Sunday Night Webinar November 19, 2107

Sunday Night Webinar November 19, 2107

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ROG, I'm. Going to, get. Ready ah I. Guess I'm not yes I am well you just got recorded, oh. Well. Good evening everybody. Hey welcome. To another. Night of mayhem. And. Hopefully. Not worse than the football game today, we'll. Try to do better than that, and. I'm. Jean and I'm, Roger and, we're. Here to. Record. Our time, yeah. Well but I think we yeah I think we've got a couple of things tonight but I think we're gonna take, it a little show, you some easier stuff, tonight we have some some, interesting, sites and things like that I'd, like to Roger, I'd like to start off with something that kind, of interested, me today because. Well. I'll show you, let. Me get my other I have a couple I hope I have a couple of these going ok uh you know we've talked from time to time about. What. Dave was talking about Google, Chrome and we like Google Chrome because, we can, sync. Them across all our devices by. That I mean that you, know they will look the same all the bookmarks, so everything, will be there the the. History and everything will be saved, throughout. You. Know all of the web site web. Tools, if. You use a different, computers. They'll. Be all. Set. The same, and. Another. Thing that we like is the fact that you can add as. We've mentioned before and I'm sure you remember. Extensions. At the top these are little, programs. That are added, into goo your, own particular, Google Chrome that you can use for various reasons, we. Have a number of them and we've. Talked about them, and. They're. Very useful I'd like to show you a kind of one tonight that was kind of interesting to me. To. Get these. Extensions. Or even, apps. You can click here and these, are the apps that, I, have created. Collected. For. My. Google Chrome. And, it looks very moment, well very much like a. Tablet. And many. Of these. Will. Take me to a web site some, of them are small. Programs. That have been installed on my computer but. To. Get more of, them and to. Get these extensions. Which are kind. Of across the top here let's see can I pick. This a little bigger and. Why is this. Why. Is my screen not that whoa that's a little too big I guess. Yeah. I think maybe we're going to go back a bit excuse me Raj. There. We go, I was, going to try to make a little bigger but that got a little out of hand there and yeah you got to go to the Google store okay. Anyhow. The one I was found. Out was kind of interesting, today deals. With the Google search, you. Know when you click on like. A new tab you go to google search and, we, can search with the words we've. Talked before. That. You can do. An image, search if. You. Go to Google Images and then, drag. An image in it will actually search, with a Google image but. There's an app that is kind, of kind. Of interesting and if you go to the web store. And. Type. In. Chrome. What. Am I saying Google. Well. It is Google ok Chrome, I. Apologize. It's. Google, image. On, Chrome. And. Go, to. Google Images. You'll. Find a list, of things you can add but the one that I was kind of interesting, is search, by image, by. Google. See this is actually, created. By Google not some other. Person. Or organization. That, you, know you can be kinda sure that that's pretty. Good, anyhow. You'll see that I have. Already. Installed. It I won't, have to add it to Chrome now what, it does is, kind. Of interesting. Once. You have it running and I know you probably can't see this but right up here there. Is a little, camera. Okay. That shows that this extension, is in, fact. Working you can turn it off if you need to but. I went, to this, page just to try it out and. Many. Years ago Roger I don't know how many. When. We were creating, web. Pages and, we. Were asked, to create. A page, dealing, with Internet safety, regulations. And resources, and so forth I. Actually. Put, a few things together and kind of created, this. Particular. Image. Okay. Now. Now. That I have Google image, I, want. I decided, to, do a little search with, it and, to. Do that you can do one of two things you can mouse. Over the, picture and you notice, that a little camera, opens up down below okay. You can click on that if. The camera does not. Appear. You can right-click on the picture and then, you can see the words search, Google, for image, either. Way but, anyhow what I did was I clicked on this. Just. To see and there. It shows me this and. It. Shows, me kind of look at this, where. Some. People. Have. Borrowed. Mine. You'll see that some of these are the from our webpages, ROG but. There's. A couple of websites, out, there that have. Borrowed this, particular, image that the. Attempts, of created, it's, kind of interesting, and it, will also show you similar. In the, which is kind of cool okay. But, anyhow, this. Is a way that you can search Google, Images.

