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Super Cheap Tyre Inserts | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 41

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Welcome back to another weekly GMB and tech show come. On I want to show this week we check out a couple of new bikes from Cannondale propane. Have got a new carbon, version of the tiny little, mountain bike and we check out some really cool stuff and new proof as well as all that amazing stuff, for you guys. So. At first up although it's not the latest news I want to talk about that new Cannondale, habit so, this is a hundred and thirty mm travel, bike and it's, actually a little bit different to the previous habit. So this is a brand new bike technically, for, Canada for 2019, and we know the Cannondale are going to be doing some more new. Bikes we'll get to that in a minute now, this brand new habit, actually, looks like is to start of something very new and very different, the Cannondale now. Previously, there was the habit the trigger and the Jekyll the Jekyll being the, enduro, bike the trigger being the trail bike and habit being more of a sort of an XC travel, by Coco also available in the, bad, habit so that was a 27, plus size now. The habit is stepped up now at 130, mile travel and it looks like the trigger is taking a bit of a backseat and it's not really, in the range but that, could mean that's also about to be redesigned. But I suspect. That it's actually gonna disappear for a range and we're gonna see a new version of the Jekyll coming, in the, next few weeks now. This new design it's got a radically, different look, for Cannondale so they've adopted the four bar system that's quite a classic, design. On there but they've got some interesting, features, on there so the frame design is made of carbon its aluminium Outback. It's, got a few extra little special things on it so it's got proportional, response suspension. Tuned so essentially. The, pivot points are very slightly, different across the sizes to basically, give you a better response per, rider size and weight after. All why should someone who's running a size XL have exactly the same setup as a size small, now. In the past we've seen this from Norco. And other people will it change the chainstay, links accordingly, to make the geometry proportion, of we've not seen it with, suspension, other than manufactures, specking different tunes on shocks, but of course the tuner on the show it doesn't change how bike feels it just changes what the shock can do to, that bike so, I think this is a really cool, from Cannondale and I'm a for if it means the smaller and the taller riders get a part that genuinely, works the way it should be for their size so Bravo I think that's really good so the head angle up front is 66, degrees which is okay I think there's a fairly average now these, days our mind it.

To Be slightly slacker though especially with the sort of stuff we've been seeing that by doing now interestingly it's gone offset and drivetrain on there now I'll say interestingly because not many people are actually doing this but it's not surprising for Canada ups they do like to do things a little bit differently and essentially this means that it can build the back end of the bike with less wheel dish on there and make it a bit stronger and hopefully. More durable, in the long run now definitely thinner habit looks like a really tidy, bike and it, kind of reminds me somewhat, of a little bit like of a whitey GFC, cross with perhaps a, canyon, spectral certainly, not a bad thing because we know the suspension, platforms on both those bikes works really well and the frame layout looks, really, good to boot so got, high hopes for this but I definitely, want to be looking further down the line and, see what's gonna happen when that new Jekyll arrives. Now. More news from Canada they've just released the new version of their motoring, neo so that's a hundred thirty moon travel, ebuy, 12 frames 130 it runs a 144. Con the front now, in a past I've had two versions of the motor I've also had the long travel version but that looks like it's been axed, unless. Perhaps there, is another long, travel version coming who knows time will tell but if, you want to see a bit more about this bike in particular you, have to tune in to the air and be a weekly, showcase I've got the scoop on it next. Up is the revised version of the propane tie so there's two models and this is carbon fibre there's, the regular model and there's the all-mountain model, now, the old mountains slightly, less travel runs one four five outback, and 150. Up front whereas. The regular version runs, 160, front and rear now this is very much a trail riding bike, but, definitely. Loved by the downhill, riders out there because it's well known for being there to handle, a lot of rough terrain and be very playful, whilst doing it now I look at some of these images on screen I think you'll agree that it's a really really nice-looking bike, now. It's got revised geometry, on it now for the 2019. Model so there's a steeper, 76. Degree C angle which is fantastic for climbing, basically, this deeper DiBella think you could go higher than that and it would still be would, still work but people might frown upon that so. Up front this is 65, degree head angle so that is just geared. Up for smashing, down hills and it's got a longer reach and a lower bottom bracket on there there's. Also 10%. More anti, score and the SAG position, as well so, just to really help it climb properly, there's. Bigger and better bearings, with dust covers on them so it's, going to be durable, and handles demanded conditions whether it's super dry or super. Wet tie. The name, of case you're wondering means the chief in Native, American and. Finally. A news new proof have just released a range of super-lightweight Springs so there's steel springs they're, designed for enduro, riders, and, incredibly. Cheap and incredibly, light so this is them on the screen right now set, up to 40% lighter. Than regular steel springs and even. Less than some titanium Springs - and available, for 2.25. To 2.5, inch shocks so. That biconvex in shape, they're, available from 350.

