STEAMPUNK ZED SWARM! They Are Billions – New Indie Strategy Game on Steam PC

STEAMPUNK ZED SWARM! They Are Billions – New Indie Strategy Game on Steam PC

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Arab, troops will come back to the latina army I'm latina and we're back with they, are billions, now, if you remember on the last video what we did we've kind of entrenched ourselves in here we've kind of built walls up we've, not had the first wave yet and it's day nine to have already bent last time when we got to day five so. I'm hoping, that now these walls will kind of hold up and allow us to end off, the first wave if you remember the last time the first wave got straight through so. What I'm gonna do next is I want to build up some more tents because I need more workers we're, kind of desperate for workers at the minute so for pot um I, want, to put them too near mind you it doesn't matter neither Lake anymore does it if I got put you put two more up. Put. Two more there we, are quite like quietly tightly packed in now but what I'm wanting to do is build this militia up just. Let that backup save go there so I'm kind of trying to get these soldiers to kind of save in here and I. Need eight workers and twenty stone and we're on it we've got the little quarry at the minute but that is all we've got we kinda are gonna need to push out now because we're getting limited on resources so. If I do that there and if. You press I found out if you press alts, you can kind of see everyone's health bar look so. If you look out there there are a ton, of Zed's in the north and west part. Of this map so we're kind of gonna need to be careful, and I think that. Is where we're gonna need the most people so I'm gonna take the. Soldier, out here and I'm. Gonna move him up north. To. Kind of cover this second tower up this way. So. There he goes up there so I'm gonna put him in that tower there and. We might need to pull people from other areas, just. To kind of try and help out this, one seems to be a bit redundant, there's not much that goes off there but my, main concern is all. These, up here there's quite a lot of them and they're, quite hard to fend off now we've got quite a lot of areas where we can build, some. Walls to kind of push them back we've, got a Tesla tower there which puts us in quite, a good position but there's a lot of a lot of them you. Know and they are starting to get a little, bit braver you know they are coming forward we've, only got one so, I kind of want some people there on. These. Extra towers so that we can kind of push them back this one seems to be covering everything don't, know if that I'll reach over there will that reach there yeah. That's fine so we've, kind of got the whole area covered we're good here. But they are chanting it they are getting a little bit more active down this way, which. Is a bit of a warrior and they're getting more active down here as well oh my god, all right so can we get them a list your place up yet 20. Stolen eight workers which we still haven't got how many workers have we got I've. Only got five workers, I need another ten. Okay. There's our other tent then if. I just block that area off oh no they can get around there okay. Let's just pause the game a minute we need to do that yeah so. Now, we've got food-wise. Oh we're, gonna need more food production, all right, so the hunters Lodge is usually. The best way to do this, eight, food, I can't get near the woodland. Don't. Think I'm kind of used up now there. So. We're kind of taking whatever food we can right now five food that sucks. Oh. And. Get up there with eight in the corner, so. No one needs to get to the observatory, I guess and that gun it gets into there so that helped and, two. In the mountains is not much food coming out of there I. Thought. I said ten it said three all right so, this dish really not a good place anywhere. To. Have these in a minute we could really do with like a farm, which. We haven't got yet we only get that through. Research so. We need the workers which we're gonna get and the storm will at sixteen all right, so let's just press play and look what's going off here yeah.

