Band, welcome. Everybody, live, from, Charleston, South Carolina. This. Uncarrier. Next, welcome. This one has, been, years. In the making and, I can't tell you this, is personal, for me this, is so exciting, what we're going to talk about today is the, core of what to. Find the, word uncarrier. And I. Couldn't, be prouder, but hold that thought and I'm gonna need Mike and Callie to, help me announce this one today because I might just cry like a little baby, I'm so proud about this one, trust, me this is big now a reminder. An uncarrier. Move what. Is it it's simple. We. Find a pain point where, do you find it customers. Tell you what, hurts, what, they want solved. And then, the, uncarrier. Solves. Them forever. Permanently. We. Make it a permanent. Structural. Change to the industry, and then we, force, everybody. Else to, follow us and we teach them if we need to so that's what this one's about now we're. In what I call, the post unlimited pre. 5g. Era right. So I just want to comment on that a little bit and think about the, last three uncarrier, moves that we've done uncarrier. Twelve, I call, them thirteen and fourteen but, something, about might see what he would never say thirteen so everything's, gonna be next from now on we. Moved all, into unlimited, with t-mobile one and then, we, went taxes. And fees included. Making it clear, and simple and transparent, and then the latest uncarrier, move was, Netflix, on us giving. Customers, more of what they want now it's, very unfortunate, very. Unfortunate, that those other guys can't. Seem, to get, it right you. Know they go through the process but they can't I mean if you don't mind I'm gonna call him out just for one second, okay cuz we haven't been together for a while so. It's, been a year, since, the, industry. I would say. Themselves and, all. Went to unlimited, it. Was a year ago not for us late, 16 is when we went but just talk about these guys for a second, Verizon. You know that little company, they. Said their, CFO the time said, hey listen people. Don't need this we. Will never do. Unlimited, that, was q4, of 2016. He, retired in early seventeen, okay. Right after, crazy comments, like that they take you out to pasture so. In, q1, of 17. February, 17, Verizon, broke down and they announced, unlimited, okay. By the way in that quarter they lost two hundred and eighty nine thousand, postpaid, phone Nets, so. Did, they do it, because, customers, were heading from fire exits, or because they wanted, to write, hey, I didn't make that up I'm. Telling, you now importantly. Verizon's. Network crumbled. Under unlimited, I gave them the playbook, it's, like high school algebra you, can't do chapter, three if you don't do chapter one and two we. Planned for unlimited we invested, in our network, for years, we, announced music, freedom we announced binge on they, skip chapters, and they went straight up and they flunked, their network, died, that. Was really a nice thing by the way it's very happy about that, and, by the way was eighty dollars what it launched it's ninety, five dollars without taxes, and fees now so, it's not going that well we'll get to them in a second now this, little company, here okay. Is. It it doesn't get old does it, it's. Been it's been I've been quiet it's been a while since I've been out having fun with my friends okay. Now what happened they responded, in February of 2017. Hey, guess what in the quarter they responded, they last lost, four, hundred, and eighty three, thousand, postpaid, phones okay. Now, guess. What happened up until then the only way you can get unlimited from them is bundle. DirecTV. And universe so. Then they pulled that off and, join the club by the way just to keep on track that quarter, eight t-mobile. Added seven hundred ninety eight thousand, post, paid so if you. So real, quick real, quickly how, did they mask this though just so you don't need a playbook to watch this they lost service, revenue, year-over-year for 16 quarters, in a row okay. This, quarter, they committed. That they will have service revenue growth they did, 0.2, percent you, know how they did it they, snuck, in.

Administrative. Fees that, were three times the size of their revenue, growth and they, raised prices on unlimited, so, without the administrative, fees they shrunk, so now oh by the way our service, road and you grew 40 times, there. So something's, going very well here's the score when, the unlimited, era started, we were porting, 1.7. To one every, day with Verizon, on the post paid side and two-to-one, with AT&T and then, they came in garland did everything they could let me give you the score one year later we're, porting two-to-one, with, both of them so they're kind of screwed right, so here's the deal customers. See, through the, right. So guess what happened, they've. Been trying to get out of this business, this, is the funniest one Verizon. You know rapper isin. Their. Strategy, is just. Been a failed, set, of misses so what did they they, really did want to buy charter, they, really did want to buy dish they really, did want to buy Disney, they, just didn't it, just fumbled, but they did by AOL, and Yahoo how's. That Disney. No charter. No push. Look at this. Dial-up. Modems, this is fantastic. All right and and. So what did they do they, created. Did you have fun with this go 90, it, was so fantastic. Oh update. The, guy that stood there and told you that this is what Millennials want, and you can turn your phone sideways it's, gonna be the biggest thing ever he's, gone - right. So. The update. AOL. And Yahoo became. Both okay. Really. They, they named the company that I think they sure named it prayer, right. So. Here's, what happened here's the update October. 15th they announced to go nine the biggest thing that's going to happen ever July, of 2018. It closed, it does, still exist in the form, of a 658. Million dollar charged, their earnings in q2 rest. Your soul go. 90 now lastly, I will just tell you what's, interesting is. They're. Now getting credit, for their Wireless strategy, but, they didn't really want to have one, they just screwed everything else up and they were sitting, there left, with, their crumbling Wireless business then they put 5g, layer on it and they hired as a new CEO a guy that looked like he knew about 5g.

Voila, You're. In ok, now here's, my favorite. You. Got it AT&T. And q2 announced themselves as the modern, media company, the, modern media company let me tell you the update last quarter they lost two hundred eighty six thousand, subs for DirecTV, they, paid fifty, billion, dollars, for this since. 2017. They've lost a million DirecTV. Subs and 1.6. Million u-verse, customers, let me explain to you what that means every. Second, of every, hour. Of every. Day since, the beginning of 2017. They've, lost a subscriber, in their. New businesses, oh they're going it goes ten more since, I started. Alright, so DirecTV. Now that's, their new play, they're throwing Apple TVs at people to cut them sign up here's an update. DirecTV. Now has 1.8, million subscribers. Ok, my, Sunday, cooking, show that, I did on Sunday, has 4.2. Million customers, since, Sunday. 4.2. Million slow cooker Sunday 1.8. Million DirecTV, now fifty. Billion dollars, for DirecTV, just. A bad use of my weekend, time it's the cause here okay, then they announce watch TV, it was a way to raise wireless prices but for those of you that may have considered, using it its main benefit, is that they bundled. Mtv2. And to hallmark, channel's, hey. I'm not knocking you notice I didn't make fun of the Lifetime movie network because that I would probably pay for so summary, Direct TV bleeding. And they're begging people to join DirecTV. Now they're the modern media company, well, at least they have time water, or. Do they really I don't, know you, tell me so, here's us our strategies, been the same network. And customers, first network, and customers. First built on these two foundations. Let's take the first part network we, have been investing, every. Single minute of every day for the last five years in our network on 4G LTE on low band on 5g. And it's, having a huge difference results, speak for themselves, who CLIs open. Signal has, us as the lead of the fastest 4G LTE for 18, quarters, in a row route. Metrics, even Verizon's, favorite paid a play service, has. Even, given us some love with 454. Route scores in a quarter or two we might become the biggest fans of route metrics they hang in there it could happen okay. Now how, about coverage, here's, what it is we have 323. Million pops coverage. Advantage, gone. Monday. New Street research announced, service, parity, between Verizon. And t-mobile is, here and we, agree so. Second. That's, all before five g 5g. They. Distract, with fake 5g, with pucks with with. Broadband. Alternative. They were even on TV today, AT&T. And Verizon, are in a meaningless, race, to attempt to be the first in some small metropolitan. Area to deliver 5g, it's not what customers, want or, need it's not what's best for them it's not what's best for the country mobility. Is the true game changer t-mobile. Will have 30 cities, of 5g, lit, up in 2008. Team will, have smartphones, ready, in 19, will have full nationwide, service, in 20, they, focus on bragging, rights we, focus on customers, now, this, is where it gets personal for me, throughout. My entire career. I have, believed, deeply. And passionately that if you take care of customers and, you take care of employees, you, will succeed that. There's a deep-rooted, connection. And that start, it started, the day I got here in a relationship with our employees, that, is something that is a building block that other companies, can't wake up and try to do we have a love, and a, trust and a bond at t-mobile.

