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This. Episode, is sponsored by brilliant. Growing. Up a lot of ass dreamed of having comic, book superpowers, in, the future these, dreams could, come true. A, pretty. Popular topic, on this show and many other speculations. In futurism, and science. Fiction is, transhumanism. And options. Like heightened, intelligence or, super, strength and speed we've. Touched on such notions, before, but, I thought today we'd, spread our wings out of bits and look, at some of the less down-to-earth. Superpowers. You know general, discussion, of Clark Tech technology's. So advanced, they are indistinguishable. From magic. At, the same time while, many might seem like the realm of the fantastic. Possible. Only through entirely new science, at odds with our current understanding many. Probably can be approximated. With technologies. Not, that far off in. Many ways they, are in the realm of the future and fantastic. Only, because we don't have them now and me, technologies, we already, possess would. Have been magical, and fantastic. To our ancestors. Superpowers. Are hardly, limited to comic books and all, at least as old as mythology mini, a comic book hero is, drawn, in whole or part from, mythology, flight. Is an obvious example but, what is mundane, to us now would, be extraordinary, to our forebears, and, I don't doubt what is extraordinary to us will, prove to be mundane, in the future too we. Actually do sell jetpacks these days and though, expensive, that's, most the economy, of scale much. The ability to go scuba, diving and visit, the world beneath the waves is still, a wonder, but one experience, by millions, each year. Olympian. Deities living. Atop mountain, so up in the sky and able to call down lightning, or possessing, the superhuman, speed or strength, of 10 men all entirely, plausible options, for us in the future all. Cane knowledge, all healing powers, possessed, or allegedly, possessed, by, Wizards are now commonplace, though. Cos able, to predict the weather remain. Elusive, at, least here in my home in Ohio where. Weather forecasts. For even the next day are often, unreliable. But. That might be a good place to start the ability, to predict the future precognition. Is one we have too many examples out, to count in comic, books with, dr., Manhattan of, The Watchmen series, perhaps, being the best known although. Fictional, examples, are also too numerous to count from. The Jedi and Sith of, Star Wars to, classic science fiction such. As The Navigators of, Frank Herbert's dune or, Huey Soudan in Isaac Asimov's, foundation, series, while. That last one is an example of using raw science, and math of psycho history, rather, than magic, to foresee, the future as, we, saw in our episode on psycho history, even, the most powerful computer, we can imagine could, not accurately, predict the future of human events the. Butterfly, effect and, quantum, mechanics simply, make long-range, prediction, impossible. In many areas but. It is worth remembering humans, do have precognition. Albeit. In most contexts, only for maybe a second, indeed. Between all the travel-time of information, to reach you get sensed, get sent to the brain processed. Decided. On who reacted, to and so on we, don't really live in the present, but, have a sort of hazy blur of past and future we, exist in which, only seems mundane, rather, than awesome, because it is the textbook example of the mundane, something. We experience constantly. And have a whole life, if. You want to catch a ball you have to anticipate where, will be when your hand gets there while, you are looking at a present, location, of that ball where, it isn't anymore when you see it considerably. More time elapses, for the signals to move from your eyeballs, to your brain then from the photons, leaving, that ball and reaching, your retinas it, is not the same as what passes for you to hear an object either or feel. The wind of its passage, nor. Is the transmission, time to your various muscles, or their own contraction, time even, vaguely uniform. We. Often talk about how brains, are powerful, superheroes. And that, is an awful lot of what your brain is doing gathering. Data ordering. It in a proper sequence, making. Predictions and, assembling. Best gas situation, reports, for your conscious, mind, when. We look at examples, like spider-man, or the Jedi with their dangerous, senses warning them of something about to happen that's, something, we already have to a limited degree and, advancements. In mind augmentation. Could, very easily increase. The accuracy, and range of those predictions, it's, quite probably, the preferred path for mind augmentation. In the future one. Legitimate, concern about massively, increasing, intelligence, should it be possible, is that it might so alter the person that they're not even human in their psychology, anymore. Let, alone the same person, arguably. Making such enhancements. A type of suicide, or at least metamorphoses, many, might find that undesirable.

No Matter what the gain if. They're being done simply to increase the accuracy of what your conscious, mind is perceiving, core, personality might, be maintained, and this, isn't simply stuff like catching or throwing a ball battle you, might glance up at the night sky and, know what time it is and exactly, where you all simply. By having subconsciously. Calculated, all the star positions, and angles or the day, sky and note will rain in 27. Minutes all be able to drive through a downtown, city at Formula, One race call speeds or dodge, bullets because, you and everyone else simply, know where everything is going with that same subconscious. Certainty, you have when reaching out to class and shake someone's, hand, in. The same way that precognition, is a valuable ability, so, is effective, omniscience. And we, already have gotten used to being able to get data or answers, from our networks, very quickly like. Navigating, to a destination, musi and GPS, this. Like, precognition. Is also, not new human. Speech, lets us lightly network, to each other when, nearby to share information others. Have the. Invention of writing let us access that human network when the node with the information, might be far away or even centuries, dead, phones. In the modern internet further, extend, that but a more direct linkage than speech or writing might. Allow you to simply wonder what time it is and no because, you have an internal clock or, subconsciously. Pinged an atomic clock somewhere, ditto weather forecasts. Ditto, free seats at the local restaurants. Traffic jams or how many leaves on that tree you just walked by but. Taking this a bit farther right. Now if you want to know what's in your food you can look at the ingredients, list and google them up something. Our ancestors, couldn't, do and sees, us a lot of pointless memorization. But, that still requires a lot of active, effort and in the future you might find yourself subconsciously. Aware of what all the ingredients, and health effects all of a piece of food simply. By bug audience in, the same way you don't really have to think to recognize a pen from a pencil or a cupcake, from a banana, you just know but. Of course you don't some. Huge search was conducted in, your brain to determine what that object was and call, up relevant attributes and, concerns. Super. Senses possessed, by characters, like Superman, or Wolverine are actually. The easy part even, stuff like x-ray, vision but. Integrating, that into someone's, head is hard or it's, not just passing, the info in a way the brain can process but. Also in guessing its implications. We. See someone with heightened vision or hearing being, able to detect the bad guys nearby, we. Don't see them cooking without measuring, cups because, their senses, and processing. Are so, acute they can tilt a jug of milk with a casual, hand wave and pour, out exactly. 100, milliliters, of milk or, 93.2. Because, they want a slightly smaller solving, exactly. Appropriate to their appetite, and senses, or linkage. To external, sensors and reference are so ramped up that they can see a cupcake, and just, know without, needing to consciously think about it exactly what the recipe was and how to alter it to their needs of course. We don't picture superheroes. Doing stuff like that because. It is mundane. And part, of the point of a superpower is that's an extraordinary, thing because, other people, can't do that I don't, know what all cats or dogs think. Of our ability, to summon light whenever, and wherever we want it or open, doors or, cans of food nor. Our ability, to use our paws were thumb to, manipulate, or move objects, at a whim or change, the color of our fall to, us that, is mundane, while, to them it is extraordinary. Assuming. Their minds can really a compass, those actions, in their entirety of course. Our friends often, feature in superpowers, too a few months back in our future pets episode, we, noted that technology, might allow us to talk with them or see, through their eyes or replicates, any of the special nature powers, we see in folks like Aquaman, or druids or other nature oriented characters, no, as mentioned, they are unless. You're building in some ability, to compel them to act talking. To animals doesn't, guarantee results. Any, more than talking to a toddler as they, don't have some personal, language akin, to a human one that, includes deep abstraction. Of concepts, in, general, even, the smallest of our Feuer friends, makes, your average table bald look patient, a tentative, and deep.

