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How's. It going everyone I just, want to make a little video for you guys usually. After I post a video a knife video I give, it about a. Week, or so and see. What kind of comments may come up or questions, and I'd like to answer those in a video for, you guys so. This. Is the latest video, that I uploaded, it's. A cleaver, and. It's made from. 1075. High carbon steel and it. Has paper. Micarta. Bolster. And, a. Brown. Maple, burl I, think. They're brown me yea brown maple burl handles. Which. Are from Beck, circle, blades I buy those on Instagram. And this. One I bought from knife kits calm, the. Handles. Are secured. With decorative, pins they're 7/32. Inch and. I. Used West, Systems glue to, secure them. Also. It. Comes with. Black. Black. And red. G10. Spacers. So. It's, a pretty big cleaver if you want to do some heavy chopping, and go all, the way back you want to do some light shopping, and. I. Think it's balanced. Right. There. Alright alright comes with a sheath. Which. Has this kind of like leather. Pattern, it's whole sticks, and. I got it from my knife kids calm, you, could go there and find, out a me, type. Of, Kydex. Or whole sticks any pattern that you want the. One of the questions that comes up is will this rust yes, this. Is high carbon so the rust, if. It's non-title. The, question is how do you keep it from rusting I usually. Give my clients. 2000. Grit sandpaper so, if the rust develops, you know you could just sand. It off if, it's if the, knife. Is going to be used for. For. Not food purposes then, I usually, put some oil on it now. Jim Skelton, hates anybody. Who puts oil on it and he, recommends, using this one edci. Formula. So. Just google it you'll find out and. He says just spray, it on rub, it off with with, a clean cloth and you're good to go for, a mom mr. Barnhardt cleaver, video, I got, a lot upset, people because, I didn't, use pins. And, I, use. Screws, instead, of pans so hopefully, oh and. Also for. Some people did the taste of the wood that I used it, didn't, match their taste so. Hopefully. This this handle. Matches, your taste there, was a comment saying I thought, you said you're gonna post the expendables. Legion your knife instead. You post a cleaver video I want to see the legendaries. Knife well. Here's. What happened I had, about 15, knives that I worked on and, they're all CPM, 154. So. I have I had to ship. Him out for heat treat and, because. I can't do that at home it's, a complex process for, me and, it, took about. 15. Days or so no, maybe less for. The whole process so meanwhile, I decided, to, make. A cleaver video so hopefully, you. Guys didn't get bummed out because I am post a. This knife video out, of those knives on keeping, one of them for myself and. That knife is gonna replace my, old cheap, Walmart. Brand that, gives dolls so fast and, the. Other one was scared ashy I finished, it and I got shipped out to customer. There. Was a comment on this cleaver video, loved. Your. Video. Everything was excellent there. Was something missing alright, it's a it's a music. How. Come you don't put. Music on your videos anymore, well. I'm, a member with audio blocks calm, and. I've. Been using it for over two years and over, those two years I had nothing, but headache and. I'll. Explain. Why so. When. You become a member you pay $99. A year and now went up to. $150. A year or one hundred forty nine hundred, fifty bucks even and. When. When you buy the membership, you get access to if any music you want on that website. So. I would, go pick sit. For hours picking. Out what music I want to download it right so then you edit the video you put, the music in a video you. Go to post it on YouTube a couple. Of, seconds later or a minute or a day later two, days later you. Get a copyright notice. Saying. That yeah you use somebody, else's music it's not your music, so. Then you got a go to audio, blocks calm you got to submit. The. Link to your video saying. Hey can you remove the copyright, notice I'm. A member with you guys so they say okay it'll take 48 to 72, hours, meanwhile. You're not getting paid because. The. Video that you submitted, that you work really really hard and, you work. Really hard on the knife that you made and you published. It you're, not getting paid because you, use somebody else's music in your video now, they're getting paid, you. See how that works so while it's getting resolved, it takes time so I guess yes, you get reimbursed.