That Is a great building block simple. Idea hard. To execute takes. Commitment takes energy, takes partnership, and the goal is to get an entire organization, to engage, in that passion, and belief and if you can do that it will make you different you will be uncarrier. That's, what this has been about the first thing I did when I became CEO of this company is I spent every, night sitting. At home listening. To, both sides of customer service calls okay, now granted. I did have a large bottle of wine with me tonight and, it was very painful but I learned so, much about, not. Only the passion, and capability, of my team but, of what customers, want I listed we. Acted, and we, heard that's the foundation, for what we're gonna do today now, results. Pretty, easy we have twice as many customers, as when we started we have 21 quarters, in a row of a million, nets we cut churn in half for, 18 quarters in a row we have led everybody. And postpaid, bow nets in 17, quarters we've led year-over-year service, revenue that, is a long, time it's, like a quarter, of the life of a lot of my employees, right, they. Were in high school looking, at how great t-mobile was doing, already it's, a winning strategy customers. Don't get it it's why we're here today okay. One thing that AT&T, Verizon. Comcast and, charter, have in common is, the. Horrific, way. They, treat, customers you ready for this one okay. You boy, away they all suck, really, bad okay but. Somebody. Sucks, more than everybody. It, has to be there has to be a king of suck right. Comcast. Is the, most hated company. In America. Are you ready for this here I love this I kind. Of make this, up okay. There. Were 10,000. Tweets last, quarter, that used. The words Comcast. And sucks. Okay. But hold on you ready if, you, add blows. Terrible. Horrible. And worst, you, get 80,000. Put. Your favorite word in kids I don't make these things up this, is. 1000, tweets a day at. How, terrible. They are now, there's, great reasons, not, to do, it this way great. Reasons, now let's. Just agree, customer. Service, is totally. And, completely, broken. Not, just in Wireless but, everywhere. In service, industries, and the way it's trying to be solved, is the, wrong way well, we're going to talk about here in a minute is when the world goes left we, go right if that's what customers, want ready, 80% of, customers, are not satisfied, with the way businesses. Respond, when, they have a problem, 80%. Across. All kinds of business banking, retail, insurance, transport, half. Half. Of customers. Say, they aren't treated. With, dignity and respect. We're, not talking about getting problem suck do you know that since the days of President. Nixon, there, has been a national. Customer. Care, rage. Study. Rage. Okay. 56.

Percent, Of customers with problems, said, they've, experienced. Rage. We're. Not talking satisfaction. Here we're talking, white-hot. Seething. Rage. How, about this the top three, worst industries. Are. Cable. Internet. Telco. Some. Familiar to you now. This. Is the, mother, lode of all, pain points, this. Is the mother lode pain point that this uncarrier, move, is gonna focus on this, uncarrier, move by the way is bigger. Than, Wireless, it's, what this country needs, across every. Single company. And, we're. Not only gonna fix, it we are gonna invite, them to follow we're. Gonna do this and we're gonna fight on behalf of customers everywhere we're gonna show them how to do it and. Mostly. We, want everybody, to be treated, with, dignity as I said I need, help with this one so to describe, what it is we're doing please. Welcome. The president, and chief operating officer Mike, Seaver. Are. You ready to talk about customer, service. Well. Listen, there's a reason why we're, talking about customer, service today because it turns out in the state of today's industry it's, not about customers, and it's not about. Service. We, can do so much better with most companies customer. Service. Is about the company's, bottom. Line and. That's it it's about finding the cheapest. Way, to serve, you today's. Companies are mechanizing, and dehumanizing, customer, service they're investing, in every, technology, to separate, you from the, people that could help you because, it costs. Less they're, hoping that you're gonna hang up they're hoping you're gonna give up and they're hoping you're gonna just suck it up and go, away when. You need help from today's mega Corpse what you're faced with is artificial. Intelligence and BOTS, and a massive, digital, fortress. Between you and the people who can help you it's, designed, to, keep you away. Most. Companies build these huge walls of Technology seriously. Because. It's, more, cost-effective for them you. Know what the top goal is for, nearly every, customer, care operation, in this country it's, called call. Deflection. Call. Deflection. That's, a measure of how successful. The company, is at avoiding. Talking. To you and how, well they're doing at batting. You away and forcing. You to talk to a machine instead.

Of A person call. Deflection. Is how they measure success that's, crazy, and in order to get called deflection, they build this fortress, of bots and artificial, intelligence and this doozy, that people, hate the most called the AI V. Are the. Interactive. Voice, response that. Phone menu where you press one or say, to or, start, shouting, at a machine, people. Hate, it in fact, the stats are pretty clear. 90%. Of customers. Say they don't want to deal with an IVR they, don't want to talk to a phone menu get. This. 39%. Say. That they would rather clean a toilet, the, talk to an IVR, I believe. That one and here's, the thing companies, don't care, they. Don't care at all because they spend. 3.7. Billion. Dollars. On IVR, technology. To keep you away from, their people and that number is actually growing, because the trend is to invest in BOTS and computers, to separate, you from the people that could help you in this industry billions, of dollars, to, deflect. You, now. We all have favorite stories about customer, service my personal. One is it's. 2018. And I called before I even get to that IVR, I get, to hear a recording that says did, you know that the, answers to most common, questions can be found on, the world wide web at. W-w-w. Dot. Company. Name dot-com. Are, you kidding, me right now don't. You think I already knew that. Listen. When you need help most from the companies, that you do business with you're faced with something like, this take a look. NAR. Blood-drinking. Gerbil, of destruction. Rock. Can. I speak to a person. Representatives. Representative. Representative. Right. Isn't, that true. You. Know it's like you shout, representative. Into this phone and it's like a tree falling in the forest you never know if somebody. Can hear you or not, but. The thing is if you, say, representative. Enough times or, you put the magic sequence. In of numbers. And hit zero in the right order with one etc you do eventually get. A person, but, the problem is your troubles, aren't over when. That happens, because what happens next is you're faced with something that we call the call center run. Around in today's, industry because, it turns out that when your call is finally, connected, to a person, it's, not connected, to a person, because, they know you or because, they know your community or because they know the service that you're using you're, connected, to that particular, person, in that particular phone, bank and that particular cube, simply. Because, they, were the next person, available. Simply, because, they, they, were the ones that were available because the companies, are treating, them like factors. Of production. Trying to utilize, them in the most efficient, way and that's, not the right way to go about it it may be the cheapest, but. It's not the right way to go about it and I'll tell you what that no matter how great that rep is who you get connected to and there are some great ones out there in today's, companies the systems, they're working, in are rigged, against. Them because. The measures, that they're held to are things like average, handle. Time they're. Held to things like how fast, can, you hang up on that customer and the people that hang up on customers, faster, are ranked higher than the people who watch there's no wonder you get bounced around you, get transferred. You, also get transferred, because companies, will, specialize. Your skill. And focus, that rep on only being good at one thing because. They're treated like factors, of production, instead. Of like experts, and what happens is the chances that that rep specializes. In the things we're asking about is pretty low and so, you get transferred over. And over and over again in fact 40%. Of. Calls. Today, to customer, service in this country get, transferred. And what, this adds up to is not just a runaround in frustration, it also adds, up it's a home time because, every time you have to bring a new person in with a with a nameless, faceless anonymous transfer. First of all you're repeating, yourself having. To start over many times but, you're also having, to wait and when, you add it all up the average, American. Spends. 12. Days. Of, their, life. Waiting. On hold with customer, service now that's. 284. Hours. Of listening, to smooth jazz. All. Right that's not acceptable.

When. You finally get the person yes, they're sometimes great, people but they're working in a system that's rigged against, them the frustrations. Aren't over in fact a lot of times what, you're dealing with is this. Representative. Thank. You I. Got. Some weird charges, on my bill. Okay. Thank you they were supposed to transfer. Me to billing. Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. 1700. Okay. You know Lorraine let's turn this around make, this the best 17 minutes of your life, yes. Listen. Oh no, I spilled my lunch I had, an accident. You. Can help me with my bill and promise, not to transfer me to anybody else. Business. Hours please, call back during our regular business hours. If. Your service is working improperly. What. Do you think you. Know. And. John. Said it in this morning's announcement that we released moments, ago your, call, is important. To us are the six. Emptiest. Words ever robo, spoken, we, can do so much better than this as an industry it's ridiculous, and the thing is if you don't like it there's nothing. You, can do about it and that's what invokes the rage that John was talking about now. Look there is some great customer, service out there that people love USAA, they, love Nordstrom, there are companies that we can all be inspired by but for most companies the, last thing I want to point out about it is that the, best service, is actually. Reserved, for what they perceive as the, best customers, in fact. Not everybody gets the same kind of service take Airlines, for example you can skip that IVR, and get straight, to a dedicated rep but only if you spend tens of thousands, of dollars and fly hundreds, of thousands, of miles a year the, top bank in the country will get you straight to a dedicated team, but. Only if you give them twenty thousand. Of your dollars, and keep, an active balance, it's crazy, the, idea that you can reach a human, but, only if you're one of the chosen few now AT&T, is a great example of a company that doesn't get this right they, have something called premium, support you. Have to subscribe to all their services, to get it so let's say you have DirecTV, and Wireless, and you have their home internet you pay like three thousand, bucks a year you think you can skip the IVR. Nope. Nope. You still have to deal with the IV RBS, but after, you get through it all they, put you in line in front of the less valued, customers, on hold, that's. Great. Easy the fact is this treatment, is everywhere. Because for too many brands there's a difference, between, important.