What. Else is on the table of course. We've got a lot of superheroes, and villains who. Possess no special, powers, Batman. Iron Man Lex, Luthor, and my, personal favorite superhero. Doctor Doom to name just a few though. They arguably, possessed the greatest super, powers, vast, intelligence, and, resources. We. Don't normally think of Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, as superheroes but, they were both capable of gravity, manipulation from. A certain point of view and, we saw a lot of awesome options for what you could do with that or anti-gravity, in our last clock Tech episode. Topping. Out the mall for comic villains we have magneto the aptly named master of magnetism something. We probably could give people and of, course his frenemy, Professor, Xavier who. Can read minds. Magneto. Is often shown to be so good with his powers he can do things like lock people in place or throw, them by, exerting force on the ion in their blood and he, could presumably do some mind-reading, by doing magnetic, resonance, imaging, indeed. I'd not be surprised if he has I've, not, read the comics since the 90s, and MRIs, what is common, then for someone to think of having him do that it's. One of those examples, we often see with fictional, technologies. And all, examples, in clock tech of unexpected. And potent uses though, I doze didn't initially think of but. Telepathy such, as Professor Xavier has is, a staple, of even science-fiction, that often otherwise avoided, the fantastic. Like, Isaac as most foundational, robot series, also. The minds in he and banks culture universe can, trivially read, human thoughts and memories although. Was considered, highly rude and invasive do so, personally. I always found it irritating, how many science fiction stories, would, throw in psychic, powers like magic, into, settings that were focused, on science but. This may be an example well it will turn out justified. As, mentioned, earlier we all essentially, a limited type of hive mind already, something. We looked at in more detail in, the hive Minds episode, and we seem to be heading down that path a bit more with modern technology. Speech. Is slow, and low bandwidth, but, is fundamentally. A type of Wi-Fi, network, that's. The same as the early internet or texting, was mostly just text, but has come to include image, or audio and video clips I would, not be surprised, if mine machine interfaces, get, developed, and we still supplementing. Our normal language by. Casting, images, or memories, at each other rather, than describing them we. Used to invite people over to see our photos after, a trip and before, cameras, just described them and we, now just post the album to our Facebook, page we've. All been at a table with a friend who was describing something and just stopped and grabbed their phone to show us that person, place or whichever instead, and. Should anyone invent contact, lenses, that can function as a TV we'll, have an outbreak of apps designed, to let us easily relay, or manage, sent images, taking. That to the next level would, be straight brain to brain transmission. Though, brain, might, be a rather broad term at that point as you might have chunks of your mind that will computers implanted, into your skull carried. In your pocket or. Just on a cloud, going. Beyond even that might, be simply sending entire thoughts and reasoned, arguments to people to the point of simply sharing with someone your knowledge of Moshe Waltz, like in the matrix or, calculus.

So You can explain some bit of science, to them and the general life conclusions. You derive from it though, that edges are very close to Bernie washing, or even, worsse personality. Overriding, and I'd, imagine there'd be just as much software, for, preventing, unwanted intrusions. And sharing, as for. Sharing, it's. Not really the flashy mind, power like, Pandya spoon but, arguably, even more handy, and certainly, more realistic of course. Telekinesis. Is another example of a superpower we, see in another x-man, or woman, Jean, Grey and, with the Jedi of Star Wars though. We never see them get smashed into the floor by the counter, force of lifting, heavy objects, up this. Is also another example where. We need to point out that we already have, it I can. Move things with my mind like, I'm moving keys while typing this and, we need to keep trivial, examples, like that in mind when, considering technological. Approaches, to these superpowers, is, the same as we noted that mundane, speech is a type of telepathy, partially. That's because is the basis, for how we can extend our abilities, but, also to remind us of how progressive steps of development, will tend to be shaped by our current, methods and impact, our approach to life so. There's a bunch of drones or force, beams like, Misha style tracked tractor beams there you can control with hand gestures or, direct, mind machine interface, I don't. Know if it really matters, how my cup of coffee gets, from my desk to my kitchen who he fills itself with coffee and returns, to my desk so, long as it's not distracting me when. You think about it having, to think your coffee cup to levitate, across the room is a lot less advantageous. Than, shooting, a command to a small drone that, races, over to grab the cup and bring it back full as we. Mentioned in all look at power all more you might see someone dressed up like Iron Man with, all sort of gadgets, and weapons on that suit but, you're probably more likely to see those gadgets be, focused, on defense, and control, while, some cadre, of automatons. Does most of the real fighting, it's, the same idea. People, might tend to be so wired into their home that, everything is responding, to their conscious, or even subconscious. Man's and might, tend to walk around outside with, a swarm of drones doing the same, miniaturize. That enough and you wouldn't be able to even see them doing stuff which. Makes a nice alternative if, you never invent tractor, beams or some magnetic, or sonic equivalent, but. It also raises the notion of utility, fog and smoke matter, these. Are very tiny machines, that can rapidly form, up into an object or, more complex, machines themselves, these. Might just be microscopic. Cell size things you could barely see or all, the way down to the new atomic scale where quantum mechanics, probably, limits for the miniaturization. The. Simple image of this all constructs, like the t1000. From terminator or probably. More accurately, the T 3000. Fortune that Doctor Who tones the franchisors primary, protagonist into, as I got the impression the Machine phase matter the T 3000, was made out of was, basically, a limited, u2t fog or fairly, smart matter you. Might walk around with no more looking clothes, composed, of something like that and just forms. Whatever you need it, could probably also do limited manufacturing. Or imitations. So, you could conjure, up an apple or glass of water by, imitating, the apples appearance, and texture, and triggering, your taste and smell senses or condensing. Water vitality. Ale for that glass of water, alternatively. You might not wear it as clothes or walk around with it like some mist or fog that a company issue but, simply be that fog yourself. While. Heavy an adamantium skeleton or. Power or more or being cyborg, or genetically, engineer for super-strength, sounds, needs being. Composed of a trillion, little machines grants, some huge advantages and, if, the mind bulks, of that notion do. Keep in mind that. Is literally true of you right, now you. Are composed, of a ton of little machines already I should. Note that they probably come in a ton of different types and sizes too much, as ourselves and symbiotic, bacteria and, viruses, do rather. Than some universal, tiny robot. Specialization. Is advantageous. And, when, you've got trillions of something it kind of makes sense to instead have, thousands of different species and, types each, number, in the billions to such. An individual, pretty, much automatically. Has all the abilities we've discussed so far and, probably. Could cope stomp your typical superhero, but. They'd also have access to teleportation. And, telepresence. That. Lateral, telepresence. Which, is projecting, your awareness or portion somewhere else is also one of those technologies, we have creeping, quietly into, mainstream, use being.

Able To look far away and remotely, control, things even, Android bodies, that temporarily, look like you and grant you the same feeling of presence as if you were standing there all probably. Not that far off this. Is also an effective equivalent to teleportation. And one, of the options we discussed, in that episode, in. The end mimicking. A superpower, forced, has to focus on asking what that superpower. Is meant, to achieve because. While being able to throw bow as a file you've conjured with your mind, sounds, cool or it's, functionally, no different, than just having a tech based solution, like a wrist mounted flamethrower, I feel. That's a bit of an important, point because, in that regard all technology. Is basically, superpowers. And will give me more every, year of course. If we really want specific. Superpowers, there will always be virtual. Reality, and as, noted in virtual, wards, that could be where most folks spend most of their time in the future anyway and at, certain levels of technology, there's, really nothing virtual, about, them anymore, all. Of these options might, not be as cool as getting, your superpowers, from cosmic, radiation or, standing. Next to an atomic bomb testing, site but, they do give you those superpowers for all practical purposes. Whereas. Radiation, mostly, just gives you cancer so. I know which one I'd before, it's. Also important, to realize that once folks have a superhero, ability, then, it becomes mundane. The. Dick Tracy comic. Strip of the 1930s. Had the superhero, making use of technological gizmos in. Much the same way we see Iron Man using technology, in all generation, one. Prominent, superhero. He used was, a two-way, radio mounted, in his watch for communicating. If that, sounds, boilie, familiar, it's because the Smart Watch has, now entered the mainstream back. Then he, was considered, a superhero, device so. As we develop our technologies. They, will no doubt resemble. The superhero, abilities we currently, consider fanciful, future.