This Seems to be a problem down here. You. Know we're getting quite a lot down here. So. Maybe we could put a tower in there and I'm thinking. Um. All. Right so once these are cleared out I think I'm gonna put another Tower but I'm gonna put it back here Oh. Excellent. Okay so, can, we get them can we get the the, militia place now no. We still need eight workers why haven't got well we only got seven. So. We need another place so let's get that. Goddamnit. Okay. And Willow on food so where are they pushing through now I can hear them alright. We've got it all covered I think okay, good. So. We are all still doing okay, so we need to do that and build up again. Okay. I. Wonder. If I can bottleneck, these guys I think I can. I'm. Just trying to make it so they kind of have to come through this way. Yeah. And let's just build up here some more. Okay. So I'm kind of making it so they have to kind of get tunneled into here. Alright, okay. Good so let's just do a little pause I'll pause the game a lot because I think it actually helps it, work out what's going on she's still getting quite a lot of grief up that way this, bit, tends to be okay but there's just so many things I can't leave that unattended just. In case because if all these decide to run at the gates is, kind, of over now um alright, so what have we got ah finally. We can get on and I've got nowhere to put it great so. The place I can put it. All. Right there it is that's what we need it. So. We've got that building up there now let's have a look at what resource we need one. Worker available, not. In a food production and not enough energy production so we need pretty much everything, and. I'm. Gonna need more workers which means I need more food, so. We are not, in the best of spots right now why is that not allowed to go there oak steel the fishing place. It's. Too close to it can't, believe that can't go there so. All we've got the Hunter's Lodge. Really. And. Come. And get the fishing place down there maybe if we block it off. Just. Wondering if that would kind of work down here oh. Okay. That'll help, that's. A huge help in fact so for teaming get one in there what. Would we ought to get one there I can't see why not maybe it's close to this one this, one maybe a little bit near but. If I destroy that a bit of wall there. And, I wonder if that helps us with it and. This bitter wall here. I'm. Not certain that was the best move, whoops back to getting back together I always hit that one all, right so let's just see if we can get a fishing. Tower yes. We kind of thought with my perfect. So now we need the energy as well. To. Get energy I need for workers and I. God. You know you take, away with one I forgot. I forgot another, fight. At a tent on the go already know I don't ok. Ok, so that's kind of how it needs to go right now. And. We'll do things a little bit differently that's. A lot of food extra that we've got there that's like 28 food extra that we've got. Ok. There's not as much going off down here as I thought there would be I think the main attacks probably, gonna come from the north, which.

Is Where we're gonna need to be ready so I'm gonna need to pull. Right. Ok so can we get the energy place now no. We need for workers how. Many workers I forgot three, god dammit. What. Building was completed that must be the other tent alright, pause again pause again so. Energy-wise nope, still not got enough workers so I definitely. Do need that. We. Are just running out of space now we need to expand it's gonna have to a lot we get into the point where we can't not expand. Cuz. I can't even fit any in anywhere now I. Could. Get one in there but, that, guy whoever lives in that tent is going to get eaten pretty quickly alright if I do that they're, kind of stuck in the towel they'd be forced to come up forwards, from the tower, that's. Probably not a good spot either at. Work no okay um. The. Only place I've really got is in front of gates right now, come. On he's gotta be somewhere we just got to kind of look it. Resourceful. And. Alright. If we put one there I think they can still get out, then. They can still get through the gate how maybe not though do. We want to chance it. My. Answer is no. Okay. I've got an idea maybe if we put the wall forward a little bit. Really. Oh. Yeah. It's not gonna work I was gonna I was gonna build the wall up there and, in, the hope that I could take these walls down and maybe fit one in there but that's not gonna work. All. Right so where can we put a tent without expanding. Okay. Yeah. That kind of works okay let's do that. Then. When we get that worker, then we can build the, then. We can build the electric sub so. Food wires were okay power wise we are terrible, but we just that's what we need to work what, we need to work on next oh god. I can see the importance of expanding now. Kind. Of know where I can get a Tesla Tower comfortably. Now. Okay. Let's just wait on that for now let's just get this bit sort out first I kind of want the first wave to happen. Well. The coming up there but not too many that we just got the one there. Okay. Perfect. We're, still out of room though. Just. Knowing a good spot right now and. This, has to go somewhere because it's kind of essential, now. See. I don't even mind blocking this place off but these like there's nowhere to, kind. Of put this without. Without. Blocking things off now. Okay. I guess we could go in here somewhere. We. Would need to block it off, all. Right, I'm gonna build a wall around there I think so let's just do that. Get. The wall. And. It's. A bit of a bold, move. All. Right we'll have to wait for some of them Zed's to get cleared I think. In. Particular this one. Okay. I think that Zed's too close over there. All. Right so why can't I block that one off. Yeah. I think they're gonna go through there if we try this I. Was. Under attack okay pause this. Okay. I'm not overly, bothered about them walls there. Okay. This guy's not doing much so we're gonna move him out. And. I'm gonna put him down here. Okay. So let's just play that up I, can. Always pick up on the walls there she's kind of struggling to keep them all back so. We'll just wait on that a second. They. Are trying to break through but we're gonna do what we can, let's. Build the other wall up our goddamn, house I'm really not gonna help us at all, so. Let's just. Don't. Want laughs. Okay. So the, coming through there but that's kind of okay. All. Right I'm gonna take that down because I think that's the reason this. Is the reason they're getting through we can't quite reach oh, right. Okay so that one's down these. Wasn't made to be to get destroyed I can knew that was gonna happen so that's kind of okay. All. Right okay expansion. It's definitely, well expansion. Is definitely, needed. Okay. Let's pause that a second, and let's just put this electric Tower down wherever we can. All. Right so we need a space to put this down I. Can't. Even get it in front of the gates anymore. That's. Not gonna work either. Um. All. Right. We. Had a spot there no. Okay. Maybe if I take this bit of wall down here then. Take. Down defences to meet room. All. Right I'm not sure that side that's to ever move but if it's gonna in. The. Right. Okay that fits in there so we can build around that for now. Okay. You know what that's actually okay. All. Right would you numb on that one. No. Okay. That's fine. All. Right so what are we getting attack now all right down here still. So. Can I get another piece of wall up there yep. All right so let's look if we can build like troops, up now because we I've got the. So. Many Rangers can I build one brilliant. And. Okay, so still, not ideal I still haven't got this mastered yet. But. I definitely need another tent now so I think. We're. Gonna have to expand. Out. Maybe, at, the front there so let's get a Tesla tower in we can't um. Okay. I'm gonna build out this way. Now, what do we need for a Tesla tower do we need more workers.