Customers, And just. Plain customers, and that's, what today's news, is all, about uncarrier. Next, is about rock, star, treatment. For, every. Customer. Because where other companies see numbers, we. See. People. While, they're investing, in bots and AI and IVRS. And reserving. Better treatment, for just a few customers, we're, going in a totally different. Direction today. We're launching nationally. A concept. That we call team. Of experts. And we're getting rid. We're, getting rid of the, old broken. Customer, service model that has frustrated people, for decades instead, of investing, in avoiding, customers, we're investing. In serving. Customers that's. What team of expert is all about rock star, status, for, every customer because every customer, from today on gets, their own dedicated. Team. Of 30, to 40 people serving just. Them and people, in their community, and when you call us your, call will get routed directly, to, that team with, no, robots, no IVR. A direct, connection to your dedicated team with all the co-located. Skills right, in that pod to solve your problem, without an anonymous, bounce on the first tries that sound good. You. Can. You. Can even see your, team of experts by going into the app starting, today yeah their picture is right there you. Can call us you can schedule a call with us you can even message. Us through our new asynchronous. Text messaging, type of service so it's 24. Hours a day and it's on your terms this, is rock star status this is how customer, service. Should be now, we're going to talk a lot more about team of experts how it works and what makes it special when. Callie comes up but first I just. Think we need to take a moment and say. Goodbye forever. To, the IVR. All representatives. Are currently assisting, other customers, please. Stay on the line and the next available representative will. Assist you. Thank. You for your patience all of our representatives are, still busy please. Remain on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received. In, a few words please tell me what you're calling about I'm. Going to get someone to help you but first I need to get some information. Please. Enter your total security, number, date, of birth and zip. Code. Please. Hold while I access, your account information. We. Currently are experiencing. High call volumes. I'm. Sorry the information, you have entered does not match our records call. Us again when you have it available. Thank. You for coming. What. Do you think. In. A minute I'm going to introduce Callie and have her tell. Us a lot more about team. Of experts and what makes it special and how we did, it and how you're gonna be served but I wanted to let you know that when she's finished we have two more, big announcements, so stay tuned I want, to tell you that. Callie field is the, executive, vice president of, customer service, the architect.

Of Team of experts the leader of this amazing. Team and are you ready to hear. Ladies. And gentlemen. And. So. Excited. To, be here, with, all of you, this. Has literally, been. Years, in the making and it. Started, with this deeply, held belief. That. Real, customer. Service, takes. Real. People, and how. About these people. Yeah. You. Know, Mike. Came. To me a couple years ago and he said Kelly. I'm. Not sure we're measuring the right things in, customer service you heard him say this a little bit earlier and so, I went. To my team and I'm set. With them and said hey, have. We really brought uncarrier. To life in customer. Service I mean, we've been changing, we're eyeless for good but the way that we're doing customer, service that we've got amazing. People, who, are brilliant and love our customers we're, still kind of just like everybody. Else and so, we. Sat in a room with no windows for, many hours than what seemed like weeks smelled, like weeks and, and. Started. To take, a note from the page of the uncarrier, which was what's. Broken, what do our customers tell us is so painful, and you heard, Mike mention, this I mean IVR. Robots. Are soul killers, and then. Transferring. People can, you imagine having, a real conversation that, way with a human, being it's so rude and and. Then, you you you, go after that and then you look at you you can't actually get to the people that you want to get to because they're closed, or. You can't even talk to them the way that you want to talk to them that's, so last decade, and so. As we began to identify these pain points we, we. Said we think we. Think we might be able to. Solve all of this because. We've got extraordinary. People and. If. We just give. Our experts the. Tools the permissions, and the freedom, to take, care of our customers they know what to do. So. We fixed all of that and. I got to tell you this, requires. A radically. Different approach. - customer service but. We're, the uncarrier, and. That's. What we do. We. Started, after. We killed the IVR we. Started, with the, next painful, thing, and that is call bouncing, that, is this transferring. This endless, nameless. Faceless, rep, to rep where you have to tell your story over, and over again and you're exhausted before you even get started and it's terrible, it sucks, that, experience. Where no one is accountable, for owning your issue, team. Of experts, is, ending. The. Call center runaround what, do you think. You. Will never you. Will never be bounced, from department, to department. You will have a team, of experts that will completely, own your experience, end to end and if they need to bring someone else on the line guess what that person is right next to them and they'll see it through to the end because team of experts knows that your issue is their. Issue and if, you call back the next day it's. Gonna go right back to the same team so they're gonna make sure that it is solved, and that you're happy, with the resolution, we. Put all of the people necessary, on the team to solve your issue in the same pod they all sit together and if, they need something you just walk a few feet or sit down next to their neighbor and they're able to directly, connect, not only with each other but with our retail, experts, and also, with, our engineering, teams because they all share the same markets, and same geography they own a customer, base completely. And these, people together can solve, complex. Issues, quickly, in a way that no other company, even considers, doing, which. We think is pretty awesome there's. Um there's another thing that we identified, and. That is the, way that companies measure. Success. You, heard Mike talk about, it a little bit it's, really broken, because. They, they. Look at cost efficiency. They, look at average handle, time and, whoever's. Good at that is who gets recognized, and, we, think well. We think that's dumb, because. There's. Two big things that we think you, should measure for, success, and the first one is when. You call us did, we completely. Solve. Your problem, and. The. Second, thing is when. You talk to my team are, you happier, than you were just, before because. That's it that's all we really need to accomplish solving. Your problem, and making, you happier, about being a t-mobile customer, than you ever were before so. Today. This. Is the end of the. Call center run around let's have it up. There's. Another pain point that we're tackling I hate. The way that companies. Dictate. How customers. Can. Talk to them think. About it, wouldn't. You want to communicate with your company like you talked to a friend but. You can't most. Brands tell you how and when you are able to talk to them they're not even open all the time you can't call 24/7.

And Then they, don't let you schedule a call that and you, don't get to reach them when you want to reach them and while. We're on the subject. When's. The last time that you actually, called. Your friend. But. If you did you're probably over 30 because all of us text, message it's the number one way that we communicate with, you people with each other and yet most companies don't allow you to do that with. Team of experts, you can connect with us on your own terms, reach us 24/7. Schedule. A call back we'll call you when you're ready and if you don't pick up the phone that's cool we'll call you five minutes later and if you're busy then - we'll cut five minutes after that we got you it's all about your. Time, and. Because. Messaging, is the number one way that people communicate, we. Well. Let me tell you this first there's. Hardly, any companies that are doing this we have been pioneering. A way to, message with our cup with our customers, and I, want. To actually do a quick shout out because, we have here today Bravo, Cassio from, live person he's the CEO he's sitting right here and he, and LivePerson yeah. Rob, Rob. And his team have helped, us partnered, with us to bring this experience to, life and it's just unbelievable that, you can't do, this, but, the brilliance, of messaging. With team of experts is that you can just drop off the issue and. Go do your thing come, back when you have time and, it's. Your timeline it's not ours we'll. Solve the issue and we'll have the solution waiting for you when you come back this, is like, I said something that so few companies are doing it's kind of unbelievable that, they're not even experiencing, you know what they do you, know what they they do let you do is you, can sit at a computer the. Desktop, I don't even have a desktop but you can sit there and, you. Can check with. A bot and. The. Thing is is that they're just as dumb and mindless, as an IVR the, experience, we just saw just, as ridiculous, and also. You can't get up and leave because if you do it's all erased so who has time for that nonsense anyway I think. It's stupid and I think it's pointless and we're not doing it we're messaging, and you can connect with us on your own terms so that is pain point number three soft give it up. I'm. Gonna tell you this I'm not saying that we're flawless, because.