To 600, pound, weights and between, 400. And 500 pounds it's in 25 pound increments so that's, actually really good because that's the most common sort area for people to ride and actually. At the price which I'll get to in a minute you could afford to buy two of these but over 25 pound difference, compensating. For riding with or without your riding pack if you want to do a race for example sling. Off the ride impact just carried a bare minimum on the bike you're gonna want it to be a slightly lighter weight whereas, if you're riding all day with a heavy bag you can need to cause, bring that slightly heavier 2co. For that obviously with an air shock it's easy enough to chuck in a bit more wind but you can't really do that with a core spring so I think this is really cool and the price I've, been trying to talk about, $69.99. So, the Fox version, of this bring set of Fox SLS Springs they, retail for about 150, quid so that's just an idea of, how expensive some of these super lightweight, steel, springs can be I think. Way it goes new pretty far that's fantastic, personally, I have not ridden a cool shot for some time now, we'll be swapping. My 275. A new proof out back 229, again because I actually left the 29 so, I'm definitely going to consider going, for a cool shot to give that bit of a try so, more. News on that soon. All. Right now it's time for bite, cave of course this is a section in the show where you get to send in pictures, of your amazing your. Tiny your, huge all the places where you fix your bites you store your bikes it could be a rope a old garden, shed you've had for years it's full of spiders and stuff wherever it is we love them and we want to see them so send, them in use the uploader the link is on the bottom of the screen there our, first step is from Sean, in Connecticut. USA I've. Just built this by cave because I bought a new bike and I'm always fixing friends, bikes to save a bit of cash I've. Got diamondback clutch to a Kona lanai, and a, specialized, road bike cool. Got a nice little peg board set out on the back there plenty. Tools hanging up and looking good at bein Martin's, ninety degree rule and we. Need Martin back in here actually ever need him for a while you, to a good disturb him he was disturbing, me but. Looking good say drill, on the back there as well toolbox. I got, grinder too nice. Plenty. Of stuff got your helmet so it looks like you've done something similar to me use old kitchen, worktop, and stuff so that's great got a sink in there too nice. I like an add-on back hello the whole yellow, back end on there yellow, we all yellow back end white linkage, and the rest, is all uploaded out, black that's pretty cool net, I'm, not seen them I've seen the red version I think also it's way nicer a nice, little Kona there too, looks, like you've, recycled. Not bit carpet to to absorb. All the gunk, that comes off your bikes when you're working on them looking, good dude nice, Park works down there as well, in, the corner or I might. Rather see the work stand out and a bike hanging from it but I guess you have to store these things away but looking good these thanks, for sending that one is Shawn next.