Of All, the profits, that miss but. Then. Time goes by again and. I. Usually upload, two. To three part videos so, time goes by and. Another. Composer. That you use their music they, put a copyright notice. On your video saying that a you, use my music. In your video it, doesn't belong to you. So. Then you got a go to audio blocks again, and submit, it and it gets to a point that you've submitted so, many times for that video, yeah audio, block says hey. You need to deal. With that. With we, deal with that issue with YouTube, so now you gotta go to youtube submit, the copyright, request. And. It's a process and you gotta explain that I'm a member with them I pay this much in my membership. The, music, was used with, proper. Authorization. Can, you remove the copyright, issue, if, you need the receipts. Of the my membership, I have them thank, you very much so time goes by they. Remove, it a couple, of days goes by another video, gets hit and. I'm, gonna put a little video. For you to show you in my email, how many copyright, notices. I get and I've deleted a lot of him and then it just got to a point where I said hey if. If, somebody, mentions, in my video that why, why I don't use the music in my videos I'll. Save this just to show you guys that the. Headache that I go through with. The copyright, issues, now, I'll. Probably look into I just don't have time right now but I'll try to find maybe. Another website that provides, music. Worth, I will, not have this kind of headache issue with, the music, copyright issues, but as, of, right now I'm just gonna post. Videos, without music, and it's, just peace. Of mind, mr.. Barnhardt cleaver I didn't expect it it's already well I think. It's 1.8. Million views, and imagine, if I used music on that video, and, how. Many copyright, notices, I would get. I'm glad I didn't, but here's a bright side. We. All have different tastes in music so. When. You get home turn. On your favorite music in the background, turn, on my video and enjoy, the video I think. It's a win-win situation, there. Was a question what knife do I use to, cut out. Stencil. This. Is Kershaw. And, the. Model, is. 1600. As you. Can see I'm still, battling. With. The grinding. Of the bevels, well, on this. Particular, cleaver. And I, get. A question a lot of times I get a question. What. Is the angle, that you set up your bevel. Jig, and I know the file jig -. To. Grind a bevel what is the perfect angle and there.

Is No perfect angle it will depend on your thickness. Of the steel that you use and it, will depend on the. Width. Of your, bevel. So. Right here you could see the bevel is short. Right. Here it's a little bit longer the. Angle will change from here to here so. If. You could see it. You. Have a short bevel I think, and it grows, and, then, it gets smaller and it grows again. So. When you look at it this side. Your. Angle, is gonna. Go. From this. When. You get to this part your. Angle, of the file is gonna go like this, when. You get to this part, it's. Gonna go from this it's gonna go back to this and then. Here it's gonna go, different. Angle so there. Is no perfect angle, to file, what. I usually do, is. Let's. Take this this, knife for example, I. Leave. The edge about. One. Millimeter. You. Know scribe, two lines. One, millimeter. Apart. That's your Center, you. Don't want to go past that. Then. You have a bevel line the top line, now. Whatever that angle, is you, got to match this line. To. This line all. The way across so. There. Is no, specific. Angle, that you grind there is a question, why do I put holes in my Tang, well. These. Two are going to be for decorative pins. Well. These. Two are going to be for decorative pins these. Three are going to be Corby bolts. The. Rest just to, make the handle. Lighter and, it. Gives glue more. Room to attach. Its itself, to each other so, that's. It pretty, much it it, gives a lighter handle, because once you add, wood. Material, or whatever material. Here this part is gonna become heavy so. You kind of want to balance it out why, don't I make my own leather sheath why. Use cheap, plastic. Well. I don't. Have in your room to. Make. Leather you, know you need some workspace, and I don't. Have any workspace, right now plus it's it's kind of I want. To have a clean environment where. I work with leather and I don't have any. Of that so. Once. I have a bigger place I would. Love to get into leather making question. Was how. Come I don't, chop. Stuff at the end of the video, well. Once. I'm done, it's. In the prestige. Finish. Or a nice, finish, and. If. You start chopping and everything then you put scratches, on it and. I, I. Like to finish my knives and. Send. Them out to the customer, so I did. That with the. Tanto. Kukri after. I finished, it I went outside and start chopping, everything and. I have. To go back and hand sand it and clean. It up yeah, I. Don't. Want to do that I. Get. Questions all, the time what is this where do you get it so. These are diamond, wheels, not. This one. But. I. Get. This one from Harbor, Freight and this is based. In u.s., USA. These. I got a Amazon. So. Why, do I use them because. I don't have a. Belt. Grinder, that will have, an attachment, to, fit, less. Than two inch this is a two inch diameter. This. Is less so I I I don't. Have anything to grind with a belt grinder, I want to save time so, what I do is. I'll. Use a file. Right. To shape it and. Once. I'm done. I'm. Not really good at filing so, sometimes. It'll be like this sometimes like this right the angle it's, not gonna be perfectly, look I'll get a really close but. It's time not, gonna be perfect, 90, degree, to. The the. Hand, handle. Part so, what I do I usually. Put. This on and, just. Grind it until. I get a perfect 90 degree. From. This part to this part and. That's, basically, why I use them if, I had a belt, grinder with a one-inch attachment, belt. Then. I would you know with one-inch diameter, then. I would I would, stop using them right now, I only, have a two-inch that. I use the most and for.