There. It is there, hmm. I don't, know how many websites, its own but some people have collected. It I don't, know whether to be, upset. Because. I didn't, get any. Copyright. Copyrights. Or I, guess. I should be happy that they're using it but, anyhow, Google. Uh. Google. Images, if you go to the Google store, to. The Web Store for Chrome you, can just type, it in here and you'll, end up with a little thing up there and it's, kind of good that if you have a picture and you want to find one similar, you can use that just a, little thing to get us started with, the. Big thing that I really, wanted to talk about tonight, and I only have one real big thing ROG, is. This. As. Usual, we have our flip, boards. On. Our. Websites, and you can go there my. November and December one, is up I did, put up a in, case you need some last minute Thanksgiving. Resources. It's there but, the one thing that I was looking at today was something called the office. 365. Training, center for office support which sounds, totally. Boring but has a lot, of great, stuff. I. Have. To admit I have not really checked it out very thoroughly before, and. I found, it this morning, started. Looking through it and, first. Of all it. Has. The, basic. Tools. From. Office, 365 at. The top and, if, you wish. To know something, about say. Word you. Can click on it and it's got. Documents. And videos. That. Will help, you get started doing, certain things and. All. Kinds, of good training. So. I thought that was yeah pretty. Good so I was impressed with that I thought well I got to go back here and look at him here. Is a learn the basics, for office 365. With a video training, and I, was impressed with that and I said I got to go back and check this out more what. Is office 365 how. To download and install and. How. To use it some collaboration. Things a lot of good materials, here for. Office, 365. And. Then so I was roaming. Around and I continued, I went. Down farther, and. Excuse. Me I, saw. Some see. Great ways to work learn now. So. I kind. Of clicked on that and, it. Opened up to this page in which there, were like templates. For. The. Organized. Inbox, PowerPoint. But. I you know since. I was on the, word. Kick, I typed. That out or clicked, on it downloaded. The PDF man, I opened, it up and. That, had some. Really, short. Hints. On how to collaborate, and, I thought that was good, listen. To your content, Rajas, showing. Us how to do that, quite a bit okay. And. So I was in this is pretty good translate. I think, we talked about translate a couple of weeks ago. Okay. And it's very good. But. When I got to number four, dictate. It. Really. Made. Me look at it, typing. Can take a lot of time blah blah blah blah blah. Says. Type. Edit, and document. Format documents, speaking, into, Word anything. You say turns into text, and I. Said I've got to learn more about that, so. I started. I click on that and it, took me to another, site. And. Before, this, is. Something. That really, I think, can be value, to you and I. Have to stop right here you, can probably, cannot, do, this on your, school, laptops. And, we. May have to look into this Raj because. It. Is an ad add-on. To. Microsoft. Outlook Word. And PowerPoint. And. What. I did was now I said, hey I've, got it and I, just watched, the little video here it's about a minute and 32 seconds, long and.

Download. It here and, went, through the installation, process and. Let, me show you what, happened. Okay. If you look at my, Microsoft. Word going. Across the top looks, similar. But right. At the end there. Is a new tab, and it, says, dictation. I. Hope. This works, because. Of. The. Webinar, but I have been doing some really interesting, things I played with this for a long time today and. This. To. Me was. Really. Really, good I work, with it trying to check it out I remember. A long long, time ago how many years ago Raj when, there was this there still is a. Piece, of software called dragon. Soft I believe, it's called and. It's. Voice. Dictation. Software. That. Needs to be trained, and everything, like this and. It cost several hundred dollars. This. Is just an addition, to. Word it just, is, installed. When. You run that little bit of software that I just showed you and here's. How it works you click on start over here. It. Detected. This. Is an example. Of. How. This thing works okay. Now. New, line. No, I'm. Sorry see it. Is a little bit. See. Okay, I'm gonna stop this it's, a. But. Anyhow it is, picking, up a little bit of the webinar too but it's perfect, and I thought geez this is really great let me just do this. Start. It again. Thursday. Is Thanksgiving, I. Hope. You have a great holiday. Okay. Alright. Now. I thought boy I'm impressed, with this and then, I read a little bit farther. And. Then I. Realized. I can. Write almost any language in the world. Up. On top here it says, from English to English, what. If I were. To do this. Get. Into line