Up Is former, leo in Sydney. Nice my, apartment, I just moved in to, just. Move from a big Irish to a city apartment, and I've made a mini bike by, corner, in my bedroom mayors. Have restore, this apartment, as well looking. Good mate I love doing just, the brick you know that's cool and round, the side of the bed day got your muck off and it's. A drive train cleaner I think, and, in your cycle helmet and bunch, of other stuff nice looking Canyon there as well all, in black. Sweet. Looking boys mate nice, that's. A really good use of space and actually when you're looking for another Rangi barely even see the stuffs there tidy. Good work mate right next up is from Tyler, in, Connecticut, again well okay so two people from the states nice I'm, 14, and my family moved into a. New house just, before I was born my dad who owned a few bike shops in the past made our Batcave to work on and store many of our bikes. You've, got a lot of bikes and I'm, very fortunate to have all of these tools at my disposal whenever. I need them these, you've got like a massive, fleet of bikes there so, your bike is the kind of process 1 5 3 but. I can see another, corner of the back there a couple. Of tandems, stashed, in there too some, road bikes looks like a gravel bike conquest. See from that angle man you've got loads of white how, many boys does someone need not, enough is question n plus one and them looking. Good mate nice. Selection tools, in there as well look so you've got everything. You need I definitely. Approve, of those little trays literally, labeled them up as well for. Proper. Good for OCD, days. Nice. Oh that's. The business end that's, what I wanted to see so you've got your big roll cabs grill, sturdy homemade, workbench, there you. Everything massive bulk poppers down the back there we've got a 16 device suite. Plenty. Of good stuff in there Tyler, looking, good Arielle, Arielle Kona yes. That's, the color Alice roof says two other Kona's in there as well then two, yellow ones nice. So. What a process, one leavens perhaps. Really. Like the 111 actually that's the 2900 with 111. Will travel out back 120. Or 130 on the front that, yeah you've you've, got a big boy bike they're super. Good oh and we are out of the, bike cave please. Continue, to take shots of your bike and where you work on your bikes we love seeing, them and genuinely. Doesn't, matter if we've got the biggest garage or the tiniest, little shared whatever it is we, love seeing where you look after your stuff send them in guys. All. Right now it's time for rewind. Which is a retro, vintage section. Of the GMB a tech show this, is where we look at where stuff came from well it progressed to how we got there some old bikes and old photos from racing whatever it is is old and vintage and matte white related send. It in we love seeing, this stuff please continue, to do so and also if you want to know a bit about where things came from perhaps, the story of Camelback, or there's. Dreaded, curving, flex stems anything. You want to know talk. To me and we'll make it happen for you use, the uploader to send your pictures in this, week I've got a load of bigger throw our emails as well but, the uploader is a lot easier so please continue to use that that makes it a lot easier for us to put the show together and get, your stuff on the show so, our first up is from Jeff, ratty hi.

Donny I was getting my car fixed and stumbled. Across this old Trek edition, VW, Jetta there, was a special VW. That, was run around 1997. And I but the car had trick logos, a matching, roof rack trick bike and it, also had embroidered seats, with a trek logo I didn't even know these things existed dude this. Is circus is so cool I mean, it's just it's just a Jetta really with a couple of badges on at the end of the day but I love, the fact that this is a trek edition car and, also it came with a bike, there's. No longer the bike oh you've got the advert for it too right cool let's have a look at this in there's plates are no way yeah. So this is a yeah, this is definitely a 90, star video that's for sure, sweet. I don't think you'd want to go and jump those bikes over that car would probably snapping, off, looking. Good though I love it totally. Didn't know that VW did that collab with her of, Trek that, is really cool you should have bought a car me I'd. Be a good runaround so. Good Jeff I love that totally, never knew that existed yeah. Any, other collaborations, that have existed out there bike Browns with maybe clothing, manufactures, or anything like that I love, to know if anyone knows this or stuff because it was totally unaware of the VW gol from Jetta Trek, Editions but, yeah send them in if you've got any news and stuff like that next. Up is from Tommy, Estrada, this bike, is lush so, it's my 1999. Stumpjumper, FSR see. Shimano, XT Stephanie, XLV brace and an MRP, X rated link I'll, tell you what like that is a seriously. Nice-looking, bike totally. Remember those, bikes used to sell those and bike shops in fact yeah. Looking good the condition, of it's unreal, and there's that MRP link that, is well trick the, can outfox float shock I love. How retro look so we've had a push tuned nice nice. Touch. Listen. Braided, Fram, housing, on there looking good those, extra fee, base with Russian a really, really nice I see. The red CID on the front there too. Sweet. Classic FS are design especially did that so well what is they still do that so well looking. Good Tommy thank you for saying Levin, next. Ups from Steve, Ward hi, donnie here's some pictures of my giant k decks hi yes, I remember lease, have. Them owned it for nearly 20, years Wow, at, the moment it's running a rock so silo fork but as you can see by, so many other pictures I've still, got the original fork, setups, I'm thinking of converting it back to original I would the, soil has a nice fault but it's not it, looks a bit too big on there to be honest I think I'll go back for that that. What, is that is it completely rigid fork looks like one yeah I'll, go back for that and it's great nice, to see the pan race to smoke and dance on there they look of absolute immaculate. They've reissues, they. Look too new to be originals. You. Still love the smoke I think I was one of the coolest tires over as, a combo, I think that still cut the mustard now there's someone made them again we've got fresh casing, they're, nice to see that Kahless frame so of course that was logged with carbon, tubes on they're really quite a futuristic. But, wicked thanks to sending out on him guys absolutely, loving, this retro, stuff please. Continue, to hunt out the retro stuff it might just be stuff you've seen in the bike shop that's really old whatever, it is send, it in. And. Now. We're into top, mods this is all about the modifications, you make to your bikes to personalize, them to make them your own make, them a little bit different to ones in the shops a little bit different more importantly to, your mates whatever. Upgrades. And modifications you, make your boys however big or small, send, them in text and pictures tell us what you're working on tell, us what you're doing to your bikes and make them your own we, love that stuff get. Me into the uploader again, the link is on the bottom of the screen right there and of, course you can email us as well but the uploader is super easy and it's much better for us to be able to find your stuff so. First up is from Tom, in USA. So. Recognizes. But yeah this part was featured on the Jim Beam tech show junior rewind station a month ago since.