We, Make mistakes we're, human, but. We think that it's about how you handle, those mistakes, that. Customers, really care about and. One. Of the things I really, love about team of experts it's that it's created, this job for managers, to own a P&L, own a customer. Base they, they, manage, our business, as if they're you, know small, John Ledger's many CEOs, making. Decisions, and informing. Our marketing. Team our commercial. Team and our product, development teams, on the kinds of offers and the kinds of problems that work, that, don't work directly. Looping, into our executive, team and our thought leaders about what makes, for the best customer, experience this, is an unbelievably. Powerful feedback. Loop so, if we're, continuously. Learning, from our mistakes and, getting better we, think that our customers, will celebrate that with us so. I just I just wanted to tell you also that sometimes. There's some things you can't avoid like. Wait times, because. Let's. Face it sometimes, your team is just busy and. The. Difference is is that, when, we're busy will, promise, to you that, we'll handle, you in a way that puts your time first, our. Default, option, is that, when, you call instead. Of waiting for us, schedule. A time and we'll, call you back and, so. It's, your, time not, our time, that matters and. There's. One more thing I want to tell you on this note team. Of experts, isn't, about not. Believing in tech we're. Not it's not that we don't like to use AI when it's appropriate it's that we never want to use technology, to pull us further away from our customers, we. Want to think of our, experts, as Iron, Man and the, way we use technology is, Jarvis, we, think that's pretty cool, superheroes, talking, to our customers. Team. Of experts is something that you can only do if your team is customer. Experience. Obsessed, and you. Have to have the right people. The right team it's got to be a part of their DNA it has to be something that they believe in you have to have people that love customers. You can't fake this you can't manufacture it, and you. Know what I think I'll just I think I'll just show you take, a look at this. We. Changed, Wireless, for good with one guiding, belief. We. Put our customers, at the forefront of every experience and where, our competitors, see numbers we, see people we, put them first we treat them right we're constantly changing the roles of an entire industry in their favor.

We're. The people who do it best we, are customer, service, experts. We, are customer, upset, we're, here for a career, serving. Customers not. Just a job and where, other companies, offer their people incentives, to get off the phone, t-mobile's. Dedicated. Experts are, empowered. To solve a problem on the first try, to, truly listen calm, message. Or tell us when to contact you we're. Here, to serve and to, solve. We, are your team of experts. Because. Real customer, service, takes, real people. That, gets me every time. I love. This team so freakin much and you know what this this, team this is the reason, we can do this it's the reason why we, can take a risk with a completely, new business, model is because, we have these people, and we believe in them you, know something this big is not done overnight we've, been perfecting, this for the last couple of years and getting. It right with small groups of customers and something. That we've learned that surprised, even me, more. Than I thought customers. Freaking, love, team, of experts, we, know because when we look at Net Promoter scores, which measures, a customer's, likelihood, to recommend t-mobile. As a brand we, have seen nearly, a 60%. Increase in our MPs Wars which is, unbelievable. That's incredible. In fact in q1 our MPs was 67. That puts us on par with world, famous brands. And that's not the only reason why we're famous for care two, weeks ago JD, Power awarded. T-mobile, the, highest, score ever in, the history of wireless, customer. Experience, and I'm not saying. That's. Not just the highest score we've come that's the highest score ever, in, the history of ever so. Brad. Watch, brand. Watch rated, t-mobile number, one in the, best, customer. Experience across. All brands, and all, of this is before team of experts went fully, live today. National lunch this is a game-changer, it's a night and day difference. It's an incredible. Difference from the carriers and I, think, it's pretty awesome I want you to hear a clip of what it sounds like to call in to your team of experts so listen, to this. Hi. Callie we're, connecting, you to your team of experts, if you would rather use our automated system, press 1 thank. You for calling your t-mobile team of experts in Maine the way customer, care should be my. Name is lisa the limitless. That's. Lisa the limitless love, her. So. Not, only do we get you straight. To a smart, and capable person, but your team is dedicated to, your community, and like lisa and be limitless there is no script that, she's reading office, she's just this awesome Lisa, and Lisa I don't know where you are by hello it's.

Taking, Care of your, issue they. Get to know your. Community and, they get to know what's going on there just the other day I was talking to one of our experts, that's assigned to San Diego now he doesn't live in San Diego I don't even know if he's ever been there but he does know the surf report. Every. Single morning, because, he likes to be a part of the community and takes pride in that Charleston. Right here where we're at there's a group here that serves the Philly community. Okay, you should have seen these guys during, the Super Bowl they were crazy. Our. Community, alignment, is critical, and in fact it showed up in ways more powerful, than we even imagined. One of the ways that we saw was when hurricane, Harvey hit Houston, now, in the past you. Were randomly, routed, and you, said, that you had some kind of issue going on with your phone because it was in the flood or you couldn't make a bill because there was no work a ticket, was filed and we just moved on but. Today. With, team of experts, we, were able to respond, immediately to, the customers, needs because. We already knew what the community, was going through and that turned out to be an incredibly, powerful experience. This. Isn't just awesome for customers, and communities. It is also, amazing, for, our care employees a call, center rep job is known for being a really tough job according. To the rage study that John talked about 35%, of people yelled, and 15%. Of the people cursed, at costs no representatives. Because, call, centers aren't operated. In a way to, take care of customers or, make employees happy, call, centers churn, through people in fact more than two times the increase of turnover, versus, the national, average and, 2.8. Million Americans, are in these jobs that's one in every 56, Americans so this isn't a small, community that's unaffected not, a small issue, team. Of experts couldn't be more, different. Versus. A typical, job this, isn't just a stepping, stone at t-mobile care, is a career, we have a 90% internal, promotion, rate we have a invested. In tuition assistance college. Reimbursement, program so that when our experts, want to they, can graduate from college and continue, their career development we. Give stock Awards to every, single, employee every year because who better to be an owner of the company than the people that talk to our customers every day I think, that was pretty awesome since. We started. Since. We started trying team of experts our. Turnover, is down in care more, than 48 percent, our, employees, stay longer which, means our customers, get to talk to experts. Who are better and better at their job and our, call experience. Centers they don't just, look like a normal call, center it. Looks a lot more like a Silicon, Valley startup. We have game rooms and training, areas, and massage chairs that are pretty awesome powerful, cafes. And game, rooms and a gym, our, customer, experience centers. Have been named the best place to work more than 18, times in, 2017.

Alone This is a huge, difference for our people and ultimately. For, our customers, it's. The big investment is expensive. But. We're customer, experience, obsessed. So. We lock arms and we do what's right for our customers, and we do good for our business in the long term. We've. Been solving the issues the first time our call backs are down our calls per count are down our turn is down our cost to serve is the lowest that it's ever been we've invested, big time but the results, have been unbelievable. And that's. Really the way all uncarrier, moves work isn't it team. Of experts is no different. The. Uncarrier, is about changing, the wireless, industry for good and this, move is about changing. Care, across, every, industry and. I'll. Tell you what, we'll. Actually show, you how to do this come, on to our call centers will take you give you a tour let you sit with our team of experts group and make, it really easy for you. But. The thing is is that you've got to have the culture to do it and you. Know if you don't want to learn from us there's actually, a, individual. That's writing a Harvard Business Review study it'll be published in the fall so if you don't want to learn from us you can learn from Harvard we've. Got several patent-pending, technologies. And IP that we will give to you for free so, that you can bring this to life and we hope that you take us up on it because, it's worth it. This. Isn't like Carriere freedom, or like, eliminating, contracts. This is something that starts, with a culture, that Harris and my, team really, cares I see, it every, single day. This. Is worth it for the business results and it's. Worth it for the employees, it's. Worth it for your for your customers, so, we hope that you join us. That's. All that I have that's. Team of experts. But. Wait there's. More. Mike, why don't you come up here and tell us the rest of the news all right, thanks Callie Wow. I hope you're getting, the sense in this show. That you're talking to a company, that is customer. Experience, obsessed, and we're. So excited to unveil to you team of experts that we thought we, would celebrate what. Rock star, status, is all. About and we, would celebrate it, in a way that's, gigantic. And so I am so excited to announce to you today that, t-mobile. Has entered, into a multi-year. Exclusive. Partnership, with Live Nation the world leader. In live music, on the planet Earth. We. We. Have arranged, for exclusive. Access for. T-mobile customers. Nationwide. To sold-out. Seats, in sold-out sections, at sold-out. Shows at concerts. All across, the country literally, hundreds. Of thousands, of seats reserved. For t-mobile customers. And their exclusive, use. We. Know. We. Know how great that night, out can be and, we also know that we all aren't, so great at planning ahead and so, these tickets, are held and so you can get them they become, available 30, days before the show so you can roll in at the last minute snatch, those sold-out, seats and show, up at the concert like a ballers that sound pretty good.

