Stellaris Apocalypse Gameplay #1 [Stellaris 2.0 / Cherryh Update]

Stellaris Apocalypse Gameplay #1 [Stellaris 2.0 / Cherryh Update]

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Hi. Everyone and welcome to sterilized apocalypse. Everything. You know about stellar disease wrong you know the, spy sickly apocalypse, and 2.0, update in a nutshell it, changes, in the game in more than drastically, journey autopilot and for. The better in my opinion at, least from what I played so far however. I could sit here and talk about it for an hour I think the best way, to show, all the changes, is by actually playing the game I already. Prepared the empire we are going to play us in, honor of my most successful utopia. Admitted. And probably the most successful arbitral by ever happy install Ares which. Means we are going to be the reblog Empire and since. I never played as a spiritualist. Empire I decided. To give it a shot this time we. Are going to be egalitarian. Militarist. And spiritualist. Which I figured it will be an interesting combo, to play with and, we. Also got citizen, service which. Will increase our naval capacity, by 15%, and to, cutthroat politics, which, will decrease the, edict cost by 20%. Which, also helps, us as spiritualist. Because, spiritual, is get, a special, edict which. Lasts, 100 years, and increases. Growth, happiness, and some, other stuff on the planet but. It does cause 300, influence. We, are also communal, which will increase happiness, ensuring. Which increases, later lifespan, and intelligent. Which increases, engineering, physics, and society, output and our. Negatives, are weak and, slow. Learners and, I. Think that covers it we, are oligarchic. Which means we will hold an election every 20 years to. Select a new ruler and, our. First roller is, reblog the Dragonslayer because, who else we. Will be playing with a Savannah homeworld, which, is a dry planet and the dry planets are more, likely to generate physics, research and energy, and, energy. Will be quite helpful. So. Let's get started now. As you might or might not know, in Apocalypse. The only form of FTL, travel or hyper. Lanes, but, if you're not a big fan of hyper lanes you can increase hi, pearl intensity. To as much as five, times more hyperlinks, which. Will make like every, system that scroll so another system connected. We'll. Go with, 1.25. Same. With abundant, gateways, and wormhole. Parts, altered. And that will play in, a large galaxy. With. 12 III empires, well maybe more, let's. Say 15.

III Empire's free. Advanced, starts free fall of Empires and, Tomer. Other empires, more, other empires is one, of the new mechanics, in, apocalypse they are basically space Mongols and. I. Think that's it let's get started shall we. Looking. Forward to it so here, we are the reblog empire now. Before, we actually start, playing properly, let's. Talk about one of the biggest, mechanic, changes, in apocalypse the. Star bases because. The services are easily one of the most important. Mechanics, in apocalypse, as a whole and you will run into it immediately after, starting the game, so. Each, system, has a, single, owner now and that, owner is based on the owner of the star base in that system star. Base is basically. A multi-purpose. Frontier, outpost, it replaces, the old outpost. System, but. It now serves many different functions it can be upgraded it, can be specialized, and. Like I said it is one of the most important, new mechanic, changes in Apocalypse, Now each. Time you construct, a star base it. Starts, as an outpost which is level zero and, does. Not count towards, your maximum, star base capacity, which you can see up here we. Are right now what one out of three, star. Base capacity, but this only counts, upgraded, star bases, because. Upgrading, star bases can, and will make them much more powerful, and generally. Speaking that, means you will have a lot of level zero star bases which. Will be used for system, control, and, a. Few highly, upgraded ones, which, will be some of your most in and assets, in the game, and. Star bases, don't. Appear on the outliner but, just to the upgraded, ones and they. Have modules and buildings. Modules. Generally. Determine, the actual role of the. Star base we, can see the field that you start the game with you. Can get more as you research various technologies, and so. We have shipyard for example, because. Now the. Military ships, are built, on the actual, star base with, a shipyard, module you. Can have multiple shipyard. Module on a single Starbase which. Means you could have a highly specialized, Starbase. With multiple, shipyard modules capable. Of constructing multiple. Military ships, all at, the same time it's. A possibility. But. You cannot build military ships on the actual planet anymore spaceport, is still a thing but. It's part of the colony now and it, can only construct, civilian. Ships so, construction, ship size shape, and color, a ship. Shipyard. Or a star base is, what's used for your actual military ships now other. Than that we got our courage module.