Then I've been tinkering away a bit so biking question classic, GT Avalanche beautiful. Colorway they're really. Really nice pair. Of Judy, s l's on the front I think that was the best of the three Judy says the xev SL and, eh-eh. Being red, SL. Being yellow and XE, being kind of a bronzey, kind. Of color looks a bit cheap, by comparison to those I think the yellow one is that's. The one so I've, been swapping out the old 3 by 7 drivetrain, and hacking on a one by nine setup tidy, carbon, handlebars and new pan eraser tires acid every issues wicked. So, smoke and dietary issues nice, good. Touch. Most. Parts I sauce from another bike which somebody banded, at my apartment building or a local shop that sells tons of youth bits prior. To doing this build had only done one very basic bit, bike maintenance oh thanks for the excellent content which got me through our sweeties. Here's. The full mods list Wow you've done a lot to this i fs, a kforce, carbon, bars, 660. Mil Bontrager. 90 mil stem tech show brake levers. RNA. Lock-on, grips came, creak top cap SRAM. GXP bottom bracket in cranks race face 32. Tooth narrow. Wide chain ring ramen, 34, cassettes ram x7. Derailleur and x5 shifter, name is ram chain. WTB. Dual duty wheels and in, smoke and dart reissue tires. Next. Up you put some different. Pedals on there and a full root cable, set on there oh man. It looks really, cool it's really cool to see a retro. Project, by but you've just sort of renovated, it enough you can still ride it now, atlas. Mega I'll, keep saying it I've got a new main one like. That's, classic, it looks really cool okay, next, up is from Zac, in Texas. I've, modified. My bike with an urban, camo vinyl, wrap on, mate that is, it. May as well say GMB n on it looks just like one of our jerseys dude, that looks amazing you need the black and white Indian jerseys to go with that bike know. It's sick. Oh do, I quit. Some red and red race face Chester pedals I love the rap tell. Me more about the rap where did you get it done I didn't, really get bikes wrapped that. Is that's, a really really good idea and pretty. Good I so you see if you don't want to commit to doing, a paint job get, it wrapped I mean I know we have in busy frame in the UK but I stuck a clear rap for protection, rather, than color that's. Really cool nice upgrade nice. Thank, you so much for sending those in guys keep. Them coming and keep making all those little adjustments. To your bikes that make them your own it's, the best thing to do it's really really cool. So. Tech in a week this, week is the brand new new proof a or D system SAS advanced, rim, defense you, guessed it is a rim, in twisted, tire inserts, base to protect your tires and your rims against. Pinches splits, and of course to enable, you to write harder, in more, demanding, conditions available.