And. We're, moving, along. Not. Only have we arranged. With our friends at Live Nation for exclusive. Access to sold-out, sections, we have also arranged, for amphitheaters. Nationwide. For our customers, to have fast lane entry, VIP, treatment. $25. Lawn tickets, and by the way that includes. Taxes. Fees and all those ticketing, charges because we're t-mobile, of course. Awesome. Magenta. Lawn chairs, and. Exclusive. Concessions, at a t-mobile bar. Just, for our customers, so you can skip the long line walk up there and if you want get. A t-mobile, exclusive. Magenta, cocktail all across the country. There'll. Be. Different. Versions of this at different parts of different amphitheaters, all across the country but we're so, proud to, be partnered, with the world leader the company that owns all these amphitheaters. And all these concert, venues they're the owners of ticketmaster.com. Which is where you can find out more about that, exclusive, access you'll see t-mobile, exclusive, tickets arranged, and all, the details are going to be on t-mobile. Tuesdays, I want, to thank our friends at Live Nation, for this partnership and I want to thank Russell Wallach the president, of Live Nation who's here with us today thank, you so much. All. Right, that. Is going to be exciting, for the next many years for our customers, and I have one more, thing we, know, that. You can't go to a concert every, night and so, we are proud to announce a partnership for our customers, with, Pandora. On. T-mobile, Tuesdays, starting. On August 21st. You will see that, every, single customer, household. At t-mobile is getting Pandora, plus for free for the next year because we want to celebrate. This, is, as. You know Pandora. Is the leader in streaming, music streaming radio, 40. Million songs available this is a product that customers pay after taxes, and fees more than five dollars a month for millions, of people are paying for it because it's awesome t-mobile. Customers, are getting it for the next year for free through t-mobile Tuesdays because, thank you because let's celebrate Rockstar. Status for. T-mobile customers. On. T-mobile, Tuesdays, on August. 21st, I want to thank the Pandora team and CEO, Roger Lynch for their partnership thanks so much Pandora. Okay. John. Is going to come up and wrap us up say, a few final words and then Callie John and I will take a couple questions. Okay. How do I follow that listen. Out and I apologize, if we've gone a little bit long we're gonna take a few questions we're gonna be doing interviews all afternoon, to. Answer questions for everybody, but I think you probably noticed. This. Uncarrier. Move is personal, this, is about, a love. Affair with. The employees, of this company and a recognition, of what they could do and I want you to understand that the, fabric, that became, the uncarrier, is this, team and, unleashing. Them in this fashion to serve customers is going to be revolutionary, as you've heard the. Whole world is going left, investing. Billions and, billions of dollars in avoiding, serving, customers, well, the uncarrier is going right and trust, me this is gonna be huge and for me it's, it's the biggest day for me in the, time that I've been CEO. Of t-mobile and so appreciate, you enjoying I listen to enthusiasm. What. We do is we, fix stupid. Broken, arrogant. Things, and this, is the stupid. Most broken arrogant. Thing I've ever seen, and we, look forward to treating, every, single, customer like. A rock star and a little Live Nation and Pandora, on top of it doesn't. Hurt just a quick note, we. Will be a, you know. Launching. TV, capabilities. Now, what better way to make you pant even more for. What we're going to bring to, TV, than, to solve, the service, part, of the equation, you can not only look forward now to what it is we're gonna do and then, in the meantime if, you, happen to be served by Comcast, or charter please, enjoy, what, customer, service will be for the last few months that, you have to deal with them more surprise is coming with that will take two or three questions coming, in and, Callie. And Mike why don't you come on up. We. Had a million questions coming. In and. So we've got them here on the monitors, and maybe we'll just take like. Five minutes or so because our passion, kind of kept over okay, and we'll be doing interviews with press all okay and so I'll, just I'll, just tell you guys if first let's come in is a good question isn't, this an expensive way to operate customer, care, isn't.

It Counterintuitive. To the business, for, efficiency. Scale, and cost the, trend is automation. This. Is going the other way, Mike you're on it that's, true you know this I mean, the premise of the question kind of a contains the it, is going the other way if, you think about it yeah all this money is being spent it's, almost counterintuitive it's being spent to separate, people from their reps one of the things that we have found and cally pointed, this out is that, it turns out that this team of experts approach is not. Just good for customers it's actually good business, it. You need to make all the investments, over a period of years to get there but what we have found is that t-mobile. Right now on the eve of this national, launch while we've been piloting team of experts is. Simultaneously. Experiencing. The, highest customer. Satisfaction, rates. In our industry's. History, and, the. Lowest, cost of care how, can that be the highest, satisfaction, and the lowest cost of care and there's a reason for this it turns out if you have the right team empowered. And organized, in the right way like a team of experts measured, on the right things that. You can solve customers, problems, to such an extent that they don't have to call anymore and ultimately. That, drives cost. While satisfying customers. More that's the break for can I add, clarify. No Callie said this. Is a nun carrier move so we want everybody, to follow and we, did invite, everyone to, come and take, a tour we'll, give you the blueprints. Will, give you patent, pending technology how. To do it let me be clear that includes. AT&T. Comcast. Charter. Verizon. We welcome, you in we, want you to do this now, the, other thing I would tell you is have. A nice journey okay. You can't, wake. Up tomorrow and, tell, tens, of thousands, of people, in your company that, you have treated, like second-class, citizens, hey guess. What today I love you we're, going to do that t-mobile thing okay. No this, takes a, culture. In a relationship. And a vibrancy, and a trust, with, employees, that they really, can cause a change in the beginning, yes, you need more of them you, need tons of them you, need real ones you need beautiful, centers you need different kinds, of real estate but, over time you. Get lower. Cost it's counterintuitive, you, have to invest now for. Later this. Is something, that is an, integral, part of the way we've envisioned, for example, the. New merger, with Sprint that, we will run this capability across. All of, that, combined company, so it's counterintuitive, but. Happy. Customers. And, happy. Employees, I defy, you to, walk, through one of our centers, and find. Moping. Sad, employees. If that happens, you're, in Verizon. Okay. Here, do, you want safe in that county way to go this okay. Why don't you uh how. Does this in, your list of uncarrier, mousse you usually have pricing. And plan changes. For customers as this really is it different is this bigger what do you think yeah. I mean I can. Answer that this is my 15. And. I. Would say for. Me I can. Tell you this, is and will, be the biggest thing we've ever done, because.

It's. The, biggest, pain, point so. I know today, maybe, there's a couple of people that are thinking hey you know I was kind of you, know one, time we got been John and we got contract, freedom, and international, data roaming I don't really know what I got today oh yeah, trust, me our existing. Employees, when they meet their team of experts, and they go in and solve problems or even, better around. The nation. Starting, tomorrow are. Gonna be people full, of Rage, throwing. Things through windows in, hate, and then, click. In their brain is going to be I'm, gonna go try that t-mobile, thing and see, if it really works and once, they come they'll, stay they. Will follow but, it's counterintuitive this will be the biggest thing that we've done it's one of the most important, things for this. Country, and it's a precursor, to a lot of other things that we're going to do so I don't like a few yeah well, said. What. Else I'd there's a by the way they're flying in now so we're not we're not gonna be able to controller so maybe one or one or two more, the. Live Nation and Pandora, perks sounded pretty good wise Pandora, only for a year that's a good one. Because. T-mobile Tuesdays you, know we, and by the way I love the premise of the question which, is why can't we have it forever and so on I think that's fantastic, part of what makes t-mobile, Tuesday's, great is our never-ending ability, to surprise and delight our customers and so this is the thing for this year it's gigantic. Maybe there will be something more with Pandora, maybe there will be something different but what you can count on and today is in some ways a celebration. Of t-mobile Tuesday's, as well you, can count on us to always come up with ways to surprise. And delight and put a smile in our customers faces and you are gonna love Pandora. Plus but, by the way. T-mobile. Tuesdays, is the, gift that keeps giving, every. Week I get bombarded every. Tuesday. On hey, you know I mean, today I got the Buddha movie rental in the free gas and the you know the mug, and the, apron, but you know hey when where's the pizza right, and, and.