here let me get a new line if I can get my mouse going here my mouse is being recalcitrant. Too I want. To use so let's, pick mmm. Chinese. Okay. Start. Again. Thursday. Is. Thanksgiving. I. Hope. You have a nice holiday. Well. There you go Chinese, you're, gonna say how can I be sure that, that's really Chinese. Well. You can check it out. Let's. Just check it out we, talked about this a little while ago. If. You. Go to, review. Go. To review, there. Is a translate. Translate. The, section. That's. A few seconds, there. You go I. Guess. It was right I. Thought. That is pretty good I am, not sure but. I. Think, it. Might be a really, good little. Addition. To. Microsoft. Word for many people, who. Are. Not great typist such as me I. Don't. Know if you have students. Or children at home but it might be something. That they can use to and. I. Don't know if this is something that eventually. Might end even up on some. Classroom. Computers. What do you think about that ROG well. It's, um it's my career it's a Microsoft, add-in, yes. It's from Microsoft, is. Yeah. I don't see there, are other, add-ins, that we've talked about with, powerful like well, you know sector the one that's now, leaving office, mix. And even. At one point, the. Immersive reader was. An add-in so, it just might, be something that. Yeah. Yeah, whether or not you want to include it oh yeah yeah, and did, you talk about Microsoft, Garage, the Microsoft, Garage projects. At, one time no I think you did, okay. But anyhow this this, was. Started. In a Microsoft, garage project, a bunch of people started, and then. They all jumped, in and kind of created, this and. It. Is actually. Pretty darn good. I I played, with it for quite some time it even has you, know a list of. Commands. That it works right now and I don't doubt that they're going to add, in. More. Down. At the bottom you can see that it is, copyrighted. By Microsoft, Corporation, so, it is a Microsoft. Add-in. It's not a third. Party ad in so. I thought that was that, it might be pretty useful, question. Yes. Is. There. Text to voice with. This. Well. Let's. See I don't know read aloud. I. Don't. Know hang on second. You'll. Hear it we've all yeah. And that's where I am hearing it okay. Li listen. To the Chinese. Okay. Here. Yeah. It is right it did its and now I don't know if I can do the Chinese this. Is going to be I'll, tell well. I can hear it go ahead try it. No. It's it's. I'm. Not it's not I see it somehow, or another I'm, clicking on this. Then. It goes away if you why does it highlight. The entire passage. What. Happens when I guess that far oh. Yeah. It's reading the whole thing.

No. It did not read the chat a Chinese, it. Read the English well I remember. Going. Back a bit with, the yes, of reader notebook, and all that stuff yeah that's yes that's what I was talking there, were there. Was a feature and I haven't been able to reproduce it on every. Notebook, file or etc, and. There's one that I was messing around with and it read. Fairly. Fluently, in a. Sounder. Enabling. Voice and. It's. Uh I. You. Know you could hear you could hear it I could probably find, it but you guys would nearly hear it. So. Maybe those are going to merge, yeah. Some point yeah. And I just wanted to show you that when. You install, do that install. From. That web page it. Also installs, it, on PowerPoint. And I. Believe in Outlook, I don't use outlook a great, I don't use outlook for my meal and so forth so, but. And it, works very much the same, in. PowerPoint. So. Where do we fit these in drinks clapping, great. Hey. See. Ya. Just. Stop it okay all, right yeah. But it's it's yeah, I don't. Know I'm just wondering. If. It might be an. Assist. You. Say to students. Who are taking. Like, online, tests. And. Part. Of them easily or not going well when I was still doing. All this kind of stuff we, got. You. Know kids had various. Test accommodations. Mm-hmm, dictate. Yes. I. Remember. Many, years ago, they. Going. To a meeting at cataract. Where. They were considering. Which. Penmanship. Course. To. Adopt for the lower grades because the students, were writing their tests, too slowly. Now. I wonder if this might be the answer to those who are typing, their tests. Too slowly although, I understand, that many of them now are not timed is that correct I'm not sure of some of those. Somebody. Somebody might let, me know about solving, I know I think, third, grade ela, in. The. Spring, is doing. You know, assessments. On online. Interesting. To, see. That. Question, yeah, I when I was going through that website the. Support. Site there I, ran. Into that and, I just thought, that you know hey this is a. Great. Site. Has. A lot of things and then when I found that I I. Was. Very, very. Interested, in that I thought jeez you know I'm, not sure I'm going to use it an awful, lot, but. I. Like, to learn new things and, you know these are these, are some of the things, that you.