Generations, Will shrug and see, that those abilities, aren't superhero. Abilities while. To us they, clearly are a. Critical. Point today is that our real superpowers. Are all minds and. All understanding, of math and science that lets us forge new technologies. And dream, up new applications. Of them if. You'd like to learn more math, and science, try, out brilliant, and their online courses, and daily, challenges, let, you enhance, your, knowledge of math and science with. Easy to law and interactive. Methods from, the comfort, of your own home, and at, your own pace to. Make it even easier brilliant. Now lets you download any, of their dozens, of interactive, courses through, the mobile app and you'll, be able to solve fascinating. Problems, in math science, and computer. Science, no matter where you are or, how, spotty, your internet connection is if, you'd like to learn more science. Math, and computer, science go, to brilliant dot org slash Isaac, author and sign, up for free and also. The force to know people that go to that link will, get 20% off the annual premium, subscription, so, you can solve all the daily challenges, in the archives and access. Dozens, of problem, solving courses. Next. Week we'll, be looking at ways to launch spaceships, into orbit by beaming, in energy, to the spaceship, which, would also be a handy approach for, a personal, jetpack and the, week after that will, be the fourth of July when, everyone in the u.s. lights, up their grills and we'll look at some options for artificial. Synthetic meats as well as some other tasty, technologies, that, might lead to culinary, options, like, mammoth, steaks and Dino bogles for. Lords when those in other episodes come out make, sure to subscribe to the channel and you, can join in the discussion on, superpowers. In the comments, below or, at any of all forms, on Facebook, reddit patreon. Or our website, Isaac, or thought Nets all, linked, in the video description. Until. Next time thanks, for watching and have, a great week.

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I'm getting a 3D printer for school purposes. It can only print spools of plastic. Right now you can get one for a couple hundred bucks, the price of them keeps going down. They keep getting better and better. I can see a day in the not too distant future where we may be able to print out food.

@B B I dream of the day when I can just have a 3D printer print my food!

Being able to hear and process sound in "3D" will go a long ways towards precognition or danger senses. I read a book once and a special forces guy had this helmet which helped him focus on sound of the prey he was hunting in the woods. After all filters were routed through the helmets computer he was able to hear this prey heart beat, footsteps "echo" off trees at the same time his steps we blocked by trees. This ability to have a map in his head of where this prey was. Since the prey was invisible sound had to be his "sight".

Isaac my brutha. Think about it. A black hole at the bow a white hole at stern and maybe FTL travel? Gotta find a white hole first. Hmmmh.

I have unconventional superpowers. Like not fleeing soviet EU.

For sensing incoming danger, I believe a team of students at MIT developed a suit that sent out ultrasonic signals. If it hit an incoming object, the waves would bounce back and be picked up via microphone by the suit and it would put pressure on the weaver's skin, prompting them to act as they now know there is something coming. They tested it and it worked: blindfolded people who wore the suit could successfully defend themselves. Of course that's not as cool as predicting the path of a bullet and dodging it like a badass :-)

Lil Isaac is back. My favorite youtuber ever.

"When everyone's super, no one will be." - but what would be so bad about that?

Another great Episode sir! As always, fun and thought provoking!

10:16 Today i find out Isaac Arthur is an undercover Latverian.

Stargate - the Ancients experimented with AI in Humiform Replicator, and extradimensional cloud creatures.. which it seemed they Uploaded their consciouness too later.. after they exceeded the ability to contain their corporeal forms without exploding.. in some episodes where they "forced" evolution without the ascension option the victims literally exploded or disintegrated.. seeing that as inevitable for their race.. somewhat like the Asgard foresaw their "doom".. the ancients may have chosen to "pre-engineer" a form they could upload their consciousness to after no physical form they knew of at the time could hold their expanded minds.. they literally had to "get over the anxiety" of letting go.. any tacit interaction with their former lives.. and embraced the transfer or die in the process. I never understood the "after ascended" interactions however.. it seems it would be rather depressing for both those left behind.. and those ascended since any meaningful relationship as in God and Subjects were doomed to a feudal one.. and not a democratic one..(was Ascension seen as a 'disease?' to the Ancients.. did some ascend and others linger on for a time?) in fact "knowing" they were doomed to ascension of some form might depress the ability of lower lifeforms to continue onwards and upwards towards ascension.. it would give less meaning to their daily lives. Revering them as ascended gods.. or treating them with respect, as revered ancestors or "guests" might be a safer healthier relationship.. than patreons that interfere. Policing or maintaining some separation would probably be best. But the rest of the series was a "play" on that very concept.. the Gould.. did lord over the other lessor lifeforms.. and while being just as vulnerable in coporeal form.. they did battle for supremacy.. almost as an "example" of how bad things could get if the ancients did decide to change their decision and descend on a peoples and Galaxy and beings as Overlords of a very large Clarke tech magnitude.. how does one resist a god? And in doing so do they automatically become "Evil" even inspite of themselves? Could they not help being "Evil".. even if their Intentions were Pure of heart and Good? And what if they offered or did Uplift some peoples.. like the Priors of the Ori? without a choice.. or because of a choice made "for them" by their benefactors? It seems that series (series's) visted many of these topics, large and small in scale.. from the Cosmic to the Microscopic.. from the Universal to the Quantum Realm. I always hoped Stargate Universe would (escape) the Universe, not into a 'multiverse' but discover it were some construct of yet another ancient pandimensional civilization as if a holographic projection program running on a super computer.. with an unknowable goal.. seeking a solution for that race.. a Super Ancient race.. in the Quantum Realm.. not unlike the quest for the Ultimate Answer for the Ultimate Question.. and the Cosmic Background Radiation were merely a quest to "unmask" that reality.. which the Ancients themselves never acheived before they found they were "forced" to ascend or die. In that way they might find common ground with humanity.. and find value in some limited scale of cooperation and "information trade" across various means of "existence. -- in a way the 'Ancients' we called ancient.. were 'evicted' from the Crib.. as all civilizations might find themselves someday.. like A.C.Clarkes Childhoods End.. some are doomed to ascend.. some maybe not.. but the First Ones might still be just a tad jealous.. and still have a responsiblity to look after their younger siblings once in a while.

I think Computational Irreducibility precludes the possibility of predicting the future.

With 100 percent accuracy on most things yes, but we predict the future every day.

My superpowers tell me that women are over represented by 18.5 % in this video

I'm wondering why there isn't a single add on this video? Is Isaacs drmonatized

No he not demonetized, and there is no ad because he has a sponsor instead.


Hi Isaac, I listen to your videos every day at work instead of music, it's relaxing and I learn new cool and crazy things every day, I love your bright outlook on life and the future, keep em coming my friend

17:45, never forget that what you call "yourself" is twenty billion eukaryotes flying in formation.

You do well to acknowledge the heroism of DOOM.

"...must also come great responsibility."

Super hero doctor doom? : /

bizarre or theory fuels and maybe a few engines that use them or improve traditional process's

I have a superpower: Noticing when a video is uploaded at 60fps ;) Thanks Isaac

His voice sounds different now then his older videos

Dinosaur size BBQ ribs tipping over a car. WILMA!

If the future is like this then i wonder what kind of superpowers will be thought of when our current version of superpower are just part of everyday life for people in the future.