Right. And and, it's so fun to be able to answer listen. At you know I'm glad you were able to get in the store I'm glad you enjoy what we've got they just remind you there's, a Tuesday, every, week and. One of the things that we know as a team, is any week, we. Can turn next Tuesday, into, the biggest thing that's ever happened to you it's right there we don't know how to predict which ones are going to be the best I love t-mobile, Tuesday's and this relationship. Isn't now I'm gonna segue into this one then we'll probably stuff here is live nation really going to be available to t-mobile crossings, across the country the summer constant sees it is almost over is this all there is it 290, 2019. Is this, all here into 2019. Listen, this. Partnership. With Live Nation is, huge. As. Is the partnership with Pandora Live Nation partnership, is something. We, just did I mean, this is real-time, this. Is a partnership, and the things we've defined, are immediate. We've, also defined, the things we're going to do next, year but. I think, this is what, amongst, the things what you hear here is hey that's really good so the answer is it really available to customers across the country yes by. The way read into that this sounds a little too good to be true, it's. Not and I, believe this will when you get into next. Season and you get into, t-mobile. Concession, lines and fast track entry, and t-mobile lawn chairs, and just so many other things tickets, that aren't available etc, it's a it's beautiful, and I look, forward to it okay, I think we're gonna we're gonna stop, I appreciate. Everybody's, patience, our. Our. Enthusiasm. For this is huge, I do want to say on this call. This. Is a huge. Day, not. Just with our customers. But, with, us and our, team we. Invited, you to something that we've announced that. Is great for customers but. What you also got invited to is a celebration. With, us and the most important, team members we have in the country and this in, the company and this love affair will continue, and I'm telling you when you meet your team of experts. Your your you're gonna change, your, view of what's, possible and, this is gonna be better and better thank you to all the, team of experts, team. Here, and thank, you to everybody for joining in today. Okay. Thank. You John, ledger. Sure. Hello. Representative. Oh. Sorry. You're a real human being, impressive. No you're not gonna put me on hold are you. Introducing. Team, of experts at t-mobile, you get direct access to a dedicated team, because real customer, service takes real people.

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I would of been nice to make this connection.

this is the best customer service in any phone carrier

I do like T mobile and they are my carrier, but, Im a little upset with them. I canceled a line due to a teenager that wasn't doing what they were saposta do. When I paid the phone in full and dropped that line my bill went up. For some reason that phone was tied into a promo but it was not saposta be. When I caught it when the bill came they said they could do nothing so what I signed up for was not longer. i still had 4 lines so I kept my part of the deal but they did not keep theirs.

bubalu3 Tweet to them, you'll get a faster response

Why is this so awesome??? I normally cringe but this is so fun to watch! During my deployment I was thankful to have TMobile. I had service all the time!!


Wheres all the Filipinos? You only show Americans not the actual service reps..what a bunch of liars

Are you guys that dumb when it comes to customer service? You guys hire people out of country, they dont comprehend English whatsoever and thats what you have. Hipocrits

I love this guy he tells u how it is no bull$hit and he is a smart man u got my vote

T-Mobile is the embodiment of what capitalism is and how everyone benefits from it. The risks you guys have taken, how everyone has and still does look down on your risks, and still have prevailed. Keep up with this way of doing business and you will have so many more lifetime customers. Glad to see someone has finally broken off the path of what it means to be a cellphone network.

28:22 Poor window!

10 Years with Tmobile been #teammagenta since my prepaid Nokia

Haha lol the stats about folks who rather deal with a live person... Are these the second folks who want nothing to do with real people in real life?... Idk I'm just scrolling down my IG and ignoring phones calls only to text and say I'm busy how can I help?!... SMH people are liers. No one in this day and age wants to deal with real live people anymore and that is sad for humanity.

Loyal 10+ customer! Had a few turn of events happen this week (lost/stolen ph) and let me tell you, my t-mobile team in Maine, made my weeek to sooooooo much easier. I would truly love to write my testimonial, but it's way tooo long lol. Basically, I'm obsessed and love them all! A New Yorker that will forever love this company! TY !

He needs to change his name to Fred because that was savage!! Been with T-Mo since 2000. Actually, Voicestream was my initial carrier... but haven't even thought about changing.

What's the TL;DW? Nobody has time for a 71 minute video

Lmao this commercial is too funny man

Love t-mobile!!

I am coming to T-Mobile tomorrow from att(the little company) I am done with astronomical prices.

Still waiting on that ISP from T-Mobile!

It is great to see that they are working on great customer service! Does this finally mean i can get the Samsung Galaxy S7 i sent in to the "warehouse" to be Reimbursed for (which i was not) for switching from Verizon, (which was effectively stolen from me when i sent it to their "warehouse") sent back from said "warehouse"? Or will i at least be able to talk to an ACTUAL Human to get it sorted out?


Why no black note 9 or blue g7? Stop cheating us on colors choices. Also stop all this deceptive bogo , add a line, 24 month credit b.s. just put the prices where they should be and give EXSITING CUSTOMERS a deal. The g7 is not a $750 phone, its down to $630 and the v30 can be had for $500. The jacked up price bogo thing is pure nonsense.

I would trade better coverage and no dead zones for Pandora and live Nation any day of the week

What is T-Mobile asking for half of the price of the note 9?

Hopefully the Customer service team will employ people who speak and understand english.

This is pointless if the call is routed to the Philippine. Get US based customer service like Verizon

TEAM TV I called last week to preorder my Note 9 and I got 2 from Philippines I could not understand them until the 3rd caller. It was 12 PM Pacific

Miguel Cervantes they do. But after a specific time they transfer to other parts of the world. Which is why they have 24/7 support which is amazing

Lol representative I have been there with Comcast cable internet lol

Been with you guys 28 years Since day 1 with Voicestream to TMobile I'm not going anywhere

Need a keynote only Chanel so I can ring that notification bell

Be PROUD of your Charleston, South Carolina Team! Please make sure you publicly praise someone on your new "Team of Experts," Heather Erwin, because she is a-mazing! #ImSoSwitching

Laurel LaFlamme That same team services the metro Detroit area and they are great! I have never been treated so awesome as a customer in my life!!! I agree with you 100%. #TMobile4Life #TeamMagenta

Slow cooker Sunday is awesome

I've been lucky to have team of experts for the last 2 years. I love it. This is a big deal.

I really wanna switch from AT&T. Soon ❤️

So happy I woke up and left Verizon and joined tmobile. Now I have unlimited data for half the price. SWEET!!!!

I find its ironic that this is about better customer service but the video start by putting you on ”hold” for four minutes because you can get to the event. #tmobile #uncarrier

A lot has to happen before you can start a live stream with multiple social media channels! We want to ensure that everything works properly, so we prepare as much as we can before an event. This way, you only have to wait 4 mins (a lot of other brands make you wait 20-30 mins)!


DAMN i missed this stream

I've been with Tmobile since December 2015...been good so far!

Team of Experts.....so... T.O.E?

T Mobile getting better & better

No mention of Sprint

We love you, John!!!

We're in #MagentaLove with him too! #JohnLegere #BestCEO

John is the customer's Mobile Champion!

Totally! And he's the best CEO in the entire universe! #MagentaLoveforJohnLegere

Wanted to say THANK YOU Callie for great customer service system! Anytime had tech issues with my phone and more recently needed to replace my phone, customer service took care of it easily and faster than expected (got new phone shipped to store in 3days). Also LOVE how had AT&T logo as Death Star!

Thank you so much for your comment! We love to hear from our amazing customers, and we're so happy to have a great team that takes care of all of you. And go for the meme!

The big news... Pandora Plus for one year free!!! On August 21 Tmobile Tuesday

Exactly! #6moredays

I have always been impressed and treated well with T Mobile Customer Service people. They are the best and they will continue to exceed expectations!

This is so great to hear, Robert! Thank you for your support! #TMobileHasTheBestCustomers

LMAO he is hilarious I like him

I Am With you T-Mobile ! I Love them ! LOL This is Amazing ! A Great company to work for !!!! I have experienced the Team of Experts personally

That's amazing! Thank you for your support! Sending our #MagentaLove to you!