Might Want to take a look at, give. You some ideas there are also templates. And all kinds, of things that, you. Can find. And, work. With on this. You know try it with, templates, and it la allows, that too and some of the templates, I haven't. Messed with and I just went, over them very quickly. They, deal with. Three-dimensional. Models, so. I don't know exactly, what, that means okay. Explore. Your subject, in visual. Detail, using different, views with word. 3d, models, I'm not sure. PowerPoint. 3d, models. You. Might be interesting to look into. But. Anyhow. Great. Site you might want to take a look at that I, do. Recommend it very highly, and with that Raj maybe, I should. Allow. You to do. A little talking. What. Screen, is waiting for you here I, am. Going to share I. Won't. Say sunny. Okay. And. You should have, the. Screen. Okay. I see. We have you. Know a good number of our audience I think the the. Bills, fans. Therapy. Sessions seem to be over. We. Won't rock the boat too much here you, know. How. We feel having. Come from, last. Night's a vermin saver game to, today's the, bonus. Yeah. Western. New York is weeping. Yes. One. Buffalo to none Buffalo. Yeah. That. It, is be and been. A. Terrible. Terrible weekend, hasn't it that way. So. Far. We. We didn't get lake, effect snow that. Might be my doctor. Ordered, yeah. Yeah. Well. Yeah, yeah, well, you touched on a couple of things I'm gonna jump off on a couple. Of tangents, here. You're. Gonna jump on tangerines, yep I am. Guard. Your eyes. Talking. About you. Know the dictation. Voice. Recognition text. To voice voice, to text all. Of these. Advances. In technology. And. Probably. The, last to, take advantage of many of these technologies, unfortunately. Or, maybe, cautiously. Anyway. Our schools. And curriculum, and, so. On down. The line not that we should jump on every. New thing which. Unfortunately. I confess, to doing quite. A bit but. I. Don't. Think I'm alone in that am, I know. I'm a second, no. No. No. Just. I just. I'm, finishing, up Dan, Brown's new book. Origins. Origin. Excellent. Talk. About you. Know this I'm, not gonna spoiler alert anybody, but. In. 50 years the human species is, gone. There. Yes fiction. But any but the whole idea of artificial, intelligence and and. So. Huh is pretty, interesting what it would not brought that to mind with. You. Know what we're talking about with this dictation, and. You. Know what's, wrong with, taking. Advantage of some of this technology, to. Amplify and, you, know they leverage some learning I had. A picture somewhere I grabbed this week oh maybe, you've seen the commercial, with the slop, playing. Oh yes Oh what. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah well. I have a image, I don't know if I showed it last week cuz it, was a couple of that, movie from Zootopia I think I think I did show. Like the, sloth being the students, being, in their passwords, and. Their usernames, oh yes. You. Know just come. On yeah, how, are we gonna test, these kids, reliably. Validly. When. You. Know it's, a struggle for all this but maybe the voice, tech. Technology. Is gonna gonna. Help. Who. Knows. But. I I think it but they're gonna we're gonna we're gonna have more questions and answers when we start getting to. A. Lot of this stuff, you. Touched on a whole lot of stuff early. On, I. Want, to go back to. Well. Actually I'm gonna sign in to office 365.

That's. Some. Questions, from different users. In. The. Last two weeks about it and I think perhaps. There. Seems to be some movement. To a, getting. It going and then managing. It in fact we had a question. We. Know that we. The. Staff in the district the students in the district are getting. Office 365, accounts, which entitles. 365. Account holders, to install, the. Office. 216. Suite. Of programs on, their individual, computers. And share them up to five, installs. So. What I wanted to point out real. Quick and I, think we've talked, about it here and there but remind. People again about. How to manage, those. Installs. And. Pointing. Out a couple of things so I'll. Just go back to that to. That screen, you're. Always greeted, with this. In. The upper right hand corner, once you sign in and go that far install. Office. 2016. Well we. Know that, it is pre-installed. On. Your. School districts, issued. Computer. Or computers, a few desktops. Or, whatever but, other. Installs. You. Can install it here. Do. You don't want to do that if you're on your school assigned. Laptop, but. The other installs. Click. Below that and. You. Go to. The. Next. Page and. Ask. For click, it doesn't look like a clickable link unfortunate. I don't know why they did. That at least on Mike maybe, because I've clicked on it a couple times it sometimes, it goes from blue to oh maybe. Purple. Or something check. On my account, install. Status. The. Next screen, tells. Us. Where. We. Have installed our. Other. You know other. Valid. Installations. This, first one probably. Here, is. Detected. 3 installs, so. Let's let's just accept the fact that there are. Five. Okay. And. I'm gonna say this so this one here. Should. Be. Your. School issued device. My. School is issued, device, the. Name is. Provided. I didn't. Have anything in assigning, to so yours is probably whatever. It is last name first initial for. Your device, I don't know what the 14 indicates, so, on and.