Isaac it would be so cool if you could find biomed specialists to consult for your transhumanism episodes. That way you could do deep breakdowns of the topic and get really specific with implementation details, like how your physics background lets you go deep on things like launches, flight, and structures.

Nano tech and ftl communication with unlimited energy gonna make gods.

This was lacking a major way we may acquire "superpowers". Gene therapy! Change our genes, exploit the extant machines that are our bodies so we may achieve these "superpowers"!

The only real super power is having the funds to afford super powered equipment and upgrades. Batman wins again by simply inheriting billions.

Ah! Flintstone Tech! If Mammoth burgers are anything like Bison, count me in.

weather forecasting almost seems like witch craft, also talking of Dune it would be cool to have mentates

But Isaac Arthur, what if one has some super powers already now? How could one then possibly demonstrate them openly when the danger of becoming a futurists guinea pig is quite realistic and frightening? #donottrustthefuturist

I listen to you every night. Even when on vacation.

I like the way u say future,.... "fewtchore' haha im a geordie i say 'phutcha like, y'nah m8.... My super power is havin no1 undastand wot am sayin outside o Newcastle/Sunderland. And in my dreams i hav the nickname ' float-a-flyer' think hoverboard but without a board, been on many o astral journeys. Effortless enjoyment i always wake up b4 i get bk 2 my sleepin body(or so it seems) ✌

Just want to point out Minds from the Culture and thier contemporary Ais use their effector fields to read organic and inorganic minds and as stated in the books they're sort of penultimate ending of electronic warfare technologies.

Talking to animals. For real?! Go back to your studies Isaac. In Ice Age I it was already clearly explained: "everybody knows humans can't speak!" (-;

Lol. Where's that lady's earpro?

Thanks for the video! Very interesting. I'm reminded of the Bene Gesserit in Dune, who - by both breeding & training - honed their bodies & minds to a point far beyond normal humans. Of course, some of that was due to the spice-drug. A different example would be Random Frequent Flyer Dent (Arthur's daughter) in "Mostly Harmless" who had a wrist implant that automatically adjusted itself to local time, day-night, & year cycles, & could offer information. These are 2 almost diametrically opposed methods for reaching similar goals: the enhancement of a human to something more capable. I realize that cyborging will certainly be a part of any human future in which technology continues to be a force, but personally, I'm mostly in the genetic camp. I firmly believe that we will eventually become something other than human; (hopefully) something greater. And who knows how far genetics might take us? I doubt we'll ever have many 'super powers' in that sense, but who can say? I cannot rule out psychic powers completely, of course; no one can! As they say: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence! The future of humanity may even be somewhat divided along those very lines - genetic enhancement vs. cyborgs. But most likely, it'll be somewhat of a mixed bag of tricks, so to speak. I DO believe that humans could greatly improve their pattern recognition skills right now. That's just a matter of study (by scientists), education, & practice! One of my key tenets of life is this: Your brain is a pattern recognition machine. This is great (although it CAN have it's downside - like the ignorance & fear in reaction to anyone different, which is the basis of a lot of racism and other isms), & with care & practice, you can do amazing things. I hold dear to the principle that EVERYTHING is connected; you just have to figure out HOW. In any case, I think that the future of humanity is, well, not human. Whatever path we take, we'll wind up very different than we are now! Rikki Tikki.

brains are not supercomputers, they are information process transistors a jumble of valves that collect and transmit information to the one atom that we would call the soul.

the future isn't predicted it's manifested.

jet ski use to be affordable just as swimming pools and amusement parks/arcades the inflation of prices in the west have made such life styles overpriced even with demand.

17:13 thunderf00t has entered the chat

Star Platinum, THE WORLD!

What's your accent? Very strange. I've heard that recently from a customer who works at a dairy. Never could quite pin it.

I wish this was one of the longer ones.

Surprised that he didn't mention the electricity from eels.

I hear that stellaris music.

Humans are absolutely useless at predetermining danger. It were all had Spidey-sense no one would ever get in a car or cross the road. Why isn't Spiderman constantly screaming and running away? It's because we're really, really good at ignoring our Spidey-sense. Our sense of danger is based on our understanding of the potential danger, and our past experience. And that's the problem with this idea. You can't possibly sense more than the data you absorb so any sense of data is what it is. The only advancement that could change this would be quicker reaction times, and that would only affect you if your Spidey-sense was already going to fire anyway.

Utility Fog - sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic.

I did once notice my cat look at me expectantly when she wanted outside once when it was raining like she would typically do whenever she wanted something, so I'm pretty confident she expected me to make the uncomfortable wetness outside to go away in the same way she wanted her meals each day, nothing is wondrous to animals of that level of intelligence. Dogs and cats don't wonder in the same way we do, they either accept or are fearful, and my cat I'm fairly certain accepted that what she wanted I made happen no matter what that thing was wonder requires meta-cognition I'm pretty sure. Maybe chimps and dolphins dogs and cats? No.

19:05 I literally can do that, watch my rocket videos and see

A few cups of coffee is all I need to activate my super speed powers.

You mentioned animal themed super powers and didn't go with Animal Man???? I'm disappointed lol

Hypercalculation could allow you to calculate anything that's possible. That includes calculations on how to create energy from your body in such a way, that when focused in one point in a body, it would create quantum anomalies, which could allow you to create something akin to supernatural phenomenons. It would require a lot of energy thou, and a lot of computing power. Knowledge is power, and computing power is channel of knowledge. But you also need enough energy to do both, and also enough energy to cause such phenomenon... If you had a superpower that would allow you to calculate things on universal scale in seconds, and you had enough knowledge about the quantum realm and string theory, it's possible that it would allow you to posses limited omnipotence. When I say "limited omnipotence" i mean : You could do anything that your calculations would allow your body to do. Like create an electric shock from your hand, when you touch someone... up to creating a miniature black hole (if your calculations would prove that you can). If you could calculate how to think in order to create magnetic waves in your brain, or calculate how to make your brain order your cells to do certain things etc. you could do some pretty amazing stuff... But how far that would go, is impossible to say... Maybe you could do something like creating an armour on your body, or maybe it could go as far as levitating... or maybe it would be much more mundane... We don't know how much power we could realy extert over our bodies, if we had enough calculation power....

I feel like you've thrown the gauntlet for Marvel to pick up.

I think "super powers" appeal to children because as a child you have very little in the way of actual power. As an engaged, self-aware adult you _should_ have powers that children cannot even dream of.

I love that utility fog lets you pull something out from "hammerspace" behind you just like in cartoons.

I AM the force !!

I have them and if people use technology I own them!! Watch and see

Any one in the comments know if magneto has given someone an MRI?

Oh hey, you're a fellow Ohioan? Nice. Cincinnatian here.

I would suggest that the original super power is the ability to reason.

ISAAC NEWTON predicted the end of the roman catholic church by 2020. As he is going to be right, we could find that he had some PRECOGNITION capabilities.

This is my favorite youtube channel.

FecesBook is pure evil, MARK wants to steal information and profit and control every user. Mark Zuckerberg is pure evil and must be terminated.

The dislikes must be newcomers with no imagination.

Wait I thought doctor doom had electro magnetic powers

Super human segues

Note that back in the '80's McDonnel Douglas was contracted to build high precision neural scanners, for a study of pilots ability to think during high G manuver ears. It was so accurate it literally could pass a old esp test with stars, circles, wavy lines, etc. weirdly it could not only see your mind seeing them when shown them on a card. It could see you IMAGINING them, or REMEMBERING them. Since then they have gotten to the point of reading your mind thinking of what you you wanted to say.

Hey Isaac! Can you do an episode on unexplained phenomena like crop circles and the Phoenix lights? And the recent UFO announcements by the us air force?