Yep. And we can't get workers cuz we haven't got the tents to do that all, right. So food. Wise were okay power, wise was still extremely, low but we won't be once that's built we. Just haven't got any workers and we've got no room to put any more in. And. We even need a worker for a Tesla tower, so. The first invasion could kind of happen and do as a favor just so we can see how. The walls hold up now so there's two of these up here it's definitely got to come from this side now I think. Pretty. Certain. This. Is the way it's gonna come from. We. Have got two of them up there I mean it's breaking. Through that wall but we should be alright I think still. Alright, well if I'm get a tower up. Yeah. I can only get a tower up if these two get cleared out but now they are coming quite gradually. Yeah. I'm gonna put that up there and. Then I'm gonna move these two into here and then I'll build the wall around then, I can maybe get another house or something in there. Perfect. That's what I wanted. Okay. Okay. So we've got a second, tower there that I should that should do. As I think. He. Doesn't matter if that kind of falls because we've, got another one so I'm gonna get this one out of here. And. Then as soon as this towers built it should be any second now we can put a tent in there. Effect. There. We go and then we can get a tent inside, that bit. Now. This tent could go down quite quickly. We. Were expecting, that's kind of what it's built for. Or. There. Is a lot here now, all. Right, I need to I shouldn't, built that, because. What they're gonna do they're gonna infect that 10. And. Then. I'm not gonna be able to stop them from spreading. There's. Gonna be another five workers come out of there okay let's try and get up there. Come. On oh. And. Alright, let's get another oh we've got another two there. Okay. So forget, you in this tower as well or. Maybe in this tower you're getting that tower. Which. Ones now oh my, god we've got a hold up there alright okay okay everybody, out so, we need this guy to, come out we'll get you in there and you need to come out and you can go there just. Hit play there a second. Alright. So we've got the soldier first oh. No. We haven't got enough people in there at all so, the, soldiers gonna go in there and, then. The second, one the Ranger, where's. The other Ranger there. You. Need to get in that tower as well and let's. See if we can survive this time, if. They, can get up there quick enough which they may not, oh they're. Attacking the actual tower now, alright. Where is it come. On I need the trooper in there and we're just gonna put the trooper in there just to shoot them from the gates, oh no. Okay maybe not maybe not getting the tower.