This One I'll use the I think it's a four. Inch wheel. On the bottom of my grinder, all I'll use it for this part right here and. I'll use a two inch, maybe. I'll use a four inch and four inch and a 2-inch. Basically. When you guys design, your knives. Design. To the tools that you have this. Way it'll make your job easier, I mean. Once I have a real. Professional, grinder, you, know I'll I might, redesign, this model. You know make, it a little bit different but as of right now I'm. Just gonna stick with what I have so I could get. These out as fast as I can okay. There. Was a question how, do you use your drill press where, when. You drill, the. Drill. Bits, don't catch and make a helicopter, spin. Basically. The first thing you gotta have. Sharp. Drill bits and, don't, just jam, the. Drill into the steel he'll catch I've got mine too, so just go easy you know you'll feel it just light. Pressure let. It drill itself and you'll be fine now if, it's a bigger drill, then. I'll I'll put like a stop, pin or somewhere, it could the the, knife can rest you. Know and, not not spin. But. Other. Than that, just. Just go easy. I. Want. To sleep, come. Work at nights all. This, week so. I. Gotta. Go get I gotta go get him. Stencils. There. Was a question how. Do I get my stencils, what's, the process. This. Is base, in the United States I had. My brother draw well, basically I gave my brother a sketch of what I wanted, my stencil, to look like and, he. Draw it up on Adobe. Illustrator, and, he exported, it in a PNG, file. Then. I shipped, out the PNG, file in an email to tuss, technologies. Or, technology, and. I. Told. Them the dimensions, of the stencils, I want to, be after. That, they send you a. Little. Email. With attachment. And then, you print it out and basically, you'll see the size of your stencil how. It will look and, if you don't like it use right, back to a can, you make a little smaller or bigger or whatever, once. You approve it they'll. Print. Them out I don't know how they do but. They'll print them out and. Ship. Them to you and. These. Three stencils, I got I got one of the pieces up already, but. You'll have. Whatever. Your it'll, come in one two three four five. So. For this stuff right here I paid, one. Hundred and seven dollars. And. These you could use like thousand. Times or more so. They're reusable, just just keep keep. Them clean don't. Fold, them once. Once, you fold it and put a crack in it that. Becomes an open space, where the. Edge and it will eat out so keep them nice and flat and straight when you want wipe them you know to clean and. You'll be fine and then I just keep them in, separate. Baggies, of. Different. Sizes different, logos because. Let's. Say. This. Is 3/16. Thick. But. This one is only. 0.20. See. The difference in thickness. No. If you can on the video but this one is smaller than this one so you can't use the, stencil that goes on this one for this one because, they won't fit this one will you know it'll. Go past its, boundaries. So, you gotta use a smaller, stencil. For some thinner because, it won't look good and. If, you use a, small. Stencil, on the big thick, steel. It, won't look good either so I tried. To keep him separated, and, that's. How I do it I. Want. To talk about hand, sanding, and, heat. Treating, a little. Bit I just, want to show you guys or talk about a process, that I do, the. Question, was why, do you hand, sand before heat treat, before. He treat your steel. Is an unyielding, where. It's soft and you, could shape it do whatever you want with files hand, sanding, is much much easier at that. Stage then. After. The heat treat after, the heat treat, it's. Pretty much you're, left to a belt, grinder, so, if you're good at belt grinding, then. You'll. Be fine but if not then you got to make it almost, perfect, prior, to heat treat so, what I do, once, I shape everything, on, a. Knife how I want it all the bevels I'll hand sand it and if. You want to watch a good video on hand sanding Nick wheeler, I think.