How does Doctor Doom not have superpowers? He literally has metal skin and can shoot lightning bolts from his hands.


The difference between Magneto and Xavier; Magneto moves the chaotic magnetosphere,- heavy duty. Xavier reads the ordered magnetosphere,- 1's and 0's. If they both focused really hard,- they could probably access each others' powers.

OR... a coffee cup that IS a drone, communicates with the coffe maker, and automatically refills itself!

If people had super powers, we'd need a new paradigm shift in government, religion, etc.

Issac, did you ever play Shadowrun when younger?

That was really fascinating. Thank you.

do the bob lazar story next i'm really confused as to what to believe right now, and i'd love for someone i trust to give his levelheaded perspective on things

"I don’t want to be human. I want to see gamma rays, I want to hear X-rays, and I want to smell dark matter. Do you see the absurdity of what I am? I can’t even express these things properly, because I have to—I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid, limiting spoken language, but I know I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws, and feel the solar wind of a supernova flowing over me. I’m a machine, and I can know much more."

Superpowers... Pffft. That's ridiculous. I'm off to run down a field and take to the sky. You should join us sometime. We usually take off from Barnett Air Park, but there are a lot of great spots in Ohio...

Woah. The stellaris soundtrack gave me chills.

You have intrigued me.

This channel is so unrated and I hope is kept that way

As much as I got the concept that superpowers are tomorrow's tech, the example with telekinesis was a little stretched up maybe. Truth is we have not even yet envisioned how to build a mechanism remote mechanical effects, something that's more similar to teleportation instead.

Scio the molecule analyzeis here

I'm interested in beam-powered craft. But I'm *very* interested in synthetic meat and space tourism. And I've enjoyed superpowers as long as I can remember. Thanks for this video.

The golden path!

That girl at 6:00

Amazing! Btw, out of topic but, a *new habitable exoplanet* has been just discovered *only 12 light years away!!!*

Possibly habitable I read about that too

This reminds me of a scifi show in the 90s. They had a technomancer who could cast fire balls lightning and other spells using technology. I forget the name of the show.

Come to think of it, I couldn't skate uphill as a kid, I can communicate complex ideas to people on the other side of the planet without a word being uttered (or even typed sometimes), and if something is tedious, I just think of some way to automate it or ask someone (again, possibly on the other side of the planet) to help with some ideas. I am basically a less nosy superhero through the eyes of myself as a kid. *BRING ON THE HEAT VISION!*

In Dan Simmon's Illiad and Olympos books, humanity has created a swarm of nano-sensors/bots that have incorporated themselves into everything. They can then be accessed to see the "biosphere" as well as the "logosphere" of the earth. This allowed humans to use thought commands to monitor and control many things around them. Teleportation was also accomplished using a supercomputer built in a ring around the earth which stores and destroys a person's information (Their thought patterns as well as every single atom) and then rebuilds them at their new location. This would be considered a super power. The greek gods also exist in this universe using Nano-bots to grant their mortal minions enhanced strength, and enhanced cognition, and temporal perception. Check it out if you haven't already!

>Super Hero >Dr Doom I see you are a man of true culture as well. A true connoisseur. All hope lies with Doom.

There are alot of draw backs to Super sciences. I am Autistic and have higher sensitivity to sound and smell. Imagine never beung able to concessly felter out sounds or everything being about 10x as laod. That what sound is like form me. You know the lock room bi smell will every large group of people no matter how claen smells like that. There are some up sides like being able to haer a car and knowing what part needs fixing by sound alone. in real life super sciences would suck if you could not regulate the or turn them of.

I am sure this comment will probably be lost among the rest but I wish I could reach out to you Isaac, just for a moment, and tell you how much I appreciate your unabashed optimism when viewing futurism topics, and your creativity regarding subjects that people normally just don't even think about. I listen to your channel often while I work, and your ability to fill me with an almost child-like sense of wonder really recharges me. I never see the kind of negative trolling on your channel that I see almost everywhere else on YouTube, and that is a testament to your audience, and how you make them feel about your subject matter. Thank you for a thousand moments of looking at the universe in awe, seeing roads in the infinite stars, instead of walls in the space between them. Thank you for seeing mankind now as the heroes of an epic journey, instead of the fallen and lost race that so many others would describe humanity as. Thank you for showing me that I can still be lost in abject fascination when considering the infinite possibilities of the future. What you are doing is important and worthy. Thank you.

The one about knowing what's in a piece of food is an intriguing one, as it seems I already possess that ability to a limited extent(a combination of memory and the fact that it seems my "gut brain" is able to meter out nutrients in food - if I don't know what's in it, all I need to do is eat it.). Precognition is an interesting one, as I've seen several instances(including a few of my own!) of humans pulling it off, though by what mechanism I have no idea. In any case, an excellent video.

I would like an implant that gives me zoom and micro vision, please.

Doesn't dr doom know some magic as in secret wars (1983)? And best super power has cypher

I bet you heard this a million times, but you sound like Elmer Fudd. No disrespect. Your voice just caught me off guard and gave me a chuckle.

a finite cloud of invisible mechanisms we can draw upon to cause things to happen sounds an awful lot like mana! i could imagine a post-apocalyptic world in which this 'mana' cloud remains after civilization collapses and still pursues its primary directive of supporting the needs of people. the survivors would inexplicably be able to draw upon this 'power' and would just grow up that way, without ever knowing what it really was. limited only by their imaginations. (so it's not like they would simply be able to conjure up starships until they knew what starships are, and to be honest what stars even are). honestly the most realistic take on magic i've ever come across!

"You are composed of a ton of little machines already" Excuse me, I have put on some weight but I'm not that heavy. No need to be rude

My questions about augmentation always come down to I/O questions. Let's say you have a processor in your head that allows you to perform mathematical operations. How do you get the numbers in, and the results out? Will you need to just "think" of the problem and the answer is projected into your conscious mind, or onto a retinal screen? Will you need to speak the problem aloud? It's easy to think of a system that would input by speech, then output by devices in the retina or a corneal lens, or into a device in the ear, but the problem isn't trivial. The problems of actually performing the task, be it super vision, hearing, calculation, etc. are easier than solving the I/O problem.

'catching a ball is a superpower' thanks isaac, very cool

I will be honest that your speech impediment bothered me at the beginning, but I respect you for doing a good job on your Channel and pursuing something that you enjoy. You are obviously good at what you do and have had great success despite this. Now you can tell me to go screw myself.

today we call immortality, telepathy, future vision, super senses, time slowing and extreme strength powers, in the future, those are standard features of your mind and android body.

The thing I guess most people have the most difficulty with is understanding that we already have the basis for so many of the things we imagine would be in the realm of a God or gods. They're in the mainstream, and people don't notice their importance immediately. But take someone who was isolated for a decade or two... and bring them back into our modern society. Even if they were "keeping up" with news and such via word of mouth or occasional external contact - they're in for a pretty severe shock when they actually return to active participation in the system. And we also have to recognize that most people don't actively seek out information of what is achievable in any particular field right now unless they're looking for some specific technology or product that they need for their day-to-day lives. This means that a great number of people are disconnected from how quickly science and technology are advancing and may only use a fraction of the abilities their technological devices enable even when they do have them. They assume just because we don't have flying cars that it will be thousands of years before we have anything resembling immortality. They forget the primary reason we don't have "flying cars" is because we aren't working particularly hard to create the infrastructure to support "flying cars' and light aircraft are pretty accessible if expensive in time, training, and finances... but we are pouring billions of research dollars and man-centuries of effort into the study of aging and have been for decades now. And there have been signs of the same exponential advancement shown in computers towards every subject we place such human/computational resources into. That means even using brute force/random luck approaches will yield practical results within decades instead of centuries. Maybe not in the way we'd expect... but when you consider the costs of illness, aging and injury on economies - such technologies become a high-priority goal for most every government seeking to maximize its workforce's productive capability while minimizing its expenditures. Sorry for the long winded post. :)

how can we reduce a strong surface gravity instead of boosting up a weak planet one?