In 27 half and 29. Inch models. And they're very very cool so one. Of the aims with new proof tried to do was to make sure that they're actually realistic, in use and there's a lot of different, options available in the market like cushko for, example, now, Neil fitted some couche core to his bike for the EWS, and although. The whole point of running something is a to keep the tire on and be to, give you rim defense and of course C to make sure that a tire doesn't split when you're impacting against rocks really hard. Finale. Is notorious, for that sort of thing so Neil wanted to make sure that he finished the race at all cost so he fitted on those Koosh balls B, said just fixing, the Cusco was, so much effort, that you thought what's gonna happen if I actually do get puncture I'm stuffed so, he ended up putting a tube in it because, he was such a faff and he has a run and tire really hard for, his race I think he was running thirty pounds maybe higher than that it kind of defeats the purpose of running a system and because you want to be running running a tire softer, in order to maximise, on that grip, now. This was something that new proof took into account when they designed these because I wanted you to be able to actually install your tires correctly, and take, them off when you need to so. They're very easy to fit we can have a video on this soon, and one. Of the cool things about them is they're slightly, loose in fit when you pump them up they actually suck straight onto the rim and can, help hold the tire on now, although that's not necessarily, one of the major points on their us piece Kalen. Grant actually use these for all year in his, EWS, season and previously. He had managed, to tear tires off the rim when, Corinne hadn't, managed to do that with these fitted, so that's kind, of a nice bit of security and peace of mind but, here's the cool stuff about him so, the only way a hundred, and thirty grams each that's almost, nothing that's so light then. Of course they're available to fit 27, and 29. Inch wheels in. A pack you get two of these inserts, you get to copper, valves, and you. Get your instructions now, they're sold to do pinch flat rotation at rim protection and I, have no sealant, absorption, so your tire see it will continue, working, correctly with them now. The best thing about them is they retail, for $49.99. That's, in the UK so, just to put that into perspective if you want to get a set of cush cores front and rear for your bike it's gonna cost you about one hundred and fifty quid so, these are under fifty quid for a pair now. I reckon is going to be really, really good and they're gonna go to a hot case because even. If it just gives you partial. Protection on your rim your tire and everything it's, gotta be a good thing more. And less soon when we've ridden them and. There we go that's a wrap that's another GMB ntek weekly shown in the back for, a couple more tech related videos, click down here if you want to learn about replacing. A derailleur, in a cable nice, simple process for a lot of riders but obviously it's something overlooked. By many and click, up here if you want to geek out on the new Shimano XT oh man. That stuff is seriously nice don't, forget to subscribe if you haven't already done so and please, tell all your friends about us and of course if you love Jambi and tech give us a thumbs up.

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Do you use tyre inserts on your MTB? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

I do not cause theyre like crazy expensive or at least were. Looking forward to get a set of these new inserts. Thx for showing them

I run cush core they are great, there is a nack to fitting them but once you know how they are actually easy and I can do it without a tyre lever. They are pricy for what they are but I've never flatted with them. You can run super low pressure too. I have found they do soak up sealant though which is not good.

I'm in South Africa and use a local brand called Csixx Foamo. Running front and rear 27.5 with EXO sidewalls at 22 psi front 23 rear. These help greatly with rim strikes, tyre roll and a bit of comfort on the hardtail.

you will have to cut it down to use in a 26" tyre.

This is were I got mine from

No i use exo sidewalls on my maxxis tyres and i run a bit high psi around 28 so not bound to damage my wheels

After trying huck norris and ratbites and damaging the rim, i cant recomend vittoria air liners enough. i did get a tyre slash that would not seal, but still managed to ride the bike another mile back to the van on the insert. Took it of at home and not a mark on it.

Do you have a link to those inserts? Not finding them on their site

Huck Norris in the back wheel of both my bikes. Saved me rims and tires for minimal investment. I’m reusing one with a new tire but it’s pretty beat and sliced from numerous saves. Was thinking of trying the vittoria but they have a new system now and then this chain reaction one looks like it’d be worth a try

you can get vitoria air liners in a 26" but look a round on the net for the best price as they are not chepe. or you can buy a 27.5 & cut it down

I use Cush Core front and rear. I had a bike shop install the inserts and I take it to them anytime I need something done with the rims or tires. The guys at the shop seem to genuinely struggle with them so I am afraid to mess with the tires myself. Very aggravating. I would have gone with a different brand had I known this.

Yes, I run cush core. It was tricky the first few times but now it's just as easy as installing tubes, my trick is to keep everything dripping wet with soapy water all the time during installation and make sure to get the tire properly down into the rim well when you are going around. I have it installed front and rear on my hardtail since I used it in the DH parks before I bought my DH bike. Saved my rims a lot of times in rock gardens because I like to run low tire pressures to give it a more smooth ride. I like them so much that i'm saving up to do my DH bike tubeless with Cush core now.

I have a cush core for my rear tyre but, despite installing it like half a dozen times now, it is so hard to put it on. Even taking the thing off is so hard. It genuinely makes me reconsider whether it's worth using. When Vittoria air liners become available in Australia I'm buying a pair of those instead. They look far more convenient. To be fair though, i think part of my problem is that I'm using super gravity/double down casing tyres. That can't be making it easier. I'm planning to put on exo/snakeskin tyres the next time i change them and hopefully that should reduce the faff factor.

With the tyre inserts, what width tyres can be used as the kush core is only useable to certain widths?