It's Sanding, 101 it, shows you the proper steps to the hand sand so, I'll hand sanded, to, twenty. Three twenty four hundred. Six. Hundred grit. Everywhere. Right. Except, the handle because I'll use the belt grinder to to shave my handle so I'll mess up the the. Finish. But. On the, handle part I'll go only to 20, I won't. Go 600. Or anything because I want, to leave this part as rough as possible, flat. But, rough as possible, so, the glue sticks to it. Here. I'll, go to 600, grit. Like. This one is CPM. On 54 I ship, it out to, the heat-treating company, this. Is what it came back. This. Is the finish. Nice. And clean all I gotta do is hit it with 60, grit I mean I 600. Grit and go up with with the grits but, it's it's a finished product. So. If. I'm doing a, high. Carbon steel same, thing I'll go up to 600 grit I'll heat treat it now. Depending. On on steel you use you'll have scales so. I'll use the LV, reuse, old. Sandpaper. That I, used to hand. Sanded, prior to heat treat to, remove the scales, then, I'll go with new. New fresh. Grits. You know new sandpaper, and I'll go to 23, 24, hundred six hundred, then. I'll. I'll shape. My handles. You. Know drill them everything. To. The to the knife. Take. Them off, you. Know do, all the prepping, because. Once this, part is glued in the front, I'm. Sure yeah too, much to take off once. Once, this part is glued in the front you can't hand sand or buff this cuz you're gonna put, scratches on, the. Knife itself. So I'll, prep, my handles. Then. I'll, go, eight depending, on on ha how high over the hand. Sanding grits I want to go up but. Let's. Say for the cleaver. Once. I shape my handle, got, this this part of the. Focus. Once. I got the front part of the handle buffed out and everything then. I went. 800. Grid. 1200. 1500. I, want. 2000, on on the bevel I. Put. My logo. Buffed. It out and when I h my logos I like, to use the etching. And not marking, mark it all it does is put a mark on it, the. Black mark when, you edge you. Dig, inside the steel and yiu. I why. I like to use the etching part versus, the marking part is because. If. Let's, say after you glue the handles, and, a, little. Bit of glue gotta on somewhere, or you missed it somehow and you have to go back and hand. Sand it, once. You hit that though if, you mark your logo, you. When, your hand sand you you'll wipe it out you'll stand. It out whereas. If, you edge it it goes into the steel and, you could just hand Santa buff and your mark is still there that's. That's the, biggest reason, why I use, mark. Aa edging, instead. Of marking but. Yeah so. I'll. Go to a 1500. Grit I'll, mark it I'll buff, out that because when you mark. I mean when you itch it it. Leaves. Whatever. That. Steeled. I got at edge, tau so. I I'll buff it out to clean it out then I'll hand sand it again once. It's ready, I'll. Glue. The handles, and. I'll I'll have it sitting like this so the glue drips down not, onto the blade and, I like to tape. Everything up I mean, put, a lot of newspapers, or some tape. It, from. Here up and then, I'll leave about this much. Open. Then I'll put a second, layer of tape. So. Once it's glued I'll, start, wiping it with. Cotton. Knobs, or whatever they're called and then. I'll take this part of tape off where. It leaves this portion, still closed or, taped, up and up, so. That's my. Mice. These, are my steps of. Course after you know it's all glued up 24-48. Hours later I'll, have this all covered up again completely. And. I'll start shaping. The handle, and I'll, hand sand. After. The file I'll go with 220, or 320. 400. 600, 800. 1200. On the handles, and on. The pins I'll go. So. 1200 then, I'll go. Mm. So I could buff them and they'll look nice, and. That's. Pretty much it that's that's. My step how. Are all the steps that I go through when. I make a knife. There. Is a question. How. Much did, I sell this cleaver for. If. You guys want me to make a video separately. How. Much each knife got sold for or, what I got for it starting. From very very beginning, and which, knives I kept just just. Right. Maybe a couple of comments below so if, I see that a lot of people would like to see that video I'll, make a separate video all. Right. There. Was a comment. I'm. Currently trying to make a knife but people said it's weird that. I want, to make one. What's. So weird about it okay. When. I forbade, homesick, when I made my first knife a. Lot. Of people are making fun of me oh you're. A knife maker huh well. If anybody, needs a knife go, talk to Slovak, uh why.