You should use your superpower to learn how to speak English. On another note, producing atomic scale machines is not a very big problem once the tools are available. But what you didn't discuss was how to control those trillions of machines so that they perform the required task. Also, being able to copy yourself into another environment does not solve the problem of mortality of the original person.

I hear stellaris music..

@Azlorn Magus I had to read that twice...


Love the title "futurist" It fits well and BTW i want to be the silver surfer if i was invisible i waste my whole life in college womens locker-room

My cat has superpowers! He can open doors

Is it weird that this is the most recommended channel to watch? I do listen to this every night...

Im the 667th comment

This just in: Sci-theory/Sci-Fi Youtuber makes fun of weather men for regularly providing inaccurate information.

I've found that I'm getting less interested in these videos as time goes by. To be clear I don't think it's because the content is getting worse but rather the depth of the content is not as deep as I would like or can handle. If Isaac has the energy, a deeper more technical branch to this channel would be great. I'll always point point people to this channel for grounded but ambitious science fiction ideas, but I would like to find more detailed technical content.

You a CLOWN??? Weather control is in play! Only if we assume that the ones who control it would be naturally benevolent could we dismiss the idea that WE are being attacked by the very ones whom WE funded from the 50's to learn to control it! They want you and I dead pal! THEY predict a HUGE reduction on the U.S. population beginning NOW! If you consider such a point of view ridiculous then YOU are under-informed!

Love ya Isaac! Some of us are playing with it now through CRV, PK, precognition and healing. The other Siddhi’s may come later or via technology. I prefer organic evolution but would not say no to a flying car!

I wish for super power of sexual pleasure! For me and my partner both.

06:00 when I was a young man, I lived on the streets for several years, I was perfectly able to tell you the time down to the minute and when it would start to rain just by looking at the sky. In other words, we already got those superpowers build in, technology is what lays them dormant, not what awakens them, because I can assure you, I have no such ability now that I again am civilized.

Trans-humanism might be the wrong turn, once we go that road there is no turning back and we would be sacrificing free will.

We are on our way to have those biologically through evolution, using machines can be a catalyst but dependence will hinder our biological abilities, already alot of people are starting to have ESP energy manipulation and other abilities. My advice, train ...alot

Rename; Fake superpowers

Smart matter reminds me so much of "The Prefect". With the walls and floors made of smart matter. so after you eating an apple you can throw the core on the ground and it'll be absorbed and disposed of without even thinking about it. If I had to choose any universe from a book to take advantage of advanced augmentation. I'd have to choose Peter F Hamilton's Common Wealth - Bionics with going multiple. Having immortality eternal youth and redundancy along with all the super advanced strength force fields and energy weapons fromed from the very cells in your body. Not to mention having a semi sentient AI assistant in your head that workout all the drudgery of life so you can focus on living. .

That was the most interesting video I've seen /heard in awhile and it was put together and spoken extremely well. I really appreciate you sharing your research . God Bless

I can imagine the military applications, and do fear them.

Honestly super powers is all about getting some ability far enough ahead of everyone else that it is fantastical. As science marches forward what was super becomes the norm. In a world were everyone has an app that allows them to speak to animals the ability to do so unaided is less fantastical then it is now.

Maybe telepathy is nothing more than a biological walkie-talkie that evolve in a species or was genetically modified to have... Just wondering how it works... telepathy and all... if it's like a radio I wonder if you could tune in to other radio stations...

Would someone use this powers and ability for evil or something else that it wasn't supposed to be used

Curb stomp? @ 18:20 Wah??? I love this guy.

All this will, not if, be possible in the future. But probably not in my current lifetime. So, first goal: achieve immortality. Second goal: everything else.

What is wrong with your voice?

2:09 super roids

@IsaacArthur: Have you already read "Old Man's War", by John Scalzi? Well, you'll find in that book the exact description you gave about people having computer in their brains, some level of "telepaty", sharing not only messages, speech, "voice", information, pictues and files, but also feelings, sensations and even emotions; augmented reality right in their eyeballs, actually eyeballs with real and physical sight enhancement, enhanced musculature and bodies that could be rebuilt even if seriously damaged, and actually switching the minds to whole brand new bodies, genetically enhanced, which would virtually grant them to achieve immortality. While you were describing some of these things, I was just waiting to you cite that book at any moment — what didn't happen, and taken the huge similarity with it, I presume then that you might haven't had the opportunity to check it yet. IMHO I think it is a highly recomendable reading, and I strongly suggest it. By the way, congratulations for the great work.

Isaac's favourite "hero" is Doctor Doom! Lol. That just figures.

I can see telepathy being technically possible - some limited degree of reading thoughts has taken place with scans. Of course, the downside of that is some authoritarian state, like China or the UK, continuously reading thoughts to make sure that they are 'correct'. You could even tie in remote links to shut down the ability to breathe if someone has too many incorrect thoughts in a certain period of time. Perhaps just for a minute at first, then longer, until the hate-thinker becomes ready for the soylent green vats...

dont you just hate the 30 second xp ads blasting your brain with the taste of Synthburgers or forced arousal for bodywash before you get access to mindtube? Get Neuroblock, the latest mind-machine interface adblocker on the market! blocks all sensory overrides and locks down your Peripheral nervous system from all external access! dont let corpos s**t in your brain!

Issac's ability to use graphics superb

Yess... we are iron men...

A smartphone was considered OP superhero nonsense just 20 years ago.

i got/had super powers or i got a message from the future. had a dream about september 11th before it happened. even google image searched, skyscrapper, for the building i saw but gave up after thinking about what to say if i did recognize it. i had forgotten details, just knew something bad was gonna happen by the time i googled it. had weird dream, long to explain, i knew immediately after the dream something very bad was gonna happen even if i forgot the entire dream. still would have had an abnormal fear/dread about something soon, but not to myself, was how it felt. the minute i saw it on tv i remembered the airplane or my brain just filled in a blank maybe.

It says a lot about my perception of identity that I felt more of a chill at the idea of sharing my mind (and thus possibly losing my will) than of switching out my biological body.

"And wuv, twue wuv, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah"

Hypercalculation could allow you to calculate anything that's possible. That includes calculations on how to create energy from your body in such a way, that when focused in one point in a body, it would create quantum anomalies, which could allow you to create something akin to supernatural phenomenons. It would require a lot of energy thou, and a lot of computing power. Knowledge is power, and computing power is channel of knowledge. But you also need enough energy to do both, and also enough energy to cause such phenomenon... If you had a superpower that would allow you to calculate things on universal scale in seconds, and you had enough knowledge about the quantum realm and string theory, it's possible that it would allow you to posses limited omnipotence. When I say "limited omnipotence" i mean : You could do anything that your calculations would allow your body to do. Like create an electric shock from your hand, when you touch someone... up to creating a miniature black hole (if your calculations would prove that you can). If you could calculate how to think in order to create magnetic waves in your brain, or calculate how to make your brain order your cells to do certain things etc. you could do some pretty amazing stuff... But how far that would go, is impossible to say... Maybe you could do something like creating an armour on your body, or maybe it could go as far as levitating... or maybe it would be much more mundane... We don't know how much power we could realy extert over our bodies, if we had enough calculation power....

Possibly two in the same system, isn't it?

Yea, only 50,000 years away.

I really Digg your brain, sir. Isaac. May I ask what your credentials are?.