Which Increases, our naval capacity, we, got the current battery we. Got missile battery as we. Go to the trading hub, which. Increases, our energy generation. I think, I'm going to build a trading hub right away because. Energy is, I would say even more important, early on now because. For example. Recruiting. Leaders, requires. Energy, as opposed to influence, now. Mostly. Because you need influence, to build star bases and so, you are, going to need influence, pretty much constantly. So. You're likely just wouldn't have enough to hire leaders. But. That means if. We want to build a second, science ship right away which, is generally, a good idea we. Are going to need 200 energy to actually hire a scientist. Unless. We want to use one of our researchers, which. We probably, do not. Anyway. Last but not least star bases that are level 1 or higher. So that includes the one we start with. Can. Build, defenses, and. Today. Generally, speaking construct. Defense platforms, around them to protect themselves and the, system, I haven't, seen Apocalypse mid-game or late-game just yet but, I don't know that the idea is to have star base defenses, scale for the entire game and not, be completely overpowered. By a moderately, powerful mid, game fleet, so. If you invest into a star base it should be able to counter, an entire. Fleet as, long as that fleet isn't like super powerful compared. To the star base again. I don't know how well that's going to work into the mid game and late-game but. That's the general idea. We. Don't really have enough minerals. To build any defense platforms, but, once you upgrade your star base you can build defenses around it and. Now. We, can actually get started so, that. Was, a bit of a long-winded introduction. But like, I said star, bases are one of the most important, mechanics, and. You need to understand, how they work and what they do as soon as you really start playing apocalypse. Let's. Pick our initial, research shall we I think. We're going to grab the power plant though right away. For. The society, research. We. Could unlock. The hollow temple which produces, unity. Good. Idea, and. For engineering. Arm. Or. Engineering. Facility. Let's. Unlock engineering. Facility. And. How's our starting, system we. Can get some extra physics research minerals.

And Energy. All. Right so let's, get more minerals, first. Over. Here that's, going to cost us ninety and, we. Can go. Start, surveying. Their systems now before we can actually build a star base in in your system you need to fully survey, the system, you, cannot build a star base in a system you didn't fully survive, here. We are in the galaxy by the way. That's, an interesting dead end over here. Okay. Anyway. Let's start surveying, the systems that are directly, adjacent to, our. Starting, system oh wait there's already a wormhole, in here, okay. Interesting. Let's. Survey this one then sounds. Good to me and we can actually unlock now I. Will. Probably make quite a few cants to, make the early game go a little bit faster, because. Overall the game slows, down a little bit which, is not a bad thing but. It can make the early game a little slow so I will be making some cuts to make, up for it. Natural. Wormhole, we. Have detected what appears to be a naturally, occurring subspace, phenomenon, on the, edge of the kirim system. What. Can we do about it not a whole lot. Depending. On where the second wormhole is located, this could potentially allows ships to travel from, one end of the galaxy to the other in a matter of days. However. It's unstable. So. Right now we can't actually do anything about it but. There it is it requires, wormhole. Stabilization. Technology. But. That might come in handy in the future depending. On where exactly it leads all. Right. Let's. Survey, shall we. We. Got a planet in here destruction complete. It's. A tropical planet, so, that's not super, useful. Since. We started on a dry planet, but. Alright. It. Is what it is. Right. Construction, ship, let's. Grab the physics research, every. Little bit of research helps initially. And. As, soon as we finish surveying, the system will. Get an option to build a Starbase in turn which, again will be as level, 0 outpost, which. Will not count towards, our limit and it. Will not appear on the outliner. The. Discovery, of alien, life. We. May not be alone out there here you, think so, 16. Society research gained, and, in, order to go into your, Starbase you can either click on the outliner or you can click this icon over here so. This will open. The, station management I can. Check the Starbase I can check the defenses, I can, look at the shipyard, because. Your initial, Starbase will always have a shipyard module. But. In the future you'll actually have to build one yourself you. Know I'm just saying very complete, survey. He's done it so now if, we grab our construction, ship let's. Pause for a moment. Contact. Report simple, forms of life. So. Now if I grab my construction ship I'll. Have an option to build a Starbase. First. Let's actually finish, the research station shall we. And. We can go continue, surveying. All. Right off you go then. Once. We get 200, energy, I will, probably build a second science ship. That's. Definitely, a good idea that's. Almost always a good idea especially. In. A large galaxy if you know, construction. Complete, so, there's the research station oh and there are planets here our lead and Arctic, ok, our it is nice, hopefully. That system will be good. So, let's build our first Starbase, shall we that, will cost us 25 influence, and 100, meters and this. Will extend. Our borders. So. Now there's always one, and only one owner of a. Disturbance, in this system and also when you go to war we. Go to order for specific, systems, you, no longer go tour for, like, a blob, which, might or might not include several systems that are very close to it you take. Specific, systems. And. You can't push your borders to. Get a system, that we didn't have previously, that's not a thing in apocalypse anymore, you can't like research, I take that gives you bigger, borders, and then. Grab.