Don't You make a knife for me well. Why don't you do this oh. They'll. Find a piece of steel. Laying around or, piece of aluminum, I'll, give this to Slovak, yeah he'll make a knife. You. Can't make knives out of lumina but anyway I. Started. I can't. You know people are some people are making fun of me for making videos. They're. Saying a lot of that's they you need to quit making, knives and start making, adult videos, instead of knives you'll get more money out of it you. Know what, as. Time went by and my skills got better. Some. Of those people want my knives now, and. Hopefully. You. Know what just. Go make your knives don't. Talk to those people just do your thing and. Your. Skills will grow but you know you'll get better and, eventually. They'll. See that all this making fun of you got. Them nowhere but, you you succeeded. So. Right. Now. I'm. Looked upon, or. As before I was making made fun of you know so just. Don't, let it don't let that stuff get you down all right there. Are comments, on my YouTube channel where people place. Their emails. They're. Like they contact, me I want a knife from you here's my email guys. Don't, do that or girls don't do that unless. You want to get spammed. Basically. You're opening, up your email to everybody just. Watching, my video so if, you want to contact me, direct. Message me on the Instagram, and, I'll. Do my best to reply back to you now. I stopped. Replying, on Google+. I do not reply, on Twitter I. Don't. Have facebook the. Only place I reply to people is Instagram, and it's, mostly, do be - because I don't, have enough time in my day to. Upload. And, reply. On all different social media. Platforms. Hopefully. That, oh and, I also, replying, on YouTube, but, if you want like. Direct. Questions, or the cost or a I want to get a knife from you or some then. Instagram. That's. The best place to get an answer for me there. Was a comment. A cleaver. Ass fine deserves, a clever name and it. Was by Joshua, pol Thank. You Joshua, for the comment. Yes, I would, like to thank Don. Allen, for, coming up with a name for this cleaver cuz this. Is one of my hardest, parts. Of knife making his given names to all my knives or cleavers, and when. He said it looks like stingray, I mean.

Yes. It does, Thank, You Don appreciate, it you saved me a lot of headache. In. The last comment it was written by Dillon Wow, absolutely beautiful. And inspires. Me to make my work even better keep up the great work, Dillon. That's. Exactly, what I do I I, follow, people on Instagram that. Are the. Knife makers, that are just, way way better, than I. When. I look at their work it. Too inspires, me to. Increase. My level of skill and. To, do better so. Hopefully, I answered. All of your questions that. Came up on. This. Cleaver video. Take. Care guys and I. Will, try to do my best. To. Get, this knife video, out next so. I, got. A few challenges with it. But. Hopefully, everything, will be resolved, and I'll post this video hopefully hopefully next. Video. Take. Care. And. Go make some knives. And. Don't let anybody get you down. Bye.

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I don't have any social media. How may I contact you about a knife build? Thanks for the mention Sir! Your first class!

SLAVIK TELY I don't have an Instagram account... I may have to use a friend's.


Love the work and quality fit and finish that you produce. You have been one of the inspirations for my knife making hobby.

Thank you Nick.

please teel us the prices of your knifes

I am extremely interested in your pricing!

Please do a video about the pricing! I'll highly appreciate it!! keep up the good work man, I'm a lover of cleavers and that one... Is monster cleaver. Thank you for sharing your amazing work in a not that amazing but still kind of good platform that Youtube is nowadays. Best of wishes!

Super amazing

If these people are really asking you questions about why don't you do it like this.... they obviously don't have a man shop and understand not everyone can afford or have space to do everything.

Tely! Saudade dos seus vídeos. Você é 10!