Homer Simpson can hear pudding and smell writing on birthday cakes. Is that clarktech?

I'd be glad just not needing sleep

Talking about Superman and Co., is all Science Fantasy. It's easy to think these abilities are not so far off but really is either centuries are at best decades away (for the very simplest) if at all. We do not have even a blind clue how the Brain works or the atomic biology of our organs e.g. the eye so sticking bits of electronics in will be hazardous to the wearer just like drugs are today in many of their secondary effects. I would like a blue tooth receiver buried in my skull for audio to avoid headphones and if it could bypass that tinnitus raging away great! No chance as we have no clue how the Brain processes sound. It would be nice to have a presentation that talks about enhancements to the body which replace ageing organs (Heart pump?). Superpowers require super energy and we do not have. Nice summary though of Science fantasy so far.

Occasionally I'll still try to move a pencil with my mind at my work-desk to see if I've developed super powers without noticing. Just in case. The only thing worse than not having super powers, is having them but not realizing you have had them for decades. I apologize for nothing and regret even less!

This "mist" sounds like being the black smoke from Lost. Awesome.

Isaac Arthur predicting the future becomes easy if you invent it.

We already supplement our communication with images or videos. Theyre called memes dude. The hive mind is already here.

While in the future they shrug and say its not a superhero ability. I guess I'm ahead of my time then. Like I never considered before is Ironman a superhero? In which case the question is, what makes a hero, not what makes you super. Abilities in general though would be sweet, I have a hard time believing the tractor beam stuff or body projection teleportation things though. Even if we can do instant quantum data transfers from quantum entanglement, it doesn't mean our selves would be that, each time we teleport it'd be like dying, I would cease to exist. While it'd be practical from the perspective of an advanced superego(from competition forcing it to be more convenient, or be it from hive-mind conveniences), I myself would never choose to partake. It may eventually be considered a mundane essential convenient sacrifice. And the mind isn't proven to be quantum, and then extracting your quantum mind were it quantum from your brain, would be impossible because of quantumly random events. Which means its not possible unless you invent actual space/time travel from wormhole matrices or something, rather than from a technological solution. Then the way a tractor beam would work wouldn't be intuitive biologically so it wouldn't classify as a superpower. Like if gravitons exist then to telekinetically move stuff with technology you need to change direction of the gravitons extremely precisely like trying to keep a fire going underwater with primitive technology at a moments notice and with turbulent conditions. Real superpower-like activities would only be achievable in vr, but then wouldn't be real superpowers, even if you try to redefine it as such to the audience. Thats like saying, because of the immersion of modern gaming, we are literally those characters and literally have those abilities already in which case it'd make redundant any vr progress, which means your assertion was incorrect.

Doctor Doom is researching fusion power at this time. He projects implementing it in approximately 30 years...

Check out Dr. Martha Beck's TEDx talk: "The Four Technologies of Magic" which contains the hilarious summing up by actual practitioners: "Magic, my ass! It took me 25 years to learn this stuff..." That said, I did invent a new sweet'n'spicy pasta tomato cream sauce and cook it to perfection in a few minutes with just a pyrex beaker, ingredients laying around the kitchen already, and the microwave. Is that magic, or am I a chef? Is there a difference? Many of the powers you list here have long been possessed by humans already, as you noted, just not on demand for money. You still can't buy shaman powers at Walmart or Amazon. Maybe someday you will. Maybe then you'll discover that if you do, it really, deeply changes who and what you are, and there's no going back. Maybe it won't cost you a lot of money, but it will cost you everything you are. They say, "If you wear the mask long enough, your face will grow to fit..." What's more, some masks become you as soon as you put them on, and you can't un-wear them. Beware what you "enhance" about yourself. BTW: I can tell you what your cat thinks when you "magically" summon light and open the food tin. It's thinking: "...aaaaaaand the monkey flips the switch. Good boy, Monkeyslave. Next time don't be so late with it. Now piss off, I'm busy. Anyway, aren't you supposed to be building me a rocket ship to live on? Go get on with that!"

Oy isaac how would a Tardis-like inside space work,or hammer space like in cartoons i think them unlikely but the work around would be a replicator or teleporter with a neutronium matter source to flash forge things but could you make a big space in a small one without making them mushy poridge alla Doc Who? Tardis.

the best image ever used in an Isaac Arthur video 10:31

20:25 implying anyone owns a smart watch...

Hey Isaac, I was wondering if you could do video on the economy if energy became free.

_I Know Kung Fu!_

The only place the Whiteman has with me is below my feet. Otherwise I don't have need for you. ROFLMAO

what do you think about the movie wandering earth?? Trailer: its a bad movie but has nice pictures and a crazy idea

That would be odd considering he is so brilliant he all ready has interstellar and intergalactic space ships, time-travel, inter-dimensional travel, and other things...

Speaking of moving things with the mind, I have a true story to tell about myself. About 2 years ago at my old house I shared a room with my little sister and our TV is on her side of the room. I was on my bed playing a The Legend Of Zelda. While I was playing the game another control was set up on the TV stand to where I couldn't see some of the screen that I needed to. In my mind I was distracted AND concentrated on that controller and I thought "man I really wish this thing would move out of my way" not even 1 second after thinking that the controller fell down to a position still on the TV stand but out of my way. I just sat there in shock saying maybe it was a ghost or coincidence or something. Till this day, me moving it with my mind is the only explanation I have.

some people i know including my self always have pre-cognitive dreams/visions


Yes, immortality all the way. Brain/head torso transplants, personal cyborg-clone collections. Different levels of cyborgness+ A.I. human merge. Good genes 100% biological human breeders, new life new ideas.

I like to play stellaris while listening to Issac Arthur so I just pause Stellaris soundtrack. Anyone else?

This reminds me of CTRL-Kit. There are a number of devices being built today that are effectively merging us with computers.

Can you IMAGINE the alt-right/white supremacist/"red pill"/computer bro screeching that would ensue if a black person acquired superpowers and stopped multiple instances of racist police brutality from escalating further? The very same people who would set up a Patreon account to fund Hitler if he was brought back from the dead because "its not about race, it's about free speech." Blegh...

And with google in your head they can tell you who to vote for. No need for you to worry yourself about it.

"foundational" robot series. i see what you did there

Jo Bernstein yeah I do this too

isaac Asimov wanna be

Ahhh Man, I missed a lot of your videos. So today is my Isaac Arthur binge watching day. Yay

Thanks Isaac, for being so full of optimism. I really like your videos.

“When everyone’s super... No one will be.” -Syndrome

A reality most are sadly ignorant of. If we’re lucky, their beliefs won’t slow down the project enough to kill us.

My 11 year old self would like to come out and say about this... Omnitrix when

'Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe' Lex Luthor

hello, fellow Ohioan

really really tried to watch this, but that Barbara Walters accent, man...

Hmmmm....I wonder how long it will be until we are able to create actual 40k Space Marines? I bet we will be able to sometime this century. Should the tech be reliable and safe I might volunteer to be one myself.

@Isaac Whenever I've had too much of political... stuff I know I can come here and see how awesome humanity could be. Thank you for being spiffy :)

What if technology could allow such things we consider to be superpowers but at the price of giving up all privacy (tech in your head!) and even individuality (your thoughts aren't yours) ? But who is in control of you ? What if it's the enemy you thought you were going to fight that promised you these superpowers in first place but you didn't know it ?

in your oppinion which time window we would be looking at when it comes to the singularity?