Several Systems you turn it on previously, thanks, to that tag it just. Doesn't work that way in apocalypse anymore. Which. Is a good thing also. The services themselves can. Have FTL. Inhibitors. Which. Is kind, of like forts, in ef4, it's. A little bit like forts in space basically, once. A fleet jumps in if, you have an FTL, inhibitor, in that system they, will only be able to jump where they came from so. They. Will have to take care of that system if they want to continue, on. Also. It's worth mentioning that a Starbase cannot actually be destroyed at, least not by conventional, means so. If you get attacked by pirates or something, they will not be able to destroy your Starbase, and force. You to rebuild it from zero. Anyway. We found an anomaly and it has no fire risk yep we will definitely check, that out. No. Question, about that and. Let's. Check our actual planet, because, 200 an orgy now, so. Before, removing any blockers. How. About we build a science, lab yep let's do that. And. We'll grab. A science, ship then. We can hire another scientist. Okay. What's going on, the. Head of the reblog empires physics research department, has gone missing wait. Really along. With their privately, funded highly experimental, prototype, science. Ship oh come, on now. Well. That's slightly annoying but okay. Now. We have to hire a replacement, which. Means we'll, have to wait a little bit longer that, is. A, bit, annoying I. Suppose. We could just leave, physics, research without a scientist, for now. It's. Just that we'll get a penalty I. Want. To get started on more surveys, and, we. Got a scientist, that will actually help with that as. In available, for hire. Right. Here no. Not this one. Wait. Did they just change oh. No. I was looking at this guy right that's. Our existing, scientist, into the science fair enough. Begins. They wonder hold, on pause. What's. Going on one, of the species native, to Europe, Tito has according, to the ISS, sailing, sea bird orbiting. The planet achieved, its sensitive mastery, of the planet, science. Officer. Proposes. That we should monitor their, development, closely. All. Right, fair. Enough. There. They are. Okay. And the other one. Begins. They want the last rogue scientist, event chain I don't. Remember that event chain but okay, let's. Have a look so. Can, we get him back that. Would be nice because I don't really want to spend 200. We. Got three different, locations. Likely. Locations, searched zero out of three, okay. There's. Nothing specific indicated. In here I suppose. We just need to finish surveying. That system. All. Right that's, fine. Let's. Build a science ship systems, and, we'll hire a scientist, for it. So, next up. Up. Here I. Don't. See any objectives, in this system right now but it's indicated, as a likely location, it's. Fully surveyed, already we got fall Intel. Anyway. We. Need 90, minerals to build a research. Station. Let's. Check this system right here hopefully.