I have been in T-Mobile for 12+ years. Not changing it for anything!! We love T-Mobile!!

18 years since Voicestream and we love it they treat us like royalty!

Wow, 12+ years? You are THE BEST! Thank you so much for your loyalty, Orlando. Here's to another 12 years #Cheers ! #TMobileHasTheBestCustomers

I need that T-Mobile merch

Brian V *magenta

me too, would love a pair of those pink shoes and a t-shirt. Would rock it.

TheFirePaw t mobile Tuesday's

Call deflection = IRS

They need to send out those Note 9’s early before the competition I like T-Mobile been with them for like 5 or 6 years but we don’t want the competition to get phones before us Cmon T-Mobile!

Calico DaTruth factz bro

Rpg maniac ya know!

Calico DaTruth I am definitely in agreence on this one bro I need that note 9 asap I'm tired of watching unboxings I'm ready to make some videos my self

Cant wait for my note already paid...yes sir===youre cute

T-Mobile best carrier

You are THE BEST, John! Thank you for your support! #MagentaLove

In this video: 1. Best customer service. No more bots. 2. Free year of Pandora. No 5G or TV service mentions.

Chris Storer I don't think that smart customer service is designed for this. Lol

T-Mobile hey what will you do about coverage across the vast expanse of California? There’s a LOT of dead spots and inconsistent service. There are two main veins in California with 3 alternate roads as far as interstates and highways and I would expect the route between Canada and Mexico to be fully consistent. The interstate 5. Currently there’s very spotty service and LTE drops out constantly and EDGE goes in its place. Edge is useless guys in today’s infrastructure. The other main highways are state route 1, 33 and highway 99. Those are troubled. I place a challenge for you to work on fixing it. I’ve said something to customer service since 2013 and the service has not improved. Let’s go T-Mobile! What ya waiting for huh? :)

Richard A You mean the 5g that no phone can handle right now. What's the point, takes time to setup all the 5g stuff. Not only that when will the phone manufacturers finally release the 5g phones. Getting LTE coverage everywhere I go is more important than having 5g in some city if not all, I'm fine with 4g LTE for now and maybe even for the next 5 or so years.

They sad 5G in 30 cities in 2018, on phones in 2019, and will be nationwide in 2020.

Alexander Maxwell not enough..relevant or new info we don't know about already.

T-Mobile what was launched today. Can you let me know

Anything about a New Customer discount?

Did you watch it all? They mentioned 5G. Whether it was the way you want it or not, they mentioned it.

We also announced a VIP Livenation membership for all of our amazing T-Mobile customers with exclusive access to sold out concerts, fast lane entry and much more!

CrimsonKnightDX oops ..new keyboard.

Luis / San what’s a “Costumer”?

Good move Tmo

What did you guys launch ?

marisa vargas Watch and find out


Totally! #GoTMobile #TeamMagenta

T-Mobile mega cool

We think so too! Thank you, Jason!

5g is great and all but can I get like no throttling after 28gb?

"Team of Experts" --> They changed the way I have to talk with them if I need to and never do I wait. Always request a call back. And no I am not paid. T-Mo is doing something right. VZW was not a great experience and even after the price drop I am not going back.

The future is exciting. It is nice to know that quality customer service is coming back.

Keep T-Mobile brand forever

I'd much rather have T-Mobile spend their money on tech and infrastructure that allows me to make phone calls in areas where I can't, but the people standing next to me with their AT&T & Verizon phones get reception just fine. Please spend money on that, and not on fancy expensive marketing/commercials with marching bands in fancy clothes.

How can I be team of experts member? I work as a sales associate in store.

I was with Verizon for 5 years and AT&T 5years, and went to Verizon again for 2 years last year I made the move to T mobile love ❤️ them...never going back to dumb and dumber again....

I was hoping it was a announcement on triplelayer TV was finally launching in my area.I keep going to the website and typing in my zip code which is 62010 it keep on saying to be patient and it will come in your area soon.I just wondering when will that be.

No you see # because you throttle me every single month all month long and have an excuse every time

Matthew Wilson I tried to get us to be called Toes. But they landed with TEX. Also cool, but man.

Fix your app please

How about 1080P youtube videos. I can only view it at 480p

Philly in the house

I've been a T-Mobile customer since 2001 - I worked for a non-profit then. They were the only ones that didn't laugh at my credit then. I love the service!

ooohhh - it sounds like this service may be rolling out for others....(half way through the video)

Although I used to get special customer service reps, because I had been a customer for so long - as long as I called before 9 pm ET. I don't think I get that anymore - I miss them. They really had power to do things

What about the merger?

Let's not forget Guitar Hero!!!

Can anyone from Tmo tell me why tmo block the big box stores from having better deal for the note 9 than tmo had? Also what does Tmo do with all the phones that get return to them? Because they sure are not selling them on there site.

My biggest mistake was leaving T-Mobile I lost my grandfather unlimited data plan, I'm ditching sprint

Hey T-Mobile I have Verizon should I switch ?

I have been a T-Mobile customer for years. I always recommend T-Mobile when someone asks. Why you may ask? Because they are constantly trying to improve the customer experience. I switched because my previous carrier was going to take away my "grandfathered" unlimited plan when I was upgrading because it was no longer offered. I went to T-Mobile the next day and switched, and I will not go anywhere else. Keep doing the "Uncarrier" thing.

I have been a T-Mobile customer for seven years and have always enjoyed great customer service--untilmyesterday, when I first encountered the experts. A transaction which should have taken maybe seven minutes took six calls over two days and more about three hours. I seldom trust folks when they tell you they're making it better.

I'm a customer and I just watched that whole thing... obviously I'm drinking the #UnCarrier Kool-Aid. Your customer service has always been such a differentiator and it's great to hear it's getting even better! T-Mobile is the best! Almost 19 years as a customer. Aaaaand I just brought my wife over from Verizon ;)

Looking forward to the finalization of TMobile merging with Sprint.

I have had t-Mobile for over 7 years on my own 10 plus with my ex-husband the customer service is awesome! when i went through my divorce they made it so easy for me to start with my own account love T-mobile

I have to laugh out loud, because your ideal is just not happening. Maybe you need more time? But, I just tried "my team of experts" with a text message with a big problem I am having, and the answer was "...wait times are longer than usual - but we'll keep your place in line so check back for a response." So really? Looks EXACTLY like the old customer service you just told me you are getting rid of. So basically, ...my text is very important, and will be handled in the order received. How is that different?

Once they got going, they tried really hard to solve my problem. I think I may have stumped them though!

Seems like its been live for awhile. Customer service has been the #1 reason I've remained a T Mobile Customer, Well done T Mobile! proud to be your customer.

I've been a T-Mo customer for over 12 years now and it was always tops. However, I sincerely hope the T-Mo support people are NOT contracted through other companies anymore, because I used to work for a wireless support contractor some years ago, and they are sweatshops. Kudos for dropping the call handle time ratings for reps! But you better be serious about that behind the scenes as well. My last call center job 2 years ago had that creep in and some enthusiastic young manager eventually implemented 15 minute call maximums for a cloud and software product that took us in some cases weeks and months to fix with our industrial customers. Never EVER allow software care managers to get control of your operation, especially not those from a major worldwide company I will not mention ;)

Coolest boss ever, wish I could work for a company like T-Mobile... happy to be a customer for now!

Speed Racer yeah I loved working for Tmobile hes really cool to represent I was proud to work for tmobile. Top notch benefits I was blown away. He truly loves his employees.

This guy does not know what an un-carrier is. We defined the term a decade ago to describe a precise function in the Interaction Envelope of the Three Cloud Membranes. He doesn't seem to know the first thing about how the Cloud works or what T-Mobile's options are. The un-carriers are his mortal enemies, especially with the advent of new Edgeless Cloud technologies.

When are you shipping the Note 9?

Until Sprint merger is complete, then we're all hosed!

I would love to have a t-mobile t-shirt (wink wink)

If you guys only fix my automatic credit so I don't need to call every month to fix the issue

Apple Music Family on us?

Still waiting for better internet in 2018! Solve that!!!

The coverage is good and the prices are good. we're happy customers.

Haha fuck AT&T

This guy's good.

I've been with T-Mobile for over 3 years now leaving AT&T and back then they were comparable. Fast forward to today and they're heads and shoulders above the competition. Best network, best product deals and unbelievably great customer service. I absolutely love T-Mobile!

you are fuckin geniusssss



Ikenna Momah great stuff was mention pay attention

Get rid of Corey Lewandowski!