Then. The other devices. Where. I have installed it this is my surface. This, is another laptop I have in. My, house as well. So. You can. Manage. Those. But, notice you can be activate, them it's. Not oneand, done, by. Any stretch if you. This. Is the air time this time, of the air where you might be maybe, another. Personal, device for the. Holidays maybe, treating yourself or, and whatnot, maybe replacing. An old, PC. Or laptop with. A new one and you, want to let's say here, this like say this is my school so I wouldn't deactivate, that, the. Other two, devices I have. Frequent. Use of this, is a surface. Pro but. Notice they're all the same. Pretty. Much the same additions. Here you can deactivate them. Well. When. You deactivate it. That. Gives would give then give me, detected. Installs would be two, then so, I could go and then reinstall. On. A. New, new. Device if I want, what. Happens, to the. Programs, that you have downloaded. And, installed. The office suite the, PowerPoint. Word, Excel, whatever else, publisher. Or whatever you've, installed, from. That. Device. Well. They. Don't erase. Themselves. You. Basically can still view and. Print. Any. Documents. Anything that you've created. While. You had an, activated. Version, of, that. Particular. Program probably. Most likely Word. Or, PowerPoint perhaps. So, again, you can still view. The documents. Which. I assume means you can also, send. Them to maybe to an activated, device and so on till, you clear, them up but. You. Know we're, getting more and more questions about this in fact the, question was asked well. Our. Students. Have this now. Access. About. Mom and dad at home either students, going to be able to. Explain, this could a simple handout. Explain. All this. The. Downloading, the activation, etc, etc so gene and I have been talking about. Maybe. Responding. To. The district initiative, coming up in. January. To, turn in the next. Semester. With, some Adult Ed courses, that. Would, invite the public in and explain. This we've have, talked about it very. Generally. When. The individual. Schools have had their, parent. Technology, night, calm. Showcases. There. Was just the most recent one was at Naga speaks school. Several. Weeks back and it this was a topic, that was mentioned but not dealt. With but. As classroom. Teachers with. Your students. And this. Starts, to make us weighing. It you, know it's popular and people get interested you, may find yourself, being. Asked some of these questions so. The discussion, is I'm going and if you have some ideas please you. Know share, them with how, okay how do we support this, thou. X, number. Of students in the district times four, or five. Times. For extra, activations. Here what, can that look like and they. Don't have to be in the. School district, you don't have to sign on to use it when, you, give authorization to. Someone, just to, go through the install process they. Would need a sign, on code but once it's activated. The. Owner of that account. Little. Bobby Smith or. Linda. Whatever name is their. Name will appear in the upper right hand corner, but, it won't, be tied to, they, don't have to be online to do it because the online portion is all the office365 what, I'm talking, about is the, downloaded. Version. Down. Here, in the bottom of my taskbar, down here these, are the installed. Versions. Of the programs, back. Here. I'm. Going to, let. Me get. Rid of these drawings here back, here. These. Are the online. Versions. Of the programs when. I go into Word or, PowerPoint or. Excel it. Will say online. You come down here after. You've installed, office 216. They're. No longer online, there. Are guests a buzzword is. There client, version, or the installed, version of those. Programs, and these, are the the. Full-fledged. Versions. Of office, 216. And any updates upgrades and, so, on. Will. Accompany those. Installs, that's your understanding Jean. Yes. Absolutely. That's what, I do on mine, yeah, so. Again. You can have X number of installs. I'll. Go to manage. My install. Take. Account there. You, may not know, that whether, or not your, particular. Computer, will. Have a name they're all named you, may not have given it the name like. I said here it's, a laptop that I have Oh in. The, kitchen so I did name that but. -. You're, gonna be asked the name and it will just go through and actually grab. It but this is keeping track of okay which one is, which, just to make it a little easier. With. That there. So. Let me get. Out of, that. That. I'll. Keep that going for just. A little bit here. Shortly. And, we've alluded, to this a couple of times in the last week, or two the.