2300 Superhuman powers are available to common citizenry The nanotechnology of recent decades has conferred powers to citizens that would be considered superhuman by 21st century standards. These upgraded "transhumans" could perform feats regarded as Godlike to denizens of earlier times. A suitably upgraded individual - if transported back to the year 2000 - would be impervious to weaponry and nearly impossible to contain. They could morph their body into a seemingly infinite variety of forms depending on the situation encountered.* If trapped in a maximum security prison, for instance, they could alter their own molecular structure, allowing them to walk through walls.* They could broadcast electromagnetic pulse waves to disable electronic devices, vehicles and other objects. Bullets and other projectiles would pass through them with no effect. Microscopic cameras, distributed throughout their body, would function as an all-round 360° sensor - covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum and making it impossible for an attacker to surprise them. They could sprint at lightning speed and cross a variety of dangerous terrain types: even molten lava would present no obstacle to them. If necessary, they could levitate from ground level to the roof of a skyscraper in seconds. They could turn themselves invisible, morph into another person entirely, or stretch their limbs like elastic. In many ways, they would resemble a comic book superhero or video game character. They could manipulate their environment in various ways, generating enough body heat to light a fire, for example, or turning inanimate objects into advanced nanotechnology tools, or modifying the properties of liquids. They could heal a wounded person just by touching them. They could read thoughts and emotions, or extract recent memories. If standing near others of their kind, they could link and combine their powers to even greater levels – harnessing the power of local weather, for example, or lifting objects weighing thousands of tons. Their sensory capabilities would be phenomenal. This 24th century person could view individual atoms with the naked eye; or if they wanted to, use their telescopic vision to see distant astronomical objects. They could hear a whisper from miles away, or filter specific voices from a cacophony of background noise. They could determine a precise chemical composition just by tasting, touching or smelling it. Due to their various biotechnology aids and physical upgrades, they would never require sleep. They could even survive without food and water - living instead off the energy of their surrounding environment, which would be absorbed into their photosynthetic, piezoelectric skin. This same external layering would keep them at peak levels of physical performance, as well as shielding them from the elements. In fact, many citizens of today have abandoned their homes altogether and taken to a nomadic lifestyle, for this and other reasons. Often, a "home" of today is little more than a small booth or alcove in the street, where a person can temporarily recharge and recuperate, or utilise the greater powers of the net. Even a person's body is often temporary, as they shift between various real world and digital environments. Much of the Earth is now being transformed into a gigantic computer grid where individuals can physically "plug" themselves in. Not everyone has opted to make this transition. Even now, there are segments of society which are adamant in maintaining a natural, minimally upgraded human body. These people are now a definite minority, however, given the practical immortality and other benefits offered by transhumanism.

Should of talked about Transhumanism or claytronics. Here this will help you.

Where is the super powers? Or is this a history?

my spider sense is tingling, i'm gonna shoot my webfluid

I see I'm not the only one perusing the Future Timeline website!

Those videos always give me the feeling that we won´t fuck up badly and it makes me happy

telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, telepresence, television. that's the stuff i'd like to have.

I can see my own future sometimes. It's rare and had only happened about 5 times but they're always 100% accurate down to the smallest details. Because of my own experience I believe humans have the capability to have psychic abilities. I also believe that eventually psychic abilities will all be explained by science eventually. Most likely some quantum thing not yet known.

Back after the Neuralink livestream.


@David James-Cameron Good enough for me

Well if in a couple hundred years we had nano technology that can form shapes and alter appearance around a person that could totally be an omnitrix

Whit a load of baws

I could see nanotech that’s symbiotically part of our environment being “magic” in the future. An example of this is in a sci-fi novel “The Shattered Sky”, by Paul Lucas where remnants of a lost human created and genetically engineered advanced civilization make use of nanotech for everyday uses(and its starting to fail), thinking its “magic”. Finding out in the end, that they and Humans who encounter them are just a small part of a Dyson Sphere/swarm blown apart in an interstellar conflict, and floating in space.

Can't figure out what kind of accent Isaac has!

Technology already is a super power and its causing havoc in our lives. There should be less of it not more! It's destructive potential far exceeds it's constructive potential. And before you criticise me for typing on a smart phone let me say this: technology is forced upon me by society. I am its victim. Modern civilisation forces this thing upon me as a form of control, a way to exploit me by turning me into nothing but a consumer, stripping me of my human decency, human rights, human morality and values by turning me into a numerical statistic; to be categorised and controlled using beuracracy, political legislation, advertising and economic control. My destiny is no longer in my own hands, I have been reduced to a puppet pawn consumer just like you. My pride as a human being is being ravaged by a the monster called technology. A monster that does not sleep, does not stop, does not pity anyone or anything. A self perpetuating beast with many faces, infesting my world and my life like some Lovecraftian monster, hell bent on manipulating and controlling my life. I would leave civilisation if I could, sadly the shadow of the monster called technology would follow me using government surveillance. There is no escape and there is no freedom from the government anymore: and it's all thanks to technology. Technology forces us to compete with itself and in doing so forces us to make a decision between being human and being like a machine. I ask you; is this right? To force someone to be a heartless, souless being, a human machine that does nothing but work, not for oneself or society but for singular companies and rich individuals? People who care nothing about others, and who praise power as the measure of all things. Technology is a force multiplier, but the true problem is how easily corruptable the power of technology is. It has no morals and no master. And provided one has the knowledge and skill, this "superpower" can be abused by ANYONE! There will never be enough safe guards put in place by society to prevent its abuse in the worst possible way. It all depends on the people in charge of technology, but history has shown time and again: we are deeply flawed. Our technology will be no better than we are as human beings. You don't need technology to be happy. It burdens you with unnecessary things you do not need. It invades and controls your very life and behaviour. It alters how you think and behave. And not in a good way. If you need proof look no further than twitter: it's tearing society apart. Technology will kill every human on this planet some day. Either that or turn us into abominations that are inhuman. Turn away from technology , do not trust it.

I want Scanner powers :)

Ive always wondered that since it allegedly already has been achieved... teslas work and all that

I always thought aliens of higher consciousness could read DNA just by looking at someone

Oh God. When my boss gets telepresence... I'm screwed.

As an Economics Grad, it's all i think about. I always think to myself that if my country were to invest as much as possible into nuclear fusion, it would automatically grant us cost advantages in every manufacturing sector. Hell, we would be the world's producer of aluminium. Although, somehow, we would have the most screwed up real estate market because although we could 3D print entire cities, i feel as though Red Tape would not allow for it

Awww Sh*t. Super villainy here i come.

Magneto has not done mind reading, but mind control, most notably when he was controlling Quicksilver and the scarlet witch before he or they knew they had a father/children relation to each other ... retcon can create relatively disturbing implications in comics at times...

"From a certain point of view..."

As you said, our current biology is merely organic machines. You also tend to mention quantum mechanics. So lets put the two together. What if: ideas such as so-called magic and the so-called supernatural, are nothing more than consciousness over matter, which is nothing more than a completely natural aspect of what our biological machinery can already do, but: we've merely contracted some form of species amnesia in this regard. The biological machine might already be far more powerful than anything we consider to be technological, and we are merely so unaware of it that we incorrectly refer to such ideas as being magical or supernatural.

A certain point of view?!

I'm sorry, but no we won't see those abilities as super powers. Internal nano-bots, gadgets of the future, nothing mentioned in the second half of the video has the potnetial to be seen as a surprising to current day fans of sci-fi or people who keep up with the latest scientific developments. At best the ability to communicate thoughts directly will seem magic to the average man from a civilized country or would impress someone living in remote and poor areas of the world. All of these techs that have been in the realm of sci-fi for the better part of a century by now won't seem so surprising to the average person. The technology of Star Trek that was portrayed as something of the 22nd, 23rd centuries are already being developed and used. Nobody looks at devices that restore hearing and sight as something miraculous, but as facts of our time, as part of our reality.

There are 2 powers i would like to have: universal translation and fire

'0' oh really now

Doctor Doom is a Wizard

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