We'll Find the art scientist. Because. Otherwise we'll, have to spend 400, energy which, I'm not overly excited, about I can, tell you as much. Construction. Complete. So. There's our science ship, let's. Grab a scientist, right away plus. 25, years, leader lifespan, yep, that's. Good enough and we'll send him in the opposite direction. Off. You go and, that leaves us with 53. Energy. Dead, end, okay. Then. Well. He's not there do. We just jump back or something. Possibly. Well. Alright let's. Complete. Come. On give me my scientists back. And. We can pick our first tradition. Okay. What do we want to go for, I'm. Thinking. Maybe. Expansion. Will. Be able to increase our Starbase, capacity, with expansion. Reduce. Influence, cost for Starbase construction. Get. Extra unity, and the. New colonies we'll start with one additional, population and, the. Open area will give us plus 100 percent colony development, speed and, getting. Everything will. Increase our core sector, systems bite oh yeah. I think we, will start with expansion. Sounds. Good expansion, it is then. Now. About that scientist. Okay. We just have to jump. Into that system fair enough. Is. He going to be in the air again. Looks. That way. Anyway. Science. Energy. Can wait we, need more science. Because. The first few tags will, take a while to research, I'll. Put it that way. Also. It's worth mentioning that military, fleets have, a command limit now which, you can increase for research, but. You can no longer have one massive dome stuck in a single fleet. Doesn't. Work that way in Apocalypse. Okay. We got it I think. What. Is the meaning of this. Well, he actually come back. Apparently. Not. We. Can assign ships to escort your home I, have. No interest, in the returning home at present. But. Please as a token of my goodwill take, these drones in. The nation to the reblog Empire okay. Well. Fine then it. Is appeared. But. They didn't leave a number of drones behind as promised the, drones are armed and their. Weapons are powering, up, wait. Really, oh. Come. On now. Seriously. 128. Great. That's just fantastic. How. About we get the heck out of here in that case. Yes. Let's maybe do that. Invading. Heritage, well I suppose we need to hire another scientist, now which. Means we need 200 energy. Alright. That. Was a rather interesting start. I have to say. Quite. Expect, that. So. Speaking of energy, let's. Maybe get more energy shall, we we. Are only getting +4, right now which. Is certainly, not great. How's. Our planet doing. Yes. Let's grab a power plant once, we get the minerals. There. We go power plant. Carry. On. That. Was bit of an unlucky start I have to say, 20%. Failure risk yeah. Okay I don't think I want to risk failing. That. Sounds like a really bad idea right. About now. Just. Leave it to me for now I wouldn't. Want to all see it another scientist. It. Might not be so bad likely, but. I'd. Rather just wait. We. Can check it out once he gets leveled Oh. And, normally. That will be slightly safer 40%. Failure risk how, about now. Definitely. Not. Okay. So this is fully surveyed, now let's. Move on them. And. We, can't. Build a starbase just yet need more minerals. Fair. Enough let's. Get. The energy first shall we. We. Are going to need it. Still. Waiting for 200, energy credits. It. Will slow down our physics, research a little bit but. All while it's fine.