School. District, website. Is. Going. To be. Changed. It's going to be enhanced you're. Gonna see a difference, let me go to the district home us my webpage the. District homepage is, going to change and. It's. Getting a whole. I. Know. It's not be well, redesigned. In an innocence, I'm going to show you what that's, going. To look like you, know in a moment but. This. Is coming you don't have to do anything if you already have a classroom. Webpage you, don't have to do a thing. You will notice a difference when it happens, however and we've, invited. Judy. Glasser when this does, take place to come on and share with us, some. Insights, and so on. About. Maybe the history of it and. What. Are some of the things that we should. Take. Note of but, it's going to look something, like. This. I'm going to. Lockport. City Schools has done there's already and I think a. Couple other districts, in. Erie. One, BOCES. Of western, New York area because they are, using, the blackboard, engine they. Also. Are, part of this general. Upgrade, what's. The big thing that, you. Might notice first. Okay. You're going to get a different. Navigation. Down. Here the, thing that I noticed, immediately was, look. How much more. Screen. Displays. The. New. Version, of the website is going, to take advantage of. Every. Device and any device that you are using to view. The. Website notice. Now it goes completely. Side. To side if you're on a mobile device it. Will. Take. Advantage and. Maximize. That experience, on whatever mobile, device you, have whether it's a tablet and iPad smartphone. Etc. So, it's, there, are going to be some nice changes Judy we'll go over them with. Us in particular when it happens, but again, the navigation. Is, fairly. Intuitive, they. Can push. Messages. And, things, out it might, make it a little easier for the general, public. To. Find. Information they might be seeking if they start out on your, class web page or a school web page and. So. On we. Have haven't been given a, precise. Date on this, yet, I asked. Judy this week if she knows for sure I think, they're, feeding her in from nation she. Just sent out an, email to some people saying. Look at some of these aspects. And. Making some general comments and so on but, I just, kind. Of like I had this is coming, I, think, it's you, know I don't, know if it's overdue, or not it's a little different I'm anxious, to see what, we. Look like as a district, compared, to say. Lockport. Uses their city colors, obviously their school colors district, colors to, enhance the. Page and, so on the Lockport Lions. Whether. Or not we'll keep the same color scheme I suspect. We. Will but. I don't know I'm waiting I'm, hopefully. I'm surprised. On. The on, the good side of that. So. They. That is coming so look. For it a few, weeks back we talked about the mobile app and how to download it and what some, of the things that look like we may revisit, that, or judy. May revisit that. When. She. Joins us for a Sunday. Night webinar, and. I. Wanted. To just do just, oh like, a, couple of things here Jeanne and I'll get back to you, no. No no hurry take your time okay. Well. I. Just woke me up know I've. Been going through. Adding. Things that this, has. Not always been called just, tacky. This was my. Summer. I started. Throwing things in here as Jean and I both, collect, articles. Via. Flipboard. Social, bookmarking, whatever else you want to call, it but I've been throwing articles, in here so you might find them. Just. A bit dated but a bit dated only by a month, or two. But. We. Talk, here and there about, blogging. We've. Had been running a blog associated. With the Sunday night webinar, if, we started up, with the new school year I did. Not as I did not lastly but a blog in last, week there were no comments, so. This. Week don't know maybe. Figure. Out a way to to, entice people to. Participate with, blogging but here is an article as there. Are on my web page. I'll. Go back. Let's. See let's pick a school I want to show you real. Quick. 79th. Street and then I'll go to my web page right here. And. We talked about. Blogging. Social. Bookmarking. And and, so on. Which. Is blogging, and then Flipboard, and what, not I.