Hi Slavik, please don't haste your next knife video but keep your rest, we don't want a Slavik Tely that doesn't have fun while making knife video's. And can you post in the future a video about the prices? Thanks!

I dont know what the problem with Kydex is. Kydex is a great value, highly functional and in certain applications more practical than leather. A kydex sheath is maybe not as nice as a leather one but it is easier to make and more versatile in terms of carry options.

Slavik, No one does this better than you. I'm talking about good artists like Diresta, Tabi, Koss types. Forget those bunch of 'big workshop -no skills' guys. No one comes close specially with the finishing touches. God Bless you my brother. Big fan from India

Thank you for the compliment. God Bless you too.

Do the pricing video!

9:40 The script on the window haha nice

On a tripod ;-)

Acciaio c45??

Mate, a great artist is not measured by the tools he uses but by the finished piece and you sir are a great artist. Never question your choices, you have excellent taste

Always great work man thats why i am a continued watcher.

Cuando harás una katana ?

Do more on these videos, there are very interesting and I seem to like this one a lot man

SLAVIK TELY yeah all good, so like explain all your techniques, so similar to this one I guess

Thanks Pete.

I'm not sure if you know it, but you're one of the premier "stock removal" knife builders on YouTube. So many of us knife builders don't have the ability or desire to forge. You always show us that it doesn't require a forge, to be an artisan knife builder. Keep challenging yourself, you inspire many of the rest of us!!!

Well, thank you Scott.

Всё ваша робота очень понравилось отлично робота спасибо за ролик удачи вам ждём новых роликов


Nice job, shine like mirror.

You are an artist!

Nice job plz make samurai sword


Hi bro I like ur videos so much u r really good creatur of swords god bless u

Thank you Vector.

You are verry talented

could you build a framelock folding knife

Not yet. They are not that simple to make. I need a milling machine.

Aaron Linsel Auch Deutscher?

Hi there!


I would like to see video with prices please

Please make the pricing video, that would be informative and interesting.

Where or how can I buy I knife from you?

please make a bushcraft knife

Please make that price-video

yup. me likey.

you should check out "epidemic music" it is really good and no copyright issues!

I could tell just by your voice how tired you were. Specially near the end is was so clear that you were exhausted. I have so much respect for you. Yeah do make a video regarding the prices and the ones you kept. Way to go dude.

SLAVIK TELY love these types of videos keep it up bro ❤️

SLAVIK TELY ohhh haha

Really you are amazing

That'd be cool if you can do some leatherwork. I'm still reasonably new to it, about a year now, but really enjoy it. And think you would too. You do need abit of clean space and equipment though. But mostly hand tools. Kydex is good but too and I think it suits alot of your knives.

Thats nice man. Perfect for a classy serial killer.

can you make a an Egyptian axe please? keep goin luv your vids

Sou do Brasil , gosto muito tu seu trabalho, muito bem feito ,sou fã

Hi Slavik I'm wondering how can I get some of your work ? You do really nice work would like to own something from you.

hey salvik congratulations on the beautiful blade I am Brazilian and I also manufacture blades plus yours are much higher than mine do not know if you have heard of Ricardo Villar who is considered the best cutlery maker in Brazil and who won a cutlery prize in Italy and was a student of Jerry Fisk I wanted to tell you that you are very close to reach that point you do not do blades you do works of art my congratulations for the great work I also wanted to know which is the knife steel and the material of her cable

Why you don't try damascus steel, that would look awesome !!!

well that's great, youtube didn't send me any notifications for the first 3 parts of this, i'll go watch those real quick

SLAVIK TELY ps: If you don't mind bro may I ask where you're from? Slovakia ? Or another Slavik country maybe?

SLAVIK TELY youre welcome brother. And thankYOU for the girls. You've helped me out and inspired me heaps over the years and I've learnt a lot from watching them. Appreciate it and look forward to more. :))

Thanks for advice.

Keep it up bro. What's the saying? "Masters can only be made out of beginners". Or something like that. )) Though i may disagree that "he's not doing blades but doing works of art." It's just semantics I know. But "Artisan" is how I'd describe him. And "artisanship" is a more accurate description of what he does imho. (Or craftsman/craftsmanship even. ) I personally (as a knifemaker) prefer being called this and don't like being called an artist. I'm not the "artsy" type.