Shouldn't. Matter too much in the grand scheme of things. Construction. Complete. Alright. Then so there's the power plant. He. Probably wants our next pop, to work at the power plant. As. Much as I like research. Another. Planet, Tundra. That's, not super useful for us you, know we'll have to get rid of these drones if. We want to colonize a rock. That. Has a size 19, our each planet we. Definitely, wanted us to be our first colony. So. That means we are going to need a few more ships. Let's. Have a look then. That's. Going to cost us, 145. Minerals. Well. All right. Let. Me grab another star, base first. Aldo. Okay. We'll get a few Corvettes. Just. To get rid of these guys we. Only need, a few more Corvettes. Shouldn't. Be too expensive. System. Survey, completes, almost, 200 energy. More. Surveys, are done. Okay. Level 2 anomaly we are pretty close to level 2. Let's. Get level 2 first and then we can check it out I. Don't. Want to risk losing another scientist. Construction. Complete Oh size. 16, Savannah planet that's nice, we. Could colonize this first. 157. Probably. Still not quite enough you. Know what. How. About we close this, system, first. That. Seems like a good idea we. Can take care of the drones later. It's. Not like anybody is going to beat us to colonizing, Yorick and. That's clearly not going to happen, this. Is a pretty interesting, starting. Location, right here I. Want. To check out this dead-end so. We'll start moving in that general direction, 200. Okay. Let's grab a scientist, shall we. Let's. Have a look plus 10% research, speed yep. Spark. Of genius. Here. You go and. That will speed things up, just, a. Little bit. So. Next service heretics. Encounter. In Tutera. Okay. Let's. Make contact, right away. Can. We start that star base yet. Yes. We can off you go then. And. We'll, colonize it ice up we are going to need 300, minerals, for. A colony ship. Not. Cheap, definitely. Not pause. 80%. Failure riskier, how about no. Haguenau. Let's. Go this way instead. Still. Waiting for Laval tow to. Check the anomalies. This. Guy has minus 25 percent anomaly, failure is Quito. But. He's very close fillable tow we'll just wait for level tow. Definitely. Don't want to lost him. How's. Our company. Doing and there's, level tow so. Let's pause for a moment. This. Guy we. Let him finish and then send him back to check the level one anomaly, that's. Only ten percent failure, rate canal. Much. Safer. My. Job he caused still failed space. Amoebas. Okay. Then. We. Can begin at the event chain and does fine. Situation. Log updated. Now. I think we shouldn't save up 300, and colonize. That system a sub. Evading. Heretics. Okay. Great. Space. On my bus in this system, well. Alright I guess we won't be surveying, that. Lets. Go elsewhere. Fine. By me. This. Way. In. Before it does block stone. Wouldn't. Surprise me too much to be honest our. Other, scientist, is on the way to check out the anomaly. Construction. Complete. Now. We gotta grab the minerals. Before. Building the, colony. Shape, that's. Probably a good idea here. Let's. Start with this one it does plus three, plus. Fifteen is just a little bit too low. Getting. Three hundred minerals will take too long was. This kind of mineral, income. We. Still need to get rid of the drones but it's kind of low priority at the moment and. We, got another edition. Or. The French tradition in the tree that's. Probably, going to be colonisation, fever and. Then. We can pick up a new life we. Should probably wait for a new life before, we start or for its colony I mean. We should definitely wait for that. Looking. Good so far I. Think. We can work the. Research lab instead, of the power plant for now yep. How's. Our research, six. Months to finish power plant oh and we, are about to finish engineering, facility, one. Construction. Complete. There. It is, let's. Take a look. Building. Build speed. Corvette. Build speed, Corvette. Hall Pines I guess. We'll grab a Corvette hull points, I. Would. Have preferred something, slightly more useful but. Alright I, can. Live with that, looks. Like this system is safe. Good. Good, so. You guy. Let's. Grab someone and their g-force maybe. We'll. Build a station here that's a good one. We, still need one in our home system which is fine. It's. Not going anywhere and. We. Can't build them all at the same time. Now, the asteroid. Plus. Free. Engineering. Output. Oh, that's. Nice, yeah. We need a Starbase here ASAP to, get all that research I. Certainly. Wouldn't mind and, since. We are already here let's go this way.