Or. I don't know if they're gonna survive that this way too many I think. All. They're not doing but all. Right I think we're holding our own there go. On, oh, we. Can do it oh. Definitely. To strengthen this up if we do survive it. No. One survived it survived it all the, towers down. Okay. Oh. My. Gosh right we survived somehow. So. We need another tower up there like straightaway now. I. Think. There might be a better spot for the tower and, then, we'll build the wall, right. I need someone, else to help down at the bottom because this is still problem. Area but. We're gonna need to keep two up top now. So. As soon as that's how was Bill that's what I'm gonna do okay. So. What, kind of okay still. That. Was like the first big wave that we've had so that was good that we did that we've defended that and, our next problem now is expanding, and where to expand to. Everywhere. We kind of look winds was surrounded, now there literally are billions, so, there's all these up here all these out here and we could do we get an aggressive in clearing it out a little bit but what I wanted was the lake, alright. So let's put these in here build. The walls around it okay. Let's. Just get you up there okay. All. Right we can't do anything until they're cleared out which they're gonna be any second, now and. Then I'm gonna put a gate somewhere so. Let's have a look turn that around. Put. A gate maybe there once they've cleared them out which won't take long. Perfect. And then we'll put another wall section in there. Damn it we can't I think. That guys stopping us at the minute okay. Let's just keep track down here yeah well fine down there safe. Up there. You. Know what I don't think another Tower would hurt. As. Soon as that goes down. Yeah. Can. We not take this guy out, he's. Kind of in the way at the minute, all, right let's get one of the I'm gonna take the Ranger out there. Okay. And that. Should free up the building. Go. On yes, that's it. So. Then we can have like one in each Tower kinda think. And. That. Should be enough so what can we get another tent. See. I can put a tent in here now I. Destroy. This bit of war and. This, bit. Perfect. There we go and then I'll build some more wall up around the edge of that, just. In case did you get a little bit, angsty. And start getting through. All. Right so this kind of two sections to here. It's. Okay we can put a gate in there I think. That. We need to get out there but if we did. Tesla. Tower out we need definitely, to go up north which I. Cannot. Build this. Oh I. Can it's just a case of alright. Okay so can put the Tesla tower in there I'd. Only want it there no. See. There would be good. And. Then I can build a cross. Yeah. Okay let's try it and we're gonna have to move the other. Guy out of there and. We'll put them in this out outdoor tower here. All. Right okay. So. This is the kind of expansion that we needed I. Can. Build across here and then we've got a lot more room to do other stuff I. Mean. Mainly notably, what we need is room to put the tents. In there okay. So I'll just expand, out there build the wall across and then, else. Do we need after that food, productions, a little bit low energies. Fine. Perfects. Okay. And then we're gonna get a tower in there as well no not you, the. Tower there. We're. Definitely another another, Ranger. Yes. I did build one okay. So. Put the Rangers in there there's two Rangers here so actually we've got a spare Ranger now. Where does the spare Ranger need to go we've got two in there and. I'm. Thinking the, spare, in you should probably go in. Do. You know what probably that one as well. Yeah. I think that's probably wise so. Then we've got two Rangers into that one. And. Then I'm gonna build up some more wall over there just to strengthen that up. Okay. So they go in there and. Some. More wall I. Mean. This is like super cautious build, but I don't think there's any other way.

The. Minute I'm quietly, confident, now and we. Can look out so food production we need more off but I think we could get the fishermen ten dog now. Yeah. We can get twelve food from there so that'll help with that. And. A, rate coming no go Ranger, cottage in there that would be perfect. All. Right I might be able to get one in there maybe, just. Try and break that off. No. Still, no okay. I'm. Gonna put that back up I, know. Well he was too exposed. Okay. Guys I think what actually are out there now so we're still building out you know we're still we're, still get in there I can. Kind of move this out now I think so we can kind of make. Some more room so. Kind, of do it this way and, that leaves us more room for our tents and things like that these are like overly, built now. We. Need that much of a built-up area there. Take. That out as well. Okay. So. This is kinda like this is the new setup now at the minute so we've extended, the perimeter wall in the north so we've now milkmaid itself some building space so we can get some tents, in there and then we can get some Tesla towers up and push, out I think this area seems, to be these. Two areas so. This side and this time seems to be that the worst hits the, worst hit sections, um but. We need to work on our got. Enough workers there food, productions, okay and, lectricity is okay for now but we are going to need more of that so we probably could do with a tent some, électricité, another. Tent maybe in there okay maybe fit two in there and then Tesla tower it out and, maybe push even forward, things, like this flat resources, like water and things are really valuable this. Could be valuable to you know pushing out this way you, Spink why, okay. Down here so far we've not had any sort of major. Hiccups, as it stands we. Will build another Ranger I think and we'll put them on the towers up in the north. Or. Maybe another one down here don't. Think what hers, to. Do with that and we can build the walls up down there but, you know if you're liking this so far guys you know make sure you let me know make sure you tell me in the comments down below I'd, love to know what you think of they are billions because so far everyone's, playing it and I can see why as you know it's in you. Have to have bought the forty five dollar version of the game and to, get into the game now because of this out of there not having to not be turkeys anymore but, you know it's coming out it's coming out of early access pretty, soon so. It should be a lot of fun so guys if you're enjoying this make sure you let me know and if you're not part of the lot on ax army already make sure you subscribe and I will catch you on the next video thanks. For watching guys. You.

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