Thank you for the compliment. I list all materials below each knife video but not this one.

I sell only in USA and don't take orders right now.

Your dedication is an inspiration to me. I wish i had the resources to do what you are doing right now, but i do see myself fulfilling my dreams someday. Until then i shall see my dreams through your eyes. Thank you for making amazing videos. Love from Pakistan. P.s Do you have a website where I could browse through your generic knife models if i wanted to buy one?

After I got some sleep and started editing video, I then realized how tired I was.

Thank you sir.

Thanks Walter.

You are welcome

95% of them are sold.

Keep up the good work!

I would like to buy it but i just dont have a million dollars. Hahaha beautiful work sir.

How much is that beauty go for?

Good knife

Because for the size of this cleave I would pay around five hundred dollars just for steel.

Is it worth to buy a lensky sharpening kit for 37€ ?

Great job as always!

What grades of sandpaper do you use? I am restoring a knife before I try making one and I have files but I was wondering what grits you use to get your finish

I want your number

Would you ever consider a coating on the knifes to prevent rust, like a dlc coat. Also what do you think of g10 for a handle.

What’s your process for determining the placement of the weight reduction holes?

I use 220,320,400,600,800,1200,1500 and sometimes 2000

I paid $56

Create a sword that supports like

Have you ever thought of making a tutorial on the proper way to harden and temper a blade?

А симметриия спусков есть? А то одну сторону только видно!

can you make a NAKIRI

Hi. Can you make the CRKT Kiss (K.I.S.S. - keep it super simple) knife?

can you make a blade barber?

I don't have a hollow grind wheel.

Maybe later on but not right now.

There are plenty of videos on this topic

I like G10, very good material. I don't know anything about DLC yet

I just drill them where ever. I don't really focus on weight balance.

You should make a Damascus chef knife, there’s some cool stuff you can do with them

I am looking forward to that

Awesome Video i learn a lot and dont listen to this haters who cant do anything but make stupid comments.

And to think how hard it would be without a height gauge


and a bone handled knife any kind

make the default CT knife CS:GO

those 31min was like 3 minutes...

Slavik, some dude are stealing your videos:

that cleaver is way over the top. love man.

I could tell just by your voice how tired you were. Specially near the end it was so clear that you were exhausted. I have so much respect for you. Yeah do make a video regarding the prices and the ones you kept. Way to go dude.

THEY TOOK HIS FAMILY...THEY TOOK HIS HOME...AND NOW HE WILL TAKE THEM...APART CLEAVER REVENGE. (insert blood splatter montage) Don't mess with a man who makes cleavers for a living.

I am glad you liked it.

Thank you.

SOCP dagger please.

What is your email for ordering

What about doing the Tang knife?唐刀

Слава, спасибо за Твои видео - всё доступно и понятно!!!! Продолжай - мы с тобой!!!!

Beautiful work Slavik! I am always amazed at the skill you demonstrate in your videos. Steve

You join forg in fire

Make a drawknife

I like the adjustments you made on Aaron Gough filing jig. Would you pass them on to me?

Hey, new subscriber here, really liked the cleaver video, music would make it nicer, but not at the expense of you not enjoying the process of uploading new videos and eventually not uploading anymore. Have you considered NCS music? Selection is inevitably smaller, but to my understanding they are free to use.

Thanks for the sub. At this point I rather go without music. You never know when NCS will become copyrighted music. Today I got hit with 5 more copyright notices. I am sick of it.

I show everything in my videos for you to see. Take anything you like and incorporate it into your work.

Thank you Steve.

I don't forge, I do stock removal.


I don't take orders right now.

hello, you have done that csgo default T knife, when will you do the default CT knife ?

I am currently making my first cleaver. Did you use a flat grind?

Tely can you please make James combat knife from Gears of War 4 please???

SLAVIK TELY it's okay, where do you sell your knives at?

That one is too complicate for me at this point.

When I get a customer for it.

May I buy one?

Then, make it and you'll see lots of customers..

Славик сделай большой меч как у Оптимуса Прайма.