Scientists. Gain the trade. All. Seriously paranoid minus. 5% research, speed minus. 10% anomaly, research, speed, ok, at. Least he didn't get increased, failure, risk or something annoying like that. Sir. We caught the power plant. What's. Next. Improve, deflectors, or fusion reactor. Yeah let's unlock the fusion reactor. That's. Useful for a lot of things I. Wonder. How long we'll have to wait to get the wormhole Tech I'm, curious to see where exactly it, leads I. Guess. We'll find out. So. Let's, grab that star base I think unless. We want to wait for 300, right now. Plus. 19. Let's. Get some more mining stations, to. Increase our mineral income. We. Need to wait for our next tradition, anyway. To. Start with one additional population I. Normally. Found. Third. Person failure is abduct should be fine we can survey that just. Don't. Fail Thanks. Now. We should probably clear, some, of these bloggers. That's. 100 energy. System. Survey, complete, sorry, complete. Let's. See so I can't go fro here unfortunately. Let's. Just continue this way or, hold. On let's check out this system down here thus. Directly adjacent, to our home system and we. Haven't even checked it out yet. Construction. Complete. Ancient. Life pod, and, abundant life pod was detected, in the close orbit, over the. System it is covered in scorch marks presumably. From when the pods mother ship exploded. Okay. We. Managed to open the pod we, got 62 Society, research ok I'll. Take that and, we. Almost finished, hollow temple. -. Energy upkeep, but +6, unity. That. Is pretty nice system, survey complete. And. Let's continue this way the spirits, have granted, us new wisdom there it is the hollow temple and what's, next for, the. Trading company so doctor improves one. Of the Starbase modules. The. Trading hub. Which. We should probably get. We. Are going to need energy. We. Can get +4 naval capacity, but right now energy. Is going to be more important. What. Else can we research hydroponics. Femto. Not. A bad idea or plus. 10% growth, speed. Let's. Just get straight, up growth speed. One. More mining needed, let's. Wait for 300, minerals now we. Should be getting the next tradition, pretty soon. 20. Months. Okay. Sounds, good. LaBelle, to leader. Decent. Starts so far we. Haven't made any contact. With AI empire yet. Which. Probably means we don't have any super close neighbors. That's. Probably a good thing. The. Research will take a while until we improve, our research output. Almost. I. Just. Need 300. We. Can probably get one more. Mining. Station, since, we need to wait for that tradition, anyway. Obviously. We don't need to wait for it to colonize the planet but, it. Makes no sense not waiting for it at this point. 15. Months. Shrim there is no planet in this one. Obviously. We'll still get their star base in there. And. We can upgrade it some of our building feet I don't. Really want to spend too many minerals right now let's. Not do that, survey. Complete. Just. Way off. You. Go. Construction. Complete. One. More tick and we'll have 300. Come. On there. It is. Now. We just wait. The. Timing should be just, about right. Yeah. The timing should be perfect it will take a year to recruit. This guy and, we. Need to wait just under a year to unlock the next tradition. Good. Timing. Now. Let's go get this star base shall we we. Can start moving right away. We. Get free physics and free engineering. Definitely. Wants that. Another. Savannah planet nice one so. There are quite a few colonizing, planets nearby. Which. Is not always the case forty, percent failure risk no. Definitely. Not absolutely. Not. We. Could send this guy since, he has minus 25% anomaly, failure risk, what. Is he doing right now he's busy down here. What. Would his. Failure, is to be here. 40%, now that's too high. Nevermind. That's. Just way too high, system. Survey, complete, sorry, way complete. Where. Do we send him. How. About failure risk on this anomaly. 20%. That's probably acceptable. Famous. Last words, no, it should be fine unless we get really unlucky, and. I. Don't want to wait so long, it's only a level 2 anomaly. How. Hard can it be right. Corner. Ship is almost done. System. Service, and we can get started on the Starbase. So. Now we can pick up in your life. Here. We go. And, once, we're done colonizing, the second planet we should probably build a few more ships. Because. Pirates are also a thing and, that, could be a problem. Begins. The habitable, worlds, survey, events change your situation we, will start that for sure, so. Now we need to survey. Eight habitable, worlds. Shouldn't. Be too hard with to science ships working on it. Still. No sign of any, high empires. Not. That I mind. There's. A clone a ship. Where. Do we want to pop. The. Colony, center. In. The corner that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Still. That might, be the, best way. It's. Just that the edges and the bonuses will be kind of useless like that.