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Huck Norris in the back

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I wasn’t sure what you meant when you said “the tune of the shock doesn’t change how the shock feels, but it changes what that shock can do to the bike.” Could you please explain #askgmbntech

Ralph Lauren had a mt bike team for a number of years starting back in 96/97. Mostly racing NORBA in the States.

18:25 for the inserts

Why would anyone buy one of the new Cannondales over a YT Jeffsy? More expensive and it's not even full carbon frame like the YT... same suspension design (difference leverage curve ok, but similar). Makes zero sense.

Mercedes had an AMP B4 as an oiption

After spotting that tandem in the bike cave, any chance we can get a video of the GMBN guys on a tandem mountain bike? I spotted an "old" couple shredding the trails in Surrey hills a few years back and would love to see what you guys could do with one.

Mark Campbell they were recording at the Forest of Dean with one a couple of weeks ago

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I’ve got 21 mm inner width rims, and two questions: are all tire inserts optimized to use with any rim width? And, what would you say are the best inserts to hold my wheel in place while riding hard?

Fox x Supreme

Those Jettas were horrible, the joke was you needed the Trek to get back home with certainty.

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@gmbntech @doddy help me out please. I ordered a dtswiss xm 1501 wheelset. But in the front wheel box was a dtswiss M1ANN center lock rear wheel. Chainreactioncycles didnt had that front wheel no more. So i was thinking to sell the "wrong front wheel". But i can find nothing online about this M1ANN wheel, bit a single custom wheel build of a canyon spectral from 2016. What kind of wheel did i get?

Native American's a language aye?

When did 50£ for foam get cheap?

About the time 70 quid for a spring got cheap.

Great show. Was wondering when those nuke proof springs would be available, I could not find any info on there site.

Are those Nukeproof springs some kind of new version because NP has made sls-springs for a while now?

Installing cush core on Enve M90's is the pits it's not worth the pain.

So, the guy with the massive set of bolt croppers has a garage full of bikes...

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I remember them cars. i wanted the bike.

Doddy I am gutted I did not see this video last week, As 2 weekend ago I ripped a hole in the side wall of my back tyre.On the first bit of single track of the ride. I put a bit of old tube inside over the hole & put a tube in & finished off the 40k ride the wife & I were on. I got home to order up a new tyre & looked every were for a tyre insert to try & help out with side wall damage (as this is the 3 tyre I have ripped a hole in the side wall & followed your video on sowing up the side wall to keep using the tyre, But only on the wife's bike but don't tell her). I found the Vittora air liner at just over £50 for one. If I had seen this video I wound have got the NUKEPROOF ARD & got 2 for the same price ish. GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED. Good video's keep up the good work.

Where do I get the helmet picture behind you Doddy!

#AskGMBN hey guys love your content. I have a 2017 Kona hei hei 29" and I am looking to upgrade my rear suspension. What would be the best shock for roots and rocks and bumpy trails. and what's the difference between all of the different rock shock monarch line up? Would love your help.

18:35 made me uncomfortable

Love your show, Doddy!

Interesting on the Nukeproof inserts. I've been eyeing PTN Pepi's tyre noodle myself at least for the rear as I am looking at moving to a carbon rim and thought it would be nice to give some rim protection from rock smashes. Maybe I try the Nukeproof insert instead but at least there are some affordable options there.

VW also did a Collab' With K2 a few years after Trek here in the the US.. K@ badging/embroidery and your choice of a snowboard of skis!

Those inserts seem sweet! I look forward to the install video. At that price, I'll be adding them to my Christmas list!

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Looking forward to the review on the tire incerts. I have been running procore with some success. I still have managed to crack one rim with it on, but at this price I would go with nukeproof for my next enduro bike

Santa Cruz did a Collab with supreme the clothing brand

Hello have you heard of the 2000 Ford Kona focus

Im setting up a gofundme and a twitter meetup to go loot seth bike hacks mancave lol

Ford did a partnership with Kona in the early 2000s. They did a Kona Edition Focus ZX3 hatchback. Basically a Focus with a roof rack, tire tread trim, some logos, brown paint - and a Kona Blast! From an article in Super Street magazine: "In the market for a new car and a new mountain bike? Now you can have both for one low monthly payment. How could you possibly do that? Easy, silly, with the new Kona Mountain Bike Edition Ford Focus. Ford recently teamed up with Kona Mountain Bikes (whose other bike models sport brain-tickling names like Stinky and Dudu-seriously, we love it) to design and produce 5,000 special-edition Focus packages. What you get: a 2001 model Kona Blast bike (not even available yet except in this package), a bolted-down luggage rack/fork-mount bike rack on the roof, side moldings made of bike tire tread (very cool), easily removable/machine-washable seat covers, serious heavy-duty black rubber floor mats, and-oh yeah-a 2000 Ford Focus." Panaracer are still making the Smoke and Dart!