Instagram...I sell only in USA

Looks great! nice video.

Love that kiridashi!

Id love to see what you sold your knives for!

Je ne comprend pas comment vous couper le metal sans lubrifier la lame de la scie au passage j'adore vos video et je trouve que vous faite du trés beau travail .

Hey slavik tely. I was wondering if you had your own signature knife? If not, you should create one for a video. That would be fun to see.

SLAVIK TELY can I follow you on Instagram if yes my name on Instagram is lopez210047???

Build the knife from Resident Evil 4 Leon

Build an normal hunting knife

Looking forward to your next build hope to hear from you soon

Can you forge a blade ? Try it

I live in apartments and can't make noise.

I already made a bunch of them. Watch my other videos.

I have a playlist on my channel of my custom knives I have come up with the design.

Your videos are so much better without music. No music appeals to more than one type of music I think. People will always have different music tastes, but a smithing enthusiast will always love the sound of smithing!

And I have less problems with copyright issues. Right now I have 6 videos being disputed over the music.

Ok, no problem

First of all you don't need to use music i watch your videos for knife making and not for music, second of all there is so much channels on you tube and so many pages with no copyright music and i suggest you to use that if you want to use it in videos.

I just bought a knife from a knife maker. It has two cracks on the spine about 1/4". If i grind them down and change the appearance, would i have to do anything else to it?

You should make the axe from god of war!

I love your projects and I want to ask you. Will you do flip knife from cs go? I wanna make it, but I don't know how. Thank you for any response.

Not yet.

Grinding should do it. Just don't overheat steel. Dip it in water as you grind.

Always enjoy your videos. Seem like a solid guy and quality products

just discovered one of your videos being shared elseware.......

SLAVIK TELY I reported to youtube as well

Thank you

What do you do with your knives

Making a kunai. Pleaseeeeeeeee

I sell them.

Amazing job and is it for sale

Do you have pro tips for 2x42 users? I have the same grinder... It's fast. I still have issues with good bevels and plunges.

You are russian?

Yes. I came to USA when I was ten years old. I never lived in Russia but was born in Uzbekistan. My parents are Russian.

Practice....grind 5 knives at one siting. that is all I can say. I am still learning to make good bevels.


Да чё ты очкуешь Славик я тышю раз так делал ахазаза.

please it would be a dream to see you make that great knife

hello teacher i am from argentina.makes the knife of chris redfiel of resident evil 5

Does chris redfiel knife please


i dont know much about knife making and was curious as to whys you spray Windex and the knife is it for polishing?

Slávik make a CSGO CT default knive please

greetings from Argentina

hello tely please make the knife of chris redfiel resident evil 5 please

Man where are you? We missed your work

+SLAVIK TELY so far the road goes, does it not, Slava?:) Uzbekistan to the US, wow:) Ja iz kazaxstana:)) nozhi super, Slava.

What is special about you ... is your interest in cleanliness, order, your arrangement of your tools and the accuracy of your work

How are you ... I am from Egypt and also very impressed with everything that you make and wish more distinctive forms of daggers

+Den Archer tot, kto znaet russkii, nikogda ego ne zabudet:) Slavik uapshe molodec.

SLAVIK TELY ahyenniy men

SLAVIK TELY ahuet kruto

Он наверно уже забыл родной язык то ...

please tely all the resident evil fans expect it

Are you going to make the knife of Chris Redfiel?

Thank you very much sir.

water makes it rust

Я закончил 3 класса во СССР. Так что мой запас слов очень маленький.

Parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Obrigado! Informações relevantes.

Is this iron solid or ordinary?

I love your handle designs, its fascinating that you can combine such ergonomic designs with simplistic attributes accompanied by beautiful color patterns. Do you have any tips handle design wise? i struggle in that field especially when designing a knife.

Open Instagram account and follow Hatcher knives. He posts a lot of pictures of the steps he takes to shape a knife handle. That is where I learned.

This steel is annealed. Soft to work with. After it is heat treated, it becomes hard.

I love the craftsmanship in all the blades you make. I had guns growing up but l always enjoyed knives. I don't even like guns. Instant subscribed!!!!

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