Don't. Know where I put the. I'm. Getting a little feedback Jean are you on your headset er I. Am. NOT saying anything. No I getting, feedback, of my voice, yeah oh I am on my. I'll. Turn my volume down, but I am on my headset, okay well I was getting some feedback I'm edge off is that any better now. Seems. To be a yell or scream yeah. Okay. I. Could. Hear myself with a slight delay hey. You. Know that can be very very, distracting. I'm sorry. Yeah. I wasn't sure where I was coming from, mmm. That's interesting. And. I. Think actually I think it's on just. Technology, resources. Page or actually it's on the teacher Resource Center, page but, article, again an article. About blogging, and. The. Benefits, of it doing it with students, and it's you know a real voice a real audience and a real purpose or. The blog you want to share, things. So. On and, as. Jean was talking, about sharing some images, and. I, think Judy may well remind, us of the, obligation, that we and our students have to make, sure we're not using. Copyright. Protected. Images. Our web pages and so on. You. Talked about. That. Tool the dictation, tool or dictate, the Microsoft, tool. And. I. Came, across this, article and. It. Referenced, this website. In. Fact I have it going here. It's. Called word. Counter. This, is nothing. That you. Can't replicate, or, duplicate. Using. Current. Microsoft. Tools. But. What I thought was it was kind of a nice idea that, kind, of segue. Did in here this is a free site you can sign up for it you can, also pay for like. A pro. Version of. It, which gives, you some other you. Know X number of, features. But the basic idea here is and I we used to do this in, our. English. Classes I think we just have our kids, write. In a journal on. Pretty. Much a daily basis, and. One. Thing I did okay I'd give, them a topic if they needed a topic. I'd. Say fill the page. And. Everybody's, handwriting, is different, etc etc so, one. Kids page may have many, substantially. More words than another. And. So on but this is giving them a goal what I like this basically it was over here is. You. Can give, the kids of gold now you this could be. And. We know within Microsoft. Word. You. Can look behind the scenes and get word counts, and so on this. I can ask for a hundred, words a hundred, characters, or, you, could you can set that up and. This. You, might want to play with this in fact you could probably put a link to this website put, in a generic. Sign. In code and just let students, use it from your class webpage but you can control. The. Quantity of words. Like. It could be you know a hundred. At a setting, it and it could be how many characters or how many words, if you're into a let's. Say you want to emulate a, Twitter. Feature you could put well. It used to be to 140. You could put in to 80 you, can say there must be a minimum and so on but just to get kids. And this is good practice it's, practice. Obviously. Keying. And if this is not a, keyboard. Exercise, program, but it's keying in words. Probably, in some context, creating. Some meaning and so on and, you can set minimums, and, so on and then, this. Keeps, track down here if, you're typing, here. Notice. At the bottom of the screen. It's. Because I have two words or loving characters, and so on but, giving, the kids a goal like you, know if you're doing in. A phys ed class X number of laps or so many pushups. And so on or so many shots from a foul line. Making. It practice, and this could be something that's done in the center or, however you want to manage it if you're an elementary class, or a secondary classroom, but just given. That we are under that, pressure of. Everybody. Getting. Kids to, become. Comfortable. And confident using a. Computer. Or a laptop for. A testing, situation. We don't want their lack of facility. With it to. A. Effect. A proper. Assessment we, want to know what they know, and what they can do. Doesn't. Really matter how fast they. Can do it etc. Like, even I noticed gene when you were doing the dictation, it, automatically. Capitalized. The, word Thanksgiving. Yes. Yes, in Chinese. Here's. All highlighted, because it was all a the. Word thought misspelled, and so on but, I don't think you're going to get a Mis, misspelling.

With. That. In. This, day and age. With. Spellcheck, etc. Autocorrect. All of that stuff, is that. A proper, concern anymore. Do we need to. Make that the, focus of so, much instructional, time yes. To. A degree, obviously. Especially in the early grades when they're learning. You. Know sight words etc, etc but, maybe, moving. On from that we, take advantage and, leverage. Some of this technology. More. You. Know for another purpose and buy some time, the. Constant, refrain is there's no time, well. I can, save you a little time here. And there it just might add up, to be enough, you. Know make, an impact on learning and so on and. That's that's when I got Jean, hey. Raj that's. Good I just found. The answer to a question that you asked about 15. Minutes ago. Boy. That, exceeds, my limit of recall so go ahead, and. And. And, I just know I haven't even had a chance to check it out so you know you should never, show. Anything that you don't. Know. About that I'm going to anyhow, okay. So. Do you want to screen sure. Let's. Give you the screen, yeah. You're gonna give me something else too Hey okay all, right I'm back to word all. Right two things, that's. Where. Did it go. That's. Weird I, know. Not, of that, you speak ah. That. Was strange, all. Right let me try something here okay I, think. I know what's happening first, of all you mentioned how. Good this was. So. Let's do a test first of all. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. How's. That. Pretty. Impressive, yeah. But, now. Raj. Look over on the right now. It went away oh. There. It is. Okay here can you see that mm-hmm. There's. The play. And. I'm going to stop this. What's. The playing. It's. Saying, my, what. I have here. Yeah. I mean, it's reading it yeah. It's reading it remember you were saying that yeah yes, all right we're. Talking about the reading it's right here okay I wasn't sure what what, it was playing that's okay. Oh. I. Not only I can vaguely. Hear. It yes okay. Now not only that is if I'm highlighting, that there's, see this little person. Here it says settings you, can set. The speed oh I. Have to you have to have something highlighted. To have this by the way apparently and. You. Have a, male. And a female. Voice. I. Didn't. Notice that but very similar, and. Some, of the features of the immersive reader, yes. Well yeah what the with the option for a male or a female voice, but. The. Speed, I. Just. Happen to notice that but also I noticed that, it. Does. Pick up the words pretty well too with that, supercalifragilistic. Expialidocious. Another. Button you can toggle there in. The. Riveter manual. Presentation. Manual, punctuate confuse me yeah if you manual, yeah it's, he's. From. Mexico City manual, nice guy nice guy. Funny. I'm saying yeah. But. Not you can then go in and I don't know manual. Punctuation, I think, that allows you to go in and punctuate. As I have not played with. That, well. There's another. Learning, exercise. Yeah. There's. An awful lot you can do with that dictation. You. Know and I uh you, know hey. If. You. Would like if you have. It on your home computer try, installing, that uh, we. Ought to go back to where it was, yes. I'm going that's exactly, what I'm doing right now it's, in my. Flipboard. And, if you go to the November, December. One. You, will find it. Well, you know this is not in exact, order okay. You won't find it in this exact, order but. There are two this is the pay. The big page that I had children. That had all the support the, training and so forth but this is the speech recognition. Right here this will take you to the. Site. That. Will allow you to download it right there okay, yeah. That's right there, and. It's kind of cool, cool. Hey we're running out of time very quickly I, just. Want, to show you well, I wanted. To show you about ten things but one, thing. This. This. Week you, know sometimes. People are, looking, for things to do. You. Know because of the holidays. And the heightened. Emotions on, the students. If. You have younger students. I'd. Say grades up to grades three, four this. Is a cool site I'm gonna show it more next time but. Try home, story, online, it has stories, that are ready they have a number of lets see it real quick you, know I know. I don't have enough time to to. Really, show you what. It's like but, it has a number, of stories that you can click on and have this have, them read you know, like if you're sitting there reading a story and they're read by very. Very, good.

Nice. Readers, who read the, book so you, can see the lady there these. Are the readers okay, really, cool so if you know if you need, something. This. Week. You can try that there's. Another one here. Huge. We've. Been here before if. You need some creative, stuff this is just kinda just came out from one of our our. Favorite, guys here. But. It's called big huge labs been around it says since 2005. And, it's got all kinds of things you can do and make and, create, on here, you. Can for. Example I was messing around with the, Billboard today making a billboard I never did quite finish it because I was going to show, it tonight but I didn't quite get it a CD. Cover, that. Might be a good thing you. Know oh that, works in Turkey. Yeah. That's, true too yeah. It's, going the same way as the. The. Save icon. Okay. Yeah, badge makers, things, like that take, a look at that so just stuff, you can do they. Do like teachers, to create. Free. Accounts. And then you can use them but movie. Poster, via star jigsaw. Make your own puzzles okay. A lot of fun a lot of fun there. And, yet, it could be creative. Okay. And and, with that I think we've reached almost the magic hour right so just a reminder that we won't be around next, weekend, a. Webinar. Will be around but we won't be. You've. Mentioned a couple of quick resources, of course always check the. Smart. Exchange, oh yes. The, Kahoot website for. Some. Stuff if you're looking for something in the next day or two and I'm sure. You. Don't hold different. Pace in your classroom, and so on yeah, there's. Some really good things out there of course always, always, the. Issue now is not finding, something it's, there's. So much out there it's finding, just, the right thing, and. You know calling, out a whole lot of other things so again, my Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Hope. You all have a great week, and, we. Hope to see you in two, weeks how's that great, enjoy, the holiday, inn within. An hour's time you'll get a thank you and survey, Lake so please. Respond. To that and with, that I'll, say good night Jean, okay. And good night Raj and good night everybody, hey Raj is, that webinar, at eight o'clock tomorrow morning it is.

Okay. How, about I meet you there I'll see you there that was my text message you just got. And. Everybody, take care guys, everybody.

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