Daddy, Could you explain fork offset and how it works with head angle, trail and how it affects performance? Thanks

Daddy, Love the show but saying the name is in Native American is like saying, I speak European. It means Chief in Chinook.

I was just about to say the same thing

that camo YT at the end is bae

Could I cut down a 27.5 Nukeproof ARD to 26? and glue it back together? greets from Germany

Vans did a colab with rockshox the made some colourful checkered slip Ons with rockshox logo

Rather have a Huck Norris

I nearly ate my screen due to those tire inserts!

Doddy I emailed you as you requested but you've not replied back so resent it

're cush core, Ali Clarkson does a really good Video on his you tube channel, and shows how to fit them so easily. I followed this and no problems. Plus when you take out profit and overheads how much of the £40 odd quid represents the quality value of the materials used on the nukeproof? Will they last, how durable are they?

Why nobody talking about yt industries?

Cushcore isn't hard to install. You just have to learn the proper techniques. In fact sometimes it's almost easier to put tires on with cushcore, there's something to push on in the tire. I don't even ever use tire levers unless it's a dh casing tire. which kind of defeats the purpose of cushcore anyway because the sidewalls are so stiff already. Having ridden cushcore for nearly two years now I can't see myself going back. Also the guys at cushcore are rad people. Always a good time seeing those guys, and that makes the company worth you business.

I agree with you, seems to me that the people who have problems are the ones who don't follow the straight forward instructions. I have put my experience with them above.

My aunt had one of those trek edition jettas

#askgmbn what's the best way to clean your helmet? I take it into the shower and clean it with shampoo, but I don't know if that's the best way.

I use a wire brush and Brillo pads on mine because it gets very, very dirty.

zonoskar yes, make sure to blowdry after

About collaborations between car and bike manufacturers that I always hoped would happen, but never did: Suzuki and Giant. (You have to be old BTW...).

#askgmbn do you have any tips for setting up a rear shock for a heavier rider? More volume spacers? Piggy back shock? Air vs coil? Thanks

10:04 I guess you need massive bolt croppers if you want a massive bike collection.

#GMBN TECH hey doddy, im curious about 2 thing on my 29er specialized rockhopper (stolen bike) replacement bike. it appears that i have 2 minor issues, im looking for advice on. issue 1: my rear hub isnt making any noise while coasting but engages when i pedal into the sunset. issue 2: i had noticed that whenever i open or close the rear Skewer the both sides of the chainstays flex witch i know it nornmal but the rear Derailleur would move with the hanger as well. i tighen the bolts to the hanger and the whole thing would move too, but everything works fine. should i take to me local bike shop to have looked at or should i just leave it be?

How about the Kona edition Ford Focus? Maybe that was only in the states.

why are not the tire inserts for 26 just do not understand why nothing comes out for 26 inch wheels

the rear mudguard on the Propain bike looks ridiculous while the shock is totally open to mud from the wheel. it is the stupidest mtb frame I've seen.

It probably does an ok job. Since any dirt will come off the wheel parallel to its surface. So given its direction of rotation, anything flung off in the direction of the coil, should stand a decent chance of getting caught.

Sooo.... Where can I buy the Doddy spray?

I ride Cuch Core and it works perfectly! Getting low tire pressure without the negatives and no issues getting the system on and off. Would love to see a comparison between these and the Nukeproof ones, especially given the price difference.

I wonder if could use some of the longer milkit valves with that tire insert.

Enyoied the video

Yes, i do. I use CushCore and it's really good. It saved my backwheel a few times.

Hats off to you sir great vid I generally watch the first bit skip the middle and watch the end portion well done to nuke proof was going to do a ghetto tyre insert job but these just might tempt me at that price for two

back-wheel offset? sooo... like Ritchey in '97 ?

What do you think about pool noodle inserts? Hack or Bodge?

DayLightSensor IMA 100% legit.