So sneaking a $20 dollar CUSTOMER SUPPORT fee on my Galaxy Note 9 pre-order which I had to complete in-store because your website was giving me confusing information regarding the rebate offer is that ROCK STAR treatment that you are talking about? ? ? Where has this fee been disclosed? Why did not the rep helping me in the store explain the fee?

Everything they said in the lead-in is absolutely true. Aside from a coverage issue, I can't imagine why anyone would have a different carrier. Keep it up T-Mobile!

This guy looks like he drives around in a van with no windows looking for unattended children.

T-Mobile best customer service and best network service.

I'm a new customer with Sprint and not happy after the move from AT&T. I'm trying to hold out for the merger, but Sprint is making it hard.

I've been with T-Mobile since they use to be Voice Stream. I look forward to the next tech coming out.

T mobile, please get into the home ISP business! We need the uncarrier !

Anyone here had a sidekick lmao lol that's how long iv been with T-Mobile

Jermoni Joseph I need go back to story

Me too!

Makes me want to be part of it.

I thought this video was 1 minute but it was actually an hour long

NO Online chat?? It is needed when they disconnect your cell instead of your Gear S3 you no longer own! Online Sales chat for none T-Mobile users is no helpful.

I'm about to drop AT&T

Spotify>Pandora. More control

One hour and 15 minutes? Really? Who watches the entire thing besides employees?


You'd be suprised how many followed this livestream until the end! But also broke this video down in 3 min, showing you 3 big announcements. Watch the summary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M3j4CdnZYE

Should be C-Mobile as in Customer-Mobile. All about the customer.

We totally agree! Thank you for your support, Charles! #MagentaLove


I have been T-Mobile for more then three years, great customer service,good service excellent affordable wireless plans, before T-mobile i was with AT&T for about 14 years and won't miss 

I was with t-mobile but had to switch due to the fact of lack of coverage in Eastern NC. Signal does not penetrate buildings, houses or stores. Have to use a cell spot router that they made me pay for just to get service at home. Down payments for devices too high compared to att and V. I’m with cricket and couldn’t be happier. I get a signal everywhere.

I left AT&T because of their customer service......love T-Mobile never going to switch..

You do know why right? T-Mobile is about to acquire Sprint and all it's subsidiaries including Boost Mobile.

. ..

I love ❤️ T-MOBILE

So like are you guys getting rid of call center metrics like AHT? if so i may consider working for tmobile :)

I have been with T-Mobile since 2000 and when everyone was jumping ship ten years ago to go to AT&T to get an iPhone I stayed with T-Mobile and I'm glad I did! I love their innovation! Their customer service is great! Their pricing is incredible! Their coverage is great! I look forward to T-Mobile Tuesday to see what they are giving away. Unless they completely fall apart or are ever bought by someone else I will not change! The only think I didn't like in this video was the customer service girl. Someone needs to dress her differently.

No T-Mobile 4G LTE still slow and no signal at somewhere like Monterey Park, CA. How can we trust your 5G network speed if your 4G LTE is not at 100Mb download and upload all the time ?

PLease fix JOD! downpayment issue for the note 9, the reason i came to tmobile is for the JOD! $0 down and jump to any device every other month. now is a mess

Fuck yeah baby esssssgetit!

That's incredible to hear! Sending out our #MagentaLove to you, Dana!

That's incredible! We're glad you liked it and time just flew by!

Too bad I'm deployed and couldnt even do T-Mobile Tuesdays for the last few months I had in the states due to being in the field for training for the deployment.

This is why I spent 1 hour on the phone this morning to get transferred 3 times and in hold for 40 minutes of that hour. All this with no resolution.

Seriously Tmobile, I need you as my home ISP. Dealing with Comcast is absolutely miserable. My last change to my bill took me 6 phone calls, 4+ hours on the phone, 2 trips to the comcast store and a week of waiting for a dvr because they didnt have it in the store. Then they had the guts to bill me $15 for me to install their equipment! I have no where else to turn, centurylink is even worse then comcast.

james glass Nokia 3380 still use it!

Call 611 or use the T-Mobile app they can help you.

por favor necesitó que algien me llamé a mi teléfono sé le quevro la pantalla y no puedo hacer llamaras solo resivir gracias a quién lea éste mensaje

Me too.

I went into a TMUS store today and was told Magenta ISP is coming next year

+Chris Storer b

I freaking love T-Mobile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ROCK! Thank you for having our back. Sending out our #MagentaLove to you!

What about the TV you announced years ago?

I sum up my 9 years with Verizon this way: Sign 2 years of your life away and pay premium prices for unconsensual sodomy. My first cell phone was with T-Mobile, and I was a very happy camper. Then I moved to a low-population rural area and had no coverage whatsoever. T-Mobile let me out of my contract, no cancellation fees, no muss, no fuss - and they were very sweet about it! I seem to love being in a rut, so that must be why I stayed with Verizon as long as I did. Well, that, and I just never quite got away from rural areas where little to no coverage existed. 6 years ago, we kept driving past a T-Mobile store. A seed was planted. Then the day came following one of those calls with customer service to receive the customary, "bend over and deal with it" on Verizon, and hubby and I had decided enough was enough. I didn't care if the coverage wasn't as good on T-Mobile. I can't tell you how great the experience has been since switching back to T-Mobile. And, guess what: the places where it used to be that only Verizon had coverage in, T-Mobile has now stepped up their game, and I'm covered in them all. And it's only getting better. You guys are the best!! Please stay that way, and you've got loyal customers for life.

Bring back Carly the T-Mobile Hottie!

Love T-Mobile! Great job, keep going!

Wow, thank you for sharing this amazing story with us! We have worked really hard in the past years to improve our coverage and service. And hearing how after all these years you found your way back to us and how much you love it shows that our work paid off! Sending our #MagentaLove to you! #TMobileHasTheBestCustomers

Thank you for your support, Huicong! Sending our #MagentaLove to you!

You'd be suprised how many followed this livestream until the end! But we also broke this video down in 3 min, showing you the 3 big announcements. Watch the summary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M3j4CdnZYE

Wow! A company that actually gets it! I am heading to T-Mobile now to switch from Sprint. Even as a loyal customer after 30 years. I mean nothing to them.

I have loved and will continue to love John Legere's hair and body and mind. When he phones me at my house we talk for hours on subjects such as uncarrier, the Golden Girls, and how many spins is in a successful spin cycle. He once sent me an email saying happy birthday on my birthday :)

This was better than an Apple event! I love T-Mobile and can't remember the last time I was proud to be a customer for such a caring organization. Keep up the hard work T-Mobile; I'll be sure to continue to spread the message of the un-carrier!

I have been with T Mobile when they were VoiceStream. And I will always and forever be a T Mobile customer as long as I get the customer service I have gotten. Thank you T Mobile!!

Wow, this is a huge compliment! Thank you so much for your support; we truly appreciate it! #YoureTheBest #TeamMagenta

That's so great to hear! Thank you for all the years of loyalty! Sending our #MagentaLove to you. Have a great day!

Just switched to T-Mobile yesterday and I am glad I did. I do NOT recommend anyone to Xfinity Mobile. It will be one of the worst mistakes ever!!

Juan Caba Date. Dwnload. Upload Time. Mbps. Mbps -------------------------------------------- 9-5@ 11:26 0.38. 0.16 9-5@ 06:12 1.89 0.00 9-3@ 1.37 0.04 9-2@17:11. 0.88 0.02 9-2@17:10 1.31 0.00 Tmobile tech support; But, you still have 4G! In a thick indian accent.

I thougjt that too. You may waa nt to do some more checking befotre you switch.

iCustomPR .

Verizon doesn't get it.

Very Impressive!!!!! Seriously considering switching! Love

That's amazing! We'd love to welcome you to our T-Mobile family! #TeamMagenta

Just so you all know. You won't actually get any discounts until your 3rd bill including the $5 off per line if you sign up for autopay. Be prepared for 2 big bills the first 2 billing cycles.

About to have my note 9 with verizon and the oneplus6t on t-mobile.

i love T MOBILE thanks John

You're THE BEST! Thank you for your support! #TMobileHasTheBestCustomers


Never knew this was the CEO. I love this guy.

He's THE BEST! We're in #MagentaLove with John Legere!

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