And. We'll miss out on some minerals, we. Will however get the energy. Might. Not be a bad idea. Alright, fine let's start hittin the corner. Of. You go. Now. We can work on some research stations, and mining, stations another. Anomaly, 20%. I think that's acceptable. Okay. Sure, let's. Get that. If. We, lost a scientist we can always replace him we have enough energy, not. That I want to spend 200, right now don't. Get me wrong. We. Also need a few, building. Upgrades. Prioritize. Energy, first. Since. We are losing, 0.83. At the moment. Crystal. Codex, it. Shows a special project fish electronics, okay. There. It is, we. Need skill, level 3 or higher so. We cannot do this right now okay, I. Guess, we'll come back in the future fine. By me. This, one should be done in just a moment as well we. Are currently working on destruction complete. Now, research. Well. First let's get the energy that's. For energy, for one mining station. And, our corner ship is almost there. Gigantic. Skeleton, so. That's another special, project. That. Requires yep skill free or higher which. Means we can't throw this one either all. Right we'll. Just come back in the future once. We get level free oh. How. About we surveyed this one in the corner. Yeah. Let's go check it out, then. We can continue this way I don't. Want only bitter unsurveyed. Ark, ownership, there yet we. Are spreading our faith to a new the first reblogged colony, 16. Engineering, research gained. There. It is our, first glorious colony, well, still colonizing, but. System. Survey, complete. Sorry. Complete, and. More engineering. Let's. Keep going this way. We. Can go like this make bit of a loop, I'm. Prioritizing, systems. That are closer to us in. Order to find colonies, about planets. If. We don't find anything no this system, will probably be next, because. That's a savanna planet, so. 80% habitability. But. We might find something, better we'll see about that. How's. The research coming along, one. Year. That. Will give us plus three percent growth speed. Always. Nice. And. We. Should probably start, working on our fleet a little bit. You. Know at. Least to get rid of the probes Construction, complete. Construction. Is complete incomplete. And. We got a level up that's one of our scientists. Physics. Research is next. So. How about that module normally, found, another. On the money 10% here per research, let's. Get the trading now but we are going to need the energy.

Might. As well go that. Ancient. Life pod, 60. Free society. Research thanks. Almost. Done with a growth speed. Ocean. Planet, yeah that's not super useful for us. When. We started on a dry planet. But. Hi technically, it will be cognizable, just. Not a super great idea to colonize it Construction. Complete at least not as a priority does, for sure. Anomaly, found another, anomaly yeah 40 percent is a little bit so much I'll pass on that. Let's. Finish. The. Mining, station. And. What's. Our next research going to be probably jingling. Cluster. Percent growth speed also. Some Society research and unity, or. We, could unlock, additional. Edicts. Because. These actually, cost energy instead, of influence, and they, can be quite nice and we'll. Get plus five monthly unity yeah, I think that should be higher priority, than the gene clinic for sure, fusion. Reactor, is almost done we, needed some military, techs like, better weapons, and things like that. Hopefully. We'll get an option to pick something the. Spirits have granted, us new wisdom, let's. Have a look. Energy. Grid. Plus. Five persons research speed, let's. Just go for research speed I suppose. Thus acceptable. Anyway. That's going to be the end of the first episode thanks. For watching I hope you enjoyed it let, me know what you think about stories, apocalypse, so far and I'll, see you next time bye, bye.

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"Everything you know about Stellaris is wrong now." Killed me, haha.

"The window" - expect the unbidden

I really hope they made the AI a bit smarter,as in past games,they didn't seem to work out that annoying Fallen Empires by colonizing "Holy Wolrds" was not typically a good idea,and then drawing me into the war as well,as I was in a Federation with them.

i am getting that itch again, to install stellaris again :)

Space Mongols are always the exception.

Riblogg never died, he simply just used his super abilities of awesomeness (he obviously has those, don’t think he doesn’t) he found a parallel universe that had new things and his people were quite different, he however managed to rule his people in about 3 seconds as they all knew his superiority and made him the leader

I'm very interested to see the new fleet mechanics

Have mechanics changed regarding mining stations on planets you colonize? If not, then building the energy station on Sauu III seems like a waste. 30:11

That physics researcher is a dick lol

I love your accent and your videos are awesome Marbozir. Keep up the good work! Btw what kind of accent is this? o.O

I love Poland!