Thanks for featuring my bike (the camo wrapped yt). You were asking about the wrap, I did it myself with vinyl purchased from

I've been thinking about doing something very similar to my bike recently and was wondering how did you get the camo to match up so well on overlapping parts? also, did you use multiple bits of vinyl for tricky bends or did you do it all using one piece? Bike looks sick man

+Paolo Giovanardi It was a little tedious but by taking my time it turned out pretty good.

How was the process of wrapping the frame?looks sick by the way!!

The new Jekyll is great!!!

Can you make a video about bike geometry?

That didn't come out right, I meant two bikes with the same seat angle ( specs ) with literally different seat tube angles would have different ( actual ) seat angle positions with different lengths of the seat post? I can't explain so I give up, there's smoke coming from out of my ears

I was about to ask the same thing last night. I got confused about the way the seat angle is measured. It changes with different lengths ( actual ) I think it's measured at the top of the tube from the bb, but if they have literally different angles then the seat angle would be different on different bikes making seat angle specs useless when trying to order a bike. And it's important because of knee comfort. You know what I mean, I know I can't say it again

if you had a flat whilst running kush core and you wanted to fit an inner tube, would you also have to remove the kush core or not?

Hi Doddy. I watch GMBN, GMBN Tech and EMTB. Besides the Bike Vault (sorry to Martin, Blake, Neil, Jess) nothing is as interesting as your show. Besides, the Bike Vault judging has been pretty sloppy. The Bike Cave is where it's at!!! When is the best day to send in pics for Cave, Mods, etc? Is there a day or schedule that you go thru submission entries? Love the show. Thanks bud!

What you done to your finger?

You don't talk about fight club.

Well done Doddy great show

Hey Nick, and yeah great show!

Are those Nukeproof "Cush cores" available yet and If yes, in CRC or where?? I must get those!!

They are effective from 10psi upward so yes you can run super low

Bob Dixon. Thanks for your wonderful comment. I must say your intelligence is obviously way superior than the majority of us as the impeccable grammar of your statement clearly shows.

+wodukYeah, you should ride in the conditions I ride in with highly pressurized tyres and you'd be going super slow.

Are people riding like super low pressures to need this? i don't like the feeling of low pressures feeling like the tyre going to come off the rim.

Gary Collier your pretty stupid you won’t pay that but in the long term they will save you money they prolong the condition of your rims and prevent your sidewalls ripping

i believe they are available for purchase November 18.

Agree 100%. Not listed on the website yet. I will certainly spend $50 for a set. $150, not a chance.

I run cush core in mine, it's ok until you split a tyre.

I use huck norris inserts

I hate seeing edited comments...

I have just bought tyre inserts from a company call Ratbite. Absolute mission to fit the tyre afterwards but they are cheap. Would be cool to do a test review on a load of brands.

I haven't heard about those before, but their illustrations look bonkers, tyre insert against the tyre instead of rim, seems like a bad idea, cus it can move around, and won't protect as good.

Used to be a Cannondale fanboy back in the day of Super V . Lost interest as soon as the kept changing the frame design each year and stopped being made in USA.

I think they are poop ever since I've found out they invented press fit bottom brackets.

How to become a gmbn presenter?

You gotta be ex-pro or well known journalist... And get asked to be, ofc.

+Alex Beauchesne I don't have bike unfortunately and not British

step 1. be a really good rider, step 2. be incredibly brittish, step 3. ???? step 4. Profit!

Doddy i'm loving this videos they are very well structured

The habit looks sick

Yeah boiii 10 views


#askgmbntech My bike is 2 years old and I have never done any suspension service. Should I do just a lower leg service or a full one?

doddi needs to sell his spermatozoa - - we need more doddies in the world ! get milking ! ! !

My mom had that same car with the badges and everything. It also came with the bike

why is "w" called double-u and not double-v?

That camo wrap is absolutely banging Looks sick.

I use a rubber insert called inner tube. They work really well, even on very rocky trails, especially if you use reasonable pressures.

Finally Propain getting some recognition on GMBN.

Cannondale =copy of Canyon !

There was a Toy Lee Designs edition Mazda truck back in the late 90's. It was pretty cool

I use huck Norris DH at back

How much did you use?

I think you might mean ‘Doddy’, not ‘Daddy’.

Where's the follow up vid on the Nukeproof ARD?

I worked for a vw dealer in the UK in the parts dept for 8 years and never came across this version. I reckon it was a US model and was never available in the UK or Europe.

Panaracer Smoke and Dart is available as a reissue, I came very close to buying some, but I've got my eyes on some Fire XC Pros instead. :)

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