László Bessenyei he's from poland.

Hey Marbozir, the scientist with the reduced fail risk only gets that bonus for certain anomalies(Ancient Civilization)

Intelligent and slow learning. How does that even work?

Wow that was nasty one rebel scientist and an angry army of drone! hahaha

Yay more stellaris. Evade heretics!

Not a bad start. Will be watching this one closely.

Why games are always so mean to Marbs...

The horror. The horror.... the horror.

Those are some loud birds in the background marbs, better grab your shotgun.

The game looks so much better now


All hail Admiral Ribblog, Dragonslayer, Destroyer of Unbidden and Savior of the Galaxy! I identify myself as one of the spiritualist pops in Ribblog Empire.

love from Italy

well thats one way to improve gameplay, by changing 80% of the rules, i cant say i like it but i am curious

Thanks for the early look!

Well, get ready to say "hello" to the Unbidden 50 years earlier then usual. That is going to be a test of faith, for sure. 40:00 Bonuses from planet capital work only for "consumable" resources like Energy, Minerals and Food. You had one empty space in the center, which provided maximum amount of them untill you research tile blocker removal tech.

Oh, hai Stellaris...

will some of the changes be implemented in base game or is it all going to be in the dlc?

Everything you see except from: Planet killers, titans (amongst some others) will be in the free patch.

Most of the changes are in the patch . The dlc gives Titans, planet killers, some civics and ascension perks and other goodies.

Evading heretics 10/10

What a start lol

360p banished to history :-)

for those of of us harsh datacaps 360p and even 144p is a godsend


All Hail Admiral Riblogg!

Hail the dragon slayer!

JoshuaGambler Riblogg such a boss

Thank u for video bro! I am learning English by studying your voice... Thank u!

Ow. That mechanic "1 system - 1 owner" is... stupid... :( I enjoyed possibility (and not only that, as it happened more than once to me) to have few fractions in one system. :(

I'd say they're an intuitive species. They act on impulse and instinct, and so they formed a culture where people primarily learn by doing things, not by being taught. This means that once they have established a base amount of knowledge, they're able to connect the dots, seem possibilities, and discover new things. However, because they're so instinctual and hands on in their learning process, learning from books or manuals would be foreign to them. Even if a book contains knowledge that is hundreds of years old, and for generations has proven reliable and accurate, they're a species that simply can't help but experiment and test the knowledge for themselves. As a result they learn previously established knowledge a lot slower than other species, since they have to experience the knowledge before they trust it, while other species simply memorize and trust the work of their ancestors.

Methodical.  Lots of double checking.

Its nice to see paradox unfucking their game after two years. A one or two patches more and it will be finally a great product.

I actually keep 1.9.1 installed next to this, as for me this dlc really is like an old skool expansion pack. Often they change so much that its often fun to go back into the older version. I personally see this as a different game, just not updated with the graphics. Changing how borders, ftl, starting weapons and expansion works changes so many core elements you can consider it a new game. I do think this version looks better and more balanced, but will it be more fun, thats the question.

Imo full discovery is the best way to start

Enigmatic fortress is bugged in apocalypse for now.

From all game plays on tube yours are the most informative

I'd know exact max power of star base but at the moment my best star base is 25K citadel and i can still ad more power to it.

One would say a slavic accent. Only people hating on it are native English speakers. The rest of us Europeans know from experience how hard it is to speak another language, even harder without accent. And I really cant be bothered with it, the native accent of half of the UK is harder to understand, Welsch, Scottish and Irish and even in the US you got some, mainly southern, accent that are pretty hard to understand.

You know those people in high school that are very smart and get good grades with little effort? Untill they get to college and then they take 10 years to get their degree. Meanwhile the people that studied every night to get through high school have iron discipline and keep that in college and get the degree in 4 years. Thats the only thing I can make of it XD


Yes. Im getting back into it, one for happiness v useful so far


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